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Aliraet is a recent arrival to Nar Shaddaa, reportedly to avoid arrest for a laundry list of warrants in the Core Worlds while taking advantage of the new absence of Republic patrols in the Galactic Rim. While she claims to be a smuggler like any other, rumors suggest she may have other ways of turning a profit than just running cargo. She has a reputation for ruthless pragmatism, though she shows a much more pleasant, even seductive fact to most that meet her, as well as a love of the finer things in life. Despite her beautiful exterior, she has a reputation as a skilled and ruthless swordswoman and pilot and is rarely without her personal weapon, a vibrosword with a hilt of Zygerrian design. Following the Battle of Exegol where she was part of the allied force that attacked the Sith fleet, she has turned to a more mercenary style of life but still kept her hand in with a bit of thievery and boarding where needed. She eventually retired to Sirocco, having made more than enough to live off of and having worked out the issues that drove her to piracy.

Aliraet2.png "This is my stabbing face. For stabbing. In the face."