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Kora: No One Left Behind

OOC Date: January 29, 2020
Location: PCL 27 Slave Frieghter
Participants: Sumi Kora, Bindi Sur, Ca'tra Kora, Tara Sur, Kirioth Kora and Hadrix Kora (GM) Clan Kora

A gravity well generator. Hard to come by for certain. Expensive? If you don't know how to mete out cost by blaster bolt and don't mind leaving a burning crater in your wake. Pirates were ridiculously inventive. They also multiply like womprats.

<"We're about to jump to hyperspeed, I'll loose comm contact with you - but as soon as I cut out you'll have ten minutes. Engage the generator at nine minutes from mark."> Hadrix's form in the holo-display just he in his armor and resting back in his command seat, adjusting controls, <"Target is a PCL 27 - Tara of Clan Sur may have some of the data on hand for basic designs, but expect at least minor adjustments. You'll have seconds to fly up and dock after the pull out of hyperspace.">

One womp rat nest was gone, a smoking crater. Flames. Screaming silenced. The tombstone to the mass grave the spherical item floating in space with a laser-link connetion between it and the rest of the ingress team. The Kyber Heart was the assault craft, Hadrix's Laar'Kote was going to assist once it was arrived.

It was a simple plan, use the system disorientation from being forced out of hyperspace to move in, dock, board, free slaves and physically remove their main computer and nav-com systems to hook up elsewhere to slice at the clan's leisure. Hours spent tracking this group, learning their patterns. Patience. So now this ship from a group calling itself 'Kaffa'Ruun' from a sub-dialect of trade speech was about to be taken off the board. All to find one person. Freeing slaves was a pleasant bonus.

<"Mark"> Hadrix's image suddenly disappears. Now it was the last minutes of preparation.

Fortunately, Tara doesn't have to do the flying, and docking means that Kate can come along. Maneuvering an astromehc around in null-gee wasn't the hunter's idea of fun. <<"Kate, Pull up the schematics for a PCL-27, sync it to our HUD mapping systems.">> The R5 unit doesn't even grumble this time, the data syncing to the tac net connecting the group. <<"And stay behind us, will you? If you get vaped it'll take us way longer to get the systems out.">> Plus, she likes the droid, even if saying so would just get more grumbling. <<"Sumi, you going to need me to cut the airlock with my force pike, or you have another way in? Kate's not a security expert like the seeker droids.">>

The Kyber Heart sprang into action with the sudden igniting of golden engines. The VCX-100 spirals slightly just as the other craft has blinked into existence. Just through basic scans, Lady Fae determined they were already plotting a course out. From the cockpit, she reaches up, flipping a series of switches and bringing up the combat display. Laser cannons rotated into place, and the magpulse cycled online, the payload locking and prepping with a high-pitched whine lost in the vastness of space. <<"I have the target.">> Fae issued over comms as the Kyber Heart sallied up from behind and released the blue hued torpedo blast, catching the ship in its stern. <<"Direct hit; reeling them in.">>

Sumi is below in the main corridor near the galley where the airlock is. The ship moves flush, and she tightens the sling on her flamer rifle, igniting the pilot flame with a subtle thumbing click of the selector switch on the receiver. <"No need. We can melt it with the plasma from the rifle without cutting. Once we're locked in place.. it'll take twenty seconds to melt the hatch, then we'll kick it in and breech.">

The ship clamps into place and Sumi initiates the opening of the hatch, leveling the rifle and waving for those others to stack to one side. <"Stand by."> A green string of plasma, super-heated substance coats the other ship's airlock door in a sustained, unrelenting manner. The flames and their orange hue reflect off this Mandalorian's silver visor and blue armor. One might think the ancient warrior was grinning beneath that helm.

Roth is there and pretty quiet as is her usual thing. She doesn't talk much unless it's needed for the moment. She gets up when they are almost ready to breech and she keeps her swords sheathed for the moment. <<Ready when you all are.>> she finally states through the comms.

The thrum of the mag pulse vibrates through the ship. They are on target, the countdown begins. Last minute checks have Ca'tra reviewing her HUD display rearranging the vital signs of the group to her satisfaction in the lower left hand corner of the virtual screen that is projected over her view. Sumi is top of the list. The med bag with its worn green cross is double strapped to her body, she wants nothing hindering her movement. She wears it slung over her back. The ingress, explosives, the major slicing is all in other capable hands, her role is assuring the health of their new charges and of her aliit. Last on the list, she pats the holstered blaster. <"All green, ready to go.">>

Rocked by the magpulse so soon after the system disorientation of a sudden drop from hyperspace the ship was easy prey and the cutting was expertly planned. The panel opened by swift kicks reveal emergency strip lighting casting everything in an amber glow and the blare of an alarm klaxon is suddenly filling the Kyber Heart's bay, loud enough to rattle helmets with soundproofing, and bare heads... it just hurts.

