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Open Season

OOC Date: October 17, 2019
Location: Polana, Cantonica
Participants: Sajin, Grom, Siha Archer, Hopp Nooram, Jarret Sur, Kryll Red, Sumi Kora

The Kyber Heart emerged from low orbit and descended upon the outskirts of the beautiful paradise port city of Polana. It's early evening with orange/pink skies and purple clouds. The sea glitters to the west, not a storm in sight. Above the planet, and in plain view, nebula like gas swirls in bright green and pink, and at the darkest parts of the sky was where it was at its brightest.

Sumi Kora is at the stern of the ship, and it's there she pulls the manual release for the hatch. Cool evening air rushes into the personnel hold of the Gambit Pursuer, giving those who aren't wearing armor capable of their own atmosphere a chill. Fae, the pilot, runs an initial scan and pinpoints the location of their target. <<"Looks like they've got a ship docked at their landing port, Sumi. We have an opportunity for one pass to disable it with mag-pulse or turrets.">>

Siha and Sumi were the lucky contestants at the guns, and Fae lines up the approach on the compound. They pass over, and the Kyber Heart lights up in time for Polana's evening winter fete festival. Fireworks go off in the distance while magpulse and laser turrets dot the facility along the outskirts of town. The magpulse misses on both accounts, and initially the turret missed, but that second burst caught the parked ship's fuel, and it erupted in a beautiful explosion of orange, followed quickly by black smoke.

Fae sets the craft down on the outskirts of the compound, just outside some tree cover that would help in their advance and ambush. <<"Everyone, weapons out and get ready to move in. We're wiping this location off the map!">> Sumi calls.

<< Ha, good shot, seems my tin-canned arse has been on the ground for too long. >> Siha comms to Sumi, grinning beneath the helmet of her t-visored helmet, unbuckling from her seat to allow her to rise up and out of the seat, bones and joints cricking and cracking happily.

Coming up from wherever she was in the ship, the Mandalorian Alor of Clan Tal jauntily saunters with sword to her left hip and blaster on her right she'll wait at the ramp entry way, right hand working the strap off her katana holder-do up, unsheathing said katana out from it's prison. SHWING. "Wayyy too used to being on the ground now .." Vox'd voice says with nary an actual note of regret. Her body is ready.

Sajin , the King of Drik, had answered the call put out by Sumi Kora. He brought along his power armor for this bought, his thermal insulation protecting him from the cold chill. His helmet is clasped on and he stands checking his gauntlets, bowcaster, pistol, his sack... and the large ryyk blad across his back. "This should be fun."He says through the vocorder in a way too cheery way.

One pass? "Open the rear hatch! The Mighty Grom shall leap out and DESTROY PUNY SHIP upon impact! Like a BOMB, which.. Grom now wonders. Were bombs named after Grom? Or was Grom named after bomb? Hurm... No, no, Grom suspects the different sound at the start changes things." Distracted by his own etymology, the Houk has regrettably missed his chance to jump out of a flying spaceship, and he must be content with walking off the ship. "Hrmph. Grom-bomb would have been more fun," he grumbles. "Now.. Axe? Or gun? Or.. tiny baby gun? Hurm."

Kryll is standing in the personnel hold, one hand on his rifle and the other holding firm to one of the wall braces as they circle and open fire on targets below. He slowly rotates his head, shoulders, arms and legs, as he appears to be getting used to the fit of the armor he wears. However, when Sumi mentioned that she was going out and wanted help, he figured this was as good as any to repay the information she had given him recently. He looks to Grom, who likely doesn't recognize him with the new armor and helmet covering his head, <"

Quiet and corpse-still yet through the voyage, the alor of clan Sur rises from his cross-legged perch upon the deck at Sumi's call - and rising to his feet unslings from his shoulder the blued monster of his compact riot gun, thumbing the charging stud and activator of the grenade cycler before gauging the the link between targeter and helmet optics.

<< I am prepared, >> he calls in reply, voice flat and tinny through his mask. << Lay on. >>

Kryll is standing in the personnel hold, one hand on his rifle and the other holding firm to one of the wall braces as they circle and open fire on targets below. He slowly rotates his head, shoulders, arms and legs, as he appears to be getting used to the fit of the armor he wears. However, when Sumi mentioned that she was going out and wanted help, he figured this was as good as any to repay the information she had given him recently. He looks to Grom, who likely doesn't recognize him with the new armor and helmet covering his head, <"Last time we met, you declared axes, but I think I'll stick to rifles this time, my very large and useful acquaintance.">, << Good to go. >>

The opening hatch wafts cool air over the wrinkled face of Hopp Nooram, the rush of wind blowing the smoke from the glowing cig tucked in the corner of his downturned lips back up into his wispy gray hair. "Seems like there's- I coulda thought of better ways for- you- the- why aren't we just blowing it up?" the old coot grates at Sumi, picking the stub out with bony fingers and tossing it to the deck to crunch it underfoot. The long digits splay out over the Mandalorian helmet riding between his knees like a travel mug, pulling it aloft and down over his squinting eyes. "Just ask Siha, I- it's not too late to build a bomb, here, kid. It's never too late to build a bomb."

