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Clan Kora: Something Personal

OOC Date: December 18, 2019
Location: Coruscant
Participants: Hadrix Kora, Zee'Roh Kora, Ca'tra Kora, Sumi Kora, Clan Kora

<<"The marks are a pair of upper crust that are being honored at a gala for the amount of money they make doing on what account to slave labor">> The aircar hired to lift and drop the Mandos from a quarter a planet away was pulling away with the quartet on the roof a few hundred yards from the Plaza, the mission details coming from Hadrix of all people... But then his only occupational change has been the outfit.

<<"Two hundredth floor, main ballroom, had to miss it, it takes up three quarters of a level and three floors.">> the big man has the targeting system from his rifle detached and held near his helmet so that it can feed data.

<<"Can go as loud or quiet as we want... So if we felt like it we could just smash in and open fire. If the targets are in sight they'll highlight on our HUDs and identify... But I don't doubt they'll be there. They're being awarded after all.>>" He looms, watching, <<"Pretty cut and dry.">>

Zee'roh deploys Zero and motions off to her right with two chopping fingers to get them aerial data fed to her helmet HUD and then disseminated through the rest of the team. <<"I can hack the security feeds from the rooftop and get us exact locations for the pair... split off into two teams and take them out quietly.">> She's kit out for stealth, the shadowsuit built into her armor giving the silver-blue plates a shimmering effect as it fades across light gradients.

<<"Either way, I came loaded for rancor.">> As per usual. Better to have it and not need it, right? Her attention remains on her wrist computer, kneeling down against the same incline as Hadrix with his rifles scope, eyes shifting back and forth against data being fed to her after a few strokes of the keys. <<"If we go in heavy, I'll kill the lights.. give us a few seconds of darkness to take out any resistance, grab the targets, and make for the roof... Might get nasty if we go guns out on Coruscant though.">>

None of them are low profile. Mandalorians turn heads in their full armor and helmet, Ca'tra is relatively low key next to her companions being outfitted in the black and buff armor of the Mandalorian Skyrippers, a vestige of her home. The doctor isn't traveling with her full medical kit for this mission, the Glie-44 will be sufficient for her role.

"Body guards are to be expected, too. Don't you think? Personally I think a crowded ballroom is not an ideal venue too much chance of collateral damage. Can't we get them living?"

<"You wanting to collect the marks, or simply a recording of their death enough for the squints?"> Sumi asks, holding her hands in a clasped manner while peering out a window. She rocks with the air-taxi, her attention unchanged even when the craft shook. She didn't bring a long distance weapon, and it was a good segue to whether or not this was personal to the big man.

Zee had a point. Security on Coruscant was no joke. Even the most heavily armed Hunter knew to make a double take at what Coruscant sent as rapid reaction. Ca'tra and Zee seemed to share the notion of pulling them out alive. Sumi turned her head to look at the big guy to see what his preference was.

<<"Employer will know of their status, live or dead. They have eyes on.">> Hadrix taps a few keys on his gauntlet.

The city stretches around, above and below, lights in transit and flashing across the skies as a thunderstorm threatens to form above.

<<"However it's done, collateral damage is only harmful to us. Personally I suggest stun for all but the targets">> Holographic light shows emit from within the hotel windows, and one can imagine they can hear the music and cheering for the spectacle.

Zee glances out the side car window with an up-nod, <"Alright, soon as we have boots on the roof, I'll put a backdoor spike in the grid. Clear down to our target floor and I'll kill the lights on Hadrix' signal?"> Glancing over to her assembled vod, glancing back to her wrist computer. <"Digging for the hotel schematics, see if I can't find alternate routes out incase things go pear shaped.">

Doesn't matter to her how the target comes back or how many people have to go down to get them. Her only concern is the four people on this air-bus. Whatever makes their mission easier and gets them all back to Ealor afterwards for dinner. <"Alorir, Lady Fae's on standby encase we have to gett off this rock balls out?"> Of course she was. Fae is as much part of the crew as any of them in her eyes.

Concern for collateral damage marks a difference between her and at least one of Ca'tra's companions. Perhaps it comes from the mind set of a healer or time among the darmanda. Face set in a frown she listens to the others planning.

