Amal Jha

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A True Daughter of Eshan. Born and raised amongst the Mothers to the ways of her kin. Galaxy traveler. Trader and mover of goods, products, and services. Speaks little and says less about her dealings, though she seems to have found herself, of late, working for more than simply the interests of the Six Sisters.

Current Events

Amal, who has served for well over a decade as his chief enforcer, has found herself recently appointed to the position of Voice for Lord Borgol of the Mazijik Kajidic, Master of the Citadel of Manifest, Administrator of Ledgers. She serves as the Hutt Lord's chief advisor and has been empowered to speak in his name on all matters related to his business.


Ice and snow. If such vagaries of the weather could be formed and sculpted into a living being, such a being might bear a visage similar to this sentient. Pale, crystalline skin is laid over sharp cheekbones, a sculpted nose, and pale cupid's bow lips. Dark, almost black brows and dark, sooty black eye makeup provide a compelling contrast to silvery-irised eyes. Her hair is dazzlingly white, kept away from her face in a upswept style that makes her features appear even more severe. Lithe, slender as a reed, in the way of one who has honed their body with all the precision of a machine, she stands at barely an inch or two below six feet.

Her current attire appears to have been chosen to be variations on a theme. A sleek bodyglove all in a pristine white, represents the base of her clothing, the material having an entirely matte texture, sparsely decorated with strips of dove grey and a geometric, high collar. A neatly tailored, knee length duster jacket in a matched white overlays the suit beneath. Heeled boots seamlessly integrated into the body glove serve to elogate her figure, bringing her height to a spare inch above six feet.

Species: Echani Gender: Female Age: 52
Height: 5'10" Weight: 130.1lb Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: White Skin Color: White Handedness: Ambidextrous