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Yari was born the 10th of Telona in the year 1137 - ill timing for the Zapals and their small, family-owned establishment. The most lucrative night of the year saw the "Starbird Tavern" in old Kijimi City closed to thirsty patrons - an affront they'd spend the next many months uttering apologies for.

She was the first child born to Galen and Gawynn. Her brother Jonah came along a decade later, and several years after his arrival, sister Brinna turned their family of four into five. Of the three children, two were deaf - Yari and baby sister Brinna.

Inability to hear did not prevent Yari from thriving within a fellowship of neighbors and kin. One does not require a sensitive ear to concoct tasty morsels in the kitchen - merely a good nose and discerning palate. So it is that Yari was groomed to one day inherit the family business and was contributing dishes to the menu before the age of twenty.

The Zapals were otherwise hardy folk, well suited to the mountain life, and known to be stalwart members of their community. Galen and Gawynn were both sponge and font of local gossip and tall tales. After many years behind the bar and serving tables, they were trusted confessors, advisors, and overly familiar with their regulars' personal lives. So it was that the pair essentially functioned as the town historians, even if there are details they'd rather forget.


In 1159, Yari was married off to another respectable family, the Bartyls. Rohmar Bartyl owned an appliance refurbishing company, renown for turning second-hand equipment (or that which was damaged during 'accidental' liberation from its original delivery truck...) into good-as-new, desireable pieces for the home and kitchen. Also, droids. Allegedly, other items, but Rohmar's book-keeping was meticulously tweaked and groomed for denial. Back in the day, Rohmar was a staunch supporter of the budding New Republic and he'd taken care to maintain a cautious profile here, on Kijimi, especially after the First Order took interest in the planet. His son, Kyp, was the chief mechanic and technician of their operation, but also had a hand in an underground network of disgruntled locals who weren't impressed with the FO presence.

Yari was the ideal choice for Kyp, when taking a wife, because the girl could not hear a lick of their sensitive conversations regarding black market and/or rebellious activities. Plausible deniability, should the axe ever fall. She could cook, she was quiet, it was a match made in heaven. The Zapals received beneficial discounts in exchange for their daughter's hand, and Yari received assurance of safe keeping for the future years when her folks were old and gray. Win-win, for everyone.

Until it wasn't.

Kyp was murdered, just four months shy of the day the rest of Kijimi would join him in death. His head was collected as proof for bounty, following a leak of information from their network while arranging to smuggle children off world, away from the reach of the Order. Yari fled back to her family's home and it was there that they were later accosted by the night raids.

Fresh Start

In the year 1160, mid Selona, a search team of Resistance ground troops interrupted the attempted recruitment of Yari's brother outside the Starbird Tavern. (re: [1]) . Retribution was swift, as FO reinforcements were quick to respond. Yari and her wounded father were separated from the rest of the family in the process of escape. While they were loaded successfully onto the transport, Gawynn, Jonah, and Brinna's fates were unknown, presumed dead.

Yari was brought into Res care on Ajan Kloss, while her father was treated for life-threatening injuries. Confused and afraid in unfamiliar territory, surrounded by those who speak with words more than hands, she took comfort in the one thing she knows well - cooking. The girl was a living fixture in the mess hall, allowed to perform light tasks out of deference for her 'delicate' state while she waited out the remainder of her pregnancy.

Yari and Galen's stay in the Klosslands base ended when Galen was deemed well enough to travel. Zorii Bliss brought them aboard the Starseeker freighter 'Fleft-wauf' so they may be rejoined with the Kijimi flotilla. Yari's found her place among the crew, in the galley.

It was a short-term residence, as Zorii's involvement with the Resistance and searching for their new home took her further away from Flotilla (forming in orbit around D'Qar), and for longer stints. Galen relocated Yari planetside, joining a small group of other Kijimi bound for the Droalder Mountains. They formed camp, livestock included, with intentions to scout the area for mining potential. It was far away enough from the Alderaanian-occupied city to feel like their own slice of the pie, but near enough for trade, should their settlement prove feasible.

Before long, 'New Alderaan' came into being, encompassing the entire planet rather than a smaller piece of society and some of the Kijimi transplants fled rather than be held to New Republic law. Not long before that happened, Yari gave birth to her baby boy and the two were uprooted yet again, this time bound for Chandrilla. It was a safe place, more opportunity for work for the young mother, and far more stable an environment than the Flotilla had become.

Yari took work at Riso's Steak House for a time before a little trouble from the in-laws tracked her down. Unwilling to hand over her baby to his father's family or return to the Flotilla, she accepted an offer of recruitment from Callax Dalso to join his privateering group - the Perlemian Rangers.

Presently, Yari is just 1 of 120 Kijimi survivors working aboard the gunship Relentless and commands her own kitchen staff - sourced from Tanaab and Flotilla.