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Raid At Halmad

OOC Date: November 6, 2022
Participants: Aldera Squad: Bors Thul, Aryn Cortess, Zacara Saronno, and Ejnar Celchu

Lieutenant Pyretta Blaze and Aeron Azzameen's network of informants have news from Suarbi. The Nebulon-B Frigate 'Antan's Revenge' having previously harassed shipping and attempted the capture of Azzameen Station, will be making a stop at Halmad in order to pick up a shipment of fresh Clawcraft and other supplies. Jump in, Identify the cargo on the freighters, and destroy the shipment of Clawcraft and any escorts. All other targets are secondary. This will go a long way in keeping Tavira's pirate activity at bay while the New Republic deals with more prominent threats. Also, we may gain insight as to why this outlier in Tavira's Flotilla has these craft.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

LT. Pyretta Blaze appears on the Holo-emitter in the cockpit of each craft as they travel through Hyperspace towards the Halmad System.

"Halmad is a remote world settled by Axxilan's who were pro-republic during the Clone Wars as Axxila had sided with the Confederacy, naturally. Later, during the Civil War it was used as a base of operations for a rebel cell to strike at Imperial supply lines. Now it's a pickup rendezvous for the Antan's Revenge to restock on fighters. There are seven total Aratech Bulk Freighters waiting for the Nebulon B to arrive for the pick up. Reports say it will have an escort of 4 craft. We are not sure of the type of escort to be used. In fact we don't even know where these freighter's are coming from. Your Mission is to defeat the escort, Identify the contents of the Freighters and perhaps learn where they came from, then destroy all Freighters carrying Clawcraft. hopefully before the Antan's Revenge arrives in System. If they do, immediately disengage and return to base."

The image fades and the Squadron is left with nothing but the flickering blue swirls of their Hyperspace tunnel.

As the tunnel collapses into star lines and the flight of fighters reverts back to realspace, Halmad grows quickly and then stops before them. It looked like a lovely world, filled with all the blues and greens that a nice habitable planet should. The night side, visible just beyond the planet's terminus, had a few clusters of lights indicating civilization. Three white moons orbited the terrestrial world, glowing bright from the light of the sun which glares off in the distance. Floating in the between the white specked blackness of space and the island of the world before them sat seven Aratech Bulk Freighters, evenly spaced and in a single file line. Between them flew a flight of four TIE type craft in escort formation...


BFF-1 Freighter Gamma BFF-1 Freighter Epsilon BFF-1 Freighter Omega BFF-1 Freighter Lambda BFF-1 Freighter Omicron BFF-1 Freighter Theta BFF-1 Freighter Delta

TIE/df Defender Iron Leader TIE/df Defender Iron 2 TIE/df Defender Iron 3 TIE/df Defender Iron 4

[ Bors Thul (BT)] <<"Copy">> heavily Old Alderaan accented, as ever, Bors's voice is distorted and metaliic through comm scramblers, <<"Recon and destroy. Six on my wing, we'll scan for heavier craft to attend as needed. Bluff, recon and wreck. Techie, Oh My, will need to focus on fighter screens with Mamma's Boy and myself backing up.">>

Adjusting his throttle to keep with the others for the present, for now at least, Aldera Leader's shields crackle to life around the ship and It begins running their sensor sweep.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] Having been wholly relaxed during the hyperflight over, Zacara Saronno, Aldera 05, has to sit up and stretch in the limited space of the A-Wing cockpit to get her body tensed up for inevitable battle. Having been nonchalantly watching the briefing, her left hand moves to the throttle and her right on the stick as the A-Wing gives control back to her, having dropped back in to subspace. After her squadron leader's orders she issues: <<"Five copies, scout and blast.">>

