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Desert Swoopers

OOC Date: Monday, April 01, 2019
Location: Tatooine
Participants: Rey, Aryn Cole, Elrych Cometburn, Zandra naMuriel


Its a random Moisture Farm in the deserts of Tatooine. It had been worn down and nearly unsalvageable when the Jedi had found it. Princess Leia had invested some of her personal funds into the project to restore it and give it to the Force sensitive people that they have been taken in around the galaxy. But as communities grow, sometimes they start to garner attention that they might otherwise not want.

This is whats happening now, here, at this secluded place meant to be a private refuge for people who just want to live their lives. Not join the Jedi Order, but also not be murdered just simply for being who they are.

The twin suns of Tatooine are beating down on the desert today. The people at this Farm have sent out an emergency call to the members of the Jedi, claiming that they're being boxed in by a group of swoop gangsters who've discovered their secret attunement to the Force.

A sandstorm has kept the gangers at-bay for the past 3 days, but now its letting up and the residents are arming themselves in preparation for a fight...

Overhead the engines of the Millennium Falcon roar through the blue sky, the disc-shaped YT-freighter curves around in the sky above the farm and comes to settle in off to its east... the boarding ramp lowers and a big furry Chewbacca descends it, bowcaster in hand and wookiee-fitted sunglasses/goggles over his eyes. "Raaaaawlll!" he announces his arrival as refugees move to meet him.

[19:28:52|Aryn Cole

The next down the ramp is the small Doctor, Aryn Cole. For once, she's taken to wearing the green tunic that marks her as one of the order. She wears no sort of cloak, but has a head wrap that covers her mouth, and goggles for her eyes. Her bright blonde hair is left to hang freely though, and it catches the wind with each gust. "I'm following you, big guy. You have the big gun and all the muscles. I'm just here to make you look good." Aryn says to the familiar Wookie. Aryn is not armed, in fact it doesn't look like she's carrying any sort of weapon except a small knife intended for medical work. Her hands, which are gloved, find her hips as she makes out the shapes of others approaching.

[19:33:18|Elrych Cometburn

Not long after the Falcon, a YT-2000 the others might recognize as Elrych Corellian Spike touches down. Down comes Elrych, greasy smile and geled hair, the best looking guy in the order -- or so he thinks. He is wearing his traditional corellian robes but the hood is down, sunglasses on, lightsaber hanging from his belt, and worn running shoes peaking out from the dark green cloak. "Swoop gang ant no thang, aye Dadio." He says with a smirk towards Chewbacca. "We got this."

[19:38:04|Zandra naMuriel Zan comes down the ramp of the Falcon, after Aryn, pausing to grin at the comments and even the Wookiee's greeting. She's got some jedi robes, but they're just standard issue - nothing to identify them as hers. But she is wearing them. No light saber, but she is armed. She pauses to look over at the Wookiee, having used some cloth to cover her face, to allow her to breathe even in the waning sandstorm. She's quiet, hair braided up tightly, and as alert as she can be. A nod to Elrych, and other than that, she sort of takes up a guard position.


Members of the Refugees start to appear from the various sandstone and durasteel buildings built into the desert tundra. They start to clump together and move toward the newly arrived members of the Jedi Order. Their Leader, is a man by the name of Cravox. He's in his 30s and has jet black hair and a large and impressive mustache, can't miss that stache from a mile away!

He recognizes some of the Jedi, Chewbacca, the one with the greasy hair. His right hand raises up as they walk closer toward each other. "You've come just in time." He says to them, his hand then motioning to a woman in her 20s with suntanned skin. "Mora here can show you to our wounded. We asked for a doctor... I really hope one of you is a doctor." He says.

Crav moves toward Chewie then. "They're coming from a ganger settlement about twenty kliks east of here. They... figured us out because one of our, aspiring gamblers..." Cravox gives a pointed glare to a lanky redheaded teenage boy who subsequently stares with embarrasment down to his feet. "Ratted us out, thinking he could impress a few girls by telling them he could 'use the Force'." Cravox grimaces and spits down onto the sandy ground.