<<"Okay, Probably a good priority to take the comms station. Should be nearby, and we can cut off any chance for them to get a distress signal out. And Kate might be able to shut down the shabla alarms.">> Blasters at the ready, Tara moves into the slave ship, checking her corners carefully. <<"Sumi, Make sure to give me enough time to hit the deck if you decide to flame anyone. Zee'd be pretty put out if I ended up medium-well.">>

<"Some kill this goddamn alarm before my teeth start chattering.." Sumi says, one hand going to the side of her helmet while she chickenwings her flamer rifle's buttstock under one arm to trudge forward, her cape brushing the red hot outline of the hatch they just burned through. Helmet optics allowed Sumi to move through the haze and smoke into the corridor where the sign was. <"We need control of the ship before we attempt to move anything. We're taking the comms and we'll control the ship from there!"> Sumi yells over the loud alarm. She moves toward the comms area. A quick switch sees the flamerifle switched off, and she tugs free her DL-44 handcannon for close quarters.

Roth gives a nod to the suggestion, "I'm not good, but can try to shut down the comms station." she tells them. This might mean beating things to death until there's just a pile of wires, but hey, it was something! She follows after the group though to get things going.

The low hiss of pressure equalization then the warble of alarms are all that are needed for the doctor to know that they will be on the move. Once into the ship low light reading ability built into Ca'tra's helmet helps her peer through the miasma of smoke filling the corridor. Down at the bottom of the walls are friction tape directional markings, not uncommon for ships with non-permanent high turnover crews unfamiliar with their new workplace. <"Looks like the comms room is straight on, starboard straight on."> Her voice fades a moment as she bends to read the markings, <"Um, aft is storage."> Raising up she takes a few more steps, <"An unmarked door, here to the right.">

Inside the comms room, Tara waves Kate over towards the console. The R5 rolls over and jacks in, muttering likely obscene things in binary. Data scrolls across the displays, but no dice. Cue more binary swearing. <<"She's not a dedicated slicer. If she doesn't get through in thirty more seconds I vote we just blast the panel and move on.">>

Sumi's handcannon is oriented so its custom barrel is skyward, and her arm is bent at a near right-angle. Her movements are quick, her free hand/arm waving out by her side, brushing the cape attached at her shoulders back with each swing. As they progress down the corridor toward comms, Sumi is punching each terminal with the hope that one punch might be the answer to solve this alarm problem. When they arrive in the comms room, Sumi stays far away from the computers and waits by the hatch looking out. <"Alright, let's get security feeds up and see what's going on in this ship.">

<<I'm with Tara on this.>> Roth states as she tries to help with the gods forsaken comms, but, she can't really find that out. So what the sword wielding woman does is moves down and then manages to wiggle her gloved hand into a tiny hole and then rips out a handful of wiring. Was it going to work? Maybe. Soon, the alarms die off. She raises her hand victoriously like a warrior that's just ripped her enemies heart out, "HA!"

Blessed silence! Ca'tra gives Roth a thumbs up.

Once they are crowded into coms, Ca'tra sidles up to one of the computers whose working screen has an oddly familiar look to it. She taps a key, the screen image flips over into icons. Someone obviously didn't have time to shut down because they are into the system.

<"What the drek are they doing with a Rhinnal comp system. Stolen. Has to be. Well, surprise surprise."> Universal icons for cameras, alarms and something that might be cargo. Her finger hovers a moment before keying the icon which resolves into a manifest list divided by lots. Frowning she highlights one, <"Live Cargo">. Typing rapidly she tries to refine the search. <"I'm going to need some help with this.">

Bindi has been following along near the rear of the group, quietly. Something she does quite well, if she's not as skilled in other areas. Since it's boarding, she hasn't bothered to take out her sniper rifle, preferring the up close and personal skills practiced with the vibroaxe she's carrying, the blade humming softly as she walks along. "Perhaps we'll hear them coming now." she murmurs softly, her head turning back and forth slowly as she keeps alert to her surroundings. "We should get to the slaves. They might be spiteful enough to space them if they think they'll lose the ship.

