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Armed and Ready

OOC Date: August 25th, 2021
Location: Citadel Plaza, Coruscant
Participants: Sumi Kora, Tamsin Cas, Hahtavi Kora, Jax Greystorm, Yuun, Errod Zand, Pherra, and Kasia Ashkuri as GM

This was once a lively hub of activity, a center for commerce and culture, but the arrival of the First Order citadel did more than just destroy the former Imperial Palace. It was the origin of the fires that continue to burn to this day, dark streaks of smoke smudged across the sky are an almost permanent feature to the skyline these days. Anything that is not cleaned regularly has a film of ash makes the once colorful area feel desaturated. Shops are empty, many closed and abandoned as those with money have fled to greener pastures, leaving those without the means behind.

In what was once a plaza that contained statues -- first dedicated to Sheev Palpatine, and then to the heroes of the republic -- has since been emptied of any such artwork. In their place are a few larger platforms, each looking to be something easily broken down and relocated rather than anything with structural permanence. A couple of the platforms are currently equipped with tools for executions in the shape of futuristic guillotines that are, at present, deactivated. A number of troopers in their shining white armor man the platforms, and the area around them. Off to one side of each stage are a few transport vehicles, and behind the platform is an All Terrain Patrol Droid.

There is already a large crowd gathered not too far from the platforms, and word is that there are going to be executions soon. Some are clearly here for the grotesque entertainment of it, others watch on in horror, and a few in the crowd have drawn faces of those who fear they might know someone that is going to appear on stage tonight.

<"Stop.. stopping, or I'll break .. something.. on you."> Sumi warns her acquisition as she leads them through a gathering crowd to deliver the bounty at one of the checkpoints. Sumi isn't blind to the horrors the citadel is responsible for, namely the fires that seem to burn eternally, consuming many of the innocent districts housing denizens of the city world. Sumi also doesn't care, or she doesn't /seem/ to care. Mandalore had seen war once that glassed the entire planet; this? Was impressive, but the fire had not consumed the entire world... yet.

Sumi forced her bounty ahead of her using a compliance hold and flexicuffs, making certain pressure applied threatened the alien ahead of her to move or risk a broken bone.

The Knight who made her way along the avenue paid little to no mind to the gathering crowd of spectators, the clutch of stormtroopers moving in a loose cluster around her, each of their right arms decorated with a black band offering a visual cue of their particular allegiance, needing to exert little effort to keep people at a distance. Or perhaps it was simply the Knight herself, black hooded robes, helm, and that eerily faceless mask, who made the idea of approaching highly unpalatable. But she was still far enough from the execution blocks that she had not yet breasted the main force of the gathered denizens of the city planet, though her footsteps carried her in that direction.

It's a strange place for a bounty hunter to show up - maybe. Unless they just turned in someone for a bounty to the First Order, or have arrived to hunt a bounty reputed to be in this area. Hahtavi Kora stands at the edge of this once beautiful plaza merely watching. His helmet's augmented optics allow him to zoom in and study the structures, the troopers, and then a woman leading a prisoner. It turns out that he happens to /know/ that woman very well and observes her progress without interruption.

As for himself, this Mandalorian is kitted out with various weapons but he did arrive in his Bounty Hunter's Guildship. Hahtavi lifts is right arm to check the datapad set into the underside of his gauntlet there to make sure the credits were transferred to his account that he was promised. Very good.

Idly he begins to walk in Sumi's direction lest she has any trouble with her bounty - though it's very, very doubtful that she will. Still, whether she knows he's here or no, Hahtavi's got her back.

Sometime one has to hide in plain sight. Jax has forsaken his jedi robes and even his long hair to look like a proper Nabooian noble with short hair, trimmed beard, and while not the normal bright robes of the culture, definitelly Nabooian in cut. The Corellian walks along in the crowd doing his best to keep his expression neutral. The First Order's unexpected executions and the drawing of the crowds had complicated things. He's trying to decide just how much he can salvage.

