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Big Game Hunters

OOC Date: January 25, 2016
Location: Dxun
Participants: Bar'duur, Emriel Keldau, Narsai Ordo, Lofty, Kyanggha, R3G (As GM)

Dxun, Jungle Moon of Onderon.

Hot. Steamy. Green and brown. Largely forgotten by the galaxy, Dxun has been the site of some of the bloodiest battles in history. Droid wreckage can still be found buried from time to time, and ancient Mandalorian, Sith, and Onderonian structures still dot the landscape. But nothing of importance takes place here now. The Empress Teta system lost its strategic significance long ago. There are even worlds with more dangerous predators out there than the small moon of Dxun.

But Dxun has moderate to extremely dangerous predators in spades, from the top of the food chain all the way down. Every inch of Dxun is potentially lethal, and one does not come hunting here lightly. There is a small clearing near the equator specifically meant for safaris to land at, maintained by the government of Onderon.

Apparently they got tired of Mandalorians shooting at their moon to make landing pads of their own, when some hot-blooded youngsters feel the need to make a name for themselves at their proving.

Hot and steamy, just the way Wisp likes it. A good contrast to the barren, frigid wastelands of Hoth where she had been previously. As far as Mando'ade go, Wisp has a particularly piqued interest in big game hunting, more so than many. So, having an opportunity to go to Dxun, rumored to have plenty of dangerous creatures, she couldn't pass that up! So, there she is!

The group has met, either in person or via holo terminal, and finally they all have arrived in the clearing. Bar'duur is already here, having flown aboard the Thunderheart he is staring out into the jungle mostly, those green orbs traveling it's expanse before turning back to the others joining. When he his eyes turn to the other members of the hunting party his expression warms, that friendly easy-going manner of his almost always present even when it is diminished by the seriousness of the situation. "Is everyone ready to get started?"

The Muurian transport GLACIAL FLOE settles on its struts at the designated safari landing spot. The ramp lowers and out walks Lofty the Talz, already beginning to sweat in the steamy heat of the jungle. He prefers arctic temperatures. The fluffy white Talz has a simple hunting rifle on his shoulder and wears a bandolier with supplies and a medpac. "We hunt?" he asks of Bar'duur. While a peaceful people, the Talz are known as primitive hunters.

Dxun. If nothing else, there was some ancestorial history here she's curious enough to check out...and there's an excuse to get away from responcibilities and to take the Thunderheart out. The heavily customized freighter tears through hyperspace with the pilot at the helm, making the sweeping landing into dangerous territory with practiced ease. She hadn't got to fly for a while. Landing the craft she grabs her weapons and heads for the boarding ramp. "Planet full of things that will try and kill you, this is our stop."

The clearing is going to need a parking lot at this rate, but a shuttle bumps its way down to landing. Not the most elegant of landings, but it worked! A wookiee pads her way out, with her bowcaster settled on her shoulder as she comes to join the group. "Well this should be interesting." She rumbles, glancing about. [Language: Shyriiwook]

From the jungle come the mating cries of some unknown animal, quite close to the clearing. Sounding a bit like a giant frog crossed with a submachine slug-thrower, the cry is answered by another off in the distance...followed swiftly by an alarmed squawk from the same direction. Just another day in the jungle.

There is a small shack nearby, labeled 'Dxun Safari Bureau' but seeing as the door, laying fifty feet from the shack, has been chewed and slashed by large claws, it is understandable that no one is home right now. Off in the far distance, something huge and winged alights into the sky, awkwardly beating its massive, repitilian wings to gain altitude.

Wisp follows Narsai out of the Thunderheart and looks about, getting her bearings set. The shack being trashed as it was, and the accumulating sounds of the nearby wildlife get her riled up. Clearly she is excited for the hunt. "We should probably see if there are any injured people - or survivors." She comments, mostly to herself as she moves to check out the Safari Bureau shack. Never know. Someone might need saving!

