The Hutt Cartel

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The Hutt Cartel


  • Information Brokering
  • Loansharking
  • Gaming
  • Smuggling
  • Forced Labor
  • Bounty Hunting

The Cartel

The Hutt Cartel is one of the largest criminal organizations in the Galaxy. Essentially an Empire unto themselves, the Hutts rule a vast chunk of the Outer Rim known as 'Hutt Space.' Within Hutt Space, they rule with absolute authority, but their chubby hands can be found grasping all throughout known space.

The Cartel is ruled by the leaders of the most powerful Hutt Clans, in the form of a Council. But the vast majority of the the Cartel is actually comprised of non-Hutt sentients who do all of the actual work and allow the Hutt Lords to exist in a state of near-constant debauchery.

The Smuggler's Moon

Although it is their planet's moon, the Hutts allow Nar Shaddaa a certain degree of autonomy. It is in their best interest to allow non-Hutts to utilize the moon, and exerting too much pressure would destabilize the delicate criminal ecosystem. This could cause many to do their smuggling elsewhere. However, they occasionally intervene when the balance of power is too skewed for their liking, or when profitability is down.

Hutt Council

Cartel Members