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Always test your code!

OOC Date: August 27, 2018
Location: Parmac's Starport, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Kaelyn, Zurak, Sapphira Solari, Sajin, Grom, Kisaiya, Grishk, Quentin Haslett as GM.

The short story: A failure to include a single if() statement results in the death of... someone you all wanted dead tbh.

The long story:

Come one, come all, to the greatest sensation sweeping the nation! For some ineffable reason, there is a fifteen-metre tall/wide/long steel crate on the tarmac of Parmac's Starport. A scientist (almost but not quite two metres tall) was paying a Chadra-Fan (approx one metre) a significant sum of credit chits (five centimetres in length, each) for services rendered. Services, in this case, was unloading the massive crate on to the tarmac from the hold of a Cargo Countess. And probably hauling the thing from whatever godforsaken spit of rock whence it came. The scientist was swearing, something to do with the sheer cost of the bloody thing.

But credits were nothing in the face of SCIENCE.

Post-argument, Doctor Q's face was florid and his expression was annoyed. Sentients. Ugh. Calling these other creatures 'sentient' was an insult to himself, the only being in the galaxy he deemed worthy of his own time. Still, deviating from this hilariously racist tangent, Quentin Haslett, the handsome Hapan, waved around a datapad and gestured at the giant METAL BAWKS.

The box shudded. Something was hiding in there.

"WITNESS!" Quentin straight-up yelled at the gathering crowd witnessing the curiosity. It wasn't every day that a giant steel crate was dropped off. Q had tried to go for a booming voice but, being Q, it cracked and wound up simply being shrill. "MY CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT!" Were Quentin the sort of person to actually care about anything else he'd have told them to stand back. But he wasn't. So he didn't. Instead he hit a button on his datapad and the front panel of the crate unlatched, and fell, and FELL, and hit the duracrete tarmac with an ungodly WHAM.

There was a roaring noise from inside the crate, and out stepped a sithspawned Rancor. A RANCOR. Who in the hell has two thumbs and unleashes a Rancor in a public starport? This guy. However this Rancor wasn't the plain old flesh-and-blood type. No, this one had enough cybernetic implants and serum injectors and protective faceplates and such to scare any Tanaab dockworker into soiling himself from the memories. It stomped out and regarded the crowd impassively through eyes covered by bolted-on plates. DINNER.

"Wave to them, Specimen," ordered Quentin, punching a few things into his datapad. Almost impossibly, the Rancor waved a hand and waved, slowly, lumberingly, but definitely an expression of introduction. It even turned and waved to its creator! Cute!

CONTEXT: 180.jpg

Not since his species hunted the feared Ghests lurking in the swamps of his homeplanet had a Rodian the opportunity to hunt such a marvelous prey! Zurak steps back a few paces as the fearsome creature steps into the cloud of dust created by the crate wall slamming onto the starport floor. The hunter's instinct coarsed through the veins of Zurak as the engineered Rancor responded the Quentin's commands. "Is it for sport hunting!?", called out the young hunter while hus multi-faceted eyes studied the Rancor with immense interest. Slowly, the Rodian side steps, putting an overweight human between himself and the beast. Should it decide to feed he would not be the first to fall.

Sapphira Solari, as she is known round these parts. She runs a lot of cargo through these parts. Yet she's made a point of not bringing her baby Backstitch to this particular spaceport, today. Word of Q unveiling some abomination or another has reached her, and while she's here either to do some work or be curious, she's not willing to let all this happen in the same space as her only transport. Wearing a black armored jumpsuit, and with a black cowl pulled up over her hair, she stays to the back of the crowd, watching with bright green eyes.

Those same eyes widen at the sight of what is exposed. Her mouth begins to drop. And she just can't help herself. It's more of an abomination than she could have ever imagined. "That's obscene!" she manages to call out, at a tone that indicates she has no shame for that particular opinion.

Sajin, the one and only other Handsome Hapan, the beta Hapan. The second to arrive on Nar Shadda as Q was first. He was here to suport his Hapan-bro in what was Hapaning for him. Get it? Okay, now that we got that out of the way. The Defiance Janitor who sported powerarmor was the oposite of Q. Mild tempered, easy going, and really really dumb. That Frankeinstein Rancor out there? That was probbly smarter than this good looking fellow right here. He stares, his jaw hung wide open. "What in the name of the Queen Mother?" Tha'ts all he can come up with right now. He turns to look towards Sap and points to her, "What she said. Hell, Q... what's the point of all this?"

