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Aryn is seen leaving the food tent, accompanied by another caped figure waiting for her nearby (a dark haired female in similar Alderaanian garb). "It is time, Lady Kiko, please inform security to allow our guests entry."-- "Yes, your highness." Kiko Alde responds, bows, and walks away with only the sound of an ornate sword clanking against her side. Aryn stands at the center of the entire arrangement, spinning slightly to take the sights in before it gets crowded.

From the entrance, a torch marked stone path leads guests up to the main area of the fountain park. Fountains are the second most brightest feature of tonight, their spouts of water colored with special lighting, and the sprays have been timed with the beats of music playing over the loud speaker system.

A stage has been set in a way to incorporate the fountains, with artificial lighting, stage effects, and the entire design for a concert handled with staff dressed in dark clothing as to not take away from the atmosphere.

Food tents chocked full of staff who answer to Yari, are cooking away. Their area is clearly marked with torches and banners bearing the emblazon of every system aligned with the New Republic. Liquor stands are stationed everywhere, with ample selection from some of the most expensive labels to the more common.

Pyrotechnics have been set up further away, guarded by New Republic security forces. Security forces also control the entry-ways in presence alone, ensuring the safety of guests and staff alike.

There are ample places to sit and have a good view of the fountains, stage, and arrangements. There are also places to dance, stand and conversate, and places to eat of course!

Aryn, who seems satisfied with the arrangement, claps her hands twice as a feeling of success sweeps over her. She had a good feeling about tonight, and she was eager to see it underway.

Holo-recordings near the entrance project images of various people speaking on the purpose of this event, advertising the need for funding to host operations that stop slavery in all forms!

Nerys had had such a gorgeous dress picked out. And then, as all good plans seem to do, it all went to seed. And so, instead of the airy green confection she had had stored for just such an occasion, she had had to resort to something simpler, and tonight it was a tunic style dress, gathered at the waist to accent her skim figure, the length nearly to the floor. Sleeveless, it left her arms bare. A torc of simple gold adorned her neck, and she wore a matched gold band about her left ring finger. She seemed smaller, somehow, without all of the armor she tened to wear, and of course, she did not have her Backpack of Holding. She did, however, have her droid. Belate rolled along beside her, his chassis neatly polished to a fine shine, paint immaculate. He too, had dressed for the party. "Stop fidgeting," Nerys offered, as the pair waited, "I'm sure you won't disappoint the good Doctor." And then she began to move ahead, to make her way into the park when the time came.

Jax Greystorm says, "This is my after action report from the recent patrol on the Perlemian trade route. Elements of Rogue Squadron jumped into our third unoccupied Star system of the day. When we encountered a shuttle being harassed by a squadron of Tie interceptors. The shuttle identified itself as Bountiful Harvest. I believe that is the current Dantooine Representative's private shuttle. No explanation of what the shuttle was doing in the system. Then requested assistance with the Tie interceptors identifying them as pirates. Commander Lintra gave the Intercepotrs. a chance to disengage. They did not and stated the attack was a private business matter. These pilots were good and skilled, not your normal pirates. Commander Lintra, Karas, Callax, and Zandra all destroyed part of Tie Squadron. Ax provided an asist to Karas. When the Interceptor Squadron realized they had became out numbered and out gun. They called in a Marauder Corvette to provide extraction for the pirates. The Bountiful Harvest was able to repair and jump out on their own accord. The whole situation doesn't add up. At Commands discretion, I would advise the matter be turned over to New Republic Intelligence for review. Greystorm Out.""

Elrych is wearing what he always wears, the dark green cloak with the equally green tabard. A white undertunic. his dark blue Captain's breeches with second class blood stripes. Well shined officers boots, light from the fountains reflecting off them they were so preistine. His lightsaber dangled from his utility belt, shimmering with the ebon darkstar polymers and angel shine metal that fabricated it.

The Corellian Jedi's icy blue eyes glance around at the setup, taking it in. A nod of appreciation is given even with that smrik of his playing upon his lips. He was alone except for his trusty droid Eggsy who roleld along behind him. The droid beeped, blurting out some sort of comment. "What? How much did I spend for a plate? None of your buisness..." He pauses, "Just that it's a nice tax write off, ifyouknowwhati'msayin'." He winks at his dorid, clicking his tongue against his cheek.

Once guests are allowed in, Jessika Pava eventually appears among them as they all file in. It might be difficult to notice the Major, what with the dress, her hair being down, and actual makeup, but she's there all the same in elegant white with a clutch tucked away in one hand. It's a fine evening meant for more than just utilitarian looks, and she's here for it. Thin bars dangle from the lobes of each ear, though only one is exposed because of how her hair is swept back on the right side. She glances through the people to the many arranged accoutrements for tonight's festivities, but all she's looking for is a seat. She finds one at the very edge of a row and tucks into it with a grace not often displayed by the pilot. Clutch switching to being gripped in both hands, one over the other, she relaxes back and prepares for the night ahead.

Merek was about to visit, and to offer a little bit of charity. Although he doesn't make himself that well known to a lot of folk while he wears dark attire with the hood up, nodding a bit to people.

Khalim can be seen within the stream of concert-goers that begin filtering into Fountain Park at Aryn's signal. Wearing a suit of distinctive Mirialan cut, black on poplin black considering the shirt beneath, he enjoys these occasional changes of scenery, and their accompanying demands on appropriate attire. Not having run into any acquaintances just yet, nor been presented the opportunity to begin making new ones, he does what any self-respecting being with a stomach may consider an option at this point of the event: makes his way towards the shortest of the lines beginning to form at the food service tents dotting the park. In line for skewered nerf-bites and perhaps a glass of champange, an easy smile meets with pear-green features. This stands to be an enjoyable night.

"... imperative that we make our stand and do what we must to help free those who have had their lives taken and hollowed out." One of those displays matches the entrance of an Alderaanian in the dusky, silver chased, colors of House Thul. Traditional robes of the Great House are worn, long cowl hanging to the bottom of his sternum with cape just touching the ground and the central crimson band appearing from beneath and reaching to his waist. Belted, but split front and back for movement, the robes continue down, edged in silver with spherical designs within and black trousers tucked into matching boots appearing from time to time.

"The eradicate slavery is not a possibility - for an eradication of evil is not possible. But every person saved and returned their life is a star in the sky, clearing away just a little more of the dark. Small goods are greater yet than any might give them credit, and small stones form the foundation of everything."

Bors Thul's image continues to speak and the man himself saunters along, hands folded behind his back, head up and smiling quietly while he takes in the surroundings with a relaxed air about him.

Noting the gathering throngs - this is Chandrila afterall Vhe hesitates and lifts onto the toes of her booted feet. Wild hair is shoved from her face where it has been secured as best she can in a loose braid down her back. Rebellions happen - even those that are headed by hair.

She is looking for someone perhaps? Eyes narrow as she scans the group, rocking back onto her heels a moment to settle her weight once more. She blinks a few times and then adjusts the simple teal sleeveless tunic with its colorful sash and wide legged tan pants.

She clicks her tongue to the roof of her mouth and instead begins to hunt refreshments. Prowl she does even if a bit leisurely so.

Septima is on the outskirts of things this evening and standing looking over plants with Mikel and Aletris. She's dressed as plainly as one might find her most days in simple peachy colored silk dress and her hair is left down. She gives a nod to those that might stray her way, but, the evening is for charity. She speaks quietly with Mikel about the current happenings and things of that nature, even if he looks like he wants to go hide in a corner already.

Lahni has been here for some while already, making sure her harp is positioned correctly on the stage, and that the both with the recordings of her music has everything they need - all proceeds for the evening's sales going to the cause, naturally. With the guests beginning to enter, however, she turns to watch the entering crowds - a slender omwati fingers with soft blue skin, and clad in a gown of deeper blues and purples that wafts gently in a passing breeze. She turns, scanning the area until she spots Aryn - and strides towards her, blue slippers peeking out from beneath her dress, and gems sparkling at her throat, ears, and wrist. "Well," she remarks. "...I guess we're ready." Or they had better be.

There's a great deal of vigorous gesturing happening on the westernly outskirt of the enormous food tent, between one lanky, fiery-haired woman in a butcher's apron and some of her on-loan drudges for the evening. Orchestrating a feast without words, with people she's not really known for more than a handful of hours. Mistakes are bound to happen.

Yari hails not from a house or a city or a planet of etiquette-oriented dining. There was no distinction between the salad fork or meat stabber in her childhood kitchen, nor were there crystal goblets in the tavern she slept above. There were slabs of this, vats of that, and more calories than some folks are accustomed to consuming in a month's time, she wagers, passing a long look around at all the pretty dresses and capes floating over the lawn.

