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MandalMotors Arc: Part 1

OOC Date: Jan 28, 2016
Location: Space
Participants: Russ Ordo, Narsai Ordo, Laika, Rax Vaelus, Wisp, Firaxa

Russ has called everyone to the briefing room aboard the Malachor, some people are fresh back from a survival run while others have just made it to the frozen training base on the planet of Hoth aboard the Thunderheart. As everyone begins piling in it is clear Russ looks exuberant, almost unable to stand still the corners of his lips pulling up into an unconcious smile. He waits for everyone to enter the room and sit before he begins to speak. "Ok i know many of you have not been privy to this information, and even on the completion of this mission it would be in our best interest if as few people outside the protectors knew as possible. For months I have been negotiating with Mandalmotors to try and get them to back our organisation." He looks around the room to make sure everyone is paying attention "I shouldn't need to tell you how big a step this would be for our organisation. It would mean an influx of ships, weapons and armour that we are sorely needing. It may not be an overwhelming flood, but a trickle over time means alot." He pauses again to catch his breath "Until recently I have had no success in my negotiations, but a couple of things have changed lately. The defeat of a powerful enemy that many thought would be the end of us, just as it was the end of the True Mandalorians." He nods to Laika and Narsai "And the fact is now they -need- us. All of their shipments leaving the Mandalore system have come under attack and have surrendered to capture. Every one leaving the system. This is hurtiung first off the economy of Mandalore and of course the profit margins of Mandalmotors itself."

Wisp is among the people assembled in the brifing room. Being as junior a member as she is, its a big honor and probably a chance that Russ is taking on the young Mandalorian. She nods and smiles as he fills everyone in on the progress with Mandalmotors, but keeps quiet for the time being. She had an idea or two where things were going, however.

A newly 'Recruited' Mandalorian, Laika herself is in the room, still fiddling with the armored gauntlets of her armor that aren't quite made for the claws of the Cat just yet. They still hit hard enough however. Listening to Russ words she nods, but she stays silent for the mean time. For the former slave? Mandalore is just the name of another world she's never seen.

Mandal motors? It's enough to have the Mechanic grinning too. Their gear, their ships and their 'toys' are all things that the young woman had spent much of her childhood reading on or actively taking apart. Pinning her hair back while they talk she's still grinning as she asks her questions. "They suspecting pirates, raiders, or the competition? There's plenty out there that would pay for even non-Iron Mandalorian tech, and plenty more who'd want it without paying."

Rax Vaelus clasps his hands behind his back slowly. Listening with a grim expression, Rax's eyes are heavily lidded as he takes in the exuberant account. Glancing briefly at Narsai, Rax adds while turning his gaze back toward Russ, "...This is a large step, Reviver. But I hope you understand that gravity is unforgiving. Once you start equipping this army you're assembling, people are going to take notice. Fast."

He nods one way, "The Republic..." He nods the other way, "The First Order..." He nods backwards, "Even the Hutts. It has not been so long that the words 'Mandalorian Crusade' do not still strike fear into the hearts of those on the Rim." He tilts his head forward slightly, his gaze serious, "Profit margins and popularity contests are one thing... Building an army is quite another."

Russ nods to Rax "Why do you think i have made our base of operations here on this frozen planet, no one in their right mind will come here. We should be safe here to build our strength. I do not want to begin another crusade, that will only lead to a repeat of history at this point. Hopefully soon I will find us a home and people will put a free Mandalorian army out of their minds for a time. Or we can stay off their radar long enough that attacking us without proof of our intentions will result in no one walking away the victor." Russ rolls his shoulders slightly before he gets back on target with the briefing "If it is just pirates it is someone with a grudge against them in particular. Other companies trading in the area have largely been ignored." He nods to his sister again a tight grin on his face at her perceptiveness "I think it is far more likely to be a combination. I think someone out there is using a proxy to try and achieve their goals, hiring merceneries, pirates or raiders." Wisp smirks at the mention of a crusade. "I think we'd need a lot more people to start a crusade.... a /lot/." She chuckles a little bit and then recomposes herself. "So, sounds like we're going to be dealing with some pirates on the behalf of Mandalmotors. I see no problem with that. But, if it turns out to be something else going beyond that like you suspect, it could get nasty."

"Wouldn't be the first time someone hired someone else to do their dirtywork and take the blame," Laika comments, adjusting the gloves one last time before she stands straight with a little shrug of her shoulders. "Mercs and Pirates die all the same, we just need to know where to catch them." The Cathar remains standing back, not a comment offered on Rax's assessment of the building forces.