Bar'duur offers an upnod along with a smile to Lofty. "Yes." The Zabrak answers, his eyes drifting over the Talz. "I am Bar'duur, I think we spoke briefly over the holotnet." This offered in greeting. The man pauses at the sounds, and cocks his head a bit to listen. "Sounds like we might have males in heat to worry about too." Said a bit more seriously. His gaze falls on Wisp then just noticing her. "Nice to see you again." Then to Narsai. "The people I spoke to recommended the East, there is an old trail that is used by some of the hunters. I will take the lead as we start, who wants the rear?" The wookie is offered a bit more of a smile. "Glad you could make it."

Lofty the Talz bows his head slightly to Bar'duur. "Lofty. Good to meet." He waves at Kyanggha, Narsai Ordo, and Emriel Keldau with a large paw. "Lofty." When a giant reptile attempts to fly, the fluffy white alien grabs his rifle. "Uh."

The ruined structure? It doesn't really suprise or bother Narsai all that much...but there's still a feeling in the pit of her stomach. This is...not a nice place to be. Of course, her expression is at least hidden behind the T-visor of her helmet. "Narsai," she offers in returned introductions, for once not bothering to tag on the usual bragging about ships and spee and instead shifting her modified E-11 into her arms. A look towards Wisp and the Ordo shakes her head. "We can try, but I doubt they're still hiding here if they are." Back to Bar'duur and she nods before her attention shifts to the female wookie, who she greets with a nod. "Interesting is one word for it."

"Generally it's not the males who are in heat. Females go into heat, the males react to it. Exceptions apply, of course." Kyan drawls lazily as she follows. "I can take the rear. What, in specific, are we hunting? Just so we're all clear and don't just start shooting things randomly. Checking out the building is a good idea. Equally, who can and can't understand me. Always good to know before I just start yelling at people and they have no clue." [Language: Shyriiwook]

The beast in the sky is at least a kilometer distant, and quite huge. But it is also angling itself awkwardly away from the clearing, soaring off toward some mountains in the distance. It looks vaguely insectoid in addition to its reptilian aspects, but it swiftly becomes too small to see before disappearing behind the canopy.

Inside the guard shack, there is a long shelf, the bottom of a five-wheeled office chair, and a knocked over locker. Nothing else. Hooks and nails and fixtures still show where things used to be, but nothing larger than a couple feet wide remain, save for a few large piles of spoor, littered with ruined bits of metal. The smell is awful, but the spoor is not at all fresh. This happened a long time ago. Weeks, at the shortest. Months, more likely.

In the distance is a long, slow, call--hollow, and staccato. The jungle goes silent briefly, until the call passes.

Wisp returns from investigating the shack. "Nothing there. Probably not been there for a while. Pretty dusty." She frowns a bit. "I'd have felt guilty if I didn't at least check." Wisp then turns her gaze towards the flying creature, and then furrows her brow at the strange sound that silences all others. "Huh... something big or dangerous is out there." She check over her rifle. "Let's go!"

Bar'duur already spoke to Narsai, going under the understanding that he hitched a ride, but he has introduced himself to her in the past any way. "There are these beasts I was told about called Bomas, they have horns on their faces, four of them, reptillian, long tails and scales. They arent overly large usually but I've been told they can get very big." He's silent a moment, listening to the sounds of the jungle again after a quick peek at Wisp's rear. He turns and starts to move forward, slowly, reaching for his blaster.

Lofty the Talz tilts his head as Bar'duur explains. "Bo-mas? Sound dangerous." He coos this through his boopsnoot and checks the power back on his rifle. Then he trudges after Bar'duur, remaining in the middle of the pack and keeping his upper set of eyes open.

Steppping forwards with the others, Narsai falls into line somewhere in the middle. Cradling the gun she turns her gaze over the tree-line, shifting her spectrum of vision over to thermo-graphics for a moment. She's fairly sure that she's being watched after all, so she'd prefer to be watching back. "Well, it's not going to find itself."

There's a quiet growling rumbling from the wookiee, muttered commentary kept mostly to herself as Kyanggha watches the group settle into a general walking order, more or less and she settles herself at the back of it. She keeps a watch out over the group as a whole, and around to either side, keeping an eye out for whatever might come out of the jungle to chew on them all.

Lofty raises his paw and points with a black claw at the brush up ahead. "Is moving!" he says, as if to explain that the brush up ahead of them is moving.

