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Fortification Plans

Location: Serious Business, Y'toub System, Nar Shaddaa Orbit
Participants: Bar'duur, Razia, Atria Foster, R5-DT, Sion, Niko Jing, Adhar Gann

The Serious Business has been crewed, and the ship is getting well under way - but there are still a lot of chairs that need to be filled. Specifically, someone to run the show where internal security is concerned. But Bar'duur has a candidate in mind...

So the new boat's big, and the quarters are bigger - so too for the Captain, apparently, though it doesn't look as if he's yet moved in. Instead, Adhar sits behind his desk, dressed in his regular blues and drowning at the monitors build into the big slab of Imperial military furniture. The ship's nowhere near as elegant as parts of the Castle, but it's also fifty-some years ahead. Even now.

Bar'duur enters the area looking around a bit, and then making his way toward the desk. He's got a furrowed brow, he's been frowning a lot lately and carrying around datapads. Right now he doesnt have any on him at least. "Hey Captain." Says the Zabrak as he seats himself with a grunt.

"Evening," says Adhar, smiling at you. "Thanks for coming up. You find your quarters all right?"

"Yeah." Says Bar'duur. "Found everything fine, the crew is doing good, I read through all the reports there wasnt anything that seemed like a big deal at least. But we need to get a security chief." Bar'duur seems to still be locked into busisess mode.

"We do," says Adhar with a nod. "I asked Mara, but she didn't want to. Obviously it's important. Just...finding the right one. Very difficult." He frowns faintly. "I'd like to get someone very trustworthy at this point."

Bar'duur nods at that. "Well there arent any great candidates, people both trustworthy and who can do the job. Razia was the one who started bringing up all the problems in our security, we spoke about how a security with a big group is handled, a security chief with sub-ordinates, who take care of each section of the ship. I have the crews reporting by section, each chief gives me a PDA. I dont have a lot of time to handle security things but we need someone to take charge and make sure all the new crew are to vetted, right." So says the Zabrak in occassionally broken basic.

"Razia is good," says Adhar, prsing his lips. "I want to reward her, but I don't know if she has the ability to secure this ship on her own. Not that she can't serve as a security chief, mind you. It's the scale of the boat that gives me pause."

"Noone could do it alone," says Bar with a shrug. "That's why a chief has lieutenants to handle sections of the crew and report to him or her, that's how I have seen it done at least."

"True enough," says Adhar, pursing his lips. "Well. You want to give her a shot? I don't worry about her ability, just her experience. But then again, I had her go deep cover to dig up information on the Mathalls and she did magnificently." He smiles faintly. "Razia can be...a nasty piece of work, let's say. Done some bad things in the past. But think she wants to belong. And if she can do that, fine - but keep an eye out. If she slips into bad habits, like abusing her authority, pull the plug right away."

Bar'duur nods a little bit, looking more thoughtful than anything. "It's just like anything, see how it goes." He agrees. "She's not Nadia though, she does like being part of something."

"She's not Nadia," Adhar agrees. "She's got a dark heart, but she wants it to belong somewhere. But what about Atria? Though I guess she seems as though she might be happier being just another soldier, huh."

Bar'duur nods. "I had considered Atria, she could do it too, I have not had time to speak to Atria about it at all, I put it out as a feeler to Razia, but I think she figured out what it was pretty easily. I think she'd be good at the things that we need right now, keeping us safe from spies, that sort of thing, probably would be a good interrogator too. But that.. figures, what you have told me." He says with a grunt.

"Well, she likes the rough stuff," Adhar says, "But if she can play nice and by the rules unless we tell her different, I'm up for it." He leans back in his seat, expression thoughtful. "I'll call her in here in a minute. Meantime, though, two things. First, after I pay you back another hundred thousand or so, I'd like to suggest something. You know I own ATec Corporation, right? Bunch of stores around here. Armomat down in the Gearhead District, Astromat and Speedbay up at Parmac, that sort of thing. Right?"

"Yeah, let's give her a shot." Says Bar'duur with a slow nod, then at the second part he grunts. "Of course, remember, we talked about the store, so you could pay me back." He points out with a little smile.

"Right," says Adhar with a nod. "I'm well on my way toward finally raising a hundred or two for you. I'd like to suggest, though, that at some point, we develop some products for open sale. Through us, of course, but I'd like to make the Rim a little less dependent on the megacorporations. I had some ideas for weapons we could standardize internally."

"You want to get into, weapons manufacturing?" Asks Bar'duur with a little tilt of his horned head. "What type of weapons are you thinking about?" His head tilts to the side, as if curious.

