Last Call

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Last Call's Background

The Last Call is a Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor owned by Rebel Yell starfighter ace, and co-owner Gren Delede.

Last Call began her career as a part of Blue Squadron. Her first, and only Rebel pilot was the newly defected Imperial, Gren Delede. He flew her through most of the war, including at Endor, and later at Jakku. By that point, he had gained command of his own squadron, and she followed him.

The A-wing was auctioned off to the highest bidder, along with the rest of the his squadron, when Gren was cashiered and his fighter wing dissolved as part of the first cuts in disarmament. He kept tabs on the security firm that purchased her as best he could, until finally, he lost track.

It was only very recently that his friend Sar Yavok, with the help of the Waywards, that he was able to find and reclaim her from the Crimson Blades, a band of mercs that specialized in Galactic Civil War surplus. Many Rodians died to re-obtain Last Call.

Gren is not quick to let his true love out of his sight, again.

Last Call at Endor