The Hutt Cartel

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The Hutt Cartel



  • Information Dealing: We have eyes in many places. We buy and sell information.
  • Gaming & Loansharking: Gambling Dens, Racing, Fighting and Hunting. And the occasional loan.
  • Black Market: From Death Sticks to weaponry. Smuggling and more.
  • Bounty Hunting: Do you have a problem? Well we know people who can help.
  • ---

The Cartel

The Hutt Clan, also known as the Hutt Cartel and sometimes simply as the Hutts, is one of the most powerful crime families in the galaxy and perhaps one of the longest standing with it's orgins going back before the Clone Wars. It was governed by the Grand Hutt Council and it's chairman, whose members were the heads of the five Hutt families.

Lord Eebua Gnuda is a member of the Hutt Council, and leader of the powerful crime syndicate after taking control of the Cartel from the absent Lord Junda who had taken the reigns of the cartel from the displaced Queen Zira. With Lord Eebua taking control of the Cartel, the criminal organization's priorities have changed. As crime focused as ever, Lord Eebua's gaze is primarily focused on conquering the individual districts of Nar Shaddaa and bringing the Smuggler's Moon back under the full control of the Hutt Cartel. In addition, Eebua is known to have strong ties to both Swoop and Pod races in his past and as such is putting together a Swoop Gang loyal to the Cartel.

The Emerald Club

In the past, the Hutt Cartel has been known to operate out of the Palace Xanadu, and then the renamed Ebor's Rest. With the Cartel coming under the command of Eebua, the base of operations has shifted to the VIP Lounge in the Emerald Club. It has cards and board games of all the elite games, as well as sitting area to enjoy dancers and the company of courtesans of either gender and a variety of races - though particularly found of Twi'lek. A wall of holodisplays allow for viewing of pit fights, duels, swoop races, and pod races from all across the Galaxy, providing a broad manner of gambling availability. There is also a bar area where above are screens listing all sort of illegal bounties, smuggling requests, job offers, and more.

Shaddaa Council