Log:Data Snatch pt2 Into the Sewers

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Data Snatch pt2 Into the Sewers

OOC Date: October 27 2018
Location: Corellia
Participants: Corellian Rangers, Sava, Anadesi Driver, Dyannah Nerus, Tylin Creel

There they were on an evening of light rain and low thunder, at the beach on the furthest east course and settled on the outskirts of town. The waves of the sea washed up, slapping the sand and spreading out wide, threatening to even reach the traveling group as they walked. The smell of salt was in the air, the sting of sand upon the wind, and the sound of laughter between them. Rip led this daring sorty to the only unguarded entrance of the sewer that he knew. To reach it, they had to march across the beach for about 3km until they were well outside the perimeter of the city.

The reason behind this was politics. The typical liberal populist propaganda about ozone preservation and cutting down on sea pollution. City law mandated a certain practice be maintained when it came to the drainage of sewage or any waste. But they weren't in the city anymore. Rip climbed the small birm of sand to a point near its top and knelt down. The bag of explosives he'd been hauling was set down beside. He transitioned to all fours and moved to just barely silhouette the hill to peek over. He holds up a pair of binos, and scans down the hill to the actual drainage point.

The drainage point was comprised of a duracrete design that was both wide and long. It actually stretched to the sea itself, eliminating any sort of obstacle like sand or debris that might block the seawater from reaching the drain opening itself. The drain was built into the ground and stood roughly the height of a tall man, but was circular and sealed with only a grate. During seasons of high tide, the sea moved into the drain, following the duracrete pathway that had been constructed just for that purpose. Every mumbling homeless vagrant knew when it was time to clear out of the sewers for its annual cleaning. When the tide rose flush with the drain, water pumped into the sewers, going all the way to the city with backfill and filth. Local turbines came to life then and redirected the flow to the origin, effectively flushing the sewers out and keeping within their city mandates.

This was not the season for such an event, so the beach slums made their home on the 100 or so yards of duracrete pathway. They had an area to bath where the water was easily accessed, and they had their network of tunnels to use. Rip spotted roughly ten of the vagrants, all huddled about a barrel fire. With the quickly approaching night, the sewer tunnel was left unguarded, but its grate was still on. Rip's group had to decide what path to take to get to the grate. The path of wholesale homeless vagrant slaughter, or tiptoeing through the sandfleas.

No one ever said that Ty was some master at combat. But seeing Rip make his way to the top of the dune as he did she follows suit. At the top she squints, trying to see as far as her unaided eyes can. "So, what do you think? I really don't want to kill anyone that doesn't need to be." She says as she takes her gaze from the homeless to look at Rip.

"Man... I should have brought a snack." Comes the voice of Elrych as he lays back against the defelade where Rip is overlooking the sewer entrance. He rubs his stomach and grimaces as it growls. He didn't want to eat before because he knew the smell would probably just cause him to spew and spewing was just not something this Corellian Jedi wanted to do. He pulls out his blaster pistol and checks the charge, "Only three shots left and I don't want to use another powerpack until I get my ammo mod installed." More shots, less money spent on amunition. He looks to Tylin, "Set to stun? These doops are just doing their jobs. Though, I might be able to convince them to take a hike." Maybe. It was a long shot as usual.

In retrospect the salted, non-descript meat Anadesi munched on idly during the hike was a poor choice. The scrabbling claws of brine empowered thirst found further reinforcement in the constant, dull rush of lapping water scouring the shoreline in its patient rhythm. The rationed swallows of water from her cantina did little to balm the sensation but the medic knew that the sensation was more in her head than borne of any real need from her body. Still, her expression remains more somber than normal and sitting on her haunches next to the august man that rolled the dice with their lives the other day did little to lift her mood.

Still smelling vaguely of decaying meat, it's clear that Anadesi has yet to wash properly. Fortunately, not remaining moist all the time despite the inclement weather, the offal has had an opportunity to crystalize in the various nooks and crannies where it remains resistant to the natural erosion of drifting air and moving limbs. The Jedi's complaints spark some measure of empathy in the medic; at least enough for her to offer the last of her own snack half-mangled with chew marks and held aloft by calloused, ochre-stained fingers.