Looking a bit scruffy looking and having used a bit of a kit to make him look like a cargo pilot barely making it, Yuun moves into the crowd as well. There is a lot of emotions roiling through him, but having centered himself and braced himself for coming here, he gives off the air of another of these things. He looks around through the crowd, seeing the faces of the people and then the storm troopers.

Walking with Tamsin and the clutch of odd-man troopers is another figure in black layered clothing, a variety of weaponry and bits of armor strapped to himself that clinks softly with every step. A helmet is clipped to the back of his belt, leaving his head free to the open air. Wild eyes seem almost to bulge from their sockets as he stares ahead, a crown of graying hair rich with flyaways pulled back into a loose ponytail.

"The end of all things," the man rasps as they walk, resisting the urge to tuck a cig under the inverted horseshoe of his mustache, secreting the thin paper roll back away in a pocket. "A vision of the future. Smoldering flame that scarcely burns but will not go out. Soot covering every surface, clouding over the things that made life seem worth living. No color left, no pleasant scent. Only ash, and tar, and shades of gray." His hand rests on the pocket, fidgeting with a flap, peering around shoulders and heads towards the execution stage.

"Terrible, inevitable thing. The horror of impermanence, in knowing we who were alive and so sure we would always exist, returning to our base elements against our natural will. Something in me wants to reach out, storm the pedestal, throw the guillotines down," he rasps, wrinkled lids blinking at a speck of soot in his eye. "But I know it would change nothing. Nothing can be changed. So here I am, a witness of this mirror image, this dress rehearsal for the grand finale that will swallow the galaxy at the end of all things. To face reality with both eyes open."

There is a palpable rise in collective tension as the rear of one of the transports open and four men two human, one pantoran, and a wookiee are all escorted out. Each prisoner is wearing heavy shackles as they're shuffled up a ramp at the side of the stage and marched to the instruments of death. Each prisoner struggles along the way, but none appear to be in top form, and the heavy binders make anything but shuffling difficult.

Off to the left of the modernized guillotines a crisply uniformed officer of the First Order steps forward to address the crowd. There is a gentle rumble of 'ah-hem' amplified loudly enough that even those in the back can hear.

"Fedra Skalbane - Human. Geary Temms - Human. Tols Tanis - Pantoran. ...and Veyyskllor - Woookiee. For the crimes of conspiracy to commit treason, and sedition, you have all been found guilty, and are hereby condemned to death. This sentence is to be carried out without delay."

The proclamation only serves to ratchet up the tension even further. There are a few audible cries from the crowd, though pinpointing from exactly where would be difficult in this mass of people.

Then a couple things happen almost simultaneously. A loud voice from in the middle of the crowd shouts an amplified "READY!" followed by an explosion that detonates almost before the single word leaves the mouth of the speaker. The blast originates from beneath one of the unused platforms, large enough to send a wave of shrapnel out into the crowd. Several of the onlookers are injured, some seriously, several others are dazed, and stumbling. Many that weren't near enough to the blast to be that affected do the sensible thing and begin to flee.

Amid the ensuing chaos the uniformed officer on the platform calls out, loud but composed, "Find the rebels!"

Sumi spotted an anomaly as she led her bounty toward the checkpoint, passing the platform. For all the tension that's in the air, the cool calm collected faces of a few people in the crowd stuck out to her. It was the kind of emotionless look a soldier had before a conflict, where the mind has accepted the worst outcome in preparation for the task ahead. While Sumi could not anticipate what happened next, it was that detail that stuck out to her when the concussive blast spread out from the explosion and her acquisition absorbed the danger effectively saving her life.

Even with a helmet on, Sumi was left dazed and toppled beneath the mangled corpse of her bounty as the final effects of the explosion had subsided to chaos. A loud ringing noise took over much of her auditory senses until the voice of the First Order officer demanded that they find the rebels. Annoyed, the century old soldier shoved the body off the top of her and climbed up to her feet. A quick inspection revealed no personal injury, but her mind raced back to the moments prior.

