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Kora and some allies chase the fleeing merc group into space.

OOC Date: December 22, 2022
Location: Shili Orbit
Participants: Sumi Kora, Amaia Dara, Valeska Kora, Terek Rosol, Kaiya, Jallo Dara, Faath Kora, Kirana Ryder, Jallo Dara and Hadrix Kora as GM Mandalorians, Clan Kora,

Mandalorian craft rise in the wake of the mercenary forth making their escape from Shili, a hodgepodge of fighters and heavier craft breaking from atmosphere in pursuit.

<<"Watch that things guns.">> Hadrix's voice over comms as the gozanti cruiser Kyr'Am Ra Kote taking up the rear of the pack, the heavily armed craft designed for point defense, as opposed to what it is facing now, <<"Didn't know they had a kriffing Loronar...">> the oblong form of the medium class ship was fully in view, sensors reading shields raising and smaller signatures emerging from it. <<"And here comes their screen.">

There is no signal from the craft, but it's clear that it doesn't have full weapons, thankfully, but what it does have are intimidating none the less.

<<"We need to bring that things shields down, board it... I want to make this personnal.">>

Sensor alerts come up, attempts for weapons lock by the massive ship and already small bursts of mixed crimson and viridian start to fill space, trying to block approach.

Back in the bucket seat. What little cushion there is on the gunner's chair is starting to form to Valeska's ample rump, allowing her nestle right back in where she always sits and even sometimes hits. Will today be that day, as well? <"My ARC is gathering dust. You'd think I'd bring her out for one of these skirmishes, but that requires me to pilot /and/ fire at the same time. Seems I can't master even the latter, yeah? I dunno. Maybe the multi-tasking would do me some good.">

A flurry of signatures lights up her screen and Valeska swings her turrets around in preparation. She always feels rather cool at the start of these things. Until the firin' begins and she ends up attacking the void more than the enemy.

Not the sort of ship Amaia Dara was accustomed to, but Clan Dara did not train poor pilots, or unskilled gunners. The rattataki settled into the gunner's station, hands skimming over the controls and the sensors which were keyed to her assigned station. There were times when Mai found herself to be entirely calm, even when the world appeared to be rolling over and showing its belly. Times like these were one of them. The controls of the quad laser turrets rested easy in her hand, "This is Dara." She did not bother giving her first name. There were only two on the ship. She was, obviously, the female one. "Ready to engage."

Onboard the Gozanti, Terek has found himself inside one of the turrets. It's been a while since he had to man a gun like this, the last few times they did a group operation he was in a pilot's seat.

He runs one last check on his systems, before he swings the turret around and brings it up to face forward, <"Online and ready to fire."> He starts scanning for targets, fingers ready to go on those triggers.

Kaiya's voice comes over the group's comm channel comes from the Wolf's Bane. <<Locking s-foils into attack position.>> The ARC-170 fighter, an old ship but well taken care of takes position between the incoming fighters and the Kote. <Faath, be ready, fighters incoming. Just focus on flying, I'll cover the weapon controls.> she states over the intercom, <Faith, stand ready to get a missile lock or to repair the ship as I call out.>

<<"This is Stompa, I might be able to target its shield array, but.. it's a difficult feat to slip beneath shields to hit it. I'm willing to give it a try..">> Sumi issues from the control cabin of a T-70 X-Wing. She brings the s-foils to attack position, her shields shimmering into existence around her craft. Rain, the R2 unit in the socket behind her, can be seen moving its head from side to side. <<"Let me know if the juice is worth the squeeze, Commander.">>

Demonstrating the Mandalorian tactic of fighting unfairly, a second corvette appears in real space with a sudden flash. The commanding voice of Kora's elder, Sana Ryder sounds off over comms. <<"This is Red Wolf. Oh-En-Bee is primed, ready to engage on your call, Commander.">> Sana is standing on the bridge of the Marauder, watching from a tactical holo table as crafts move into position to engage.

