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Forged in Fire

Clan Kora is a close-knit family clan created from foundlings. It began small, but after the destruction of Kylo Ren and his nefarious First Order, former stormtroopers, pilots, and officers searched for a new place they might call home. That home, for some, became Clan Kora. Not everyone who joined Kora was a dismissed stormtrooper, many joined from circumstance, seeking purpose, wealth, or power. Though joining Kora isn't summed up in speaking oaths, or simply donning armor and saying, "I am Mandalorian." No, there is a process that every member of Kora has had to endure before they earn the right to become Mandalorian and Kora. Once prospects demonstrate an understanding of the Resol'nare, and live by its tenets in their everyday life, they will be invited into the halls of Kora and permitted to wear their new name with pride.
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  • A Mandalorian must wear armor.
  • A Mandalorian must speak Mando'a.
  • A Mandalorian must defend themself and their family.
  • A Mandalorian must contribute to the overall well-being of the clan.
  • A Mandalorian must raise their children as Mandalorians.
  • A Mandalorian must heed the one true Mand'alor's call and rally to their cause. (Kora recognizes no claims to Mand'alor)


Recruiting in Clan Kora is reminiscent of the old words, "We have no species or bloodline -- So we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us." Members are not judged by species or background. Every new recruit is granted Cin Vhetin or a fresh start and given an opportunity to show that their place is with the clan.
To get into Clan Kora, a prospective member must be sponsored by someone from the clan, a full-fledged member. To be sponsored means that they are recognized as someone who has the warrior spirit of a Mandalorian. A sponsor's responsibility is to teach their prospect the tenets of the Resol'nare. During this training period, the prospect will shadow their sponsor and take on jobs with the Clan to prove that they can live by their mentor's lessons.
When a sponsor decides their prospect is ready, the Clan takes a vote on a prospective member's induction into the clan. It must be unanimous, meaning every member of the clan must vote yes before the blooding ceremony can take place. Not even the Alor can override the votes.

  • Prospects are not left for indeterminate lengths of time. Neither clan or prospective member benefits from lingering.
  • When the clan has decided that the time for sponsorship has ended, the prospect will be put through a crucible to test what they have learned. During this mission, they will be expected to behave as part of the squad and family. Glory comes from finishing the mission together, as a team.
  • If the prospect succeeds in their trial, they must decide if they are willing to adhere to the Resol'nare and accept Clan Kora as their new family. Nothing is more important to a Mandalorian than their family, and the way, or the Resol'nare, is for life.
  • Placement and duties within the clan are not permanent. People can change. Talents can change. If a member earns a position within the Clan, they are honored and respected by all. They must also render obedience to those who may be senior to them, and respect the decisions of the clan. Every opinion matters, and as a member, their voice carries significant weight.

Rank and Position

  • Prospects are called tal'at'cuyir - Blood to Be.
  • Blooded members are called Tal'Aliit - Blood Family
  • Other ranks exist, Ruus'Alor; Sergeant for instance - there may be other titles but there is only one Alor'Kora; Chieftain of Kora and one Al'Verde, Commander, or said simply 'Second'.

Current Members


Clan Personality

Clan Kora often functions as a small military unit when they are working together on the same mission. Deference is shown to the clan's Chieftain (Alor'Kora) or Commander (Al'verde) for direction and leadership. Whoever is 'calling the shots' will be determined at the beginning of each mission. If warriors specialize in a particular field or vocation, it's their responsibility to make that known to the officer-in-charge during the mission; leaders cannot always intuit what their team can do unless they know them really well.

Clan Kora does not harm children. It's not entirely clear if they condemn or condone slavery, but if children are somehow involved in heinous schemes, the guilty parties will be eradicated. Clan Kora has worked for a number of clients including the Sith Empire, the New Republic, other Mandalorians, the Cartel, the Exchange, the Knights of Ren, the Bounty Hunters' Guild, and the Jedi Order. Ambiguity has often been the banner the clan has flown regarding galactic affairs; there are more options for work when one doesn't choose sides.

Clan Kora will conduct themselves respectfully in public, and include no outsiders in conversations that reference internal clan dealings. Kora does not instigate fights, but if provoked, they are permitted to finish them or call in support. Regardless of personal standing with other clans or Mandalorians, Kora will show respect. If a foreign Mandalorian is in need of help, and their circumstance is just, they will find no better friend than Clan Kora; and should they seek to mislead or betray Clan Kora, they will find no worse enemy.


  • Echoy'la Morut - Ealor - Clan Home

An ancient fortress found by a great lake. Its name means Lost Haven. The fortress is concealed by massive forests, hidden by tall trees and surrounded by mountains that cause sensors to malfunction. Its landing bays remain hidden except for those with proper access codes and knowledge of where they are. Its defenses include surface-to-air missiles, anti-air cannon batteries, and numerous anti-personnel defense points. Native fauna like Graiveh, make siege impossible, but the forest has proven more times than not an excellent source for combat training, survival, and hunting grounds.

  • Private Hangar 2 (P2) - Corellian District - Nar Shaddaa

A simple affair, a home away from home for the Mandalorians of Kora, maintained by the clan where the Aliit can relax and be among their own. The doors remain locked, and outsiders may visit so long as they are accompanied by a sponsor.

  • Bral'Prudiise - Dxun - Boar-Wolf's Cavern

The Fort in Shadow, recovered and brought back to life in an operation spearheaded by Clan Kora. While open for all Mandalorians to come and take shelter, it stands often as Hadrix's own personal retreat and fortress. Built into a small hill amidst the jungles of Dxun and most often utilized as a hunting lodge when not otherwise in use and a place where the Al'Verde of Kora often goes when caught in his bouts of self-examination.

  • Bloody Resolve

A Loronar Strike Cruiser that Clan Kora captured from pirates above the world Shili. It now operates as a mobile command offering living arrangements, support, and storage for the entire clan. The crew is comprised of Mandalorian conscripts eager to earn credits and influence with the reformed Mandalore. Its location varies dependent on mission needs.