Grom stands beside Sajin, with the opposite expression. "WHAT HE SAID," the Houk bellows cheerfully, pointing a large blunt finger at the Rodian. "Glowing giant cyborg beast MUST be for fighting... SO SPEAKS GROM." He nudges Sajin with an elbow. "Yes? Ehhhh? Yes?"

Kisaiya stared at it, her sister was off grabbing some meilooran fruit or something. Maybe it was bofa. Perhaps just caff? In any event, Kisa stared at the creature in front of her and her head slowly started to tilt to the side. So far in face that it nearly goes sideways and still she seems to not know what to make of this moment - crowning achievement or not.

Then it waves.

Kisa raised both hands... and waved back before - "GROB! HI GROB! Is it for fighting?" Her head was still tilted near horizontal as she just... well she couldn't stop staring.

Grishk wanders into the starport as things were happening, a small crowd gathered, the Trandoshan's curiosity got the best of him as he made his way to the front to see the box being revealed, and the Rancor exiting and making its movements. "Oh no" He states as he looks about and sees Zurak, making his way over to the Rodian he nudges him with an elbow as he steps next to the man. "What is this monstrosity?" Asking as he looks about at the people on the landing pad.

GOOD. GOOD. Phase one was going off without a hitch!

"YOU WILL SEE! I SHIPPED MY MAGNUM OPUS ALL THE WAY FROM KIZ URAZGUBI, YOU CAN AFFORD TO WAIT A MOMENT." he cried out to his onlookers, his adoring fans, the providers of all the praise. Insults and cries of 'You're a madman' were promptly ignored. A madman couldn't have devised such ingenious cybernetics therefore they were all wrong. QED. "Thank you, specimen," said Quentin, having gotten that aggression out of himself, his glasses gleaming, his smile savage, his intent clear. "Now, thank you all for coming, you will serve as an effective demonstration." He looked at the Rancor, almost warmly, then back at the assembled crowd of nobodys, crooks, thugs, dock workers, innocent people, and a few somebodys. He tapped something on his datapad and uttered two fateful words.

"Kill everyone."

The Rancor immediately moved into action, grabbing the first warm body it could find with intent to devour.

Unfortunately, the first warm body it found was the esteemed Doctor Quentin Haslett.

"What! NO! PUT ME DOWN!" he shrieked. How did this happen! "I am your creator! You will OBEY ME!" It just goes to show that with a simple statement of 'if (target != creator) return murder()', all of this have could have been avoided. But it's not the first time you've been brought down by your own hubris, is it, mister sciency man? Were this a game for children, there would be a small censor box over the Rancor's mouth saying 'NOT A PRETTY SIGHT'. There was a sickening CRUNCH. Draw your conclusions.

Immediately before his life reacted to the Rancor's teeth in the same way a sentence reacts to a full stop, Quentin Haslett, doctor, scientist, asshat, wondered why he even bothered getting out of bed this morning. Thank you for playing Star Wars, you've been a real hoot!

The Rancor, having properly started its murder() function, turned to the assembled crowd and thought, 'gee whillikers, I'd better get on this whole killing business'. It roared, an expression of challenge, before opening its maw wide to eat the next unfortunate close enough. Right now it's an NPC, but next, it could be you!.


Grom peers down at Kisa when she greets him, offering an even correction: "Grom," before baring his teeth and answering, "Little Nope should know that EVERYTHING is for fighting. ...Only question is 'when'," he nods, knowingly before quietly whispering (neither quiet, nor a whisper), "It never takes long."

In runs Kae! She's got not Caf, Not Meilooran... She's got Bofa fruit smoothies! She beams happily while sucking on her current bofa fruit smoothy, a gigantic thing, and another in her other hand... SHe looks around curiously, trying to find her sister, then aha's she sees the tailtell flail... No Flail from Kae though, she has smoothies...

Then she sees Quentin, blinks as he has this well Rancor next to him with cybernetics... Another blink and Quentin sicks it on everyone, and another blink and Quentin's eaten... Kae stares for a bit, She's at Parmac's, the Nebula Spider isn't terribly far away... Go for the spider and get it airborn and shoot the thing with the guns? Launch the fighter and use the twin guns? Or just activate the guns and shoot the thing from the ship with shields up and stuff... The choices are endless...

Kae looks now at her smoothies, at the thing at her smoothies, and looks around before racing toward the ship.... Yes she's still holding onto the smoothies...