The A-Wing throttles to full, zipping ahead of the x-and-e-wings of the squadrons, using its superior engines and maneuvering ailerons to do the reconaissance as ordered. Reaching to key her comm switch, she intones, <<"Sensors are reporting a half dozen freighters, small TIE escort with them. I've got eyes on the freighters.">> In contrast to Aldera Lead, Zacara's accent is only mildly Alderaanian, her Espirion hertiage being more dominant in her inflection.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

The T-85 X-Wing emerged from hyper space just after the brief finished, and Aldera Leader's orders rang out earning a response from the golden haired highborn flying Aldera 3. <<"Understood, Lead. S-foils locked in attack position.">> This is said just as she pulls the lever to open the wings, spreading the cannons and slowing her approach slightly. Defiant red engine contrails are the only light marking her approach as shields begin to invisible shimmer into existence. Cedar, the BB series droid currently in the socket of Aldera 3 can be seen moving their domed head about, probably scanning.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

Ejnar Celchu gave an affirmative click over the comms as he pushed his E-Wing's throttle as far forwards as he could. <<"Six Copies, Fighter Screening.">> He switches his shields to double front and scans through the contacts on his sensor report. Swooping around to Wing his fellow E-Wing, the purple of his afterburner roars brightly in the black of space.

The freighters start a hard and slow burn towards an exit vector from the Gravity Well of Halmad. Meanwhile, Iron Flight breaks from their guard over the convoy to engage the new sensor contacts.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] Triple cannons firing into the face of the incoming fighter escort, Bors expression flattens out and a flick of his head bringing the reflective visor down with the aurabesh Besk over each of his eyes.

<<"Hark, there stand before the foemen what would steal out glory.">> pushing his throttle to full and tapping a key to send a request to It for firing solutions. Watching target feeds reading strikes and seeing shields drop and hull being battered and melted away on the lead TIE's plating. Working pedals and adjusting his flight path to saw fire side to side, more to get the pilot to blink and boxing them into a crimson cage.

<<"Anything yet, Five?">>

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] True to her callsign, Bluff makes a trajectory for the enemy fighters as they make their maneuvers to intercept, but rolls starboard just before clearing fire range of the TIEs, making instead for the freighters. She taps the first one on her sensor panel, lacking a droid to do it for her, and twists a dial to key in for a cargo scan as she gets close enough for a freight reading. Green and yellow eyes squinting, flickering between the battlespace and the sensors to hold steady and avoid fire, she taps the next one, twisting the dial, makes a hard jerk to port to avoid an incoming TIE, and taps for the third freighter, scanning that as well. The readings come across another panel to the left of the radar screen. <<"Affirmative, Aldera Lead. Gamma, Epsilon and Omega are hot,">> she says, unable to clarify in too great of detail in the midst of a battle. <<"Working on the rest!">>

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

Following one of the fire solutions to engage, Aryn uses the targeting computer and opens fire with all four cannons. While it was an exhilarating experience, her face did not convey this emotion. She wore a neutral look, and her eyes followed, from behind the visor, as the pilot and enemy craft took to avoiding much of her damage. It was not long before she was being fired on, too, having to avoid laser lances herself! She is quiet whilst she focuses, opening her mind to the Force and its influence.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

Iron Leader is pummeled by Bors' Heavy Cannons. TIE Defenders were rare items from the Civil War Era, developed and introduced to fleets just before the pivotal Battle of Endor. They may be old, but they were fast, tough, and hit just as hard as an X-Wing. Introduced any earlier and they might have given the Alliance a run for their money. However, they lacked a socket for droids. So suffering extensive hull damage and on the brink of destruction... Leader flew away defensively. Angling for repair, restoring some of his shields. While Bors' focus was the Leader, that allowed Four to slip and tap his E-Wing with two of their canons. The whole flight was skilled.

