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Specter of The Order IV

OOC Date: February 25, 2019
Location: Tython
Participants: Jedi Order: Rey, Syrus, Yuun, Zandra naMuriel, and Elrych Cometburn

The group, having been surrounded by a rather large group of Trandoshan's dressed in armor and armed with staffs, had a choice to make. Go with the Trandoshan who said that someone they knew was expecting them... or flee/fight. This group of Wookiee rivals had been scarry enough to send a pack of Flesh Raiders out for a hunt running in a hurry just when the group had somewhat successfully negotiated passage through their temporary territory.

Elrych blinks, "Wait... did you say the Master? Who's this Master?" He asks.

The Trandoshan snorts, which lizzards tend to do, before speaking in his native tongue. The old, slowed down voice of the translator continues to work despite looking like it might fall apart at any moment. "We are not allowed to speak her name outside of the Fount. Please, come or we will have to defend the knowledge." Rey eyes those that approach them and the one who specifically speaks to them. She then looks to Elrych and the others with her. "We'll go." She says as her eyes drift back to the Trandoshan. "But we are not your captives and you'll have none of our possessions. We are here peacefully, and we've nothing to prove to you or your people." She says this with a defiant confidence, but sincerity. "We've come for nothing but knowledge and experience to obtain. Once we've achieved that, we'll go on about our ways."

Yuun is quiet for the time being, he scans over the Trandoshans, taking in their appearance and what gear they have on them. He doesn't look to the others in their group, but he is moving in a way to help protect their right side. Upon Rey speaking up, he nods his head slowly and offers a smile as he looks to the Trandoshan.

Moving his hands to his hips at the arrival of the Trandoshans, Syrus seems to agree with what Rey is saying, offering an authoritative-looking nod at the end of her statement as a form of punctuation. But the Kiffar doesn't say anything. He just watches the scaly obstacles in front of them.

Dragoth Fess looks over the group with yellow lizard eyes of his. HE growls before his deep gravely voice returns the statements. "You need not worry. The planet provides us many points for The Scorekeeper... come, the day will not be much longer." He turns and starts back the way he came from, off the beaten path. His group moves past the gathered Jedi, respecting them not being their prisoners.

It's about twenty minutes up the hill when they reach a camp filled with more Trandoshan's. It's an entire clan. "Welcome to our home." He points towards a cave that the camp has seemingly poped up around. "Clan Fess protects the Fount. The only way to what you seek in the Fount. Come, we must consult with them." The Jedi get looks of interest from the other Trandoshan's as they move towards the cave.

Rey's eyes linger on the Trandoshan as he replies to them all and then she looks to his people as they pass she and hers by. Its then that Rey looks over to the others with her, she gives them all a passive expression suggesting that she wants them all to remain calm and alert, if one reads into it properly.

Either way though, Rey turns and starts to walk after those that are escorting them now. She doesn't speak to them, nor ask any questions as they go. She does adjust her satchel at her side and occasionally takes note of the lightsaber handle that is hidden behind it against her left hip.

Once they arrive, Rey takes in their camp with a long look around it before she looks back to the Trandoshan. "We're eager to explore further. At your lead then." She says to him and is quite anxious to get through this meeting, as it makes her more than a little uncomfortable, not for her safety but for the safety of those with her.

Yuun seems to calm down as he walks along with the other Jedi. He allows himself to be calm, if anything was to happen they can only do what they can. As Rey looks over at them, he offers a small smile as he looks to her. He glance at the others making sure no one has slipped behind too far and as they crest the ridge to where the Fount is, Yuun moves up a bit to get a better view and admires the view.

"You honor us by allowing us into your home, friends," Syrus says with a smile toward the Trandoshans, his hands clasping in front of his stomach. A few moments are spent looking around the village with great interest. It's not often that non-Trandoshans are allowed into their societies. Outside of being lashed to a tanning rack, of course.

Dragoth steps into the cave and leads them down the winding path. The walls are lined with lamps now and again, the power coming from a generator outside. "We would only allow those worthy to enter our camp. We kill or chase off the others. The Scorekeeper is pleased this way." If that was a compliment or a gratitude it was a really odd one. Then again, Trandoshan culture was surrounded by violence and hunting. It's not long before they reach 'The Fount'. It looks like a number of book shelves stacked row by row but those who know better might see them as computer storage units. Drives and banks for information. After all these thousands of years it is still running. As the group filters in, a blue hued older woman in obvious Jedi garb appears.

She bows, "Thank you Dragoth, you do your ancestor and my friend Qyzzen proud." Her kind but old eyes glance between the new Jedi gathered. "Greetings. I am Master Yeon Par. Welcome to the Fount of Rajivari..." Another heogram appears then, a bald man in back robes. "You insufferabe woman, why didn't you tell me we were going to have visitors. I can make my own introductions..." Yeon sighs and hangs her head, "And this is Master Rajivari. Try not to be overly disapointed." Rajivari glares.

