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Community Outreach

OOC Date: November 28, 2018
Location: Ko Hentota, Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Zul Gradnk, Tarion Tavers, Hadrix Rol, Usha, Lozen, Ravelyn, and Oran Arcantael as GM

The short story: Stormtroopers are kicking down doors in Ko Hentota, searching for terrorist activity and hassling innocent(?) civilians. Will the citizens in this lawless district help root out terrorists, hinder the operation, or take matters into their own hands?

The long story:

Something seems stirred up about the Hub today. Ko Hentota is always weird and dangerous (just like all of you), but there's something... else, going on. It's hard to put one's finger on just what, but there's an aspect of hurry, of worry, of urgency in hushed conversations between passers by... Hadrix and Lozen are discussing amongst themselves, both perhaps picking up on the general vibe of the environment.


"Sir." The vocoded voice belongs to KA-4448, Fresh outta the Creche, a stormtrooper Private approaching Hadrix. "Suspected terrorist activity in this area, sir; we have reason to believe that hostile elements are planning destructive action in a residential area. We have units dispatched to investigate and contain the threat."

And sure enough, they do.

The Order isn't exactly known for gentleness, and this is evidenced by the fact that chaos has erupted a street away, as troopers haul a wailing Rodian family out of their hovel of an apartment, weapons drawn, one trooper guarding while others kick the door open (it was already mostly open, did they have to kick it?) to push through and search the interior of the home. Similar scenes are playing out on other 'spoke' streets off Ko Hentota's Hub; civilian chaos and anger as unhappy aliens get dragged out of their houses and troopers burst in to search.

"Utochka street still remains for threat investigation and containment, sir," KA-4448 continues to Hadrix, indicating a street not far from where he and the others have gathered. It's narrow, lined with horrible, dingy apartments, and thus far, suspiciously quiet. It seems like, perhaps, an unwise amount of ground to cover between Hadrix and this Private alone.

Zul Gradnk arrives in Ko Hentota, suspecting nothing. In fact, weren't it for her favourite, travelling Bantha Steak stand, she wouldn't be here at all. So, as she disembarks her taxi, she freezes up, trying to climb back into the taxi, which sadly took off as soon as she got out of it. So, it looks like she is stuck here. Allright. Just act neutral. She has a perfectly legitimate reason to be here after all, right?

"Whoa whoa whoa, what's going on here?" A man complains as he emerges from a gutter, trash falling off of him in waves, starting with the heavier chunks of food refuse and finishing with the wispy wrappers that drift up around his head before fluttering to the street again. "You bucketheads are messing with a three-day stakeout operation!" the man in grey armor complains, a piece of hard candy stuck in his short, spiky hair. "This is, you know, the first day of it, but still, I'm a little outraged here on behalf of myself." The fellow comes stomping out into the center of the hub, adjusting a rifle on one shoulder and a loud green reptilian purse hanging from a golden chain on the other. "I'm Tarion Tavers, the famous bounty hunter, and I demand an explanation!" This is directed towards Hadrix, since that guy got called 'sir' by the other guy.

At the approaching trooper, Hadrix looks to him and looks to the indicated street. "Copy trooper. Suspicious individuals went down that route, likely a trap. If you know a side route where we can reduce flank positions against us, that'd be ideal' he then looks to Lozen, 'Got my back?" any emotion in his voice wiped clean by the external speakers, starting towards the indicated street and motioning for the regular trooper to take point position. Bad ideas, maybe. Then Tarion pops out of the garbage. "First order business, bounty hunter. Get in line and maybe you'll find your mark in the ruins here."

The waves of chaos ripple into the Hub as passerby get even more rowdy and panicked. If Usha thought the crowd was maddening before it's been amped up to 12 now and she's getting pushed and pulled all sorts of directions like a tiny little dingy in a violent sea. The rough housing has made her drink entirely spill over and the Zeltron holds nothing but an empty cup. Usually she's all for a bumpin time, but her skin flares an angry red. "Damn you all!" she growls to everyone and no one in particular. Usha throws the cup at the head of some nobody but it goes flying for Lozen's instead.

Lozen unslings her axe and checks her Vibrodagger, " I am surely not about to let you go alone." she dips her chin and moves to follown axe held low by her side but free of it's sling. Others in distress are ignored the studly trooper Hadrix seems to be the tiny Echani's priority.

Among the crowd of panicked Ko Hentotan residence and visitors another figure emerges, one decked out head to toe in armor that is of the more ominous variety. Ravelyn's long stride crosses the distance to Hadrix, helmeted head turning to look up and down the suspiciously quiet street. "Trouble?" is asked of Hadrix, now keeping pace with those that move.

"One entrance, one exit, sir," KA-4448 dutifully informs Hadrix. "There are no other points of egress on Utochka Street beyond the Hub," where they are, "and the Rim," where the street ends. He shifts his grip on his rifle and eyes the Civilians here with suspicion. His voice lacks emotion and his expression can't be seen, but it just radiates off him anyway. You are all very, very shady characters, and KA-4448 does not approve of you in the slightest. He low key wishes Hadrix chose better friends, like the math club or the debate team.