Ejnar, as well as Iron 02 and 03, wasn't having as much luck as their counter parts. Lord Celchu became locked into a juking dogfight with Iron 02. The defender twirling about and changing axis all at once. "Hold still..." He grumbled, retical going green for just a moment. He fired, and the scarlet bolts withered into the black.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] "No, I can't get a lock." a series of beeps and blats are the response to this alert. The ship had been shaking and alerts were going off since Aldera Lead's shields had been battered so, threatening to rip in points. Gaps forming in others. But the hull was still untouched. Meanwhile, even inertial dampeners weren't keeping Bor's teeth from rattling.

"No the bloody nav-control power isn't at full."

Iron Leader was a graceful dancer, constantly moving out of his targeting brackets and breaking the 'contact' sensors needed for ordinance lock to be made. More tweedles and bleets coming.

"Well that's why you were given to me, wasn't it?" the response a harsh buzz and a small note from his systems board, "Fantastic. I understand you're working on shields. But shields mean little if we can't -move- you cantankerous clattering can of jangling junk!"


[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] <<"Got two more that are hot,">> Bluff reports over the squadron's encrypted frequency. <<"Lambda and Omicron. Still working on Theta and Delta.">> They didn't need to know she was having difficulty getting through Theta's hull. They might suggest she slow down a little, and that would be embarrassing! The A-Wing's golden engines flare as she flies between fighters and freighters, doing her best to keep a low profile while she works the scanners. If she can get these last two identified then they can start focusing on the primary objective. Ordering her computer to start a deeper scan on Theta, the daredevil continues to twist and roll between fighters both friendly and hostile while the computer changes its scanning profile.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

Having avoided certain death with a small spin, Aryn spit fire back at the TIE responsible, rendering its shields near null this time when two cannons hit. Aryn tracked the target as it went through the motions of evasive flying again, and she reached over to cup her hand upon the lever for speed, adjusting slightly to follow but losing track of them once more. She 'leveled' out, then turned to come about and face the fight once more. It put her in line to be attacked again, but she intended to trade off, if she could manage it. "Hang on, Cedar!" Cedar's response was to hide slightly further down in its socket.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

Ejnar has had enough of this back and forth. He reaches his hand the short distance to his reverse thrusters and pushes them forwards a bit. Iron 03 rockets ahead of him. Just as quickly, The Alderaanian Lord backs off on the reverse thrusters and rockets forwards again. His retical turns green and he fires. Two of his triple linked scarlet bolts slam into the Imperial Relic. The shields evaporate and, the hull crackles with electricity and the enemy pilot veers off.

Conversly, Aryn is having a bit of a time in her X-Wing with 02, who ends up returning fire on her in revenge for the love tap she had given him earlier.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] <<"Copy, Five. Once they're all scanned get back over here and fighter screen, you don't have torpedos.">> Instincts kick-in at the HZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of a warning tone in his ear, heel crushing down on the etheric rudder pedal and fingers squeezing a tab to disengage lateral lock that makes the little craft appear to wheel out of control, spinning on both axis in alternate directions that put the fighter through a nauseating weaving loop.

"See! Finally!" through the field of fire and coming around, the older pilot's mouth turns into a half grin and he kicks into another spin and thumbs the firing stud.

Heavy cannons create a 'WHUD' sound within the cockpit, inaudible outside, smashing into shields and alerting the TIE that, yes, he is aware of their presence and displeasure with him.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] "Finally," Zacara mutters to herself as her sensors get through to Theta. Before even checking the readout she's already focusing them on the final freighter, checking the results afterward. <<"Theta and Delta are clear. Repeat, Theta and Delta are NOT targets.">> Throttling down to 1/3, the pilot pulls back hard on her flight stick, bringing the A-Wing in an upward crescent arc. She throttles full forward as she comes out of the inversion loop, flying in direct intercept for BFF-1 Freighter Gamma. <<"Engaging targets,">> she reports. Her left hand flips two switches, activating her weapons, and her right thumb depresses the fire button, taking a shot at the slow moving target. Probably should have activated targetting computers first, she thinks to herself, doing so a moment later while her crimson-hued Justice beams make a close miss on the freighter loaded with Chiss starfighers.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