Penetrating into the jungle, the thick canopy overhead shrouds the interior in darkness. Shafts of light slant into the underbrush, offering dim illumination. The jungle floor is a fecund and trampled place, with stubborn plants sporting large, armor-piercing spikes or long, hooked sickles designed to flense flesh.

As the Talz suddenly boops out its warning, there is a rancorous croaking sound, and a creature the size of a large dog hops out into view. It has large eyes on stalks, and a very large, rounded chin. The sac under its jaw inflates again, croaking out a defiant challenge.

Narsai shudders...she can't see anything though her visor as she switches it back to normal, but something catches her attention. Maybe Mandalorians really ddo have eyes in the back of their head! Turning on the spot she levels her blaster rifle, clenching her teeth. "We're surrounded," she says clearly. "There's more then one."

Wisp is taken a bit off guard. Thankfully, the Talz alerts her to the pressence of the beast and she readies her rifle in one swift action. Big game hunter and Mando'ade training come into play, the motion nearly as flawless as the shot she fires into its torso. She doesn't know where its vitals are or what they are, so it just so happens to be not kill it. But leaves it... bleeding?

"Oh." The Zabrak whispers when he finally spots the creature. "What is that.. has long eye stalks.. big mouth but small body, looks like a scavenger.. or a scavenging predetor.. I wonder-." And then the blaster bolt wizzes through the air and strikes the creature. "Oh, nice shot." Said in that easy-going manner to Wisp, before he reaches for his sword, making his way gradually closer. He watches the wounded beast but his gaze turns soon to the treeline to see what else is there.

Lofty raises his hunting rifle and releases a blast. POW. The creature collapses from the well-placed heart shot. "Why you shoot first?" he asks Emriel. "Might be friendly!"

As one creature pops out and is quickly gunned down, and Narsai mentions others, Kyanggha levels her bowcaster in the ready. She scans the undergrowth, clearly not spotting the rest of them that have been mentioned as surrounding them. A quick glance to the dead one, and then back to keeping an eye on the undergrowth. Her commentary is kept to herself, generally. Growls and rumbles, mostly quiet.

There's a light rustle from a nearby razor bush. It's the only warning the group gets before four more of the wide-mouthed creatures come rushing out of the brush, jaws unhinged wide. Tiny little teeth flash in the dim light, and the creatures give one, short, bounding hop before launching themselves at the party! Two are flying toward Emriel while another two attack Lofty!

GAME: Lofty has given Lofty 6 wound points. He looks injured.

GAME: Emriel Keldau has given Emriel Keldau 8 wound points. She looks injured.

GAME: Emriel Keldau has given Emriel Keldau 2 wound points. She looks injured.

One Cannok clamps onto Emriel's arm, wrenching it down toward the jungle floor as its teeth try to burrow into the metal. Another latches itself onto her thigh, only managing to sink pinpricks into her flesh through the metal. Then, immediately, they start to -chew-, growling all the while. The Talz is faring better, with a Cannock snapping at his ankles and the other missing its jump completely.

Emriel is... well... is apparently lucky that they didn't just go straight for her throat. But she'd be limping and wincing for quite a while at this rate. Her best bet is to try and shoot one again, but with one arm, its hard to maneuver the rifle into position and the shot just ends up going wide!

Bar'duur's eyebrows lift when other creatures start appearing all of the same that was just shot down. His pistol is holstered in favor of his sword. "Watch your shots!" He calls out and goes about trying to fend them off Emriel since she seems to be in the most disress at the moment. Unfortunately they are moving around so much that he has a hard time getting a clear slice or jab at them.

Lofty the Talz is jarred as his leg is bitten. With a cooing wail, the white furry alien swings his rifle around and fires blaster bolts into both of them - hopefully making the creatures wary of tangling with a Talz. "Ambush!" he warbles.

Narsai's gun comes up and blaster-bolts fly, the first missing high but the next on target. Well, at least she knows her 'bad feeling' wasn't paranoia! Standing firm she keeps firing on the target near Emriel, her second bolt hitting it in the flank. "Watch the sides!" she calls.

There's a low growl and rumble from the wookiee, it sounds like some sort of directive or imperative as she levels the bowcaster at the creatures attacking Lofty. *SPRANG* One down. *SPRANG* Two down. Kyanggha growls and turns her bowcaster towards Emriel next.

