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A Quiet Bounty

OOC Date: April 19, 2021
Location: New Alderaan
Participants: Sumi Kora, Bors Thul, Chani Tahn, Ariel Teral

The quiet request that Pelia Teral had sent out for people to pick up might be an oddity. Nobles setting out bounties probably wasn't a big deal, especially if there were credits to be gained. The Lady Teral had asked for those that were interested in the bounty to come to the Teral estate on New Alderaan to speak. Given the older womans health this shouldn't seem out of the ordinary. Those that arrive are shown a goodly amount of hospitality, offered drinks and the like.

A few moments after the appointed time Pelia enters, dressed in something befitting her station. There is grey in her deep brown hair that makes her look a bit severe, but she's not a helpless old woman by any stretch. "I promise that I won't keep you all very long. And thank you for coming out here." she smiles as she settles at the table. "If you'd like to have a seat." she offers with a motion of her hand to those that are there.

When their host arrives, Chani turns her attention from the grand window offering a sprawling view of the Teral estate. House Teral, she knows, is one of the oldest houses of nobility from the original Alderaan and was one of the few houses who could claim close relations with both House Panteer and House Organa. That explains the splendor she glimpses from the crystalline panes inset into the wrought framework comprised of intricate craftsmanship. Chani Tahn is an unassuming woman. Short in height and dressed in a simplistic brown robe made of rough fabric, she seems more a peasant out of place in such a noble domicile than someone that should belong there. When Lady Pelia Teral announces herself, Chani turns from the window and approaches.

The bow she offers the Lady is one of respect. Indicative of that is the depth of the motion which is performed from her hips rather than simply her waist. "It is an honor to meet you, Lady Pelia Teral. I am Chani Tahn of the Naboo. Her Royal Highness, Princess Aryn Cortess, wishes me to convey apologies for her inability to come herself in your time of need and has asked me to act as liason on her stead." Chani does not sit first. Instead, she only rises to her full, meager height after relaying her message.

Armored, as opposed to his normal stately robes, Bors of Thul only has his head exposed - his helmet removed while meeting, brows lifted and monocle firmly held before his right eye. "Prithee give unto us thy plight that sought to have Hunters come to Alderaan anew?" He remains standing until only all women present are seated.

Otherwise Fontleroy MonFanceepans remains standing to just one side of his seat to be.

Of all the contenders for a bounty, a Mandalorian is among them that answer. Shorter than most expectations, this warrior does not lack for anything else; they walk with the supreme confidence of a warrior with heavy steps that seem indicative of just how heavy their armor is. She wears a cape, and even has a small jetpack with the tip of a missile peak just above the crest of her helmet. It was a wonder the personal retainer allowed Sumi Kora access to the estate with such a distinct arsenal at her fingertips: A rifle, a heavy handcannon, a sword, knives, even a sharp stick. When offered refreshments, Sumi just shook her head no, waving the fanfare of niceties off. This was not the first time she had answered a bounty for Alderaanians, and she hoped it would not be the last. They paid well; /really/ well. A shame the Killiks were no longer a problem.

Pelia gives a look to Chani and offers a smile to the woman, "A liaison of her highness is always welcome. I know that she has more than enough on her plate at the moment." she states. "I thank you for coming in her stead." she adds. Then there is a look to Bors and a nod of her head to him, "Lord Thul, welcome." she greets him. The Mandalorian that walks in is something that she's not accustomed to, "Welcome." she tells Sumi.

"The reason why House Teral has sent out a bounty is not the easiest thing to explain. But to sum up the situation," she pauses to take a deep breath and lets it out slowly before continuing, "Many years ago my daughter and son-in-law were murdered. Their daughter was no more than three months or so old and by the time that we discovered that they had been killed the baby was gone and all signs of who might have taken her." she frowns at that. "Recently we've received a report that there's a young woman that looks eerily like my daughter and well...I don't like to tempt fate, but I'd like her located and brought to us for questioning. I have a photo and her last known whereabouts, but no name." she admits.

"It is an honor to assist you," Chani intones after the Lady offers gratitude for her presence. She lapses into silence as the situation is explained as a whole. Her facial expression remains neutral and unchanged. Even her stance seems still and not prone to the idle fidgeting or minute adjustments that others might make as Lady Teral imparts the necessary information. "I will begin looking into it immediately, my Lady, and pass along the information to her Highness as well." She makes no promises and says nothing of attempted success. To do so would not be prudent given the situation, she thinks. After all, the situation could be little more than a case of mistaken identity, especially as they are dealing with someone who was an infant when they went missing.

"Terrible thing, the loss of the Terel house." nodding and knitting his brows while saying nothing more for the time being. Especially silenced when there is mention of a potential long lost to be found now and that soul to be presented to them.

Hands folding before his waist, head tipped with his right eye focusing more on Pelia and the imagery provided while Chani speaks and a small smile is given her way. But at last his inability to keep his trap shut gets the better of him. "So as such with the sad saga that the name of those lost and possibly yet found goes ever missing, my lady. I am of no small suspicion that such as the name being lost to history yet a part of the subterfuge used to take her from her home and leave parents bereft of child and life itself." a small, sad sniff as he looks to the information.