"There will be more than one set of bodyguards in this group," she states. " The lights go down, we walk into a crowded ballroom then we take down the targets and run?"

Sumi simply nods and draws her weapon from her holster to toggle it to stun. A quick glance to the ammo charge, and she slides it back into her holster and brushes her cape over it. She felt naked without a rifle, and though Sumi was pretty confident without clothing, going into battle without a rifle was almost akin to going to battle without armor. Her hand fidgets slightly from the discomfort and she looks back out the window. When Zee addresses her, Sumi nods. <"Fae awaits orders nearby. Traffic depending, she should be here in a blink or two.">

<"Two of us will need to dedicate ourselves to local security, leaving the other two for snatch and grab. If Security is tied up with one team, the other will slip away in the chaos. It will need to be timed right."> Sumi adds on, glancing to Ca'tra and nodding.

<<"Copy that, lead.">> Part of the old ingrained training still keeps tight hold of him as Hadrix watches, he leans forward to signal the drop off and the air car swings around hard to make for the hotel roof.

<<"Drop in 30, signal for delay if you need. Ruus'Alor, call out who you want dealing with security... Ca'ika, hold onto me if Zee calls for any sort of altitude drop, I'll fly you in.">>

The air car makes for its drop point, high or low, <<"As has been said, Coruscant-Sec isn't a joke, and these are upper tier scum... They'll have upper tier watching their back.">> Hadrix's T-Visor looks out at the building again. <<"Kote aliit. Vode an.">>

And the hotel roof looms ever closer, bathed in harlequin lights like a veneer.

Zee taps at the keys for a bit, moving segments with the long press of a finger drug across the screen on the inside of her right wrist. <<"Transmitting floor plan for the Palace Hotel to your HUDs, including recently installed A/C units that should be large enough for us to crawl out if needed...">> She would prefer to be in a sneak suit for that, not exactly the smallest armor anyone's ever tried to squeeze into an air-vent.

<"Alright.. new vents on the upper levels of the ballroom section detailed on your map. Big enough for Sumi and the Doc, definitely, but I doubt either of us-."> Motioning between herself and Hadrix, <"-are getting that way.. I need boots on the ground to get into the closed system to access the lights, so if we're going to split... I'd say Sumi and Ca'tra rocket down to this point-"> Highlighting it with a tap of her finger, <"- And Hadrix and I go in top down. Only a couple levels and we can use this maintanence elevator. Once I'm on the level, we cut lights, go in like hounds and light that bastard up like a Life Day tree."> Hunkering and ready to drop, shoulders rolling in anticipation.

After facing a couple thousand Killiks, what's Coruscant got to offer?

She checks the clip on her rifle, but slides it back on its sling in favor of the smaller DL-44 on her hip.

<"Oya, let's break some shivat.">

<"Oya, let's take the targets. Think you can handle me, Sumi?" I don't weigh that much.> Ca'tra's voice is playful, no longer voicing a difference of opinion with the objective so close at hand. After a check on her Glie, she holsters it securely and nods to the other three, <"Jate jate'kara.> She knows they have it, being the best.

Stepping close, it seemed like the plans were in play, and rather cast her own tone into the mix, she trusted the others to take her suggestion and paint the picture. Assigned to Ca'tra, Sumi nodded. Her arm opened for the taller woman to hang onto Sumi's side. Sumi's other arm rose, the holo-projected image of their location coming up. When the door opened, Sumi glanced to Ca'tra. <<"Here we go.">> Nothing happened.

<<"I always have performance issues around you.">> She says, jokingly, before engaging her rocketpack after leaning out to fall out of the car. The pack ignited and after a brief hover, the pair were trailing to their location!

As the two teams descend - Zee and Hadrix make their path through the holographics and neons to touch down. Somehow even the big man is actually quite when he sweeps in, blaster out, checking surroundings before looking to his smaller compatriot, <<"I have your six, ori'vod.">> said simply as he leans back a little, stands up straight and gives Zee a thumbs up.

Actually checking her out? Rare joke made?


The point indicated by Zee is a service balcony with no lights showing - its supposed to be off limits, maintenance only, for the display lights. Two guards are on a bac stick break. As Sumi and Ca'tra make their landings they look up, eyes wide mouths open... The bac sticks. Twisting end over end, trailing curling contrails of blue-gray smoke. Whatever happens next, nothing tonight may be so graceful.