"Well, we have a big enough group now that it actually sort of makes sense," says Adhar with a shrug. "At least on a limited basis. Sidearms, perhaps a good naval carbine. Nothing hugely fancy, though I really would like to make something /worth/ a damn. The XT-1s we issue to personnel are great, mind you, but it's not for heavy fighters like boarding troops, or officers."

Bar'duur grunts a little bit. "How much do you think we'd need to start out?"

"Hundred and fifty thousand for a prototype pistol," Adhar says with a shrug. "I had in mind something accurate, like the XT-1, but much stronger to start. Bit more like a one-handed carbine, I suppose. But it can certainly wait. I wanted to get your opinion on it, though. We've got a good group here...I'd like to ensure they're well equipped. Heavy pistols like the one I'm thinking of will be expensive to make, but still not as expensive than most rifles and more effective than carbines. Just won't be for mass production." He shrugs. "Most of our crew use pistols. It's a start, at least. But I'm fairly sure we could set up a factory for arms and such. Just depends on if the product is worth production in your opinion."

Bar'duur emits a grunt. "Yeah, they would be good for the crew." He says quietly. "I'm fine with that, using the money for that instead." He just shrugs a bit. "You seem to have been thinking about this a lot."

"I have a fairly extensive education in economics," Adhar says, "And an even more extensive one in military strategy. These things are coming together now that we have a bigger crew." He shrugs. "And honestly my brain never stops working any more anyway." That said, Adhar gets to his feet. "But none of that was the real reason I called you up here. No. I have something for you, you see." Adhar heads for that big sports bag he's been lugging around lately, leaning in one corner. "I wanted to give you something. Token of my esteem and of my appreciation of our friendship."

Bar'duur nods a little as Adhar speaks, slowly and with a little smile. "Well, if you think it's a good idea." He says in an agreement. "Uh, oh.. okay." Says Bar'duur with a growing sort of curiousity. He sits up, and then isnt sure if he should stand so he rises up to his feet. "Oh yeah that's a nice bag."

"Not the bag, man," Adhar says with a laugh, reaching for the bay's clasp and opening it up; from the bag he removes a long, slightly curved sword, sheathed in durasteel lacquered blue and tied about with a ribbon of braided yellow silk, with a plain handle wrapped in the same braided fabric. The guard of the sword is of a burnished red metal, and he hands it over to you. "Found this not too long ago," he says. "Don't see them very often. Thought of you immediately."

Into the intercom: Adhar Gann says, "Crewman Razia, report to the Captain's Quarters. Crewman Razia, report to the Captain's Quarters."

Adhar and Barduur are here in the Captain's quarters, Bar'duur having just been given a gorgeous-looking sword, which though he is AFK is no doubt examining in the background. As for Adhar, he is returning to his desk as you now arrive.

Razia heard the summons, stopping whatever it was that she was doing to report to the quarters as asked. She does not just barge in, instead she knocks and waits for a reply. It isn't until she is invited in that she enters the room, "You called sir?" She turns her gaze to Bar'duur and his sword, admiring the weapon from where she stands.

"Oh, uh.. wow." Says Bar'duur, blinking a few times and overall, looking totally taken by suprise. He's holding a super fancy sword. Razia enters and the man clears his throat. "Thank you." To Adhar. "Hi Razia."

"Razia." Adhar waves a hand to a spot in front of his desk. "Bar'duur's been telling me of all the things you've been doing for security lately, nevermind the trips I've been sending you on. He tells me you'd make a good candidate for head of ship's security."

Razia moves to the front of the desk, standing at an at-ease position. When Adhar makes his statement, her gaze flickers to Bar'duur, then back to Adhar. "I am simply doing my job, Captain." She replies quietly.

Bar seems suprised for a moment as Adhar talks and he puts the sword down for now, he doesnt speak however, letting the captain do the talking.

"Yes you are," says Adhar. "ACtually, you're not doing your job at all - you're doing the job of an officer, not a crewman. So this is what we're going to do." Adhar gets to his feet, the ghost-pale dot of white light that serves as a pupil in his bionic eye now swirls hither and yon before fixating upon Razia's face. "I'm going to offer you the position of Security Chief. It's the equivalent of a Third Officer position, though you won't be standing watch on the bridge. Your post will be in the security office, by the brig."

Razia blinks a time or two. Her cold expression seems to crack as a glimmer twinkles in her eye. Hell, she even smiles slightly. She coughs once, bringing up her hand to cover her mouth. "Really?" She asks. She blinks and takes in a breath, calming herself. "Of course. I will not let you down, Captain."