He puts his hands back on his hips and his eyes look back to the Jedi. "Is this all you brought?" He asks then.

Chewbacca looks to Aryn, then to Elrych and Zan... then back to Cravox and he 'Aaarrawls' out a response with an upnod of his furry head.

[19:53:00|Aryn Cole

"Mora is it? I'm Doctor Cole. I can take a look at your wounded." Aryn didn't pull down her cowl or lift her goggles. She'd wait until she was safely inside. "I will need only a moment to grab my things." Aryn turns toward the other Jedi, nodding at Zandra and Elrych in turn, then climbing up the ramp. "I wonder where--.." Her voice is cut off by the whistling winds and rattling of sand against the hull. It takes a few minutes, but she returns with a satchel slung over her torso, and a larger aid bag that's prevelant in military aid stations. "Okay, Mora. Lead the way."

[19:54:02|Elrych Cometburn

Elrych purces his lips severly, almost in a comical fashion at the news that one of their own ratted them out. "Ah, well... It was bound to happen. Boys will... well it's a tired expression but you know what I mean. Thinking with their..." He clears his throat and puts his hands on his hips, "I'm just going to stop talking now." He turns a moment, looking in the direction where the camp is pointed out. "Chewie. Want to go check it out with me. Pay them a visit. Do a little space wizard magic while Aryn tends to the wounded." He looks to Zandra, "Not sure if you want to stay with Aryn or some with me... if we're even doing that. Could always just wait for them to come back." He shrugs, looking back out into the miles of sand, hand moving to scratch the back of his head. "They'll make a habit of it if this isn't taken care of."

[19:59:22|Zandra naMuriel Zan's smile shows at Elrych's comment. She has to shrug. "I don't know anything about military, I think that's yours and Chewbacca's stronger suits than mine." She takes a breath and looks to Mora. "How many wounded and how bad? Just seeing if we need one doctor or if we should focus on that first, and let them come to us?" There's a pause and then she says, "I don't know that I like us separated - we are a good team working together." She doesn't comment on Elrych's not talking any more about boys being boys. Because she really hasn't a thing to say there.


Mora moves to join Doctor Cole, she offers her a restrained smile and a little nod. Her sandy blond hair is tied back on the back of her head, but strands of loose pale locks blow about in those hot desert winds rolling over the moisture farm and beyond. "We're glad you've come." She says then when Cole is ready to go. She motions for her to follow. "The wounded are in the south storage room. We're keeping the children in the western repair barn." As she walks she points to the buildings respectively, they're not far from the Jedi, just about twenty feet, and fifteen apart.

Mora's eyes go then to Zandra as they walk. "We got five people with blaster burns on their backs, chests and shoulders. They're low yield blasts, we... we don't think they want us dead. Just... incapacitated." She says this with a massive frown on her face.

Cravox and the redhead teenager are left with Chewbacca and Elrych. Crav looks pointedly to Elrych. "This really isn't a matter of us talking them down from this, you know that, right?" He asks El. "We have to kill every last one of them... Or we're going to have to find a new place to live, and I doubt even your Princess, as generous as she may be, is up for that kind of trouble."

Chewbacca glances to Elrych, then back toward Cravox. He makes a little noise in Shyriiwook.

"They know the secret. If we leave even one of them alive, then this is going to... never stop." Cravox seems quite adamant about this. "Not until we're dead or captured anyway."

[20:14:07|Aryn Cole

"I will take a look. It sounds indicative of blaster wounds set to stun. Contusions and bone displacement are pretty common with those. I want to see the children first to assess their wounds because they'll be the tougher ones to treat." Aryn follows along with Mora, her gaze turning to regard each building as it's pointed out. The repair barn is where Aryn is headed next, pausing only to adjust the big bag she is carrying.