Zurak cheers as the machine turns on its creator! Either he was just as mad as the scientist or he was -really- itching to become a famous Rodian Hunter. He might be in over his head, but his carbine snaps to life as it's withdrawn and powered up. His voice booms, fear far overshadowed by the thrill of the hunt, "Fellow Hunters it has a weakness!" Before he can finish a group of sentients slam into the Rodian, knocking him back. Worse, the Rancor was approaching! A quick kick to the shin sends the same overweight human he was standing behind earlier falling to the ground in front of him. "The metal plating over his eyes is how it sees. Shoot that cable running out of it to a power pack and we may be able to blind it!" Now Zurak prepares for the fight and begins to put as much living mass between himself and the creature as he can for now.

"Kriffin' sithspittin' rotten...." These words are muttered, not shouted, and seem to have more to do with the approaching Rancor than the blood and gore that is Q's corpse, just now. Sapphira was actually standing nearby enough that the spray of spurting blood that arced out from Q's top and bottom has left a few droplettes across the petite woman's pale face. She doesn't seem to notice, just now, but instead moves to sidestep behind some nearby crates. She peers around them, then hides again, allowing the Rancor to take a few steps toward the crowd.

Then? Why she steps out the other side and crouches by the south end of the corpse, tossed aside like so much trash. But is it trash? It might not be, in his pockets.

Sajin's eyes widen and he back up a bit, right into Grom. "Oh hell no... wait..." He thinks a moment, "If Q is dead that means..." A pause and the Hapan raises his hands up in the air. "I am the ALPHA HAPAN. THAT's RIGHT!" Then pressing a button on his wrist engages his helmet, his teacking system comming online. He grabs a Thermal Detonator from off his belt. "Grom... Distract him! I wil despense with the BOOMS!"

"Grom will distract it with SHOOTING OFF ITS FACE," the Houk answers Sajin brightly, bringing out the A280, and setting it to his shoulder in precisely the way humanoids aren't supposed to fire the huge rifle/small artillery piece. Sagely, he adds, "Being shot in face is very distracting.."

"I... Huh." Kisaiya tilts her head and looks back toward Grom with a dip of her brow, her mouth pulled off to one side. She was going to respond, honest she was, but then there was smoothies from Kae. And then there was Kae running as there was a crunching noise.

Kisaiya stops, tilts her head to the other side, then opens her mouth before. FLING OF HER ARMS UP!

"WOO! KAE! I THINK WE'RE DEBT FREE OH KRIFF DON'T LET IT TOUCH OUR SHIP!" It was all sort of screamed at the same time, and then she's pulls out her rifle as well that.. - pause -

"GROK! We have the same rifle!" She preens as she holds her A280 and starts running a bit off to the side where she can set it up to shoot. Damn thing is huge compared to her after all.

As the Rancor goes into terminator mode after Grishk approaches Zurak, he holds up his Lightning cannon and clicks the backpack powered gun's power on, it whining as he moves forward a few steps and lays down on the trigger. "Couldn't have been in a hangar or something? Get these people out of here!" Grishk steadies his position, then squeezes the trigger on his MWC-35c "Staccato Lightning" Cannon - 4568, a bright red bolt of plasmatic death speeding toward NPC: Rancor (Wild) (12531)!

Quentin's untimely (and well deserved) demise has done nothing to quell the angry mutant rancor currently going nuts at Parmac Spaceport. Well done, buddy. With a satisfied GULP the giant swallowed the fat ball of lard that was a civilian and set its sights on... GROM! He looked particularly delicious today! Ignoring the burst that impacted him in the side (only two shots actually had any traction), the rancor he reached out and clawed at the Houk viciously!

SAPPHIRA: Despite being in THA DAYNJAH ZONE she has completely avoided the notice of the big giant stompy cyborg. On Quentin's lower half, bloody as they be, are his datapad, blaster, medpack, and a not-entirely-small amount of credits. See? Always loot the dead.

Chaos has erupted in the Starport. NPCs are running every which way. Anything that involves movement will now be done at a +10 difficulty due to the stampede! This INCLUDES sprinting to a ship!

Health: A bit dinged! (530/600)
Status: Unimpeded! (No penalties)
Target: GROM!

Kae is still racing toward her freighter... SHe finally flails and throws the two drinks into the air, one of them landing on a hiding civi's head and the frozen liquid going down the back of their shirt... "Damned Rancor making me have to throw my smoothies away!" She tugs out her comlink and calls into it, just a bit out of breath "Kisa Kisa! There's a Rancor that made me loose our smoothies!" She adds, pant, wait a moment, there's the sound of slapping footsteps at this point... "Kisa, I'm going for the Spider and it's weapons! Keep it busy, dun get eaten and try to keep out of its reach!" She calls out....

SHe slides as she changes direction slightly, ducking under another freighter, around a landing gear and now making a hard bee-line toward the Spider...