Bar'duur just nods a little bit watching Razia and Adhar with a faint little smile, a tired looking expression.

"See that you don't," Adhar says with a nod. "Though I doubt there will be too many bumps in the road. I'll see to it that you are assigned officers as best as the budget will allow. You'll also be responsible for coordinating boarding actions and boarding resistance, all tha sort of thing. If you don't have the necessary strategic knowledge, come and see me, I'll educate you. Meanwhile, I want you to begin compiling your security policy and also detail what you think your department will need in terms of supplies. Ah. And Razia?"

Razia's mind is abuzz with many thoughts and ideas on what she wants to do. There will be so much planning and plotting to secure this ship. With her gaze focused upon Adhar, she nods along with his words. "Yes?" She inquires to his questioning tone.

"I know you have a sweet tooth for the rough stuff sometimes," the Captain says, "But we're going to keep that to a minimum. Psychological interrogation and bribery before any kind of violence. I'll want your strict policy on my desk and then I'll make edits." That said, he peers at her. "I'll be issuing you and Atria - who is to be your second - as well as other security troops SoroSuub Tracker carbines. They'll be modified for top accuracy possible. Otherwise, that's it. Bar'duur? Anything for her tonight?"

"Congratulations." Says Bar'duur to Razia, smiling a little. He stands up again. "I better get some sleep before next shift, maybe something then."

Razia sighs slightly, "I guess I can keep control of myself." She smirks slightly, "Thank you for the trust, Captain. I will get with Atria right away to develop the policy."

Later that day, Adhar calls in Niko, Atria, Sion, and R5-DT to discuss further security matters on the Serious Business.

The Captain sits at the conference table, looking at a datapad; he doesn't wear his long coat anymore, one can't help but notice, having traded it in for something that looks like something a swoop racer might wear. He has also lost his eye, and in its place a durasteel mount wraps flush from his right eye socket and around to the temple just over his ear, and where the eye was a cold gray lens stares out into space, only the tiny ghost-white pinpoint of a visual receptor tracking the room serving as a sign of life.

But he HAS called for you, which is odd. But then again, this is odd all over.

Niko Jing pauses at the door to the conference room, swallowing nervously. Raking his fingers through his hair, he takes a cleansing, relaxing breath, and then knocks on the door politely before letting it open and stepping through. "Captain Gann. Bloody hell of a ship you have up here, mate." Niko arches an eyebrow appreciatively, whistling as he slips into a seat near the Captain. "Right. You called for me, sir? How may I be of assistance?"

"This is gonna take some getting used to," Sion mutters, still looking around as she steps into the conference room. "I mean, asking directions to a conference room?" But she catches sight of Adhar and the newly-arrived Niko quickly, nodding to each. "Heyo, Cap, Niko. I guess this isn't a social call-in?"

Atria enters just behind Sion, still in her armor but with her helmet held under one arm. She looks at Niko and Sion before looking to Adhar curiously, "Are we having a party, Captain?"

"Unfortunately not," says Adhar, keeping his eyes fixed upon the datapad. "Sit down, everyone. Did you bring R5-DT with you?" The dot on that lens tracks each of you, as if it were a parasite warily looking from face to face.

R5-DT wheels his way into the conference room and swivels his dome a bit as he takes in the gathered crowds.

Niko looks up in surprise as the others enter. "Ah, staff meeting. Gotcha." Standing up at his chair, he bows politely to one and all as they enter, and sits down as the others take their seats. "Captain, shall I prepare some refreshments?" he asks with a sardonic smile.

Sion frowns, glancing back at the door. "Well, he was with us when we left the ship. Maybe he got lost, too..." At which point the door hisses open, and the droid rolls in. "Spoke too soon. Hey, R5." She finds a seat and slides into it, waiting for the bad news.

"Sit down, Niko," says Adhar, still not looking up. "You're not here to serve tea." Once Sion speaks, the Captain's attention is finally brought up to the rest of the table, where he looks around at the lot of you, expression impassive. "I see Atria had to step right back out, all right. We'll start without her and catch her up when she returns."

Adhar cuts the lights with a touch of a control, bringing them down to half as the holopod on the table comes to life. Suspended over the table is the holographic image of the ship you're currently on, slowly revolving for all of you to see. "All right," he says. "You're all either officers or trusted crew - synthetic or organic - who I've pressed into watching the crew as part of what has previously been a somewhat unofficial security apparatus on board our last two ships. Well, in this meeting, we /will/ make it official. This is a military vessel, and though we aren't necessarily military ourselves, security has to be top priority on board in the future. We cannot have what happened to the Bandit's Castle happen to the Serious Business. It will break us as an organization."