Even when they strike they leap and pin before twisting away from the balcony, into open air. Lost to the skyways of Coruscant.


Zee touches down and is immediately to work, drawing out cords from the spool on the inside of her wrist to link directly to the terminal for the main landing strip. <<"We're touched down, working on security systems...">> Her helmet turns slightly to look back at Hadrix, squinting behind her T-visor that goes largely unseen because of the reflective glass. <"Stop looking at my ass.">

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<<"I'm in and I've got us twelve minutes of darkness... I wouldn't go to the 33rd floor unless you're into Ortolan mating rituals.. and the maid on the 70th level is nasty. Hot though... just nasty, trust me..">>

Zee yanks the cords and lets them recoil even as she's dropping a hand down to her blaster with a glance up at Hadrix. <<"On you, nar'vod. Maintanence shaft is one level down, I'll kill lights when everyone's in place.">>

It is like dancing being taken by the waist and jumping, exhilarated, adrenaline pumping, Ca'tra balances against Sumi. They fly. Once launched Ca'tra bumps her helmet lightly on her Alor's helmet, laughing, "I can help you with that performance anxiety - practice makes perfect, you know." The message barely given and they are on their target. Knees bent to cushion the impact, Ca'tra lands lightly. Then, like a child playing with hand held sizzler sticks, only the tips burning bright against the darkness, two bac sticks pirouette past them and downwards.

Sumi's response is a light bump of her helm against Ca'tra's as they fly. Her focus turns to her arm, then their path. When they make it to the roof, Sumi sets Ca'tra down first, then lands right in front of her, shielding her from possible attack. The guards look to her, and the Mandalorian draws her blaster shooting one in the leg near the groin, while the other takes a harsher bolt to the dominant arm spilling them back. The missed shot stretches out past the roof, eventually phasing out harmlessly. <"One down, the other can't seem to use his hands.">

Sumi moves to the hatch to open it, then waits for Ca'tra, before aiming at the still slightly conscious one to shoot them again.

Trying desperately to grab his blaster, the standing guard slaps at her thigh holster, the arm that wasn't directly shot coming around like a floppy bone-in noodle. "Please! Please! I! I!" panic as she looks down at her compatriot and back to the Mandalorians.

<<"Stop wearing armor that shows it off">> is Hadrix's reply as he stacks up next to a door to a roof access point for the service elevator found by Zee, tapping the summon button and sweeping to check for occupants once it halts and the double doors hiss open to reveal hotel staff security just as surprised to see the doors open as others were to see landing mandos. Hadrix's response is immediate, his e-11 rises to put a stun ring into the thigh of the first, but the second hits the other square in the chest, leaving one sleeping and the other groaning and flat on the ground as the big man just walks in. <<"Clear...">> Isn't it? Within the lift the music of the gala below is playing.

And then Hadrix is shot dead in the chest with a blaster, snarling as he's forced back against the wall, blaster trained.

<<"Punch it Zee.">> hissed out.

<"You're just hunting for butt if you're finding it in this armor."> Zee says deadpan, as she puts a blue bolt into the groaning guard laying at Hadrix' feet as she passes. She stakes up on the otherside of the door and turns her wrist over, counting down <<"Three... two... lights out.">> She strikes the button to activate the spike program and drops the top half of the hotel into darkness. Immediately switching through visuals until she finds something suitable, augmented against her helmets built in light set to a red IR to provide enough illumination for them, but very little for anyone more than a few meters away.

Immediately she's prying the hatch into the maintenance shaft open and dropping off the edge, firing a burst of her rockets near the appropriate floor to bring her foot down upon the ledge with a hand waving for Hadrix to join her. <<"We're on the clock. Twelve minutes. Target one is moving with security towards an exit near the north face of the Gala floor, target two is hunkering down beneath at able with his security detail forming up around him.. thirty or forty non-coms I'm highlighting in blue on your HUDs.">> Tap tap, <<"Target one is headed right in your direction Alorir.">>

Her Alor goes into protective mode stepping in front of her, taking out both guards in the time it takes to breath deeply once. Ca'tra touches each one of them with her foot to test for reflexes before she joins Sumi at the hatch to pry it open and jump. <<Roger that, Zee. Let's go.>> She waits for Sumi then drops through the hatch behind her.

