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Aliraet is a recent arrival to Nar Shaddaa, reportedly to avoid arrest for a laundry list of warrants in the Core Worlds while taking advantage of the new absence of Republic patrols in the Galactic Rim. While she claims to be a smuggler like any other, rumors suggest she may have other way of turning a profit than just running cargo. She has a reputation for ruthless pragmatism, though she shows most a much more pleasant, even seductive fact to most that meet her, as well as a love of the finer things in life. Despite her beautiful exterior, she has a reputation as a skilled and ruthless swordswoman and pilot, and is rarely without her personal weapon, a vibrosword with a hilt of Zygerrian design. Following the Battle of Exegol where she was part of the allied force that attacked the Sith fleet, she has turned to a more mercenary style of life, but still keeps her hand in with a bit of thievery and boarding where needed.

Aliraet2.png "This is my stabbing face. For stabbing. In the face."