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Title: Freighter Captain
Race: Talz
Sex: Male
Occupation: Independent
Profession: Freighter Captain
Homeworld: Alzoc III
Organization: Rebel Yell
Ship: Glacial Floe (Muurian Transport)


Early Life

Born on the frozen planet Alzoc III, Lofty was a child when his entire tribe was enslaved by the Empire. He managed to get smuggled off the planet by a sympathetic smuggler delivering illegal goods to corrupt Imperial officials on the planet. He joined the Rebellion and was assistant quartermaster on Hoth; later, after learning a great deal of technology, he became a transport pilot for the Rebel Alliance.

Talz revenge

After the Empire's defeat and the establishment of the New Republic he left service and returned to Alzoc III. Unfortunately, his tribe was killed in a mining accident.


For a time Lofty wandered the stars in his Muurian transport, trading with his friends. But an incident on Toydaria left him enslaved, until he was rescued on Nar Shaddaa by former rebel friends.

Shackles cannot hold Lofty forever!
Slavers beware

Previous Ship

The Muurian transport "Glacial Floe" was an armed freighter purchased by Lofty after the Imperial Remnant was defeated and retreated to the Unknown Regions. After mustering out of the New Republic Navy, Lofty took to the stars to make his fortune. He modified the transport with larger engines and a med bay with a full bacta tank. Unfortunately the Talz was captured by slavers near Klatooine. His ship was sold and likely scrapped.

Glacial Floe

Current Ships

Rejoining the Resistance with his friends, Lofty has participated in numerous missions. To replace his ship, former smuggling friends found him a used star yacht that had been cruising the Tapani nebulae after being sold off by an eccentric infochant and smuggler. Now the yacht smuggles once again, but uses star cruises as a cover to transport Resistance materiel and personnel across the galaxy. Passengers tend to be wealthy individuals who wish to see the seedier side of the galaxy - from mobile shadowports and asteroid bases to the famous Nar Shaddaa. They have little idea that under their feet are Resistance supplies!


A used star yacht.


A Wookiee gunship. Lofty and his co-pilot Stebbs earned their blood stripes (second class) over Corellia in this vessel. It is old for a combat ship, but Wookiee catamarans and ships are built to last hundreds of years.


Kijimi Temple Tours

Tour the temples and towns of Kijimi, a wild planet of the Outer Rim!

Hoth Hoverskiing

Hoverskiing on the South Ridge of the Clabburn Range is the height of adventure. Advanced skiers can experience repulsor-drops onto Cirque Glacier.
For dinner, a succulent haunch of hoth hog prepared by Chef Milquetweed! Wampa insurance rider required.


Haoziiplirs Stebbs

A Sullustan smuggler from the Resistance cells on Piringiisi, Stebbs is Lofty's co-pilot, navigator, and sensor officer on the Alzoc, the Krak'jya, and sometimes the Free Blazer.


Dex's Diner - Coco District, Coruscant

One of Lofty's favorite culinary locations. Though he cannot get back to Coruscant very often, with the war going on. The Cream of Fleek Eel soup (with live fleek eels!) and a nettle nut FizzyGlug are his favorites.

The FizzyGlug fountain can't be beat!
Cream of Fleek Eel Soup with live fleek eels

Artists' High Commune - Mrlsst

The Artists' High Commune was located on the planet Mrlsst in the Tapani sector. It was built at the top of Greenstalk trees and was the home of Mrlsst's misfits, artists, poets and dropouts. Members of Rogue Squadron used the commune to hide when they were implicated in stealing the Phantom Project ship datacards. Lofty drops by when he is in the sector.

gBN8CHe.jpg OBPGpmy.jpg


jewel-fruit, manta pears, nikkle nuts, oi-oi berries, Jybbuk-fruit, pallies, Roonan lemons, scry-mint, shuura fruit, sunberries, purple meiloorun melons, blue dabaroos, joganfruits, muja fruit, sour hubba gourds, and thorn pears