GAME: Emriel Keldau has given Emriel Keldau 8 wound points. She looks injured.

The Cannok gnawing on Emriel's arm is starting to...dissolve her armor. The saliva of the thing is actually softening the metal and it gets ground up easily...which does not do wonderful things for her arm underneath. Given another round, a serious wound is about to become a critical one, as the Cannok may come away with an Emriel snack. The Cannok on her thigh grrs and shakes its head violently, but the combat armor on her thigh is not so willing to yield as the vambrace.

Lofty's assailants are blasted from multiple directions before being launched into the jungle by the vicious blasts from the bowcaster.

Emriel continues to struggle with the cannoks. Unfortunately, it seems there is little she can do to dislodge the beasts, and its clear that she can tell something bad is going to happen soon if nothing changed. She tries to yank herself out of the Cannoks' maws, but they are latched on too tight!

Bar'duur hears blaster fire over his shoulder, a glance to Lofty, things seem to be okay there. He winces a bit and keeps clear when Narsai takes her shot before he sees an opening and aims his vibrosword for another jab, stil trying to get them off Emriel. "Tenacious!" He calls out but in Zabrak, then in common. "Hang on, we'll get them!" His blade finally hits the one that is trying to take off her arm, his weapon hacking into the beast but it's tough and yeilds little.

That errie, staccato-hollow call ripples through the jungle. For a moment, the birds hush their singing. Closer now.

Lofty the Talz sweeps his hunting rifle away as the Wookiee kills both of the creatures attempting to nibble his delicious Talz blubber. He aims at the remaining canocks and fires, beaning one in the forehead, and severely crippling the other's leg. At least it backs up from Emriel's vicinity. "You ok?" he warbles at Emriel through his proboscis.

Kyan growls and tracks the arc of the cannock as it gets blown off the woman and then sends another two bowcaster bolts out. *THUNK* and *THUNK* The half howl, all growl sounds triumphant.

As the last Cannok falls, the jungle is quiet once more. Not silent--never silent. But quiet. Birds call in the distance. A waterfall is rushing somewhere nearby. Insects chirp in the dirt. These creatures, upon close insection, are clearly not Bomas.

That one on Emriel's arm was a tough one, Bar'duur shows a mild smirk of satisfaction when it is finally ended by Lofty, and then the last one killed via bowcaster in mid-air. He steps closer to emriel. "Are you alright?" Reaching for the medback on his belt. "Hold still, and then we'll press on, if you're up for it?" This he asks of the slightly injured Emriel.

Lofty kneels with a wail of pain. He awkwardly takes some gauze and tape from his bandolier, then proceeds to wrap his bleeding bite wound on his left leg. "Bad hunt," he laments.

Emriel peers suspiiously at Bar'duur and his less-than-acceptable medical skills. "Do you know what you are doing?" She laughs a little bit, but the torn up arm keeps her from getting too upitty.

Kyanggha growls out her own commentary about the medical proceedings going on and then slowly relaxes her bowcaster. She lets the bandaging go on without her 'help' and then points over to follow a path in the general direction of water. The growls and rumbles sound like her own comments on where to go next.

Blood is pooling on the ground near Emriel. Her arm is a series of deep, ragged furrows, and the arm itself is almost useless. Painkillers will help. Bacta bandages will help. But the damage will need a professional to repair, it seems. The jungle is cruel and unforgiving and it is getting brutally hot. The humidity is suffocating. Small gnats swarm around the wounds on her and the fur-coated Talz. The brush shakes in the distance, now and then. It is dark and gloomy, even though sunlight shafts through the canopy occasionally, yellow and bright.

Lofty listens to Kyanggha speaking and translates for the others. "Wookiee say, don't drop blood. She see tracks that way." He points at the path and moves to follow her.

Bar'duur is having one hell of a time with this bandaging and he shows a bit of frustration. "Sorry I am not used to using these medical sacks you buy." He explains, shaking his head. "On my planet we collect the ingredients in the wilds." Maybee he's trying to help by distracting her a bit. "You need a doctor." He's not good at the treatment at all, and barely manages to even bandage it.

