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When Charity Goes Wrong

OOC Date: October 3, 2021
Location: Corellia
Participants: Amal Jha, Hahtavi Kora, Hadrix Kora, Jallo Dara and Lord Chuck

Corellia is a bit war torn these days and it still can be seen all over the planet. Coronet is the worst of the places though. So the Great and Benevolent Lord Chuukkic the Hutt has come to Coronet to disperse some of his wealth and supplies to the masses.

Because that's what heroes do!

The Hutt Lord has disembarked his ship and there was the process of unload starting. Things were quiet for the moment, but there were figures that seemed a little too interested in Lord Chuck's treasures. There is the sound of blaster fire that rings through out the starport, the ting of metal and the smell of burning electronics herald what can only be described as a last minute ambush of the great and honorable Hutt.

Close by where this supposedly most benevolent Hutt has landed his ship, a bounty hunter's Gambit has also set down. The rear ramp has lowered and a Mandalorian is descending in his black armor just as the blaster fire erupts! A stray bolt shoots past Hahtavi just as his boots are hitting the landing pad! How rude!

He suddenly reaches a hand back to pull a rifle and is marking targets on his helmet's HUD as Hahtavi moves to cover behind his ship's ramp, buying a few seconds to see what the heck he just walked into! Who's shooting at whom and from where? And how many - or is this /another/ ambush of certain persons trying to kill him again?!

Amal, having been hired to provide security for the Hutt Lord, stood not far from the supplies that were being unloaded, attention shifted away from the work that was being done on the ships, and towards the main breadth and width of the landing done, waiting, perhaps for sign of the transports which were intended to assist in dispensing the Hutt's generosity to the masses. The sound of incoming blaster fire, which, on Nar Shaddaa, might have garnered only a mild interest, took on a much more ominous presence here, on a planet that was still, in many ways, a place at war. Amal stepped further from the supplies and towards the sound of whatever was the cause of the commotion in the distance, drawing a slim blade into her hand.

Jallo is here. He arrived by courier for some potential work leads and he has on a glorious new suit of armor. Which means he likely hasn?t fine tuned his armor to his senses yet. Which must be the reason he is still casually walking towards the blaster fire he has yet to notice.

"Thieeeeeeeeeeeeves! Rapscallions!" Lord Chuck wails out in Basic. His little arms flying up into the air in frustration, his top hat being knocked askew as he starts to throw the biggest Hutt sized temper tantrum this side of the Core Worlds. His girthyness is NOT happy that peasants are trying to steal from him.


The Hutt starts to slither himself back towards the ship, but there is a small problem. Someone is on the ramp that is heading into the ship. "Ah, not only thieves but filthy traitors as well." he chuckles lowly to himself. "Someone kill this scoundrel and we'll be off!" he calls out.

No one, it turns out, is actually trying to shoot Hahtavi. It was a wild shot that came his way and drew his attention. Using the cargo for cover, he starts working his way closer since he can't see what's going on too well. Rifle out, he's clipped it to his tactical rig should he require his hands free in a hurry.

Looking around the crate he's put his shoulder against, the Mandalorian sees Amal of all people as well as the Hutt and the strangers trying to steal the cargo - whatever it may be. He may not care for Hutts but the cargo doesn't appear to be slaves, and Hutts /do/ have money. So Hahtavi ups the volume on his helmet's vocoder to make his baritone carry, <"You need some help, Oh Great Hutt? Amal, you want a hand?"> Surely the Hutt will know a Mandalorian showing up will want to be paid for his assistance.

Meanwhile the antics are observed and behind his helmet, Hahtavi can't help but laugh at the antics. Nope, not stepping in to help until he's answered.

Amal, who had been hired to protect the Hutt as well as the cargo being offloaded, clearly was giving priority to the Hutt. because if he died, nobody was getting paid. Rather than turning towards the incoming sounds of battle and blaster fire, Amal pivoted on her heel, darting back towards the ramp of the ship, "Always a day of adventure with you, your Greatness." There was no tone of reverence for his Huttness, "I never turn down assistance, Hahtavi of Kora." Nimble echani was nimble, as she slipped past the bulk of the Hutt, striking out at the body attempting to block his escape. It had been a person, but now, it was only an encumbrance, as her dagger flashed, the blade cutting throat and artey, before she knocked the body away, seeking for any compatriot who might still be in evidence on the ship.

Jallo has finally gotten close enough even a blind Miralorian can see what's going on. Pausing for just a bit to assess the situation... Hutt getting robbed and the helmet shakes just a bit as he reaches up over his shoulder taking the spear that was maglocked to his armor into his hand spinning it before planting the butt of the weapon in the ground. Then when the fighting really started he took off towards the battle moving towards the peasants pushing the ramp slowly twirling the spear between his hands.

People trying to rob a hutt.