Sumi fires twice after being shot at. When her bolt hits, she hears the bone break and winces. <"Rekk you."> Her weapon slides home and she turns to Ca'tra nodding. <<"Copy, we're tracking now.">> Sumi drops into the hatch and moves!

Tristin was hiding beneath a table, letting security do their job. She was yelling his name, but there was a question in the timbre - she didn't know where he was... Let her run. Draw attention. He can re-marry. The big suited types have blasters pulled, with tac-lights mounted to the sides, and grim red emergency strips on independent batteries are casting what was a well lit ballroom into shades of muddy red.

Viriea's face brackets immediately for Sumi and Ca'Tra, even on nightvision modes. Coruscant blue blood, married into bluer blood. To Ca'tra she has the hips of a woman who has had children. Her only kin in the system record is her spouse.

Hadrix drops with Zee, following her direction, carbine hanging on its strap, feathering his thrusters to keep at her side, ignoring the cheery bright glow in the chestpiece of his armor that is slowly fading. He doesn't wait for Zee to work her tech magic. He punches his armored fingers in and strong-mans the elevator hatch open for Zee, opening them to a small hall just outside the gala room, security and panicking guests already piling into it.

Zee slips in beneath Hadrix' strong arming the doors open and enters the hallway blasting, darting across the hallway in the dark with the illumination from her barking DL-44 leaving an eerie blue glow radiating on the silver reflective glass of her T-Visor. <<"Contacts in the hallway, at least two, possibly more.">> Hunkering up against a door frame across from the maintanence hatch they'd just entered through.

Sumi is the first Mandalorian Viriea encounters, and the last, for now. They look at each other for a moment, then the darkness flashes blue as Sumi plants a stun round into her leg, dropping her to the ground. When she attempted to rise off the ground, crying out. Sumi silenced her with a heartless second blast of stun blue to the chest. <<"One mark down. We're packing her up now and heading top side.">> Sumi glances down the corridor for a moment before turning to help Ca'tra deal with Viriea. They needed to search her, thoroughly, for weapons before binding her, and hefting that lady up to be transported.

Bending down next to the supine woman, Ca'tra immediately pulls out a medpac scanner checking for heart rate. <Got a live one, Sumi>. No sooner is the scanner back in her bag then the doctor searches her thoroughly for concealed weapons. <Not even a Czerka on her,"> she reports patting her down and removing her high-heeled shoes.

<Here give me a little room."> The taller woman does the Mando roll across their captive's body rising to her knee, then staggering slightly as she straightens with her slung over her shoulder. <"Let's roll.">

It's a wild round of red and blue bolts scream back and forth in the corridor, Hadrix moving forward in a crouch walk to keep below Zee's field of fire <<"Zee, I'm cover, get in, I've got your six.">> highlighting the door on his HUD, using the schematics to wireframe his visuals, his stun fire at least getting to move and clear a path.

It's a wild round of red and blue bolts scream back and forth in the corridor, Hadrix moving forward in a crouch walk to keep below Zee's field of fire <<"Zee, I'm cover, get in, I've got your six.">> highlighting the door on his HUD, using the schematics to wireframe his visuals, his stun fire at least getting to move and clear a path.

Viriea makes no move, and drools when moved, fully out from the stun fire. She's definitely upper crust, and Ca'tra's scans bring up all clear on her. The guards turn though, one shouting, "Countess is down! Countess is down! Open fire!" crimson bolts hurtling all around the pair of mandos with target one.

Tristin shouts, "ME! PROTECT ME YOU LOUTS! GET. ME. OUT." scrambling away from the Mandos, forcing the majority of the security detail to huddle up on him.

There's younger women...

Zee glances over at Hadrix when he says he'll cover and nods, dropping out of cover to dark directly up the hallway with her blaster pumping at her side. As she nears the cover the guards are trying to take, a foot plants in the wall and leaps off, pushing towards the open space between them with a blaster firing towards the backs... two miss.. one does not. Hitting them right the upper part of the thigh as she rolls out of her leap behind more cover so that she and Hadrix have them in a crossfire situation. <<"I think he peed...">> Sniffing sound <<"He might have shit...">>

Sumi chuckles at seeing the Mando roll, the action of the soldier's carry an old game taught to Mando'ade to teach them early how to quickly pick up a downed comrade. This memory fades the moment the blaring of blaster discharges, SET TO KILL, fill their corridor. Sumi puts herself between Ca'tra and any further harm.