[20:14:16|Elrych Cometburn

"Cervix... Cravix." Elrych tungue tied, the muscle which he flicks around a bit inside his mouth before tring again. "C-R-A-V-O-X... right there. Sorry. Listen, man. I get where you're coming from but there are things with the Force... things I'm kind of learning to do that might help in this department without anyone getting hurt." Bad choice of words as he looks towards the wounded. "Well, more then they already are. Just hear me out, I know I can't just 'talk' to them. Do I look that dumb?" There is a pause, "Wait don't answer that." He takes a breath and puts his hands on his hips. "We can't just go around killing people but I want to try something first... and then if it fails we'll neutralize a hostile force. It'll be defence that way." He thumbs back at Chewie, "I mean have you seen this guy..." He was thinking, maybe they should have brough the Houk and one of the other Wookiees with them for a little more back up. Hind sight, folks. Hind sight.

[20:25:29|Zandra naMuriel Zan eyes Aryn and nods. "It sounds like you got this covered, yes?" she says. She is kind of not sure what to do, but she is at this point pausing to sense the immediate surroundings, taking a moment to check in with the force so to speak. Hullo, danger sense? You in there? Force sense? all the whatever sense? Is all well? That sort of quick little hopefully reasonably accurate check. AKA - let's make sure the gangers aren't already breathing down our necks while we talk about this. "I think I wish we had a few more folks with us, honestly. But we work with what we have, right?" She lets her breath out in a sigh, thoughtful.


Mora nods once to the two Jedi women. "We can check on the children first, none of them have any injuries, they're scared, but they're okay. Its the men that they've been attacking. Scumbag bounty hunters..." She mutters as she's moving past the small building where the injured adults are, some of them can be seen through the doorway, one is sitting on a bench with his arm in a sling and the other is laying down on a cot in the shady corner.

"Look." Craovx says to Elrych, glancing back to the Jedi doctors going to help his people. "You guys are appreciated, in what you're here for. Its true, but my people have fears... we didn't ask for any of thi--"

Suddenly, a blaster shot is heard on the horizon! Its aimed directly at Cravox! There's a sniper somewhere!

[20:39:59|Zandra naMuriel Zan's danger sense check came at a good moment. She stops cold, feeling the shiver at her hackles, and turning to look back at Elrych and his buddy. Chewie. the Falcon. "Crovax, duck! Sniper, just north of the Falcon," Zan calls out, loud enough for Crovax and Elrych to hear, and Chewie. Never forget the Wookiee. She doesn't run that way, figuring that they don't need more folks in the immediate vicinity of trouble. Besides Elrych is there, and he's the one with the big scary weapon. She's on the balls of her feet, ready to react though, and she pulls her - blaster pistol? That's just not going to work so well.

[20:44:18|Elrych Cometburn

Elrych becomes distracted a moment, as Cravox is speaking. The hairs on his arms and back of his neck stand up. He gets that weird familiar feeling. Cravox's speech slows as the Jedi turns away from him, drawn to something in the desert. Zan's words are but a slowed down jumble as his 'danger sense' over takes him. Then it comes. With lightning proficiancy, Elrych's black and gold plated lightsaber flies from his belt and into his right hand. He presses down on the activation button, the blue blade squeeling to life violently. The sniper's blaster bolts hits the blade and with a bright flash is sent into the sand. There, Elrych stands hiw his blade ignighted, the blue hue reflecting in his dark solar shades. "Get people to cover... Looks like we're doing it this way." Yeah this would have been a good time for more back up. He starts to takes off his cloak to free up some of his movement as was often the case when Jedi of old went into battle. "I'm not giving up yet... let's see if they come closer." He clears his throat, "Oye! ya yellow bellied Nurf Licker. I'll give you once chance to give up... She that wookiee, we got about 12 more on board that old bucket of bolts!"