Zurak's eye's catch his new brofriend Grom getting shredded by the Rancor. The Rodian curls his snout at the man's misfortunate though really he is just glad someone else drew his attention first. Still, he needed the help of every hunter around to take down this beast! The Hunter plants his feet into the ground, raising up his carbine at the cable running to the power pack. Three overcharged bolts ring out from his carbine though all miss, one of which may have grazed the cord at best. The rapid movements of the beast were making it difficult to get a good hit in. "Fools take out his eyes unless you want to be turned into Gamorrean food like the doctor!" calls out Zurak. It was, after all, much easier to evade and take down a creature that could not see you.

It doesn't take Sapphira long to raid the dead man's items. Credit chits shoved into one pocket, a gun tucked into a large one in her thigh. Some powerpacks here, a datapad there ... you get the idea. Sapphira looks up at the Rancor as the creature begins to lamber toward some unsuspecting victim that she doesn't know. She steps softly back behind her cover, and then pauses there, taking a few calming breaths. Then, with her weapon lifted, she peeks out from her cover and begins to pour shots to the eye-cable target that's been shouted about.

Sajin windmills the arm that holds the Thermal Detonator. His feet scrape against the ground like some sports player on the holonet. He then twists to the side, "FIRE IN YOUR HOLE!" And lets the detonator fly just as it's timer is getting down to the wire. The thing flies and then Explodes about ten feet before it shoulde in front of the Rancor. This causes Sajin to go flying back off his feet and into a pile of crates near where Sap is hiding and shooting from. He groans, "Damn it... the thing is slow and combersome!" He starts to get up, recovering from his failed attack.

Grom grunts, as the monstrosity lumbers toward him, "Yes, stupid glowing droid beast is wise to seek out the Mighty Grom, first! Perhaps you are not so stupid after all-" And then the Houk is struck and thrown a short distance, crashing into a nearby shipping crate. "STUPID DROID BEAST HAS ANGERED GROM," he roars, firing the gun in his hands almost as an afterthought, blasting a fist sized chunk out of the cyber-monsterâs hide. "Also, stupid droid beast hits like BABY droid beast!"

Mfmmfmmmfmfm mmmuh mfmfmfmff "WAIT!" Kisa cried out, patting around on her jacket, "OH MY GOD Kae, ONE SECOND." Pat, pat, yank, slap. She puts the comm down beside her on the crate she's balancing the rifle on. "Kae! There's a rancor in the starport! And I saw you throw our smoothies away! WHY DID YOU THROW THE SMOOTHIES?!"

Kisaiya sighs, looking down the sights of the rifle. Her mouth pulling off to the side. "Also, I have no idea what you said before, you were in my pocket. But it sounded like you said something about spider. I don't think Spinny II is going to help here, but can you keep KiloMew safe? I'm afraid I let her out of my room." A little shift to the side, she's trying to take the shot at that power cord thing Zurak pointed out.

And then with a exhale she squeezes-KABOOM! A thermal detonator just went off in front of her "WHAT IN THE KRIFF?!" Her shot hits that slant of metal armor on it instead of her target, richoeting off as its deflected.

Grishk shoots his cannon and hits the rancor a couple times. He looks at the gun and then around at people running off the spaceport tarmac, then to Zurak. He pats the man on his shoulder. "this one's on you, I have things to attend to." He states, turning around and running off to the tarmac exit as well.

The detonation of the... detonator in front of the Rancor did something, at least. It twitched in surprise, its ocular sensors overwhelmed by the explosion. The bite of a modified A280 into its shoulder sent it stumbling back, its toe-claws landing DANGEROUSLY close to Sapphira! Thank god it missed!

Stunned, annoyed, and not having the greatest morning, it picked up a nearby cargo crate and HURLED it off into the distance, landing dangerously close to the sprinting Kaelyn! Then of course it roared, shaking the tarmac and everyone's eardrums.

Health: Not having an ideal day! (465/600)
Status: Stunned! (-25 accuracy, one round)
Target: Kaelyn! (Sapphira in crossfire!)

Kae is running, dodging this way and that, under things, then she sees a crate the size of a large speeder flying her way. She lunges and leaps forward as the crate explodes right wear she was... SHe trudges to her feet, wincing and groaning a bit as she's now got a few cuts on her legs, and one on her back. But she gets to her feet, and races toward the ship...

As she gets there she hits the emergency startup panel on the way in, the ship's engines starting to whine, then explode into life as extra fuel is pumped into them. First one, then a second, then the third large engine roars to life, shaking the ground just as much as the rancor...