A frown is cast to her own attire and the stains that have already managed to get past the apron. She pulls the leather atrocity off and shoves it with a heel beneath the nearest table. While the 'help' labors to unearth the main carnivorous course from the roasting pits and transfer the chunks to lovely platters for serving, she circles around behind someone flipping flatbreads and taps them on shoulder to point them toward the inbound 'line' awaiting skewers. Yari takes over flipping the dough, using fingers rather than tongs. Her cuticles must be impervious to the little fire licking out from that fuel cannister, under griddle.

Miri Telula's head is on a swivel as she tries to take in the sights of the transformed Fountain Park. The torched-lined walkway and illuminated fountains capture the young woman's attention as she slowly makes her way through the path and towards the concert seating. She looks vaguely uncomfortable in her outfit, a black dress, as if being inside it was just unusual for her. Her shoulders are tense and her hands are held at her waist, her fingers worrying against themselves. Eventually, Miri would find her way into the seating area. With one last moment spent looking for a familiar face, Miri moistens her lips and slips into a seat on the end of a row.

Aryn has taken a spot near the fountains. She looks calm and collected, her gloved hands clasped and held at her front while she watches everyone come down the torch-lit path. Given the music that is playing over the loud-speakers and the glamour of the lights criss-crossing, it was hard to discern the messages from the holo-images where Aryn was standing; those on the path would have no issue hearing them. This was a benefit afterall.

Lahni's approach is noted and Aryn seemed pre-emptive enough to turn toward the blue beauty. Offering her a kind, genuine smile, Aryn nods her head to agree. "Yes, it seems the word has reached many ears. Are you nervous?"

The smell of GOOD FOOD and sounds of SIZZLING MEAT and other YUMMY things is heard, in some spots, over the music. Fire dances up from the cooking pits as the cooks go about their routines to put on a great show.

Khalim makes his way to the front of his particular line, and an exchange of cred-chits results in a plate of nicely charred skewered-nerf, along with some tuft-like vegetable prepared so as to absorb some of the smoke and taste of the grilling process. Stepping back out into the increasingly mixed crowd, the Mirialan notes Lahni's presence on a nearby stage and meanders along to find a spot to stand nearer the stage, but also just aside the rows of seating that have been provided. He hasn't made the decision to take a seat of his own just yet, perhaps uncertain whether or not he's likely to catch a familair face before-hand.

Perhaps the Corellian Jedi was looking for someone as well. Perhaps it was easy to spot the wild rebelious hair of the Ysanna he knew so well. "There you are." he said softly as he approached her, placing a hand at the small of her back before leaning in just enough to kiss her cheek. "Looking for a drink?" He asks, his eyes wandering to where she was inspecting the refreshments. "The food smells good too."

The gentleman with the short ponytail and the department store black-ish suit was not a notable man by any means. With a face that could be considered bland, wearing a smattering of stubble that marred full cheeks and a smooth and undistinctive jaw, and looking around with squinty brown eyes possessing zero merit, he kinda just blended into the background as he made a sort of ambling wafty BEELINE for the food and refreshment tables. This was of course perfectly intentional. After all, Zhu Yan was a wanted man on this godawfully civilized planet.

Then again, people underestimated the value of a cheap suit, a shave, cheek pads, and being the sort of person who would publicly never step foot on the doorstep of the most fortified planet in the Republic. He even had on driving gloves, in case people looked too hard and knew how to recognize synthskin.

"It's all so very noble!" was a passing comment made to a random conversation. Effort was made, there, to not actually interject any of the very real sarcasm felt into the words dripping from the mouth of Zhu Y... sorry, from the mouth of Hal Seiser, Core World Trader & Businessman Extraordinaire. There was almost a creaking sound as he forced his mouth into the smile of enjoyment and appreciation of the Lofty goals being vaunted and spoken about tonight. If not attempted. Wait hang on we're rambling. Where are we? Oh yeah, the food tables! SNACKS.

"...a little," Lahni answers, letting out a quiet and breathy laugh. She's fairly certain this will be her largest crowd yet. "But I've practiced the music enough to know it forwards and backwards. It'll go well. And it already looks like it'll be a success for the cause." Which is the most important thing.

Making a good accounting of herself and building her reputation would simply be a nice bonus.

"Thank you again for putting this together. I couldn't have managed it. You'll have to introduce me to the right people for the next time, though," she suggests, giving the woman a broad smile.

Mid reach for a drink, Vhe is about to snag it when the voice reaches her ears. Her hand comes back slightly and she misses the stem as it carries on she pouts only just a little before her hand fully retracts. "Why yes, I am. I nearly had one but apparently it was just too swift for me," she murmurs.

She eyes over her shoulder after the passing tray and finds Aryn, a smile growing across her lips as she lifts her hand into the air to wiggle her fingers at her fellow. Her hand falls back to her side as she turns her attention back to Elrych. The mention of all so very noble given by a passing figure gets a look from her and a tangle of wayward hair thrust and pushed back from her face behind her ear.

Snacks. She can appreciate that before she grins at Cometburn. "Well lets get a drink and perhaps some food before its all gone. Where Yari goes there is always good food." She indicates with a nod towards the red head serving. "Though I have to ask, is the food better than mine?"

"Yes, of course you can, but if she is busy, you had better not be a bother." Belate chirped something that sounded like an assurance but probably //wasn't//, as he rolled off, expertly navigating the growing crowd as he went off in search of his date for the evening. If only she knew it. As for Nerys, she too wandered the crowds, finding a few familiar faces as she walked, offering words of greeting as she did, before she picked up her own plate, and two glasses of something fizzy, which she carried over to the stage. When she stopped, she was just behind and to the right of Khalim, "You forgot something."

More Greystorms arrive to grace the event, with the zabrak female half of the couple dressed in a dark purple that brings out her eyes and leaves one arm bare. That bare, tattooed, arm is hooked through the elbow of the other Corellian Jedi next to her. She catches sight of a Belate zipping by, and glances to Jax. "It is a good thing we have left Exine on the ship. I can only imagine what they would manage to blow up if both of them were here."

There are faces she recognizes from her place of quiet repose, but Jessika doesn't move to engage any of them. The evening is nice, the music preceding the show pleasant, and she, for once, is happy to bask in momentary solitude, even if it comes with the caveat of being surrounded by so many. Her leg shifts, right over left, to distort the draping skirt into revealing such a position given how it falls. The seats are comfortable. She'll have to remind herself later to remember to mention that when her eyes alight on Aryn, speaking with a familiar face as she is. Jessika recalls, after only a brief moment, that it's none other than their performer tonight. She breathes slowly, gaze training itself towards the stage.

Merek does look to a few people which he knows, but seems to be keeping to himself, while he follows along to find a whiskey to drink. While he does that, he seems to be content in watching.

"Probably the sound stage or the one of the food tents." Jax says in a droll tone. He though waves at Nerys with his free hand (and Belate.) Then he looks to Sesti, "You look lovely tonight. Would you like me to get us some drinks before the concert begins?" The Corellian looks at ease as he scans the crowd wave here or a nod there to those he knows. He was in a good mood.

Also content to watch from a distance is Callax, who, having emerged from some corner of the park like a gloomy nymph or other woodland sprite, is happy to linger near a tent and watch the good times roll. Attempting, it would appear, to be as inobtrusive as humanly (Callaxly?) possible. After all, there's just so /many/ people here.

"It is, quite, yes... Bors comments in an aside to the man jamming h'orderves into his mouth. There is a momentary assumption that Mr. Seiser likely calls them Horse Doovers. A thought that brings a slight brightening to the Alderaanian Noble's already permanent smile.

"Prithee, sir - whom do you represent? We would be overjoyed to share in some operations to help release sentients from unlawful servitude and knowing none does naught for free - in some form or fashion, I would beseech mayhap that in return you find it of a proper recompense that you and yours attain the proper credit in public eye, or private, circle for your support and philanthropy?"

A bit of fried meat in dough disappears behind his lips. So is the fate of the errant Horse Doover.

Elrych purces his lips, watching the flute get away from the Ysanna. "I feel as if perhaps it's my fault that you are without drink in this moment. I am turning out to be a bastian of bad luck." He bites his bottom lip, looking for another waiter. There's one some distance away.

A hand reaches out, and with the invisible strings of the force, starts to lift two of the drinks. Slowly he floats them towards Vhe and himself, the flute wobbling and spilling a bit of liquid as he attemps to balance them. Of course one almost knocks into Yan as he shouts about how noble everything is. "Sorry!" He offers.

Finally the drinks arrive and he takes them in his physical hands, handing one to the Ysanna with him. He's just about to take a sip when she asks if Yari's cooking is better than hers. He chokes on the shampain, almost sputtering it out. "Ah what?" His blue eyes wide, unsure of what to say...


Septima accepts a drink that is brought to her by Mikel and there's a smile to him before she settles into a seat with her bodyguard near a spot with flowers. "These are doing well." she murmurs to the dark haired man. He looks like he has gained some grey, but, that absolutely works for him. Aletris clanks over, metal paws sinking into the ground as he takes up a spot in front of her. Because that's what good boys do.