Glancing back to Hahtavi, Sumi made a gesture to go 'up' and at once her jetpack ignited and she climbed the altitude required to get a good over view of the crowd. These rebels.. these terrorists.. had just attacked an unarmed crowd injuring an untold amount. They deserved justice. So Sumi dedicated herself to a new task. Identify the rebels and engage them. She was certain the First Order would pay a pretty credit for each delivered.

Establishing a hover, Sumi began to spot several of the members responsible for this attack. She shared it over the network HUD she had with the BHG network. <"THERE!"> The Mandalorian points at one of the rebels. <"THE REBELS ARE THERE!"> Her voice is amplified by her helmet, and she begins to draw a weapon to engage. Angling forward, she set up an intercept path mapped out by her augmented HUD through her visor.

"I find it almost refreshing," came that modulated voice, that reduced tone and timbre to an alien (yes, I know alien is relative) buzz, "To see what the future holds. It makes it far easier to put life into perspective." Of course, they had had a front seat view only a spare handful of months earlier and that loss still stung. "Shall we stay and watch?" That voice did not seem to have any sense of feeling one way or the other, though the Knight did pause as the transports arrived. There was no cause to interrupt the movement of the prisoners. And so, she stopped and waited. Until she didn't. A hand reached out, moving to stop Errod from stepping forward, "The all-terrain droid, behind the platform. It is a prob--" And then, perhaps she didn't need to explain the danger as the explosion blew apart one of the platforms, the knight barely managing to avoid the incoming shrapnel. Bodies that were not hers made excellent meatshields.

"On me!" And then the knight was in motion, moving at speed towards that droid, a hand moving to her saber hilt, calling it to her hand as she moved, taking advantage of the people who were trying to flee to attempt to get to the droid as she shook back one of the sleeves of her robes, focusing her will on attempt to do damage to the droid's weaponry.

The blast took him by surprise. Hahtavi was knocked off of his feet and lay where he fell for the few seconds it took for shrapnel and debris to rain down, plinking harmlessly off of his armor. His first concern is his Alor just ahead of him, but he sees Sumi getting back to her feet, discarding her dead bounty. Aye, that'd be a good enough reason in itself to piss her off. It'd have pissed /him/ off to loose his pay out!

Even so, his 360 degree HUD display displayed something that caught his attention right after the blast. Getting to this feet, Hahtavi's attention is for a breath on someone other than Sumi. He catches her gesture, and seeing her fire off her rocketpack, he moves to follow her, his helmet's HUD marking the man he'd seen with targeting tracking, <<"That man - entirely too calm at the explosion, then pocketed a device.">> That for his Alor, who may be heading for the very same target.

Hahtavi's boots leave the ground as he soars up into the air, pulling his rifle and snapping it to his tactical rig, ready in his gloved hands.

Jax was too focused on his thoughts to hear the warning in the force or be looking around as he prepares to try to salave his own operation. He stops watching the prisoners being unloaded. His mind going through silent calculations of if he should endanger his own operation and before he can reach a conclusion there's a order from the crowd and a an explosion. Jax is knocked off his feet and luckly not killed by the resulting shower of shrapnel.

It takes a moment for the jedi to find his bearings in the smoke, the light, the ringing in his ears. He quickly reaches down to pat himself down making sure he's still in one peice. He begins to control his breathing as he pushes back on the fear and the rage that's now palpable all around him. Jax climbs to his feet trying to get a bearing of what's going on. His hand not reaching to either one of his weapons yet.

Yuun continues to watch and he sees the prisoners being led up to the guillotine. He shakes his head slightly as he watches but then that's when he felt it. His connection with the Force warning him and drawing his atteiontion to the droid near one of the platforms. As he scans the crowd as the orders are being said, he is fighting to keep from being rolled onto or peppered by shrapnel. He moves his head as a football sized piece of metal strike the ground where his head was.