The scrawny geezer ratchets himself upright with a crackle of joints, hands on the small of his back, the earth-toned jumpsuit his armor rides on fitting him like a sack. "Or something more exotic, maybe, I mean, a bomb is simple, but it's crude. There's no creativity there, not really, you- you- toxins, bespoke toxins, that's where a real artist can show some vision, I mean, a good -toxin-, kid, it- it- it's a special thing." The blaster on his hip is tugged free. "But, you're the boss, alright, you want to do this the predictable way, we- I mean, it's not too late!" Then he's gimping down the landing ramp, knees popping as he goes.

Sumi waits at the ramp, catching the banter of most as she motioned them into the fray. <"Some things you just gotta savor, old man. Revenge is one of them."> Sumi fires back at Hopp. She chicken-wings the buttstock of her shotgun under one arm and is the last to step off the vessel before triggering the ramp to go back up. <<"Out of sight, out of mind, Fae. We'll see you on the other side.">> -- <<"Yes ma'am.">> The Gambit begins to lift off, its VTOL jets rotating down to aid in its liftoff.

Up ahead of the battle group is a small orchard of thick trees, and beyond that a tower of flames from the ship that lay in utter destruction. It was hard to tell from 30m out, but there was a fence that surrounded the entire complex. Following the explosion, bits of armored plating had crushed portions of the fence giving them two points of egress into the main compound service area. It was bright here, and hot as kriff. The forms of some FIFTEEN men and women are trying to tame the flames, and have not spotted the group rushing the perimeter yet.

"Ooooh, ho ho ho ho ..." Siha begins to laugh as she turns her helmeted head to look at Grom, "Baby gun, baby gun, ///baby gun///." Her voice oozes with obvious partiality to said tiny baby gun, the wide grin on her face going unseen, but it can be /felt/ in her tone as she gives her hips a wiggle to accompany the excitement she feels, "Baby. Gun."

Breathing out another laugh through her nose she turns her attention back to the hatch, moving to saunter down it with sword at her side, snorting at Hopp, "Hopp, you old bastard, if we just blew it up then I'd have wasted my time not talking to all of you on the ride over here. And poor ol' Tal here would go unused, again .." Groused back, though he only referenced her as knowing he could indeed build a bomb, here and now, and get famcy with it. She dun curr.

Siha does not rush the fence, she instead saunters towards the fire-putter outers, swirling her sword in slow circles to her left as her right hand rests on the butt of her pistol. She's in no hurry. They'll all die soon enough. Besides, she has a question for Hopp, "I thought you /died/ man, I haven't hear from you in ages. I even did like a thingie for you, you know. Drinking. Killing. Making a mess." Accusingly shared, like. What the hell man.

Sajin hasn't been in his power armor in some time and was getting used to it again, so as he trudges through the grass or what ever kind of vegitation habitates this part of this particular world. Thuding along, even Grom over takes him. "Alright... enough of this Drek..." He slowls to a stop and finds himself a rock to set up shop at... or a crate... just something cover worthy.

Grom peers at Kryll. "What took place when Grom spoke so? Grom OFTEN declares Axes, IT IS A FUN WORD TO DECLARE." He narrows yellow eyes on Kryll, before cheerfully recognizing, "Little Pew Pew Human! Ahh, long have been the ages since last we battled!" It's been like.. three days, Grom. "And Nearly Reptile! And Little King! And.." he draws a blank at Hopp. "Grom.. does not recall little baby bomb talker. BUT GROM ENJOYS YOUR TALK OF BOMBS." Siha is answered with a toothy grin, "Grom must admit: the gun does not actually fire babies. BUT YOU SHALL SEE SOON." For then there are enemies! Behind a battered fence! "BEHOLD, tiny enemies! As the Mighty GROM sneaks into your midst!" He sneaks by charging straight at them, massive axe overhead, crashing noisily through the damaged fence, while roaring, "SNEEEEEEEEEEAK." His axe cleaves one leg off, prompting a dull laugh.

Kryll chuckles behind his helmet at that which is Krom, and watches him run forward into the soon to be melee with the axe. Knowing that this is no race, he raises his blaster rifle and squeezes off a couple of shots towards the people who are not dislegged, or fragged. Hits shots do not hit, but will at least give them pause knowing that death is not only amongst them, but distractions are nearby too.

