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Mandalorians: Echoy'la Morut

OOC Date: December 15, 2019
Location: Ealor, Bysis
Participants: Clan Kora, Narsai Ordo, Hadrix Kora, Zee'Roh Kora, Aliraet, Sumi Kora

Grassy Clearing - Grasslands, Ealor

This is a grassland area that sits next to a large forest with a mountain range beyond that. This planet looks to be mostly untouched, like a lost paradise of a natural oasis. Birds chirp and animals dart about in the tall grass. It might be surprising such a serene location can remain untouched in this galaxy of dense industrialization and war.

Ealor, the prized jewel of the Bysis system. Green like an emerald, it is a bright beacon in the void of space, and it's the location that three ships fly toward. Lady Fae Renta, the pilot for Sumi's 'Kyber Heart' speaks over the encrypted communications channel.

<<"I've indicated the location through our shared tracker. You should see it on navigation once we've broken through the atmosphere,">> says the Hapan. Sumi stands behind the blonde, watching as she uses the controls to bring them on an approach vector to enter atmosphere. Sumi's visor reflects the various glowing instruments in the cockpit, shaking only when the vessel begins to tremor from the friction of the ship entering the atmosphere.

The trip down is peaceful, and Sumi's vessel settles in a grassy clearing, where tall grass waves with the cool evening wind. It is nearing evening, but not upon them. The systems star appears in the sky marking it late afternoon. When ships have settled, and Kyber Heart's ramp has lowered, Sumi Kora emerges from her vessel carrying an A280 CFE. Its custom adjustable buttstock is firmly pressed to one armored shoulder yet the weapon's muzzle is angled down in a low ready fashion. She wades out into the grass, her cape taking flight behind her once the wind has found purchase.

"Shall I accompany you, Ms. Sumi?" Asks the Hapan noble, who steps out unarmored but dressed in a green tunic and stylish cape trimmed in a beautiful silver. Her blonde hair is untamed, likely intentional. Sumi turns back. <"No. Remain with the ship and keep scans active. We might come running if we find something too large to fight.">

Fae nods and walks back up the ramp, triggering it to close when she's out of sight. Sumi remains in the open for now, awaiting her team quietly.

With a low rumble a second ship arrives, its traditional Imperial grey-white paint scheme scored here and there, but the marks doing nothing to dull the inherent menace as the Sentinel landing ship lowers, extending it gears as its wings fold, a low hiss accompanying the final approach as it settles to the ground. A moment later the nose ramp lowers, an armored figure swaggering down, vibrosword at her hip but wearing much more in the way of armor now, Aliraet's helmet clipped to her belt for the moment as she adjusts the thigh holster on the other side, before wandering over towards Sumi. "Present." she says lazily in her husky alto.

Hadrix Kora swings down out of the Redemptor when his battered old Gambit is on the ground, rifle prepped and weapons hooked in place. Looking to the figure with the sword, then to Sumi and then Fae, Hadrix's helm is on, sealed, only his T-Visor to give any indication of where he's looking <"On sight, weapons prepped. Where do you want me, alor?"> coming to a halt near the women, hands folding casually behind his back.

Sumi nods when Aliraet arrives to stand beside her, then there's Hadrix. <"Where you belong, vod. At the front."> Sumi makes a fist, lightly pumping it against the much larger Mando's shoulder before stepping aside to let him lead on. Sumi turns to look toward Ali, nodding again.

Fae's voice crackles over the comms. <<"Okay, Zee got Zero up in the sky, and I'm getting back map data now. Marking the point of interest via HUD now. You're looking at a klik.. or so of walking.">> Sumi chuckles. <"We have our bearings then.">

This put them toward the forest and mountains. <<"Good work. We're moving out.">> -- Fae answers back. <<"Roger that.">>

Aliraet lifts her helmet up and slides it into place, locking it down. She falls in behind Sumi and Hadrix, hand on her vibrosword as she walks, her helmet tilting back and forth as she scans the area as they walk, staying alert. Not a rifle person, apparently. "Oh good, I could use a bit of exercise..." she murmurs.