"An army of mercenaries for now," Narsai says with a shrug of her shoulders and a look towards Rax. "Hopefully they'll look towards us with desiring eyes before they go to fear and strike at us. If it gets to that point, we'll just hope we're strong enough to hold firm. We're not the Neo-crusaders after all, we've taken no worlds and burned no lands..." she trails off and brings her mind back to the present. "So if they're getting hit in transit what is the plan? Fly escort, ride with the cargo and see who tries to snatch it...?" The former pirate just smirks. He smirks a little more at Laika's comments, but it's a little more wry. Once Narsai's said her piece, Rax nods over to Russ, "They're right. No respectable pirate is dumb enough to hit Mandalmotors without backing. Too much risk. That's like waltzing up to Kuat. Desperate pirates, however, or newbies, would love such a target. /Especially/ with backing." He shrugs at Narsai, "Be ready to repel boarders if the pirates are being paid. They may just see us as another prize." "Mandalorians have garnered a bit of a... well... pacifist reputation in the recent years." Wisp adds. "Hitting Mandalmotors might not feel as dangerous to some now as it would have say... thirty or forty years ago."

Russ nods to Narsai "Well a little of all three actually. As to where we are deployed as a unit, well i was going to put that to a bit of a vote amongst us. See what you guys thought was the best move. The Malachor is being deployed into the area, we do not have the forces needed to guard every shipment so we are doing what we can. The Malachor itself will be defending one of the larger shipments, a few squads of soldiers will be riding escort with a few different freighters to repel boarders and another of the larger freighters is being defended by a couple of our fighter squardrons." Russ pauses for a moment "So i would like to gather your thoughts as to where we would be most useful to deploy. We are not many, but we are the tip of the spear of this organisation. Every other unit has been ordered to eliminate the threat by all means at their disposal, i want us to try and figure out the source of these attacks so we can figure out how to stop them." "Well..." Wisp ponders over that thought for a moment. "You mentioned that /every/ Mandalmotors run is being targetted? If that is true, and not just overstated, then we should probably investigate some inside work. Leaking all the manifests and shipping schedules would make sense if they are accurately hitting them. If it is true, we could use that to our advantage and set traps." She punctuates with a shrug. "Otherwise, you have to give us some options to vote on."

"Probably." Laika says with a nodd at Wisp before shrugging her shoulders. "But Mandalmotors wor whomever, aren't likely to want to shut down and do nothing while people go interviewing for spies...or they wouldn't have hired us." The mention of picking what shipment to guide, Laika adds a smile. "Simple. They might not want to tangle with the Malchor, so lets pick one of the other transports and leak that a prototype ship or weapon is going to be on it...and have us there waiting. If we need to have one there to sweeten the deal? The Thunderheart would fit the bill."

Narsai opens her mouth to say something, but Laika beats her to the first bit. The Marauder is a hell of a deterant unless they've got something bigger themselves. The second suggestion? It earns a grunt from the pilot and a sigh. "She's right, if they're going after valuables...they don't get much more valuable then my baby. But if we do that? I'm going to be riding along with her. Noone is taking my home from me." Wisp nods, agreeing with Laika. "We'd not conduct any investigations, no. Mandalmotors would do that themselves. However, it'd certainly give us an edge if we figured it out." She handwaves a bit. "If such a scenario were true, that is."

Rax Vaelus says, "I vote we hit the nicest, largest ship. Either something well known, or clean. Either one of those is the hallmark of a mastermind. And we'll likely only get one shot at them. If we commit and fail, they might not show their faces openly again." Rax folds his arms slowly, shrugging. "But it's not really my place to decide here, and using the Thunderheart is a valid strategy.""

"Both then?" Laika suggests. "We use the Thunderheart as bait, and jump the 'boss ship' when they come, spring the trap and board them before they can realise what's going on?" The cathar glances between the others. "We'd have to split into two teams, if you're going to protect the ship Narsai."

"If I have to hold the Thunderheart on my own, I will." the Mechanic says, Narsai shrugging her shoulders. "It'll buy you time in the mean time. I'm sure Mandalmotors would prefer we put up one of our own ships to one of theirs, and I know my ship. I can change sequences, lock it down. Noone will be able to take it out fast enough to go around us. If nothing else, succeeding with this sort of risk should build a hell of a lot of trust." Rax Vaelus closes his eyes, his arms still folded. "You know my strengths. I will go where I am needed most." He shrugs, glancing up and aside, "You know...I never dreamed that joining the Mandalorian cause would see me potentially boarding another vessel once again, with the intention of taking it. Almost brings back memories."

"So what is it then? We riding shotgun with one of the transports? Or are we going to be aboard the Thunderheart?" He shrugs his broad shoulders "If we leak word of a new prototype ship or weapon, and have the prototype Thuunderheart either in dock or flying alongside as additional bait. They are going to come at us hard." He nods to Rax "Chances are we are going to pull one of their command ships straight to us, probably will an escort." He looks to Narsai "There may be too much in the air to have the Thunderheart flying out there amongst it all." He pauses for a moment as he considers the plan "Ok then, if they are coming at us this hard chances are they are going to have a fair number of enemies to deal with. So are we taking the fight to them, or defending what we have and then launching a counter offensive hopefully before they jump to hyperspace." "Put the prototype ship in the cargo manifest and I am willing to bet they will show up even without a physical object there." Wisp adds with a nod. "Set it up with Mandalmotors to ensure that no workers from the other pirate raids are on board and they will likely be none-the-wiser." She smirks a little bit.