The new guy was with them. He wear his armor and helmet which comepletely hide his person. The helmet equipped with a voice morpher to hide his voice as well. On his right shoulder is etched the Corellian Rangers. The unknwown man to most moves with the group, having stayed silent the whole trip here. His arms tucked to his side. He wore no blaster at all, just knivies. Either he was over confident in his skills or the not perfer guns. His helmet which provided low light vision gave him something of an edge if needed. He was here to kill First Order, nothing more. The masked person could only be heard breathing. (Sava)

"It's a tough call to make without generalizing about what these guys do. Most of what they make in creds are done by filtering spice and other drugs through an underground network for local gangs. If it isn't sold at inflated prices to the rich and pampered, then it's traded for favors in the slums; the kind of favors that puts a man to his knees." Rip said in a judging, suggestive tone before passing the binos to their boss, Tylin. "With it growing dark, I'm thinking we can spook them with something flashy. They may be tough, but tweeked out like most are, even a small explosion is enough to make them flee. I can set something to the grate and blast the kriffin' thing open or.." Rip rolled to his back and hiked a thumb up toward Elrych. "Robes here can wave his magic hand and miracle them off into the sunset."

Struggling with the binos, she just can't get them set right to her eyes so Ty just uses one eye and one view on them. Her other eye squints up as she tries to see. At last giving up she hands the binos back to Rip and listens "Well, hrm," then it's El that saves her quandary and she nods "Give it a try, it might work," she says to him before looking at Rip "If not then we can use your bang."

A sniff as the breeze blows the right direction and turning her head to Ana she smiles "Or we can send Doc down there and they might run?" To Sava she nods "Glad you could make it. We might be in need of your knives before this is done."

"Spice up spice runners you say..." Elrych echos turning to Doctor Death and accepting the salted meat. He pops it in his mouth and chews, wincing a bit at the saltiness. It hits the spot through as it slides down his throat. "Listen..." He says, "Let me try a little greasing of the wheels but of course this thing might just blow up in my face so...." He stands and brushes himself off, "Ya'll stay here one second..." And then the Flight Jacket wearing bafooon pauses looking to Driver, "Wait you come with me... I'm going to have to put my pistol away. You're my loyal Leuitenant who may or may not be in love with me." He clears his throat putting that pistol away and then swaggers his way up and down the hill towards the guards. This was going to end well.

Once there he holds up his hands to show he's not currently armed. "Hey guys... hey. I'm here to grab a shipment. You know, I'm the new guy on the block, yeah... gota get that spice through. So maybe you can let me and my mules in." He pulls out some creds and flashes them it. "Yeah, yeah?"

Despite sharing a similar history, Anadesi does not bother offering up and suggestions as to how they deal with the lower rung vagrants taking advantage of the sewer and its passageway in to the bowels of the city. She dusts off her hands when they're no longer burdened by the salty snack before casting daggers in the form of narrowed eyes and furrowed brow towards the elfin leader of the motley crew.

"Robes, heh," Anadesi grunts her fleeting delight before dispelling the moment with an offering of moisture from mouth to sand. The Jedi's suggestion elicits a cocking of the medic's brow followed by an incredulous mouthing of words. "What?"

Seemingly being given no opportunity to argue, Anadesi scrambles to her feet and does her best to strap a doe-eyed slant to her features as she falls in to the wake of the other man's flank. "Kriffing idiots," the medic slurs under her breath as her hand instinctually drifts to the hilt of her pistol. She has limited faith.

The masked man looks over at Ty and nods, "For all purposes, refer to me as Shadow." The voice was computerized. He states. Anyone who sees him might know the image from a news post on Nar Shaddaa, an assassin who killed first order members. The assassin moves with them, glancing at those who are here. Luckily he can't smell anything either or he might complain about the Doctor. He's careful for now and that's all he says. The unknown man was here ro help slaughter his true enemy. You paged Rip Recker and Elrych Cometburn with 'Oh boy. Another one.'

Rip stays where he's at while Elrych and Driver attempt this ruse. He motions for Tylin to keep watch and be their fall back position if things get rough. She might not be able to hit the broad side of a freighter with a blaster, but she could lay down suppressive fire if they needed it. While Elrych moves down the embankment, Rip is set in motion by first grabbing his bag of goodies and pointing at Sava. "Let's go, bigtime. Stay on my heels." His voice is a whispered hush, but he doesn't give Sava the time of day to argue. Keeping to the defilade, Rip is out of sight from those below, and running toward the sewer wall.

The group around the fire share a look as they watch this new guy make his approach toward them. Some begin to stand while the other half start rocking where they sit. "He don't look like the type!" One says, and another shakes his head. "Smells like CorSec if you ask me." About that time, the fattest human in the group steps from behind a large tent and comes into view. He's a big, tall, and wide mother kriffer, and he's got a massive blaster to boot. "ALL OF YOU SHUDDUP! YOU GET DOWN HERE KID.. and BRIN YOUR..niiice young lady with you! WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO WORK SOMETHING OUT, YEAH?" The rabble seems moved by the credits, but big fat-McFatty-no-friends does not.