As the body of the fighters sally forth, pale Jarret engages the jets upon his back - and with a keening hiss and the twin plumes of bright blue flames streaming from the armor's thrusters does the alor hurtle skyward, carried aloft to some outcrop or hill by tongues of alcohol-blue flame. There, kneeling low, he raises his rifle and toggles its launcher. A subtle coughing sound emits from the lower of its twinned, sheathed barrel, and an orb of bright red crimson hurtles in an arc toward the throng; like an egg thrown from heaven it descends amid the pirates, and exploding reduces a number of the stricken defenders into so much meat and sundered limbs spinning in all directions.

With a grim, fanged smile behind his visor Jarret then drops low, preparing for retaliation.

"You kids go on ahead, I'm- I'm right behind you," Hopp announces to the others as his boots hit terra firma, moving around the side of the ship to do the old-man dance of leaning on the hull and stretching his back out, but then the pilot pulls the thing back up off the ground and leaves him hanging and cursing. "Kriffing... Now why'd you go and do a thing like that!" he complains loudly to no one in particular, gesticulating at the departing vehicle. The scarecrow in armor seems to have no particular interest in finding cover or closing with their targets, preferring instead to amble in that general direction on his stilt-like legs.

"Look, kid, you- you should know," this is for Siha and it's offered over their helmet comms. "It's- it's important that you hear this. So- so- so listen up, alright." There's a burp. "I don't care one- one single tiny bit, alright, not- not one quark. I'm- I'm Hopp kriffing Nooram, and I'll die when I'm good and ready. Or- or like, next Katunda. It- it could go either way, kid, you- you don't get a say in these things. I- I've lived a hard life, alright. ...Anyone know how that Houk feels about needles?"

Sumi's intention to join the others is halted abruptly when she falls into a ditch she did /not/ see. This action spills her over in a loud crumble of gear, gravel, and cursing as Hopp goes on his speech about just who he is, and when he intends to die. <"For kriffs sake.."> She says as the explosion of a grenade goes off. <"They're gonna kill them without me!"> Groaning, she pulls herself up. <"You gonna talk all day, old man, or you gonna kill something?!"> This time, Sumi jogs forward to join the others.

The service area has turned from chaos to MORE CHAOS AND DEATH. The explosion of a grenade earmarked a point of interest and despair, because of the fifteen, (fourteen after GROM WAS THERE), four died in an instant. Blaster fire begins to trade and blurred lances of red come from the treeline. Two of the remaining ten fire back; one aiming at the shadowy treeline, and another from whence the grenade came. No joy!

"You BETTER Grom, robbing me of tiny babies propelling through the air to commit atrocious acts??" Said loudly, Siha only slightly picking up her pace as the entire group putting out those fires no doubt already noticed them. Raising up her katana she'll grip the hilt with her right hand as well, the very curveless athletic Mandalorian woman, who, in full gear, could easily be determined to be genderless or the opposite gender, twists around on her toesies to cull down one dude right through his chest.

The katana blade sinks in easily, sweeping through as she calls to Hopp, continuing the conversation, "Just means I don't have to mourn you when you do go, Slinky!" She has dropped down into a half-crouch as she follows through on the swing, woman springing back up and giving her sword a little shake to rid it of blood as she sizes up who's next, "Besides, Hopp, who'd mentor me in weird arsed shavit, huh?"

While the others may move in closer, Sajin doesn't want to get all sweaty by the flames. "Hot then cold, hot then cold. They got some serious climate issues on this rock, you know." He starts to hum to himself, heard over the comms, as he sets up his bow caster. His sight finds a pirate, dead center, he pulls the trigger. The poor fellows whole body explodes in red mist and guts, showering his compatriots in his own bodily matter and fluids. The handsome hapan continues to hum, finding his next target. It's not as flashy a display as his first shot. The loud Bowcaster report echos after the seering metal quarrel slams and rips through the pirates body, sending him dead to the ground.

Grom halts his wrecking ball charge after lopping the leg off the first foe. "THERE. Now axe is happy- one moment-" he holds up one blocky armored finger toward the surviving pirates, as he takes a moment in the middle of the battle to tuck the haft if his axe through the belt, bellowing, "DO NOT FLEE IN TERROR FROM GROM. Grom's favored mammal has requested baby gun, and YOU WILL WAIT." The Houk draws his hold-out blaster. ...Okay, it's not a holdout, it's a full sized E-11 carbine, with customized oversized trigger and handle to accommodate Grom's skull-sized hand, but in the grip of the alien, it gas the proportions of a hold-out. "THERE. You may all resume dying!" he informs the enemies.

With the majority of the warriors now engaged, Jarret slips from the hill and approaches the chaotic mess of blood and screaming with rifle in arms, spewing a burst of fire from its upper barrel - streams of fire which, alas, miss their targets but yet may, it is hoped, at least distract the pirate enough so that everyone else might still pile on as he approaches.

With multiple friendlies in the engagement zone, Kryll decides the slow and steady forward approach is best. He continues walking across the field towards the pirates, and fires two more blasts from his rifle. The first misses wide, but the second hits a pirate in the leg, blowing it clean off as the rest of him spins and falls to the floor. <"Pirate Down."> he explains calmly over the comms, taking his time to count currently active targets, and determine which might be the next greatest threat, his march forward continues.