He takes a moment to get himself under control as he rolls to a stop. At least with warning he was able to roll with the explosion and keep himself somewhat under control, he glances around at the people who were gathered around and he quickly starts to get those who are clsoe by him to start leaving the area, feeling that this was the important thing to do for now until he could see more of what was about to happen, which he feels he knows whats going to happen.

Everything promptly goes the rest of the way to hell as one of the execution platforms disintegrates. Unattuned to the Force and paying way too much attention to the cosmic drama he's dubbed the actual killings, Errod completely misses that anything is amiss until Tamsin's arm shoots out in front of him, blocking his path forward (rude). She then takes off towards the all-terrain transport, leaving him behind.

A chunk of shrapnel had shot past the Knight's head, so with a measure of grudging displeasure, he reaches behind himself to unclip the plain metal can from his belt and tugs it down over his head. The simple helmet has no features, really, just a pair of slits for his manic eyes to stare out of. A low sigh, echo-y from the metal and drowned out by the ruckus, escapes him as he moves in Tamsin's wake, pushing past the retainers and panicking crowd as best as he can manage.

The tallish Mandalorian in her shabby armor happened to be on reconnaissance. The crowd drew her, but it was the blast the threw her to the ground and put her on the defense. Not yet pulling a weapon, and keeping her helm clasped firmly in place, she crept closer into the chaos, a small spot of calm. Wary calm, but calm.

The chaos that ensues after the explosion is pretty much immediate, screams of pain, cries of fear, all of that punctuated by the sudden sound of blaster fire. Only a few shots for now because not many targets are known yet, and the Troopers are disciplined enough to not fire wildly into the crowd that is trying to flee. A few Troopers gather around the officer who is issuing commands that are no longer amplified, while others start trying to hustle the prisoners back to the transport. The prisoners do not cooperate.

The droid that Tamsin is focused on -- the All Terrain Patrol Droid -- has begun to move. Much to the surprise of the uniformed officer on the platform in front of it. Said officer and the troopers scramble away as the hum of a very large weapon warming up is added to the general din around them. You don't need to be sensitive to the force to get the idea that this thing is dangerous.

And this is when a number of the rebel forces begin to move toward the prisoners.

<<"Apprehend that person and bring them before the authorities. I will attempt to aid the soldiers to prevent this from turning into a massacre.">> Sumi says, her helmet not turning to break eyesight from the group of rebels making their path for the platforms and FO troopers/prisoners. True to her word, the Mandalorian lands from her airborne path, extending the Sonn-Blas Z6 Riot baton with a loud snapping noise. After she twists it to charge the electric energy, the crackling weapon is brought forward and she hits a rebel full force in their stomach, ejecting them off their path and across the ground, stunned beyond their wildest dreams and twitching from the touch of electric energy.

Sumi pivots, her cape snapping behind her as she intercepts another rebel. The first swing is a miss, but the subsequent strike renders a similar result, leaving two rebels stunned and more to come. Sumi holds her ground for now hoping the troopers from the First Order apprehend the rebels she leaves unconscious on the ground.

Once the Knight was close enough that she was unlikely to have any random unfortunate slowing down her approach (this was the real worry here, not the sudden and unasked for death), the saber hilt in her hand ignited, the crimson red blade painting the Knight and her surround in a blood red cast. If the sound of rising power in the droid's weapons systems were noted by the Knight, whose figure was tiny in comparison to the walker droid, it showed not at all in her movements, as she struck at one of the legs of the droid, attacking it at one of its few (but many) vulnerable points, trying to bring it crashing down. The first almost seemed repelled by its armor, but a quick reversal of her grip brought a second and a third more successful strike.

