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Mandalorians: Legwork

OOC Date: November 18, 2021
Location: Wild Space
Participants: Hahtavi Kora, Aejin, Terek Rosol , Dailo Fett and Hadrix Kora as GM Clan Kora

<"We need to grab several suits and uniforms, officer, soldier, trooper... in and out fast - once we have what we need we're vaporizing everything to keep them from reporting what happened."> A grim voiced Hadrix states while a wireframe of a craft begins to resolve itself on holo and HUD displays alike. <"We're boarding an old Tartan cruiser, Diamorian design, Imperial usage during the civil war, anti-starfighter, quick enough that it can be a threat to snub fighters and transports. So the Old and Busted will be ahead of us to begin striking it so that we can get close enough to clamp on.">

A rock smaller than some worlds moons hangs in space. Warm enough for water, lichen, moss and rudimentary grasses with primordial ichthyoids in its shallow seas. J-6 22-1 occupies a wobbling orbit near a red giant star, the volcanic light of it casting ruddy crepuscular rays around the planetoid and the small patrol craft with its small handful of escorts.

<"They use these old patrol craft to find people who haven't paid their taxes for moving through their territory. Or to catch smugglers using the periphery.">

Over the southern hemisphere of 22-1, smoke trails curling around the western edge cease at the upper atmosphere as a small personal shuttle breaks through. Headed for the tartan cruiser that is angling to move under power away from the celestial body and rotate its docking hatch towards the approaching small craft.

<"Try to aim for the head on officers, or use blunt force. A few of us know how to patch trooper armor.">

Slow maneuvers, executed with prim precision that halt and become confused when an unexpected craft appears in a flicker of pseudo-motion from hyperspace, barely having had time to emerge before sunset orange turbolaser fire turns on the Tartan craft and firing missiles from twin tubes.

"Fae have them bring the ship abaft that cruiser before we get the tractor beams engaged." Sana Ryder, ancient warrior and mentor to Sumi Kora stands near the back end of the small command bridge of the Old'n Busted, further from consoles but with a wider purview to work from and more to see on displays she can't otherwise reach.

Dailo Fett looks out one of the portholes to watch as the conflict unfolds. Her hands gently tug at each other, fitting custom knuckles in place over her gauntlets in preparation for their part. Dailo is wearing a rare variant of Mandalorian armor that's colored blue. Jaster Mereel's sigil is painted in white on the chest piece, and her pauldron bears the mark of Death Watch. The helmet, which she has kept on this entire time, has the narrowed visors and distinction of being a Night Owl design. Fett is not covered in combat webbing or bandoliers, though. She has a simple set up that sports a holster at each side of her hip hosting a twin pair of Westar-35's, and a knife sitting horizontal at her lower back. A tattered half cape of white and blue bears a royal mark, but it's from a system and world rarely traveled.

<<"This is Fett, comms check.">>

One of Kora's pilots who's usually flying a fighter craft is currently strapped in with the boarding party. Hahtavi's wearing his usual black Dreadfinder armor and spent some of the flight out going through his gear, making final checks. Just now he has his maglock boots engaged and listens to the brief as they begin to close with their intended target.

<<"Uniforms and armor - Offier's heads or blunt, copy that.">> Hahtavi has his helm turned as the firing starts, then unstraps and moves to stand in prep for debarking. One gauntleted hand grabs a hard point to steady himself, maglock still engaged until they are ready to move. His Galaar he's unslung and attached to his tactical sling in front, other weapons still on his back with his jetpack.

Hahtavi had already given subtle nods to the others in the boarding party when they first boarded. Now he looks ready to tear the rekk out of things.

If he can see out, Hahtavi watches their approach. Likely enough Dailo's Death Watch mark on her pauldron got a good looking at followed by closer study of herself while they had waited in transit. Hard to tell where anyone is looking while wearing a helmet with 360 optics.

Out of nowhere a couple of days prior to the mission, Terek Rosol had returned. His only explanation was that he had been participating in one of his people's Great Hunts and it had occupied quite a lot of time. No questions were asked, however. The other Koras knew how he was when it came to Cathar traditions.