Sumi's silhouette shows in the brief flashes of blaster fire until the darkness swallows her up for just a moment. A loud click, and the brief glow of a pilot flame emerges from the end of her weapon, then like a dragon, flames stretch out suddenly and brightly! The flames are not used with deadly intent, but it scrambles nightvision optics, or any constitution in their eyes that had adapted to the dark. Sumi angled the flames upward, touching the fire controls above to sow chaos. <<"Run, Ca'tra. I'll be right behind you.">>

And so she was.

The surge of adrenaline gives Ca'tra a moment of the giggles as runs then has to shift the woman's weight for a better carry. The blast of fire behind her cuts them off. Arms wrapped around the woman's leg and arms to keep her tight around her neck like a rich woman's ice crystal fox fur she runs down the hall. Calling over coms, <We are not rocketing out of this Sumi. Can we make it to a window and have Lady Face kiss the window with the shuttle?

The flames do as Sumi hoped. The VIP guards are blinded by the sudden blazing sun of liquid flames, the false rain falling suddenly, and the strobe of blaster fire making their enemy a series of freezeframes. Most people are on their faces, hands over their heads, screaming. One man is running among a crowd of servants and living shields, headed for the elevators now... Slamming his hand on the call button. Forgetting.

Zee is given a clear path with Hadrix firing into the guards, keeping their attention firmly on him.

<<"ZEE...">> The durasteel plates over one thigh are turned into a frame for a glowing hole of molten slag burrowing into the muscle, sending him face down to the floor as he roars <<"GO!">> Kriff... that's going to scar.

This is turning into a bad situation very quickly. Zee rolls off the wall and glances back to see Hadrix getting hit in the thigh, hearing him shout for her to go, while every fiber of her core screams not to leave him behind. There's a mission, but there's also a bond... forged in flame and sealed in blood..

<<"Don't kriffin' die or I'll shock you back to life and kill you myself...">> The Mando' says as she smashes through the doors into the gala, pushing frightened guests out of her way as she tries to line up a shot on one of the guards guarding Tristin. She fires, but someone bumps her trying to get out into the hallway and her shots go wild across the ballroom. Lacing blue into the duroglass with an discharge across the surface.. <<"Alorir, situation is going definitively pear shaped on second target.. I'm moving in closer for a shot, but Hadrix is in the hallway with a group of hotel guards between me and him and the exit...">>

They shoot blindly at her back while she makes use of some of the time she's bought. She arrives in the same room as Ca'tra and seals the door behind them, frying the control panel then turning. <"Step away from the window.">

Sumi lays on the plasma flames to hit the window full tilt, melting back the transparisteel to let in the sudden rush of air and ambience of the city planet. Sumi's cape takes flight at the sudden rush of air and she lowers her weapon.

<<"Fae, this is Sumi. Hone in on my IFF. I need you to back your ass end to us and open the back hatch.">>

<<"Copy, Ms. Sumi. I'm cutting traffic now. You'll see me in ten seconds.">>

And so it was. The Auxillary shuttle appeared, its S-foils folded out. VTOL repulsor lifts fire all along the ventral side of the ship as it twists slowly and the back ramp lowers to sit on the lip of the window. Fae looks back from inside. "Come on!"

<"You're up, Doc."> Sumi offers a hand to help her up to board the shuttle.

Does Ca'tra spend time thinking about what will happen if an air current pushes the shuttle sideways? Even good pilots would tend to overcorrect for that. Then, of course, there is the gap if the shuttle for some reason needs to readjust because of the VTOL repulsors wash up the side of the building. A split second decision cuts all this rumination off and she crouches lower, sucking in air at the pain in her thigh and takes a run at the back of the shuttle determined to leap the gap and throw the Countess off of her not wanting to run that ramp. She does, taking a tumble inside the shuttle and ruining the rich woman's gown. The sound of silk ripping could be heard if the engines were not so loud.