"Alright." Narsai says after the discussions are made, looking at Russ. "We'll tell them to switch out the crews, add the Thunderheart to the Manifest but keep her on our Marauder. Keep the Malachor back till she's called and draw them in with the cargo ship. When the cargo ship arrives we move to take the enemy ship while some of us defend the cargo ship. We don't want them just taking control of it and jumping away. Laika, Russ, you two can handle close quarters fairly well, work together to take the bridge of their ship, they won't be expecting an attack. Whisp, Rax. One of you should stay with me to repel boarders while the other back up the other two...IF they tractor the ship in and dock with it using a bigger ship? All bets are off, we break out and fight our way to their bridge." Rax Vaelus bows his head with closed eyes, "I have ample experience repelling boarders, Narsai, and they will be forced into a chokepoint. I will defend the vessel." He glances aside at Wisp, "They will need ranged support taking the ship. I will not." His eyes narrow down at the true Mando'ade, "Go, and fear no darkness." Wisp looks about at Rax and shrugs. "I suppose if he insists, then that will be fine for me. I admit, I'm not too familiar with fighting in these settings... as in, I've never really done so." She lets out a little sigh. "Hopefully it won't prove a major hindrance."

The preparations go well, a few whispers are started around the company pointing to a recovered prototype ship shipping out with their next lot of departures. The Thunderheart is seen by many of the personnel of Mandalmotors in one of their hangers in the days leading upo to the shipment. Quietly the night before the shipments start it is smuggled back to the Malachor under cover of darkness. The Mandalorian Revivers are then deployed several troops of Mandalorians boarding several different transports to fend off landing parties. Lastly the crew stow away with the transport carrying the supposed prototype, to the right company easily worth millions of credits.

The flight as they often are is incredibly boring and uneventful, right up until it isn't anyway. They all feel it as they come out of hyperspace, preparing for another jump when it happens. The craft shudders and rocks, the lights flashing and dimming in ways that is familiar to all aboard. Finally looking out one of the viewports it would seem that someone has taken the bait. Sitting outside firing a steady stream of Ion bolts is a CR92a Assassin-class corvette. The internal loudspeakers crackle to life "Our shields are failing and we are caught in their tractor beam. They don't have enough force to pull us in, but we are not going anywhere." As the speech dies out a bad situation gets worse, two smaller flares of light appear next to the opposing corvette. Those with knowledge of such things can tell, those are two boarding craft, each capable of holding up to thirty men each.

Loading up her pistol, Laika straps on her helmet and looks at Russ from beind the T-Visor, rolling her shoulders. "Once we're onboard, you could call in the Malachor to try and get behind them, knock out the engines. If they've got all their power on the tractor, they're not going to have their shields at max. The confusion will let you and I get up through the ship to the bridge easier." Rax Vaelus turns away from the porthole when the boarding ships appear, his eyes narrowed with grim intent. "Leave -them- to me." He looks hard across at Russ and Laika, "Take that ship. They shall not have this one." Moving to the center of the bay, facing the direction the ships were coming from, Rax narrows his eyes, centering himself as he forms a martial pose of some sort with his hands--one flat and vertical, the other bent in an L under it.

No such poses from Narsai, but the Mechanic slips her own helmet down over her face and steps forwards, bouncing a little on the balls of her feet. Thirty men against two and whatever Mandal motors security can offer? Sounds almost like fun. Her left hand rests at her hip, ready to draw her blade while her right rests on the grip of her small carbine that hangs at her other hip. "Good luck," she says slowly to her companions.

Russ nods to the others as he grabs Laika "Lets go! I had a few of the Mandalmotors mechanics convert one of the escape pods into a boarding craft." he starts to run towards it as he slips on his helmet. His feet echo loudly on the metal shodded floor "How many suicide missions can I go on, this is about the third in the last two months. You know those ships can be manned with up to 160ish people yeah?" Russ chuckles as he runs alongside Laika "Good thing we decided to have the Malachor back us up on this one." He presses one of the button on his gaunlets as he slides into the escape pod "Malachor this is Preserver, they hit us at Theta point. Reinforcements required immediatly."

The two boarding craft hit the transport ship, the added impacts rock the ship violently plasma cutters immediatly start cutting through the blast shields. Only a few seconds more until up to sixty armed and violent pirates swarm aboard the MandalMotors transport. Finally the blast shields collapse inwards with a massive hull shaking clang, war cries from dozens of throats echoing out as they storm aboard the ship. The former pirate in black, maroon, and grey stands stock still as the ship lurches... It is not until the first cutting torch appears that Rax breaks and runs in that direction. Taking up position next to the streamers of molten metal, Rax closes his eyes as he tries to clear his thoughts... But the rage is there. The anger he has always fought with. His brow furrows as the memories from dozens of such actions play through his mind.