Terek views himself as an alright pilot, but without a snub ship of his own to help out, he has opted to join the crew boarding the cruiser. Weapons and gear get a quick double check as he seals the armor, "Lets hope I'm not too rusty." He muses, more to himself than anybody else. After all it'd been a while since he went hunting for something that could shoot back. Should be easy enough to deal with them in a non-lethal fashion. Well at least non-lethal until they blow up the ship with all the unconcious officers inside of it.

Such is the way of dealing with things like this. Long term plans sometimes require more violent short term solutions.

Broadsides of laser cannons fill space between the light cruiser and the smaller corvette. One side of the torrent fired in knee-jerk response to threat and the other a series of precision fire orders intended to cripple.

"Yes Mistress, conn bring her thirty degrees and go full thrust, keep her level for maximum fire in our two-eighty to two-twenty as we pass." Fae's hands flicker across controls, engaging Sana's firing solutions to keep repeated cannon fire against the starboard side of the dagger like tartan cruiser, energy ripples of cerulean formed like raindrops striking still water that start to lose resolution when ordinance begins detonating against the deflectors.

"Bringing her thirty degrees, zero bank, aye."

Among the chaos more Kora craft emerge from the Old'n Busted's docking bag; The Woor'Tra and the ARC-170 Ka'Shukalar - one intended for boarding and the other for anti-fighter operations. The Ithorian at the controls of the fighter lining up one of the defending TIES for the Tartan and combining fire between himself and the twi'lek gunner, Pheegus and Greeza lay waste to the craft and allow for the blockade runner to approach, cannons fixed forward and blazing against the Tartan's deflectors.

Within the hold of the heavily modified transport, Hadrix is holding to a grip bar near the boarding hatch, while inertial dampeners run to maximum to keep those aboard from being swung against the walls from the centrifugal force of the maneuvers being performed by the old Mandalorian in the cockpit, while the big man keeps talking,

<"Interior layout should be uploaded to HUDs, we'll be attaching to a corridor right between the 'racks and starboard fire control. It's going to be messy. But get someone down, you hook their belt with one of these,"> motioning to a number of cargo hauling cords being handled by the J9 Drone and the Binary Lifter on either side of the floor set hatch, <"Hook, tap the green button, they'll haul. Keep working."> the whole ship shakes on the controlled impact the preambles the hard thud of boarding seals and cutting charges going off before the hatch snaps open. <"Go! Go! Go!">

Into the gloom created by power lines being severed and auxiliary trying to compensate. Soot covered walls of stark white and mirror polished black floors rushing up to all who jump down and immediately panicked calls and blaster fire filling the air in this battlefield as well.

Dailo shares a glance with Hahtavi's visor before passing them by. Aejin's dilemma for which weapon to choose goes unnoticed, and the crackling of electric energy from a baton stop Dailo short a moment before she moves on. Their boarding action creates a gap which they have to jump through. Dailo jumps through it without hesitation and lands on the other side with a loud CLANK and JINGLE of spurs. She springs up and into the torso of a Sergeant who redirects the smaller Mando against a bulkhead, making both of them grunt. Dailo retaliates like a bouncing ball of unrepressed rage, landing a sharp hook across the helmeted face of the NCO that forced their head to turn hard in that direction.

The two stumble, fighting, kicking, and throwing; in the chaos, Dailo giggles.

Dailor also gets an acknowledgement from Hahtavi for her coms check. Aejin gets a nod and Hahtavi uses his right hand that's missing a finger to mime a smilie face over the front of his helmet in appreciation of the other's choices. Then he's listening to his Al'verde as his HUD lights up with the schematics mentioned. This Kora takes a few seconds to glance over the layout, gives a faint nod to himself and then unlocks his mags and moves it when the hatch opens - to the rhythm of Hadrix shouting 'Go-Go-Go'.

Boots leap through the airlock and into the corridor, rifle up. Hahtavi moves forward aggressively but heads directly for cover if he can get to it. Before he can even do so, his rifle is firing. The first bolt from his modified Galaar takes one of the officer's right in the face - obliterating the man's head instantly. Haht's second bolt misses the second officer but might make the other nervous as the Manda'ade come charging in.

Time to partay! <<"Acknowledged. Drop'm 'n hook'm. Got it.">> But first, Hahtavi's busy with the dropping them part. They'll be time to hook the bodies once the bolts aren't flying so much.

