Corellian Rangers

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The Rangers came to be during the lawlessness days. Dedicated to eradicate the crime that has taken hold on Corellia. Over time their numbers has risen and fallen.

Rangers Today

Though it has been a tough time for the Rangers. Once many but now few, the struggle is fought against the lawless vultures that have taken root in to our beloved home. We struggle daily short of supplies, short of personnel, and short of support but our spirit continues to endure and we will not relent. We are fighters, medics, smugglers, slicers - A melting pot of any and all professions. Dedicated to restore Corellia to what it was before it was taken over.

So you think you have what it takes

The Rangers are made up of individuals from across the spectrum. Many are not Corellian by birth. The professions that make up the Ranger's ranks are as varied as anyone can imagine. While the Rangers are a combat unit and thus look for those skills in our members they also accept professions across the board. If you think you have what it takes to be a Ranger contact us on the game. The leaders are Tylin Creel (T) or Rip Recker (Rip) and we will be happy to find you a home with the group.


Currently since the Rangers are a small organization we are just one division. Our plans are to grow this into three.
1st). Soldiers - The front line fighters. The gunslingers.
2nd). Intel - Spies, slicers and tacticians that get the needed information and make the plans for the Soldiers
3rd). Support - Those that keep us going. Traders, smugglers, engineers.

We currently have positions for Associate Membership. These are the folks that support the cause from afar. They provide logistical support for they believe in what the Rangers are doing. From weapons, armor and to be blunt credits they help keep us running. If you would like to be in this latter catagory contact Tylin Creel (T) on the game.


Name Rank Position Image
Tylin Creel Leader Slicer Ty.jpg
Merek Ranger Pilot Merek.jpg
Dyannah Nerus Ranger Smuggler Dyannah.jpg
Anadesi Driver Ranger Combat Medic
Elrych Cometburn Ranger Pilot, Driver, Smuggler, Smooth Talker Elrychjacket.jpg