In the aft section of Kyr'Am Ra Kote, Kirana Ryder stands among the engine array systems within the engineering corridor. She's wearing the Skyripper armor she'd boarded with after the ground assault, but unfastened her helm and clipped it to a hardpoint behind her hip for now. If there's to be a hull breach, her wingsuit won't be of much help anyway. Near her is her mother's PIT droid, the old and mildly-useful droid dutifully prepared to assist when needed. "Alright, PIT, bring up the weapon targetting systems on the tertiary databank there," she instructs, using a handheld hydrospanner to point at the terminal in question. "I'm going to make sure the shield matrix is aligned properly before we start taking hits. It'll make this go easier for you and I both."

The Morellian taps quickly into a digital interface along the bulkhead, patching the group's comms through to engineering, then depresses for the shipwide intercom for the Gozanti. "All set back here - route any specialized targetting tasks to me, too. PIT and I can double duty."

You know who is a poor pilot and an awful gunner? This doctor. She grumbles quietly at the controls. <<"Focusing on flying.">> She confirms the request as she sighs quietly.

"Avoid crashing..." She looks over everything and gets accustomed to things. She feels protective of the people on this ship. She's their pilot and if she fails, they die. "No pressure." She rubs her forehead slowly and lifts her eyes up and nods her head, moving them closer.

Jallo settles down at one of the stations up on the bridge, <"Thanks for lettin us on your ship. Looked like engineering is covered so mind if I start puttin some sensor locks on some bad folks for the gunners?"> He plugs a little gizmo into a scomp link letting him 'see' the sensor output.

<<"If you think you can slip in to strike their emitter array, do it.">> Hadrix's response to Sumi as he steps across the small command cabin of the light cruiser to one of the fire control stations, trusting one of the regular crew to keep the beast stable, if unable to 'maneuver' in this sort of situation. <<"Oh-En-Bee, Kyr'Am Ra Kote acknowledges. If you can soften that things shields, do it.">>

Checking over sensor reads, looking up when Kira'a message comes over the PA, <"Copy that. Keep your eyes out for targets of opportunity as well."> though that is said to both she and Jallo.

Six fighters enter range, their forms resolving themselves from the darkness of space as the initial fighter screen for the inbound Mandalorians to get past. The leading four all amalgam craft, often called Uglies, their cores looking like heavily modified Z-95 fuselages with Y-Wing engines mounted and rotating tri-barrel lasers.

Behind thos a pair of Preybird heavy fighters with their cannons priming and firing with the lighter forward crafts barrage. The Strike Cruiser continues to move away from the planet, letting its fighter screen buy it time, or so it appears to be doing.

<<"The shields? How?">> Look, Valeska isn't a flyer, okay? People flying around in ships is just a battlefield that has been overcomplicated by durasteel shells and ridiculously large guns. So while the Kora gal with the badonkadonk can surely understand what the mission is, executing those orders in any cognitive fashion might be a rather big ask.

But if you tell her to shoot at something and make it dead: well, she knows how to do that. Sometimes she can even prove she's rather competant at it. The heavy laser on the exterior of the ship jerks and adjusts, coming to a lock on a preybird screeching their way -- in space. Yes, SCREECHING. <<"I'll just help clear a path.">> A hard hit nearly shatters those shields and gives the pilot something to think about.

As the ship moved into attack position, Mai settled into the controls, gloved hands tightening as she used the controls and her sensors to take the range of the incoming fighters. A measured press of the firing mechanism saw a quick succession of four tracers, but none touched the ship she had been targeting. There was no sense of frustration in the female. She simply cycled the weapon to fire again.

Kaiya gives an order to Faith to get a lock on the cruiser, it happily beeps out an affirmative and Kaiya is rewarded with her HUD showing a positive lock. A quick depress of the launch trigger and Proton Torps fly right for the Cruiser. One impacts the shields but the other is destroyed enroute. While this is going on, Draeva in the tail-gunner position finds a target of oppertunity and takes a shot at a passing Ugly fighter. Kaiya smiles to herself as things are going well so far.

