Faded Mist

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Shortly after the destruction of Hosnian Prime, FreiTek who had designed a new air superiority fighter for the Republic NAVY Dumped a number of these new craft onto the open market in an attempt to make back their lost revenue. The Faded Mist is a FreiTek E-Wing Escort Starfighter similar is versatility and purpose to that of the Incom X-Wing. Sajin was able to get his after an associate, Zhu Yan, ponied up the money for him while he was slightly short. It is used in his work with Defiance and the planet of Drik to escort their ships in missions and provide air support where needed.

The ship's name was recently changed to fit in with its new role with the Drikish Royal Special Corps which Sajin as King is the leader of. The unit specializes in both ground and air combat. When in the air they are referred to as Yellow Squadron. The King's E-Wing is designated Yellow 13.


Atmo: 150 MGLT

Space: 120 MGLT

Hyper: 1.0

Shields: Stock

Hull Armor: Stock


None Yet, got some?


3 Heavy Lasers

2 Proton Torpedo Launchers