Khalim glances back as Nerys, standing at a slight angle behind, speak. "I always forget -something-," he replies around the quirk of a pear-hued grin. "As long as it's not my shoes or my wits, no big deal." He glances around the park proper for a moment, "Quite the spot. First time I've been here." He gestures towards the nearest fountains, "Nice touch." Realizing he's holding a plate of skewered nerf - which are actually quite delicious, Khalim raises it a bit. "Bite?"

Yuun makes his way to the park, he told Lahni and Miri he would be here and he didn't want to let them down. Not dressed up at all, just dressed casual for this event. He stretches as he walks along and as he enters into the park a smile can be seen on his face as he looks at the crowd. He looks around as he walks around just enjoying the atmosphre.

Letting Elrych handle the heavy lifting as it were, Vhe makes a face as some spills but it is merely one of amusement. She reaches her hand out slowly and plucks her own out of the uncertain in between that exists while the Force is in use. "It made it here, that is all that matters."

Sip. Then that question that leaves Elrych sputtering. A brow arches. "I am sorry, did I say something wrong?" Innocence at its best. Senator Carnine gets a nod and wave from Vhe as well as her eyes begin to pick out the familiar faces moment by moment.

Noting Sesti and Jax, she nods and smiles, lifting her glass to them before she is considering. "Its quite the gathering," she remarks in some tone of amazement.

With that unerring skill of family, Nerys looked momentarily away, catch sight of Jax and Sesti as they came into the area, catching, perhaps the hand Jax had raised in her direction. She lifted one of her own, graceful enough not to spill the liquid in the glass she still held. A smile flashed, before she looked back to her borrowed +1. "I will trade you. What the state of your wits, or your shoes might be after a few glasses...I make no guarantees." She grinned, offering him one of the glasses in exchange for a bite of the meat from his plate. A glance to the park, "The planet is filled with these small, beautiful places. It would take a lifetime, I think, to find them all."

As for Belate, he was on a mission and no one was about to keep him from a certain blonde princess. He could see her now!

Ya know what the worst thing to see is at a party when you're trying to be all incognito?

Familiar faces.

During his customary 'oh god oh god who's gonna identify me' scan of the thronging hordes of people, Hal had so far pinged at least two Jedi he knew personally, that guy who's finger hilariously got cut off, and enough Greystorms to fill a platoon if they hadn't already. Tales of the Matriarch were something you used to frighten children before bed. This was of course distracting him from the obnoxious sounding fellow he had passed on his way to the horse doovers table and was now talking at him. "Represent? My good fellow, representation is of course a matter of need and capability."

Here's the great thing about cheek pads. Not only did they muddy the shape of the face, but added a slight haughty muffle to one's voice. That is, until they came loose and choked you to death. Try not to think about it.

"In the matter of those indentured-without-recompense, certain palms must be," pause for dramatic effect, "/greased/ in to turn what is, in the," shiver, "uncivilized frontier away from the matter of theft and towards overtures of purchase. Wouldn't you agree?" Hal had just said absolutely nothing and said it with panache, the pretentiousness in his voice had gone through the roof and was now lurking somewhere menacingly in the stratosphere.

"I am always lovely," Sesti replies to the compliment, also waving to Nerys. "At least, according to one Jax Greystorm." She takes a glass from a passing server's tray in time to lift in return to Vhe with a smile. She takes a sip, looking around, and then nudges with the arm in her husband's elbow to a well guarded, yet somewhat, solitary senator.

"Of course, though I doubt you will have need of my introductions." Aryn says, rounding to face the beautiful blue Lahni. Gloves hands rise to gently cup her arms in a friendly gesture and squeeze reassuringly. "You will have everyone eager to meet you once you have stolen their hearts." Aryn smiles, and draws her hands back to clasp them once more, turning to see a BB-series droid with a wonderfully painted design.

"Well, well.. Mr. Belate, sir.. you look very handsome tonight!" Aryn lowers just a tad to adjust the droid's antennae, giggling at its warbling. "Oh? My date tonight! I would be delighted! Hahaha." She straightens then, glancing up to catch sight of Vhe, waving. She returns the wave. Letting her eyes wander a moment, she thinks she spots Jessika in the distance, but she is being joined by Kiko Alde again, who whispers in her ear. A quiet nod, and she turns toward Lahni. "Deep breath, my friend. We are to begin."

Elrych's eyes squinted as he studied Vhe, catching the amusment and her all too innocent expression. "I see what you're doing." Elrych gives her a dubious look, "Let's find out then herm? I'll try some of Yari's cooking here... and then you... you will make me some food later... and I'll totally decide who's is better..." He looked left, then right without moving his head... contemplating his words. "Yes? no... yes."

Though as the conversation lightens, Elrych relaxes with a nod. "Yes... yes it is. Aryn certainly did a number." He is now just noticing his compatriots of the Order and elswhere, raising a glass to them in greeting.

Except Hal... screw that pompous cad.

"That droid gets around..." Elrych mumbles to Eggsy, a hand coving half of his mouth, gossiping about Belate.

"Perhaps so," Lahni agrees with Aryn, her smile colored briefly with a little hope at the notion - and perhaps even a little embarrassment. She had asked for this but- it was still a little overwhelming.

The droid gets a curious look as she studies the familiar looking machine, a curious expression filling her features. "Your date? Is //that// what the little fellow said?" she asks in surprise. How curious. That hardly seemed like something that would be //programmed// into an astromech...

She takes a breath as directed, then looking towards Aryn she asks, "If I were to refer to you on stage, how would you prefer I address you?" she asks. After all... The woman had so many potential titles.

Jax accepts a glass from the same passing serving tray as his wife. He raises the glass to Vhe and then gives Nerys a wink. He takes a sip and frowns a bit. Then he shrugs his shoulders. Then turns and looks in the direction that Sesti gestrues. "Sure, Lets go that direction." This causes him to miss the arrival of one man known simply as Hal, perhaps the Force is with Yan tonight.

Brow up at Hal's response, Bors stares at the man. He said words. But they weren't in the right order. Or were they? Weren't they? Maybe they were... But... His head tilts to one side and the man of Thul is caught for a moment, mouth opening. Closing. Opening... Closed.

Well there is a possible solution.

"Were you suggesting you represent a group looking to -purchase- slaves... and then release them?" that has to be what had been said there, otherwise the assumption is for paid for slaves that work off their price. The idea is abhorrent, so much so that right now he can't let himself believe he heard that. But he does go about remembering a fake face, fat lot of good it will do for him.

"An approach, but it still puts money in slaver pockets - hardly solves the problem unless there is something traceable, such as chipped chits or similar. But it hardly seems a thing to be done, when the idea is to stamp out these slaving groups, am I wrong?" Staring at Hal still, both brows lofting.

A genuine laugh escapes as Khalim accepts the trade, slim-stemmed glass of champagne in exchange for, well, one or more skewered nerf cutlets. The exact the terms of the deal hadn't been arrived upon, but that was perfectly acceptable. "I'm guessing someone else will be wearing my shoes by morning, but that's the hallmark of a successful charity event, isn't it?" He quirks an impish little grin. Noting the Greystorm's waves, and apparently well situated social integration, a feat Khalim can't claim to have attempted - let alone mastered - here on Chandrila, he nods out towards the crowd. "Anyone we should say hello to?"

Now perched as they are amongst the scenery and all, Callax is not keeping the will 'o wisps and pixies company but instead watching for tomfoolery, nonsense, hooliganism and any other sort of gluteal millinery that might attempt to arise. Not that it's likely, of course, but whatever one can do to keep one distracted from the press of folk, yes? Leaning ever so lightly against a tent support, careful not to put too much weight there, the pilot in the proverbial weeds kees a weather eye upon the crowd, occasionally stealing glances up at the stage before going back to being solitary and soldierly.

There is a clipped laugh from Vhe as Elrych tells her she is going to cook for him later. She laughs again and muffles the possible continuation by quickly downing her flute of something. She's not sure what it is but she likes it and is already turning about to get a look for another.

Vhe is hardly familiar with Hal who is currently puffing his chest and instead she is starting towards the food and Yari. "The droids don't have to worry about food. Bet you wish you were a droid right now." She casts a look back over her shoulder at El as she tilts her head towards the sustenance. People can flap their gums all they want but she's going to elbow her way in.

"Since we are among public officials, it would be best that you address me as Princess Aryn. I do not normally request it, but tonight we should observe the honorifics." Aryn turns her head from Lahni then and nods to Kiko.

The music comes to a pleasant stop as Lady Kiko Alde walks onto the stage. Kiko is not a tall woman, but she is elegantly dressed in Alderaanian fashion, favoring a cape of blue that bears the emblazon of her great house, Alde. She thanks the sound guy and reaches for a mic so that she can address the crowd.

"Good eve, my Lords, Ladies, Honorable Senators and Representatives, good people and gentlebeings and citizens of this grand Republic."