Sumi initiates the close of her s-foils, making her approach toward the large cruiser at full throttle. She takes the angle, but experiences a sudden collision that sends her banking off the surface of the shield and flipping ass over end into the dead of space. Her droid makes a sudden screaming noise that's conveyed through the intercom: "wwwwaAAAAAAAAhhhHHAHHHHHH!"

<"Calm down,"> Sumi says, her own nerves spiked and breathing heavy as she tries to bring the snubfighter back online by using the oldest trick in the book. Off-on off-on off-on off-on.

<<"Oh-En-Bee is engaging.">> Sana relays, and the corvette begins to light up with brief flashes from its turbo laser banks. The ships slowly rotate around each other 'trading punches'. Old and Busted is putting out a great deal of firepower, but it's about to learn what a cruiser is capable of. <"BRACE.. AND BLOODY HIT SOMETHING!"> Sana screams at the gunnery crew aboard the Marauder. She takes hold of the holo-table, and her magnetic boots clamp her in place. <"HOOOLD together, ol' girl!"> It was hard to say if Sana was talking about the ship, or herself.

Working in the Gonzati's aft section, Kirana twists her spanner over the krylithium focusing cluster arrays, ensuring that they're aligned properly. Double-checking the angle with the nearby dataterminal, she makes a micro-adjustment to get it just right and then sprints across the engineering section. "PIT, double check that array for me while I see what's going on outside!"

Pulling up the 'battlefield' radar, she makes quick notes of friendlies and enemies, brown eyes narrowing as she works something out in her mind. She reaches forward and begins to type, triggering for the shipwide intercom. "I've got a small break back here - getting you a torp lock on the cruiser." Something on the reading catches her attention and a brow shoots high. "Wow, is that Sana?" Finished typing, she sets the command and adds: "Torps locked. Back to work!"

Her footfalls ring against the durasteel grating in the rear of the ship while she catches up to the PIT droid, receiving a nod of a job well done from it. "Good! That should hold then when we start taking hits. Watch this and call out if you need me. I'm gonna prepare the parralax relay converters for heavy laser-fire."

Terek's cannons flash twice as the lasers launch outwards, flying down and spashing off of the shields, "Damnit. Come on!" He lines up his shot again, growling to himself as he tries to look for a spot that can get punched through.

Oh lawd, she's moving forward and the fighting has begun. <<"Kaiya... want to go to get that emitter array? If so... do you know what an emitter array looks like?">> She looks at her screens and keeps piloting them around to make sure they aren't entirely shot out of the sky. It's important to her to keep people alive. Well... her people. She firing has started and she's peeking out the window to see if any of her people are being hit. She sees one of the ships and her eyes narrow as she turns to see the ship that shot at them.

<<"Just for some clarity Kaiya... we do not have the shields for ramming do we?">> It's a little joke. Maybe. She starts piloting a little closer with ideas floating around. <<"I wish I could shoot...I'm not ... what the heck is this button? Whatever... not important.">> She tilts her head and keeps moving them closer.

Jallo begins to work with the sensors as he starts to get target locks on the preybirds and cruisers, going over the comms, <"Locking the sensors on the preybird and cruiser gonna try to share it to everybody watch your targeting data."> Then he begins to tight beam the data to each of the others in the fleet, <"That was not as easy as I thought it would be. Remind me to not try stupid stuff next time.">

When the proverbial melee is joined, it is a looping, wheeling, furball of craft suddenly maneuvering for position. To clear out of path of incoming fire and trade back what they can in turn. Craft are exploding already under heavy fire, shields evaporating and shrapnel flying in the ethereal wakes of craft moving through the battle raging all around.

The lone heavy fighter remaining turns when its compatriot is gunned down, leaving the more agile fighters to contend with the Mandalorian force, ducking below the shared turbolaser barrages of the capital class ships. A partial broadside from the strike cruiser smashing the Old and Busted's shields to dangerous levels.