Elrych frowns and puts his hands on his hips as the Tubby fellow makes his declaration. "Listen here pal. This smelly sexy lady is mine, totally mine. Like we totally bang a lot, okay!" He nods to Driver before looking back to the group. "It's the credits or nothing, yeah?" Even if this didn't work, at least he was distracting them enough for Rip to get the boom in place. HE still hasn't taken out his blaster.

"Shadow," Anadesi's face lights up like the corona of Sol when the self-ascribed epithet is uttered. Managing to suppress the full brunt of her laughter, the giggle that escapes causes her breast to rumble for a moment before her whimsy diminishes to nothing.

The large man's invitation has a far different effect on the combat medic as her sight becomes long and unfocused. She hangs there for a heartbeat before coming to with a shiver that contrasts sharply against the warmth of the beachhead. Mouth opening slightly, her tongue flits along her mouth from canine to canine before settling back to its resting state in her maw. Another opportunity to expand her knowledge of humanoid biology it seems.

That thought process is derailed entirely by Elrych's declaration. Andesi's fingers twitch around the handle of her pistol subconciously as the primal need to scorch the Jedi's face clashes the logic of focusing on the larger task at hand.

Love is in the air it seems. A smirk inside the mask is given as the guy wants to work something out. He hangs back a moment while waiting to see what the move is here. His masked face shifts a little to swirl around at the group. His eyes focus on the man who declares that the Doctor is his woman. However, the Doctors reaction makes him feel hes having delusions of granduer. Shadow lets those thoughts exit his mind and his training takes over. His arms fall to his side. His flicks his right wrist and a small blade slides from an small launch pad on his hand. A knife now held in his hand in case of trouble. No words are spoken, merely breathing can be heard.

Rip turned to see that he was alone, then took a moment to just kneel down and sigh. A deep, long, annoyed sigh. When he'd had his moment, he peeked the top of the hill to see what Elrych and Driver were up to. All eyes were on them. Rip crested the hill some 50yds back from the gathering crowd, running down the steep hill of sand to the duracrete flat and wall where the actual sewage grate stuck out like a massive rusty pipe from the side of a rock face at the foot of the sand embankment. Rip was now safely behind cover, where waving tattered tarps and jingling bells tinkled with the sharp winds. No one seemed to be around this part of the drain out, given it was dark and spooky. Additionally, the smell..

McFatty-No-Friends started chuckling. "It isn't your woman we want. She hasn't said that she wants access to the maze. You did, and that means YOU gotta pay the toll, pal." The fatty smiled with a face full of rotting teeth as he hiked his heavy blaster up to rest on his shoulder casually. His other hand scratched between his legs, scraping the pair of old overalls he wore noisily. "There's only one kind of payment we take around here, pretty boy." The others started to laugh, but no one made any threatening gestures or movements yet. They all seemed interested in what might transpire.

Sensing that things are not going as well and they might possibly go Ty shakes her head and pulls out her blaster "I really didn't want to do this," she says with regret in her voice. Her eyes stay glued on the El and Ana, the click of the safety being turned off sounds incredibly loud in her ears. "So," she whispers to Rip "what do we do now?"

As Rip moves so does Ty, staying in his footsteps, she looks back at Sava and motions him to follow as well.

"I will not let you take the innocnents of my hot blond bomb- wait what?" Elrych is taken a bit by surprise. "You want me to..." He makes a really rude gesture. Hopefully everyone gets it. He holds up his hands. "Alright... I give up." He closes his eyes and lets his hands settle to his side. "Okay... One last time." He opens his eyes and they... glow blueish... "You will step asside and goe play in the ocean... nakid with each other." Yeah... how's that Fatty Mc Fatso no friends.

Content to watch the Jedi's clumsy navigation of the situation, Anadesi drops to her haunches and studies the group with renewed interest. Her hands lift off of her blaster pistol to dangle between her splayed knees as her stone-hued eyes direct her attention from vagrant to vagrant. Elrych's bumbling attempt at playing the white knight draws the woman's vitrol but it's a fleeting thing having already been exhausted by slight after slight in the man's tasteless fantasy.

"I wonder what Parthenia would think of this," Anadesi muses softly. She lifts her bandages arm to twirl a coil of matted, sweat infused hair about her index finger.

