Log:Turning on the Red Light at the Blue Light

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Turning on the Red Light at the Blue Light

OOC Date: February 23, 2016
Location: The Blue Light
Participants: Siya, Javi Malek, Hex, Bar'duur, Giler Acor, Rebel Yell

The music is playing and the atmosphere seems to be rather jolly! The wait staff moves back and forth, delivering drinks to happy customers. So far, there is no fight. Yet. Siya, the manager of the place, is standing at a table with Giler and their conversation seems to be rather hushed and serious, a rather stark contrast to the rest of the establishment.

A human woman moves into the establishment, wearing a vintage Imperial Officer's Hat that has been reclaimed with a Rebel Yell Phoenix patch slapped on it which visually aligns herself with the owner of the bar. She has an unlit cigar clamped between her back teeth, something she seems to chew on thoughtfully while she eyes the common room of the Blue Light as if deciding who to inflict her presence on.

Giler brow worries a bit and he searches her eyes for a moment and gives her a nod. "Be careful Siya and I'll stay out of the way." He gives her a grin. "I understand.. take care of your village." He gives the forearm he was holding a squeeze then moves to turn to leave. As he passes the human woman, he draws out his own smoke and slips it between his lip.

The being in question was a Gran, one of the three eyed goat creatures. He was big tough and tattooed. He was over by the bar eyeing one of the bar tenders.

Hex normally walks into bars the same way people step into bathtubs, with an expression of bliss and the expectation of perfect comfort. Tonight, however, alas, not so. He pushes through the door like it's personally offended him, and then pauses, peering about as though for... what? What is he looking for? Javi's hat, maybe, because he peers at it thoughtfully. "I'm not sure I've met you, but you're wearing the right shit," he greets her. "I heard there was trouble."

Siya looks to the Twi'lek and nods. She slips some money in his hand. "Thank you.. take that in payment. Consider this your collection of the bounty." She smiles faintly. As he turns to depart, a sigh is given and she glances to the Gran eyeing up one of the freed slaves. Then her attention turns to the newcomers into the bar. She eyes their apparel and sighs a bit of relief. Stepping towards the pair, "Hello.. I don't think we have been introduced. I am Siya. I assume you two are here on account of the hasty message sent?"

Javi eyes Hex for just a brief moment before she's slipping her hand into the crux of Hex's elbow. "Yeah, you'll do." She declares around the stub of cigar, eyeing Giler as he passes openly, even going so far as to eye his backside as she passes and attempts to drag Hex along. "Hello, Dollface." Javi greets Siya, "I'm Javi and this is my new boyfriend..." She leaves it open for the man to fill in the blank. Must be a blind date.

Hex seems for a moment like he might bolt, but he's too slow, Javi's got him by the elbow. Thus skillfully wrangled into captivity, the green twi'lek accepts his fate, lest he ruin the charade. "Hex," he supplies his name. "Javi and I are deliriously happy to be here. Together. Doing things together. Answering messages together." He caught that ogling of Giler though, and of course has to make an issue of it here on their sweet date. "What, you like his lekku better than my lekku?"

Siya looks as Giler begins to depart and smirks. "He does have very nice Lekku, yum." She then shakes her head and looks back to the pair. "There is a man here and I paid for some information on him. That man over there.." She gestures towards the Gran who is now chatting with a rather thin bartender in low tones. "He is scoping out my staff. He is huntin for Wyrm's freed slaves." She bites her lip.

"Of course not, darling. I only have eyes for your lekku." Javi reaches up to pet one of the green curves jutting from Hex's head, which might be far more romantic had a) she not said it around her cigar and b) known the man more than five seconds. She bulks up her frame by leaning over and jutting a shoulder up by her ear, turning her back to the aforementioned Gran. "You want him cleaned out temporarily or permanently?"

Hex has been captured by Javi, who has him by the arm, and they're both talking to Siya - at whom Hex looks askance when she says 'yum'. "What? No he doesn't," he protests, totally distracted by vanity specific to tentacular head appendages, which is clearly super important right now. "Call his blue ass back here, we'll lay 'em out on the table and measure." The specific head-tail Javi is trying to pet kind of leeeeeans away from her hand before she makes contact, lending yet more amazing credibility to their hot date cover story. Eventually focused back on the task at hand, Hex looks uncomprehendingly at Siya. "Is there any particular reason I can't just walk over and shoot him? I don't have to talk to him first, do I? What's he gonna say, like, 'you know Hex, you make some excellent points backed by several well-thought-out examples and I don't think I'll be a worthless slaving son of a bitch anymore.'"