<"It worked well enough, Dara."> Hadrix growls over shipboard comms, sending out a torpedo with Kira's successful targeting lock - the impact of the munition minute compared to the Marauder's full forward assault, <<"Oh-En-Bee, still with us, old lady?">> a little cheek from Commander Kora while he reaches up, instinctively, when triple-cannon fire strikes his own cruiser's shields.

Valeska doesn't really have any time to celebrate -- and celebrate she very much intended to do -- before the baddies get their volley in on the rebound. <<"Aw, kriff!">> The ship rattles and groans against the hits, shaking her in her seat as one of those hits comes uncomfortably close to her turret. She is conjuring up something snarky to say but the explosion of something that looks agonizingly like one of the Kora ships takes the snark away.

<<"Okay. You wanna play like that?">> Ignoring her targetting system and relying on pure emotion and reaction, Valeska brings a ARC into her crosshairs and hits the triggers with a sneering growl only she can feel and see. A travesty. So she paints that disapproving snarl into the void with the explosion of the recon fighter as her cannon pierces the shields with a devastating spear and breaks up the hull with the blast. <<"You okay?!">>

Mai kept her comms open, listening to the traffic, even as the ship was rocked by impacts on the shields. Watching the incoming fighters, she adjusted her targeting, moving for one of the preybird fighters, four rounds again firing from her controlled turret, two of which impacted the fighter, two streaking away. "Two hits, he's still flying."

Terek's cannons find themselves tracking the Preybird when he sees the pair of shots hit it, <"I got it!"> He calls back to Mai, as he tracks forward, leading his shot as the turret beeps at him that it has a firing solution.

The heavy laser turret lances out again, the beams striking at the side of the Preybird, the pilot having to eject in a hurry as the ship explodes mere moments after they get clear, <"Splash one!">

<Way to fly Faath!> Kaiya says when Faath manages to save the fighter from getting blasted. Faith indicates to Kaiya there is still a positive lock on the Capital ship. <Thanks Faith.> Kaiya sends back to her trusty droid. Now if only Kaiya could hit the broad side of a barn. Her apparent success with her first torp seems to have been a fluke as her torps this time either miss or impact debrie well away fron their targets. Even the Tail-gunner misses their mark this time around, though not by much. <No worries, keep on it and stay focused.> Kai offers in support of her crew.

Sumi didn't have time to react. Stompa's engines did not come back on, and Rain could only scream incoming in droid speak before everything went silent. Sumi blacked out for it, but Rain initiated an emergency evacuation of the cockpit, ejecting the pilot and the droid from the craft moments before a green blast struck the back of the X-Wing, consuming it in a sudden blaze and silent explosion.

Because the ship was spinning in space already, the ejection was further aided by the momentum the ship's motion generated, /launching/ them away from the craft well before it was destroyed.

Sumi woke to the sudden freezing cold of the vacuum, and her own inability to breathe set her into a panic she had never experienced before. The closest thing to her was her R2 unit, which had tethered itself to her armor and doubled as a beacon for pickup, provided someone could get to her in time; but that seemed unlikely.

In a panic, the elder Mandalorian activated her jetpack and hugged Rain close. She oriented herself toward the enemy cruiser in a last ditch effort to put herself somewhere to do some good. She was still alive, and there was still a fight. She just.. had to make it...(Up to GM if she does cross the distance or not)

Old and Busted took one hell of a beating. Concussive blasts rocked the interior of the corvette, and crew members who were not buckled into their stations were jettisoned from their stations and thrown across the bridge. Sparks rained down from everywhere. Bits of the ceiling, electrical in nature and important looking, hung out like exposed wounds, and a few bodies lay strewn after the battery fired.

Sana Ryder rises back up, her helmet still on, its visor cracked on one side. <<"We're not marching away yet.">> She answered back defiantly. Within the bridge, Sana orchestrated the return attack, and engineers were sent to coax more energy into their shields to survive another hit.