The docking hatch closes immediately as soon as Kae hits the button, and she climbs into the cockpit, quickly boresighting both turrets on the massive freighter, she even goes as far as turns on the landing/spot lights and as soon as the freighter lifts off the ground the landing struts retract and a faint blue bubble snaps into existance around the freighter.

Kae then pilots the thing above other freighters, and those combatting the rancor can see the sillouette of the even larger VCX 100 coming into view, weapons turning ever so slightly to follow the Rancor's movements.

Zurak swears in his native tongue. His shots had missed along with everyone else who tried to shoot the eyes off of it. He was determined not to miss again. While others run, the armored Rodian steadies his footing, taking careful aim down the sights of his heavily modified tracker. He almost pulls the trigger when a random thermal detonator goes off near the rampaging beast. "Seriously! Who gave him a thermal detonator?!", Zurak shouts out in frustration. The curses continue while his multi-facted eyes lock in upon his prey. For a moment time seems to flow more slowly for the Hunter, movement's of all creatures focused out of mind with only the Rancor in his view. It hurl's a crate down the starport and in doing so exposes the power pack cable that feeds into his eyes. Thunder rings out and an overcharged crimson red bolt cuts through the cable, sending sparks spraying out from the back of the beast. Two more shots ring out, striking armor and doing no damage. Still Zurak is thrilled and lets out a Rodese battlecry for all to hear. To Kaelyn he shouts when the crate grazers her. "Good plan! Ill distract it, choco cakes if you blast a hole through this beast!"

Sapphira ducks back behind her cover as all three of her shots sail wide and tall of her target. She cusses through her teeth, and takes another breath to steel her courage. Then she lifts her face and weapon again. This time, however, the Rancor seems to have noticed her. So when she comes out to take another shot, there's a foot-claw coming down in her direction. She lets out a yelp of surprise, manages to dive off to the side as the creature runs past, destroying her cargo hidey-spot but leaving her with only Q's blood on her person. She rolls onto her back and raises the weapon again, taking further shot. This time, she's not aiming for the special spot. She's just aiming.

Sajin is just getting back on his feet and is trudging towards the battlefield, his pistol being pulled quickly from it's holster. He lets three shots off, all center mass for the most part except the third which goes rather wide. "Grom!" He yells, "Grom! We gota kill this thing!" Push forward into battle!

"Hey.." Grom rumbles, as the blinded cyber rancor rampages off after other people, the Houk shouts, seeming insulted. "HEY. GROM IS OVER HERE." Another shot at the monster, to get its attention back. "How DARE stupid droid beast turn its back on King Grom! OTHER FOES ARE NOT MORE WORTHY! GRAAAAAAAAAH!" Whether for Sajin's encouragement or for his own irritation, the Houk begins running at the rancor- yes, he is rushing AT the giant murder machine, for some reason.

"Kae. Kae. Kae. Kae. Kae. Kae." Kisa just saw her sister get, well it looks like she got hit by a crate. "Kae? Kae? Kae?" I mean, well, Kisa's worried. This is how Kisa handles being worried about her sister, by just talking for her into the comm over and over. She figures she'll either get her to respond, or drive someone insane into believing they're Kisa's sister so that way she won't have to handle the loss.

"Kae? K-a-a-a-a-a-ae?" And then the freighter start to power up and Kisa lets out a long sigh, absolute relief as she shifts her view off toward the rancor. Wait...

"OH YOU MEANT THE NEBULA SPIDER! That makes so much more sense than Spinny." Kisa shifts her eyes back toward the Rancor, trying to line up a shot again as she settles in. A frown of her mouth off to one side.

"Kae, you had a good idea." A smile then, as she yells back in response to Zurak, "I KNOW, RIGHT?! WHO THROWS THERMALS?!"

And then she squeezes the trigger again. Zzz-TING and it hits the armor again before shooting off again. "By the force, what are those plates made out of?!"

What goes up, must come down. The rancor was slowing, now. It had taken some big hits. The shot from Zurak to the power cable neatly severed it, blacking out the monster's ocular sensors and leaving it blind as a bat. It would use its hearing, if it were smart enough to not keep roaring and could pick out the really dangerous sounds from the noises of crowd screaming.

Shots from Grom and Sajin were hitting key points on the big bastard. He (she? It?) was definitely wounded now, the cauterization of the wounds leaving the starport smelling of ozone and blood seeping from the connections between machine and flesh as it overexerted itself to try and kill these bothersome pests.

It was only through sheer dumb luck that it managed to swipe its claws through the space where Zurak, the man who blinded it, stood! It wasn't even targeting anything anymore. Just, as its creator intended, everything.