There's a rumbling sound - though apparently it's a 'good' growl for him judging by posture, how his flame rifle is pulled and the nod before Hadrix moves to the spearhead. Head turning enough for his helmet to take in his surroundings as he scouts and then moves to serve as force recon.

<<"Moving out, check visuals, send deployment changes as necessary Aolorir">> the big man's tone now all business as he moves out, his Seeker droid dropping off his back and unfolding to move with him.

As Sumi often said, the way was forward and so it was. There's no rush, but this small group moves with some efficiency. The forest provides a canvas of interesting sights. Animals, not use to visitors, continue grazing or walking their game trails. Avians take flight, spooked by their movements. It is like this for awhile, but the forest breaks and they arrive at a large, large lake. The water is dark, and scans indicate it's fresh water. The lake is wrapped by a perimeter of hills and tall trees, and there's even a mountain looming in the distance.

<<"Upon the western hill. What is it that you see?">> Asks Fae, who seems to be watching from the eye in the sky, Zero.

<<"I see a beach, and a path leading up the western hill.">> Sumi adds.

The Huntsuit's helmet turns slightly to the side...then stops panning as Aliraet catches view of something. "I see them. Small group coming down from the western hill. Looks like they're escorting a group of people down." the devaronian murmurs. "Hide and observe, or straight in and brassy?" She defers to Sumi in this....given a choice, it'd be the latter or her. She's always preferred being aggressive to passive.

<<"I think I have something">> Hadrix's voice rumbles over comms <<"Duracrete, doesn't look decorative. I'm going to inspect">> and off he goes... another curiosity for the hulk that he is - Hadrix disappears like smoke in the brush, invisible save for HUD tracking signals.

<<"Fae, Zee, run scans - I think I found an old bunker the jungle is trying to reclaim.">> comes over comms a short time later, though the man remains otherwise invisible to unaided sight.

<<"I'm counting.. 10 on the beach, five look to be cultists...robes.. wearing.. thingies..">> Sumi glances up at Ali, shrugging. They did not have positive ID on what they were, or even if they were hostile. So she didn't give an answer yet. Violence, or Observation?

Sumi takes a knee at Ali's call for movement, and she becomes silent once Hadrix has slipped away to scout ahead. <"Let's see who they are..."> Sumi replies, nearest Ali.

<<"I see them. Multiple contacts, though the ones at the front are not leading of their own free will. They appear to be escorted by.. robed.. people. Not like I dunno how to explain it. Cultists? There's a stone platform by the beach; I think they mean to execute these people.">>

Sumi lifts her head slightly and reaches forward to adjust the scope. Then looks back into the optics. <<"Zee? You got eyes on?">>

Hadrix, depending on how far ahead he moved, has found that the structure in question appears to be a hangar bay of sorts. It is not a well supplied, or even starport worthy bay, but it provides shelter and houses a few ships inside. Beyond this hangar, an old stone structure, built like a castle (like Maz's castle) looms beyond it. There are others in this structure, cultists. Skeletons are strung upside down, likely where they've been bled after having throats cut.

<<"I'm counting.. 10 on the beach, five look to be cultists...robes.. wearing.. thingies..">> Sumi glances up at Ali, shrugging. They did not have positive ID on what they were, or even if they were hostile. So she didn't give an answer yet. Violence, or Observation?

<<"I have aerial scans.. Im sending tactical data with scans as deep as I can get sensors.">> Zee's voice is crisp over comms, glancing towards Fae and then back down to her terminal screen aboard the Kyber Heart.

Aliraet follows suit, taking a knee as well, her armor quiet as she tilts her helmet slightly, then quietly draws her vibrosword, holding it at her side as she waits to see what can be spotted by the recon folks. <<"Five prisoners? Slaves? Aside from the ones in robes, I mean.">> the pirate murmurs over chan. Slavers have a particular level of 'murder on sight' for her, after all.

<<"They're not pleasant... I found a hangar. They've got stuff inside, and they've been bleeding people like livestock. I can position to engage sniper ops, Alorir">> Had's response finally comes in and he begins checking his surroundings, and weapons. <<"No count of potential hostiles inside, just yet... I can pick a fight with them if you want.">> Hadrix rumbles, ready to weapon swap as necessary.

