Log:Data Snatch pt1 Planning

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Data Snatch pt1 Planning

OOC Date: October 24th 2018
Location: Corellia
Participants: Corellian Rangers, Tylin Creel, Merek, Dyannah Nerus

It's evening and all the normal chores of the Farm and the Rangers has been completed. It's getting late but Ty has been out running here and there and yon. She dashes into the kitchen, fills her plate and heads down to the basement. Not so much rushing now, must look calm and in control. Each step is taken slowly and a bit every other step. Till at last she makes the basement. A smile is offered to the many Ranger's gathered about "Hi, folks. Sorry I'm late." She says as she makes her way to the holo table. The plate is set to the side and the fork is left hanging out of her mouth as she activates the holodisplay. "So," she starts after removing the fork "Why I asked you all to come is we have a very lucrative proposition before us and I am looking for ideas."

Merek is wearing the poncho he often does, while he comes with hood up to the meeting, and places a few trays with covers upon the tables. Each one has a bantha steak marinated with pepper sauce, and some butter also. Fried tubers have been placed on the plates, with some tea on the side made with Andoan leaves. He finds one of the places to settle in and listen.

Boots scuff on the stairs as Dyannah clatters down the stairs, a plate balanced in one hand. She raises the other hand in greeting and goes to the empty chair with the table next to it. "I made Tylin late, she is just too polite to say it. Evening. My excuses to you all." The smell of the food is like a finger beckoning, as unobstrusively as she can, she fills the plate she carried with her and settles back in her chair.

Ty just smiles at Dy and shakes her head "When one of us is in need, we go to help. Nothing to apologize for, Dy." The holo display, after Ty presses a few buttons, springs forth a building. One everyone has seen here on Corellia. For how could one miss the largest business in Coronet City. It is the CEC headquarters building. "The CEC building. That's our target." Then smiles and lets the noise settle a bit. "To be more exact it is some data we need from CEC." She presses a few other buttons and the screen splits and shows the CEC space yards that orbit Corellia "Both places have what we need. We just need to decide which one we want to get the data from. I will need to get to the mainframe to get the data and download it. So, each has their issues."

She looks about the room "This is where you all come in. Which one do we go after and what are the pluses and minuses of each." Getting her plate of stew she moves to an empty chair and sits, feet propped up on the runs of the next chair. "Ideas, thoughts, concerns," she says and waves her fork to the room "I want to hear them." Then shuts up as she digs into her food.

Merek frowns a bit in thought as he rubs his beard, "Well... It's definitely going to draw attention if we don't succeed in it," he admits, while he looks from beneath the hood, "Yards would be in territory of entire navies, I think hitting the headquarters would be easier... I'm a registered pilot, I can likely assist in the acquisition of ways to enter it safely."

"You have plans for the mainframe rooms, I imagine," the zeltron taps her chin. "Need I say it? The easiest to access and without seeing those plans I can't give an opinion. Flying to the objective leaves us vulnerable to being tracked unless we microjump."

Ty swallows and still sits "Yesterday I did two things. I bought a ship. The End game, from the Headquarters. Security is massive there but easier to get to. Since it's on the ground." A nod to Merek "I then flew the ship to the station and found that the security is more lax but is surrounded by the FO ships. If the alarm sounds there it would be mighty tricky getting out."

Looking to Dy "I know where the mainframe is, at both places. Amazing what the public building records show. As for the actual systems," she shakes her head "Tightly controlled secret to both. I have no doubt in my ability to get in and get the data. It is the getting /into/ the actual places that has me stumped."

"I'm a pilot, so if you do wish to hit the Yards, I will assist... That said, if we do it in the city, it might serve to create a distraction with the ships, or perhaps we could have a team hit one with something that'll draw the personell that way," Merek explains, while he takes a drink of his tea. He sighs a bit in thought as he takes a bite from the steak which he has with him. "Or... We could try the other option, make them think for sure we'll hit one, and instead we manage to hit another."

She puts her fork down and swallows, "Let me brainstorm, if you will. You all have much more experience in this than I do. The last time I went into a facility it was in the guise of being inspectors sent in but on a Rim planet." Picking up the fork and waving it, "Those are good options from Merek. Diversion and distraction or going the 'official' route. Don't tell me you don't have something in mind, Ty."

Looking to David "The main thing is that we can't let them know that anyone has possibly been in there systems. This has to be done with the target not thinking anything at all is wrong or going on. If they know, or even suspect, they lock it down. Hard. That means no diversions, no letting them think we are hitting one place or the other. Just a normal quiet evening for them and the guards. No one has attempted this, as far as I can find so the more the guards are relaxed the better it will be for us."

Turning to Dy she grins "It would be hard to pass us off as anything offical." A bite is taken as she stands "Each one presents challenges." Pointing to the CEC Headquarters building right here in Coronet City "Tough security. Many guards. I saw hand scanner locks, which mind you is not that big of a challenge to bypass, as well as video monitors." She next points to the Station "Security is more lax there. Also the place is easier to get around. Hard to build a station and make it difficult to get about. The landing at the station is here," Finger points to a location and an arrow points to where she is pointing. "While the mainframe is here," almost 180 degrees away. "While in the building," she taps controls and three levels below ground are shown "here is where the mainframe is."