Niko settles in his chair, folding his hands in his lap as he sits back in the plushy conference chair. At the mention of the Bandit's Castle, a frowning look overtakes his face. He was already relatively uncomfortable... Niko was not a fan of the idea of having a finite supply of air, no matter how large the ship.

Sion winces. "Sounds like we'd better go over what we learned last time, from the earlier saboteur," she suggests. "What we could do better, and what we did right."

"Quite," says Adhar with a nod. "We are going to do just that. As of tonight, I have placed Razia in the position of chief security officer, which is a Third Officer-equivalent position. Atria will be her deputy officer. Niko? You will serve as a security officer as well, while you perform your duties as steward. Essetially, you'll do what you did at the club, only on our own people."

"Wait... Captain. Me? Security?" Niko blinks incredulously at Adhar. "I'm not sure what good that would serve... I'm lousy in a fight, boss." Laughing he slaps his knee. "Besides... you said I'd be a steward... or whatever that was supposed to be."

"You were a spy before and you're a spy now," Adhar says crisply. "But we'll talk later. You're dismissed, Niko. Get some sleep."

Niko shrugs, stands up and stretches. "Well... I look horrible in a uniform, boss." Nodding at Sion and R5, Niko shoves his hands in his pocket and walks off, humming under his breath. Chuckling before he slips out the door, he scoffs and mumbles, "huh... Spy... wot a laugh..." before stepping out of the doorframe.

Sion nods back to Niko, looking after him as he departs. Her attention returns quickly to Adhar. "I don't think I've met Razia..."

"The Rattataki," Adhar says. "She's been mostly in the background. I've been using her to perform intelligence-gathering operations on the Mathall Syndicate, as well as other tasks. She's also been intrumental in a number of security operations, most recently getting the entirety of the new crew arriving on the Business. In short, she's demonstrated a monstrous amount of nerve, competence and initiative in a very small period of time. We need a security officer, so Bar'duur recommended her as a choice. We're going to give her the trial run."

He smiles. "How quickly the stakes change overnight, eh?"

"It sounds like she's good at her job. I envy her that," Sion says, glancing at the door. "Everyone on this ship's been screened, then? We're good for the moment? I hope we can at least shake this enormous thing down before we have to use it."

Atria returns to the conference room after getting called away to handle a crewman that was a little too far into his cups in the lounge. She removes her helmet, shaking her head, "Sorry about that, Captain. Crewman J'onzz has been placed in the brig overnight to sober up."

"And so it begins." The lights are dim, and a holographic image of the Serious Business rotate slowly above the center of the table, Adhar, peering at Atria with his mismatched eyes, gestures for her to come and sit. "Atria," he says, "This is my second officer, Sion Corvara. Sion Corvara, Atria Foster."

Sion glances up as Atria returns, giving her a faint smile and a wave... and blushing when Adhar introduces her as second officer. "We've met, sort of. Hey again, Atria."

Atria nods, taking a seat and placing her helmet on the table in front of her. She gives Sion a smile and nods, "Hello again. Still putting your pants on one leg at a time?"

"I see." Adhar's tone isn't unpleasant, but there's a hint of sternness there that attempts to bring the point back around to business. "Crewman Foster, I have just tonight placed Razia in the position of ship's Security Officer. You will serve as her second. This makes her the equivalent of a Third Officer, and if there were Fourth Officers you would count as such. Currently there are not, but you maintain authority as second in command of the ship's security apparatus and troops."

Sion doesn't reply in words to Atria, but, hearing the sternness in Adhar's tone, stifles a smile. Under the table, but where Atria can see, she reaches down and unlatches her belt. Her hands flick open fastenings and flare the top of her pants away from her hips, showing the security officer her purple athletic briefs. In-jokes... she winces at the rattle of her belt against the chair, though. So much for being subtle. "Congrats, Atria! Way to move up the ladder," she says hastily, too late to cover the noise.

Atria listens to Adhar's announcement, then sits a little straighter in her chair. She nods sharply, her expression determined, "Thank you, Captain. I'll do my best not to let you down." She can't help but notice Sion's...revelation, but does a decent job of keeping her expression unchanged. For Adhar's sake, of course.

"See that you do your best," Adhar says with a nod, though he doesn't seem to notice - or if he does he certainly doesn't comment. "Your station will be with Razia's in the security nexus. The brig will be there, as well." He looks between the two women for a moment. "Atria, you will assist Razia built a security policy for the ship along with determining what the ship's security, infantry, and marine complement will require in terms of equipment and training. I especially depend upon you here, as Razia is not a military woman."

