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Title: The Mighty Grom, King of Fale and Conqueror of the Sky Road, Champion of Nar Shaddaa
Race: Houk
Sex: Male
Occupation: King!
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Sriluur
Organization: Defiance
Ship: Grom's Throneship


The mercenary King of Fale, for the past ten years he has fought throughout the Outer Rim, never asking many questions. He has unwittingly worked for supporters of both Resistance and First Order, as well as several crime families. Upon landing on Nar Shadda, he fell in with the Defiance guild. Many shenanigans have ensued.


This Houk is hulking brick of thick muscle under dark blue reptilian scales, turning to a more pale blue along the front of his belly and broad throat. A wide jaw, tiny nostrils and narrow bright yellow eyes mark his blunt features, beneath a prominent ridge of bony plates at his forehead. Nearer to eight feet in height than to seven, his neck, limbs, and barrel chest are thick and powerful. Large hands have three fingers and a thumb, proportionally longer than many species, with hands hanging near to his knees.

A patterened cloak of red and yellow is wrapped around his wide shoulders, pinned at the right shoulder with a round pin. The fangs of some massive predator have been mounted onto his helmet, radiating outward in a grisly and impractical crest that adds a further half-meter to his height.


Hex - Funny little Head-tail man, Stupid Noodles, Bleeding Noodles, Flying Egg Crusher, Glorious Puke Noodles, Gun-Minstrel

Kasia Ashkuri - Slapping Human, Victorious Talking Human, Drinking Human

Tarion Tavers - Funny Face-Catching Human, Victorious Trash Knight

Zhu Yan - Walking Jacket, Flying Tree-Hugger

Siha Archer - Barely Mammal, Knower of Rude Fingers

Sajin - Victorious Little King, Friend of Slain Droids

Tess Ul'Datha - She Who Mates With Droids

Darius Wildes - (Indistinct recollection of Codsworth) Glass-Eye, Stupid Horse, Mate of Blue Cakes

Vasani - Blue Cakes, Keeper of Glass-Eye

Skye Prophet - Pink Bounty, Gun Doctor

Rip Recker - Hanging Human Fruit

Ryo Odessa - Neck-Flag Battle Buddy, Oily Bleeding Human


The Kingdom of Fale: no one has heard of it. Supposedly it's a small planet... somewhere.

Houk Traditions: Grom cheers by throwing stones at the subject of his support. Without stones, other things may be thrown; glasses, chairs, knives, creatures below 5 feet tall...

Hex sings, "Grom-the-king is a hell of a thing, a hell of a thing is he! Grom-the-king makes his subjects sing, and in fear his enemies wee! Grom is Grom and he's come along, with an axe and a bigass gun, to reap and sow, fight a worthy foe, and stomp home when he's done."

OOC Info

<Defiance> Trillian Taim says, “Today on Grom vs Galaxy: trickle-down economics. Go!”

<Defiance> Grom says, “Trickle down is when your enemy is bleeding from a great head wound you have given him. GOOD. A FINE START! The blood will splatter on all shorter creatures, who will then pay you numbers to stop. This is where the Economics part comes in. SO SPEAKS GROM.

<Defiance> Walking Jacket Zhu Yan says, “Grom, explain to me pyramid schemes.”

<Defiance> Grom says, “Ah, yes.. pyramid schemes. Among the oldest of scams…”

<Defiance> Grom says, “You see, a pyramid scheme begins when a particularly handsome and mighty ruler- in this example, let us call them 'Grom', orders his subjects to erect a monument to his everlasting glory by forming a pyramid with their bodies, telling the bottom level that because there are so many of them, they are on the largest team, and will win as a result. Then the cunning Grom tells the next level that they will be taller than the level below, and thus they shall win. But in the end, the mighty monarch places himself on the highest point and yells, "Grom is tallest! Grom wins." Then he laughs.”


Grom.jpg<--By Kasia Gromcolor.jpg<--By Hex