Health: Significantly bloodied! (265/600)
Status: Blinded! (-50 accuracy, randomly targets NPCs!), Sluggish! (-15 dodging penalty, roll at 85!)
Target: ?

It's real simple now, the VCX-100 is now in plane view, maybe 40-50 feet off the ground. IT swivels, circling around the people trying to fight the Rancor, and positions its self above and slightly behind the majority of them... There it hovers, nose pitching down slightly. The spot lights on the large freighter center up the cybernetic monstrocity briefly.

Then Kae's voice is heard over the external PA.. "Everyone get clear! Get your heads down!!" She can be heard... The weapons whine to life, and well both the dorsal and chin turrets begin to open up at full firing rate, unleashing person-sized blasts in the direction of the Cyber Rancor, the pilot litterally walking the shots into the huge thing... It's almost litteral hell, who cares about a thermal detonator at this point as ship-sized weapons begin pumping out a stream of blasts at the huge creature, tearing up duracrete and probably the large creature as the stream of laser blasts explode into the area of the cybernetic killing machine.

Zurak's battle cry of victory is cut short when the Rancor decides that it really does not like the Rodian for blasting his eyes out! A powerful swipe from the beast strikes the Hunter, sending him flying through the air. The Rodian smack's into the view window of Kae's blaster turret, then slowly slides down leaving a trail of snot behind from his snout. Zurak's moment of glory is over once he smacks pavement and goes unconcious. Hopefully others will have the presence of mind to prop his body up next to the rancor when photos are taken.

Sapphira's lip rolls up over her top teeth in a sneer. THis is getting ridiculous! She hasn't hit the thing, which is bigger than some small fighters, even once! Granted, the thing has been moving, and she has had to dodge him in a rather close moment. But still! There's matters of pride here! The redhead pushes off to her feet, widening her stance as she takes a few more shots at the monster, before reaching down to remove Q's weapon from her leg cargo pocket. Nevermind that dark, deep smear of blood on it. It'll fire fine, right?

Sajin keeps firing, he knows it's imparitive but as he squeezes the trigger nothing happens. He looks to the charge indicator on his power pack and growls, turning to move behind some crates so he can spend some time reloading his pistol.

"GROM COMES FOR YOU, STUPID DROID BEAST," the Houk continues to shout, blasting another horrific chunk out of the monster as he approaches, slinging his rifle and reaching for the vibro axe- because why not leap into melee with a monster in the firing solution of starship cannons? "ALSO GROM DOES NKT LIKE THAT YOU ARE BIGGER THAN ME."

"GROM! MY SISTER IS TRYING TO STRAFE IT!" Kisa yells this out, and her comm is still on too which means that Kaelyn probably heard it... assuming Kaelyn is flying their ship. She didn't really respond to her inquiries of Kae? but she DID tell everyone to get clear.

Whelp... Life just got interesting. Maybe-maybe-maybe... If she shoots it in the leg, it might fall and then Grom can hit in the head? She shifted her aim down, pointing instead at the legs, "Doo-doo-doooooo."

And then she shoots, it's a perfect shot. Because it perfectly goes between the Rancor's legs. Kisa tilts her head to the side, "No one's going to believe I just shot through a running rancor's legs. No one."

It was a battle of attrition. How many shots would it take for this big beefy bastard to finally die? The answer? Like in Zhu Yan's threat assessment of Grom, orbital bombardment was needed. The laser cannons from the Nebula Spider tore into the Rancor's torso, knocking it back but not quite killing it. What the hell did Quentin do to this thing to make it such a monster?!

Sapphira's shots hit the thing in the leg. It doesn't look like much happens considering it's been tanking almost everyone's shots so far, except that there's now a crater where its reproductives would normally be. The damage done may not be too much physically, but spiritually it would be everlasting. Sapphira Solari, Ball Buster.

This of course invited retribution. ANGER AND HATRED overwhelmed the Rancor even more as it swiped towards the empty space immediately in front of the redheaded terror-ninja. The gust of wind was accompanied by stanky rancor smell. Might wanna wear a mask for a day or so.

Grom's shots tear more flesh out of its skin. Clearly it's not up to the task of a knuckle-down brawl but by god it's angry enough to try! That is, if it's not shot to pieces first.

Health: Doomed! (60/600)
Status: Blinded! (-50 accuracy, randomly targets NPCs!), Crippled! (-30 dodging penalty, roll at 70!)
Target: Sapphira!

Kae blinks as she sees a certain alien now stuck to the upper right of her cockpit... SHe stares at him a bit, blinkblink... THen peers back down at the sights of the freighter's weapons. It's showing that large creature quite well now, must be all the metal...

