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Metal And Power

OOC Date: February 5, 2024 (Optional)
Location: Mos Eisley, Tatooine
Participants: Sumi Kora, Saito, Amaia Dara, Narsai Ordo, Terek Rosol, Jallo Dara and Hadrix Kora as GM

Stationed upon the roof of the taller of the two squat buildings on this particular street in Mos Eisely, the assembled figures looked at the top of the target building. Two floors under the appearance of a 'desert goods' trader, moving everything from historical relics pulled from the sands to leathers, eggs, bones and even the carvings of the Tusken tribes.

Within the facade was a smuggling operation that moonlit as pirates, or maybe pirates now moonlighting as smugglers, and thought they'd struck a jackpot. A transport moving from Mandalore to one of the Clan Worlds.

Then a cargo cruiser containing 'little toys'.

They'd been looking for buyers, putting out feelers and one of those tipped off others with a vested interest in part of the supply they have. So the plan was to go in, hit hard. Find who was in charge and exfil. It wasn't expected they'd have the goods here. But someone knew where.

The sound of a cylinder spinning before clamping into the small receiver of her pistol announced Sumi's readiness. The heavy revolver held in her hand was spun and planted into the holster strapped to her leg. <"Who gets the honor of tearing down their door?"> She asked aloud, propping one booted foot on the heightened ledge to casually lean in. Tension ticked from the leather straps and plating of beskar armor as optics in her helm allowed her some enhanced view of their targets below.

The red-haired man that stands with the others had not been expecting to return to Tatooine, of all places. Still when he heard about this operation, he couldn't refuse. By taking down the pirate's operation, they would be making the region safer. So it is now that he stands with the others, peering at their target thoughtfully. Hopefull, all of them will make it out alive. He reaches into a pocket of his tunic, feeling the cod grip of his JSP istol. At Sumi's question, the redhead turns to her, offering her a smile. "Well, I'll leave the honor to one of yo, Mandalorians." he says politely.

Finally, Mai Dara was in her element. Clan Dara's pirate hunter had been engaged to hunt pirates. Weapons were at the ready, as the team prepared to maker them entry. Helmet turned to consider Sumi, "I am tall but thin. I would make a poor battering ram." But as Mai was game for most things, she would tighten down her helmet if it were required. She held the Outland at low ready, lights in her jetpack ticking away. Flying was, quite likely, on the menu.

One last click and check of her own non-cylinder pistol herself and then Narsai stretches her arms out, bouncing a little on her feet and then giving a little shrug of her shoulders. "<I'm not greedy,>" she offers lightly, considering for a moment for herself. The Ordo Alor looks between the others, adjusting. "<Cover each other, they might be sampling whatever they're shipping.>"

Terek has been working on the fringes for a long time, so it's natural he would get word on a job like this. Pirates were often a problem, especially this far out in the Outer Rim. He slotted a new pack into his W-35, and then drew his Glie with the other hand, "So we want to go in from the roof, or do we want to go in the front door? I'm good with either, honestly." He muses, as he looks back over at the building

Jallo stretches a bit as he pulls the energy bow from it's holster twirling it a bit in his hand before letting it settle into it's familiar place in the palm of his left hand before reaching back with his right to ensure that his jetpack is seated properly, <"Not sure I'd be good for pulling down a door but I'm pretty sure I can make it go boom. Or at least the wall next to it these JT-12 rockets tend to veer to the left for me."> Then he reaches into his tool belt to pull out a frag grenade, <"or this... This seems to do wonders to doors.">

<"I thought Red was gonna do it."> the rasping, growling, voice of Hadrix comes as he tips his head towards Saito. Hunkering on the edge, drawing his scatter blaster as he does so, racking a plasma shell and looking towards Sumi, <"For close encounters...">

Down below the building moves through a rotation of guards, a pair at the front door being relieved by two more who are set on looking like they're loitering out front. The Mos Eisley street is quiet for the moment. People moving for their evening activities of home, gambling, booze or 'other'.

No one patrols the roof, poor security? Overconfidence?

But Tatooine rooves also tend to be thick to help keep out the daily heat but use the accumulated to keep night homes warm.

<"Might be best to leave an overwatch to look for runners. There's always one, and it's the one with the most to lose."> Sumi intones, pushing back to her full height to regard Hadrix with a nod. She glances back to see if there's any marksman, then shrugs. <"I'll throw myself at the door and stir up this stinger nest...">

Turning her head back toward the area of operation, Sumi shrugged, <"Like Alor'Ordo said -- Cover each other. -- Let's begin.">

It was life like normal for this street until the thunderous noise of a jetpacking Mandalorian announced her approach. She landed roughly in front of the establishment, the sand absorbing much of her momentum, before taking on a run and throwing herself at the door.