"Look, kid, I've- at a certain point you've killed so many people that it- it- the shine wears off, alright," Hopp replies to Sumi, continuing his stroll towards the fighting at his own pace. "And probably the same person who- who made you think of a gun that shoots babies, that- that's some weird shart." He stops for a moment to remove his helmet and clip it onto his belt, rooting in his breast pocket for a cig and tucking it into the corner of his mouth. As soon as he does so, a plasma bolt zips past close enough to light the end of it, blowing half of the tabac-filled paper away in the process. "Rude," he grates, taking a pull and letting the smoke drizzle out from his nose.

"...That's better," he rasps, taking a few suddenly business-like steps forward, his beady eyes narrowing into a gimlet gaze, their black slits squinting out from beneath a wiry brow. The blocky pistol in his hand takes casual aim, like he's done this a thousand times, and blasts a hole right in the nearest unfortunate's keister. The villager/pirate/assless chap screams, and Hopp's face crinkles in a wicked grin. "Well, I gotta admit, that- that- it's always better than you remember."

Sumi leaves Hopp at about the point the plasma zips by him. Charging ahead until she hits duracrete, she takes to sliding forward and leverages her shotgun to her shoulder to fire near-point-blank into a pirate directly ahead of her. The blast is so charged and powerful, it blows clean through and out the back. That body falls over, just as someone charges Sumi, shooting and missing her prior to their locking up to fight it out.

Five total remain out in the surface area as fireworks crack and BOOM above their heads. Were it not for the sound of battle and death, they could probably hear the music down by the beach where everyone was partying. The fire has begun to die down though, but an alarm blares in the courtyard. Lights within the warehouse go out, but the outside is bathed in the orange of the ship's fire that no one likely noticed the lights on the exterior perimeter went out as well.

"There you go old man, see - the shine never dies off." So says the alcoholic Mandalorian who runs hell bent into situations in maybe a not maybe bid to bring in a much desired death because the shine has indeed worn off. But appearances matter, and Siha dodges, not of her own doing, an attempt made against her by one of the folks nearest to her, a woman.

The blaster hit that nearly hit Siha has the Mandalorian woman cocking her head in the direction of the incoming and missed shot, eyebrows raising up unseen.

"What happened to -- women supporting -- women." Asked as she begins to stride forwards, Grom's declaration earning him a yelled, "HELL YEAH, BABY GUN." The Katana, Tal, is driven forwards into the torso of the woman who's busily lifting her blaster again to focus it on Siha, finding instead the sharp sword drawn into her chest and notched up and down a bit through her heart and ribs, lungs taking a little action as well. She urks and sputters briefly, blaster dropped as both hands scramble up to pet the blade gently.

There isn't much more to do than simply fall off to the side and down off the blade, Siha kicking her foot into the womans shoulder to dislodge her, letting the poor woman to her death. The bright lights of the fireworks shine down upon them, Siha's black and gold armor glittering in the array of colors, highlighting the reams of blood drizzling down her armor merrily.

She'll tilt her gaze back to look up at the colors, taking a moment to appreciate the sight.

Sajin makes ready to stand, comming out of cover for a moment to adjust his sight picture. That's when the bolt hits his lower left torso, causing him to stagger back. Sparks fly from his hard armor. He inhales sharply, "SHHHHHH AHHHH... Damn it!" He grunts hefting the bowcaster up, firing off a quick shot at the perpetrator. It goes wide. He redoubles his efforts and concentrates, leading the target as it moves. Breathing and squeezing the trigger, he takes down the pirate as starts to move, pressing forward. As the other targets faulter and fall victim to the strike team, he lets his bowcaster drop to his chest and reaches to draw the massive ryyk blade shathed across his back.

Grom's cheerful demeanor as he watches his friends massacre the opposition begins to fade into a narrow eyed glare as he realizes that no one is firing at him. "How DARE you treat others as more dangerous than Grom!" He fires the baby gun to scold the enemies. "ATTACK GROM. Well.. not YOU, since your chest has fallen out.." He blasts another in the leg. "And not YOU, because your leg has fallen off.. BUT SOMEONE ATTAVK GROM. Curses! They are all dead. Hrmph!" He kicks a corpse in mild irritation, sending the body bouncing a short distance.

Marching toward the grounded knot, all bloodied and hewn, Jarret spots one of those fallen who still lives - and casually, as if clearing a jam, discharges another blast into the wounded man's midsection so as to separate him from life as Jarret separates his body with a goodly section of abdomen and spine.