Wisp seems to be taking the mangled arm fairly well, as if such a thing is only a minor inconveniene. However... "It seems I'm probably done on the hunt..." She lets out a dour and somewhat sad laugh. At least she seems to know when to call it quits. "Once he gets his stuff figured out, then we can keep moving. And yeah, I'll get a doctor.

Kyan pauses at the edge of where the tracks start to watch the bandaging proceedings. She growls at Lofty, as he's playing translator for her, her arms folded over the chest and clearly waiting as she looks at them.

The jungle awaits, brooding in the steamy darkness.

Lofty translates for Kyanggha, "Wookiee wants to know, we press on?" He pauses. "I want keep hunting."

Wisp looks at the others. "I don't really see a need to stop." She lets out a sigh. "I can still hunt if necessary. I don't need the arm."

Bar'duur nods. "I do as well." Then another nod to Wisp. "Alright let's go." And with that the Zabrak returns the medpack to his belt and makes his way toward the Wookie. His eyes turn to the ground, searching for tracks, but he starts moving as he looks, not too quickly, as he wants to be able to adjust to things as he goes along, and he moves in such a way as to try and be quiet to avoid any sudden unwelcome suprises, to give himself time to spot any hard to spot creatures before they notice him, mostly.

Kyanggha turns at the decision to move ahead and starts tromping down the path that she's found heading towards the water. She holds her bowcaster loosely at the ready. There's not a lot of hope that she's going to be quiet, or silent, or subtle. She's small for a wookiee, but she's still bloody large.

Lofty the Talz ambles forward on his damaged leg, barely limping. His hunting rifle is held at the ready. He uses his lower set of eyes to resolve some of the tracks in the darker areas of the jungle path that they trudge on. "Creature tracks. Four big claw on feets. 4 meter long." He points a claw toward where the creature likely went.

With the fighting ceased and Narsai seem to snap out of...something that's putting her off, the Mandalorian woman whinces a litle as she looks at Wisp. "We don't have our medic along on this one, you need to watch yourself." Her voice sounds almost robotic coming through the vox system on her helmet before she looks to the others. "We can push on, but with all this blood? There's plenty of things that will probably find us."

Thankfully for the adventuring party, the owner of the tracks isn't being particularly stealthy either. Snuffling and splashing and slurping, a gigantic green creature is at the water's edge, near where the waterfall crashes down from a hundred and fifty feet above. A long tail, nearly 9 meters from base to tip, whiplashes back and forth in the air, and the creature it's attached to is nearly 12 meters long just from its blunt head to its rump. Suddenly wrenching its head up, it sniffs and turns with remarkable agility. Shuffling one way, then the other, it finally wheels about and snorts a short bellow toward the hunters, huge and powerful.

Wisp follows along, rifle against her shoulder. One might be curious how she intends to contribute in the future, or perhaps she is just tagging along to be kind and let the others get on with their hunt. "That doesn't sound good..." She comments.

Bar'duur's eyebrows lift, he's silent, entire posture changing, there's a tension in his body and then he slowly lowers down, hunkering. down a bit his breathing deepens, his gaze drifting, taking in the big creature, it's surroundings. Something else catches his gaze and he stares at the waterfall for a few moments, before he looks to the others. "I think there is something bigger than that here somewhere, if we engage that beast it might attract a larger one, we must be cautious.. any ideas?"

Kyanggha growls out an answer to Bar'durr's quesiton, but the answer is pretty obvious when she levels her bowcaster at Big Green who doesn't look particularly warm and fuzzy. *SCHTOCK* The bolt shoots out once, and then twice to give Big Green whatfor. It might ooked pissed, but the wookiee looks like she's rather enjoying herself.

"That's not a beast..." Narsai says quietly, nodding her head towards the waterfall with a frown. Whatever it is, it's enough to draw her attention as she activates the pack built into her armor, taking to the air towards whatever it is that's hiding behind the waterfall. She's not ignoring the beast, but the others are already opening fire on it first.

Lofty the Talz gives a little whistle through his boopsnoot as the massive creature turns to confront them. He raises his rifle and his claw slides into the trigger. "He look mad! No choice!" He fires two shots in quick succession at the beast's chest; only one hits.