<<"Aye, Alor.">> The two airborn Mandalorians using their jetpacks diverge in their courses. Hahtavi goes after the fellow in the crowd he'd seen who'd looked suspicious. As he comes down and is about to land, rifle pointed at the fellow, his helmet's vocoder cranks up the volume to protect his baritone, <"FACE DOWN - NOW! SUBMIT FOR QUESTIONING!">

The guy looks like he might run but decides it's a bad idea with a well armed and armored Mandalorian bearing down on him with a rifle. Hahtavi's boots hit the ground, knees flexing, even as his target grudgingly complies and hits the ground. The Mando can see the fella's hand reach inside of his clothing and throw something away into the crowd.

No doubt Hahtavi wants whatever that was, but first he puts a knee into the fellow's back, rifle set to the back of the man's head, and produces a Bounty Hunter's flexcuffs to secure the man's hands behind his back. That, first.

Jax's eyes are coming into focus as he sees people running and people fighting. This isn't his fight yet. He was too heroic and too jedi with all the people hurting. He feels a tug in the force to a section of the plateform had collapsed, there was still a healthy viberant life trapped under the section. He rises his hand and reaches out to the force ignoring the KNights of Ren. Surley they had more pressing problems than him. Then with a slight tug with the force a bit of the plateform sides to the side letting a child escape from being pinned. Surely the vibrations of the droid and the fight caused the plateform to slide to safely away. "Run and find your parents." Jax says a bit tired and then reaches into a pocket and thumbs his com unit. < You alright? I'm dazed but that's it.>

Taking a moment to survey the area after helping one person. He focuses on the force and feels a tug and he quickly rushes forward towards the front of where the crowd was. He couldn't begin fighting, he could see many injured people and non-combatants who needed help. Picking up and elderly man who was peppered with shrapnel and bleeding, he hears a Mirialin woman asking for help. He moves to her, "Come with me." he says as he takes her hand and begins moving with the crowd to help them get out of the area. He hears Jax, <Yeah, a little roughed up, but I'm good. I'm getting these two out of here and I will be right back.> he says to Jax as he gets to a relative safe space and sits the old man down and he asked the woman to watch over him and run when there is more of an openign.

Tamsin homes in on the all-terrain patrol droid as a source of trouble, and Errod follows without question, knowing better by now than to second-guess her intuition. The black-and-grey clad man reaches over his shoulder as he bursts free from the crowd, unshackling the sword slung across his back and whipping it into a ready position as he runs. Bright pink plasma shoots down the rivulets carved in the metal's surface.

When he nears the droid of considerable size, he skirts the base, gauging the danger posed by the four girthy, crablike metal legs it stands on. "Like an aacklay," he growls prescriptively, darting in to smash his weapon against the nearest leg. It bites, but not nearly to the degree of Tamsin's lightsaber, and he stumbles back, hands stinging from the reverberations, nearly losing a foot to the stomping manuevering of the droid in the process.

Pherra wasn't getting paid, and she wasn't here to take sides. However, that didn't mean she couldn't help get civilians out of the mix. Rising to her full height once more, she starts to direct traffic to get civilians out of the immediate zone of conflict. She then turns her attention to helping the wounded. Having no access to a fancy medpac, she instead uses the more primitive supplies she carries on her person: gauze, disinfectant... Finding an elderly man with a busted arm, she slips her arms about his shoulders and gets him to his feet and out of danger of being trampled. <<"This way sir, I'll take a look at that arm in just a moment...">> Voice crackling, as her helm projects it.

The damage done to the droid behind the platform is already significant, the Knights of Ren are a force to be reckoned with, but that droid is well armored and still operational. There is a whirring as the laser cannons on the droid begin to move, operating under unknown metrics to select targets before firing. There is the telltale squeal of fire, much larger and louder than the blaster, seeming to aim primarily for the transport the first set of prisoners were brought in, blasting a hole in the side of the vehicle, right through the other, cutting a deep furrow in the duracrete ground on the other side of it. The other cannon powers up fires as well, this one bisecting the platform in front of it. Troopers, probably rebels, civilians, essentially everyone scatters as the destructive beam tears another groove into the duracrete in front of the platforms.