And Now, the lovely red Gran makes a move. He reaches out to grasp a waitress by the arm and forces the sleeve of her shirt up to reveal a branding. "Say there, where did you get that?" The Gran leans closer to the young woman with a vile sneer. Siys become ruffled and she sort of puffs up. Though, she quivers a little bit. "He's vile. Very vile.. If it is possible to umm.. not scare the patrons.." She looks to the two. "Or the staff.."

Bar'duur drags his feet into the Blue Light, smiling faintly as he looks around while wandering his way toward the bar without really looking to see who is there. He soon arrives to the right of Javi and Hex, on the other side of the bar from Siya probably, and finds a stool to slide upon. "Oh, good evening." Said when he realizes who else is there and offers a smile.

"You got my back?" Is all Javi asks of Hex and the newly arrived Bar'duur after Siya's request, before she plucks the cigar from her mouth and sets it into an ashtray. "Watch that for me, will yah?" She ask the new manager of the Blue Light before she's reaching down and readjusting the ladygoods. With an exaggerated waggle of her hips the scavenger is off towards Gran, "Heeeey, baby." Javi sniffs, a knuckle knocking against her nostril as she interposes herself between the male and the waitress with a well placed stumble. "You holdin' sweet thang. I'll give you a shake-shake that'll make you quake-quake, just come out to the alley..."

"Watch out, we might have a party in a minute," Hex greets Bar'duur, before nodding at Javi. "Always," he promises her forever and truly, because they've known each other for five seconds and they're soulmates now. He eyes her abandoned cigar for a moment, as though he might be able to discern the nature of its appeal by closer inspection -- but it keeps its secrets to itself, and his eyes lift back to the action. "Get your waitress out of there if he lets go," he says quietly to Siya. "We'll try to get him out of here and then shit will go down. In that order. Hopefully. But maybe in the opposite order." He shrugs, like, what can ya do?

Siya glances to the cigar and she nods, sliding it into an ash tray for safe keeping. She steps back from the pair and allows them to do their work. She turns to the bartender and leans forward, "Start making rounds for everyone. They will likely need it." She glances to the Gran, "I am sure of it."

The Gran blinks as suddenly there is a lovely female showing off her best assets in front of him. The waitress is released and she skitters away, now sobbing and totally frightened. She disappears into the back room. The Gran smiles a devil's smile at the woman. "What makes you think I want anything to do with a pathetic human?" His head tilts slowly and his dark beady eyes glare at her. "You are nothing more than swine." His lips move in exaggerated motions over pointed teeth.

Bar'duur's eyebrows lift as Javi goes about her mission, watching her for a moment with an expression of mild confusion, before his attention settles on the Gran, and a bit of a frown appears when the waitress runs off, showing a touch of concern for her for a moment. "That being is being a nuesance?" Asked sidelong to Siya and Hex, pausing a moment as if to consider. "What is known about him?" He pushes off his stool again and stretches a bit stiffly.

"He's a slave catcher," Hex grimly fills Bar'duur in on the situation, and then seeing as the flirt bait wasn't taken... he decides it's time to step in and defend his date. "Javi! Look at you! You're so drunk! The hell are you doing, whorin' it up all... um, whorely!" Best agents ever. Hex then turns his ire on the Gran, who surely should be quaking in his boots at this 6 feet 2 inches of weedy green fury. "You think you can talk to my woman like that? Call her swine? Why don't you step outside and try it again, you rash-burned assbasket, because you're lookin' right now like you want me to take out those three eyes and stick one up your nose, one up your mouth, and one up your puckered asshole."

Javi stumbles backwards, seemingly unable to know which foot should go where. "He TOTALLY just felt me up. I mean, like full action." The woman seemingly tattles on the Gran as if he just put the moves on her. "AND didn't want to pay. Teach him a lesson, Bobo. This shit ain't free." Cue a knock to her boob as she steps sideways in a herding mentality, looking to push the slaver in the direction of the door.

The Gran steps back a little as suddenly there is a green Twi'lek standing right in his way. His lips curl up and expose those pointed teeth, clearly amused by the other man's actions. Then there is a glance to the accusatory human woman, "You.. you are a lying little.." He does not finish his words, instead he suddenly shoves at Hex. "Fine. Outside.. I will finish you, then I will do what I will to the human." He sneers. He begins to proceed to the door, cracking his knuckles and shrugging his massive shoulders. Though, he stops and looks to Siya, "I will be back for you.. I know your little secrets.." He winks and then heads to the door.

Hex and Javi totally don't have it figured out whether, in their cover story, she is or is not supposed to be Whorin It Up All Whorely. But that's not important! What's important here is chaos, and chaos they have accomplished! The patrons in the bar are murmuring to themselves about the altercation, but likely seem relieved that said altercation is moving itself outside. Hex spends a half-moment being privately amazed that actually worked, and then, there they are, two aliens in a dirty alley behind the Blue Light, ready to come to blows over Javi's dubious honor. Or, well... why come to blows, exactly, when there are other options? Hex reaches into the satchel he carries, and pulls out a rifle. "Eat it," he announces, and fires, though he'll have to dodge if the Gran had the same idea.