When the hole is just about finished, Rax lifts his head, eyes opening. Reaching into his light black robe, the former pirate draws out a hilt of black, chrome and gold...and flips it as he slowly gets into position. As the wall of molten metal falls inward, there is a sudden blaze of light, and a loud snap-hiss of sound. Even as the first boarder storms through the hole, Rax whirls around, a broad beam of light carving through the air!

Rax Vaelus depresses the gold button on his lightsaber. Suddenly a blinding bright blue energy beam extends from the metal hilt with a snap hiss! Rax Vaelus swings his powerful lightsaber with deadly intent. The saber's blade growls with a hungry roar as it swings through the air towards Pirate!

A shift of her stance and Narsai looks at Rax nodding her head. "Now is not the time to hold back," she says simply while they wait for the firey ring to reveal the foes hiding behind. The smaller, armored figure stands beside the man as he steps forward, sword she'd reforged herself in hand blazing with deadly light intent to cut through the invaders.

....but it isn't alone....

Pulled from the hidden holster built into her blaster rifle's stock, the woman's gloved hand produces something. A hilt, smooth in shape and carved by some expert hand likely more skilled then even hers was long ago. Thousands of years of history had carried this blade from the hands of the great Mandalorian knight who'd wielded it to the leader of the Deathwatch she'd cut down on the bridge in the hardest fight of her life. Taking the weapon in her gloved hands she thumbs the igniter and looks sidelong at the man who's got questions. But right now the only answer is the hum of the ancient lightsaber.

Narsai Ordo depresses the small button on her lightsaber. Suddenly a blinding bright violet energy beam extends from the metal hilt with a snap hiss!

Following Russ onto the escape pod the woman just laughs next to the other Mandalorian, strapping herself down intot he escape pod as the ship blasts from its berth towards the bigger craft that had planned on keeping them captive. Flexing the fingers in her gloved gauntlets she grints behind hr mask. "Suicide missions? Just another day for us."

Russ doesn't even grin at Laika as he watches the computer screen installed in the life pod/boarding craft. He watches the turbo lasers on the Corvette anxiously, letting out a small held breath. "Looks like they aren't too interested in the life pods. Thats good news at least." Russ hits a few more buttons on the computer and they can feel it as the life pod changes course and rapidly accelerates. Russ presses himself back hard into his seat, and closes his eyes holding tight to the harness keeping him secured. Hitting the enemy craft is disconcerting, the shock of the impact nearly giving those contained in the pod a concussion. Immediately the hidden lasers start to tunnel through the Assassin-class corvettes armour. Russ throws the straps of himself and stands into a low crouch drawing his blasters as he moves. "Ok."

The pirates stream to try and surround the Mandalorian and the reforming pirate, but no one wants to come within reach of weapons like that. Not after what they have seen happen to their comrades. Each of the fighters is faces with a number of pirates wielding vibroblades, those wielding blasters wedged behind them in the assault ships unable to get a clear angle on the melee fighters instead they start to fire overhead at the Mandal motors security forces.

Rax Vaelus cut down the first man in three clean swipes of the blade. But he cannot stop at least one of the boarders from coming through. They're a lot more determined than he expected, being willing to brave both the molten ring of steel in close quarters, and a lightsaber. But he simply shrugs, focusing himself for a fraction of a second with closed eyes...

And then his eyes open, and a terrible roar rises from Rax as he actually SPINS into the attackers, whirling his blade about himself in a cyclone of blue energy! Whirling wildly with the humming beam of energy, it stretches into wide, arcing planes of light, slashing all before him. Wild and chaotic as it may be, those who have watched him with the airplast tube would recognize all the same moves, all the same techniques...merely amplified and sped up many times faster. Rax has become a whirlwind of death.

Narsai's weapon humms and roars as she slices downt the first two of her foes, even her own face behind that helmet is one of suprise at the ease with which the blade neatly carves through foes. Truely it shows her just how close she'd come to death so many times at the hands of the weapons' previous owner. Moving in step with the other swordsman she ducks, weaves, twists and strikes, every movement precise and viciously cuting down those that try and step around them to flank without the slightest wasted movement.

The impact makes Laika cry out, but she's still concious and that's a good enough start. Rolling her shoulders after the impact she nods at Russ and starts to move as soon as their path is open. "Fastest route we can find," she nods at the man. The less of them we have to fight, the better."

"Oh don't worry, they are going to have more than just us to deal with real soon." Russ touches one of the buttons on the side of his helmet "In about 5 seconds actually." Unseen by all of the Mandalorian Preservers the Malachor thunders into the system. It is only slightly larger than the Assassin-class corvette, but it seems to dwarf it with it's sheer presence. The legendary skull of the Mythosaur, symbol of the Mandalorians emblazoned in red over the bridge of the craft. As soon as it enters the system it's turbolasers lash out, impacting heavily on the Assassin-class corvette's shields. The craft groans as Laika and Russ storm aboard, coming under the influence of the Malachors trio of tracter beams. Their boarding does not go unnoticed even if their craft is alot smaller than the one attacking the Mandalmotors transport. The Duo are met with a warcry and four men armed with vibroblades backed by just as many wielding blasters.

