Log:Mandalorians Reclaim Ordo: Part 3

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Mandalorians give them no reason to stay

OOC Date: November 6, 2015 (Optional)
Location: Ordo
Participants: Russ Ordo, Narsai Ordo, Navi Kryze Oriana Tess Uldatha Shaak Gi

The planet Ordo. It has been a couple of weeks now since the Revivers conquered the pirate cartels fortress and then subsequently beaten back the massive counter attack launched by the other pirate forces on the planet and in the sector. Enough time that the Malachor had made a couple of runs to Nar Shaddaa and other sympathetic planets to resupply and take on additional recruits and support personnel and return.

Things have been pretty stable, a few minor skirmishes between scouting parties and expeditionary forces. Now is the time for surgical strikes to begin erroding the remaining pirate presence. And nearly every pirate has one uniting feature, their love of money. If they are deprived of that, then there will be no force to speak of as they seek greener pastures or better commands.

And so Russ has began to gather a strike force, a strike force geared to take the fight to the main pirate industry and the surface of the planet as the Malachor and it's supporting fleet interrupt their space operations. The mines of Ordo are the target, mines producing the precious beskar required to make Mandalorian armour a material needed desperatly by the revivers.

The gathering of volunteers for the mission is assembling in the fighter hanger of the captured pirate fortress. Ready to board the waiting Kom'rk-class fighter/transports. Russ is dressed in his combat armour rather than his elaborate 'Mandalore' armour. HIs heavily customised pistols sit holstered at his waist ready for use, besides them are a selection of grenades.

Shaak Gi is one of the few new recruits to be part of the strike force. Some of the other recruits may have assured him that it was because he never learned how to use a bblaster, and the Mandalore needs a meat shield. Regardless of that, he has joined the strike force and wears his Mandalorian style armor, even if he hasn't earned real beskar armor yet. His virbroblade is sheathed on his back and his modified helmet is on his head. It does look a little odd seeing a Mando style helmet with those big assed horns and headtails of his.

Oriana is there, decked out in her armour, across her chest is her bandolier of grenades, at her side is her rifle and hitched onto her back is her vibrosword. Also her rancor dagger is strapped to her leg. Eyeing Shaak she smirks some. "Our first fight together, good luck." She says and looks to Russ giving him a nod. "Pity Rax couldn't be here I hope to do well in his place."

Shaak Gi nods to Oriana and says, "I just need a catch phrase. All these years waiting for this moment, and I have nothing... I feel so unprepared." He LOOKS unprepared too. What sort of Mando goes on a mission with light armor and one weapon? The kind with giant stones in his shorts, and equally big stones in his head.

Given a target AO and a vantage point, Tess disappeared under the cover of night to hike the long distance across unfamiliar territory until she reached a position over looking the target of the gathered strike force. She's spent several days laying in the brush, urinating in jars, collecting every bit of waste that would leave any indication that she was ever there at all. She hasn't bathed or moved away from her position for the better part of forty eight hours.

Addell is laid up beside her beneath a camoflauge blanket while the sniper observes the compound through a set of binos a good one thousand meters away. Information relayed back by text rather than vocally to cut down on the possibility that her transmisions are intercepted.

Her face is dirty, barely recognizable at this point from the landscape around her. She's laid there through storms, rain and sand, insect bites... She's a rock amidst a perverbial sea of other rocks. Overwatch, intel, dangerous.

Navi joins Oriana in the hangar at a jog, the now-familiar G8 slung and her Defender at her hip. She gives Ori a quick hug and a quick nod and smile to Shaak Gi. "Maybe we can get this mess cleaned up for good now. Hope you brought extra powerpacks and a spare blade," she says to her friends. Cliche? Probably.

Piece by piece Navi Kryze slaps on the many intricately designed shining plates of her Mandalorian Battle Armor until the final crowning piece, that of the helmet, is lowered down and secured over her head. her now looking out upon the area from behind the gleaming obsidian T-shaped visor.

Russ nods to the assembled group. A group he has worked with personaly a couple of times now, a couple of new recruits aiming to make their marks and a squad of the Mandalorian Knights. "Ok lads, mount up. No point in wasting time, we have our heritage to reclaim and some pirates to kill." Russ turns towards the open ramp of one of the fighter transports and mounts up quickly, securing himself in one of the drop chairs.

Once everyone has mounted up the three ships roar out of the hanger and beeline towards the mine. Tess is able to relay information back to the strike force from her observation point without hiccup. For such an important installation to the pirates it seems to be remarkably lightly defended. A single manual AA gun and between 8-12 men armed with an assortment of weaponry. The mine entrance looms large behind the prefab shelter they are using as their barracks.

The pilot swivels slightly as he turns to look back into the transport. He didn't really have to turn as his voice comes through on their comms. "ETA five mikes. Looks like we will be coming in hot. So if any of you are not wearing jetpacks i would lock your seats so you aren't dumped out when we come under fire."