<< Victory for the moment, >> he proclaims as he approaches, replacing the riot gun's power cell. << But where is he quarry? >>

Kryll makes his way up to the scene of the /battle/? and now that the survivor is not going to talk, stops next to Grom. <"It is unfortunate, but, sometimes people do just not properly respect the embodiment of their doom. I am certain we will encounter wiser foes soon who recognize your value and attack you large one."> he moves away and sweeps the area, making sure that any approaches are identified and covered.

Finishing the shortened cig, Hopp flicks it away into the weeds. "It's never too late for a bomb," he reminds Sumi again as he replaces the cig and pulls a cobbled-together lighter from his trouser pocket, a jet of blue flame three inches tall roaring out to get the thing going before he tucks it away again. "Say the word, kid, and- and- and we can turn this place into a real- well, it'd be a crater. A real crater." Puff.

<"Everyone good?"> Sumi asks, thankful that someone removed the threat wrestling with her. Sumi straightens now, her blue plated armor and reflective silver visor specked with blood and bits of gore. She spends a moment observing the team to assess for casualties and is surprised to see that they all live and breath.

To Sur, Sumi answers and points to the warehouse. <"She makes ready her last stand. Dug in, she waits like a lizard-lion."> Now to Hopp, she turns. <"There are multiple bay doors to this place. If we place explosives around the building, we'll need people ready to engage if survivors emerge. You want a bomb? Show me a bomb, Mr. Nooram. Tell us what you need.">

Sumi lowers her shotgun and frees her flamer unit. She has to take a moment to ignite the pilot flame, then tests it with a slight trigger pull in one direction. <"Our target is Jaysa Lo. A bleeding good shot with a blaster, so playing her game of close quarters is stupid. We draw her to the open, /if/ she survives, then we put her down. Questions?"> Sumi asks, over the sound of a large firework popping in the sky.

Siha Archer continues to stand there, sword at her side, tip of the blade gently caressing the ground beneath her feet as she continues to watch the fireworks. It's clear the woman has no questions. Each subsequent blast of sound echoes through the air, followed by those exploding poms of color, palming their brilliant fiery flames out. Her breathing is slow, calm, patient. Once the group is done talking, she'll be ready for action.

"Close Quarters is my middle name, but it's your call, Sumi." Sajin says through his vocorder, large ryyk blade resting against the ground as he holds it in one hand. He glances around at the others, hole in his torso still smoking from the fresh blaster wound. It hasn't caught up with him... yet.

"That what Grom is saying!" the Houk commiserates with Kryll. "Grom hopes so. Otherwise there will not be a worthy foe on entire planet! Grom is glum. Glum-Grom." But then.. then Sumi is describing the final enemy and the Houk brightens right up. "Ooooh. A lizard-lion? Master of close quarters?? GROM MUST PUNCH IT." The very thing Sumi JUST said was stupid.

<< A grenade or two into the structure may suffice, if there are no other explosives handy, >> says Jarret in his flat, distant way, indicating the rifle in his hands. << If the doctor will indicate that blast points require attention. >>

Kryll continues to stand watch in case other pirates come looking to see what happened to the exploded ship, and, some of their exploded pirates. <"Only question I have, is do you need to have the kill, or is the result what you desire?">

"Well," Hopp begins, narrowing his eyes as he squints into the distance, "For that sorta job you'll want a detonite core, ideally impregnated with a prodigious amount of barradium, strap some tibanna cells to it, you got yourself a nice little- a nice small- a nice- a portable- a little bundle of- A BOMB," the old geezer rambles, eyes suddenly sparkling with destructive intent, bony hands spreading wide like two bats stuck on the ends of his arms. "You with the grenades, those are probably close enough, alright, give me one of those and I'll jam some cells on it and bim bam boom, kaboom, we're- I mean, it's not the BEST bomb, but you- you gotta- these are the tools we have, alright, unless one of you happened to have something particularly fun smuggled away somewhere covert."

Assuming one of the grenades is surrendered, he gets right to work, pulling a few general purpose tools from his utility belt and a variety of blaster powercells, bits of wire, a few silicon chips here and there, and a big plug of "Axidite, hahaha, I forgot I had that in there." It gets passed over to Sumi. "Just uh, cross the red wire with the blue wire and then you got like.... I don't know, ten seconds? I'm not planting it, get one of these- I'm not running, okay. You- you- it's a bomb!"

Sumi nods when Sajin addresses her. <"I don't want any of your deaths on my conscience."> She admits, hence the hesitation to pump through the breech and fight. A concerned tilt of her head indicates she notices the smoking hole on Sajin's armor, and she steps closer to inspect it, but determines that it doesn't seem life threatening. When Kryll asks if she wants the kill, Sumi has to think about it.

<"I would be delighted to be the one who ends her, I think it's the team effort that matters here. All I require is her helmet, and her blood on it. I'll add it to the others I've collected."> A wayward glance finds Siha staring skyward, and the odd glows of popping aerial explosives makes her armor shade in various hues. It's a good look, but Sumi does not interrupt her silence. Her attention goes to Hopp.