Even as skilled as they are, and with as much foward momentum as they manage to maintain Rax and Narsai are slowly being driven back. The pure press of bodies backed with weapons enough to cause them to dodge just enough that they cannot manage to hold the same position forever. The blaster fire over their heads intensifies as the pirates trade fire with the Mandal Motors security forces hiding behind their various pieces of cover. The bodies begin to pile up, the men seeming even less willing to throw themselves on the molten blades of the defenders. Their advance slowing even further as their survival instincts kick in.

Another hit. Red pain. Blood red. He can feel the lances go in. He knows he is being stabbed. But Rax is fully enveloped in the blood fury now, and he does not stop. The brilliant blue blade swings, arcs, turns, and hums. Soothing blue and white. Flashing black. Whirling scenery. Rax dances through the moves, through the pirates, through the air. He is turning and pivoting and slashing and kicking, occasionally flashing out with a spinning leap like a tornado, and other times ducking low. He is attacking everything, all the time, fighting like a man possessed.

Even with lightsabers the pair aren't quite invincible. A blade plunges into the woman's side and Narsai gives a loud cry of pain before lashing out with her saber, the blade humming angrily in her hand as it wounds but doesn't quite kill the man who'd harmed her but certainly leaves him something to think about.

Dodging between the blades the Cathar never even feels the little strike of the bolt against her beskar as a wicked idea comes to mind. Leaping high she moves to try and seize one of the men trying to kill her and pin him close. Her armors fireproof, but as she tries to frame her flamethrower gauntlet towards her target's face? She's fairly sure he's not.

The Revivers struggling for their lives inside the two ships cannot see it, and it might be a cold comfort to some of them. But the space battle is fairing well, the Assassin class corvette was clearly not prepared for the arrival of the Mandalorian filled Malachor. The Mandalorian craft has dispensed its fighters, two of the gauntlet class fighters tearing through space towards the Assassin class corvette, with two more ripping towards the transport. The shields of the Assassin class start to fail under the fire of the Mighty Malachor, mighty blasts starting to scratch the hull of the pirates vessel.

Russ leaps back inside the vessel the attacks of the pirate bladesmen coming within a whisper of decapitating the mandalorian, he rolls sideways as one of their blades spark along the side of his armour. He activates his jetpack for a mere second to thrust himself back giving him enough room to open up with his blaster pistols. The flurry of blaster bolts sending one of the bladesmen tumbling to the floor. He groans clearly still alive, but for now out of the fight.

On the side of the Mandalmotors transport things are getting slowly more desperate. The Lightsaber wielders are extracting a heavy toll on the pushing pirates, but those pirates apparently have a brilliant health plan. And now they circle like sharks drawn to blood in the water. They can see the lightsaber wielders are starting to falter. It is only a matter of time. As the pile of bodies grows, Rax presses the advantage, forcing his foes to fight on top of the corpses of their fellows. Pressing them ever back toward the still-cooling breaching point, the flashing blue blade hums and whirls, moving with brutal power and years of practice. He's still bleeding. Vibro-wounds are...nasty. But he can stand, he can fight, and he can WIN. His electric eyes -blaze- as he roars again, rushing forward to cleave into the never-ending wave of foes, "Come at me, singly, or in groups, but I will slay you all!"

Summoning forth an inhuman scream, Rax actually performs that flying cartwheel kick, leaping over his own lightsaber only to use the momentum to whirl it about in a huge arc, sweeping around the circle of foes arrayed against him!

If nothing else, they're making a statement. She might be wounded, but for every attack that comes at them, they've managed to cut down two or three. "Press the attack!" she grunts, but the words are probably lost on Rax if he did speak Mando'a. Her own blade moves with a sharp humming strike, trying to cut down as many of the remaining men as she can.

Getting warmer, Laika drops the first toasted pirate down onto the ground and gives an inhuman snarl, the noise likely distorted further by the helmets comms system. Already she's leaping at the next, she has two flame throwers after all and more targets to take down.

The battle rages on both ships. Bodies beginning to pile up, more so on the transport with the lightsaber wielders. Unknown to the command team of the Revivers the battle is changing around them more than they think. The Assasin Corvettes shields fail, and the turbolasers of the Malachor tear into it's hull blowing many of it's armaments away from it's frame and disabling it's engines. Inside Russ and Laika are thrown around by the massive impacts of those powerful lasers tearing through the armoured hull of the ship they are aboard.

That is not all that is changing with the battle though, Rax and Narsai don't notice it at first. All of their focus and all of their might being absorbed by keeping the pirate boarding parties in check. But even to them it still becomes apparent quickly. The bodies of the pirates still trying to force their way from their boarding craft begin to fall in an alarming number, their bodies dropping to join their comrades being cleaved by the lightsabers. Looking back you would see it just as a massive battlecry shakes the room, there is no longer just a few Mandalmotors security back their, but two dozen armoured and armed Mandalorians. All of them from Narsai's 'special' unit and all of them ready for violence.