Not of clan Kora, but certainly a Mandalorian, the red-armored figure of Narsai moves along with the group. She'd been bringing up the rear it seems, but as she moves up behind the group her helmet comlink had been active. She'd heard the briefing. Coming up beside Hadrix where he'd moved towards the structure, the Ordo girl finally speaks up. <<"At your back Hadrix,">> she speaks lightly, drawing her blaster from her thigh holster as she listens to Sumi's own intelligence being fed through and confirmed by Zee.

<<"Understood. Looks like we've got a hive of cultist cannibal robes wearing ugly thingies that needs to be kicked. Stand by on my mark, Hadrix. This will get ugly.. or pretty.. pretty ugly?">> Sumi shakes her head and tightens the sling for her rifle. Rising up with an aged grunt, she turns to Aliraet. <"Mind getting close?"> There was a smile implied there as Sumi's hand adjusts to visibly eject the jetpack control stick into her grasp, firing up her jetpack. Her free arm stretched out, offering to hoist the swordswoman up. It appeared that Sumi was intent to drop in on the beach party.

Meanwhile, where Hadrix and Narsai were hiding, they could see the courtyard beyond the hangar and inside were cages filled with people and various stages of dress and conditions. Zee's tactical data highlighted via combat tracking, those in similar robes moving about and talking. In the courtyard, six move around.

Sumi and Ali arrive at the beach in a loud rushing display of jetpack tactics. Sumi set Ali down gently upon the sand, then landed ahead of her slightly, extinguishing the flames of her propulsion to draw her DL-44 and aim it at the pirates. Those being escorted dropped to the ground and began to scream help and the cultists? Drew their weapons to attack.

Aliraet makes a faintly suprised noised as she's nabbed, tensing slightly before she realizes what Sumi is doing and holds still to make it easier for her to be flown, landing with bent knees as she's lightly touched down to the sand. A wolfish grin crosses her face as Sumi opens fire as she charges, shifting to the right to avoid Sumi's line of fire as she lets out an eerie howling battlecry, her humming blade sweeping up to slash as the arm of the first cultist before she spins, the blade smoothing shifting behind her as both hands come to the hitl to drive it behind her straight through the chin of the cultist and up through the head, then remerges as she spins away in a shower of blood and viscera.

A nod at something as Hadrix leans around the corner to check out the courtyard, the cultists <<"Narsai, I am the spearhead. Proceed as you see fit on my advance.">> said simply ovcer close comms before he accesses the clan comms,

<<"Sumi, going in - full aggression. My biometrics are going on monitor">> said simply before he draws his carbine and the sound of him rumbling something periodically blips over comms. Battle mantras. A chant. Mnemonic devices to activate subliminal responses... though they are now being changed as he acclimates to Mando life.

"Hammer of the clan. My arm is it's will my blaster it's judgement. Let the cowardly and unworthy foe be swept away like wheat to the thresher. Let those under my sight be judged accurately and those who are my enemy soon washed away..." Dopamine and adrenaline dump into his system. He's calm. Elated perhaps and everything is moving slower as his first blaster bolt is overcompensated for movement, burning a hole into a wall before the second strikes a cultist in the arm, spinning them.

The third bolt catches one squarely. Eyes vaporize, brains boil, and the hole in the skull melts shut just before pressure detonates the head in a glorious display of carnage.

<<"Target down. Engaging still">>

Letting someone else take the lead? It had been a while, but Narsai nods her helmeted head and draws her own E-11, firing off a brief burst. The bolts are less precise from the heavy carbine, the weapon was older than she was, but one finds its mark and fells a target as she advances forwards in the wake of the larger figure. <<"Scatch another,>> she calls, <<"keep it up!">>

The battle is off. Two-pronged, sudden shock-tactics. Raul Wo would be proud of his student. Just as Aliraet engaged her foe, Sumi engaged the group, opening fire with a modified handcannon. Its overcharged shots removing an arm of one man, the leg from a woman, and they both fell screaming into the sand.

