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"You might not have ever run across a Shistavanen in heat. But your crew definitely has. They all seem to call her 'Usha.'"



The life of the party, Usha strives to be at the forefront of all that is trendy, fashionable, and fun. For this young Zeltron, pleasure is business and business is pleasure. So have a drink and stay a while.

Daughter of a Zeltron courtesan, Usha has been in the drug trade since early childhood when her mother leased her out to an Inner Rim drug lord, who found that her feel-good pheromones were great for business. Leaning into her fate, she helped her master chase his drug empire ambitions until they got the better of him. The Hutt Cartel now owns their operations, and after executing her master, they've now put her in charge of paying back his debts and rebuilding the business.



This pixie-like creature has the stylings of a life of leisure from the fine material of her clothes to the array of colorful jewelry that adorns her body. Her face is youthful and cheeky, with dimples forming when she gives her playful grin. Her large black eyes and small mouth add to this illusion. Magenta-red skin and blue hair mark her as a Zeltron, if her feel-good pheremones had not already given her away. Their effect is amplified by her lax and careless mannerisms. A bruise heals around her left eye.

To her, utility is just another aesthetic and although her black willowy clothes look ready for action, the minimal wear and tear prove that they are instead conscientious fashion choices. A small velvet pouch hangs from her belt and occasionally oversized sunglasses grace her face.

RP Hooks

By Hex
  • Narcotics Costco - She’s no dime-bag slinger. Usha sells in bulk to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Medical, synthetic, performance enhancing - if its a substance that fucks with your biology, she can probably get her hands on it. Still, she keeps a few little samples on her for fun.
  • Indentured Servant - Usha is paying off quite a hefty debt to the Hutt Cartel, which does not seem like it will be paid back in the forseeable future.
  • Lover Not a Fighter - She can talk the talk, but she can't really punch the punch. She could always use a little help in the protection department.
  • Material Girl - A true socialite, she's always dressed to impress. If you can't pay in money, well maybe you have something pretty for her instead.


Confessions - BadBadNotGood ft. Leland Whitty

I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl - Nina Simone

212 - Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay

Werkin Girls - Angel Haze

Double Down - Slothrust

Stuff & Things

-(OOC)- Darius Wildes says, "We late?"

-(OOC)- Grishk says, "yeah, usha won"

-(OOC)- Hex says, "Usha always wins"

-(OOC)- Darius Wildes says, "Doesn't she always"

"There once was a Zeltron named Usha

Who was for the Hutts a drug pusher

She entranced the big slug

He came in for a hug

And under his flab he did squish her"


"Sugar mama lookin tired

Ratchet watch it you're all fired

She says boy I want that money

But that girl is lookin funny

Starin hard at her reflection

That a gray hair I should mention?

Sorry life is hard and dirty

Even Zeltrons will hit THIRRRRTYYYY."

-Yoska Lash right before he was SPANKED TO DEATH

Tarion Tavers (TT) pages: ....

Tarion Tavers (TT) pages: ........

Tarion Tavers (TT) pages: .................

Tarion Tavers (TT) pages: I hate you.

"I swear by all that's unholy I will rip your spice-snorting little nails off if you let me down, okay, darling?" --Myra Bale

-(OOC)- Naiya Tan says, "Usha we need to teach you to seduce rodents better!"

You paged Kasia Ashkuri with 'I guess i'm the only one who feels sorry <3'

Kasia Ashkuri (K) pages: You do, that's why you're my favorite <3

-(OOC)- Hadrix Rol says, "Too much emotion! Too much! Only one cure. SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE Cocaine!"

[FAIL ( -83)] Usha's Sense Motive @ (200) diff.

Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages: You trust this guy completely.

[FAIL ( -12)] Usha's Seduce @ (100) diff.

-(OOC)- Hopp Nooram says, "Can we get a new Zeltron, ours is broken"