"Charge yelling Shaak attack." Oriana says to him. "They don't know what'll hit them." Nodding to Navi she would go to follow Russ, commenting as they head out. "I feel safe with Tess out there that's for sure."

Shaak Gi moves to a drop chairs and secures himself into one. He selects the one next to Oriana. That she is a melee fighter, or at least is able to fight up close and personal seems to make him want to stick closer to her. He does not have a jet pack, so he secures himself into the drop chair, then tests the straps to make sure he is secure. He asks Oriana, "'Snack Attack'?" He grunts then says, "Better than anything I can think of." He does shake his head though, since Oriana's sense of humor seems to involve many puns about his name.

Tess takes up a dusty datapad she's used to relay information back to the strike force and shields the glow with the corner of her camo blanket to send out another text, 'manual AA gun.' stop. 'lightly patrolled ground force guarding complex' stop. Once she's sent her hourly report, the datapad is slipped beneath her blanket by her EL blaster rifle and slips Addell out of hiding. The entire length of the sniper rifle is coated in a dust colored pain that matches the turrain. The heavy duty scope is covered in a shadowed lense to keep reflections from giving away her position as she settles the stock against her shoulder and adjusts it to rest comfortably.

Once the transport is within short burst transmission range, she relay her position in clicked logitudinal coordinates rather than vocally indication where she's laying... just incase. "Havok zero in position." She whispers, "Prepared to provide cover for incoming strike force on commands signal."

"Me, too, long as she takes that stationary gun. Should be our first priority, I think. They've given us trouble on approach before. Care to keep them off of me while I shoot at the jerk behind it?" Navi replies to Ori as she locks herself into her seat. She's still getting the hang of jetpacking.

Narsai is along for the ride too it seems, her old faithful E-11 in her hip holster and her vibro-blade clutched in her hand. She's in full armor, the softer features of her younger face concealed by the mask and T-visor of her beskar'gem. It's strange for her not to be the pilot, but her aces had earned their praise and she had faith the pilot was going to drop them where he needed to. Or this was going to be a very very short offensive.

Before the battle preparations she'd taken some time to herself, odd thing but one she'd lapsed to often of late. Additional training for herself perhaps, or maybe there was some secret stuffed rancor doll that she was squeezing before a fight. Who knows? Either way as she prepares for the drop the younger Ordo sibling smiles to herself and glances at Oriana and Shaak. "Worry about avoiding blaster bolts first. Last thing you want is to be remembered for saying something witty immediately before being shot down."

"...snack attack?" Oriana laughs. "I'm sure they will be very confused if you charge in wanting to eat them. Or very aroused." With amusement she shrugs glancing to Navi. "I'll do my best sweetie." A hand pats the rifle at her side and then thosr big brown eyes fix on Narsai. "I've been shot down plenty helping you guys hell I even died for it. Think I've earned a catchphrase at this point." To follow that she winks.

The fighters sweep in low, the mountain the mine is dug into coming into sight with the speed the fighters move at they will be on top of the pirates in just a few moments. Russ speaks low into his helmet comm as he taps his pistols against his armour. "Tess take the shot."

The shot flies true, the gunner falling with hardly a whimper smoke billowing from his body. Then the ships come roaring into the pirates sights. Without the mounted gun however it is not enough. The fire from the Mandalorians fighters destroy AA weapon in a fountain of fire. Their blaster rifle fire slams into the ships shields, failing to make it through the relativly powerful shields.

The seats that are set to drop have the floors drop out from under them, the seats dumping the Mandalorians into the air. As one the Mandalorians jetpacks flare and they descend on the pirates, a terrifying sight to even the bravest foe. The ships turn and begin to land to release the rest of the strike force, the fight taken to the pirates and the fire drawn away by the armoured killers descending from the sky.

"Nice work, Tess. Pity I can't hug you right now." And then Navi has no more time for talk, as she is dropped with the jetpackers. She lets the pack cushion her drop, landing with the heavy G8 in her hands and aimed in the general direction of the pirates as she looks for more specific targets... Shaak Gi nods his head to Narsai, "Aye, Ma'am." Narsai gets a Ma'am, it seems. He is quiet then as if lost in his own thoughts. This is his first combat drop with the Reviver's and if his last week with them is any indication, this may very well be his first ever. He has grown up a Mando, so he keeps a cool head, or at least keeps his mouth shut about it if he is not. Fake it until you make it may well be the battle cry he was looking for earlier. When the firing begins he holds on to the jump seat and remains completely silent as he listens to the commands and sounds of battle joined around them. The moment the doors begin to open and the rest of the non-jumppack wearing Mando's begin to release from their chairs, he pops the release and frees himself. As a melee fighter he stays towards the back of the group that rushes from the ship. He can't supress fire, or hit anything from the range needed and he is not so glory hungry that he'd get in the damned way.