Sion has the smarts to keep her mouth shut for the moment, concentrating on getting her outfit back together. Though she doesn't stay quiet long. "We're going to have /marines/?"

Atria nods again, "I understand. I'll have to get acquainted with Razia. I don't believe we've had a chance to meet yet with all the chaos around the Castle's...retirement and the Business' acquisition." Her expression is thoughtful as if she's already considering a plan of action.

"Perhaps 'marines' is a bit of a dramatic term," says Adhar, looking back down at the datapad on the table before him. "Troops who are trained to fight in space, trained to serve as boarders and to repel the same. Such soldiers are absolutely required on a ship like this, even if we weren't planning on taking more slave ships and the like." Which suggests, of course, that he's only just getting started from the last couple of months.

He glances up at Atria then, and nods before returning to the datapad. "You'll get along nicely, I believe, Atria. You both share a certain rebel streak that is refreshing in security personnel, so long as it doesn't turn to mutiny." He prods at a button on the pad. "But that would be -my- duty to ensure doesn't happen. That's all I have in terms of official business. I'll take questions now."

"Well, those'd qualify as marines, at least to the best of my knowledge," Sion replies, nodding at last. "So, new ship, new promotions... will we be expanding the fighter squadron?"

Atria sits back in her seat, considering Adhar's words, then she grins good-naturedly, "If there is a mutiny, you wouldn't see it coming." She pauses a moment before she asks, "How many personnel do I have to work with at the moment?"

"I highly doubt that," Adhar says, looking up entirely now. "At the moment? None. You need to tell me how many you'll need. If you give me a number off the top of you head at this moment I'll see what I can do immediately."

The Captain looks to Sion. "If not the fighter wing, then the general space defense group. Transports if not fightercraft, that sort of thing. This is where you and I must talk, though I doubt you'll be unhappy. I'm reassigning you from your post as second officer to help in developing the flight group in general. I'll meet with Bar'duur to determine the complete structure of that effort, but effective immediately you are to stand down from your duties and begin simulation trials on all our current craft. Note, of course, that this isn't a demotion - I'm sending you where I need you the most. The spot will remain empty for the time being until such time as you let me know that you're ready to return after the flight group is polished up the way we need it to be, or until you let me know you're all right with another Second Officer on the boat."

"Okay..." Sion says, trying not to sound surprised. She hasn't forgotten the last conversation on the subject of her position. "I'll need to make a list of our current assets, then, and find sim software for them. We have some decently combat-capable craft out there. I'll talk to Bar the first chance I get," she adds, as a promise.

"Well, if memory serves, the original troop complement for this class of ship was around 1000," Atria muses aloud, "But I imagine that would be a bit hard to pull off for an outfit like ours. We don't have a galaxy-wide recruitment program like the Empire had." She pauses to consider some more, "We also won't be waging full-scale war." There's another pause as she eyes Adhar, "I assume. If we're primarily taking slaver ships, we could probably manage with maybe a couple hundred to start with. That would give us plenty to handle boardings and the like, but not have to worry too much about being short-handed due to injuries or deaths."

"Efficiency in thought and action," Adhar says, smiling over at Sion. "This is why you're going. Chin up, Sion, we'll have you back on the bridge sooner than you likely think."

His attention swinging back Atria, Adhar nods. "I'm sure you're right," he says, "But think smaller. We'll begin budgeting for a core of ten permanent staff and a number of rotating contractor. I realize that's not what you're likely hoping for but you'll have droid support and be heavily armed and equipped. Remember, these people are largely civilians. The crew isn't military, thus military-grade security won't likely be required. Everything else we will grow into with time and expanding budget."

That said, Adhar gets to his feet. "If there's nothing else," he says, "I'll call this meeting to a close. Thank you, both of you. You have your orders."

"I can't wait..." Sion replies, the words lacking any conviction whatsoever. "Pity we don't have another Helix. That one's a little crew-intensive, but it's dangerous. Maybe a YT-2000 or two would help round out the fleet with fighting ships that have less of an aft target profile."

She stands, stretching a little. "Need a hand with your projections, Atria?"

Atria actually blushes a little and looks down at the table. She nods slightly, "Of course. I can work with that. Especially with some good battle droids." Clearing her throat, the tinge of pink fades and she looks up, giving Sion a smile, "Not just yet. I want to get with Razia and take an inventory of our current armory." She pauses, her brow furrowing a moment as she looks at Adhar, "Assuming we have one to speak of?"

"We have something of one," Adhar replies with a slight smirk. "I'll produce a list for you." That said, he gives the both of you a nod. "Good evening, the both of you."