The two fighters fly right toward each other, firing wildly at the other in a death-defying display of derring-do. Aryn's shields shimmer into existence upon the impact of one laser lance, while Aryn's offensive fire shatters the shields of her opponent, and fractures its center fuselage, causing a massive rupture and explosion after she passed it by. The explosion expands briefly in a bright flash, and the sensor readout indicated her opponent was gone, but Aryn could feel it in the force; a candle's flame snuffed out with a huff in the void. <<"One fighter is down, scanning for more targets,">> She indicates, bringing her snubfighter back around whilst her droid indicates that shields were back to maximum.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

Ejnar felt the rush of hitting the Defender as hard as he did. He continues his chase but the Pilot, likely a bit more frisky and alert in the throws of a near death experience is a bit more Wiley than the Alderaanian Ace. In fact, once the Iron 03 manages to repair his shields to a little above quarter strength, the reengage a single canon out of the four on the TIE Defender biting at Ejnar's E-Wing's shields. Ejnar winces at a bright flash from the absorption of the green bolt, his cockpit rocking. "Get on it, Five Tee!" The R2 unit whistles an affirmative as the pilot takes evasive action.

Iron 02 Explodes in a brilliant fireball as Aryn continues her assault. Their Leader gets himself back to quarter shields and comes about as if he's about to reengage. The remaining Fighters seem a bit hesitant after first blood comes from the enemy.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] Twittering blits and buzzes come for Bors in his continued pursuit of TIE craft designed to fight off everything the Alliance could throw at it, making his teeth grit,

"Do you want to fly?" bliiiip, "Do you want to shoot?" tweeeEEEerpzzzzzzz "Well we need shields and this one is slippery!" hurtling through the void with fighters trying to chew through his own shields and armor and a convoy waiting to be struck, "We still need to hit that convoy." looking up at the sight of the fighters surrounding,

"May have to break off and make a run at this point."

Cannon fire going wide of his craft, dancing at his commands and bucking through the worst to get clear in mirror to his opponent dancing around his own attempts to find purchase for his shots, "Getting old, old man." mouth scrunching to one side and his hand jamming the throttle back to full.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] Part of being a smuggler is being impulsive. With the scouting finished, Zacara had started firing on freighters, but on being ordered to help on fighters, the A-Wing of the squadron doesn't hesitate to disengage and re-direct to the dogfighting. Taking a brief moment to understand the battle and its positioning, Aldera 05 banks port for Iron 4. Her thumb clicks down the fire switch once more, other hand steady on the throttle to match vectors with the enemy TIE. Targetting computers had cleared the shot, but the pilot took too long to decelerate, her blast coming up short with the TIE having gotten ahead of the interceptor's fire.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

With fighters still harassing her team, Aryn set an intercept course for the one chasing Lord Celchu. He could likely see her approach by sensors, and when she fired a violent volley of laser lances, all four cannons found their mark. The TIE stood little chance against a surprise attack, and Aryn's fighter picked apart the TIE fighter in the blink of an eye. By the time her fighter passed over the slagged destruction, its explosion had already flashed and everything was left to float endlessly in her wake, to be forgotten in space! <<"Cleared your back, Six.">> Aryn called out, adjusting course now to find another fighter.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

<<"Thanks, Oh My.">> Ejnar tones over the comms, his deep voice scrambled to a higher pitch with the encryption they had running, the modulation always a bit odd to hear. He notices Iron Lead heading back into the fight, targeting Bors. He turns and attempts his own attack, his bolts fluttering harmlessly into the blackness of space once again. <<"Stang... these guys are pretty tough.">> He mentions over comms, quietly hoping there was a whole squadron of them. Five Tee reports a whistle of mostly recharged shields. "Good... we might need it. Princess is really lighting it up today though."