The boma bellows in anger as plasma burns into its thick hide. Shaking its head violently and rearing back onto its hind feet, it suddenly slams down into the ground, enough to shake the boots of those nearby. It casts a raging bellow at the rocketing Narsai, and appears to be about to go after her. But at the last second it shakes its huge, blunt head around and charges straight at the party, barreling toward Kyanggha!

Bellowing as it charges, the boma ducks its head and attempts to gore Kyan, launching the furry wookiee bodily into the air with a brutal ram and toss. The huge creature's body barrels Emriel over, but the Talz gracefully avoids the whipping tail.

Emriel is thrown to the side when the thing bowls her over, however, that seems to work in her favor. She rolls, coming to a seated position, knee crooked. The rifle finds her knee in an instant and she lines up the shot and fires. The beast is large enough that even without her other arm for use she can hit it.

GAME: Kyanggha has given Kyanggha 10 wound points. She looks injured.

GAME: Kyanggha gives Kyanggha 20 stun points. She looks injured.

Instead of going all out attack on the beast bar'duur seems to be trying to distract the beast. He's less concerned, at the moment at least, with what's in the waterfall, concentraiting on the fight first he rather ineptly does nothing helpful at all with the creature.

Kyan is gored first and then sent flying through the air to land on her arse. She ooofs softly as she hits the ground, taking a moment to give her head a shake and scramble up to her feet. The roaring howl probably doesn't need a whole lot of translation as she levels her bowcaster at the creature again and *Thump* *THUMP* Another two shots into it.

Lofty the Talz is surprised as the massive creature charges; his shots seem to do very little. The large alien is nimbler than he looks, and he dodges left and right, avoiding its tail as he backpedals nearer to a tree on the edge of the jungle. Two shots from his hunting rifle are fired; they plunk harmlessly into the beast's chest. "We need bigger gun!"

The Boma groans as it manages a weak bellow, thrashing about in all directions with head and tail. Turning, it takes colossal, bounding strides across the sandy shore towards the Talz, clearly meaning to gore the fluffy creature. Meanwhile its tail whiplashes back and forth behind it, attempting to fend off unseen attackers!

GAME: Lofty has given Lofty 30 wound points. He looks injured.

GAME: Lofty gives Lofty 50 stun points. He looks unconscious.

GAME: Bar'duur gives Bar'duur 10 stun points. He looks dazed.

Wisp gets knocked about by the tail a bit but it only serves to destablize her temporarily, and then she fires again, doing her best to assist even in her injured state.

Bar'duur is for some reason just.. totally unimpressive with his vibroblade right now, it's almost /comical/ as if he's dazed or something, and his blade just slides errantly against the beast's flesh without even doing anything productive. fortunately, others are more successful with harming the beast than he.

Lofty fires two shots into the breast of the Boma, but that only serves to make it angry. The beast charges and lifts the rather heavy Talz like a ragdoll, tossing him into the jungle! He flies squealing into a tree and lands at the bottom of it unconscious.

Kyan roars and growls, striding forward to put herself closer than the others as they start falling over. She takes aim with the bowcaster and *SPRANG* *SPRANG*. Two more bolts into the Boma. Her translator is having a little nap, but it seems like she's telling the critter where to go.

The Boma rages, thrashes, and finally goes to one knee as plasma continues to soak into its ravaged hide. Bellowing out one last, defiant cry, it finally sinks to all four knees, tail lashing behind it. It can hardly move, but it seems to know it's been beaten. It lashes out in pain and anger, but does not move.

Emriel gets a break from the bad stuff happening around her to really stablize her rifle. Therefore, her net shot takes the best down with a lethal shot. She lets out a sigh and slowly works at reloading her weapon. "That was intense. Is the Talz alright?"

Bar'duur collects himself finally, looking to the others. "Is everyone alright? We need to be wary, there is something bigger in this area, we should get to some cover, whatever it is it is bigger than this Boma." He makes his way toward Lofty to try and get him back on his feet.

Kyanggha keeps her bowcaster up and ready, scanning and waiting for whatever is likely to come. She growls her answer, nodding as Bar'duur moves over to give Lofty a hand. She rumbles and growls something else, more commentary.