Kiko's voice is accented beautifully, and her words pronounced in a way that suggested she was used to addressing crowds. "Welcome to the concert. Please join me in thanking our hostess for the evening, her Royal Highness, Princess Aryn of New Alderaan."

Aryn steps up the stairs to the stage as the sounds of clapping rose in volume. A light is trained on the caped blonde as she takes over the center portion of the stage and bows.

"Thank you for such a kind introduction. Welcome, everyone, and please help yourselves to the refreshments prepared by our expert staff in the food tents and the tenders manning our liquor stands. I appreciate all of you attending tonight for it means a great deal to me, but it means more to those whose lives you will save. All funds for this evenings'festivities will be given to the Republic to help address slavery and its regime across the galaxy /especially/ here in the Republic. Thank you for your generous donations, your kind words, and your open hearts."

Aryn's hands clasp over her heart in a slight display of genuine gratitude, and her cheeks turn a little more red emphasizing the presence of a scar over one eye. An autumn breeze brushes through, moving her cape then. "Without further pause, I wish to draw your attention on tonight's performer. Please, put your hands together for the lovely and beautifully talented Miss Lahni!" Aryn's mic cuts as she begins to clap and steps back while a crew in black simultaneously prepares the stage in the manner Lahni requested. The lights train on her then as Lady Kiko walks over toward the stairs to offer the performer a gloved hand to guide her up.

It was not physically possible for the small BB-Unit to puff up, but perhaps it was something in the tilt of his head, the way he rolled in place beside Aryn, careful not to get so close that he might trip her, but he was certainly 'with her'. He had secured the finest companion of the evening. Eat your heart out, Exine! Ahem.

Nerys, who was more than happy to exchange libation for nibbles, turned to look at the crowd, using a tip of her glass to indicate this person or that, "My cousin, Jax Greystorm and his wife, Sesti. She is the Representative for Iridonia. Princess Aryn Cole, or Doctor Cole, of New Alderaan. Septima Carnine, the Senator from Chandrila. Elrych Cometburn, a member of the Jedi Order. His partner in crime," for Vhe was not wearing her robes, "Vhe Tenara." She considers, seeing whom else she might know in the crowd well enough to point them out, "Merek Black, a fine soldier." She continued on, pointing out this person or that, "And if the meal is wonderful," which of course it was, "it is all down to Yari there. She is a chef of exceptional skill." And then, quiet, as it was time for the performance to begin and she glanced towards the stage.

Hal Seiser gave Commander Pretentious a Look.

It was a long look, complete with puffed chest, folded arms, that said 'are you serious' a thousand times over.

"My good man," was the commencement of what sounded like a dressing-down of sorts, ominous was the tone of the Perfectly Legitimate(tm) Trader. The Look of course remained. "The ideals of nobility and righteousness are Lofty indeed when saddled with the burdens of paperwork and red tape," he was saying nothing really well again, "but not unachievable. For with the implementation of," and he had to try really hard not to throw up in his mouth at the next phrase, "proper law-abiding technique," phew, done, "and appropriate procedure, a chink in one's armour facilitated by a small transaction becomes a weak point when appropriately pressured. Do you not agree?"

It wasn't the most difficult argument Hal had ever been in, but it was probably the first time arguing it from this position. The commencement of the concert was perfectly timed, as it let Hal's attention naturally wander. "She is beautiful, isn't she? Her Highness Lady Cole is truly a bright flower amongst the weeds that grace Republic politics." Redirection, go. Now, it was time for the disarm. In faux-shock at his own rudeness, Hal exclaimed "Where are my manners?!" The Look was finally completely dissipated. Frowns turned to fondness and then it bloomed. The Winning Smile +1. "My name is Seiser. Hal Seiser. Independent businessman and contracted corporate troubleshooter." He stuck out his right hand to shake.

Jessika's attention goes from adrift to focused on the stage as the Lady Alde walks on and begins to address the crowd. Once they're asked to join her in welcoming the Princess of New Alderaan, Jessika's hands carefully tuck her clutch in between the arm rest of her seat and her thigh so they can raise and begin clapping. It's a percussive thing, though not forceful, adding to the din of applause just long enough to fill the gap between the Princess' introduction and her speech. Jessika's hands relax into her lap only long enough for Aryn to fnish, and then the prompt as the Princess begins to clap sees her raising a second time. She repeats the motion, one hand offset from the other, providing soft applause for the performer, Miss Lahni.

Lahni takes the stage, moving with poise and grace - with the help of Lady Kiko's guiding hand - and hoping that the microphone is not, in fact, sensitive enough to pick up the way her heart is pattering in her chest. Waiting for a break in the applause, she speaks briefly. "Thank you, Princess Aryn for the eloquent introduction," she speaks as she takes the center of the stage. "And thank you, everyone, for coming out tonight to support this cause. Eat well, drink up, and I certainly hope you enjoy the show." Her left hand lifts to lightly touch her chest as she nods her head to the audience - before the omwati woman begins to sing.

The music is light-hearted and up-beat, the language of the lyrics varying from Omwatese, to Ryl, and of course, finally to Basic. Her tone is light, airy, and fluting on the higher notes, dropping down into richer, warmer tones as drops down the scales, and everything - regardless of if the words are understood or not - is eminently easy to dance to.

Speed bonny ship like a bird on the wing, Upward the rockets fly; Take us away to where the stars sing, On past the edge of the sky.

The atmosphere howls, the thrusters all roar, The boosters light and flare. 'Gainst gravity's grasp, higher we soar, We'll soon escape the air.

Speed bonny ship like a bird on the wing, Upward the rockets fly; Take us away to where the stars sing, On past the edge of the sky.

In space dark and wide, past systems we leap, On countless worlds we'll roam. But here we remain, out in the deep; They'll never be our home.

Miri recognized a few faces, but none belonged to the one she was searching for. With a quiet exhale of chilled air, Miri presses her knees together, creating a nervous triangle as her feet remain separate. Her brown eyes briefly shift to the food and drink tents -- should she wile away the time over there? -- but her attention is captured by the stage as Princess Aryn is announced. Miri's brow briefly rises as she joins in on the applause, her claps sounding exactly like those of her social betters. When the announcement is made that Lahni would be coming on stage, Miri's glum expression is replaced with an enthusiastic smile. She claps her hands loudly before bringing a hand to her mouth. The young woman lets out a brief sound of cheer -- WOOOO -- which causes some of the nearby socialites to glance back at her row. By the time they do, Miri has stopped her obvious cheer and glances around, as if she was also looking for the source of that truly uncivilized noise.

It's good to see everyone out here enjoying themselves, the smiles he sees does help him smile as he watches them. He does see quite a few friendly faces, but food is what catches his attention and he walks over to the food tent. He sees the spread and can't help but go in and grab some food. As he does he comes out with hubba chips and nuggets, also a fizzyglug driink. He is able to find a good place to sit down.

Septima doesn't give a look up when others approach until Mikel gives her a slight nudge. She gives a look up to the two that do approach and there's a nod to the Greystorm pair, "Representative, Jax." she greets them. Aletris doesn't move from his spot and Mikel gives a dip of his head, "Hope you two are having a good evening." he smiles to them. Septima gives a look to the stage when things are starting and she gives a smile, "Ah, lovely, it's starting." she murmurs.

With the agreement of her husband, Sesti and Jax approach Septima, and she smiles a greeting. "Senator," she replies. "Do you mind if we sit out here with you? I love the music but I cannot be too close to it for my ears."

The music draws Callax's attention - how could it not? - and a smile plays faintly upon their lips before their little vigil continues, though they step out from between the tents to get a better point of observation between the crowd and the stage. Celebrations and hobnobbing. Nothing grim to see.

"You're right, sometimes I do wish I was a droid... plug me in anywhere and I'll be fine." Elrych says as he follows along with Vhe, pausing to realize what he just said. "That's... no... like electricity and charging. You know what never mind... I'll stay a bag of flesh thank you very much." He leans in to whisper something to her with a chuckel and smile before they arive at Yari's stand.

See there was one thing Elrych and Vhe were known for. Every resturant they walked into, any establishment really, they'd order every single thing on the menu. Stuff their faces and live like kings. It was a tradition they held regularly, spawning from their first meeting and outing together to this very moment.

"So... we're going to need a lot of plates... good thing I paid for like... a lot..." Elrych ran a trading company in his off time, The Thunderbolt consolidated. It was just a name... but those might know him as a rather well established buisness man and trader along with being a Jedi Knight of the restored order.

He's got a drum stick of some avian in his mouth, chewing on it as Lahni is intorduced. He turns around, putting his hands together in a clap, drum stick still in one hand. He whistles loudly and silences to listen to the tune. "Oh wow..."

His blue eyes fall on Vhe and he smiles at her. It's not his normal cocky grin, instead that warm appreciative smile. He tosses the drumb stick over his shoulder, the most romantic move any man could ever do and hold out his hand. He bows, exageratedly, throwing on a faux acccent. "This DAHNCE MADAM."