<"Stay down!"> Sumi screams at the innocents, turning just in time to take a cleaver against the armored portion of her blaster wielding arm. She dropped her blaster pistol but freed the DP-23 shotgun from her back, chicken-winging its buttstock under her arm. <"Your mistake, pal."> She growled, placing the shotgun against his chest.

Another squared off with Ali, swinging his polearm, a force pike, wide and missing. He skids across the sand, squaring up with her.

Up at the courtyard, four attackers in total close the distance to Narsai and Hadrix. They all miss, but they're attacking the seasoned warriors simultaneously, screaming over the chants for help from those in cages all around them.

Aliraet ducks as the pike blade goes whistling over her head, lunging in inside the cultist's reach as her blade drives deep into his gut, before she deliberately twists, shifting her grip and powering the blade back up with a snarling cry. The humming blade slips up, neatly nearly bisecting the man before shearing up through his shoulder and collar bone in another shower of gore that splatters the pirate's helmet, before she kicks the twitching body away from her. This probably doesn't make the nearby prisoners any calmer.

Weaponsfire bursting against or reflecting off of his armor, Hadrix moves forward with steady steps, left hand resting on the cylinder of a cryo grenade while his right moves, point to point. A figure moves for cover and to stop them a crimson bolt of energy strikes and blasts off a hip, sending the leg skidding across the ground while the cultist falls, gasping and moaning in their death throws.

More scores are cut in the armor, and his arm moves again, a bolt tearing into the arm of another, just as a slug flattens on his cuirass, throwing his aim off enough to save the cultist from the followup shot that goes high and to the side of their head, <<"Two remaining hostiles, Alorir.">>

More blaster bolts filling the air, Narsai steps up to Hadrix shoulder while firing her carbine. A pair of red bolts sizzle into the chest of her target stepping out to return fire on the armored advance.

Each shot was measured, aimed to try and avoid the stray bolts nearing the caged prisoners!


Two bits of organic slop to the sand as Ali kills her final target in much the same efficiency. Sumi, still briefly powdered by a dusting of pink mist, cups the action of her shotgun loudly, ejecting a red hot silver cannister from its receiver while simultaneously cycling a new one in place. <<"Targets down on the beach. We'll regroup on you two when you've cleared your area. Be advised, we have non-combatants here with us; all of them appear to be in a sorry state.">> Sumi lowers her smoking weapon and looks to Ali. <"You doing alright?">

Up at the courtyard, two targets remain, but neither have the energy or ability to fight back. They crawl away from the pair of Mando'ade, one screaming wait.. WAIIIT.. WAIIIT.. as she tries to avoid the inevitable.

There's a quick flick of the blade, the remaining red staining it splattering a wall and leaving the vibrating metal clean. <Perfectly fine."> she purrs, tilting her helmet. <"Sounds like the others are taking care of business too."> She looks at all the prone people around them. <"What do we do with these?">

Hadrix approaches the one that's screaming, attempting to put his foot on her spine before she gets too far. What Narsaid does with the other, that's for her to decide, but Hadrix intends to get his foot down on this psychopath.

<<"Copy... Similar here, Alorir.">> Hadrix rumbles over comms before switching to externals "How many are you? Where is your leader? The rest of your captives?" heel digging in slightly, "If you do not wish to be killed over the course of weeks, you best tell me and be true."

<"On your feet, people, and move up the hill. We mean you no harm but do not mistake our kindness for weakness. Find a safe spot in the structures there, and wait for further instruction."> Sumi motioned for the non-coms to move, and they did, heading up the hill. Sumi moves to stand beside Ali. <"Ready to join the others?"> The jetpack control emerges again, and Sumi's head tip curiously, as if smiling.

Narsai's blaster lowers, but it wasn't exactly a lowering of the threat. A light little sparking of her flamethrower gauntlet was her contribution to the intimidations, but Hadrix speaking up brought a soft chuckle made slightly robotic by her helmet. "Best to answer him," the woman in red adds, crossing her arms while the T-visor hides her eyes moving over the prisoners gathered. "He's likely more imaginative than me. I might just throw you to your captives, imagine they didn't care for how you've been treating them."