Russ grunts as the other bladesmen attacks, his sword whispering along Russ's side. He throws himself foward as the man moves to swing, throwing the man back. Rising to his feet again he catches the mans vibroblade in the reinforces pads of his Mandalorian steel gauntlet "Bet you weren't expecting that." Russ palms his pistol up and presses it to the mans chest rapidly pulling the trigger, some of the shots failing to connect as the mans body goes limp and he slumps to the ground. Russ grins as he stands, dodging the blaster fire of the pirates further down the corridor only to see the bladesmen push himself to his feet again. "This is why everyone keeps telling me i need new weapons." And then...stillness. The crash of the allied war cry seems to jar Rax out of whatever blood fury he was in. Blinking once, as he breathes heavily, sweating from the effort, Rax is suddenly brought back to the 'Now'. Closing his eyes slowly, Rax breathes in...and he breathes out...

The lightsaber comes up, humming before him as he stares beyond its glowing blade. Sweeping it out and down to his side, Rax takes silent steps forward, rushing faster and faster and then, he jumps, the lightsaber humming in tuneless harmony as he chases down the fleeing mercenaries.

Narsai is actually feeling her wounds, even if she doesn't want to admit it. More of her strikes are too slow to land, but she's nothing if not a little stubborn. Violet violence flowing as an extension of her hand she presses on, striking out as best she can with the weapon the roar of the battle cry behind her actually makes her stop. Behind that T-Visor? She smiles. "FORWARD!" the Mechanic yells, her brothers and sisters at her side.

Russ and Laika can hear it as the battle is joined aboard the ship, the sounds of combat as their allies board amplified by the close confines of the CR92a Corvette. Russ grins beneath his helmet, against pirates like this the Revivers seem like gods of war in comparison. Their arms and armour sadly outstripping those of their foes. The pirates however do have the numbers and a massive drive for survival. Four men lie behind Laika and Russ equal parts fried and bloody. Four men are still arrayed before them, all of them wielding blaster pistols.

Narsai and Rax aboard the transport watch as the pirates fall over themselves in retreat, the floor thick with their bodies and cauterised detached limbs. The Revivers joining Rax and Narsai continue to pour on the fire as the pirates retreat. Showing no mercy on the fleeing men. The smell of burnt flesh, ozone and blood fills the hanger bay. Emriel and her team set up at their boarding location. She is more apt to engage in long range fights, but she is a Mando'ade. Whatever comes will work. She gestures to the others and two move forward launching grenades into the ship. Though they explode, they only propel choking smoke, extreme noise, and a really bright flash.

Her team moves ahead rapidly, gunning down the unfortunate pirates in caught in their initial entry and quickly storm the halls, making their way to meet up with Russ and Laika.

Laika raises her fists, holding them upwards and flexing her fingers before looking at Russ with a nod of her head. These aren't armored Mandalorians, so compared to the Deathwatch? These are nothing. Drawing her pistol in one hand? She leaps in close once more. "You're in my way..." the feline hisses at her foes.

At almost the same moment as Emriel and her team enter, from her side, Firaxa's team breach the ship. She may be a medic first, but she is still a Mandalorian which means she's leading the group rather than hiding behind them. Motioning four of the men forward, they take up positions down the walls of the corridor as the remainder lay cover fire behind them. Firaxa and the other half dozen crewmembers then begin the process of moving down, leapfrogging their way past the others like a well oiled machine. They are not shy about taking down the pirates - it isn't difficult work, but there is alot of it. Rax Vaelus slowly lowers the gleaming cerulean blade of his lightsaber, looking grim and focused. But he does not charge. One does not rush a small hole that Mandalorians are firing wildly into. So he stands his ground, glancing over at Narsai. He's wearing black robes over a maroon gi, with loose, dark pants. He's probably the only non-pirate thats unarmored at this party. Whirling his humming lightsaber around and down, he comms to Russ, "Transport secured, Reviver."

Narsai stands at the other side of Rax, bent a little by her wounds and not rushing forwards either. Dropping to a knee to catch her breath she keeps her glowing violet-bladed weapon lowered, blood seeping at the slice between the plates of her armor. She'll live, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like hell.

Russ leaps foward with a jetpack assisted jump, the blaster bolts of the pirates lighting up the corridor around him. He grins as he manages to dodge all of the incoming fire. He comes up in the middle of the of two of the pitare gunmen, his armoured leg kicks out knocking one of their guns to the side before hiss blaster pistol ends his life in a flurry of bolts.

Emriel and Firaxa press the advance into the pirates ship, both of them are talented warriors, but both lack official training as squad leaders. Some of theur men fall, sustaining heavy wounds at the heavy panicked fire of the pirates fighting for thier lives. Their own toll on the pirates though is much heavier, as the armour and training of the individual warriors shows through. The space battle outside subsides now that the pirate vessel is disabled, their space fighters gone into the emptyness of space.