Silence, that's a blessing, and eyes around the ship to boot. It's a good thing because a quartet of humanoids in rag-tag gear are spotted. Two coming from aft, two from fore with weapons drawn. There is shouting in the halls, outer rim gutter speech and colloquial dialect rending their shouting illegible - but there is definite anger and urgency to it.

Kate buzzes harshly, red dots appearing on the HUD mini-map of the ship in the visors of everyone linked to the tacnet. <<"Aruetiise incoming.">> Tara lifts her pistols again, leaning out of the comms room and opening up. The heavy bolt from the Sentinel scores a smoking furrow into the deckplates, one blast dropping a pirate dead, the other left staggering backwards. <<"They're onto us. We better storm the bridge fast, maybe have Kate weld herself into the comms room and keep watch on the cams.">>

With the call that people were coming, Sumi oriented herself toward the aft direction and honed her vision by narrowing her eyes a bit, Leveling her blaster and supporting it with a cupped hand, she fired her first shot, missing entirely, then pied the corner. Her second snapped to, catching one of the intended targets in the head.

His head jerked back upon impact, emitting a cloud of pulverized dust as the contents, that were still solid/liquid form, peppered the bulkhead behind him in a spray of bright and dark blood, and the grey pinkish matter of brain. Her second target tussled with her, and she pivoted, firing point blank into his leg to cast him off balance.

The shot was powerful enough to disconnect the leg, and they fell backward screaming, the flash frozen flesh and muscle disagreeing with the sudden cauterization by spraying an arterial wave of brightly colored oxygenated blood all along the decking. <"Two down!"> Sumi calls out.

Roth isn't a shooter, what she is is a slice n' dicer. That's what she's good with. She takes four swings, one hits, the others brush off the pirate grunts. She's not too happy with this, but, he goes bye bye.

Arterial blood sprays across the corridor. Their advance towards the Bridge leaving dead bodies that the doctor steps over. Behind her Kate does her magic with the computers. Blaster in her hand Ca'tra follows the others.

Bindi's helmet tilts towards the oncoming slavers as they round the corner, choking up on her axe a bit....annnnd then they die messily well short of coming close to any of the boarding team. "Hmm." is her only comment as to the resulting gore, as she resumes her vigil.

Then, in a steady voice. "<...mediocre defenses.>"

"Ca'avu? Huy jak vha?! Ca'avu!? Huy jak vha jok koiuk vachaa!?" Yells on the radio as the enemy falls. "Huy jak vha!?" After a brief silence there is a rumble in the deck plates, the amber strips go, leaving blackness for a split second before the overheads engage.

There is more shouting in the corridors and a heavier sent of grunting voices join the din, then squealing.

Where the wires had been torn free there are sparks, but not before the throaty bass of a battle stations klaxon wheezes through the ship and then that too is silent.

Unable to roll her eyes at the sudden combat, Kate spins her head back around to face the console and commences more high speed data access. Another buzz through the team's headsets, and a Primary Target marker is highlighted on the map: The databanks are fore-starboard, two blast doors away from the bridge. <<"Okay, time to move out I think. Kate, once we're gone, weld yourself in and keep an eye on the cameras. We need to hit the bridge and databank ASAP to get the ship under control.">> Assuming nobody has any objections, Tara heads bridgewards, guns at the ready. The sound of armored boots on the deckplates from the rear make Tara pause, the hunter flicking one hand backwards behind the group. <<"Watch the rear, we've got incoming, starboard behind.">>

Roth is listening to things and there's a face she makes behind her helm, <<We've got incoming. One big one...probably three to four others.>> she frowns to that. Then she's thinking of something. Something that PROBABLY is crazy. <<Want me to see if I can bowl them over?>> she asks the others.

Roth gives a look around and there's a nod of her head before the Arkanian kicks off with the rockets. And there's a tiny whirlwind of blasting Mandos and swords swinging. A leg gets lopped off in the chaos. Then there's another body that drops, <<Got em'!>>

Behind her Ca'tra can hear the hiss of a welding arc as Kate seals herself into one of the vital areas of the ship. Ahead she sees the others go alert though she sees no targets on their shared tactical HUD display. Yet. Another step and a red dot appears. <"Heads up, we might have more on the way.">

As they advance along the new corridor she reads aloud from the friction tape signs, <"We have an arrow pointing amidships to: Racks."> A few steps further long, <"Another here, looks like it is straight on from us. Ordinance. Now, that is where I would put people but nobody asked me.">

Bindi goes charging after Roth, the rocket-powered warrior leading the way and hitting high as the other warrior throws herself into a control slides, her arm slashing back to cleave through the back of the other Gammorrean's thigh deeply as she rolls back up to her feet, backing up as she brings her axe to a ready position.