Sumi has managed to subdue a couple rebels, while others fire on her. They miss, but what doesn't miss entirely is the proximity to the laser cannon blast that was near her, once again knocking the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter down.

Hahtavi manages to subdue and cuff his rebel, which exposes him to blaster fire from and to the rear.

And once again at least ten more rebels push in during what appears to be planned chaos, taking hold and dragging away two of the condemned prisoners in an effort to get them to safety.

The cannons on the droid begin to whine, building up to fire again.

The ensuing chaos is a lot for the brain to interpret. What makes it worse is the concussive blast from the laser cannon that not only knocks everyone down, but imparts a disorienting pressure on Sumi's head that left lights a little too bright, and her perception a bit too touchy and painful. Tachypsychia is triggered by this, and Sumi's rise back to her feet felt like it took forever.

Time slowed down, and with it, Sumi felt like her own reactions were affected. Somehow, she managed to hit her attacker with the baton, ejecting them from their confrontation with her to plaster against the wall nearby, sliding down into a pile of disabled mass. They weren't getting back up anytime soon.

Sumi twists, smashing another downward and against the ground. It sounded like it hurt, well, if Sumi could've heard the bone crunching over the ringing tinnitus in her ears. She chases a third guy as her perception began to segue back to normal. Unfortunately, she missed her attack and lodged her weapon against an object that snagged it in place. She propped the sole of one booted foot against this object and pulled back, dislodging it but falling BACK to the ground in the process.

<"Rekking.. REKK!"> Sumi laments aloud, frustration in her modulated tone.

The Knight, seeing Errod moving to join the attack, fell into a familiar pattern. She left him to his leg as she continued to attempt to hack away at her own. The droid was massive, and clearly, it needed to be brought down, before it began firing into the crowd, or, towards the FO soldiers. That was also a risk. She was, fortunately or unfortunately, it was all a grey area, so close to its legs that, hopefully, it would not attempt to shoot her and risk shooting itself in the process. But who knew with droids. It wasn't as though they felt pain. Ah well, there was nothing for it but to press the attack, as it seemed there was no one else to come to her aid but her fellow Knight. And then, it was firing, and the shuddering of the droid as it fired tossed the Knight briefly against its leg, but that was alright, it would buff out. She kept close, crimson blade biting into the joints of the leg, molten metal splattering down along its footpad.

As soon as his target is tressed up like a game animal for supper, the Mandalorian catches a stray shot from one of the rebels - right in his shebs! It knocks Hahtavi flat on his face, sprawled in a clatter of his heavy battle armor against the duracrete, right beside his prisoner. Caught by surprise, Hahtavi barks <"Fierfeck!"> Shab!That hurts!

The blast from the droid's cannon goes off at about the same time but Hahtavi's already on the ground when the concussion wave knocks others all around him down! Good thing his helmet dampens decibles over a certain volume to protect his hearing.

Now officially pissed off, Hahtavi drags himself to his feet and limps, dragging one leg a bit, to where he'd seen the device the man had cast away into the crowd - marked and tracked by his helmet's HUD system. It takes some agility and dodging between paniced people in the crowd but Hahtavi manages to get to it and not get knocked down.

The discarded item is picked up. Hahtavi stows it into his utility belt, turning to seek other targets that Sumi's marking into their shared HUD's as his hands go back to his rifle on the tactical rig.

The Whirrl of the AT Patrol droids main gun coming to alive causes Jax's head to snap around. "Ahh Kriff." Jax says in a very un jedi like manner. Though his sighs fall on Chadra-fan adolecent the crowd, one throwing rocks at well anyone it can. It wasn't happy with the rebels, the First Order, or the giant droid. The droids blaster path leading it right for the kid. Jax takes off at a dead sprint and moves to tackle the youth. The pair go rolling along the ground as the droids canon clips Jax's back ruining his robes. It's only through the force and Jax atheltics the pair survive. It gets Jax no reward as the youth lets out a high pitched, "Get off me, Kriffer!"