Dailo also gets an acknowledgement from Hahtavi for her coms check. Aejin gets a nod and Hahtavi uses his right hand that's missing a finger to mime a smilie face over the front of his helmet in appreciation of the other's choices. Then he's listening to his Al'verde as his HUD lights up with the schematics mentioned. This Kora takes a few seconds to glance over the layout, gives a faint nod to himself and then unlocks his mags and moves it when the hatch opens - to the rhythm of Hadrix shouting 'Go-Go-Go'.

Boots leap through the airlock and into the corridor, rifle up. Hahtavi moves forward aggressively but heads directly for cover if he can get to it. Before he can even do so, his rifle is firing. The first bolt from his modified Galaar takes one of the officer's right in the face - obliterating the man's head instantly. Haht's second bolt misses the second officer but might make the other nervous as the Manda'ade come charging in.

Time to partay! <<"Acknowledged. Drop'm 'n hook'm. Got it.">> But first, Hahtavi's busy with the dropping them part. They'll be time to hook the bodies once the bolts aren't flying so much.

Aejin holds both of the grenades just a little higher in response to Hahtavi's mimed smile over the face of his helmet. The Rattataki may very well be smiling sheepishly. Blushing, perhaps. Probably not. A nod is given as he rolls the first grenade about in his right hand, his gloved fingers moving over the grenades surface as though memorizing it and offering it just a little extra love since it's about to be cast away like a bad lover.

The initial thump and thud of the boarding action results in Aejin's hands shifting to a readied position and his shoulders lowering in preparation to move. As the boarding action begins and Mandalorians begin to pour into the newly opened access point, the golden Dreadfinder follows up in the wake of Hahtavi. His vocoder activates, its volume amplified as he shouts out some intimidating totally, definitely, super Mandalorian battle cries, <"We irlutch come to steal your pru! Give them to us or die!">

It is in the midst of this shouting that Aejin finds a group of stormtroopers working to get into a defensive position, making use of the natural layout of a starship to put up the greatest possible resistance. As a result the grenade is lobbed in their direction, sailing over the heads and helmets of Mandalorians and Imperials alike. Until it thunks across the deck, rolls, and then the freezing caresse of the cryoban grenade is felt by those - probably - young Imperials.

Even as the first grenade is hurled, Aejin's already shifting his next grenade over from his left hand and into his right.

No chance of the troopers to really react when things go crazy for them. Blaster fire, grenades, and who knows what else going off all at once. Plus who expects to get attacked like this inside of your own ship?

But that element of surprise is exactly what the team was hoping for. Terek is out with the boarding team as soon as he can be, but even by the time he's made his move, most of the opposition has been taken out by one well placed cryoban throw.

He's impressed, but he doesn't have time to show it right now. Instead of bears down on one of the troopers still standing, the white stun baton spun around in a offensive stance as he closes the distance. He doesn't intend to give the trooper time to react, as he slams the baton into his gut, aiming for that weak point between the chest armor and the belt. Should be enough to take him out of the fight.

No mighty 'hronk' sound comes from Hadrix as he drops down with the others, the sand person combat staff is swung with the curved end hooking one of the officers by the arm and swinging them around for an evaded follow up strike with the flanged end, the black uniformed woman swinging up her blaster for a shot that ricochets off of the big man's rebrace.

The one trooper, remaining after Aejin's cryogenic assault is backpedaling while Terek's strike with the stun baton flattens his one still standing comrade, head moving as if shouting and chaos reigns. The sergeant suited up and squared off with Fett snarls through their helmet and attempts to give as given with a forearm strike aimed for the Nightowl helmet.

The ship shakes as more cannon fire strikes, the shields down alerts klaxoning within the corridors. The creaking of hull armor buckling under the barrage.

<<"Lose them, Pheegus!">> <<"Working on it!">> the ARC-170 coming under fire from a pursuing TIE, shields holding but weakened by repeating strikes that threaten to throw the ship out of control, <<"Heiyu! Fix those shields!">> the urgency robbed by the translator collar monotone - the relief as well when one of the Marauder's missiles erase the TIE that Greeza and Mir's turret fire had weakened the shield fire of.

<<"Boarding party,">> Fae's voice <<"We are nearly in position to begin tractor action. Move quickly.">>

On the other side of the corridor more stormtroopers come, without NCO or officer to command them, but moving fast and looking to make up for the damages done during the surprise attack.