Sumi watches the birth of a bomb, and she takes it when offered. <"Cross these?"> She crosses them, and hands the bomb to Grom. <"Throw it on the roof, Grom!">

Off it goes, landing noisily on the roof. <"Prepare for--"> Was all anyone heard, even with helmets. A bright blue light of pulsing energy expanded from the top of the warehouse before stretching out with a sudden gust of wind and energy. The explosion was so loud, that people within miles of it were left with ringing ears, and Fae saw the blue blip from orbit.

Smoke billowed from the remains of the building as walls and platforms fell, one fire. The skeletal remains of the building wobbled and fell amidst the flames, yet.. several had survived!

Disoriented, stumbling from the wreckage, 10 people stumbled out into the open screaming, two of them were on fire. An eleventh appeared further back wearing beskar'gam and screaming in pain as she ripped something from her side and drew her weapon. Sumi screamed attack, despite her own disoriented senses, but she couldn't even hear herself scream it.

"Good answer, if you had asked us to step back and let you take the kill, I'd have to challenge you for it, and then we'd waste time because of an ego." Siha deadpans dryly to Sumi, "We let children take kills for practice, not grown arsed adults." Not removing her eyes from the explosions before her in the sky she'll listen again to the group and the bomb building. Only when the bomb Grom tosses explodes does she turn her head, but only after she's rocked forwards a step or three by the blast. Her sword is used to find balance in the soft ground, the heavily armored woman turning 'round then to see the folks fly out, chin dipping and rising as she takes them all in.

A long exhalation of air follows the woman as she sweeps her sword at the leg of the nearest person, again a woman because Siha is an equal opportunity killer, and slams her sword into the woman's hip, nearly taking off the entire leg. Damn pesky femurs and greater trochanters. Pulling her sword out of the leg she leaves the injured woman, intent on stalking down someone who can actually run from her, all the while moving in closer to the Mandalorian woman beyond. A brief glance is torn skywards as another series of fireworks goes off.

"Sumi has a conscience? Well I'll be..." The Hapan says, seemingly utterly surprised. He watches Hoop Curiously, then Grom. His eyes follow the bomb up to the roof. He stares at the bright explosion like a fly at a bug lamp. "Wooooowww..." He shakes his head of his lack of concentration before turning towards the suvivors escaping the wreckage. He stomps forwards, the survos in his armor whining and grinding. The edge of his massive blade drags across the cround, cutting through some of the still molten and flaming shrapnel that expunged it's self from secured holdings in the massive explosion. As he nears an enemy, a lets out a primal roar, his blade smiping up and slicing right through the right leg. As the Enemy falls from lack of support and balance, likely unprepared for such sock, he raises the blade with two hand and cleaves down, but misses, hitting only the ground.

"AAAH, Bomb is louder than Grom! ...Wait, Grom is silent? NOOOOOO! STUPID BOMB HAS BLOWN UP GROM'S VOICE," the Houk laments aloud- not that anyone can hear him. Yellow eyes narrow on the survivors emerging from the rubble, and Grom charges along with Siha and Sajin. TEAM GREAT DECISIONS, ATTACK. As each of his fellows send legs spiraling free of bodies, Grom picks up one in each hand, gripping severed limbs by the ankles like gory, jointed clubs, and CHARGES the most dangerous foe. "Grom is armed with legs!" he bellows, smashing a severed leg into Jaysa's leg.

Truly, the only thing that surprises Jarret when Grom chucks the bomb is that it Sumi didn't go with it - and while the fireworks start, and the pirates stumble out and battle is joined, Jarret slings his rifle and with a blur of his hand draws a small turbolaser from his holster that once was a blaster pistol. Twice he fires, bright green lances of plasma snapping across the way, and while one punches a hole through a distant piece of crumpled durasteel the other liberates a pirate from the horrors of living, burning a hole straight through his armored torso and leaving naught but carbonized flesh behind. Without hesitation he moves to sight down another target, the pistol in his hand humming like a jar of bees piped through as synthesizer as power floods its exciter unit.

With Grom becoming a quick meat shield for the gunslinger and providing no clear shot, Kryll turns his attention to the other pirates. Jarret blasts the chest out of one, and so Kryll fires two shots on either side of that falling target, taking both pirates high in the leg. He pauses, looking back at the field of pirates they just cleared, and then at his rifle, and back towards the new targets. Speaking to himself inside his helmet, "Maybe I need to adjust the sights on this rifle, or we have a serious dislike of pirate legs."

Hopp knows his talents; you don't get to be this old without a certain self-knowledge, and when the bomb explodes, the light reflects in his beady, mean old eyes. "That's what I'm talking about, kid. It's never too late for a bomb." One can only assume he's a bit deaf and therefore less affected by the explosion. When things settle down and the fighting resumes, he gimps along behind the others, the pistol in his hand BWORKing out sharply once and sending a bolt of hot plasma crashing into a combatant's torso. "Never did catch who- uh, you know, who these people are," he comments to no one in particular, squinting down at the corpse. "They got any friends we ought to know about, there, kid?"

