Kirioth Kora

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Kirioth Kora

Title: N/A
Race: Arkanian
Sex: Female
Occupation: The Flying Merc
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Arkania
Organization: Mandalorians
Ship: Alabaster Banshee & Banshee's Wail



Kirioth Kora was not born on Mandalore, neither is she a human. This woman is an Arkanian. She was born on Arkania, but her parents traveled a lot outside of the planet and took her along a lot when work allowed. When she was ten her parents were killed in an incident. Details are still fuzzy to her, but, Roth (as friends like to call her), was the only person to survive the blast that killed her parents.

She ended up on her own for a few months. That's about all it took for a friend of the family found her. And let me tell you that man probably thought he'd found a frightened reekcat instead of a young girl. Because she clawed him and ran. Finally he did get her calmed down enough to get her on a ship. Raijin was a Bounty Hunter and a damn good one. He really didn't know what to do with a kid, but she was pretty quick on things, so she tended to keep herself out of trouble when he had a job to do. Plus extended family would keep her when he wasn't sure if he'd be back.

And one day he didn't come back. Roth was about 19 when that happened. Rumors were that he was working for the Resistance and he was killed by the Empire, but, she's never confirmed it. It's one of the things that she works on between her own jobs. She wandered for a long time by herself, no children, no husband. She took odd jobs and built a small name as a merc that had a knack for weilding two swords along with her jet pack.

Recently she's been welcomed into the Mandalorian clan by the name of Kora. It's the first time she's felt like she's had a family in a very very long time. The fact that she has aligned with the ideals for a long time was not lost on her.

RP Hooks

  • Mercenary - She does odd jobs. It gets violent.
  • Swords - Vibro, primitive, alien? Gimme.
  • Arkanian - Yeah, she's not human.


Clan Kora