MORE flatbreads. Yari plops the tray down herself on one of the serving tables, between some braised nerf and gornt sausages. Alongside /that/ is a small vat of kajaka root mash, bespeckled with minced liver and grain. A sleeve goes up to smudge away the salty sheen glistening there and she flashes a smile to the lurking shapes of hungry charity-donors whilst keeping eyes on her work for a moment more - fixing a toppling tower of pancakes.

As the main event kicks off and Lahni's sweet voice soars loudly over the speakers, there's no sign of awareness from the young cook. It's true, she exists in a rather lonely realm apart from those whose perception is more inclusive BUT she can go about business far less distracted, so....silver lining?

That's LORD Pretentious! Thank you very much. But Bors takes the offered hand, giving a firm shake and even bowing slightly, "I am Lord Bors of House Thul, of Alderaan that was." head canting to the side though as he tries to suss his way through the jabber that Hal is throwing at him.

"Law abiding technique, though would be to use such purchase of personage as only a means to track the sellers and indenture them on Kessel or worse, as is their due. They take the lives of millions, these slavers, by inches and it is -" he stops when Lahni takes center and begins to sing. Lips a line and hands folding behind his back once more, managing to find his thoughts again during the third verse.

"Taking away lives by inches, rather than all at once. Passive aid is... still aid but it is often a net with too wide a weave allowing some of even the largest of the catch to slip and continue on unphased. Funding credible mercenaries to retrieve and drop freed persons to those who will help them back into society is a far better aid-from-afar than direct action. Mayhap you should have those you represent see into such contracts, no?"

Vhe is enroute to smile and greet Yari but food. She pauses to gather up a plate of his and that, not quite making her way to the redhead before she's chuckling at Elrych and giving him a long look. "Mmmhmmm." This said to something he whispers.

The song however makes eating a slow process for distraction occurs. She stands beside the robed Jedi in her more colorful Ysanna clothing. A little bit of this is eaten, then that, and finally things that likely need utensils are eaten so that when the bone of some poor long dead creature is tossed aside by her companion she is now faced with a bowing Jedi and she with one hand holding a plate, the other a bit greasy poised near her mouth as she chews.

She's totally ready.

She looks around for a place to set her plate, quickly cleans her fingers one by one and ends up lowering the plate carefully atop a square topped droid. Good.

Nodding she is NOW ready for this. She clears her throat. "I do not normally dance," she points out for his benefit even as she accepts and waits for his lead.

Septima gives a look around at the other benches that are open in the park near where she is and there's a nod to Sesti, "Surely. I'm sure that it might be best for some people to not be sitting so close to the stage." she smiles to that. "I'm just enjoying a quiet evening." she adds with a nod to this.

Khalim's attention shifts from point to point as Nerys highlights some of those in attendance. A the conclusion of the roster a wry smile passes her way as he quips, "I still remember my own name, will that do for now?" At Lahni's presentation and the opening of her performance, he quiets, attention diverted as a song begins to permeate the park with the richness of several complementary languages.

"Ah my friend, as it is, representation is of course a matter of need and capability." That pesky Corporate Samurai Code(tm) just rearing its ugly head again. How dare morals get involved in this escalating debate of how best to put down slavers. Man it was a good thing that Hal Seiser had never done any slaving or slave-running in his life. "Oft you shall find that those with both are less interested in the morals of the particulars instead of the results. We stand here in the heartland of the Republic." Now, turn up the cynicism just that tiiiiiny bit. "What benefit would be brought to those willing to do the right thing beyond goodwill? One cannot pay off a mistress with goodwill, you see."

"Neither do I..." Elrych says with a grin and possibly far too much confidence. Greasy hand or not, he takes hers and attempts to put together some type of dancing stance. One hand tangled with one of Vhe's, his hand at her waist. He moves, stepping now and again on her tippy toes. It's not exactly sad, but what was there to expect from someone who never danced other than when he was by himself in his cockpit/speeder or swabbing the deck of his freighter. "Sorry..." He appologieses, making them now move against the rythm of Lahni's song.

"Senator." Jax says and gives Mike a nod, "Mikel. HOw are you?" He takes a drink of his drink and he tries to act like he's not happy with it. He turns to listen to Lahni as she sings, "Beautiful." Then Septima agres to sit, Jax moves to help her sit down and joins her.

"For now, yes." Nerys, who was still standing, tipped her chin in the direction of the seats. If she was going to steal more of Khalim's plate, despite the fact that she had a full one of her own, it might be more comfortable to do it from a seated position. And it allowed her time to enjoy the performance that was now well underway on the stage.

Lahni was graced beneath the glare of complimentary lighting. It emphasized her presence, her poise and grace, and followed her on the stage when she moved. The sounds she sang were complimented by the music, and everything else seemed to muffle save for her song, and her lovely voice.

Many citizens took to dancing while the fountains, in time with the music, rose up in colored spurts and spouts.

Aryn was helped down off the stage by Kiko, and she was accompanied by her date, Belate! She walks over to join Jessika during the song, smiling upon recognizing the ace pilot. "You look radiant, Jess. Truly. I am so glad you could make it." Aryn held out a hand to clasp over Jessika's to squeeze.

"I'm doing alright, Mister Greystorm, still alive so that is the good part." Mikel states from his seat beside Septima. The Senator gives a smile to Jax and Sesti, but is in a quiet mood tonight it would seem. "Yari is doing a fine job with the food this evening." she comments about the cook. Was this a night off? Probably not, but, the Senator wasn't talking much politics. Merek will find people to listen to while he dances along, speaks with people. All in all, it's like he's keeping to himself, there is a lot of people, and he doesn't really like being about a lot of people, except in military.

"Thank you, your Highness. Your radiance is incomparable." Accepting the blonde's extended hand with both of her own, she does so with her left supporting it and her right gently settling atop it. There is a subtle squeeze of her fingers, attempting to provide assurance and encouragement. "You did a wonderful job. This is a lovely night and a wonderful cause."

"But we are not speaking of tawdry Coruscanti things as Mistresses or their male counterpart. Nor the decadent bourgeois of Thyferra, or even the overbearing clutching of extravagance of the Kuati." one palm pressed to his chest as he speaks, Bors looks Hal directly in the eye.

"We find our way - and those who are willing to take up arms to fight those who serve injustice, champion cruelty, and swear allegiance to despicable aims cannot purchase armor with good will, nor blaster packs, blades, ship fuel, or whatever other tools they need." the Lord of Thul's countenance growing more serious as he becomes more passionate.

"You cannot fight evil without -fighting-." mouth threading into a hard line, "Pacifism gained my world death. Kind thoughts and hopeful wishes break no chains nor allows others to to breathe freedom." one hand raises palm up for manicured nailed fingers balled to a fist to slam into it. "Action is needed. By one's own hand or by charging others to go forth - and if they need coin to stir their willingness to help another, it is still a good. I hold no sympathy for slavers, I find no cause to pale at the thought of them being cut down to release others from bond.

This is just a tangled mess and for every stepping on of feet there is a faint soft huff of laughter that is not meant to interrupt the performance but Vhe is very much looking down to make sure she avoids his feet both in receiving and giving injuries. Elrych gets a look up occassionally but more likely than not there may be innocent bystanders that get involved, not really on purpose.

She gives up though, right near the end and grasps at Elrych's hands to stop him. "Okay that's an utter mess," she glances around but the Ysanna does not seem at all worried by what others thing of their attempt. Really she's not dressed for this level of occasion either. Its more cultural than posh.

Nerves were starting to get the better of her, Lahni knew, and takes a deep breath after her first set of songs. She also takes advantage of a conveniently placed glass of water. She sings a song in Bimmini, and a second song in Ryl (flirtatious and rife with double-entendre), before she takes her place in front of her electroharp - a beautiful piece carved of rich, red-toned wood with aerial motifs etched into the frame. There's a moment of silence before she begins to play a brief introduction to her most sedate piece of the evening.

How brilliant and mirthful the light of her eye, Like a star glancing out from the blue of the sky! With a music as sweet as the music which seems Breathed softly and faintly in the ear of our dreams!

Who comes in his pride to the singer that morn? The haughty and rich to the humble and worn? 'Tis the great Zygerrian---the master who waves His whip of dominion o'er thousands of slaves.

"Nay, Audra, for shame! Let those other fools work, Who would pass for our slaves," he remarked with a smirk. "Let them toil as they will at this endless ordeal, Too stupid for shame and too vulgar to feel!

But thou art too lovely and precious a gem To be bound to their burdens and sullied by them--- For shame, Audra, shame!---cast thy bondage aside, And away with me, as my blessing and pride.

O, come to my home, where my servants shall all Depart at thy bidding and come at thy call; They shall heed thee as mistress with trembling and awe, And each wish of thy heart shall be felt as a law."

