Hahtavi Kora

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Hahtavi.jpg Played by: Til Schweiger

Hahtavi Kora

Title: Tal'Aliit, Ramikad
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Mercenary, Combat Pilot
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Homeworld: Mandalore
Organization: Clan Kora, BHG
Ship: Tal'onidir and Death Toll

Desert Mando.jpg

Hahtavi Llearil was born to Shuk'la Shereshoy Keldab, a shattered and many times rebuilt citadel in the far ka'gaht Ori'vhekad (great south desert). A remote area traditionally known as a bloody and much contested citadel rich in mineral resources by a dead sea. These days it is inhabited by Shriekers who butchered most of Hahtavi's family and clansfok who fled to a nearby butte. Like anywhere on Mandalorian it is a harsh environment with much brutality and raiding between the clans of the deep desert. A place where it pays to pay attention if you want to live.

After a duel that left Hahtavi for dead over a young woman, Hahtavi's father led his injured son to where he had hidden a once wrecked kimogila. With basic flying lessons and his father's best advice, Hahtavi took the risk to leave Mandalore and fly to Concord Dawn. His father was originally from Concord Dawn before his ship had been pulled down into the deep desert many years before.

That was a decade before. More recently Hahtavi found himself on Nar Shaddaa answering a job posting. Clan Kora was hiring combat pilots. He was not only hired but given the use of a kimogila fighter. Since, Hahtavi has been taking part on many ops and offered sponsorship by Sumi Kora, becoming tal'at'cuyir - Blood to Be, to clan Kora.

After taking up with Clan Kora on Nar Shaddaa, Hahtavi also joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild. His work ranges from looking for lost persons, especially children who may have been taken into slavery, bringing in bounties dead or alive, or simply for questioning, to helping with evacuation or rescue work out on the Rim worlds. He's also quite active with Concord Dawn's efforts to enlarge their security zone on Mandalore in the Ragelands. These days he's upgraded to Dreadfinder armor, a modified Galaar rifle, and has both a BHG Gambit and a Kimogila fighter craft. Not doing badly at all for a 'savage' from Mandalore.


After a week and more spent on Mandalore in an extended op with Concord Dawn and the Kora Clan, Hahtavi fought hard and flew his kimogila until it was shot down out of the sky and crash landed in the wasteland desert. Zelo swept in with his Razorcrest and picked up Hahtavi and his R2 Droid, Lil. By the end of the op they reached Last Home where Hahtavi's former riduur was found to still be alive - and surprise of surprises, their child Iriin, partly grown and nearly 10 years old. Shortly after their return, the clan gathered at Ealor and Hahtavi has now been blooded and branded as a full member of Clan Kora: Tal'Aliit

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