It is not until there is a little elbow room as he decends the ramp that he draws his vibroblade. The slight hmm can be heard as the blade activates and he swings it towards the ground then turns it up and raises it so the flat of the blade is against the back of his arm. He seems to have complete control and still ready to fight, but there is less chance of anyone accidently impaling themselves... Including the rookie holding it.

"Good shooting Tess, just make sure I don't have to carry you out again." With that Narsai is dropping from the seats along with the other jet-packers, her vibroblade held left-handed while she drops down and the pack flares, saving her from gravity's rather exhuberant embrace. They're going into the thick of it, but the pilot still scans the battle for threats. Without Rax here or their basilisks, she was probably going to be leading the close quarters fighting. It would do no good to storm into a crossfire. "Eyes open."

Tess breaths slowly as she lines up the shot on the pirate manning the AA gun. The heavy gun sweeps from side to side in it's coverage of the sky, but with only moments remaining until the strikeforce comes within range, she's buying her time. Not that she specifically waits until the last minute. Until the point the ships come souring over the hilltops, but she doesn't want to tip the hand until everyone is well in range to engage the remaining ground forces.

Once the command to fire comes, she trails her shot along the predicted course of the turning heavy weapon and plants a blast directly into the gunners chest a half second after it appears from behind the covered offer by his weapon. Another two shots to be sure as she quickly follows the first shot with a double tap renders him more of a greasy smear than a living being.

All the praise falls on deaf ears. She doesn't burst into a smile or call for hoots, rather, she keeps following the scrambling pirates as they descend into cover. Ready to take out anyone who even comes within a dozen feet of the group... Oriana and Navi specifically.

"You wont." She says in her professional, clipped, even cold voice. The emotional switch is definitely switched off in the sniper.

To the awesome shooting Oriana says to Tess: "Never give up, never surrender." That's her praise to the sniper, she'll know the background meaning. As of yet she doesn't grab at any weapon but her hands twitch with anticipation. Speaking in her native tongue - whatever it was, she speaks softly to herself while looking down in concentration. Looking up she takes a deep breath to prepare for battle.

Fire rains from the sky as the Mandalorians drop from above in plumes of fire, the atack is joined on the ground by those exiting the landing craft. The pirates are caught almost completely off gaurd, they had heard about the fortress being taken of course, but they never expected such a brutal and swift attack to come against them. They begin to fall quickly, few of them managing to get off retaliatory fire before they are cut down by the superbly skilled force coming against them.

Shaak Gi had claimed to Russ that he joined to earn a name for himself,which is often code for 'I want to charge in and die like a fool'. It seems that at least for now he plays the tactics of the assault like someone who is not totally suicidal. He moves to the flank that he deems to be the easiest to counter attack from, then stays in support of his long ranged brothers in sisters. Sure enough a couple pirates do end up flanking from the direction and he bursts into motion. He is very fast and runs hunkered down to make the smallest target possible as he sprints towards the flankers. The quiet hum of his vibroblade becomign the scream of death for one of the flankers. His first slash cutting high along the pirates arm. Blood spilling from the wound and his aim being thrown off, but it seems he will recover. It is the second slash which arcs acound and carries from low to high that does it. The slash cuts deep in the man's inner thigh and it is like he cut the bottom off a styrafome cup. The blood pooring out of the man so quickly that Shaak has moved on to fight the second target before the man comes to terms with being dead.

Navi selects a pirate running for cover as her target, squeezing off two shots in his direction. Unfortunately, moving targets are hard to hit, and her shots go wide. A few shots scream past the petite Mandalorian with the big rifle, but none come close to hitting, to her great relief. "They sure weren't expecting us!" she says into her comms. "Where to next?" Her rifle tracks around the scene, looking for potential hidden foes looking to score some payback for the carnage a moment before.

E-11 held aloft in her free hand, the first of Narsai's auto-fire misses, but it dials in swiftly enough to heavily wound the first man while weaving in between bolts of return fire. The pirate is hit, thrown from his feet but clinging to life none the less while Narsai leaps into the fray. It's unconventional to say the least, seeing someone wield blaster in one hand and sword in the other, but the compact design of the old stormtrooper carbine has it's advantages. Her own vibroblade hums as she turns to the close quarters, only a slight nod Shaak's way showing approval for the would-be knight testing himself in battle.

Tess remains beneath coverage with her eye scanning the grounds for targets. A pirate pokes their head out of cover and is quickly dispatched with a blast right through the center of his chest, but with the overwhelming force of Mandalorian's falling upon them, the courtyard will fall shortly enough. Another pirate is dispatched as he attempts to run for the facilities, dropped with a blaster in the back, though the second comes up short as he crawls along dragging his legs behind him into cover. "Dammit." She curses, making a mental tally in her head to add to Addell's beautiful assortment of nitch marks.