Javi slithers out behind the men, giving a look to Siya like 'what are you gonna do'. It is what it is. At least she got her wish in the fact that this didn't go down in the confines of the Blue Light, but it's not as if they can let this guy just walk away with the threats he's exposed. The woman is seemingly holding herself up by the grace of the building's side, her temple rolling against the rough surface as Hex tells the man to 'eat it'. In truth, that'll cost the Gran double. But she too is armed.

The Gran stalks out the door leading to the alley and dips around to the side and out of view for but the briefest of moments. Right at the exact same time that Hex draws out a rifle, he has turned aiming a rather powerful, large, shiny blaster pistol in his direction. "Tut. Tut. And here, I thought we were going to be friends. I tell you what, I will just leave. Nobody gets hurt. No blood is shed. However, I can promise one thing. I get shot and killed today, then there will be so many more deaths. Now, the question is.. Do you want that blood on your hands?"

Hex holds his weapon to aim at the Gran. "What is this?" he scoffs. "Are you threatening me? What could you possibly threaten me with? War? Is that what you're saying is going to happen? That blood will run red in the streets if I do this, that for the freedom of a few meaningless slaves, I'd throw down the gauntlet and invite the fury of the Hutts down on my pretty head?" He mulls this over for a moment, then decides, "I'm down." He shoots.

There is the sudden sound of gunfire that echoes off the walls of the dark alley, almost a deafening sound. In that very instant, the Gran is hit dead on, right in the chest. He is thrown back and into a pile of garbage. For a moment, it looks as if he is not going to move. However, after a moment, he sits up, a snarl exposing his teeth blood dripping from his lips. He was not going down without a fight! The trigger is squeezed, the round goes off and blackness overtakes the Gran as he slumps forward.

As the boys exchange fire, Javi retains a casualness as if this occurs on a daily basis in the alley outside Blue. She's forgone the trippin' balls persona, and now just stays leaning against the building as if trying to stay out of the way and yet maintain some sort of back up should the new impromptu love of her life fail. "We'll just toss your dead ass in a dumpster, the route feeds forty other dives, and your friends'll have no idea where your..." Oh. He's out cold. Systematically, Javi approaches to finish the job with a blaster shot to the back of the head with a growled, "Fucking slavers." This one's for you, Zeke.

Bar'duur does get up, he wanders over to the door to peek outside and make sure Hex and javi have things under control. As they seem to settle the issue fair enough, and Hex takes a hit, the Zabrak wanders back over to the bar. "Good thing he had that armor on." Says the horned man to himself, moving up to claim his stool once more and fall upon it with a sigh. "Looks like they have it under control." He informs Siya.

Hex is not getting out of this unscathed! He didn't seem to expect that the Gran would get up and return fire after getting shot into the trash heap, and the shot hits him solidly in the right leg, a nasty shot above the knee despite his gear. "Son of a BITCH!" he hisses in pain, and goes down. He's pick to quick himself back up, but Javi's finished the job. Hex's lekku slack briefly with relief, then perk up cheerfully as he limps over. "Dumpster time!" he says brightly, like dumpster time is the best part of the day.

Siya looks over to Bar'duur and she nods. She was fortunate that the fight had been taken outside so she did not suffer the ill affects of violence. Sometimes empathy is a blessing, other times it is a curse. "I am glad. That man.. I don't ever think I felt such a dark evil from anyone. He was sick." She sighs. "Well, thankfully it is change of shift and the poor staff that had to be stared at by him can go home." She frowns a moment. "I think I need to go get some rest."

Over at a table, a pair of eyes are watching the bar. They have a bit of a neutral look to them. As Siya turns to depart, the men just look back to each other and continue with their conversation.

Javi slips her blaster back into it's holster, slipping her scavenger bag over it's presence like it never existed. For a moment she just stands there, shivering, before Hex's voice registers. A numb little nod is given to the injured man, and then she's moving to grab the dead Gran's legs and maneuver him to the dumpster where he'll go to his final resting place in one of the main dump sites around Nar. "We'll get you some ground transport to take you back to the hangar." She informs Hex quietly, moving back to the door of the Blue to kick it open and give the bar area an up nod in an 'all is clear'. She'll find her own way back home.

"It's just a scratch. I need a minute but I'll be okay," Hex promises Javi, pleased as the Gran goes into the dump. A job well done. "You're literally the worst date ever," he informs her by way of farewell, and then calls rhetorically after her as she leaves, "What are you doing later?"