Sumi locks her hands behind her back like a soldier at parade rest. It was customary for soldiers to stand this way when being addressed or while being briefed, so it stood to reason why Sumi preferred this stance (aside from it being comfortable to boot). She offers no explanation or question and awaits the visual of this lost grandchild. Sumi assumed it was a matter of succession, or reclaiming what was lost. Her thoughts travel to her own lost daughter, and her chin dips slightly.

Pelia might have been expecting some snickering from other Bounty Hunters or those that would show, but she finds no one doing that. She gives a look of relief when it looks to be that those that are gathered will help. One of the assistants steps forward with a datapad and helps to transfer information to the three of them. The photo of a young woman that's a bit on the pale side with very long curly red hair pops into the data files. "They think that she lives in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. I am guessing that credits might be involved to get information on where she is or other things." she nods to that.

There is a look to Bors, "It is a sad affair. My health is ailing so this coming right now gives me hope, but I'm also weary because if it's just a girl that looks like my daughter I'll have to go through another heartbreak." she admits. "I can pay half of the bounty upfront if that would help anyone in their searching. I know Tatooine is not the most forgiving place. I just ask that she be brought in unharmed. Whether she is my grandchild or not I'm guessing if she's in that place that she's going to be wary of those wanting to take her anywhere for questioning." she tells them.

Drawing her arms out of the over-sized sleeves of her dark brown robe, Chani reveals, albeit briefly, the cream color of the attire beneath and a glimpse of brown leather boots that match the brown leather of the belt around her hips. Her datapad is pulled from beneath the robe so that the necessary data can be transferred. The illumination from the screen tints her face and the fabric covering her upper shoulders in pale light. Once confirmed and the information annotated, Chani glances towards the noble woman. "No forwarding of funds is required, my Lady. Her Highness only wishes to aid you in this matter, not take from you." An indescriable microexpression flickers across her face for the briefest of moments.

"My Lady," Chani begins again. "Would it be possible to also have an image of her mother? The familial resemblance could go a long ways towards establishing grounds of trust and as a way for her to substantiate the claims I would be making in pursuit of persuading her."

"Sad indeed, but leave any bounty rewards for those of the Guild or willing to take it, my lady. House Thul renders aid and while I do not believe I can fully represent the Republic I can represent Black Squadron in the form of search and rescue operation. So any insistence that I take reward is nulled." beaming now, positively beaming and the Bors looks to Chani,

"Her request would be immensely helpful yes, father as well if you could. To be able to examine physical traits from both parents?" His eyes are still on Chani though, a slight flicker at the corners of his juggernaut like grin. As if waiting for something to happen once more while he had his full focus on her.

Sumi initiates the download quietly and brings the image of the female to her HUD. She establishes a connection with the BHG network and begins an internal search for the woman while waiting quietly. Again, Sumi does not have much to offer in dialogue, but she is putting to use the vast network that spans the galaxy! If there were bounties for her previously, that information would crop up quickly. Sumi 'minimizes' the search when the other two speak up. The sound of leathery tension ticks as her head turns to regard Bors and Chani curiously. Their request has merit if the picture was not the mother already!

Pelia gives a thoughtful look at the request, "Of course, we have a very large photo collection of them. I'll have Aldrid send a few of each." she tells them. "And I appreciate the help from her Highness and Lord Thul. I will be available to help with anything that needs done in the future for this." she tells them solemnly. Pictures of the parents are sent to them, making sure that they have all the information on the looks of the parents. "We have blood samples and genectic makeups for the parents as well, I am hoping that she will allow us to try to match it to them. As that would be concrete proof." she smiles to that.

Sumi's search doesn't bring up any bounties previously from the picture. Though given the girl is on Tatooine that could change at a moments notice.

"I will be sure to relay that to Her Highness," Chani bows low for a second time. "And thank you for the extra information. I am sure it will be helpful with the investigation." The young woman does nothing so crass as to identify this potential granddaughter as a bounty. If they discover her identity to be true, then speaking ill of a noble woman would not do in this sort of society. Nobility is everything. It is one of the few things the Alderaanian people have been able to cling to after their ordeals over the many years of galactic turmoil. "That would be especially helpful, my Lady. I will do all within my power to ensure such sensitive information remains safe." She doesn't begin to think of what kind of havoc someone might wreak where they able to obtain and somehow compromise such important samples.

"Hunter Sumi, if any advance is needed I would be happy to try and pay some of it. Your reputation precedes you and it is most warming to see the Guild willing to take up a search and retrieval missions, yes?" Bors's grin blooms into full wattage. One may expect even something akin to a glaring ping of bright light from one of his teeth when he does it.

Full Powered Handsome being brought to bare here!

He's giving a nod to Chani next and then his attention is for their hostess. "I shall pledge to you my hand to be yours as guided and my arm carries the weight of your heartfelt burden to find thine kin and bring them home to thee, lady. Bors of Thul, errant to House Teral; thy quest taken and shall be pursued as doggedly as request from the lips of Her Highness. I swear it." somehow making a solemn oath still sound boisterous and cheerful.