O, could ye have seen her with anger arise Her voice cold and cutting for this man she dispised, With scorn in her eye which the gazer could feel, And a glance like the sunshine that flashes on steel:

"Go back, haughty slaver! thy treasures of gold Are dim with the blood of the hearts thou hast sold! Thy home may be lovely, but round it I hear The crack of the whip and the footsteps of fear!

Full low at thy bidding thy slaves may kneel, With the iron of bondage on spirit and heel; Yet know that this Rebel girl sooner would be In fetters with them, than in freedom with thee!"

She plays a few bars more on the harp, the pace having picked up subtly at the end of the song to emphasize the humor of the heroine's rejoinder in the song. Stilling the strings, she rises only to offer the crowd a graceful curtsy - signaling, it seems, the intended conclusion of the concert.

Elrych smirks, laughing as she stops them from dancing. "We'll have to work on it." He winks, leaning forward and planting an eskimo kiss upon her (rubbing his nose lightly against hers.) "Besides... we're better at eating anyways..." He waggles his brows. taking her hand in his he leads her back to the stand and the plates they had gathered, intent to simply observe the consert and stuff his mouth for the time being.

Yari retreats back to one of the inner prepping tables - a central area beneath the tent, encircled by the perimeter of serving tables. More fruit pies are required, already! 'Pie' being an inaccurate term, as it's more like a fried ball of bread, stuffed with creamy, fruity preserves. She slaps, scoops, and pinches them together at record speed, plopping two and three at a time into the fryer and arm's length away.

Her face has at long last lifted from her task though, watching the ethereal play of lights in the fountain's stream and the Omwati woman far away on stage. People are dancing. Ther must be music. Her eyes lower back to the dough in hand and she shleps out another scoop a little less energetically. It's an alien atmosphere out there. But in here? This she knows.

From her seat in the rear of the concert seating, Miri rests her elbows on her legs. Her chin sits in her hands as she watches Lahni perform. As she finishes her song and offers the crowd a curtsy, Miri lifts her head to applaud for Lahni. She lets out another enthusiastic WOOOOO. This time, when the senators and social elite turn to look back for the source of the sound, Miri gives them all a bit of a wave and then does it again. Why not?

Nerys's nod towards a few still-empty nearby seats is met with a nod, and after a few moments they're taken. Khalim offers a friendly smile to Miri, sitting a bit to his left. As Lahni segues into her second song he leans forward a bit. "She's very good," he observes. A pear-hued hand grabs a nerf-skewer from its little basket, perched atop a leg.

Aryn's cheeks take on some color, and her other hand comes up to join Jessika's, shaking their clasp affectionately. "You are far too kind. Thank you. You must meet my date this evening; he insisted.." Aryn turns then to gesture toward the wonderfully painted Belate, the BB-series droid who warbles his own introduction! Aryn's crooked grin could not be contained as she shares a glance with Jess and giggles. "I daresay he has the confidence to escort two ladies about. What say you, Jessika? Up for some drinks?" Aryn offered her arm.

"I agree, and Miss Lahni's performance thus far has been spectacular. I sure hope this goodly amount of people will find it in their heart to fund the cause."

Sesti sits down near Septime, and, in between songs, leans her head towards the Senator. "These gardens are beautiful, Senator. Have you been working on them?" She sips slowly at her glass, and tips a glance and a nod towards Mikel when her husband greets him.

The sound of a cash register went off in Zhu Yan's head.

"No, we are not," Hal tactfully conceded. The maneuvering here had been completely accidental, but serendipity found a way to line the pockets of the man who really, really didn't deserve any good thing happening to him ever. "We are of course men of action, are we not, Sir Thul?" A touch of flattery here... "We use our means and methods to make the Galaxy a safer place." A call to action there... "It seems that makes us kindred spirits." And boom, the touch of brotherly bond. Maybe, just maybe, that was the hook. The music in the background was unfortunately relegated to the background, even as the occasional naughty Ryl word went translated in Hal's head (because that's the only Ryl he knew). "With the right incentive, to the right people, those who propagate this galactic injustice can find themselves without legs to stand on." Hal's Winning Smile +1 was just one step away from used-speeder-dealer predatory. "Would you be willing?"

Belate, who was clearly the handsomest gentledroid in attendance, Aryn had said so, rolled his head around to take in Jessika, chirping his acceptance. He would he ever so happy to attend to both, he said in his binary trill. He could even go and get drinks. Sentients did enjoy drinks, didn't they? (that was his inside voice).

Nerys, now seated, offered a smile of greeting towards Mira, whom she did not know, and set her glass down on a free seat, handing over one of the skewers she had collected earlier in payment of the one she had stolen from Khalim, "She has an absolutely exquisite voice."

Jax nods, "Stay that way, Mikel. It's good to have you around." He looks over to Yari, "I haven't had a chance to eat anything, but it's Yari's cooking. It's going to be good." He chuckles as if something dawns on him. Then he falls silent as he listen to the next song. "How is your Spukamas?"

Miri turns to her right as she hears Khalim compliment Lahni, seemingly directing it at her. "Yup!" she calls over to the stranger. "We'll all be able to say we 'knew her when.'" Miri manages a faint smile before glancing back at the stage, curious what's going to happen after Lahni's performance. Her elbows return to her thighs so she can rest her chin back into her hands.

Wrrlryyhn was not late, so much as she had just not made her presence known. For a 7 foot talk walking carpet she could be rather quiet when it was her intention to be so. She hung in the back, the way back, wishing to draw no attention away from her friend's performance, not block anyone else's view. None the less she warbled heartily and clapped at each conclusion of each piece.

"Someone should get her in a recording studio, aye?" Elrych says an an aside to Vhe as they chow down, having given up their time as professional ball room dancers. He glances back into the tent where Yari is. "Hey... she got a demo or something? I need some new tunes for Squadron missions." He raises the flatbread sandwich he had moved onto stuffed with veggis, cheeses, and meats. "Also... good food Miss Yari. Your significant other is a lucker person... or thing. I don't judge." He salutes her with the sandwich before looking back to the stage.

"What a wonderful idea." Releasing Aryn's hands, Jessika takes the proferred arm by hooking hers through Aryn's. She's become part of a trio, now, and offers a vibrant smile to the gentledroid that is escorting the Princess around as her date for the evening. "She did such an amazing job with her song."

Septima gives a smile to the two Greystorms that are seated close, "Omen is doing well." she tells them. Then Mekil leans over to whisper something to her and there is a soft sigh, "Well, I thought I could get the night off." she chuckles. Then she's rising, "You two have a good evening, I must be going." she dips her head to them and then heads towards the exit with Mekil taking her elbow gently.

"Lord." Bors's right brow flicks up slightly, "I am no anointed man at arms." the smile has Bors attention. The words hooks and the singing lulling in a way. "I myself am of some potential access to funding from the House of Thul - but I am, myself a man of action, sir." Hal is scrutinized, lips a line.

"If you are stating you are able to aid in arranging teams to help raid slaver groups I am listening - and I might know a group who would be potentially happy to help." a flimsy card is produced, raised towards the cheek padded man, "I can be reached by these comm-codes."

The comment had been more to himself, but at Miri's reponse he nods in real agreement. "Totally," he says, "She spontaneously sang at an even on Nar Shaddaa a month or two ago. But this is really taking it to the next level." To Nerys he adds, "You should look into whether there's a potential sponsor... benefactor... among your high society network of friends."

It was time to get out and move about, getting up and throwing away his plate and empty bottle. He stands up and moves through the crowd, he smiles as he looks to Lahni as she sings and he has to admit she sounds really good. He does see Septima as she leavees, he needed to talk to her. He scans the area and sees Sesti and Jax and Elrych and Vhe, he walks over to where they are, "Hey you all." he says, he does wave to Nerys. "Hello."

Significant other? He was lucky until he wasn't and got dead. But there are other bodies of significant import in Yari's life, such as the small tyrant which is sadly resigned to feasting on her food a bit dilutedly through her...well, he's an infant.

That mismatched pair of eyes catch sight of the sandwich salute and she misinterprets the gesture. The sleeve of a nearby coworker is snagged and she points to the fruit pies she's filling/frying, asking the gal to take over so she might reconstruct a 'sandwich' of similar components.

A minute or less later, Yari's hovering around Elrych's shoulder with the refill on a plate, staring expectantly into his ear or eyes (when he notices) for him to take it.

Lahni stays in a deep curtsy, giving the applause time to swell, and then begin to receed. Once it does, she rises to her full height again. "Thank you again to Princess Aryn for arranging this event. Without her unflagging support and guidance, none of this would have been possible tonight." Her left hand goes to her chest once more, as she nods her head towards the crowd - with no real notion where, within it, Aryn currently resided. "And a sincere thank you to each and every one of the gentlebeings who came tonight to support this cause. Together, our voices speak all the louder, our strength is amplified, and we can all make a difference in the lives of those suffering under the yoke of oppression. Every life matters, and every life saved is a victory."