Prior to the explosion, Siha's comment earns only a solemn nod from Sumi, who has no comment to tag onto the end. Siha was right. If Sumi wanted to take the kill, then she'd earn it.

The battle is off to a great start, and the initial onslaught makes their enemies pay the price in legs. Sumi is among the line that intercepts the pirates, lowering her flame rifle to her hip level and coating some poor, poor soul in the flames of her hatred. His screams and fiery shape are reflected on her visor, but she turns her sight toward Jaysa, who is fighting for her life against the hulking nightmare which is Grom.

Everyone appears to be holding their ground despite retaliation. It's coming down to waning numbers though, and the favor is to our brave raiders collecting leg trophies.

"GROM. Leave some for me!" Siha calls out, having closed the distance. HOWEVER, as badass as Siha thinks she is, she is still up against a seasoned Mandalorian who doesn't seem to notice she's wounded. Which is fine, she's good for swinging at, which Siha will try twice to no avail, "Goddess dang woman! If you ...weren't marked for death -" Second swing, "I'd ...try and ...bang ya." CRACK. POP. The fireworks keep going. Only Siha isn't enjoying them anymore, "GROM. Pop her in her brain hole so she holds still!" Siha calls out, stumbling through the crumbled and still smoldering remains of the blown up building as she winds up to try again.

Sajin is rocked back by another bolt, sparking and impacting against his torso yet again. The Hapan looks down at the fresh and smolder hole right across from the initial one. "Really? Really? THAT'S ONE-TWO... TWO TOO MANY HOLES, BUDDY!" Sajin, the Handsome Hapan, was now Sajin the Ragin' Hapan who couldn't count to two properly. Perhaps the sock from his multiple wounds was now kicking in. He stomps towards his agressor. Swinging wildly. The Pirate ducks but Sajin is quick on the counter strike and gleaves the large blade into the pirates Arm. There may mor may not be a popping a crunching sound inolved.

Grom presses the Mandalorian gun slinger hard, managing to either force a miss, or taking a blaster bolt in the leg-club on the first two shots. The third burns deep into the Houk-meat of a tree-like right leg. "GROM WILL MAKE A HAT OF YOUR LEG," he bellows at the enemy, perhaps made more fearsome if she can't actually hear his semi-nonsensible words. Severed legs make for awkward clubs, however, and his second effort at literal mayhem meets with less leggy success. Still the Houk smiles ferociously as Siha joins him against Jaysa Lo. "YIELD YOUR LEGS TO THE NEARLY REPTILE." He peers at Siha, "Which is the brain hole?" the hulking reptile wonders, temporarily uncertain.

With pistol in hand, Jarret approaches the throng, which he has helped thin out - and while Siha and Grom busy themselves with harrying the gunslinger, the alor of Clan Sur reaches out with his free hand; a nozzle snaps out on an armature from under Jarret's wrist, spouting not the greenish flames of Sumi's flame rifle but a more traditional kind. The cone of fire spews across the remaining pirates, causing them to scatter; one, alas, is caught full force despite it, and the highly combustible paragel fuel converts him into a screaming, stumbling bonfire.

And still he persists.

Watching the battle with Jaysa become overly crowded, that is not conductive to a proper shot. He waits another moment or two, but then hears Sajin under fire, he turns his rifle towards the threat to Sajin, and fires two quick shots. The first misses high, the second connects high in the left shoulder, spinning them around before they fall to the floor. He turns his attention back to Jaysa and the combined melee happening there, "Come on, just give me a shot." he holds very still and continues aiming, tracking the primary target through the two so eager to cleave her in two.

Hopp keeps ambling along with the persistence of an old man weeding out the garden, the force of his squint wrinkling his skin in deep, familiar grooves that may actually have become part of his skull at this advanced age. His gun turns on another innocent/evildoer, that wasn't really clear, and the trigger presses back again with the same tired dedication to finishing a necessary task. "Come on and put her down already, what's the- what's the hold-up, there, it's two of you against one of her," he grates, not really looking to see if he actually kilt the fellow.

He didn't, and the other guy has a smoking hole in his torso, but he's still moving around and whatnot, which could prove problematic given the gun in his hand.

The battle is nearly ended, and with their foes fighting bravely, the last falls to a wall of green flames, melting him away with the backdrop of Sumi's laughter. <"Hahahahaha!"> All that remains is Jaysa now, and Sumi chuckles; it would be Jaysa who is the last one standing.

Sumi motions the group forward. <"Let's aid our comrades!"> Sumi yells before moving forward, into the ruins that Siha and Grom had to trudge to reach the entrenched gunslinger.