They could afford it. Hadrix's helmed head tips to one side, dagger in one fist and beskad in the other but he doesn't advance from beneath the shadow of the blockade runner he commands. The droid that is his constant companion bobs, looking at the myriad of sentients now moving in a rush as she comments,

Amal downs the poorly prepared man that was blocking the Hutt's path and he straightens himself up a bit, "Much appreciated, Miss Jha." he tells her as he squiggles his way towards the ramp. Hahtavi's question makes him pause, looking to him, "If it's credits that you desire Mandalorian then we'll give you some. Just keep these things off my ship." he points out. Then he's back to hauling his squishy tail back to the safety of the ship.

The few people that are left are looking a bit uncertain. Finely trained guards and there is even a shout of, 'Mandalorians!' that give some of others that were arming themselves pause. Some of them peel off. Choosing to live this day.

That leaves only a handful of those that were trying to rob the Hutt Lord.

Boots shifting move around the crate, Hahtavi keeps his helmet's vocoder volume maxed, <"CEASE YOUR THEFT ATTEMPTS."> Warning given, he moves towards the ship but doesn't really want to hurt these people. So he shoots a pair of them that look to be trying to bear down on Amal to get into the ship. Blue stun rings arc from his rifle's muzzle, dropping them both in quick succession.

With the Hutt now safely back in his ship, Amal jumped down from the ramp, pushing the dead body the last of the way off of the steel before she hit the controls to close the ship on her way to the ground. She left the Hutt to his hiding, or his demise, if he just happened to be locked in their now with more thieves, as she moves to engage the remaining bodies intent on taking something that did not belong to them. If she felt on the back foot engaging those with blaster weapons, wielding only a dagger, it did not show in her movements.

Jallo gets into melee range of them and spins his spear before thrusting it at one but it would seem that his aim is off as he jabs the tip of the epar into the ground. Pulling it back he spins it just a bit more because fancy moves adds cool factor and perhaps will make them run away! <"I'd suggest you make haste in your departure. You've already lost if you haven't realized it yet.">

There is a long pause at that, Hadrix not answering while he looks into the mob, the flat side of his blade resting against the gorget of his armor, the red glow behind his t-visor pulsing slowly while he looms there. A very visible 'do not try to loot -this- ship marker.

The Mandalorian and the Droid go quiet when they step further out into plain view of the crowd at large. Both looking to a number of the rapidly thinning mob, the blade of the silvery metaled sword lifting fractionally from where it rests on his shoulder, only to fall back in place when the would be rioters move elsewhere.

Lord Chuck peeks his large head around the corner from where it is safe and there aren't any bodies. "Bless you all!" he calls out to those that have helped. There is a Twilek assitant that is not scantily clad in chains or revealing clothes that skitters over to approach people, offering thanks on behalf of his Greatness and getting information on where to send the bills for helping him.

Once that is done, the rest of the supplies and medical aid that was being delivered by the Hutt is offloaded and with one last look to his adoring, but bloody fans the bulbous one squiggles his way back into the ship and it prepares to head back to Tatoo.

Where things are far more civilized...

There's a critical eye to study the Twi'lek who comes out to pay them. Payment is accepted and pocketed, his rifle still held ready in his left hand as he does so. Hahtavi eyes the crates that had been in the process of unloading, <"This looks a lot like relief supplies. Food, medical, blankets... "> Almost as if he couldn't be more surprised to see a Hutt making such a delivery instead of loading it up for resale elsewhere.

This Mandalorian looks to Amal to see if she might enlighten him. As the Twi'lek moves on, he gives her a nod and adds low, <"I'd never have stepped in to help except that I saw you, Amal."> Clearly by his tone of distaste, Hutts are not top of his list as favorite clients.

Once things look to be quieted down, this Mandalorian goes to check on those who were would be theives but now downed. His rifle gets slung to his back and Hahtavi hunkers down to render what medical assistance he may to those unconscious or wounded. Not much he can do about the dead that Amal sliced up.

What a strange day it's turned out to be.

Amal, for her part, gave no more consideration to the dead, than to cast about for some of the workers, and beckon them over, even as she cleared her weapon and returned the dagger to its sheath, "Clear the bodies away. They are blocking the transports from being able to deliver the supplies to where they are needed. Lord Chuukkic brought these supplies to Corellia at great cost and expense to himself. He intends for them to be distributed to those who have need." The workers, who, rightly, had no desire to irritate the Hutt, were soon putting hands and backs to the task, as Amal headed back towards the ship, which was still sealed. "This one too." That, to the body which she had pushed off of the ship's loading ramp." As she came close enough to answer Hahtavi, she nodded, "I do not claim to know the minds of the Hutt Lords. But I do know that I was paid to protect him, and to ensure the shipment went to the appropriate hands. Corellia could certainly use such supplies as these. But I do not blame you for assuming that the Hutt Lord had ulterior motives."

Jallo returns his spear to it's maglocked location on his armor before he looks around some, <"I had heard that there was a Hutt who was trying to do right by the people. Shocked that it's not just a super secret rumor."> He turns to walk away from the carnage that he attempted to assist with but only ended up chipping tarmac not actually hurting anybody this time.

Pausing at the twi'lek woman coming their way, a lot of pausing today for Hadrix and Gripper it seems, the big man bobs his head in a nod when credits were given for doing little more than looking large and otherwise standing there in a fashion most Hadrix-ey.