She curtsies again, and as she rises for a second time, she's clapping out a rhythm and singing a seemingly wordless tune that seems to be filled with jubilitation as she makes her way down from the stage. She gestures for people to join her as she moves towards one of the fountains, lit beautifully from below and spouting up water in time with the music, rising and falling in harmony with the song's crescendos. She even reaches out to gently clasp an available hand, and get as many people as she can to dance in the fountain with her.

Yes, they'll all get soaked. For charity.

"Lead on, Mr. Belate. We follow you, my handsome date. Steer us for the drinks." Aryn grins, sharing a glance with Jessika briefly, then stepping off carefully to ensure she stays beside her friend. Behind them, Lady Kiko follows, quiet and observant.

"Have you met my dear friend, Kiko Alde?" Aryn asks softly, turning slightly to nod toward the vigilant Knight. "She once served the New Republic as you do. We have been friends for many years."

Kiko, having the sense that Aryn was talking about her, glanced ahead and smiled at Jessika. "It is a pleasure to meet you finally, Ms. Pava. Aryn speaks well and /often/ of her adventures with you."

At being addressed by the performer, Lahni, lights briefly touched Aryn's location highlighting Jessika there on her arm, and Belate ahead of them. Aryn waved and did her best salute to Lahni! You go, girl!

The next bit of the concert was much more involved and people joined in. There was laughter and clapping, and singing all around!

"Really? Perhaps you should be." It was an idle comment of disbelief Hal used to stoke the fires a bit more. "In any case," he took the card, looked it over, and squirreled it away into a pocket somewhere in his jacket, "I daresay I shall be in contact with you vis a vis our agreed upon business, and should inroads be made, my fee." Should inroads be made. A way out for both of them. "I bid you enjoy yourself and," SPLASH! There go the fountains! "It seems this is to become one of those water parties. Perhaps you should join the lady of the eve. I would, but alas, my suit was just cleaned." Ugh, materialism.

Miri's brow rises as it appears that Lahni is going into the fountain. A smile creeps across her features. She hadn't been a benefit concert before and didn't know if this was standard fare, but she appreciated it! When Lahni's gesture brings others into the fountain, Miri suddenly rises to her feet, shuffles out of her row, and runs towards the fountain -- good thing she's in flats!

With almost no hesitation, Miri climbs into the fountain without any concern for the water or what it might do to her hair and makeup. "Lahni!" she exclaims, trying her best to get noticed among the strangers and noise. "You were so amazing!"

Jax watches Septima and her security leave. He waves to them. Then catching sight of Yuun. He raises his glass to the fellow jedi. Then he turns to catch Yari trying to stuff Elrych's full of fruit. Then looks to Nerys and maks a 'Wha?" gesture, of Belate leading Aryn around but lets out a laugh. He looks at Sesti, "Should we go find a place to give a donation?"

Elrych gives a wave of that half eaten sandwich towards Yuun too as he moves over and greets Vhe and himself. Blue eyes search skimming over Hal and is mark, Fellow Black Squadron-mate and confusing talker much like Ban Iskender, Bors Thul Lor of Alderaan.

Nothing wrong here... nothing at all...

He's pulled away from his scanning to Yari with another plate. Those eyes, intense. He blinks, looking down at the sandwich then back to Yari. He certainly didn't want to disapoint the hard working red head. He takes the sandwich, now double fisting flatbread hoagies. He gives her a smile and bites from one and then the other, nodding his approval. It was genuine.

"I believe she might have already found one or two, or it seemed that way the last time we spoke," Nerys offered, reaching over to retrieve her glass for a sip, before she set it aside to focus on what really mattered. She did lean to the side, nudging Khalim's shoulder with hers, "This is Chandrila. Stay here long enough or visit often enough and they'll be your high society circle of friends as well, Khal." She caught the wave from Yuun, returning it with a smile, seeing him heading towards Jax and Sesti and co. Oh! There was dancing! "If I trip, you'd best pick me up." Catching Jax's look, as she sets aside her plate, she shrugged. Who could tell what lived in the mind of that droid.

Belate, of course, was completely ignorant of anyone looking at him as if he needed a good ionization to reset his circuitry. Rather, he rolled out ahead of Jessika and Aryn, using himself as a wave break to allow room to be made for the two woman walking arm in arm with him. He knew his business, and was leading them over towards the table he was sure must have champagne. All of the people in their best finery were clustered there. Surely that meant quality. he would simply have to assume so. he was not tall enough to see above the table.

"Mmmm, I shall pass. These robes would be too heavy dampened in such a way." Bors's expression is pleasant once again. Bors gives Zh-HAL. He gives -HAL- a bow at the waist, acquires for himself more horse doovers and then casts himself to the throng, having taken up so much time for this man who was here for snacks and not altruism.

ENJOY YOUR ALTRUISM. And snacks. We know you'll just wipe your lips on the altruism, like the shining white hanky of righteousness. That's right. Kiss our righteousness.

It tastes like good will towards sentient life!

Vhe is desperately ready for food. SO READY. She follows after Elrych as Yuun approaches and she smiles. "Yuun, good to see you out. You should go dance in the fountains. I am certain once we have consumed Elrych and I will." Or maybe before because as she eyes the fountain, then the food she realizes she might lose the question she asked him earlier and instead grasps at his hand and pulls. TUG THE ELRYCH.

She reaches out then and tries to grasp at Yuun to drag him towards the fountains and anyone else that might feel so inclined. The practical wear she has on for the evening is paying off. Eat that!

Wrrlryyhn gets wide eyes and lets out a started warble as Lahni goes INTO the fountain. She's really invested in this charity it seems. The Wookiee remains on the periphery, watching as folk leave, happy to just stay out of the way until things continue to wind down. She doesn't want to accidently step on the foot of a dignitary, after all.

There's a brief moment of nervous panic as lights set on them, but Jessika recovers from it so quickly that it's nothing but a flicker of emotion. Lips forming into a smile, Jessika Pava mimics the Princess and lifts her hand to wave towards Lahni in both acknowledgment and encouragement. She lowers it not long after, intent on following the path the droid is making for them and allowig herself to be guided along by the Princess. She mutters, sidelong. "I didn't think I'd be in the spotlight literally."

Yuun sees the wave from Elrych as he feeds his face and the wave from Nerys as he nears them but it's Vhe who grabs his hand as she tells him about dancing in the fountain. "Huh, wha......" as he is now heading to the fountain to dance. "I've not danced in forever." he says to her and he looks to Elrych who is also going it seems. "Alright, well it's nice to see you too." he laughs.

"Yeah, I am -so- not dancing in a fountain tonight," Khalim says, objection only seeming part-faux. He lifts his glass by the flute for a quick sip and a long pause before adding, "It's a nice place." He's made no attempt to rise from his chair, he simply looks around. Finally, that patented Mirialan grin. "Pretty expensive, isn't it? Though living under a tree down at the beach might have its charms."

Yari is decisively NOT going into the fountain.

Not in plain sight, anyway. It looks fun, 4 AM might bring about a different sentiment but right now she's an enormous feeding trough to oversee.

Yari jerks her hand out of grabbing range before it can even be risked and folds it up under arm for a hurried march back toward the roasting pits. Most of the meat has been carved off and sent to tables, leaving behind tattered skeletons and smoldering coals. The smell is mouth-watering to be sure and there's zero guilt to be had in taking a brief break to pick scraps here and there from the smokey bones.

Lahni smiles as Miri makes herself known, gesturing the girl closer as they dancing in the spitting-fountain. ...her shimmersilk dress is going straight to a professional cleaner's after this, that was for certain.

She reaches out to take Miri's hand with her other free hand, slender blue fingers clasping her with warmth. She doesn't speak to her yet - nope, she's still singing, and the mic is still live.

Only when she song is done and the mic cut does she greet her properly. "I'm so glad you made it tonight!" she remarks brightly. "...this is a bigger crowd than I expected, I think," she adds with a breathless laugh.

Nerys considered the question, rifling through her mental catalog of references, "No, it is not much more expensive than any of the other civilized worlds. And of course if you find a place you truly enjoy here, I am certain we can find a way to make it work for you." Nerys was nothing if not resourceful. "There is also a fine town not a far flight from here, though it has less beaches and more forests filled with game for hunting. I don't know that they're ready for residences yet though, but there are more than a few available still within Hanna City."

Elrych is not as lucky as the redheaded chef, not because his wits weren't about him or he was under trained. No, he had gone up against and won against Knights of Ren. It was the fact that you did not disapoint the Ysanna woman who cooked your meals and gave you somewhat unconditional love.

He lets out a shout as Vhe drags him towards the fountain, tugging him away from his sandwishes and any other food that might be had. Revenge for making her dance with him? High probability. "We're swimming... or showering... wait we can do this in these fountains? I thought it was for the birds?" It's like he'd never been to a water park before...