From in space, the OnB looked like a beacon of laser fire, batteries firing in unison and from every space available as it engaged with the cruiser in a defiant stand. It would not go quietly into the void. <"We live.. or we die at our stations. Do not give our enemies the satisfaction of our fear. For a Mandalorian, the choice is clear. There is war, and there is death. Choose war /every time/!"> Sana said from her spot at the command station on the bridge. The crew responded, as everyone could see from space, with war.

Finishing with the parralax relay converters (and just in time, too, as the Kyr'Am Ra Kote's gunners are putting the work in) Kirana grabs a hand-hold along the bulkhead as the ship rocks a bit from incoming fire. Sparks blast from the shielding array like fireworks in the sky of a life day celebration. Kirana and the PIT both move in unison to rush toward that section while the overhead lighting flashes as emergency power kicks in, diverting auxiliaries to the shield transmitters. "PIT, get the dilithium phasing tube, I'll work on the interlay voltage relay."

Without wasting time on a response, the PIT pulls open an access patch and digs its little hands inside to set to work and Kirana similiarly does the same a little further up, though less haphazardly as the droid. A hydrospanner is shoved inside the relay systems, only for the young woman to wince and withdraw her arm while sparks shoot around inside. "Blast it! That was unexpected." Growling, she shoves her arm back inside to bang at the lever in the far end to cut off the circuitry inputs. That done, she's able to replace the primary capacitor from parts kept in a nearby storage bin for emergency replacements just like this one, then bravely shoves her hydrospanner back at the lever, reactivating it. Grimacing, as she expects to get shocked again, there's a look of surprise when the shock doesn't come. The Morellian allows herself a smug crack of a smile before jogging back to the dataterminal.

Her intention was to announce the shields back at full power, but what she sees on the screen before she can hit the intercom is the Stompa's blip flickering out. It's replaced by a much smaller pixel to indicate a successful ejection and Kirana's eyes turn vicious, her expression fierce even as she knows Sumi is okay, for now. And when the OnB starts getting hammered she looks away, focusing back on the engine systems of the Kyr'Am Ra Kote. She's not going to be able to help save anyone if she doesn't keep this ship in flying state. "PIT, keep monitoring the defense systems," she orders it, her voice much more stern than before, setting the PIT to take over briefly while she takes the few moments necessary to refasten her helmet.

There is a moment as she watches Sumi's ship blow the heck up and her eyes narrow slowly as rage gets to her. She moves to grab her gun but then the ship she's supposed to be piloting is struck. <<"Sorry!">> She calls out and she looks at her buttons and lights are flashing and alarms. <<"We are great.">> She lies over the comms and winces as she glances up to see Sumi come out of the wreckage. Then her eyes go to Hadrix ship and then over to the other ship. <<"We need repairs. STAT. I got buttons flashing and angry screamin alarms I don't know what to do with.">> She calls back to the crew. She punches the controls. <<"Shut up.">> She growls angrily.

Jallo offers Hadrix a nod, <"Gonna try to maintain these locks for everybody. Lemme know if you need me to fix the ship up but still seems the shields are good."> As he establishes locks again he tightbeams the data to the rest of the fleet, <"Targeting data sent out enjoy!."> But as the sensor readout shows Sumi's fighter has been shot down Jallo shakes his head a bit, <"Narrowing down on the area around her ship. I'm sure she ejected and I'll find her.">

The heavy fighters gone and half the snubs left floating dead in space, one of them with a blackened remnant of the pilot at the controls and the other with a blown out cockpit and the pilot floating away to a tractor ray from the cruiser. The odds are rapidly shifting against the mercenary forces and the strike cruiser's shields were beginning to show tears in the energy field under the broadside of turbolaser fire and torpedo strikes.

<"Sumi..."> Watching Stompa go up, jamming down on the torpedo launch trigger, Hadrix was across the small bridge to sensor stations, snarling behind his helmet visor, froth on his lips as the old voice suddenly rose to the fore,

'Now you're getting her killed.'