Right after the shot rings out and the Jedi with the lightsaber successfully deflects it down into the sand, the Sniper stands up and starts to walk toward them. They're at least a hundred yards out though so its a fairly long walk, and they don't seem to be going too fast about it either, just sauntering with their heavy rifle aimed down toward the ground to their right.

But it doesn't end there, from all around the Moisture Farm comes the sound of Swoop engines, they're rumbling and growing in noise level as they encircle the camp. Visible Swoops with Riders all start showing up, at least twenty of them. They circle around the Falcon and the Spike as well, some of them sweeping right past the person with the Sniper Rifle walking toward the Farm and the Farmers...

Chewbacca 'Rrraaawls' loudly and he keeps his bowcaster held up! He looks over to Elrych, concern in his rumbly voice.

Mora looks to Zandra and Aryn. "We should get inside." She says. Cravox, had recoiled after the shot and now he's turning to grab for his own blaster pistol. "This isn't worth it! We should run for your ships!" He shouts.

[21:34:50|Zandra naMuriel Zan gives Elrych an indignant look. Porgs are not wookiees, dang it. She manages to not spit that out, but they do have a problem in that they are surrounded, and no doubt those swoopriders are after Elrych's gelled hair. "Alright flyboy, got any more bright ideas?" she asks him, though her voice sounds only a little bit exasperated. "I don't think they believe you." Twenty of them, Chewie. Twenty of them? She glances at Chewie to see what he thinks. "If we go in the barn/houses, are we any more than sitting ducks? At least the ships can fly - could we use one as a decoy?" Ideas - lots. Decisions? nope.

[21:38:59|Elrych Cometburn

"This isn't my fault... this isn't my fault." Elrych claims, looking between Zandra, Chewie, and Cravox. He looks back to the appreaching sniper and the gang, disengaging his lightsaber but keeping it in his hand. "Ah... okay... so... let's get them into the ships or ship and try to do that. Maybe use the Turrets on my boat if anyone knows how to use them for some air support. while we load?"


Cravox doesn't need to hear it twice. "Come, Jik!" He shouts to the redheaded teenage boy beside him and they start to run toward the ships. "Mora, get them all ready to go!" He shouts back to the blond, his blaster in his right hand. He gets about five feet before another blaster shot is fired in his direction!

The Sniper has their rifle held back up and he's about 40 yards out now while the Swoops continues to race around the farm and the starships. Some of them are coming up between the ships and the men on the Swoops are holding blasters of their own.

"Stop!" The Sniper shouts through their strange looking helmet, his voice is booming like its coming over a loud speaker. He's continuing to walk toward them as he keeps his blaster trained on Cravox.

Chewbacca's got his bowcaster aimed at said Sniper, but the other Swoopers are making the big Wookiee nervous, he doesn't want to fire and cause a massive chaotic gunfight to break out.

Once more the Sniper calls out, now 30 or so yards out. "Not one more step toward those junk buckets! I will shoot every last one of those children coming out of that barn if you do!"

[21:49:08|Elrych Cometburn

Elrych isn't about to budge from his spot. He looks around at the swoops and takes a deep breath. Blue eyes glance back towards the Sniper. "You want to turn around and forget about these people." The others can likely feel him reaching out with the force, trying to tangle about with the snipers head. It's not going over so well.

[21:58:19|Zandra naMuriel Zan's frown becomes a scowl and she glares at that sniper. now those force sensitive can sense her reaching for the force, but she's not aiming for messing with anyone's mind,nope. She concentrates, and the sand starts to stir. There are sandstorms here on this excuse for a planet. She concentrates hard, determination obvious on her face. Her empty hands come up, as the sand swirls, starting to form a sand wall over the sniper. Because he can't shoot them if he can't see them, right? "Get to the ship as fast as you can," she calls low to Cravok and Elrych.