Doing what she does Oriana charges into the battle snapping off her vibroblade and going to the closest target. Easily she cuts through one, beginning with a stab through the chest until she spins after pulling it out and goes to remove his legs knee down leaving him toppling to the ground in agony until he is out of life - which isn't long.

Two men fall before Russ as he hits the ground, their bodies dropping to the rocky sand. One of them cries out, still alive though not for long. One of the knights looms over him and ends his cries permanantly with a clean thrust through the throat. Russ looks around the area, some of the sand turned to glass by the fury of the very fast and brutal firefight. "Well that was much easier than i expected." He takes off his helmet for a moment and wipes his brow before replacing it. "Deadcheck these pirates. We don't need anyone popping up and suprising us, and we don't need any prisoners."

Russ shakes his head lightly as his men get to work quickly sweeping through and dispatching any of the badly wounded pirates that are still breathing. The bodies swiftly policed into a pile. He speaks into his comms "Alright men gather round, Tess you can come in or stay in overwatch. We have one more job left to do before we call this place secure and move foward with out own operation. We have to sweep the mine. Last thing we need is for it to swallow our very expensive mining equipment, or worse still be full of pirates and booby traps."

Shaak Gi does not shy away from 'double-tap' duty. He walks around the downed pirates near him and stabs them a couple more times just to make sure they aren't moving. As he does this, he also kicks away their weapons so that they can't start shooting if they are playing dead. It is only after the round of checks are completed and Russ calls everyone to gather around that gets him to power down his blade and resheath it. He takes off his helmet as well, however the togruta gives the impression that he is much more aware of the surroundings without the bucket on his head. Of course the new mission seems to not make him thrilled. He looks at the others and walks over to Navi to tell her, "Mind if I back you up? Explosives are not my strong suit."

"Mine, either. But I'm glad of the company," Navi replies softly to Shaak Gi, trying not to watch the checking and piling of the bodies of the pirates. "I'm really not looking forward to this part," she adds softly, checking over her rifle and sliding in a fresh powerpack.

"But they are my speciality." Oriana remarks about the explosives. She also has a ton of grenades. Holding tight to her blade she wipes some hair from her face. She doesn't seem bothered by hopping into a mine either, another day another job.

Shaak Gi looks to Oriana, then grins over at Navi, "Lets stick closer to her?"

Narsai's helmet remains on for the time being, but then unlike the Togruta the helmet only enhances the woman's ability to see what's going on around them. There are perks to being a mechanical genius wearing high-tech armor. Electronic eyes in the back of your head are one of them. While the others go about the effort of cleaning up and ensuring the dead-checking in greater zeal, the younger of the two Ordo siblings holsters her blaster and pauses only to stab the man she'd wounded through the heart with her blade while she listens to the plan and then glances at the 'Princess' of explosives.

A look to Russ and then back to the others she inclines her head. "I will go with you, take the lead and defend you."

"Alright then, lets go. Keep some distance between each other. If one of you lops off my arm by accident i will be pretty irritated with you." Russ cracks his neck before sliding in a fresh power cell into each of his blasters. He heads towards the entrance to the mine before slowing stepping through the threshold, it is obvious heavy mining machinery have been used here due to the size of the tunnel excavated. Inside is pitch black, darkness so deep even the inbuilt nightvision in the Revivers helmets has trouble cutting through it to a distance longer than a few feet. It is warm and unlike the air outside is horribly and sickeningly humid. Odd sounds echo through the mine shafts, creaks, drips and a soft skittering sound. Russ growls audibly into his comm "This a bad time to tell you guys i really hate dark enclosed spaces?"

Tess is, as one might imagine being over a kilometer away, useless when the combat switches to enclosed location. She does, however, keep in radio contact, packing up her things to move into a different location quickly to provide better support on any reenforcements sent in by the pirates.

Navi grins beneath her helmet, nodding to Shaak. "Let's." With that, she moves to Oriana's side as they advance into the mine. "Very bad time, Boss... I'm glad Narsai is with us to hold you down," she jokes softly.

Shaak Gi comments, "I should take my boots off." Weird assed aliens. He follows Oriana and Nari, but seems fairly at ease with the idea of going into a tunnel in the dark. He is a close range fighter that can sense motion, so... Well wait for it... He's BatMan! Okay, not really, but he seems just as comfortable about the tunnels as he was about the open field. The explosives and booby traps may not make him so happy though.

"Stay safe Tess." Oriana tells her and eyes Shaak. "Okay then." She remarks with a chuuckle then looks to Navi and then to Russ. "I can sing for you, a hym of my homrworld. My lovely voice can fill your heart and lift your spirits." Which is a lie, she can't sing.

Sheathing her Vibro-blade behind her back, Narsai moves to take stride in front of the others and flicks a small catch on her bracer, opening a hidden holster. A quick-draw readied, just in case. Grinning behind her helmet at Russ' words she laughs a little more at Oriana's words before shaking her head. "Pleasent melodies and singing are best kept till later, with booze and company..." Pausing in her words she frowns, raising her weapon unactivated and holding up her hand. "It's a trap...all around us..." she says with a grit of her teeth. "Be ready."