Yuun was rushing back, the fighting that was going on, wasn't calling to him. The people who were still trying to get out of the way or run or dazed did. As he is looking in the direction. He remembered seeing a young couple that was more to where he was earlier and as he starts in that direction, he hears the whirring of a blaster cannon, he turns his head in the direction droid, "Not good!" he says as he puts on a burst of speed as the cannons come alive. He wasn't going to make it to the couple he was aiming to reach. Shrapnel goes up and he is lifted off his feet just by the kinetic force and sent rolling along the ground. Luckily not hit, but it takes him a moment to find that he's laying next to a pregnant woman who was laying in a fetal position with two other people with her. Yuun shakes his head a little and looks to them, "Follow me, I will take her." he asys. His vision swimming a bit and he looks worse for wear, there is a bit of blood along the side of his face from the shrapnel. "We have to hurry." he says as he moves to help the woman and the two other people help him.

In the rear of all the confusion, where the Knights of Ren are squaring off with the rogue patrol droid, things are going... well. A jagged shred of metal sticking off the thing's leg caught Errod on his way out from an attack, leaving him with a superficial but free-flowing injury to the torso, and while the man is breathing heavily, he hasn't slowed down yet.

The big droid can only take so much of this. It's not designed to resist homicidal/suicidal lunatics with plasmatic swords, or at least not two at once.

With Tamsin carving other legs to pieces, Errod focuses on the one he's chosen, weaving into striking distance with a few quick steps, wide eyes wary of the constantly shuffling droid feet, and when his boots skid to a stop to twist his body around from the ground through the hips, his weapon lashes out with remarkable speed. The blade cleaves into the metal, the plasma charge melting it away before the physical material finally slows its progress. Tugging it free, he swings again at the same level but on the opposite side, like one might chip wood away on opposite sides of a log.

The metal legs groan and threaten to buckle.

Pherra gets the elderly man to safety and makes sure the arm doesn't require immediate treatment. <<"Make sure you have that arm seen too.">> The armored figure directs as she moves back into the fray. That enormous droid was becoming quite the hazard, but two figures already hacked at it, no need for Pherra to join that confusion. No, Pherracontinued to make her way through the crowd, looking for those to aid. As she did so, she noticed something strange about the transport near the other platform. Still with her rifle slung across her back, Pherra began to work her way there.

The droid is really taking damage now, the leg Errod is working on is giving off sparks, and there is smoke coming from the joint that Tamsin is carving into. One of the cannons appears to have shorted out already, leaving only one of the deadly things left to do any damage.

Sumi has managed to disable another of the rebels, and the Stormtroopers now waste no time in converging to take them into custody, while others fight with the rebels in an effort to keep the prisoners. One of the human prisoners takes a shot to the chest, and won't be going anywhere, so that's a win for the First Order, but the wookiee has managed to escape the binders and now doing damage to the troopers that are trying to subdue him. Then the cannon goes off again, blasting another chunk off the already damaged transport, and turning at least two troopers to ash.

Hahtavi might have taken one... for the team, so to speak, but his endeavor to acquire the device that was thrown into the crowd is largely successful, without further damage to the Mandalorian.

When Pherra arrives at the other platform, she'll see first that there are other rebels there doing much quieter, quick work of getting into the nearly forgotten transport that contains at least three more prisoners, likely facing the same sentencing, this group all women. Given the proximity to the citadel and all the firepower that entails, the only escape route from the immediate area is by foot, which is easier said than done, but not impossible for those familiar with the area, and the cannon is creating such nice distractions.

Sumi's a bit out of breath, but still standing her ground. When she gets after another rebel, they prove dexterous. She swings and misses, but as they rise back up from ducking, Sumi clocks them with the pommel of the baton and puts them to stumbling backward. She swings a third time and misses, barely, but the Stormtroopers surging in to capture the ones she's rendered unconscious also tackle this injured fellow too. Sumi leaves it to the youthful soldiers to apprehend the last one, and she recalls the crackling baton to stow it on her belt. When Sumi begins to shake her head, it appears that she's experiencing some sort of disorienting side effect. She steps to the side to figure it out. A hour from now, she'd be good as new.