The door was aware of her presence, but its integrity stood up to the 200lbs, fully armored Mando'ade. Rather than tumbling through, Sumi embarrassingly planted against the door with a loud <"Mmmph">, comically falling to one side in a clatter that shattered a table of goods, and sent drek in every direction in spectacular fashion. <<"They locked it!">> She called over comms, annoyed!

Saito sighs as Sumi manages to call the pirate's atention, without breaking the door. He draws his blaster and carefully aims at one of the pirates. There is the loud report of a blaster bolt as Saito fires, one of the pirates being hit.

"Stay alive out there." That, was said in everyone's general direction, but was probably aimed at Jallo, as Mai was leaving him behind. Now, which of them was the sidekick, no one was quite sure. "Headed to the rear exit to make certain they can't use it to escape." It was a killbox, plain and simple. The most effective type. Mai's jetpack ignited, leaving the sudden commotion in the front of the building for the entrance that so far as she knew, and she could be wrong, was unguarded behind.

The 'thunk' of Sumi's unsuccessful 'Booty-breach' but very successful distraction has Narsai lifting her blaster pistol, taking a pair of shots towards one of the guards and managing to drop him down. Back at Sumi's as she reassesses? Narsai's weapon remains drawn. "<Guess we need to unlock it. You got it, or want to swap jobs?"> she questions, seemingly quite calm despite the danger. If the foes were rushing out the back, the team would catch them...or they might be pointing their biggest guns at the door she and Sumi were trying to breach.

Welp, it looks like we're doing it. Terek is quick to move, following down towards those pirates that are standing guard. A sudden flash of weapons fire comes sailing in at them, Terek adding to it with his own, firing from both his W-35 and his Glie, managing to tag at least one of the pirates in the shoulder as he advances.

Jallo is tryin out this bow for the first time in forever drawing down as he aims but he's just not able to connect the energy arrows to his target. He begins to move forward as well a quick glance as Amaia takes off towards the back, <"Heading to the back door for cover shortly unless I'm needed up front.">

The pirates at the door jump when Sumi slams into it, only to find themselves coming under fire. The noise enough to stir the neighbors to close the blast shutters in their own windows. Others in the street simply take to running, dead set on getting away from potential stray blaster bolts.

With one standing, wounded and trying to draw a bead on Saito and firing, Hadrix looks to Narsai, <"Guess I didn't get dressed up for nothing."> letting himself be claimed by gravity. Falling and gaining speed as his jets engage, the big man turns in-air, aiming to put one plated left pauldron into the door, smashing through and managing to tuck into a roll that throws him forward, into shelves that begin tumbling in his wake until he comes to a crouching halt.

Those looking in after see fifteen pirates - less than half of which who begin drawing down on the figure that has so rudely entered their establishment. Blaster fire ripping through the open door, silhouetting the big man who leans into the fire that is falling on him like rain.

By the time Narsai has landed, she can hear Sumi laughing at herself. The elder Mando is slow to rise, favoring old knees, despite shots popping off and criss-crossing in the space. She made the gesture to Alor'Ordo to 'be her guest' just as Commander Hadrix made his approach and handled the entry for them.

Hadrix landed in there with a huge clatter, stirring the proverbial pot and getting shot from every angle. The loud plinking noise made from hitting his armor directly had Sumi /dying/ with laughter. She stood there for several moments as the big guy got back up despite the harassment.

<"That worked!">

Sumi joined Narsai's side at that point and followed Commander Hadrix inside. She extends a baton and twists it to generate crackling electricity. Her first target is one she spotted wearing high-end armor. He sought to run, but was close-lined by Sumi who struck true and brutally.

By the time he was on his back counting stars, she had leaped into the fray and downed two others in similar fashion. She was still laughing about Hadrix.

Saito sighs as the pirates start to return fire. He wnces in pain as a blaster boltt hits him in the shoulder. Due to being without armor, the shot hits with full force. For a moment,, the redhead feels the pain caused by his wound. He closes his eyes and tries to concentrate, trying to feel the flow of the force but due to his wound, it fails. He is simply too distracted to focus properly. He raises his blaster and fires again, the blaster bolt missing its target. He does his best to follow the others nside. He has to focus, there will be time to heal later.

The battle up front and inside was only sound and no vision for Mai, as she settled onto the sandy, dusty street behind the building. She assumed, from the communications, that Jallo would soon join her, but she did not look away from the door to make certain. Instead, she withdrew a cable from one of her vambraces, moving to hack into the door's security system to work it open. Mandalorians in front, Mandalorians behind. What could be more fun? The security system gave a protesting beep, before it shut down, allowing Mai to prep to kick the door open.