One of Narsai's men approaches her and offers her a quick salute. "Commander, the pirates are in full retreat and I have sweeper teams clearing the ship to make sure none made it out to cause chaos during the melee. Do you have any other orders." He looks over the warriors with a judgemental eye "We also have medics standing by." Emriel holds back somewhat. The loss of a couple of men made her hesitant to push forward with the same speed she had, and thus her advance slowed. That worked more for her, but she knew it could inconvenience those she was reinforcing. She encourages the others to do the same. Move slow. Stay safe. They needed to have each other around to celebrate with later once this is over. Rax Vaelus whirls his lightsaber into a reverse grip, holding it parallel along his forearm with his arm down at his side. He waits quietly for Narsai's command before moving. He is wounded, more heavily than Narsai... But he just stands there, in silence, blood slowly staining his clothes.

Laika...needs more practice with her gun. Missing horribly she snarls and weaves between the bolts headed her way, lashing out with her hands and feet. The armor protects her, but it is very limiting for the use of her claws. It's harder then most people think to beat a man to death. Luckily for Firaxa's team, while she might not be a trained leader she IS a trained combat medic and thus she's able to at least check on those with her who are hit - field medic-ing is done efficiently and under fire. Most of them seem to look like they will die, but there'll be a few scars. But she doesnt call a halt to the forward movement - she has a place to be!

Narsai shakes her head, moving to stand straight once more and lets her lightsaber deactivate with the loud almost squeel-like noise. "I'll survive. Attend to him," the mechanic and pilot says, gesturing to Rax before digging into her belt for a slap bandage. "Make sure they haven't left any suprises on the ship and seal these breeches. Let Mandal motors know their cargo is secure."

Russ turns, one of his hands reaching out to direct the pirates blaster away from his body. he only half succeeds as the pirates blaster fires straight into the armour of his leg penantrating slightly to blister the skin and flesh beneath. He growls as his pistol goes of as he squeezes the trigger in response to the pain, he forces his blaster pistol into the stomach of the pirate and pulls the trigger. Watching as the pirate falls back right before Firaxa's shot takes them through the head cleanly finishing them off. He turns and offers the reinforcements a quick salute before he dives in to finish of Laika's foes.

Aboard the transport the medics move foward, designated by a mark on their shoulders. Coming upon Rax they look over his wounds expertly. Their voices are calm and proffesional "Sir we need you to lie down, if these clothes are important to you remove them now. Or we will cut them off. Your wounds need to be tended immediately before you lose more blood." The officer with Narsai offers another saulte before they turn effeciently tasking their men to seal the breaches and search the ship for any devices. Wisp does her stuff. She shoots a pirate down, but her rifle isn't as fast as those the others wield, but maybe its accuracy makes up for it. When things are done, she moves to meet up with Russ. Rax Vaelus grimaces as a Mandalorian in, well, Mandalorian armor wanders over. Rolling his eyes to the ceiling, he stands there while the man or woman, who may or may not be a medic, applies some disinfectant and a slap-patch of bacta to some of his puncture wounds...though the one over his liver actually causes Rax to cry out and nearly double over. He doesn't know it yet, but that one actually punctured the organ itself.

Over on her side Laika's next shot does hit, but it's damn near useless. Holstering it with a grunt she goes back to swinging fists, trying to pounce and drag one of the remaining men to the floor. Nothing like having an angry armored Cathar land on your chest! With wounded around her now that the firefight has died down somewhat, Firaxa moves into her basic role - medic! Holstering her rifle, she swings her medic bag around and moves off to join the medical teams. Better to keep the soldiers alie than to have to train new ones!

Narsai for her part does her best to...not look injured. Not so easy with blood smeared down her armor that is probably entirely hers. Lightsabers don't tend to leave bleeding wounds. Taking a deep breath the woman watches the soldiers go to work carrying out their tasks. This...is still new to her. Once things have sort of calmed down and the groups are ready to move on, Wisp gathers up her little squadron and moves out, heading to secure engineering. It'd be essential to claiming .

Russ grins as the reinforcing Mandalorians reach his section of the ship, the teams swiftly splitting and controlling the flow of pirates throughout the ship, preventing any of those pirates that are retreating from reaching the bridge and reuniting with their allies in a last ditch effort to hold the bridge. All that the original attack team needs to do now is finish off these stragglers and take the bridge itself. Russ throws himself into combat again, his battle senses telling him just how close they are to total victory. His blasts throw one of the last remaining pirates back, holes burnt through the rough armour he wears, blackening the flesh along his ribs. Russ raises his pistols again, both of them resting equal with the mans head "Surrender now."