Once they stop moving, Rey's hands fold together in front of her lap, the belled sleeves of her brown robe pool around her elbows as they're short sleeves, allowing her forearms and hands to remain unobstructed. This location gets the same surveying stare that camp itself got, but when the blue-hued holograms appear, Rey watches them quietly.

With a light nod, Rey speaks to them both. "Its a pleasure to meet you. We are..." She hesitates to say it out loud, but decides to proceed anyway. "Jedi Initiates, we're here on an expedition to uncover as much information about the ways of old so that we can learn... and improve, for the future. Any assistance with this, from... really anyone here, would be greatly appreciated."

As they reach their destination, Yuun looks around amazed. This is a treat for them all to be allowed into a sacred area of the Trandosshans. Taking a moment to take everything in, he smiles as he looks around and watching the Trandoshans interact with one another. It's not until the older woman dressed in Jedi clothing appear and begins speaking.

His attention focuses on the woman and as she begins to speak he bows his head to her. Upon standing up fully he offers s smiles, "Nice to meet you Master Yeon Par." he offers.

Coming to a stop within The Fount, Syrus, once again, looks on with wonder. Ancient technology is of particular interest to him, of course. But that's neither here nor there, because right now, he's talking to ancient Jedi leaders. "Masters Rajivari and Par. It's truly a great honor to meet you. Master Rajivari, it is because of what you passed down that we even manage to stand before you today. And Master Par, your sacrifices during the Sith War were never forgotten." There's a moment of awe on the Kiffar's face when something clicks into his mind about where they're standing. "The Fount of Rajivari..." he whispers to himself. "The first archive."

Yeon nods to Rey, "I know... I felt a great void of the Light for a very long time. Now though, you have returned and we must start the journey all over again. Just like life, things come in cycles. One ends and then another begins." This is an odd thing to say for a hologram. Rajivari grins to Syrus, "Ah... a fan. I don't get too many fans anymore. Don't thank me too quickly. I made plenty of mistakes. Lead us to the firs schism. I still don't agree completely with what the Jedi have become but I would never wish the Order destroyed." Yeon looks back to Rajivari and smiles. "Seems my centuries here have changed you some."

Raji grumbles, "I wouldn't get your hopes up. I don't know why you had to stick yourself here with me. I was happy alone."

Yeon looks back to the others. "There are a number of things to learn here from myself and Master Rajivari. However, I dedicated my time here to keeping our knowledge safe. I took the Holograms from the bridges, the holograms of our Orders Founders along with some other things and placed them in the Light Forge. I collapsed the original entrance so they would have to come through the Fess clan to get to it. Through the cave further is the way to the Lightforge. But be careful, there are trials to pass in order to gain the information you seek."

Rey's eyes sweep over to Syrus, she's thankful to have him here as he has a wealth of knowledge on the old Order. She's doing her best to get there as well, but having been dropped into all of this a year ago has been a very big... challenge to learn the ins and outs of a complicated galaxy, so complicated that she can barely keep up at times, or at least thats how she feels now and then.

At the Masters from another era, Rey softly nods. "Might you have any insight into the nature of these trials?" She glances back to her people and then regards them again. "We're a young group of Initiates, some of us have more training than others. I don't want to place my friends into harms way, if I feel that these trials might be too dangerous to embark upon, at this point."

"Mistakes are the price of sapience, Master Rajivari," Syrus offers in return to the man. His hands move to anxiously touch at the strap of the bag that's hanging from his hip while Rey speaks. He's smart, but he's not exactly...competent, so the thought of dangerous trials has him a bit on edge.

Zan has been quiet, as she walks along with the others, following along but saying nothing. Her gaze goes to the holograms with some wariness, perhaps due to her experiences with a certain other holocron. She does bow politely, acknowledging the presence of the jedi masters, but for now, she really is listening more than anything, curiously. Her own state so far is reasonably calm, alert, with of course sparks of nervousness that she is working to keep from disturbing her.

Yuun is quiet for the time being, Rey is doing a good job, his journey had only started a few month ago. He sighs a little bit as Syrus speaks up as well. He didn't know what to ask but after a bit, "You have a lot to teach, and we are the new life being brought into the Jedi, what can we learn before the trails?" he asks.

Yeon Par glances to Rey, then to Yuun and Syrus. Elrych doesn't seem overly confident either. "Of course you may do it when you feel ready. Either as a group or individually. That is of course up to you. In the mean time, what the fount has to offer is yours and the Orders. You may visit at any time but you can not take anything from here." Rajivari speaks then, "The trials are in three parts. These are not exactly the trials of Knighthood but they test your gifts in the force. I think they're a little weak but." He shrugs. Yeon continues, "There is first the physical test. After that is one of Knowledge and Intellect. The final is a test of what good and light lies within you."