[22:05:41|Aryn Cole

With a whirlwind of sand to preoccupy the sniper and any little sniper friends he might have, the window of opportunity to move the munchkins comes to fruition. Aryn is carrying one, and holding the hands of two others with a little girl chasing behind, one hand on Aryn's tunic hanging on, and the other on her stuffed Tusken Raider. Aryn makes it to the ramp and ushers the kids inside quickly. "Go go.. find a seat and stay there." She has a stern look and points. "Stay there!" Then smiles, despite the situation. <<"Kids are loaded, I can go back for the others now.">> Aryn says over their comm, her finger against her ear.


The mind affecting attempting from Elrych doesn't succeed, sadly, but it does make the Sniper focus on him instead of Cravox. The Sniper's rifle is swept over to Elrych and just as it looks like he's about to take a shot on El, the sand wall appears. Its a heck of a good idea on Zandra's part, it makes all of the other Swoopers around their Leader look flabbergasted in confusion over whats going on! These people have never dealt with actual Force users before, to them its all legends of hokey religions and ancient weapons!

Aryn's bold move pays off, she gets the children from the Barn to the ships, but Mora isn't able to move so quickly with the injured men in the storage house. She's frantically trying to get them up off of the cots and benches and out the door, there's four of them in total.

Cravox and the redheaded Kid are left watching. "Get on board, damnit!" Craovx yells to the kid who's arguably to blame for all of this. He flails about and runs toward the Corellian Spike (because he thinks it looks like less of a piece of junk than the Falcon).

But then the Sniper fires, from the cloud of sand and dust his scarlet blaster bolt ZIPS out of it and slams home against Zandra's left shoulder!

[22:22:22|Elrych Cometburn

Elrych ignights his blade once more, brining it up as the Sniper points the rifle at him. Then the sand comes... He blinks, looking from Zandra and back to the sand. "Oh, I didn't think of that..." Elrych says, turning to Cravok... "Get them to the ship, hurry." There may be a sand wall in front of the sniper but that swoop gang was still buzzing around them. El reaches out with his free hand and grabs one of the swoops and it's swooper, grasping on strong with the force and tossing it right into that dust wall and hopefully into the Sniper. He then turns and moves towards Zandra. "Come on, let's go!"

[22:25:22|Zandra naMuriel Zan is shot! Ow, that hurts like - her breath goes out with a whoosh and her eyes tear up. She shouts out something that is very uncomplimentary, so hopefully the children aren't listening! It's not in a common language at least, or not the one they've been speaking. She concentrates on that sand though, gritting her teeth and keeping it up. "Get the wounded on the ship," she pants to Elrych. "I don't want to lose this - we won't get another chance." Concentration is difficult, but she's willing to risk getting shot again, if it gets the innocent folks to safety. "Get them all on the ships, and then I'll go last." Well, someone might be a bit too brave, when push comes to shove.

[22:29:51|Aryn Cole

Aryn comes back down the ramp and wraps her face once more. It's to the other building she goes now to get the wounded. She joins Mora in the effort to move them, taking one of them by laying their arm over her shoulder so she can drag them quickly.Hopefully by helping Mora with two of them, the other can get the remaining. The ship seems far, but Aryn grrrrrs and pulls along. "Come on. Alllllmmoooost There."


The cloud of dust and sand, looks more like an unending wave of it just rising up out of the surface of the desert from the expertly controlled flow of the Force from Zandra's luminous being!

Another blaster shot rings out inside of the wave of sand flowing over the bulk of the Swoopers, but its aimed awkwardly and shooting up into the blue skies of Tatooine's mid day!

The men inside the cloud of dust are shouting at each other, they don't know whats going on, some of them are trying to turn their Swoops around to drive out of it! But one... one poor soul suffers the fate of Elrych's grasp on the power of the Force and it YANKS the Swoop out from under him! He flails and swings his arms in circular motions as he's sent flying forward (Wilhelm Scream Here).

The Swoops in the Sand is sent right into the man with the Sniper Rifle! Another blaster bolt goes off, but its sent down into the ground now as he is smooshed and rolled over by the heavy metal vehicle!