And into the fountain she goes. Callax, smiling faintly, waits until Lahni emerges from the fountain ahd rises as a nymph from the water (she has the coloring, at least, if not the hair) and awaits until they can catch her eye - giving the somewhat distant woman a smile, and a silent bow provided before they melt back into the trees. Show seen, music heard, guest of honor greeted from afar. Time to go.

Miri manages a bright smile, an accomplishment considering some details, as Lahni takes her hand. "Really?" she chirps. "Everyone's so excited to see you sing! You were great!" Finally free of the dignitaries and their retainers, Miri starts dancing around in the fountain, the blue and white ribbon in her hair blowing about as she moves. It would appear that she found some fun!

"Ohh, the intrigue. What will people say when they see us arm in arm?" Aryn giggled aside to Jessika, more than amused. "Thank you, Mister Belate. You are a most efficient and kindly gentledroid." Aryn selects a chilled brandy for herself, parting from Jessika's side in order to reach the table. Aryn keeps the spot she is at so Jessika can slip in too and claim a drink. "I assume you have no fancies to frolick in the fountains, have you?" This is asked of Jessika, of course.

And thus Hal Seiser stood with inroads, but you couldn't exactly buy spice with inroads. A shame, really. Still, this left him with countless avenues to explore re: getting 'donations' and forgetting his original mission. What was his original mission? He didn't know, he'd forgotten. Whatever. The crowd was gathering around the fountain and thus that was where Hal went, failing miserably at gazing over the heads of everyone to see what antics were taking place on account of being five-and-a-half feet of pure thoroughbred liar. So he walked around, past crowds, and found himself at the other side of things with a big fountain statue in the way of his view of the singer, her blue-white-ribbon'd loud WOOOO-shouting friend.

The view of Doctor Aryn Cole and some lady that Hal was sure he'd seen on a poster somewhere arm-in-arm presumably canoodling was only partially obscured. Amused smirk time. Ooooh, the /scandal/. Ow, smirks don't go well with cheek pads. His face twisted as he stuck his tongue in and around his teeth to dislodge the damn thing.

A passing server found themselves one glass lighter as Hal snagged ALittleBitOfTheBubbly for imbibation (it's a word now, shut up). At least he still looked like background dressing, like one of those people in holofilms who's job was to stand perfectly still in the background to make up for lack of set dressing.

Sesti nods to Jax after Septime and her security leave. As people begin to dance in the fountain, she looks to her husband and gives him a small shake of her head. She gives a nod to Yuun, and a warm smile. "It is good to see you," she tells him before he is pulled into the dancing in the fountain. Her smile broadens to see him being pulled into good times and then she walks with Jax to find the donation table, pausing for small talk with other senators and representatives on the way.

Settled to the side and watching the madness ensue, Bors enjoys himself a small bit of piece and mind in the chaos all around. But no. Not getting these robes wet. He does enough PT - he doesn't need to do PT to get back from a party.

Even if it would mean a Wet Robe Contest that Bors would undoubtedly win. Because. I mean well he's pretty.

"Thank you!" Lahni answers Miri with a broad smile. "I hope I didn't disappoint." She takes Miri by both hands now, spinning her around, and leaning in close she whispers for a moment, "I was so nervous." She laughs as she pulls away again, thoroughly soaked now. "Oh, this was an awful and wonderful idea. ... the fountain part, I mean."

The crowd thinning, either congregating at the fountain or clustering elsewhere, Khalim nods between Nerys and the nearest food tent. "Let's get something before they start tearing it all down. That nerf was excellent." The Mirialan rises, placing empty glass and nerf-basket down on the newly vacated seat. "Perfect planet for these sorts of things though, isn't it."

Now spinning in the fountain, Miri's smile might even be genuine at this point. A laugh could be heard above the sounds of displaced water and splashing. "Well, no one could tell!" Miri calls out in response to Lahni's whisper. "You were /GREAT/." Her brow rises and she manages a mischievous smile. "Though I think maybe I looked better in that dress," she jokes. Lahni questioning the fountain idea earns an emphatic shake of Miri's head. "This...was your best idea, ever," she adds, totally serious.

Nerys rose, catching Khalim's plate and passing them off, along with the glasses, if only to leave their hands free for a refill, "I will not make any arguments on that accord. And I can see if I can show you around, if you like. Unless you're planning to head back to the ship right after this?"

Belate, having successfully located refreshments, was more than content to roll in place while Jessika and Aryn enjoyed themselves with sentient things. A mission well done.

"Hey!" Lahni protests, giving Miri a light push. "This dress was //made// for me!" ...no, literally. It was. She grins at Miri, before she turns to finally make her way from the stage. "I haven't eaten in hours. Let's see if I can make it to the food tent - I hope they have some fruit left." And some sparkling wine. Oh, she needs a drink.

Just as she's stepping out of the fountain a flash of familiar red hair catches her eyes, and she smiles at Callax - only to see them begin to retreat into the shadows moments later. Disappointment registers briefly on her features, but she recovers quickly, blowing them a kiss before she turns to look around. "Now - where's the food tent?" she muses.

"Frollicking through the fountains? I'm afraid not, your Highness. This dress is white." She sounds more amused than chastising, however. Taking the spot the Princess provides for her, Jessika claims one of the drinks to sip at quietly and briefly. She wants to down the whole thing in one go, but that wouldn't be very prudent in case there are any eyes on her.

A short bit of plate filling - and then clearing - later, Khalim smiles at the offer of a grand Chan tour. "Will have to put that one on the burner. Next time. I'm afraid I've still got some contract work out Nar way, and timetables are what they are." His eye catches Belate wandering nearby and Khalim can't help but offer a quiet laugh, "Looks like your little buddy's found his calling."

Miri waves a hand in the air. "I'm only joking," she explains, just in case. "You look beautiful, as always." Miri's smile fades a touch as Lahni moves to leave the fountain and back towards the socialites and dignitaries. She follows the singer to the edge of the fountain and shakes her head at the offer of food. "Oh..." she begins, shaking her head again. "I'm actually going to go. I just wanted to stick around for your whole performance." She climbs out of the fountain, now dropping onto the adjacent ground. "I want to go home," she adds, simply, and hopes that Lahni will understand what she means. She reaches up to pull the blue and white ribbon from her hair.

"I knew he would some day," Nerys offered, as she rose to see Khalim off. Soon, full of wonderful food and a glass more of alcohol than she normally would have drunk, she was soon wandering herself, over to look at the wares for sale. She, of course, picked up one of the recordings Lahni had prepared for charity on her way.

Lahni looks first one way, and then another, and then back at Miri. "...she couldn't make it?" she hazards softly, and sympathetically. She lets out a sigh, then leans forwards to hug the woman gently. "I'm sorry I've been so busy this week. But... I'll come find you." Before her family comes, and //that// swallows her life entirely? "...promise," she insists quietly. She'll find the time.

As the night progresses, and the fountain becomes the -it- place to be, Khalim decides it may be time for him to retire as well. A final couple of glances around, it was an enjoyable evening after all, and he's soon merging with a couple of others that slowly make their way back out in the direction of the commercial district beyond the Park's entrance.

Moving to thee pool, it was goign to be fun and enoyable, though Yunn sees a bit of worry on Elrychs face. He yawns a little bit, though as they near the pool, he looks to both Elrych and Vhe, "Have either of you danced in the fountain before?" he aks.

Miri's eyes lower just a touch before she looks up and replies with a shrug of her shoulders and hands tossed into the air. "Thanks, Lahni," she replies with a faint smile. She returns the hug with a squeeze before she glances towards the park exit. "Enjoy the rest of the night," she adds with a grin. "Your public awaits." Miri waves with a hand clenching the blue and white ribbon before she begins to move towards the torch-lit path leading to the exit.

Lahni's gaze trails Miri for a moment, a faint frown on her features that is quickly replaced by a gracious smile as some approaches to shake her hand. After a few polite words with the woman - and a friendly reminder to purchase some of the songs for charity's sake - she manages to extricate herself and head towards the food tent, the trailing portions of her dress hanging off one arm to prevent it from trailing, wet, across the ground.

Wrrlryyhn was just happy to have been able to hear her friend sing. She leaves a healthy donation, but she too makes her way out of the park. She leaves much as she had arrived, quietly, with an attempt not to draw notice.

The notion of a white dress made Aryn laugh. "Right, of course. How scandalous of me!" Stepping away from the table, Aryn offered her arm once more. "Then perhaps we can observe from a distance. There is still time before the staff begin to break down, and the fireworks have yet to be released." Aryn offers to lead Jess away to watch the rest of the festive events from afar. There was still food to be enjoyed, and music, and watching people dance!

Nodding to Aryn, Jessika reacquaints herself with the Princess' arm after finishing her drink. Discarding it to the side and carrying her clutch with her other hand, she follows the blonde to this distance place she's mentioned to watch the rest of the activities.