Rey draws in a deep breath then and she has quite a bit to ponder there as she hears that these are related to the Jedi trials and Knighthood. "Well then." She glances over to the others with her. "I'm not quite sure any of us are up for a Trial that would help determine the level of Knight hood in the old ways. To be quite honest." She gives a glance to Syrus for his input on this before her attention returns to the others.

"Perhaps its best we... take more time before we rush into this." She looks back to the holo-projected Masters from another time. "We've no desire to take anything from this site beyond the knowledge it can teach us."

After a long bit of conjecture, Syrus turns to look at Rey and says, "I say we do it. Here, as a group, we stand a far better chance than any other time." Ponderously, he begins to wander, looking around at the datastacks and waiting to hear what the verdict is.

Zan says finally, "How long would you expect someone to have studied the ways of the Jedi and the Force before taking these trials?" she asks, curiously, finally speaking up. Her voice is soft and even, not betraying those nerves. "It is safe to say that most of us have not been involved in this at all for more than months, for instance." She wrinkles her nose briefly, and shrugs. "I guess we may have something to work towards." There is actually more than a hint of interest there. "Is it likely this is going to be damaged or fade away in the near future?" she adds after a moment. "I mean, do we have time to learn?" She glances to Rey and to Syrus curiously. "Can we do it as a group?"

Yuun listens as to what is expected of them, taking time to process the information that is provided. He isn't one to rush either, his skills has been focused mostly on the physical. He looks to Rey and nods to her, "I agree, staying here and studying would be very beneficial to us as it would allow us to expand our knowledge for one and improve or at least find what areas of the force we want to focus on."

"The Lightforge was the last step in an Initiates Training." Yeon informs, "It is not supposed to be easy to get here. It is understandable that such a young group may want to wait. There are other temples here to explore and other schools of thoughts on other worlds. There are tails of a great library, the answers to that they say is on Dantooine."

Rajivari looks towards Syrus, "A brave soul. She did say you could do it as a group, yes." He answers Zandra in the same sentance.

Yeon continues, "Yes... there is plenty of time young one. I have seen those go through it months after arriving here. I've seen others take years. Every Jedi has a different pace." She nods to Yuun, but looks back to Rey, The Paragon to make the choice.

Rey looks to Syrus and she watches him for a second before Zandra's words draw her eyes to her. "Its likely that all of this has been here for thousands of years.. so unless Kylo Ren and his goons storm here..." She trails off, glances to the Holo-Masters again before she looks to Yuun and then exhales lightly.

"If we go as a group, then we go as a group simply to surpass the trials and only do it for knowledge. This... place, is important in what information it holds, but as of right now its not the guiding factor for our Order. The trials that each of us are going to have to endure some day, will be different, they will be elsewhere. This is an archaeological expedition, not a test of our measure as Jedi Initiates."

She glances back to the Masters then and softly shakes her head. She has questions for them, mostly related to what kind of technology powers them. Holocrons, perhaps? But, not to be asked right now.

"If everyone wishes to progress further as a team, we can attempt it. With great caution though, I warn."

Nodding to Rey's decision, Syrus looks back to the masters and says, "Kylo finding this threat /is/ a very real threat." Tightening the strap of his bag tighter around himself, he steels his resolve for the myster of what is yet to come.

Zan's expression tightens and she nods. "I think we should try," she offers. "If nothing else we will learn a lot in the process." She glances at the Jedi masters. "I do have a question - if someone fails these trials, what happens? If we're to go in and try, I'd like to know the consequences as well as the rewards."

Seeing Rey exhale after he spoke he sighs and shakes his head, he understands what they are here for but for now he doesn't say anything else. He looks to the Hologram Master. He closes his eyes and allows himself to relax. He hasn't been rattled, but right now there is a threat to all of this. When Syrus speaks up he nods his head, "Right now we need to learn as much as we can and if we go as a group, you are right Rey, we go with caution, there is nothing wrong with this." he says. "I want to see our Order grow and be what we want it to be." Looking to Zan, than back to Rey to see what her answer will be.

"Nothing Perminant, I assure you. A dead Jedi Initiate does not learn any lessons now do they?" Yeon says to Zandra. "Good luck to you. Remember patients and may the Force Be with you. If you have any more questions, Master Rajivari and I are always here." The two bow then fade away. They are left there with the Trandoshan who points towards the tunnel that leads further into the cave. "The journy the Master speaks of is that way. May the Scorekeeper favor you." He then turns to leave back to his camp.