Hopp Nooram

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Born onto the shattered world of Concord Dawn, Hopp Nooram lived his early life in a small, poor home, doing his best to assist his parents with keeping the household afloat. Bright and inquisitive, he had little formal schooling, instead being taught by his mother and the holonet. A voracious reader, he consumed every shred of information he could get his hands on, but time was short between hawking fruit on the corner and doing chores all day.

He left home when he was sixteen, eager to get out into the world and make his own way. Shunning the heritage of the Mandalorian sector he was born in, he headed to Coruscant, the obvious choice in a galaxy brimming with possibilities. Hopp quickly learned that there were ways of making money his mother wouldn't be too proud of, but more information than he ever dreamt was out there. Enrolling in a university, he picked up a liberal arts degree before accepting a study internship on the other side of the planet. The young man was able to put his sinewy strength to work as an EMT during his off-hours, an employment that allowed him interesting opportunities to traffick in various non-prescription narcotics. The work-a-holic biochemistry student EMT drug dealer known as Hopp Nooram (or The Hopp, depending on your circle) flourished in this environment, gaining academic acclaim, valuable life skills, and street notoriety that would enable a lifetime of unethical scientific pursuits.

Now an old man, he's relocated to Nar Shaddaa to conduct some truly hair-raising experiments out from under the keen eye of the New Republic and their floozies. He's slower now, and can't afford the risk of staying so close under the nose of the law, not when he has so little time left to achieve greatness. Step one in that plan has been acknowledging his roots, and joining a band of Mandalorians to explore the wastelands of Mandalore.