Kae then adjusts her aim point now to take into account the quick boresight and now aims high on the Rancor, not aiming just kind of in the middle... She also hovers the freighter to the right slightly, so as to make sure not to hit Grom who's engaging the large creature as she waits for a time and instead of rapid firing lasers, now is starting to aim and fire, aim and fire.. One rigt after another as a stoccaato of bursts from both the big guns on the freighter ringt out... "OOh Kisa, sorry for not responding, Umm yeah I'mma have to get to a doc after this, oh and replace my comlink.. I can't find it..." She says to Kisa at this point. "Anyhow try to get them so that they keep my line of fire clear, Imma just use this thing like a gunship now..." She says, and more fire rings out as she fires another series of bursts at the giant creature.

Her first burst catches it in the upper body, the second incinerates someone's newly bought and to this point, unnoticed wedding cake.. well it eplodes sending large amounts of chocolate cake and white icing flying everywhere... This was a biiiig cake folks... SOme splatters on the hull of the VCX and Kae looks at that, then to ZUrak curiously.... She tilts her head again... She then hits the windshield wipers on the cockpit... Squeek... Thunk Squeek thunk Squeek Thunk....

The windshield wipers smack across Zurak's face over and over though the suction cupped fingers refuse to budge. Each Squeek throws the Rodian's snout to the left, smearing the snot which runs out of his snout with it. Each Thunk throws his snout to the right, turning his head with it it. Somehow, the wiper gets a hold of the unfortunate hunter's snout and starts to pull his head left and right.

  • plop* The first suction cup breaks free. *plop* *plop* *plop* *plop*

Suddenly one hand breaks free and Zuraks weight shifts onto his right arm, his heavy frame ripping the wiper off as he shifts down.

  • plop* *plop* *plop* *plop* Only one suction cup left but it does not hold long! *plop* Zurak starts sliding out of Kae's view. The tumbling Rodian rolls over the side of the ship and crashes into a speeder that was trying to flee the bantha. The pilot freaks out and pulls the steering column, turning it hard right into a pile of wooden crates with air holes in them. Space chickens are set free in the star port, running for their lives!

Sapphira sees the swipe just before it happens. She jumps back, getting more air than a little white girl should, but it's a moment of adrenaline. That air lands her back flat against the wall of some private hanger, letting out a loud echoing THUD and propelling the woman back down in front of the angry Rancor. She could run. Really, that's her only option. I mean, it is, isn't it? And yet instead, she stands just underneath it, lifting her weapon to the wounded family jewels, and empties the weapon upward ... yet all the shots go askew, hurdling up into the air. Somehow.

Sajin is still behind what ever crate he's chosen switching out his discharged powerpack for another fresh one. "Bugger all..." He grumbles to himself as he can hear the beast roar and the blaster bolts fly and Grom is... he's charging? "Oh bother..."

Grom is charging. Charging a cyber rancor, having discarded his massive rifle in order to charge a giant, hideously wounded cyber-rancor, with an axe. His wordless bellow of challenge builds in a Doppler effect as the Houk runs, leaps, and slams into the glowing abomination of science with the visible force of a small meteorite, taking the hunched beast in the side of its neck, sticking there as the stricken beast topples with a slow, ground shaking thud that rattles the viewports of docked ships. Prying his axe loose, it takes the enraged Houk several more swings to fully cut off the dead monster's head. At last, he proclaims, "GROM WINS."

"I-I-I /know/. It /sucks/ huh, Kae?" Kisa says back to her sister over the comm still. She looks up to watch her sister fly over head. "Hey.. is that a green mynock 'r something on the ship?" She blinks, watching the mynock detach from the viewport and then slide back along the Nebula Spider's hull before flying off and landing into a speeder. The speeder then careens into a crate most fowl. Her mouth pulls off to the side and she blinks, not even looking toward the Rancor for a moment.

"Hey Kae, if that's a green mynock, that could be a new species. We'd make a lot of money off of finding a new species." Kisa's eyes flick back to the Rancor, and seeing Grom smite it with an axe... and then hack off its head. "Huh.. GO GROB!" Pretty sure he just yelled that, ugh, she's so bad with names. She just called him Grom a second ago. She'll get it right though.

Kisa yanks out the powerpack - slaps a new one in - and shoulders the rifle while making her way toward the fallen creature. Here's hoping for a bounty on a new species of mynock! Greenus Mynockticus... or whatever it would be.