Merek seems thoughtful a moment, while he nods a bit to Tee, as his gaze is shifted to Dy as he rubs his beard a bit. "Both seem to have their own challenges, I think that we will need to gather even more information to move forward with it, personally. That's the one way we win, we learn what we can. You do have a lot of the information, though I'm thinking about what days will which of the guards be there, when do patrols actually manage to deactive security for repairs. Anything to make it easier."

"Excellent suggestions for reconnaisance! Is that information: guard change and repair schedule on line, Ty?"

Ty shakes a finger at Merek and nods appreciatively "Exactly, we do. We need to know when the guards make their rounds, when they change shifts. When the least amount of guards are on duty at either place." Shaking her head no to Dy "No. None of CECs data is avail. All closed systems. There is an airgap between their public online systems and their internal systems. I checked going through the net and no can do. There just isn't an connection between the two." She gives a shrug.

"What about sewage pipes? The big'ens? The ones with rats the size of raincoat over here." He points toward Merek. "Most of these places are built on old sewage tunnels beneath, and nothing, and I mean nothing goes lower than those tunnels." He scratches his scruffy beard under his chin. "I reckon a group of us, and someone decent with a map, can get down there and figure out where they are and break through from beneath. Cause you're talkin' a world of pain to go down into the building, but what about.. up into?" He sounded drunk, and the gesture he made with his hands, a fist traveling through his cupped hand, seemed suggestive and capable of being interpreted more than one way.

Merek nods a bit to the two, while he settles back to relax and sighs a bit. He drinks from the tea as he considers, "Well, the sewers would be quite an interesting idea, although it will have issues with the fact things are indeed, ROUSes."

"Essentially that is us going in blind. They could be shift changing and have double the number of guards on." Her steak cools on her plate as she looks off into the distance considering. "So,so,so," she murmurs to herself, violet eyes lidded in thought. "How are you suggesting we land there without every FO ship in the system scrambling? Did I miss that part?" she asks, a faint flippant smile softening the question.

Tylin chuckles as she sits back down "I bet I can get the schmatics for the sewers from the public records." She thinks, fingers drumming on her knee. A habit she does. Then with a twikle in her eye "So, this is what we are gonna do." she looks around to everyone present. "Rip, you and Merek get the," she snickers " shitty end of the stick. I'l get you the sewer plans and you check them out and find us a way in." She turns to Dy and smugly winks "And you, good Dy," she starts "gets to take the End Game and be the ditsy know nothing about ships and just bought the End Game and there is some thing wrong so off you go to the station. Get them to agree to look it over. Oh," she waves her hand about "There is a shake as full speed, a funny smell from the air systems, the ship shakes when going into Hyper." A shrug "something that will take them hours to look for. And of course you can't leave the ship cause your SO would have a fit. Observed and see what you can find." Ty looks at the others "How's that sound?"

"You are good with picking people's strengths, Ty," she observes with a distant calculating look. She snaps back to the now with a nod, "I can do ditzy, I channel a neighbor of mine from home. Incredibly ditzy and in reality, very clever. May I be the latter. Is the good doctor flying with us?"

Like I'm not going to be able to smell the difference between drek and Nerf burgers for a week." Rip said, chuckling. He pops Merek across the shoulder, like a comrade. "Wear your brown raincoat, pal! No telling what we're going to crawl through." Rip doesn't seem to mind. He can devise an explosive to get through the bottom. It's just a matter of finding where the building and the sewers meet up, and that was Ty's job.

"Yes, all the better. You two can play off one another complaining about your new ship. Yes, take the Doc with you." Tylin replies to Dy. She looks at Rip and there is a bit of trepidation in her look "I think the sewers are a great idea," but it is abundantly clear as she shudders at the thought of crawling around in them "I'll leave that up to you. Maybe take El along too? Oh, and the new guy Sava. Might as well break him in right."

Merek nods a bit to the others, while he stands up and stretches a bit, then he seems to think. "I will gather the things that I need for this, sounds like a plan." He doesn't seem too bothered by it, for whatever reason. Perhaps he likes the sewers? "That means we will only have one floor to deal with of CEC."

Rip doesn't seem to mind that Merek ignored him. It seems to be a common occurence. So instead of terrorizing the poor guy, Rip acknowledges their boss a final time and smiles. "I'll get it done. I'm heading outside to look for some bomb components to test against some sewer walls. We're gonna need some teeth to get through it, but I think I know just the trick." Rip stands and touches the tip of his black hat. "Ladies!.." He steps out the back and moves upstairs, whistling some lost tune terribly.

Humor glitters in Dy's violet eyes at the thought of Anadesi being on the ship with her. "I'm not sure that the good doctor will be entirely happy at that. Suits me." The humor glides into a grin.

Ty nods to the departing Rip "Just don't blow yourself up, okay. Or the house, or the barn or," she grins "You get the idea." She grins at Dy "Oh, I bet Doc will go right along with it. Pretty much what she is good at I am thinking." She looks at Merek "If I were you, I'd be going after Rip and talk to him. Get this thing done and over. I can't have issues in the team. Okay?" She smiles pleasantly. Then with a clap of her hands Ty stands and collects her dirty dish "It's been a busy busy day and we have more to go. This can mean a big payday for the Group so we really need to make this happen." Ty nods her head to each and makes her way up the stairs to do her dishes."

Doubt opaques the grin. "Ty," the zeltron calls following her up the stairs after quickly grabbing some plates, "we have as much friction as Tatooine has sand at the moment." Her voice fades as she reaches the kitchen, the rest of her words inaudible.