<<"Im having Fae put us down in a clearing a few hundred yards from your position, Alorir. Scans indicate no hostiles, but Ill meet the non-coms there.">> Zee says, agsin glancing bsck at Fae after feeding her the same dats she'd just received herself.

Aliraet flips her sword over with the ease of long practice, sheathing it, then steps in close to Sumi again. <"Mmmm, if it involves a ride from you again, definitely...."> she purrs teasingly, sliding her arms around Sumi for support before she's carried off. She does try to make it easier for Sumi to carry her this time now that she knows it's coming.

"Ahhhhhh!" She screamed as Hadrix drove a heel into her back. "We are everywhere.. the darkest corner of this world.. This is our haven, our dark dwelling! You may kill us.. but you--AHHH!.. You start a war with this world. A war you've no way of winning. We will find you, carve your hearts out, and feast upon its flesh as you WATCH IN YOUR THROES OF DEATH!"

The rocket sound of Sumi rocketpack heralds the approach. Both Ali and Sumi settle down just after this woman spat back an answer. Sumi looks to Ali, nodding her head to indicate it was safe to let go.

<<"Copy that, Zee. We'll usher everyone that way once we're done.. taking out the trash.">>

<<"It looks like we've found a sport planet, Sumi...">> Hadrix notes an then turns as she and Ali land, <"Psychotics... we'll likely have to find their leaders and leave their bodies out to be found."> The big man simply points his carbine down at the center of the cultist's back, firing several times to make the death far quicker than he threatened if lied to.

"What are you?" Narsai muses, turning her head to glance in the direction of Sumi and Ali's arrival. "Some sort of Dar'jetti cult sacrificing people?" A shake of her head, she'd seen Dathomir. This lot seemed more like insane pretenders to her eye. <<"Sumi, we'll be likely needing to wipe this place clean of all the-">> she begins, only for the sound of Hadrix fire to interupt the transmission and illuminate the darkness they were standing in, glow reflecting of her beskar'gem's surface. <<"There's more out there to find.">>

<"A sport planet, a bug planet.. it doesn't matter. If we have something to kill that's worth killing, and it makes the galaxy a better place? Might as well set up shop here. Besides.. a little redecorating? It has potential."> Sumi steps past Ali to walk the courtyard a bit. She gestures to Narsai. <"Narsai is right. Whatever these people are.. they're an infection. We're the treatment. We'll send a message first. Strip these monsters, and we'll pike them along the walls. Far enough out that we won't smell the rot, but enough in the open that their friends will see it.">

Sumi walks over to one of the cages and kicks the latch with the lock off, opening it. <"All of you.. get out. Go to the hangar and you will find your friends. Tell them to go to the beach. A ship awaits you. We're not slavers, we're not your enemies, but we're not your friends. You pull a weapon or say anything we don't like, we'll split you in two and torch what's left. Now.. MOVE IT!">

<<"Zee, you're about to see them coming down the hill. They act up? Two in the head. I'm not rekkin' about. I hate strangers on my ship.">>

Aliraet releases her grip, dropping to her feet easily as she's settled down. She tilts her head curiously at the cultist spouting threats. <"...we just sort of wiped out everyone in your haven, so...not making a good start."> She glances to Sumi. <"Can we kill them now?> It's her hunt, after all. She glances around at the other downed cultists in the area, then nods slightly at Hadrix's execution. <"Hmm. Think that they've got a bounty? They seem like the type someone would pay to be dealth with.">

<"You could always haul a few in, see if they're worth anything."> Hadrix offers, looking to the other cultist that was crawling away, drawing his dagger underhand with his left hand, but looking to Narsai or the others - as if confirming who might want the kill.

"With enough time, we could draw more information from them...if it was there to begin with. Though if what the other one said is true? They may well find us." Narsai's words are calm, but even as she speaks, she reaches down to draw her W-35 pistol. Reaching out to take aim at the crawling Cultist. She barely looks his way before taking the shot with the heavy handcannon...but she'd set it to stun. They can always kill him later!