'Not now.'

An ugly coming under point defense fire twists into a crescent shape before the weight of laser heat blows through, turning it to a bloom of fire and shrapnel, one of it's fellows angling around after the ARC fighter, tail-end sweeping one side then another and its rotating cannon spitting alternating emerald and ruby energy blasts.

'What are you without me?'

<"Shut up...">

The growling voice triggering Hadrix's vocalizer gets Mir to look up and over, helmed head canting to one side, <"Hadrix?">

The strike craft's broadside opens again to hammer at the Marauder that is smashing its shields to proverbial flinders, wave after wave rippling over the shields that continue to weaken. The mercenary craft begins to angle, heading towards a likely jump point as it seeks to escape the planetary gravity well. Only to have the Kyr'Am Ra Kote, the Death or Glory, living up to its moniker.

<"HADRIX! WHAT IN ALL THE HELLS!?"> Greeza's voice over ships communications from her turret when the Gozanti's engines roar to full and it bears down on the Loronar craft. On the bridge the big man has thrown the crewer who had been at the helm from their seat and had taken their place, hunched forward over the controls. Sparks begin flying all throughout the ship, proximity warnings scream, and the light cruiser passes within the shield bubble of their target.

<<"TARGET THEIR ENGINES! TARGET THEIR SHIELD ARRAY! STOP THIS KRIFFING THING"> Al'Verde Kora's voice something guttural, rage filled. Inhuman. Not even the distortion of his helmet systems or the shipboard comms can conceal that.

The ship she has hitched her entire self to is now barring full steam ahead through the cruiser's shields in a Mandalorian bum rush that will surely please the anceastors. Valeska, thankfully, is strapped in her spot. After a few of these missions, she has learned some lessons rather well. So she isn't thrown from her station but might -- MIGHT -- be white-knuckling it as the drama on the bridge is being telecommunicated to her in vivid detail.

<<"We're with ya, vod!">> There's almost a 'yee haw' riding on that thick accent of the danger-junkie. But it is quelched by the shudder of the ship that throws the aim of her heavy laser off. Who'd have thought that aiming at something that is fast approaching would be more difficult? Logic would dictate it should be easier.

This is why she dropped out of school. Physics just doesn't make sense, ya'll.

Thankfully, the gunner's seat came with attachment points, as they were put to good use as the ship was used as a battering ram against the enemy vessel. Such was life. And she had her orders. "Targetting engines." No longer focusing on the smaller craft, even if there were any close enough to target now, Mai's guns reoriented, the lasers firing at the engine of the vessel trying so valiantly to depart the system, the impact causing minor damage, but certainly not disabling the craft.

There's a flash of light as the ship goes up, it would briefly be reflected off of Terek's visor, "No." He can't believe that. She had to have ejected and she's probably jetpacking towards friendly lines right now. That's it.

The Gozanti shuddering suddenly snaps him out of those thoughts, Hadrix yelling in his ear. Right, focus. Make it count. The engines, that's the ticket. They need to disable the ship. If it can't get away they can pound away at the shiends to bring them down.

His turret rotates around and gets an angle on the engines, and Terek lets out a roar as he pulls the trigger, blasting towards the engines, aiming for anywhere that can try to shut the engines down. He just needs to find the perfect angle while he has this shot.

Kaiya makes a judgement call and orders Faith to get a lock on Sumi's position after the distruction of her X-wing, so Faath would have an easier time to rescue the Elder Kora. Kaiya and Draeva focus on trying to clear out the remaining Uglies. She frowns as all their shots miss. <Head for Sumi, if you can Faath.> Kaiya states, <We dont leave our people behind.>

Incapable of keeping the rocketpack alive, Sumi had only the momentum to rely on now. Her last sight before blacking out was the lightshow of the Mandalorian fleet and various ships exploding in the vastness of space. Having only one thing to hold onto in a vast nothingness, she instinctively clutched to Rain, and everything else fell from her conscious mind as if a dream coaxed her into a safe, painless distance...