Gamorreans are normally a threat. They're normally a hard threat factor. Until Mandalorians cut around the corner, blades and axes swinging, leaving one dead from shock and severed leg and the other dying with an arm off and a cut so deep in it's posterior that even its protective blubber can't save it.

Their heavies are down. They're panicked, but even as Kirioth goes hurtling past, first, the humanoids in armor turn and open fire in a perfectly executed killbox move aimed at the arkanian. Not just run of the mill pirates it seems.

Ahead, for Ca'tra and others heading fore, it's quiet for now, giving them leave to either head to the midships and closer to the databanks, or straight ahead for the ol' Powder Keg.

Further translated swearing from Kate about obsolete freighter computers scrolls up Tara's HUD. <<"Kate's trying to lock down the databank access, but no luck yet. She's not optimized for this stuff. Gonna sweep the rooms I go past on the way, make sure nobody's in there.">> Sticking her head into the barracks, it only takes Tara a moment to realize that things are /very/ wrong in here. Stepping inside, she pulls a combat knife from her boot, and cuts the nearest person free. <<"Found the prisoners.">> <"It's okay, we're here to rescue you. Cut the others loose, and then lock yourselves in. I'll give you my spare commlink too, so you can call me if someone's trying to break in."> SHe hands the knife and backup commlink over, before moving on towards the databanks, purpose in her stride.

Further translated swearing from Kate about obsolete freighter computers scrolls up Tara's HUD. <<"Kate's trying to lock down the databank access, but no luck yet. She's not optimized for this stuff. Gonna sweep the rooms I go past on the way, make sure nobody's in there.">> Sticking her head into the barracks, it only takes Tara a moment to realize that things are /very/ wrong in here. Stepping inside, she pulls a combat knife from her boot, and cuts the nearest person free. <<"Found the prisoners.">> <"It's okay, we're here to rescue you. Cut the others loose, and then lock yourselves in. I'll give you my spare commlink too, so you can call me if someone's trying to break in."> SHe hands the knife and backup commlink over, before moving on towards the databanks, purpose in her stride.

Roth is taken down to one knee as a shot hits her in the torso. Then someone dares to shoot her in her ass. THE ASS! "First of all. HOW DARE YOU!" she shouts. Then she gets shot again in the torso. She drops to her knee, "Alright, so maybe I didn't talk softly enough." she states in a growled way as she lashes out with her swords. "Stay still you piece of kriff!" she states in an aggravated tone.

Despite herself, Ca'tra grins at Roth's protests. She pats an uninjured shoulder on Roth as she steps into the room, blaster extended in front of her. Her first target had backed up at the ferocity of Roth's attack, the doctor surgically removes an arm that paints the room with blood as he dies. The second runs at her screaming stumbles and she opens him up in move that leaves him dying next to his comrade. <"One more standing.">

Roth spins and slashes as Bindi hangs back, timing it, until when the other Mando'a leaps back, Bindi leaps forward, her humming axe arcing through the air as she puts her hip into it, catching the remaining pirate standing shocked over his dead buddies and....wel, continue right out the other side as she bisects him neatly, using the momentum of the spin to step past him as he falls into two pieces. "<Enemy down.>"

Tara waits a moment to watch the freed slave start cutting the next one over loose, before boosting herself down the corridor again towards the Databanks area. On the bounce, she sticks her head in before launching forwards again into the bridge. <<"Contact! Captain and three crew! Cap's running!">> Letting out a battle cry she opens up, one bolt slamming into the Captain's gut and leaving a hole burned through the armor. <"Oya, Shabuirs! Surrender or die!">

Roth gives a look to Ca'tra and there's a chuckle. Then there's more murdering to do! Yay! <<I'm alright. Just a scratch compared to the last few weeks.>> the Arkanian states. Then she's rocketing off towards the others. The swords fly again and at the end she's having to wrench her vibrosword free of a dead mans chest. "Seriously...who shoots someone in the ass..." she mutters as she reorients herself with the enemies.