The unit of knights stay at the surface to make sure the foothold is not lost. Tess can see them through her scope taking up defensive positions, weapons bristling behind sand dunes and behind fortifications. A low buzzing sound begins on the horizon, no craft or being yet visible even to her enhanced sight. Down in the mine things are going well, far, far to well. No signs of explosives so far, no pirates pouring fire down the confining corridors and no heavy mining machinery bearing down on them threateningly. Narsai's words however seem to start things off even as she warns them of a trap.

The quiet skittering sound that had been lending the dark of the mine a huge amount of creep factor suddenly stops. And then it happens, perhaps the exact thing Russ is terrified of. A large armoured body drops through the vertical mine shaft above his head and lands on Russ with the sound of armour on armour. His blasters start to fire rapidly as he moves to shake the creature off of himself. His blasts through up shadows that show it. The walls and ceiling are literally crawling with insectoid monsters, their many arms bristling with weaponry.

"Maybe we should pull back some... so we have some light," Navi suggests, in a very small voice. "I can barely see at all in here, even with the nightvision gear." And then the monsters make their presence known. "And right now I wish I wasn't seeing /this/..." she murmurs, before something drops on Russ and she finds herself firing at the creature. One shot drives home, but the other misses...

"Overwatch to Strike team Actual, how copy?" Tess has switched to an open channel now that the ground is well secured. She continues to provide coverage of the court yard, but the random sounds of battle coming over the line has her a little concerned. "What the hell is going on?"

Shaak Gi had not felt the motion of the driods until they started falling from where ever they were hidding in the ceiling. He is behind both Oriana and Navi, however it does appear to be a target rich environment suddenly. His vibroblade sings to life again and he begins sliding his way through the droid nearest them. While he is still fairly accurate in the chaos that has begun in the tunnels, it is clear that his blade is not exactly mowing through the droids. He slashes twice, probably making Navi a little nervous to have him swinging a sword so close. The end result is one of the droids arms flying off and landing near Oriana's feet. Unfortunately the rest of the droid seems to be working just fine, and it looks like it has plans of its own!

Realizing this was a trap quick enough herself Oriana had darted out to attack. Out of three swings one hits but with little affect.

Well Navi -did- ask for light. Narsai's lightsaber ignites and the violet hue casts down the tunnel. For the others, it's not a new sight, but for Shaak it's probably a little unexpected to see the female Ordo wielding the weapon of the very thing the Knights were supposedly trained agains. Spinning on the sport, Narsai curses. She'd expected blasters, not these bugs again...but she'd faced them before. "Headshots, destroy the brain completely or cut them into the smallest pieces. They cannot be maimed or killed otherwise."

Hoping her words are heard in the close quarters chaos, Narsai swings her blade in a strike that misses the first dodge of one of the creatures. The follow-up stab however cleaves the bug's head of it's top half. She remembered. Shaak Gi speaks for the first time since they entered the cave, "What the fuck?" as the lightsaber crackles to life. Yeah, he didn't know that going to be a thing. However the rest of the instructions are not lost, "Got it."

Russ buckles under the weight of the creature as it drops on top of him, all of it's weight falling directly onto his armoured form. One of his knees gives way and he hits the ground heavy in a kneeling position. Blaster bolts fly around him as Navi fires at the creature atop him, his lifts his own arms with effort and tucks his blasters in against his foes body rapidly firing into it before flinging the creature off. He rounds around on Navi incredulously "Did you just shoot at me?!" Then he is taken off his feet as one of the creatures tackles him bodily, it's vibroblades desperatly trying to pierce his armour. The creatures wade through the blades and blaster fire with little care until Narsai blade cleaves a head from the insects shoulders. The body continuing for a couple of moments before it collapses. Seems destroying the brains is a good idea. The beasts are all around them, all of their many arms swinging dangerous vibroweapons.

Outside the noise quickly turns into a picture. Three landspeeders. All of them loaded with four men and obviously carrying alot of equipment. Looks like they are planning to make that mine a tomb.

"Overwatch requesting pickup by transport, moving position to indicated DZ on my smoke." Tess bundles up her blanket, her weapons, and her bottles of bodily waste to hump it over to the little clearing a few hundred yards from where she set up her overwatch. Once there, she crouches and pops a smoke grenade so that her location is marked with a plumb of ionic blue smoke that appears on the transport sensors. "Mandalorian Strike Force Actual, what the hell is going on down there?" She isn't using names over comms, but she wants to...

Shaak Gi is having a hell of a time with the huge creature nearest him. He knocked an arm off the thing, then got slashed so hard by a different arm that the togruta is bleeding pretty impressively through his armor. The arm holding his vibroblade is splattering blood as he swings at the enormous beast. Clearly the hit he just took has taken a toll as he attempts to swing for the creatures head and cannot seem to get his injured arm to cooperate. It might be too late for him as he uses his other arm to try and bring the blade up. His defensive stance looking a little ragged now, just as his last couple swings had.