Dailo ducks the whistling hook from the Sergeant and springs forward colliding with his gut. They smash into the bulkhead with a clatter, the sergeant losing his weapon. Dailo is shoved backward, and the Sergeant moves for a wide grapple yet Dailo slides beneath his arms and to one side, jumping up and briefly activating her rocketpack.

She hooked her arm around his neck from the side, then walked along the wall with the aid of her jetpack to get behind him, landing and sinking a rear-naked choke hold. Dailo seemed to consider taking mercy on the poor man who hooked his hands to her forearms, trying to get her to loosen the grip.

She squeezed then slowly twisted until she heard and felt the muted pops of a spine breaking at the neck. His body spasmed in response to dying this way, and she released him to clatter on the deck.

She drew her knife and one of the pistols from her belt, then moved toward the group of stormtroopers joining the fray.

fallen officer and as directed, quickly uses his off hand - the one missing a finger, to set a hook to the headless one's belt for snagging. He keeps his left hand on his rifle, aimed down corridor.

More troopers can be heard coming clattering. Hahtavi does a super quick double check on his HUD markers for his teammates and then is pushing forward to meet the new arrivals and lay down fire to make them scramble for cover, if he can! If there's a nook, doorway, or off passage corner he can get to, Hahtavi will use it for what cover he may as well, firing.

Another head is blown off and a trooper goes down! Dead before they know they were even shot, hitting the deck plates with a clank! Haht's second shot wounds a second trooper as they come around the corner, <<"We've got more company!">>

The next grenade is tossed into an awaiting right hand and Aejin cocks it back. His helmet shifts this way and that, seeking out the next viable target for another lobbed grenade. He's about to give up when another squad of stormtroopers comes trundling into the fray. Aejin's heel shifts and he steps into his throat, arcing the next grenade - this time an adhesive - over the tooth-and-nail fighting taking place between Imperials and Mandalorians. The grenade's positioning is off, though it does at least score a partial hit against one of the stormtroopers, the end result is far from successful.

In the midst of his hand dropping down to take up the grip of his Enforcer, Aejin begins to move among the bodies, tethering each of them as he is able. That is, of course, before he puts himself into the fighting once again. Then Aejin comes up with an idea, which he inquiries about over the shared comm channel between the boarding party. If one listens closely, they can probably hear his attempt at not sounding too amused or interested by the idea, <<"So,">> he pauses, <<"want me to arm a thermal and run into the middle of them, telling them to surrender?">>

Terek's staff was effective on the first trooper, but it seems not so much on his buddy. Now he's in a grappling match with the guy as he tries to land a blow with that staff and stun another stormtrooper, "This isn't worth dying over!" He yells at the guy, trying to convince him to surrender and stop fighting back.

The guy doesn't need to know that he's probably dead either way, right? He is still a First Order loyalist after all, and those guys tend to be a bit on the fanatical side, so Terek's not sure how well it'll work.

<<"Good job Heiyuu.">> Greeza's praise of the R2 unit coming with an alert of the return of full shield power, <<"Lets get this bastard.">> the antique heavy recon fighter loops after the last of the TIE escorts, marking the target for Mir who swings the dorsal turret of the Woor'tra on point, the pair of craft eradicating the fighter in a hailstorm of laser fire.

<<"They'll keep shooting.">> Hadrix grunts into a hard, two handed, swing of the staff into the gut of the officer, doubling them over and exposing the back of their neck for the spiked bludgeon disk to come down, stabbing through the base of the skull and putting their lights out. Raising to full height with more blaster bolts striking his chest plates in a striking show of good aim... if only it wasn't Mandalorian Iron protecting him. <<"Death is preferable to reconditioning if they break.">>

"Lock missiles on that shuttle, they're trying to make for a jump point." Sana points before her hands are moving over the controls, "Someone get a beam on it!" Fae's attempt to get lock evaded by the shuttle pilots, utilizing cover from the Tartan and then narrowly avoiding the second warhead by way of rapid turn to head towards the Marauder.

"Pilot is good." one of the Mandalorians at the tractor turrets mutters as they cannot get a magnetic lock and then cheering in unison with the others when the second beam gets lock and the shuttle is frozen in place.

The corridor continues to gather forces, a pair of troopers with black shoulder cowls joining squadron downed by a single trooper, rifles drawn, <"In the name of the Supreme Leader, surrender!"> even this far out, the denial is strong. The troopers opening fire in ranks, trying to cut down the boarding team.