Two Defenders remained and the freighters still haven't left the gravity well yet, slowly chugging their way away from Halmad.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] <<"Lead, Squad. I suspect time is running out. Six, on my wing. Five with Three, watch her back. We're going to do a run on the conveyors and loop back if there's anything left.">> targeting Gamma and burning space-dust away from the furball. Bringing up his targeting viewfinder - watching the brackets shrink steadily.

The detonations that chase Bors's wake are a mix of the torpedos that strike, collapsing shields for the second to thread past and sink through the durasteel plating. Explosions tear across the hall, bulging out armor and spewing flaming gases, and more, into the ether to flash freeze moments later,

<<"Target offline, but still standing. If anyone else wants to join in and have a go...">> turning, almost, before remembering no back view in his cockpit, checking sensor views and shaking his head.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] Zacara grunts while her shields absorb the hit from Iron 4, as though she felt the pain herself. She didn't, but it hit her ego pretty hard. Eyes narrowing with frustration, vectors matched, the Alder-Espirion takes a moment to line up her next shot, confirming with targetting computers and letting the crimson fire lead to sanguine misfortune. Her fire hits its mark, destroying the shields. Hesitating before taking her next shot so she can reach for comms, she transmits over the squadron link. <<"Five copies. Cover three.">> Careful eyes glance to her radar reading and she makes a small loop to come up slightly behind and to the side of Aldera 03, ready to fly as a screen should the Princess draw any fire herself.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

Locking onto the final fighter still harassing Lord Bors, Aryn arrives near their A-Wing pilot Zacara, just in time to join firing on the final escort. Combined laser lances see that the evasive fighter is not long for the world, and they're snuffed out when one of Aryn's cannons hit the right mark and force the craft to combust. Aryn frowns, witnessing this explosion, but her attention shifts when Bors gives commands to join for another run. <<"Another fighter is gone. Going to look toward their leader, now.">> Aryn sets up an intercept, and engages her afterburners.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

<<"Falling in with you, Lead...">> Ejnar tones over the comms, turning inwards towards Freighter Gamma. Instead of going over kill with his own Torpedo assault, he lines up his blaster cannon retical. It's a large target. Horrible hard to miss... but just as he's about to fire Five Tee whistles a warning. "What do you mean there's a back up of tibanna... We'll have to have Ulani look at it later... just bypass it." He pauses, then the droid tones he is safe to fire. He squeezes the trigger and one bolt lances into the engine block. There are several secondary explosions as the Freighter starts to list and roll on its axis. Then, it erupts into pieces violently. <<"Target Destroyed...">> Ejnar says in a low voice over comms, cycling through his contacts again.

Iron Leader, the last man standing, will not give in. He's got a bone to pick with Bors and he gets Aldera Leader's attention by nearly wiping out his shields with green death!

[ Bors Thul (BT)] Rapid bleeting warning tones come, sparks and smoke from overtaxed systems and the screaming of It, Bors reaches up to warmth on his cheek. Eyes flicking down to see wet on the fingertips and a small triangular piece apparently blown out of a display screen.

"Bugger all." Language. Bors.

<<"Copy, Three, I'm... Not going to make much past another shot like that, shields failing. If you'd be so kind I would appreciate with much graciousess.">>

Tone draws instincts again, attempting to fly erratically - but to his own detriment when he fires torpedoes again, one spiraling into the stars beyond the convoy and the other smashing into shields on Epsilon, causing creeping lightning to form across them and threaten to give out but with no glory this time.

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] Ordered to cover Aldera 03, Zacara flies her A-Wing in unison with her Princess, and recognizing their intercept path toward Iron Lead, takes the initiative on firing. Easier to draw fire if you bite first, eh? Once the targetting computer confirms it, Bluff fires, the enemy TIE's shields flickering brightly before shimmering to nothingness.