Navi shrieks as one of the bulbous-bodied monsters drops from the ceiling, almost on top of her! She tries to dive clear, but isn't quite fast enough. It grazes her back, bouncing her off the tunnel wall and nearly knocking her down. She recovers swiftly, opening fire on the creature on Russ's back and one of its neighbors. Narsai's advice is noted, and she switches her aim to one critter's head. One bug is blown off its feet by a shot that all but severs its neck, and a quick follow-up once it's on the ground finishes the job completely. "Scratch one..." she whispers, looking for Scratch Two.

Seriously, Tess is glad she moved to the new vantage point as she immediately spies incoming speeders loaded with new contacts and heavy ordience. "Sha-fung!" She shouts in some cooky language. She drops down onto the ground at the edge of the hill and levels Addell out quickly to take aim on the lead speeder. "Strike Team actual, this is Overwatch. Incoming hostiles on your position by speeder. I'm engaging them, but you better get ready for company if any slip past."

She settles into her weapons bipod and takes aim on the pilot of the lead transport. Three quick tugs of the trigger, shattering glass and, if not killing the pilot, hopefully knocking them off course into the ground for a speedy landing/crash.

Narsai's blade slices, a fluid and flickering light before she slices the limbs neatly off the bug attacking her and then spins to execute her foe before rounding on the others. They're wounded, they need to move fast. "Stand strong!" she yells, moving to back up the heavily wounded Shaak and push him back a little, trying to take the attention off the bloodied alien and onto her rather attention-seeking laser sword. No words, she's focusing too hard on intercepting what might be a killing blow if it hits their new recruit.

With a bit of a grunt Oriana misses two more swings but one hits, she manages to dodge the reply attacks. "Dammit all to -" she trails off into her native tongue angerly.

Outside one of the speeders quickly slows to a stop as one of the drivers heads is turned inside out, his skull melting and fusing to his skin as it is turned molten by Tess's blaster bolt. The other three men start to panic, diving from the ride and seeking cover. Maybe they were part of the failed attack to take back the fortress, perhaps they have an idea what they may face. The other two just increase speed, intent on getting to the mine alive and delievering their payload.

Inside the mine is chaos and carnage. Night vision is sent straight to hell by the torrent of blaster fire released by the Mandalorians in such an enclosed area. For those without night vision the area is lit up horrifyingly by the blaster fire the bright red flashes of light punctuating the creatures natural horror. Those wielding vibroweapons are sprayed with thick hot blood as the creatures seek to flood over the beleagured Mandalorians and allies. Russ grunts, his blasters firing off wildly some hitting his foe, many not as he wrestles with the beast that has taken him down from the side after Navi had helped him deal with the first. The insectoids many blades slash at his armour some of them finding purchase in the joint of his shoulder and cutting bloodily into his flesh.

Tess's call for reinforcements does not go unheeded. One thing the Mandalorians have alot more of than this pirates is contingency plans. No unit should ever go into active combat without being able to call for support. As soon as Tess's call had gone out a gauntlet class fighter had lifted off from the captured fortress, bringing more burning angels from the sky in a hurry.

Flying on the wing of one of the troop transports is an old friend, a rather scaley, somewhat repitlian friend but a friend none the less! It's Noxx of course! He raises his blaster and aims down the scope of his weapon, taking a deep breath and squeezing the trigger, one of the pirates falling down dead with a blaster round placed firmly in the back of his skull. Noxx jumps and rolls off the wing of the troop transport once the craft reaches a reasonable height near the ground. He roars and taunts the pirates with a mocking laugh "Who's next?" he asks, his lizard-like tounge licking his scaley lips as he observes the battlefield to pick a new target that dare trifle with the mandalorian revivers.

Shaak Gi has been more of a liability tha anything for the last chaotic minute (or whatever the timeframe of two rounds is) within the cave. He is bleeding pretty badly and he is having trouble lifting his vibroblade above shoulder level, which makings hitting these things where it hurts very difficult. When Narsai pushes deeper into the cave to wade through more of the enemies, he takes a swing at one that is nearby, but he is not very effective. He seems to not have lost so much blood that he can't think clearly, so he changes positions a little, staying behind Oriana and Navi to make sure they do not get flanked or blindsided. He isn't much helpin a fight at the moment, but maybe they can know that there backs are covered.

Compared to Noxx, Kitfox is completely silent and nowhere near as flashy. She just braces the huge blaster against her shoulder and braces herself against the interior hatch. As the craft swings around, she pulls the trigger, aiming not for the men riding the speeder, but the speeder itself. The trio of crimson bolts pepper the ground and wing one of the engines, but the repulsorcraft chugs on. She opts to dismount moments after, hitting the ground and pulling herself up into a crouch to steady herself for another shot should she get the chance. She'll let the louder one draw aggro instead.