Shadow makes his way now to follow in the foot steps of the others. The Fat guy seems to be in their way and his sights are set upon him. A light growl through the computerized mask can be heard as he was in the way of this assassin. Knife held firmly in his hand. His foot falls take him on the path of the fat guy. He's not one of knowledge when it comes to the force and the like so the jedi's attempt to defuse the situtation peacefully is not believed. He knows death for he's a weapon for it. Right now, this lethal melee assassin was bound for a kill, moving towards the fat guy unless he gets called off the hunt.

Crouched like a runner about to take position on the block, Dyannah absently brushes off the sand sticking to the knees of her fiber armor. The zeltron takes the apex of the triangle to watch; the roar of the waves covers their movements and makes it hard to hear unwanted arrivals. The sniper gun, sleek, new and deadly, is slung over her shoulder, the black band pressing hard into her shoulder. Calmly, she fills and empties her lungs, quiet inhales and exhales while she waits for the signal to move.

McFatty's expression seems to go blank for a moment. There was internal conflict within his head, but he nods. "Yeah, that sounds like a great idea." He lowers his big-kriffin' blaster and unbuckles one side of his overalls before turning slightly from the group. He seemed convinced until he saw a knife-wielding psycho closing the distance toward him. He had to protect his friends that had made such a rewarding idea. He steps his big kriffin' butt between Driver and Elrych using his big belly to separate them apart, shoulders his blaster and takes a shot at the closing Sava Tar. "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK! KILL EVERYTHING!" At the sound of this cry, the ten around the fire bolt up and look at each other. Norra Nomerts tries to punch Jump Type and valiantly misses while Jump follows up with a screaming haymaker and misses, stumbling sideways into a tent. The others scramble, looking for weapons to use.

Rip slides in by the sewage grate and opens his bag. He pulls out a shaped charge and a roll of tape, then begins to tape it to the grate itself, doing laps with the tap around the bomb and the grate spoke. When he finishes, he bites the tape then stabs a detonator into the gooey plastique before fastening a cord to the end of the metal detonator. "Hug the wall, this is gonna get loud." Rip tells Tylin, the only one who came with him.

Ty does just that, hugs the wall or what passes for it. When she hears the fat guy yell she turns her blaster in that direction but doesn't fire. "Oh crap," she mutters. To many of the Rangers are to close to the migrants for her to fire, at least safely so she just points the DL in that direction, ready to fire when possible.

Elrych smirks as Fatty starts to undress then turns to look at Ana, grimacing slightly "She'd know the difference between acting and reality, Doctor Death." He says that very soberly indicating he's been as eccentric as this before in front of his significant other. The Jedi clicks his tongue against his cheek and takes stock of the situation. His face falls as Sava RUINS EVERYTHING. "Not another mask wearing edge lord." He grumbles, he pulls his blaster and moves to find some cover, his movements a bit quicker than normal.

"Would she?" Anadesi's head tilts quizzically as her tongue flits about the top row of her teeth with a predatory cast. Void of much in the way of saliva though, her canines are left dry and chalky rather than glistening with mischevious malice. Of course, the machinery in her mind is given little opportunity to crunch away as Jedi space wizardry is foiled by bloodlust direct zeal in the form of the masked chef.

"Bith spit," Anadesi curses as she quickly takes stock of the situation and realizes she's far outnumbered and in the Krayt Dragon's maw. Rather than shoot, she orders her already coiled legs to launch and propels herself away from the crowd towards the way she came from. Little mind is paid to the lone Jedi and Sava's chances for survival.

The Assassin known as Shadow makes his way to McFatty. The blaster shot knocks his balance off having to avoid such at this range. So his knife swings twice, and misses both time due to being off balance. His masked eyes which are hidden by the helmet and the armor he wears, hiding who he is. It was clear. Shadow was a threat to this creature and he was going to prove it. A slight glance back to the Doctor, "Fall back some. Don't get take'en out." The computerized voice says to her cause well, she's the healer! You paged Rip Recker and Elrych Cometburn with 'Not much. What is with the state with all these super secret sneaky types now days?'

Uncoiling from her runner's crouch, the blue haired woman zig zags from behind the tent, sand flying in spurts from her kicking feet. She lands back against the culvert next to Tylin, knocking a huff of air out of herself and unshoulders the rifle. If there was a warning given it wasn't for her ears; she watches Tylin tense and instinctively does the same.