From behind the Jedi and the Farmers though, a few out-lying members of the Gang approach, they're off of their bikes and raising their gnarly mishapen blaster rifles up and firing off shots!

One strikes Zandra on the back of her opposite shoulder!

Mora is moving with Aryn now, Cravox has come to join them as well. "Thank you, Doctor!" Mora gasps as the three of them are able to get the injured men across the combat space toward the ships!

[22:45:02|Elrych Cometburn

Elrych looks towards Zandra and shakes his head, "We leave together... got it?" His lightsaber humming he ducks as the blaster bolts come from behind them. He doesn't notice the one that hits Zandra once more, not yet. Instead he plants his feet and flings his hand up. Thunder claps loudly as the Corellian Jedi lets out a primal shout. The sand around the three aproaching erupts and their bodies fly high into the air, travelling backwards violently. Where they'll stop... no-one knows. "Are we good?" He calls out to the others.

[22:52:05|Zandra naMuriel Zandra is stubborn. In case that wasn't obvious before. She is concentrating so hard that she doesnt' even realize there's danger coming from behind. And then that shot hits her from behind on her other shoulder and she screams with the pain of it. She goes down to one knee, nearly crumbling from the pain. Her breath is comign in panting spurts, but that sandwall stays there to the front. She doesn't realize that Elrych is turned to take care of the folks behind her, but she does call out, "do we have everyone? Aryn? Crovax? Everyone on the ships? Chewie? We're gonna want a quick launch yeah?"

[22:55:41|Aryn Cole

It's everything Aryn can do to get the wounded to bloody move. She is not the first to reach the ship, but she wasn't the last either. Every muscle in her body is screaming for her to collapse. The heat of the planet does not help the situation, and their dire predicament has left little time for her to fall over and try to catch her breath. It's to the fourth and final man that she comes to, and this time she hoists them on her shoulder in a soldier's carry. Step by weighted step, she tries to close the remaining distance back to the ship. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! Her face is red, her hair getting wet with sweat and nasty from all the sand! What's a girl got to do to get a big hunk with muscles around here?!


Cravox is doing his best to help the wounded, Chewbacca is trying to fix his bowcaster which has jammed. He's furious, he just fixed it yesterday but the sand, the sand! It gets everywhere! "Raaaaaaaaaaaawrrl!' he roars in frustration until finally the bowcaster unjams, he raises it up into the air and fires it at one of the Swooper Gangers that Elrych sends flying!

The combined efforts of Elrych's Force Push and Chewbacca's mighty bowcaster cause the single man in the middle of the trio to fly an extra fifty feet in the air back into a sandy dune littered with broken droid parts! He's... he's definitely dead.

The other two though are just dazed, and sent rolling across the sandy floor.

Once Doctor Jedi Cole has all the injured onboard with Mora's added help, Cravox calls out. "We're on! Lets go! Come on!"

The Swoop Gang is starting to emerge from the cloud of Zandra's telekinetic wave and they're coming around where the other three had been, that Elrych tossed and Chewbacca blasted... they're going to be able to fire their weapons soon!

[23:06:47|Elrych Cometburn

Elrych glances towards the Falcon as the call comes, and without so much as another thought, heads for his ship as fast as he can run in the sand. Which, surprisingly is fast. He doesn't turn off his lightsaber until he gets up the ramp, closing the ramp and heading right towards the cockpit. Getting in the pilots seat he starts up the ship. "Kid..." He says to his droid... "We're going to do a pass with the laser Cannon before we get out of here." The YT-2000 starts to whine to life.

[23:09:51|Zandra naMuriel Zan is behind Elrych. Quite a bit. She has been hit twice, and has been concentrating hard, but she heads towards the Falcon as fast as she can. Which isn't all that fast. She's noticeably starting to flag. Elrych at least makes it, and that leaves Zan on the way, wincing with each step. Stubbornness is carrying her quite far today, but she's not running fast enough. The sand that was helping her earlier? Now it's under her feet and trying to trip her up.