"Shaak! Navi! Get Mandalore clear!" Narsai shouts over the sounds of brutal close quarters fighting and her own weapon's noise. Sidestepping the creature that avoids the Togruta's own tired swing, the redhead woman takes her weapon's hilt in both hands and brings it down in a smashing cleave the pierces the brain. A quick twist of her wrist and she slices through the limbs of the creature, letting its go through it's death-throws without the risk of a wildly twitching vibroblade catching them.

Oriana curses even more. Her strikes mostly miss - it's dark! Luckily she remains unwounded and spares a glance to Navi and Shaak. Both are hurt. "Dammit!" Hearing Narsau call she moves to a position to prorect them. "You two go I'll cover you guys!"

Tess watches as the calvary arrives, but she's got no cheers to send up in celebration. The cold sniper remains prone at her location, sighting down her scope as she squeezes the trigger three quick times after taking in a steadying breath through her nostrils. She's a cold, calculated machine laying out in that field some kilometer away. The only indication that she's out there, the smoke rolling up behind her, and the lances of red energy shooting across the distance like pinpoint accurate rays of death. The first of the trio hits a pirate as he starts to disembark from a wounded speeder after Kitfox's attack slows it with smoke coiling out of a gash in the vehicles side. The second misses it's intended target, but that's made up for with the third. The speeder whistling unharmed towards the facility suddenly goes up in a concussive blast that shakes the very foundation of the facility as she hits the bundle of rockets attached to the right side of the troop carrier. The explosion is massive, rolling across the courtyard in flashing red heat that's big enough that even Tess can feel the heat.

Where there was only cold determination in her eyes, seeing that explosion and the death that it definitely caused, Tess grins sadistically. Her mouth forming into a single word, 'boom'.

Shaak Gi grunts and nods his head. He tells Navi, "Moving with you." His senses of the cave are still pretty good, however he moves a hand to her shoulder now to make sure they are moving as one to go and aid in the extraction.

"Fuck you. You godamn fucking insect!" Russ drops his two blasters and grabs onto two of the chitonous plates on the Bartokks face, plates loosened by his panicked gunfire. Adrenalin fuels his strength as he grunts and growls, his armoured hands wrenching the armoured plates from his foes flesh. Blood washes down over his helmet as he digs his hands deep into the soft flesh under the chiton plates of the assassins. "STAND CLEAR!" Russ yells loudly in warning his thumbs punching through two of his opponents eyes as the flamethrowers ignite on both of his gauntlets. Barbeque you son of a bitch."

One of the speeders explodes, the demolition charges meant for the Revivers turned back on the pirates. The concussion wave of the blast is huge, knocking the speeder that Kitfox had fired at sideways as the men try desperatly to dismount. Noxx stands before two surviving pirates from the first speeder that had been stopped by Tess. They are both armed with vibroblades. Time for mortal combat.

Navi fires on another bug-monster, but her shots go wide. It's about this time that one of them crashes against her and some of its blades strike her. Not all of them come away clean, leaving her bleeding and unsteady on her feet. "This crowd's getting way too rowdy, Boss..." she grumbles, silently backing up a few steps in reply to Oriana's advice. The sight of Shaak spurs her to the Togrutan's side.

Noxx with all his bragging felt like he could take on the world, his blaster firing a quick shot aimed towards the pirate slashing at him. And he fired, and then he missed! And then he fired, but he MISSED. He hit something, but it wasn't what he was aiming for, so he guessed he MISSED. Anyway, he's feeling pretty bummed out about that but there was no time to be a total downer, he was being stabbed at by pointy bits! So he backpeddles and waits for his blaster to cool off so he can fire more rounds.

Kitfox is less concerned about the bailing out pirates for the moment and the two near the untouched speeder. Well, aside from the bits of gore on it. She opens fire on one of the nearer and curses quietly as her trio of bolts miss quite spectacularly. "Can you drive one of those?" she calls out to Noxx as she adjusts her aim. Maybe she's a little rusty.

Dammit that hurt! Right across her back! Blood pours, whatever buck up and fight is what Oriana does. One close to her she wildly swings at, managing two hits doing her best to protect the others from the hords.

Tess is just a girl with her rifle up on a ridge taking aim at pirates so far away that she couldn't see them except through her scope. Even then, they're wee little things, distant, removed from her physical presence as they are from her emotional cybernetic heart. Noxx fires his shot at misses, Tess watches through her scope and squeezes the trigger. A blaster bolt burns past him and inverts the pirates face before his eyes. Kitfox levels on her target and it's much the same. With a minute adjustment of her rifle, so very far away, the pirate before the woman suddenly has a burning hole in their chest. Crumpling to the ground in a heaping mess of innards.