The Old and Busted was taking another hellish beating. More of the crew littered the corridors and bridge, but those who had buckled themselves in remain at their stations firing. Sana, once again, rises up after hooking her arm to the table to leverage herself up. She cradles one arm, broken, and braces herself amongst the sea of sparks. <"Bring our shields back up as much as you can. We are NOT backing down from this fight! FIRE EVERYTHING!">

Her mother's PIT droid monotonously spoke in binary to her while Kirana fastened a new power coupling over the number three engine conductor. <"Again? We just fixed that!"> Kirana was irritable and did not have the patience to be kind with her words. <"Get a new one on there, I'll re-align the matrix."> The PIT waddles quickly toward the previously opened access panel and sets to work adjusting the phasing tubes while Kira, helm on securely now, wedged her hydrospanner between a rail and used it as a makeshift lever to rip a small section of the bulkhead down. It clatters to the ground rather unceremoniously but this wasn't the time for delicacy.

Anyway bulkhead coverings were cheap.

Having been reasonably certain the primary power relays for the shield system's negative voltage circuitry would be within this hard-to-reach area, she was hardly surprised to find she'd assumed correctly. Elbowing the short-circuited capacitor out of place, it falls behind the lower bulkhead for a maintenance droid to retrieve later. Kirana was one part furious and one part pragmatic in this moment. Jogging to the spare capactiors container, she shifts through a couple of them before finding a new voltage relay, and, double-checking it was for negative charge, jogs back to the forced-open bulkhead and conducts a quick spot-weld on it with one of the hydrospanner's alternate functions. It wasn't pretty, but it'd get the ship to port, and, if the PIT did its job right, would keep the shields holding firm.

Sticking her spanner back into her utility belt she crosses to the dataterminal (under the assumption that the PIT would do its job right the first time) to check on the radar. No other friendlies had been lost, yet.

Her gaze held steady on the status of the friendly Marauder.

The woman glances around and sighs quietly. She keeps seeing the systems lights flash and she makes sure her helmet is on tightly. <<"This is your captain speaking. Please be prepared to be forcibly jettisoned out of the ship. I will try to make sure it doesn't happen but please be prepared." She grumbles quietly and then keeps moving the ship around. She tries her best to pilot it but glares at the control panel. <<"Stop screamin at me.">> She oohs and pushes the silent button. The alarms stop but everything is still flashing. <<"I'm not sure that's better.">> She pushes the button again and lets the alarms blare. <<"I'd love to but unless me want to break like a glass bottle against some shields... we cannot get to her. Yet.">> She states over the coms. <<"Get her on this ship and I can save her. We have minutes, Koras.">> The doctor speaks out to the team.

Jallo's still working the sensors and as the Gozanti gets into brawling range outside of it's weight class he starts to target the subsystems to make the brawl a lot easier for those on his side, <"Shields making it impossible to transfer the data outside of the ship however got a lock for the engines and the shield systems on the cruiser.">

While not the savage strength of the turbolaser battle raging 'above' them, the light of the massive energy cannons are enough to stain ships one color and then the next when the blasts scream past. Debris caught in their path simply ceases to be, the heat of the assaults momentarily thawing what was close enough.

Before the cold comes rushing back in.

<"Copy."> Hadrix's voice again, buried in the chill, feral, growl.

<"Open fire!"> Pheegus's mechanical 'voice' given by his translator collar bellows with the undertones of his own speech at an aggressive timber not known for the normally peaceful Ithorians. Already the locked torpedo flies from the Kyr'Am Ra Kote's fore, chased by quad and heavy turret fire smashing into the plating at the cruiser's engine housing. Mir's shots tracking the marks Amaia had put on the hole, to utilize the weakness she'd created to strike through.

The Loronar stops moving, the thrust nozzles go dark and so to with them many of the ships systems, including the shields.