Does Ca'tra spend time thinking about what will happen if an air current pushes the shuttle sideways? Even good pilots would tend to overcorrect for that. Then, of course, there is the gap if the shuttle for some reason needs to readjust because of the VTOL repulsors wash up the side of the building. A split second decision cuts all this rumination off and she crouches lower, sucking in air at the pain in her thigh and takes a run at the back of the shuttle determined to leap the gap and throw the Countess off of her not wanting to run that ramp. She does, taking a tumble inside the shuttle and ruining the rich woman's gown. The sound of silk ripping could be heard if the engines were not so loud.

The immediate change of pressure is a nightmare for everyone not in a sealed suit. Some people suffer sudden ruptures of their eardrums, some are blown off their feet and others slide in the water towards the door... Worst of all? For Tristin? He and most of his security detail are pulled off their feet and thrown to the floor towards the opening Except for the one. But the havoc played by the pressure change sends blaster bolts flying wide.

In the hall? Hadrix is up, firing, one of the security guards already hampered by Zee before down and his compatriot unable to draw a bead on the big man.

Is Zee using party goers as cover?


Ducking in and out of the crowds she can see ahead of her as she moves in towards the VIP guards surrounding the Tristan AT THE ELEVATORS (FIXED). Some poor Ma'am gets a blasterbolt in her pretty red skinned back and Zee drops her off to the side with the red glow from her helmets light moving viporously through the terrified party goers until she's springing out with her right gauntlet ablaze with electricity. The fist comes stright into his shoulder, just at his neck, and she carries through the drop into a left hook right into inside of his left thigh. Carrying the dead weight up over her shoulder to stand omenously, shimmering for her shadowsuit augmented armor where her own helmet glows across the durosteel, above the remaining guards and Tristan.

<<"I don't have all day.">> Hands up, ready to fight.

With Doc on board, Sumi turns, dropping her flame rifle and drawing her blaster pistol in the blink of an eye. She supports her righthanded grip with a firm left hand and opens fire. A blue array of stun discharge hits Tristin square, spilling him against a wall. Down. Sumi turns, hammering a pair of shots that drop two others by Zee, clearing her path.

<<"Get the gotdamn mark, and let's roll, people. We are /leaving/!">> Sumi stays near the shuttle, her cape flapping wildly from the sharp winds and chaotic air pressure changes.

<Copy that> The Countess has been stowed out of harms way, leaving the doctor free to return to the fray. She takes a run back into the room, pistol out to cover Sumi and drag the mark out by a heel if that is what it takes for them to get out of the zone with everyone alive. On the HUD she spots their quarry. <Can we do this together?">

Security is down, hammered to the ground by Sumi's blaster and Zero's fists of electric fury. All while the woman called by the callsign Countess is lugged aboard and secured by Ca'tra. They twitch and groan on the floor, bodies battered and Tristin exposed.

In the hall, hearing the exfil order by Sumi, Hadrix groans and falls against the frame of the hatch, blinking hard as he feels the molten metal stop close to his femur. <<"Copy... Exfil">> his mind tries to shut down. Go sleep. You'll feel better when you sleep. But there was a choice phrase used about him for more than a decade.

Too stupid to fail.


Zee is squared off ready to finish this with her fists, when a bottom corner camera feed from Sumi's helmet indicates her Alorir is taking aim... Both hands turn into finger guns, banging as the bolts hit them. The mark, laying down infront of her unconscious, is grabbed by the scruff of his suit and dragging him up onto her shoulders with her hand going back down to the big blaster on her hip now that she's advancing on the security position where she'd left Hadrix.

With her charge laid across her left shoulder, swaying unconsciously against the momentum of her bucking run, Zee lifts her pistol and fires a pair of blasters directly into the chest of the remaining guard.

Hadrix's jets light off and he smashes into the ceiling and then the floor as he careens into the ballroom, identifying the opening made my Sumi, and drunkenly hurtling for it.

And Zee takes off with Tristan right behind him, hurling him bodily into the VTOL, then jumping in after Hadrix.

Her visor drops to look at Viriea.. up at Ca'tra and Sumi, two fingers pointed down and to the side at the female target, <<"Why is she mostly naked?">> Because that's obviously the most important part of what happened here.

<"Reasons."> Sumi says. The hatch closes, and Fae takes off.