Navi wobbles on her feet and falls to one knee, the blood loss beginning to catch up with her. As she raises her rifle, an insectoid face looms up out of the gloom. She instinctively triggers her rifle once, twice... and watches the creature crumple back from her, its head completely destroyed by the two bolts. "Check, please..." she murmurs, struggling to hold her weapon steady as the world seems to swim around her.

Shaak Gi and Navi are almost up to Russ when he calls for everyone to get back and goes apeshit with the flame throwers. SHaak's armor is missing flamethrowers! He didn't even notice that until this moment. Their progress is sort of put on hold do to the flames shooting everywhere, however he backs up Navi, who is doing better than he is at fighting. His right arm is hanging by his side now as if he is having trouble even lifting the heavy blade at his side.

Another precise slashing leaves one more of those zombie-bug...things falling at their feet, Narsai and Oriana are holding back the last of the creatures after Russ fries one from the inside out. Nasty. "Oriana, go. I've got these two!" she calls, brandishing her lightsaber threateningly at the remaining creatures. "Make sure the others get out alive." With that she leaps at the creatures, a furious blur of ancient weaponry.

The Bartokk assasins are dead. That accounts for the entirety of this 'group' of the infamous assasins. The Revivers down in the mines are spattered in blood, gore and god knows what else. Russ's armour is scorched black by the backwash of his flamethrowers. He painfully hauls himself to his feet and looks around at the carnage. "Any casualties? Certainly wasn't expecting that sort of suprise down here. Having it trapped and rigged to blow is one thing, but this..." Russ shakes his head and holsters his pistols. "Let's head to the surface. I'll get a cleaner crew down here with proper equipment to make sure this place is really clear."

On the surface things are a little bit different. Apart from looking like a complete warzone there are still some hostiles remaining. Tess's sniper fire has been brutally effective. They have not even got close to her hidden position. Noxx is still fact to face with two of the pirates. The last two pirates still standing. Against a horde of pissed off and bloodied Mandalorians. God help the sorry bastards.

Noxx in all his scaley glory shows his moves by dodging out of the way of every vibroblade swing the pirates throw at him. He feels like a champ and shows it too, by of course, combining fire with Kitfox to take down a Pirate and rid the land of even more scum of the planet. Feels good, yo. He lets out a mighty roar and raises his blaster over his head in victory-like cheer. After which he lowers it and waits for the group to get to the transport shuttle to get them to safety.

Tess watches through her scope as the pair of Mandos bring one of the pirates down and adjusts her sights to the lone remaining target on the field. The first shot goes wide, but the following two cut the man clean in half. Sprays of blood showering down onto the carnage that their attack has left of the facility grounds. Once she's certain that none else will appear, she sits up and starts packing her things into the oversized pack that she has been using as a stopblock for her elbows. She heaves the pack onto her back atop her pair of rifles and waits for pick up, legs dangling off the side of the ridge whistling a pop song that is probably not unlike Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball. Her skin is completely matted in dirt, hair the same... but she has been out here for several days by now.

Kitfox is in silent awe of the efficient sniping going on, saving her and Noxx's bacon. Or at least saving them the trouble of getting shot at and having to deal with more. She adjusts her aim to worry about the last few outside, another triple-lance of bolts streaking towards a sorry target and finally taking hold. Or taking life. She slowly stands up and keeps her cannon aimed towards the entrance to the mine, just in case it isn't friendlies that come out.

Navi wobbles to her feet, using her empty rifle as a walking staff. "Good... I could use a cleaner crew... those things are /so gross/," she murmurs, groaning and plucking a gobbet of bug goo from her chestplate as she starts toward the entrance of the mine on unsteady feet. "And a BloodShuttle. Maybe a couple BloodShuttles... anybody seen my spleen? I think I had it before we came in here..."

Shaak Gi is in pretty rough shape as he walks out of the slaughter house that is the cave system. The battered and filthy Mandos all trudge out of the caves. The Honorary Meatshield, Rookie Red-shirt is amung them. He is looking pretty worse for wear, but heis walking under his own power. He even sticks close to Mandalore. The last order he received from Narsai was to get him out of there, so... well following him out counts as a job well done... Right?

"Strike force Actual, this is overwatch." Tess says across comms, watching them exit through her binos, "You guys need a bath before we go to the school dance. You look like a bug shit its insides all over you." There are soooo maaaannnny bodies. "Also, I want to get paid by the body. I'm retiring from this life of murder young while I still have my looks to fall back on."

Emerging from the tunnel last, Narsai's armor is spattered in blood from her earlier sword-play, but the lightsaber that seems to have vanished had left no blood. Exhaling a deep breath she finally reaches to unfasten her helmet, tucking it under her arm and revealing the exhaustion on her face. She'd managed to avoid injury, but fighting that hard in that much space? It was exhausting and probably mostly luck. "Everyone still breathing?" she questions with a grim smile and a slight wobble to her step.

It doesn't look like anything is coming out behind her.