Dailo fired a hammered pair at point blank range into the exposed black body-suit section of a Stormtrooper ahead of her. The golden flash of the bolt cast the corridor in a brief yellow hue twice before the private fell to the deck smoking from their two new wounds.

Dailo did not stop there. The knife she had in hand buried its length into the meat of another trooper's shoulder, who screamed as Dailo jerked them against the wall to line up her next shot, the smoking barrel of the Westar-35 aimed at their neck with the Night Owl visor looking right at the Stormtrooper's permanently frowning 'face'.

Aejin already gets a 'that's not a good idea' from Hadrix so it saves Haht having to throw a hand signal or speak over his coms. He hears the shouted order from ahead! Hahtavi first laughs through his vocoder, than shouts back, <"We accept your surrender! Throw down your arms!">

As for himself? He stays behind cover and lifts his rifle back up to take a bead on one of the troopers with a dark shoulder cowl. The first shot nails the fella but only spins him on his feet, doesn't drop him - until Hahtavi's second shot takes the Sergeant down for good. They seem a bit bunched up but are almost on top of Dailo so it affords no opportunity for Haht to pull one of the several grenades at his belt for a throw.

Instead, he ditches his cover and starts to move up so he can snag more hooks on downed bodies. Somehow in the fighting Hahtavi has taken a shot to his right thigh and it makes him limp a little. Adrenline is a wonderful thing and he didn't even know he'd been tagged until he was moving again. Seems their assault team is doing just fine so far. Rumble!

There goes Hadrix. Talking sense. Aejin probably sighs, but at least it's not out loud and even if it is, it's contained within his helmet. He pulls the Enforcer free of its holster, hefts it up, and fires off a single shot. It graze the stormtrooper's crisp, stylish hat. The golden Mandalorian's helmet tilts, clearly surprised that he missed. He gives a glance to the Enforcer gripped within his fist, gifts it a little wiggle-rattle, and then points it again. This time when the trigger is pulled there's a good deal more explosive-squelching sounds as the human's head explodes because it violated the right-of-way that the .48 slug possessed.

Satisfied with that result, Aejin's second hand moves to join with the first in order to further stabilize and secure his grip on the weapon. He fires another round, this time at the cluster of hunkered stormtroopers before his vocoder activates and his return shout can be heard, witty as ever, <"No, you!">

Lots of First Order forces showing up now, as Terek is still trying to wrestle with the guy that he's in hand to hand with. Eventually he manages to put one of his feet up between himself and the trooper and kick him away, before slamming the electrified end of the riot staff into his gut, giving him a shock and sending him down with his partner.

He then has to dive for the ground as a few of the troopers across the way open fire at him, using the guy he just knocked out as a makeshift cover. Crossing an open area in order to hit them with the shock baton isn't the best idea, but he might be able to make it work. He'll consider his options for a moment before he does something stupid.

Gripper is working fast, while the fighting continues, moving where the others cannot, hooking belts and tapping retract signals while trying to keep out of the line of fire - the big man himself hooking the falling body of the officer. <<"Gripper, get Dailo's target as well">>

<<"I know, I know.">>

Another shake runs through the tartan with the death of the shuttle that had been caught in tractor beams, coming under fire from turrets, heavy lasers and ultimately one of a pair of missiles fired by the Marauder that tear apart shields and batter the hull, leaving it battered yet somehow still functional.

<<"Two uniforms and plenty of armor. Exfiltrate.">> Hadrix's voice over comms again. <<"Won't be long until more of them come pouring in.">> that being said as the sounds of running boots begins from both sides - audible even over the blasters spitting fire and the ringing ears from Aejin's hand cannon barking. One of those troopers jabbed in the stomach with the pike end of the gaffi stick, holding their footing as the big man pushes, forcing him to draw back and crack the curved end of the other side across the cheek guard of another trooper.

<<"Mando'ade, quick-lines being lowered.">> a quintet of lines with triangle grips coming down the line following Mir's announcement.

The trooper she held in place with a knife broke free with a loud scream, swinging and missing her by several inches. She shows mercy when they intend retreat, and turns her gaze to the incoming reinforcements. The call to advance back to their ship was made by the Al'Verde of Kora, and Dailo complies, her accented voice heard over the comms, <<"Acknowledged, returning to our vessel, Commander.">>

Dailo fires a single shot on the first Private that pies the corner to their corridor, instantly killing them with a golden lance of tibanna gas. Her pistol is briefly twirled and seated back into her holster before turning to run back to the quick line.