Jaysa Lo is an older woman by the sounds of her emitting voice, and her armor is specked with age and old dents from past battles. <"I will not slow for your benefit! Hahaha!"> The older warrior tumbles out of the way and comes up, leveling her blaster and firing into Grom twice. Her third shot goes wide because she has to duck. Jaysa moves away from the corner she's backed into and out into the open. <"If I die, my blaster will be empty before I've fallen! HAHAHA!">

"Dude, she's not your average arsehat!" Siha yells to Hopp, only half-hearing what he said, but she heard ENOUGH to know he's JUDGIN'. "She's ...not YIELDING HER LEGS." Groused loudly as Siha dances around, blade swinging through the air as the wily old woman dodges out of the way while cackling, "Oh my Goddesses, she's doing the typical arch nemesis thing, she is AMAZING." Siha might be in love. MIGHT. And she has no problem talking about Jaysa like she isn't right there ducking and dodging while shooting her heart out, "Why we trying to kill this lady again?!" Yelled out to Sumi, "Cuz I might just adopt her." Blade keeps eating air, but how can't you enjoy this?

Grom has been shot multiple times by now, a bellow of pain and.. laughter (?) in his throat at the towering, leg swinging Houk stumbles back. "Come closer! Grom wishes to crush you in falling!" he announces flopping a leg-club toward the Mandalorian, before his colossal weight shakes the ground. Lying there, he mumbles, "Grom is still here!" though the words are muffled by the rubble. And also a pirate leg he'd landed on.

Sajin stalks his prey, until a blast bolts sends him to the ground dead. The Hapan stops, looks towards Kryll then back to the dead pirate. His helmeted head glances up to catch the last pirate burst into flames, thanks to Sumi. There is a Shrug, his armor's servos whining as he makes the motion. His head turns, just in time to watch Grom fall. It was, too him, almost in slow motion. The first time he had watched the Houk fall in battle. "NNNNOOOOOOOO!" Cried the little king, the drops of rage and dispare in his voice. "THE KING OF FALE HAS FALLEN." Litterally, he fell into a hole. Sajin stops, runs, it's a bit of both towards Jaysa. He twists his blade back and with the momentum of his movement, swings it across and towards her leg. "VENGANCE!" He shouts!

Whilst the main event carries on nearby to its climax of victory, Jarret moves on to sterilize the field - roasting the wounded and the not-quite-dead alive with his gauntlet flamer, he puts horribly paid to the rest in a ghoulish background show. All that will be left, it appearas, /will/ be legs, for the rest is all flames and feeble wailing as he clinically scours the stage of life.

With Jaysa putting multiple shots into Grom, and seeing the big guy go down, Kryll shoulders his rifle and runs towards Grom, pulling out a medkit along the way he drops to one knee and slides the rest of the way across the ground to stop next to Grom, and attempt to shield the important parts of him from any additional blaster fire. <"Hold on there big guy."> he puts the medkit down next to Grom and starts tending to his wounds.

Hopp takes a step back from the conflict as it winds down to the lone gunslinger and her duel to the death, replacing his cig with a fresh one and looking around at all the destruction, death, and the fire that's being sprayed everywhere and on everything. "...yeah, this is pretty much what I expected. I still say a good bomb would have been a hell of a lot simpler."

Sumi is among the last to join the spot where Jaysa has fallen. One hand still holds her blaster, but it's clear that pain has overridden any sense of focus or reason. Her other hand grabs at her leg, trying to activate her own wrist flamer to cauterize it. Sumi walks up beside Sajin, planting a small affectionate fist against the shoulder portion of his armor before seeing to Jaysa.

Jaysa's custom blaster is taken from her and the powerpack ejected, making it empty. Sumi casts it back to Jaysa, letting it land in her lap, then she pulls the woman's helmet off. She's revealed to be a gaunt looking woman well past her prime and early beauty. Age has not been kind, but she is not frail either. Snow white hair falls to her shoulders as she lays back, laughing now. Sumi dips the appended helmet beneath the stream of her spouting blood.

"My gun is empty." Jaysa declared, grinning wickedly. Sumi rose back up and set her ablaze even as the Mandalorian was fading from blood loss. Jaysa did not scream.

Grom mumbles with muffled, face-down enthusiasm but without movement, "Grom is holding on! Grom's foe is the PLANET. Grom.. has come to grips with the foe.. and.. headbutted it. And now Grom must hold it down... Lest the planet escape."

Kryll chuckles inside his helmet, and does what he can to stop any bleeding. <"Good, you keep the planet still, and I'll try to keep some of your blood inside you. I wasn't sure you could even bleed big guy."> he doesn't pay any attention to Jaysa now, and hearing the flames, knows its not a threat.

Sajin sheaths his big old sword and makes his way over towards Kyrll, blaster holes in his torso and all. "Grom can bleed... I have seen it many times... Like... a lot of blood." He shivvers. "I'll help you get him out of here."