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Forged in Fire

A close knit Mandalorian clan, starting with a group no larger than a combat squad, Clan Kora is committed to careful selections of members, even if that means they will remain small in number. The clan believes heavily in the traditions of the Resol'nare, also known as The Way, and their symbol emphasizes these tenets - with the sixth tenet represented in the flames in the palm of its hand, for Clan Kora acknowledges that no true Mand'alor has risen from the forging fires of battle and cause.
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  • A Mandalorian must wear armor.
  • A Mandalorian must speak Mando'a.
  • A Mandalorian must defend themself and their family.
  • A Mandalorian must contribute to the overall well-being of the clan.
  • A Mandalorian must raise their children as Mandalorians.
  • A Mandalorian must heed the one true Mand'alor's call and rally to their cause.
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Their course, currently, is unclear but they all turn to the leadership of Sumi Kora, a Morellian Bounty Hunter and former member of the now destroyed Clan Ryder. Clan Kora's fortress is on Ealor, a frontier world in the Bysis sector. The entire planet is untouched by industry and serves as the perfect hunting ground for new blood seeking membership into the clan.


Recruiting in Clan Kora is reminiscent of the old words, "We have no species or bloodline -- So we can rebuild our ranks with others who want to join us." Members are not judged by species or background. Every new recruit is granted Cin Vhetin or a fresh start and given an opportunity to show that their place is among the clan.
To get into Clan Kora, a prospective member must be sponsored by someone from the clan. To be sponsored means that they are recognized as someone who has the spirit of a Mandalorian, and may prove to be a warrior worthy to wear the sigil. A sponsor's responsibility is to teach a new recruit the tenets of the Resol'nare. During this training period, the new recruit will shadow their sponsor and take on jobs with the Clan to prove that they can also emulate the lessons their sponsor imparts.
When the sponsorship draws to a close, the Clan votes on a prospective member's induction into the clan. It must be unanimous, meaning every member of the clan must vote yes before the blooding ceremony can take place. Not even the Alor can override the votes.

  • New Recruits are not left for indeterminate lengths of time. Neither clan or prospective member benefits from lingering.
  • When the clan has decided that the time for sponsorship has ended, the prospect will be put through a trial by fire. During this mission, they will be expected to behave as part of the squad and family. There is no glory to be had as an individual. Clan Kora is only as strong as their weakest member, and only as fast as their slowest. Glory comes from finishing the mission together, as a team.
  • If the prospect succeeds in their trial, they must decide that they are willing to adhere to the Resol'nare and accept Clan Kora as their new family. Nothing is more important to a Mandalorian than their family, and the way, or the Resol'nare, is for life.
  • Placement and duties within the clan are not permanent. People can change. Talents can change. If a member earns a position within the Clan, they are honored and respected by all. They must also render obedience to those who may be senior to them, and respect the decisions of the clan. Every opinion matters, and as a member, their voice carries significant weight.

Rank and Position

  • Recruits are called tal'at'cuyir - Blood to Be.
  • Blooded members are called Tal'Aliit - Blood Family
  • Other ranks exist, Ruus'Alor; Sergeant for instance - there may be other titles but there is only one Alor'Kora; Chieftain of Kora and one Al'Verde, Second in Command.

Current Members


Clan Personality

Clan Kora does not want heroes. Heroes get themselves and others killed. Kora does not want line soldiers who take orders. A line soldier takes no initiative and freezes if the chain of command is taken out in the field.

Clan Kora Mandalorians function as a unit, each with specializations and skill-sets that overlap. Despite being team-oriented, each member is also expected to be capable of functioning independently. If their leader falls there should always be someone that will pick up and continue. Koras are expected to establish a chain of command without quarrel to complete the mission. Personal grudges are for after the mission, away from the eyes of outsiders, to be arbitrated by the clan elders, if not the Alor herself.

Clan Kora emphasizes the importance of unity. Different but one. Each member has aspects similar and different from their fellows, but they all wear the armor and they all follow the Resol'nare.


The Blooding: -- When initially brought into the clan, members are considered; tal'at'cuyir - Blood to be. The clan cares about these individuals because new blood is key to clan survival. The tal'at'cuyir's purpose is learning about the clan while they prove they are worthy to join. They will either succeed through their trial, or die trying, and that is the most important part. Succeed or go down swinging. Retreating is the only way to fail the trial. Retreat is never an option. To retreat is to give up fighting. If a tal'at'cuyir succeeds in their trial, they are given an opportunity to accept Clan Kora as their new family and must agree to follow the tenets of the Resol'nare. If they accept, their armor is branded with the sigil for Kora and it is stained with the blood of one of their kills. This is to show that their commitment and their bond to the clan goes as deep as blood.

Everyone Comes Home -- Clan Kora do not leave their own behind. Everyone comes home or no one comes home.

No Heroes -- Kora selects its members from soldiers and warriors who have mellowed and grown out of the urge to 'be a hero'. Kora operates as a team that can follow a chain of command and keeps their mind to the mission and not on personal glories. Glory is earned through victory, and victory is achieved by working together and thinking of the whole, not the individual.

Not Thugs, Not Pirates -- Clan Kora are not a gang of hired muscle. Koras are not privateers. The Clan will take work to protect groups or individuals, but they are not enforcers. Kora will accept work to strike a target. Kora does not take prisoners to be given to slaves. Kora does not steal or harm children. They do not loot or pillage. The Clan is comprised of consummate professionals, true mercenaries, and if a contract is agreed upon by the clan leadership, then it is seen through (unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant a breached contract.)

Disputes Settled Without Death The Mandalorian culture has dwindled, but what remains is strong and steeped in tradition. Members of the Clan who have disputes with one another can request that Clan Elders help find a resolution. Sometimes, this is done through unarmed combat with the understanding that the victor is seen as correct. These fights are not to the death.

Family First -- The clan does not accept contracts to assault or assassinate members of Clan Kora. A member who willingly accepts work to attack or harm their own clan will be made Dar'Aliit and will be hunted down relentlessly.

No Mand'alor yet -- The state of Mandalore, the infighting, and the tenuous nature of Concord Dawn has shown that the Mandalorians do not, yet, have a Mand'alor. This does not mean that there will never be a Mand'alor, a leader of all the houses and clans, but there is no single Mand'alor now. If an individual appears and can unite the clans and lead like Mand'alors of the past, Kora will test them and turn to them should they prove themselves worthy of the title. For now, there is no such being yet since the last fell. If any were to try to lay claim, Kora will show heavy skepticism and test this being exhaustively before being willing to come to their banner.


  • Echoy'la Morut - Ealor - Clan Home

Built in an ancient fortress found at a lakeside, meaning Lost Haven - Clan Kora found it cleared it of a zealous cult and made it their own. Concealed by the jungles of which even trees are integrated into its courtyards. While potentially able to be located by sensors, its landing bays remain concealed without proper access codes. Attacking the Lost Haven has proven, on several occasions, an excellent form of suicide when rousing Kora like swarmers from their hive.

  • Private Hangar 2 (P2) - Corellian District - Nar Shaddaa

A simple affair, a home away from home for the Mandalorians of Kora away from Ealor, maintained by Sumi where the Aliit can relax and be among their own.

  • Bral'Prudiise - Dxun - Boar-Wolf's Cavern

The Fort in Shadow, recovered and brought back to life in an operation spearheaded by Clan Kora. While open for all Mandalorians to come and take shelter, it stands often as Hadrix's own personal retreat and fortress. Built into a small hill amidst the jungles of Dxun and most often utilized as a hunting lodge when not otherwise in use and a place where the Al'Verde of Kora often goes when caught in his bouts of self-examination.