[23:13:49|Aryn Cole

Aryn has made it on board and collapses in the galley/rec area. She's so out of breath and disoriented that the kids find it funny and start giggling. "..okay.. let's get the ship ready, guys.." She says, breathing heavy. Her hands come up like she's seated in a pilots chair, and she starts moving the lever and making noises. The kids do the same noises, all varied, but their mind is off the battle.


The Swoop Gang has come around the bulk of the Moisture Farm's main buildings now to get away from that oddly localized sandstorm that was plaguing them near the outsider's ships. And now they're all dismounting their Swoops and reaching for their weapons as they charge at the fleeing Force Users.

More blaster fire shots start ringing out, toward the Falcon, and the Spike, Chewbacca fires back as he moves to help Zandra get onboard. His bowcaster causes one of the swoop bikes to detonate in a ball of expanding flame and smoke that raises up high in the air and casts a long billowing shadow to stretch across the desert's sands.

Then, the furry giant is on his way up the Falcon after Zandra and the boarding ramp starts to close.

From the sky, a single dark dot grows larger, and then the red cannons of laser fire open up. Its an X-Wing. A rebellion era X-Wing. Over the comms comes a familiar voice. "Sorry I'm late." Rey says to her comrades as she starts to pepper the ground around the Swoop Gang with red laser death. "Please tell me everyone is alive and well..."

[23:23:12|Elrych Cometburn

As the sensors beep, "I don't believe it." Elrych looks up and out of the cockpit window. <<"HAH! Silver Leader! Lay down some Proton Torps on them, yeah? Hell empty your payload on the whole property. I'm going by for a pass with the cannons..." He rises the ship, the blaster bolts plinking harmlessly off the shields of the YT-2000. THey were no ship cannons. He rockets forwards and sweeps around, joining the deadly blast of lasers that Rey lays down. <<"I think everyone is aboard, yeah. Aryn, Chewie... you guys picking me up at all.">>

[23:25:45|Zandra naMuriel Zan makes it up the ramp and she just drops. Probably right by Aryn. She winces though, heading to the pilot seat or the co-pilot, unless stopped. Mostly because she wants to see what's going on. And she doesn't know how badly she's hurt. It's really painful, but nobody's shooting her and she's not keeping a localized sandstorm going, so honestly, it feels a bit better. "Are we all aboard?" she asks, urgently looking to Mora or whoever can answer. "Please tell me we didn't leave anyone back there?"

[23:28:35|Aryn Cole

<<"Loud... and.. Clear." Aryn manages to say through heavy breaths. She just lays back on the floor as all the children laugh. A girl with a stuffed Tusken Raider has it bounce and dance over Aryn's stomach, giggling like crazy. <<"I'm pretty certain.. we're.. all on board. Let's leave this dreadful place.">>


Cravox is in the cockpit of the Falcon right after Zandra is and he nods to them both. "Our only other person is on board your other ship with that greasy haired guy with the light stick." He says to Chewie who makes a quiet bark of a noise back at him. Chewie keys on the mic and rumbles out a series of noises to everyone on their channel.

<<"Copy that.">> Rey says back to both Chewie and Elrych. <<"I'm firing on the main building. Elrych, take out those out-lying buildings. Leave the Riders be, they're no threat to us now.">>

The X-Wing swoops in over top of the Farmstead main domed roof and there's a sudden THWOOB-THWOOB as two proton torpedoes pop out of the sides of the fuselage of the T-65 fightercraft. The X-wing ZOOMS past the Farmstead, just as the rockets slam into it and detonate it into a flaming ball of destruction!

The Swoop Gang, is a mess, they're riding / running / firing their blasters in the air, they don't know what to do!

But, the Millennium Falcon and everyone on board is flying off toward the stars now.