Saito sighs as the pirates start to return fire. He wnces in pain as a blaster boltt hits him in the shoulder. Due to being without armor, the shot hits with full force. For a moment,, the redhead feels the pain caused by his wound. He closes his eyes and tries to concentrate, trying to feel the flow of the force but due to his wound, it fails. He is simply too distracted to focus properly. He raises his blaster and fires again, the blaster bolt missing its target. He does his best to follow the others nside. He has to focus, there will be time to heal later.

onto the sandy, dusty street behind the building. She assumed, from the communications, that Jallo would soon join her, but she did not look away from the door to make certain. Instead, she withdrew a cable from one of her vambraces, moving to hack into the door's security system to work it open. Mandalorians in front, Mandalorians behind. What could be more fun? The security system gave a protesting beep, before it shut down, allowing Mai to prep to kick the door open.

arsai's plan -wasn't- to throw her spouse at the door, but apparently that was what was going to happen...and it seemed to work. Stepping through the door, she fires off her own blaster twice more but not quite managing to land any shots of her own. Was she out of practice with the weapon or something? Still, she moves forwards with her weapon ready, fanning out to draw fire.

"That'll work."

Terek's firing his blasters, though one of the pirates that he's firing at he manages to hit with a shot, though the other shots he fires go off into a wall and the ceiling, respectively.

He grunts, moving and tossing a crate down so he can get himself in cover, taking a knee behind it and stopping for a second. He growls though, taking a moment to center himself before he prepares to lean back out again and open fire.

Jallo's jetpack fires up as he rockets over the compound so that he fly over to land behind and near Amaia drawing the bowstring back once more to let another energy arrow fly out and then impacting one of the dirty dirty pirates, <"Perfect timing with the door.">

Glowing marks on his armor, the big man swiveled to hip-fire the scattergun - hurling the poor sot on the receiving end across the room even as plasma fire bursts against him, glowing marks and carbon scoring on his torso plates. Growl running from his vocalizer as fire continues to poor in on him even as he racks another shell in.

The apparent leader dropped, the others are caught in a mix of panic freeze and panic fire, some spinning when an arrow comes from behind and the battle is joined from both sides. Fear was in the air, screams and plasma fire that criss-crossed the room of the 'modest shop' while the personal duel rages outside between dirty pirate and red-headed man.

Sumi sustained a hit on the arm that seared beneath an armor plating. It was enough to cut her laughter short, at least until she caved in their helmet with a concussive strike that sent another man flying into shelves and other trinkets. Two others were intercepted in the chaos, and they too, found little momentum fighting the shorter Mando who left them for dead and moved on at a casual gait.

Saito watches as the door is opened. He smiles faintly but focuses on hiss fight. He raises his JSP blaster and pulls the trigger. Once again, the blaster bolt that is fired from his blaster goes wide, hitting the wall beside the pirate. The redhead's expression remains calm, despit the pain. Slowly he closes his eyes. It is time to take this more seriously.

Now that Mai was inside, with Jallo beside her, the plan was, at least in her own mind, to remain by the door and keep the enemy from making any escape towards the back. having re-slung the rifle to keep her hands free for the door, it was a laser day, as she brought up the vambrace, the laser rising from the smooth metal, a dart of light that flew into the room and hit nothing in particular. She would call it covering fire for the team.

he trigger pulled again as Narsai breaches with Hadrix and Sumi as she'd done many a time before, but her bolts still don't quiet seem to be hitting their mark. Watching her allies take the hits, the redhead Ordo gives a grunt of frustration, holstering her pistol with one hand as she extends her other arm. A quick spark and a sudden roar sends a torrent of flame into one of the pirates, putting a screaming end to the man.

Exhaling a breath, the Mandalorian looks over towards the others, giving a small shrug.

Okay, maybe she felt a little better.

Somehow Terek has managed to keep himself from getting shot this whole time. Now that he's thinking about it though, he knows it's probably going to hit him sooner rather than later. Still, he keeps firing, emerging from the top of the crate he's using as cover to fire several quick blasts, catching one of the dirtier pirates with a shot before moving, aiming for a fallen shelf to get behind, <"Gotta hand it to these guys, they're pretty persistent!">

Jallo draws back the string as he fires off another two energy arrows entering into the back door with Amaia to block off any exit for the pirates the burns and energy flickering over the squirrely pirate's body as it drops to the floor, <"Great cover fire Amaia keep it up....">

Sumi breaks the kneecap of one young pirate, disabling them and laying them out on the ground to scream in agony. She kicked their weapon from their grasp, not that they were a threat any longer, but to drive her point home, she caved in his head with a loud crunch. The second time she struck his head, there was so little meat left that her baton just sparked against the flooring.

