Yvie Gosse

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Yvie barely remembers her parents. She knows they were involved with the Imperial government and were presumed killed in the aftermath of the war. The only thing she has of them is an audio recording of an old lullaby they recorded for her. She doesn’t remember what they look like other than vague colors and shapes, but she knows their voices. It’s her most prized possession. Without any parents and no one to take care of her, she remained at the military base. Most of the other children were claimed or adopted. All but two - including her. The other child was a boy named Uli.

With the base shutting down due to the disarmament agreements of the New Republic, she and Uli were sent to another orphanage on Nar Shaddaa. She was five, he was three. With the wounds of the war still fresh in everyone’s minds, Yvie and Uli were both shunned and bullied by the other kids. The pair were very different, but as they only had each other, they became inseparable. While Uli found his refuge in acting out and taking to the streets, Yvie read. The only people she could rely on other than Uli were the legends she read about in the histories of the galaxies. The orphanage didn’t have much in the way of holorecordings, but Uli would often bring her large history volumes. He always claimed he snuck them out of a library and she rarely pressed him on the matter.

When she was eleven, a pair of shopkeepers came to the orphanage. Taken by the quiet, smart Yvie, they decided to adopt her - to the surprise of everyone. The thought of leaving Uli behind was heartbreaking and she begged for them to adopt him as well. While they were sympathetic, they explained that they didn’t have the resources for two children. With a tearful goodbye to Uli, she left with her new family, leaving him with the holorecording of her parents for both company and the promise that they would be reunited one day.

It turns out their reunion was not far off. Uli escaped the orphanage and traveled to Yvie’s new home, determined to stay with her. When Yvie found out, she helped hide him. She brought him food and clothes, hiding him in her room so he would have a place to stay. They were found out and Uli was sent back. This happened multiple times. Every time, her fathers would sit her down and explain why they couldn’t adopt Uli and how she wasn’t helping him by aiding in his running away. While usually an obedient child, on this one subject she would fight with them and tell them how it wasn’t fair. Uli was her brother and should be a part of their family. She would storm off and slam doors.

The sixth time Uli ran away, the Gosses finally relented. It would stretch their salaries and they would have to tighten their belts, but they simply couldn’t send Uli back a seventh time. Officially adopting him, they came to love Uli just as much as they loved Yvie. As far as she was concerned, they were finally a happy family.

Once Uli was officially a member of the family, she focused more on her studies. She loved history and languages, research and the past. If Yvie was not at home, she was in libraries and archives. At times she would fall asleep there and one of her fathers would have to come collect her. She excelled in all her classes and managed to get into a prestigious university. Money was incredibly tight, but Uli would again come through with credits when it seemed as if she would have to drop out because of the bills. She had suspicions about how he was getting the money. Once or twice she confronted him about it, but eventually stopped asking. She didn’t want to fight with him and, though she felt guilty, she needed the money to continue her education.

She majored in Archaeology and graduated top of her class. While Uli remained on Nar Shaddaa, she traveled with her classes and on digs with various operations. Despite all the many job offerings she was given, she always returned to Nar Shaddaa and her family.

RP Hooks

  • Imperials during the War? Yvie's parents were. She's always looking for information about them. Perhaps you knew them.
  • Need an archaeologist? Yvie!
  • Looking for information about the history of the galaxy? Yvie's studied it!
  • Interested in old Jedi Temples? It's a fascination of Yvie's.
  • Are you currently leading Uli Gosse's life astray? You will hear from Yvie!