What follows after Rip's warning is catastrophically brilliant and spectacular. He heroically lifts the detonator in one hand so the two ladies near him can see it. "FIRE 'EN THE HOLE!" Click. Nothing. Rip looks at it, then clicks again. Nothing. "Come on now..." Click..-- Silence. Everyone heard silence as the payload attached to the spoke of the grate went supernova and a concussive wave spilled outward in a violent circle. The invisible force swept across the tents in front of Rip, Tylin, and Dy, spilling them over before a massive grey wave of smoke rattled the ground. The boom that followed, /no one/ heard because their hearing was already gone temperarily. When their hearing returned, it was in the form of loud ringing. The explosion had been focused inward, into the sewer, but that drew all of the oxygen outward in a whisp of terrible odor. Drek of all size, shape, and consistency shot out from the sewage hole at once. Those still fighting at the center of the duracrete landing were struck harmlessly by it. The ten bystanders searching for weapons were swept out to sea, while McFatty stood defiant against the tidal wave of stank. He wiped his face with a bare hand and spit out a dark glob. He couldn't see or hear. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" He yelled, trying to hear his own voice, but everything was muffled. In the distance, he saw a dark haired man (Rip) rise up from against the wall and fire. A defiant red bolt sank into Fatty's shoulder, making him stumble to one side. "OW--IMMA KILL YOU!"

When the bomb doesn't go off, Ty looks at Rip, a single brow raised "Really," she says and shakes her head. That is until the big boom rocked her and her pistol just went off. All by it's lonesome. Possibly. She looks at it and blinks "How?" But then she just quickly points, no aim, and pulls the trigger. PEW! And when she opens her eyes she sees that she hit the fat guy. With a beam of pride she looks at Rip and then Dy, since she arrived, "Hey, think I am getting the hang of this! It werent so hard."

"Yeah why don't you ask her sometime!" Elrych shouts to Ana over the commotion. Then to Sava who's engaging the fat guy. "Yeah no kidding, she thought of that before you!" He lets him know before leveling his blaster in the Fatboy's direction but he's already down for the count. Then smell hit and the Jedi turns green, lowering back behind the cover. The sound of wretching can be heard from behind the set of rocks.

There's a peace to be found in the silence before the storm; a beauty to be found in the voracious hunger of a chemical reaction unfurling like a death bloom to devour all nearby. Unfortunately, there's little time to appreciate the moment as the clarion ring of sonic assault is punctuated by the repugnant cast-offs of an entire city. Anadesi stops in her all-out dash to brace herself haphazardly against the flow of sewage. Her bandaged arm rises, covering her nose to replace one smell with the acrid scent of her own effluvial mix of blood and antispetic. It's a small blessing that the combat medic is no longer the most foul smelling thing within striking distance of the ragtag group.

Anadesi dismisses Sava's suggestion with a curt wave, belatedly acknowleding his suggestion. While some may believe she'd take pleasure in the Jedi's retching, she seems content to ignore his plight and marches forward towards the other members of the group that were closer in proximity to the questionably expert demonstration of explosive prowess.

With the blaster shots from friendlies aimed at the target he was going for as well, Shadow drops down onto one knee in a defensive crouch to avoid the cross fire from friendlies. When the sudden blast of smoke and smell come his way, the mask filters the effects of the blast. His form shifts to the side, hand catching himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Mcfatty fall. So far he was not use to working along side others. He was a lone wolf. As the smoke begins to to clear, eyes shift to the other threats who are sweeped out to sea. His helemted head turns to their Doctor to make sure she was still alive. She's important to their survival. Once confirmed, the strange masked man comes to a slow stand.

The world pressed its hands against Dyannah in the guise of a penetrating noisome smell and pressure when the bomb blew. Her stomach turns over at the acrid taste it leaves in her mouth but there are more urgent needs than the state of her guts. Sighting the man whose mouth opened silently with her rifle, she watches him tilt and fall under deaf impacts. It is almost comical watching Tylin's mouth open and close, Dy can feel her mouth shape a smile but she only shakes her head and points at the blown culvert. "We going?" she mouths back.

Only the stench of drek remain, the caked nasty substance dripping repulsive smelling substance from every obstacle that had been in the blast radius. Rip is standing, still holding his blaster out but looking back at Tylin who had shot and killed the big man. Surprise and pride cross his clean features, but he can't hear a kriffin' thing she's saying. "WHAT?!" Looking to Dy and seeing her point toward the culvert, he nods his head yes. "YEAH... IN THERE! THIS IS THE EASY PART." Rip stays outside to ensure the whole team is alright. Once inside, he takes the lead through the maze, but it requires all of them to work together to reach the intended location of the CEC Headquarters, in particular, their mainframe level.

"I said," Ty yells then gives up and tosses one hand up "Go, go, lead the way," pointing to the sewer with the pistol and giving Rip a push in that general direction.