When she arrives, she takes hold and initiates the seal on her armor /just/ in case. Fresh oxygen floods her helmet and her eyes widen in a euphoric state. She feels a shiver that briefly makes her teeth chatter, the after effects of an adrenaline rush coming to its conclusion.

Her knife returns to its sheathe and Dailo returns to the ship.

Ah hah! It looked like they'd racked up what they'd came for and any time now Hahtavi was expecting to hear orders to exfiltrate. <<"Hahtavi copies - exfil, over.">> He sees Dailo nail a trooper with her W-35 and then twirl it with class even as he reaches a gloved hand for one of his grenades, <<"Frag out!">>

Hahtavi holds that frag a couple of ticks to cook some of it off and then gives it a careful toss up the corridor where he can hear a lot more pairs of boots hustling to join their party. Give them a party favour they might not immediately forget.

The grenade blows, throwing debris into the corridor further up, rolling with a flash followed by smoke. Haht double checks his teammates are all up and able to get themselves moving before he sets off his own jetpack and his boots lift off of the deck plates.

Look ma, I'm flying! Zoom, back down the corridor and up through the hole. There's a glance back to make sure the rest of his team is also getting out without mishap.

Each step backward is taken with care. One hand stretches ever so slightly behind Aejin, feeling for anything that he may potentially bump into. Finding nothing, he continues walking back and back and back. That is until he reaches something, or someone, that results in his hand touching something curvy. Then he goes still, waiting his turn to make his exfiltration. Hahtavi's call out for his fragmentation grenade earns a silent acknowledgment, along with a few bobs of Aejin's helmet. He even hangs around long enough to see the results of the grenade go pop. He stares at it for a moment or two longer than is likely healthy, because it's an explosive device and the Rattataki loves him some explosives and explosions.

Finally his helmet shakes and Aejin's jetpack fires, sending him up and into the boarding craft once again. Once there, his Enforcer lowers. The barrel aims near the hole, but not directly at it. Awaiting the last of their number to board and then proceed to cover the hole until it is sealed and, ultimately, the craft breaks away to make its escape.

Terek isn't gonna make it across that killing field and into harm's way. Not if he's smart. So instead, once he gets word they've acomplished what they came out here to do and the objective is complete, then he's going to bail out.

He angles himself towards that hole and fires his rocket pack, launching himself upwards. He makes a last second adjustment and barely avoids slamming into the hull instead as he rockets outward. Mission accomplished indeed.

<<"We are preparing our final barrage. On your signal, Mir.">> Fae's voice over comms while all hell is breaking loose within the patrol cruiser. The shuttle under tractor hold riddled with fire from fighter and transport craft before it simply begins to break apart, venting gas before the engines blow and turn it into a miniature star.

Leaving only the cruiser itself.

Last out, after making the exfiltration order. Hadrix's jets fire again, lifting him backwards at low altitude and in the wake of the other's back track from the ship and those hooked with cargo lines being drawn up and into the main bay of the blockade runner. Clearing up at last to land with the hatch slamming shut and the Woor'tra lifting a split second later.

<<"Woor'tra is clear.">> the old man's voice. <<"Copy, firing.">> Sana and Fae in unison.

Emergency mag-cons engage, giving time for the troopers and officers still in the corridor time to see the silver sphere with the blinking red lights flashing in sequence. Then recognize the quick shifting tones warning of the impending detonation that washes out all to white while melting durasteel, creating a blister in the side of the cruiser that bursts to begin venting atmosphere before the Old'n Busted opens fire, turbolasers lancing through the unshielded cruiser, setting off chain reactions of fire and explosions within the craft.

Aboard the Woor'tra, the bodies of troopers and officers are being policed by the cargo droids; those who hadn't been full dead having their heads at odd angles, twisted by the droid pincers meant for lifting loads of up to two metric tons.

<"Good work"> Hadrix, leaning up against the bulkhead wall, notes to the others before his visor fixes on Dailo, <"Looks like Mr. Bullet may get those armor foundations, eh Fett?"> a grin in his voice and his gaffi stick slipped into its hooks on his back.