A snap from the flammer and the sound of a spring releasing, the concealed vibroblade coming free as she rushes one of the pirates. Several sharp blows exchanged as the pair wrestled before Narsai gripped the man's arm and twisted, drawing him in for a vibro-shanking that didn't end him outright, but almost certainly hurt.

He knew it. He cursed it as soon as he thought about it. One of the pirates lands a hit square in the middle of his beskar chest plate, the hit not even making Terek stumble, the slight punch to the chest mostly just getting his attention, his visor turning immediately towards the pirate that shot him.

There's a very audible growl from the cathar as he raises both of his weapons up and immediately fires at the pirate, landing a pair of shots to the chest, sending them sprawling across the floor, which gets a satisfied sound from him. He'll have to buff that out now!

Still with his eyes closed, Saito tries to concentrate. As the pirate fires again. He tries to use the force to absorb the shot but it doesn't work. The energy is simply too much for him to andle. He screams as he is hit on the arm. There is no blood but he can smell burning flesh. He jestures with a hand. A crate comes flying towards the wounded pirate but after a blink, he manages to dodge out of the way of the crate.

Mai remained in position, whether the remaining pirates were turning against her or not. She had set herself in the breech, and she intended to stay there. And if the laser seemed not to hit the intended target, well, at least it helped to keep some of the focus on her and not on Jallo. The rest of the team, certainly, was faring better than herself. So, guard duty it was.

Jallo's bow comes up another time another pair of energy arrows springing out as he draws back and releases the string the arrows lancing into the ground and wall near the squirrely pirate, <"Well he's a quick one. Points for effort.">

One more remaining inside, the man in purple plates nods, looking to the others and simply turns to move back outside, spots where his armor was scored still smoking when he reemerges into the Mos Eisley evening. Arms lifting to hold his weapon lazily crossbody before squeezing and the one whom had been holing Saito kicks suddenly into a cartwheel as their head explodes and the big man looks to the other.

<"Still alive. Good.">

Within, a single of the remaining pirates present, on fire, they drop to the ground, screaming and rolling to extinguish themselves. Unable to fight back, panicked, and getting the flames out at last as they scrabble around, rolling onto their back with wide eyes for the chaos. Outside things have a thunderous silence for the few seconds of chaos and death.

Heads peek from narrow slits in window shutters, partially open doors. Waiting to see if it's over.

The final target is disarmed with one swing, his weapon sent flying in one direction. He avoided the second swing, but the third caught them in the jaw and spilled them backward onto the ground in a loud clatter. Sumi propped her booted foot on his chest, moving the crackling baton to hover near his face if he decided he hadn't had enough. It seemed, though, he had.

<"Anyone dead?"> Sumi asked; she meant, any friendlies dead?

"That went better than I expected." Which, mostly likely, meant that Mai had made it out without losing a limb. "We should search the place before the flames get the better of it. There may be more useful intel than what the captive might know." There were always clues to find and all. "Dara here." So she was alive. And not just technically. With the door no longer needing to be guarded, unless otherwise instructed, Mai would begin a sweep of the now ruined hideout.

<"I'm alive,"> Narsai speaks as she shoves her downed foe off her, closing down her blade on her bracer before exhaling a small breath. <"Who wants to be the one to give them a talking to?"> she adds as she folds her arms, looking over towards Hadrix and tilting her armored head. <"What's your thoughts?">

The silence after a gunfight is often rather deafening. Once the last of the pirates have been dealt with, after several seconds of silence, he holsters his weapons on his hip and across his belt. He peeks outside, looking at Hadrix and the last of the pirates. Once he hears Sumi's call out, he pipes up, <"Not this time.">

He brushes the bit of his armor where the shot hit him, stepping over one of the pirates as he moves the rest of the way outside, <"If we got who we need, I suppose we should get on out of here.">

Jallo toggles his bow to retract it before he returns it to it's holster, <"I'm up and unharmed."> A glance over towards Amaia, <"Looks like the back is all clear I agree we should probably head out if we've got what we need.">

<<"Alive.">> All accounted for, taking the survivors out - so that they can be questioned. Streets silence again and within the local saloons and homes, after several breaths to be sure it's over, life resumes as usual in Mos Eisley.

A firefight in the evening. Nothing out of the ordinary. Hutt business. Gang business. Bounty hunters. It was all the same as far as most of the people who lived in this smuggler's port felt. Perhaps it was an opening to more, but as most citizens here know - best to wait and see while getting back to business.

Rather than dwell on it.