To make herself a harder target to hit, hoping that having taken the first shot would be enough to draw the TIE's fire, the A-Wing makes a wide barrel roll, rolling over Aldera 03, and leveling out on her other side, which would also give Aldera 03 enough time to take the followup shot. Fancy, somewhat tactical flourish out of the way, Zacara focuses on keeping in unison with the X-Wing she's tasked to escort, taking no issue with flying slightly slower than usual to keep pace. [ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

Arriving with a purpose, Aryn follows-up with Zacara's fire, ensuring the shieldless Iron Leader would never again haunt Bors. Cannon fire triggered the sudden explosion of the fighter craft, and if Bors was paying attention to his sensors, he'd see the blip was gone. <<"Splash another, Aldera Leader. Happy to be of service, sir.">> Aryn glanced over toward Zacara's A-Wing and issued a small salute, before moving to join the rest of their squad in bombing runs. She reached forward with a gloved hand to change the fire selection to proton torpedoes.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

Iron Leader's attempts to defend the freighters was valient. However, bravery could not stop the ineviitable. No matter how good a pilot was, and outside those gifted with the force, superior numbers usually always won the day. The last stading TIE Defender erupted into flames, the ball cockpit seperating and spinning wildly towards halmad while the rest of it broke apart and flung off into several different directions.

<<"Skies look clear, Lead. Let's get this done. Just keep an eye out for any more craft entering the system. They might have back up.">>

[ Bors Thul (BT)] <<"Were I not to find myself sworded, I would kiss you both, with much passion and reverence. But once I was sworded, certain Lords would burn me asunder an leave me for the carrion birds to pick.">>

Second to last pair of torpedoes away and his sky clear. No burning casket. No eternal flame at Gravenheim. No Ula coming to kill him later for getting dead. Good day for Bors!

<<"Good work out there, Six. Hopefully we can burn down these lot and go home!"> raising his visor to wipe his brow when suddenly a shield status report comes up.


[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] Zacara grins out of the corner of her mouth when Aldera 03 finishes off the last TIE, then smirks even tighter when Aldera Lead makes the comment about kissing both of them. <<"Just following orders, Buhbors.">> The Alder-Espirion breaks off from 03, which isn't much of a break since they both go for freighters. Aldera 03 flips open the safety casing for her missile launcher, then presses the switch forward. Inside the A-Wing, the missiles, the first salvo already in position, are primed for live-fire, and as soon as the indicator lights in the cockpit, those missiles are blind-fired at the slow-moving BFF-1 Lambda. Small, noiseless explosions light up around the freighter's shields while the A-Wing circles around to make a second run.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

With the targeting computer on, the proton torpedoes primed, Aryn joined her team in releasing mayhem upon the freighters. Two purple-hued torpedoes release from the fire-tubes on her craft, traveling a path straight toward the freighter where they collide and explode. The yield of the torpedoes saw that the shields shattered, and when she broke contact to allow the cycle to bring in new torpedoes in the tube, it looked like Ejnar was swooping in for the kill. Aryn set her sights for a new target.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

Five Tee whistles to Ejnar in response to Bors' old Alderaanian talk. Lord Celchu takes a moment to answer, "Honestly... no. I don't know what he's saying when he talks like that. He's grateful to the others though, I can tell you that much." The Alderaanian Ace lines up another shot right after Aldera 03 helmed by Princess Cortess angles in with a deadly torpedo run. The purple coned warheads wisp with their glare as they impact against the hull and send Lambda freighter into a tumble. Several secondary explosions follow, blasting through different sections of the ship before it burst like a balloon made of hot star gas into a million little pieces.

On their sensors, which their droids/computers whistle and report appears two ships: One is the familiar Antan's Revenge, the Nebulon B Frigate and intended recipient of the clawcraft. The Second is a Victor Class Star Destroyer. As soon as they enter system, they ships begin to launch their fighter screen. However, it'll take a bit of time for their forces to reach the small flight of Aldera Squad.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] <<"Last in the rack, targeting Omega.">> Wheelling around in a pin turn and ignoring It as the droid complains and gripes at him, working at restoring the shields in spite of the lack of attackers for the time being.