The medic examinging Rax looks up at him, that T-shaped visor looking somewhat menacing even as they treat Rax's wounds. "As soon as we have finished this battle you will need to seek proper medical aid. Our limited first aid that we have available to us when we are in the field like this may not be enough to stop a future rupture or damage." Narsai is doing an admirable job standing upright as her blood dribbles down her armour, she knows just how important it is to show strength to her new command. Them being who they are. Rax Vaelus glances at the medic Mandalorian, "Yeah, whatever. I'm--" Rax turns to make a sweeping gesture aside, and nearly goes down again, finally getting just how deep the wound went. "Ugh. Okay. Yeah." He places a hand lightly over his side, nodding to the medic. "Medical attention when we get home. Got it." Wincing sharply, Rax hobbles away with as much dignity as he can manage, to his designated place now that the transport is secure. Rax doesn't go down until the all clear is given. Ever.

Laika's one of the strange people who seems to get more dangerous without a weapon in her hands. Thowing several punches in rapid succession she finally lands a knee hard against the pirate's gutt and doubles him forwards...right before she smacks her helmeted head into his much less so, dropping the man with an audible 'Thunk!'. She didn't even feel a thing!

Narsai has moved back from the lines as the others call and seal the ship at her command. Now? The Mandalorian woman moves to be escorted away where she can be patched up, a pile of corpses left in her wake as her fight is done.

The last pirate throws his weapon away, those dual barrels pointing at his face from point blank combined with the bodies of his comrades strewn around the corridor and the brutal keldabe kiss that Laika delivers to her opponent. The battle to the bridge if they were just two would have been long and brutal. But they are not just two, Mandalorian sweeper teams have cleared the way for the command team to reach the bridge. Chunks of pirates line the walls, clearly the Revivers were not in a taking prisoners mood. Many of them have family that work or are affiliated with Mandalmotors.

Finally they come to a stop before the sealed bridge door, two Mandalorian technicians leaning over the control panel as they work on opening those heavy blast doors. Russ speaks quietly to Laika as his nearly spent powerpacks hit the floor, new ones being slid into his blasters. "When we get in their i want you to take the commander while i work on whoever else he has in there with him. You are slightly better at leaving people alive when you want to then i am. Especially when you are wielding the blunt weapon known as our armour.

A nod from the Cathar and she grins, not that he can see it behind her helmet. She raises a hand ready and waiting to attack whomever they can pick out as the leader when they move towards the bride. "Keep them off my back, I'll put him to sleep" she growls before she gestures for Russ to open the door and takes a crouch, ready to pounce into her rush.

The doors finally slide open, and the waiting team is met with a hail of gunfire. Apparently when their ship was disabled they dispatched most of their bridge defence team to defend the rest of the ship and stop the Mandalorians ever getting this far. They were not succesful. There are only three men, one dressed in almost to classical pirate attire wielding an embelished vibrosword. He flourishes it dramatically as his comrades continue to pour fire into the

Russ seeks cover in the doorway as the pirates open fire, several of the bolts slamming into the sill opening blastdoors that Russ ducks behind. He growls slightly as he waits for a gap in the fire. He spins out from cover both of his pistols blazing with molten hate, one of the pirates screaming as the bolts slam into his chest burning through his armour. Russ grins as his jetpack flares at the end of the dramatic gunslingers movement, throwing him to the other side of the doorway where he takes cover again.

Laika is through the door like a armor-wrapped bullet, down almost on all fours for a moment before she socks the pirate leader hard in the chest, advancing on him with a growl. "As you wish..." she almost purrs, but that undercurrent of ferocity still hangs on her words as she moves on the sword weilder, deftly avoiding his strikes.

Russ grins as he leans out from cover, his first couple of bolts taking the injured pirate through the skull before he switches fire to the other target. Now that the incoming fire has halved Russ charges in with a cry. "For Mandalore!" His pistols blaze as he weaves around incoming fire, his return fire more effecient as is skims along the side of the pirate guards head.

Laika's hands slap together...but it's not to catch the blade. That's a vibro-blade damn it! Instead her hands catch his before she pulls his shoulder past hers and then drops her elbow onto his wrist, the impact sending the weapon skittering away before she moves to hit him several times in the chest, only to jump back with a hiss as a blaster bolt hits her flank.

One angry cat, Laika's gloves are probably the only thing that stops her from literally ripping into the pirate captain. Instead she slams her fist into the man, then a knee, elbow, other fist, hand ridge, heel...it's like she's taking the poor man apart until the last blow is a final and almost unceremonious haymaker that lays the man flat at her feet.

Russ weaves from side to side, short bursts of his jetpack making his movements incredibly unpredicatable. He grins as his hops end with his blaster pistol pressed to the side of the mans head, the barrel already smoking and red. The man screams from the pain of the red hot barrel connecting with his skull right before his screams are forever silenced. The bodies drop insync as Laika renders the captain unconcious with style.

Russ moves over to the comm station, broadcasting internally and to all surrounding ships. "All forces cease hostilities. This is Russ Ordo leader of the Mandalorian Revivers. We have captured the bridge of your vessel, the fight is over. Lay down your arms and you will be spared. Continue this fight and we will kill you down to the last man."