The Knight, who fought with that singular focus that had, once upon a time, earned her her Falleen-given sobriquet, swung a final time, the leg of the droid giving way. That strike, coupled with the damage done by her fellow Knight (mad props, Errod!), tumbled the droid forward, its head crashing to the ground, and now, the Knight, keeping hold of her saber, began to climb, quick as a cat, to get to the droid's head. She stabbed as she moved, almost seeming to use the saber as a climbing piton, grab with the hand, stab with the saber, grab with the hand, stab with the saber, as she made her way to its head, and then, the carving began. Did droids have brains? The Knight was determined to find out.

Even though he's hurt, and limping, the Mandalorian male works his way back towards the fighting. Hahtavi's wound is bleeding, his insisting on making himself walk and trying to ignore the intense pain. He lifts his modified Galaar rifle and fires off a stun round that misses, followed by another shot that does not. It's enough to drop the Rebel who is too dazed to at once get back to his feet. Breathing a bit hard, Hahtavi limps up and knocks the fellow back down when they try to get up, grabbing another flexcuff to bind that one's hands behind his back.

<"There's a bounty on turning you shebs in to the First Order. It's a good day to get paid."> Two he'll claim. Even though his helmet has a 360 degree view, Hahtavi nonetheless turns his head to check on Sumi. She's a fiesty one, his Alor.

Jax looks at the kid as he gets off the Chandra-Fan and has a disappointed look on his face. The Chandra-Fan yells, "That's how it is you prevy human." Then scurrys away from Jax and the scene. Jax shakes his head, "May the Force be with you kid." He turns to see one of the Rebels shoot a storm trooper no more than 2 meeters from him. Then turns the blaster on Jax. The jedi holds his heads up. "I'm on your side. You don't want to shoot me. You want to contact New Republic Intellgence on Chandrila when you get back to base. Tell them Corsair sent you." The Rebel blinks a few time. "Corsair?" Then Jax takes the chance to escape. <We want to extract. They catch us. They'll blame us.>

Yuun watches as the people he was helping flee, at this point he quickly rushes over to where he saw Jax, having felt the force he stretches and winces, "That hurt." heh says. "What're we doing next, there is a large group of peoople moving off there." he says as he looks to Jax and gesturing slightly.

The droid FELL.

Errod watches from the side of the wreckage while Tamsin climbs up onto it, his hand reaching for the helmet to free his sweaty, tangled, but still frizzy hair from the confines of the enclosed metal. His eyes, less wild as they turn now to the crowd with a tired resignation weighting his lids, skim the mass of fleeing civilians, the bodies of the scattered dead, before turning to linger on one of the erect guillotines. His gloved hand rubs against the back of his neck.

Pherra takes note of what's going on. Ah. Too bad she wasn't getting paid. Not her paycheck, not her concern. She made no effort to stop or aid the rescue of the female prisoners. She turned around to continue her previous task of getting the wounded out of there. She then went on about her merry.

The out of control droid is sufficiently vanquished thanks to the heroic efforts of Tamsin Cas, and Errod Zand, the former successfully stabbing the droid brain well enough that the whole thing shuts down with an angry burst of sparks, and a plume of smoke that is right at home in the ashy district.

Thanks to both Sumi and Hahtavi, though the Order lost a few prisoners tonight, they've gained even more. A net win for the First Order, over all.

Jax, Yuun, and Pherra all managed to aid a great many people -- even if some were terribly rude about it -- but others are grateful. They will remember, even if they don't know it a pair of Jedi and a Mandalorian that saved their days.

The whole place is a mess, the platforms and vehicles are in ruins, the duracrete is damaged, and there are more than a dozen dead after all is said and done. Several rebels, but not all of them. So probably a net loss for Coruscant, the world that just keeps on burning.