Lofty grunts and warbles through his proboscis. "Ungg. It dead?" The Talz scoots up to rest his back against the tree he hit, mumbling in pain. Some words are Talzii, some are in Basic. "You medical kit?"

As the Boma goes silent, sinking down to lay in the sand, the jungle returns to normal... Sort of. The rushing waterfall continues to pound into the river. The sun of the Empress Teta system shines overhead, but... There's no birds singing.

A long, hollow, staccato call thrums through your bones.

Up above, on the cliff face, the rocks move slightly, twisting around. Two bright blue eyes shine down from above, as the sinuous, spiny black body of a gecko-like creature resolves from its adaptive camouflage. Flicking out a pink forked tongue a meter long, it watches...

-(OOC)- Emriel Keldau says, "NOPE"

-(OOC)- Bar'duur says, "lol"

-(OOC)- Emriel Keldau says, "RUN AWAY"

Wisp looks up at the gecko creature and frowns. "Yeeeah... we should probably get out of here. That thing does not look like it will play nice with us. If nothing else we need to engage it from long range." She gestures her rifle and starts backing away.

Bar'duur turns slowly, hearing the commotion of something approaching, he turns slowly and looks over to the newest threat. "You're right." He says, looking over to Emriel, he turns his head before his eyes move from the new creature, speaking in a lowered, even tone, trying not to provoke it. "draw back, hit it at range, if we want to take this beast, we have to do it with tact."

Kyanggha considers the retile and holds her bowcaster ready, but doesn't shoot. She growls at Lofty, clearly intending him to play translator for her and gestures to go with her words.

At the wookiee's growl, the gecko-like creature on the cliff face flicks out its tongue...

Lofty grunts as he lifts himself with the aid of the tree. He grows more lucid by the moment. Luckily his rifle as still attached to him by its strap, or it might have flown off into orbit. "Wookiee say, we no kill beast, too many wounded. Give it Boma corpse. She want to check out metal thing behind waterfall. But must climb." A pause. "I go back to ship. Get ship. Come back."

When the Talz rises, the gecko on the cliff skitters down at gut-wrenching speed. It's easily 15 meters long, but it moves as though it were light as air. Those two blue eyes shine against the glistening obsidian scales covering its body. Very briefly, it flicks back the edge of its lip, revealing scores of silvery-white fangs. Then it moves a little more, cocking its head in challenge.

Wisp nods at the others. "I'll go with the Talz. I'm not gonig to be doing any climbing in my current state. Besides, it'll be better to not move solo anyway." She nods at Lofty. "We should get moving."

Bar'duurlooks to Kyanggha for a moment, just briefly, then to Lofty as the Talz rises up. His attention returns to the creature, not making sudden movements or anything, trying not to provoke the creature. "Alright let's do it." He says, tone low and even, the Zabrak begins to move away, slowly, dispersing a bit to the side so he can go around and check out that cave, never running too fast, he hasnt figured out of this creature has a chase reflex or not after all.

Kyan nods as she's left to go climbing with someone who doesn't speak her langauge. Charades it is! She nods to Lofty and Wisp, watching them head back towards the ships and then edges carefully around the gecko from hell (tm), as not to disturb what she hopes it will be a lovely lunch. She moves carefully, heading for the waterfall and that metallic /thing/. Which will probably also want to chew faces off.

Lofty does indeed waddle back to the ships with Emriel, grunting in pain along the way!

The climb up and around the falls is brutal, especially in the heat. Several cannoks attempt to find a meal out of the party, but blaster shots and bowcaster bolts drive them off. At the top of the falls, one of those insect-reptile winged creatures swoops high overhead, hunting. It doesn't notice the explorers. Coming down around the other side, the party would find that the Boma has been stripped to mostly bones, with large chunks of meat strewn about for cannoks to fight over on the shore. There is no sign of the large, camouflaging gecko...

Behind the waterfall, however, Bar'duur discovers a spacecraft. Long and elegant, with hexagonal slanted wings, and a long engine fuselage behind a ball-shaped cockpit. It's ancient. Likely crashed here decades ago. And it's been mired in mist and foam from the waterfall. But for anyone who knows anything about Galactic history, this could only be one vessel: A TIE Advanced x1