Another hurdle cleared on their march towards the Bridge. <"The Commander is our next target."> Tara's warning has Ca'tra trotting ahead with her blaster extended in front of her. She is gunning for the commander who already wounded he is still able to dodge two of her shots. His face blanches and the doctor recognizes the sound of a whistling lung wound as he stumbles and goes down wounded. <"We are nearly in."> she calls over coms. Blaster pointed at the commander, <"You can do this alive or not. Up to you.">

In the tighter confines of the passageways and the blaster fire coming past her, Bindi is adverse to going airborn as well, preferring to serpentine towards the remaining slavers, her axe twirling as she moves it from hand to hand to keep her opponents off balance from where her next attack is going to come from. Still, the need to keep out of the way of her companions and the fact she' son foot means she isn't quite in range. Yet.

It's a desperation move. The dosh left in command is stumbling back from shots, lifting a hand-cannon of a blaster to fire on Tara as she nears, black ichor burbling from the wounds put there by she and Ca'tra. He falls to a knee, blaster raised while a niktu and a human fire on Ca'tra and Tara as well, leaving Kirioth free to butcher.

There's another rumbling and a hiss from the floor.

<<"Hadrix to Ingress. A system-hopper just disengaged on the keel side. I have no shot. They look like they're angling to jump">>

<<Osik. Someone's getting away. So much for this being a total stealth op.>> Given that the commander has wisely surrendered, Tara practically blows the head off one of the grunts, the other one taking a nasy wound to the shoulder, before finally leveling the still smoking muzzle of the Sentinel at the Dosh' face. <"Last chance, Hut'uun.">

The final of the group is taken out by Sumi, who had brought up the rear and fired from a back threshold through an open hatch. The iconic sound of the DL-44 was loud enough at discharge to make unprotected ears ring, but the impact was something they could all revel in as it detached their leg in another flash frozen cauterization that was protested by the arterial spray of their leg. Sumi laughed. <"I need to get my vision checked."> Her smoking weapon angles up again, casually.

Roth gives a look to the commander and there's a bit of a sigh, "Look. I've been shot in the ass today, so, either surrender or we'll just toss you out a door when no ones looking." she points her sword at him. It's not really going to scare him, but, she was aggravated.

Even the steadiest of hands, and Ca'tra's are those of a surgeon, can miss. The first shot goes wide, the second removes his leg which pulses the last moment of the commander's life onto the deck. The doctor doesn't stay to commiserate. She marches into the Bridge headed straight for controls.

Bindi hmmphs as the commander is torn apart by blaster fire as he goes down right as she arrives, slowly to an easy walk as she flicks her axe, leaving a line of blood spatter against the wall to clean it, then steps aside to let Ca'tra past into the bridge, looking around it, before she kneels by the commander to start searching him for anything of interest. Keys. Datapad. Comlink codes, etc. After finding some code cylinders she pulls them free than walks over to offer them to Ca'tra.

Through the front viewscreen there is a sudden streak from a craft that looks little more than a cheap, civilian, remake of the old Lambda style shuttles, save with fixed horizontal wings. Turret fire from above and starboard lance around it, causing shields to blaze like a blue star. The grav-well generator has burned out, nothing to hold it back from leaping suddenly to hyperspace.

The ship itself is quiet now, though Kate begins warbling over the intercom, griping about now being stuck in the comms room.

<<"Laar'Kote to ingress. I'm docked aftward topside. Egress being cut for refugees.">> They're not slaves any more.

As the last pirate slumps over dead, Tara kicks the corpse aside and moves over to the control panels. <<"Kate, I'm on my way, give me a second.">> Oh hey, there's the intercom. <"This is your rescue team speaking, the pirates are all dead, and as the new captain of this ship, I've decided that our destination is now the nearest star. You've got about an hour to make your way to the freighter at the aft topside airlock, maybe longer, depends on how long it takes us to strip out the computer core and auxiliary data storage. Enjoy your newfound freedom.">

Cue a detour back to the comms room, where the door is removed from its frame with Tara's force pike. Leading Kate back to the bridge, she turns and pats the droid on the dome. <"Plot us a hyperspace jump into the nearest star, all safety circuits disengaged, but don't start it yet. Set it up with a thirty minute countdown that we can start remotely.">

The refugees and their wounded are Ca'tra's major preoccupation. Tara seems to have taken the helm of the ship along with her droid. Destination: the closest sun. Stepping over slick puddles of blood, she makes her way back down the path they followed to the room where the slaves were kept under lock and key.

Wary eyes follow her entry. She holds up her bag with its green cross, <"I am the ship's doctor if you are able, make your way to the airlock to our vessel. Does anyone need immediate help?"> One by one, they file past her towards their new lives.