And thus it was. Having taken terrible, terrible damage, the rancor might have survived the next five minutes if it hadn't come into contact with Grom, who being of sound mind and even more sound hunger, promptly filleted it like the terrible kebab it was. Way to lose your head there, buddy

With the demise of the mutant cyborg rancor, the legacy of Quentin Haslett had come to an abrupt and messy end. All that was left of the scientist were his legs, his pockets picked clean of goodies by scavengers (read: Sapphira). We're glad you could play Star Wars. As usual, you've been a real pantload.

With the beast dead, and only the sound of Grom's roars and the repulsorlifts of the Nebula Spider filling the air, the insane panic died down, giving way to moderate confusion, then praise for their saviours. The cheers sounded something like, "GROM! GROM! GROM! GROM!" How did they learn his name? Who really cares! Also, more than a few people are waving up at the VCX, thanking the insane pilot for their skill, except the one woman crying over spilt wedding cake. Hey, at least it wasn't spilt blood. Get your sithspit together.

Health: Fragged! (-25/600)
Status: Corpsified! (Too dead to act!), Gross! (Smells really bad!)
Target: The afterlife!

And then there's Kisa, "GROB! GROT! GROK! GRON! ROM! ROB! RON!" She's trying to get into the spirit of it.

Kae responds to Kisa "Umm I think it was some random green guy with suctioncup fingers... SOme rodian I think.." Kae looks down and sees where he landed, tilting her head "That's ok, a speeder broke his fall before crashing into a pile of crates, it's all ok.." Then she notices the cake and the butercreme and Kae flails "Nooo! I destroyed a choco cake with buttercreme icing!!" She calls out, now flailing her limbs.. It's her favorite kinda cake!!!" Finally after having a bit of a fit, Kae looks around and below, and now over the external speaker, Kae says "Watch out belooow!" She calls out, swiveling the freighter toward a very nearby parking place..

The shields go off, and the landing struts extend as Kae settles the freighter down in the new spot... As the landing ramp comes down, the engines begin winding down and ticking a bit too... Kae can now be seen, some blood coming from her scalp, some a goodly cut up her left arm and well a bit of crate the size of a small vibro dagger sticking in her calf... "Soo Kiiisaaaa... Yer gonna haz to fly us up to Qrzzl....." She says and then slumps down to sit at the bottom of the boarding ramp....

As the vibroblade comes down, and Grom's warcry can be heard over the screams of the rancor, Sapphira has just enough time to lower her gun and dive forward, between the Rancor's legs and off to the opposite side of his tail. She rolls onto her rear and raises her weapon to fire again, but by that time she can see the damage done. Blood and lymph everywhere, and sinew hanging on by bare threads. From her position under the Rancor when that blade hit flesh, she's smattered even further in the creature's blood. The black clothes don't show it, but her pale face certainly does. The Rancor goes down, and she huffs a long breath before rising, popping the pack on her weapon and then holstering it. She looks over at Grom and nods, a little bewildered by the adrenaline in her system that right now has no place to go. "Well played," she compliments Grom.

Sajin steps out and holsters his pistol looking over towards Q's legs, he takes one. Yes he takes one, "Man... maybe I can collect on his bounty by the Queen Mother now for running away. Huzzah, I'm a rich man!" Only did Saj not know that Q was one fuggly hapan by Hapan standards and wasn't at all worth that much, especially dead and only a quater of his body. Either way the dumb and sexy man was happy. He whistles as he drags the legs around. "I'm the alpha Hapan oh yeah!~ I'm the Alpha Hapan Oh boy!~" Singing with such delight.

Grom continues to correct Kisa with the same dim patience, each time. Grot? "Grom." Ron? "Grom." He is only distracted from this by the gore drenched Sapphira, and the exultant Sajin. "HOORAY," he cheers. Onlookers, chanting his name? "Yes. King Grom is pleased." A proud nod. "Hurm... But Grom must find way to bring head of stupid droid beast onto ship. Such a mighty trophy cannot be left behind..."

"NOM! GROM!" Wait, didn't she already try that one and get it wrong?

A pull of her mouth off to the side after she got done cheering for Grom. And then a look up to see her sister moving about, flying and then coming to a landing - it happens to also be in a similar direction that she's moving in. Well, fortune smiles and all that. "Ohhh it's just a rodian? Well, never mind then." She changes direction away from Zurak and makes a more direct path toward the ship. The ship lands, the ramp descends and then her sister sits and slumps.

"Ohhh sis." Kisa says, walking up nex to her. She reaches down and touches her non-scratched cheek. "Don't worry. I had worse, you'll be fine. Not sure if we should fly to Qrzzyl though, I think there's a hospital closer." Her head gives a nod, then bends down and tucks an arm under her sister's to help her back up to her feet.

"C'mon, sis. I got you. I got you."