<<"Away!">> bright blue spheres trailing like fire are dropped and the ships systems report that munitions are empty. The contrails forming a momentary line between fighter and freighter before one and then the next impact on shields. Opaquing an entire quarter of the energy fields and forcing power to divert to soak up the destruction.

<<"Damaged shields, ready to blow.">>

[ Zacara Saronno (Zaca)] Even though she'd flown the RZ-2 countless times in training simulations - and even a few times so far with Aldera Squad - it was Zacara's first time live-firing the concussion missiles outside a simulation. And though she's fired them plenty of times -in- the sims, the old habit of manually triggering for re-arming the launchers is so ingrained in muscle memory that it takes her a second to realize why her finger wasn't finding the corresponding button. She shakes her head lightly at herself, and, knowing that the launchers are ready for fire, blind-fires another round toward the next freighter, having taken Aldera Lead's.. lead. Shields shimmer and fade. <<"Two hits to Omega now, it's nearly space dust!">>

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

Aligning for the final shot, Aryn has a lock as indicated by the high pitched tone in her cockpit. With the lock, she triggers the release of another pair of torpedoes, heralding their approach with, <<"My last two torpedoes are away.">> The impacts create a sudden breach in the hull that combusts, and the freighter is destroyed just after Aryn passed over it. Closing her s-foils, she sounds off. <<"Splash Omega Freighter. I think that leaves one!">> She angles for another loop, to get a good view.

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

As The Victory Class Star Destroyer got closer, the IDC popped up with a name: Reckoning. It launched a Squadron old TIE/ln's from its lower hanger while Antan's Revenge launched what Clawcraft it had left which was half a squadron. Desperate to reach the last two freighters, the TIE's push their engines to the limit.

Ejnar looks to his screens and purses his lips. <<"That's a lot of Bogies, Lead...">> The Alderaanian had one choice left, either leave Omicron to get away or try something crazy. Taking a deep breath, he slowed his very fast fighter down to a speed that would slip through the shields of the slow moving Omicron. He struggled, swaying and almost hitting the two large crates on either side of the Bulk Freighter's main section. He switched his targeting computer off and clutched the thrusters. Then, as soon as he let loose his torpedo's, he pushed the throttle all the way forwards. For a moment, his craft was enveloped in an explosion and the Freighter buckled under the attack and spit in half. Debris hit his shields and he couldn't tell where up and down were. He looked down at his instruments and turned to port. Finally, the flames flickered away and he was once again in the blackness of space. <<"All Primary Targets destroyed!">> He announced.

[ Aryn Cortess (AC)]

Already locked back into cruise mode, Aryn took to readying her craft for the jump out. Cedar sounded off with the appropriate coordinates set, and a second later, Aryn pulled back on the throttle for hyperspace, the sudden jolt putting her back against her seat in an instant as the craft blipped from the screen and shot ahead, soundlessly. The familiar noise of the engines humming made Aryn sigh in relief, and she relaxed against her seat and let her head fall back against the back head cushion. She seemed glad to have survived that mission.

[ Bors Thul (BT)] <<"All fighters, get to hyperspace! Good work!">>

Fighter heeling over as the last of the craft go up under their onslaught, watching the Victoria class's signal on sensors and dumping weapon power to engines to make the distance between them greater.

Hand over the control, hovering and shaking until It gives the signal that coordinates are locked in before he throws it forward and sinks into his seat with the tug of pseudo-gravity caused by momentum,

<<"Bloody good show.">>

[ Ejnar Celchu (Ejnar)]

As Aldera Squad lept safely into Hyperspace, the horde of TIEs and Clawcraft finally reached the wreckage. Aboard the Antan's Revenge, Commander Azzameen fumed silently.