<<"They h'are on backup power by now!"> Mir's voice cutting through, <<"Shomevon get Soomi and get her inside atmosphere!">> the old man's voice a bark and the Gozanti is already rotating, angling to put one of its hatches towards the mercenary cruiser.

Their 'home' crippled, and too many enemies about - the two 'uglies' break off and start back towards the surface of Shili and away from the marauding Mandalorians.

The Strike Cruiser simply hangs there, in space, ready to begin the slow pull of gravity. A draw that may take days, maybe weeks, but will bear inevitable results if not arrested.

The ship had been disabled, and operations were underway, no doubt, for the takeover of the ship. "Departing gunner station." This was, in the end, the other half of Amaia's training, and the Dara female rose from her seat, moving at speed to head to the closest rescue station, the better to bring in the drifting droid and Kora. Space was not always final. One would hope.

As soon as the big ship was finally disabled and the last of the enemies bugged out, Terek was immediately up out of the turret and moving to grab his gear from the rack near the gun. No matter what had happened, it was out of his control. He needed to focus on the rest of the mission ahead.

BOOP! Sumi is sent along a path through space, urged on by the warriors eager to see her to safety. She was met near the docking bay of their friendly ship by a Mando in spacefaring gear who carefully gathered up, saluted the fighter responsible for BOOPING her toward them, then guided her the rest of the way inside.

When Sumi was brought inside the ship, it was in the arms of a Mandalorian using a heavy-lift rocketpack. He landed, knees buckling from the weight of Sumi /and/ the droid she was hugging. It was not clear what her state was, but both droid and warrior were set gently upon the deck and separated from each other. Rain, no worse for wear, waddled back and forth making the high pitched squealing noise of worry.

Sumi is hefted up and onto a gurney to be HUPHUPHUP'd to medical. It remained unclear if her exposure to vacuum was going to be the cause of her glorious end, or if the ol' girl still had some grit left in her.

Aboard the Old and Busted, the crew watched as their enemy vessel showed signs of destabilization. <"She's floundering,"> called one of the stations, and Sana, unable to see through the cracked visor of her helmet, pulled the piece up and away to squint through a blood visage. "So she is. The fight isn't over. Prepare boarding parties, and activate our tractor beams. Steady her descent and bring her to low orbit. We killed the thing, now let us rob what lay inside."

The Old and Busted was on the move once more, her engines glowing bright as it took to one side of the cruiser, arresting control of the craft to pull it in so they could begin the fun part; close quarters combat.

Kirana had been channeling her fury into her work, keeping the Gonzati operating at peak shape and the shields recharging back to full each time they took a hit, so the chatter over local comms about Sumi being brought on board has to be filtered out from her head-noise before it actually hits her. On realizing Sumi had been recovered, Kira sprints out of the engineering deck, leaving the well-being of the ship in the PIT's robotic hands for now. Her durasteel boots pound equally hardened flooring as she takes her helmet off during her sprint, practically throwing it on the floor as she rounds a corner into the infirmary.

Finding Sumi on the gurney she rushes up to her to give her a quick look-over for any potentially fatal acute injuries. She gives a stern look to whatever medical personnel is treating her and issues a stiff nod. "I'll stay with her. Keep her up. Let me know how I can help." Grabbing her mother's hand briefly, she follows whatever requests or instructions the medical peronnel have as far as assistance in aiding Sumi's recovery. Her attention wholly on Sumi, Rain is practically ignored by the younger Morellian.

Faath Kora carefully lands the ARC in Hadrix ship as Sumi is lifted onto a gurney. She punches the ship controls and pops the canopy. She leaps out of the ship and lands on her feet. She jumps up and rushes up to Sumi and starts get into Doctor mode. She pulls out the medkit and starts to do scans on her. She glances over to Kirana. "Keep talking to her. Let her know you are here." She points to the door to the helps the gurney to the medical area or a place to work as a medical bay. She's focused and until Sumi is stable, she won't leave her.