A voice shouts from a broken window on an upper level apartment on Utochka Street, "Leave us alone!" The Basic is heavily accented and the speaker unseen, but the words can be made out nonetheless. "We do nothing you! We living our lives! You live yours, white-hat trashstacks! White hats OUT Ko Hentota! White hat lovers, OUT Ko Hentota!"

"Yes sir," KA-4448 says obediently when Hadrix gestures him to take point, and he does just that, heading down the suspicious street, empty of everything except its trash. Nothing immediately blows up or shoots him, but there's still time.

Meanwhile, in the Hub itself, another Ko Hentota resident seems to have the opposite opinion of White Hat Lovers. An old human wheezes at Zul and Usha, "Help us! Help the lawmen! Yutokli street had a bomb just last month, didn't it then? I can't lose it all again! Maybe if you just ask them nice!" Them who, the terrorists or the facists? Choices, choices.

Zul Gradnk looks at the old man confused "Lawmen? What lawmen?" she mutters cofusedly, sighing as she looks at the taxi, deciding to go into a street, where she sees an infamous green purse, deciding to wave "Oi! Taaaarion!" she shakes her head, going towards him, fighting her way through the crowd "What is going on here?" she wonders, reaching Tarion, tilting her head at his hair, and trying to reach up to get the candy out of it, before wrinkling her nose "Also, you smell!" she claims, tilting her head at the stormtroopers, looking confused "Right... so, uhm...." she shakes her head "I suppose I can forget steak." she mutters, chewing on the candy, perssuming she got hold of it, before turning a pale green and spitting it out "YUCK! This tastes as if dragged out of a trash can!"

"That seems reasonable," Tarion agrees, with a shrug. "But if it turns out my guy is the terrorist, and I'm not saying he is, then he's mine, not yours, and you gotta deal with that reality, ok ka," the bounty hunter admonishes Hadrix right as Ravelyn is showing up all intimidating. "Whoa. Hot. Check this guy out. I mean, I bet it's literally hot in there." Blinking, grinning like a stupid idiot, the man moves to follow the motion towards Utochka Street. "Utochka is a shit street. My buddy Winn used to live here. Maybe he still does. If /he's/ the terrorist, and I'm not saying he is, then he's all yours, but like, I can also tell you where his mom lives, for a small fee."

"Indeed" Hadrix looks to Ravelyn, "M'lord', keeping to general honorifics having no gender to work from, 'suspicious figures have moved down that street' indicating with his blaster towards Utcho... Utch... Uchablagblagha street, where the anti-order shouting is coming from as he starts to move with his fellow trooper, keeping proper spacing in case of explosives, automatic fire, or other unpleasentness. To Tarion, he notes, "You will need to discuss that with that one." he jerks his head at Ravelyn. Hurray he was able to delegate up to the person with more authority!

Not here five minutes and already things are being delegated to Ravelyn. The question is heard, as is the response, Hadrix earning a brief look from that helmet that offers no hints as to what the wearer might be feeling. The sigh that Hadrix will hear over comms might be an indication, but that doesn't carry through the vocoder for anyone else to hear. "Why don't you go and see if your friend is the terrorist, and if so, bring him out to us. That will get you a reward." It might also be sending him in as a sacrificial lamb, but sometimes the risk is worth the reward. "It should be easy for a famous bounty hunter." Usha's arrival is noted, helmet turning to look around for signs of the old man before swinging back to Usha. "Everyone that is down here is in need of some form of assistance."

KA-4448 the Stormtrooper Private seems to be on the same page as the groups who were searching the other streets off the Hub: Approach the houses, which are jammed together like drunks leaning on one another so that no one falls over, and start abusing the people inside. He's trotting up to a likely looking hovel, but before the Private can start beating down the door, a figure emerges. It's a Nikto teenager with his hands up, dressed in many layers of ill-fitting clothing. "Listen. Hey. Listen'a me," he greets. "Troopers. Armors. Pinkadink and Greenie. Hi. How'reya. Listen, I know you're looking for troublemakers, I seen it on the other streets here, like whoa. Maybe work on your public relations! You need a guy, I know a guy! No but seriously. What you're looking for, listen, it's at the end of the street. Convenience shop. That's where the bad's goin, down, the badabing, badabad, real bad, so sad. Yoooooou should go check it out."

Zul Gradnk chuckles as she sees the Nikto and calling the troopers stupid names. Still, she would raise an eyebrow, had she one at the sith. And then there is Tarion. Which makes Zul turn very green. "Why did I get here?" she mutters, holding a hand in front of her mouth. THE STENCH! So, she turns away, looking at Usha as if she grew a secound head, trying to make sense of her

"Yeahhhh. Nikto, more like... Not-ko. Ko... Hentota." Tarion squints up at the sky, thinking over this attempt at a joke, scratching his chin. "Hm. Come back to me later, I'll have something punnier on that one. Anyway, uh, yes, reward, old man, Winn's mother. You got it. And quit picking at my hair, you can fail to touch me later," he complains at Zul, swatting at the air in her direction. Usha is nearby, but he doesn't seem to recognize her or Lozen /at all./ "A bonus, you say? That sounds good to me. He always worked in the shop at the end of the street. Convenience shop." The bounty hunter starts heading that way. "Come on, they have nerf rinds there."

Hadrix is still new to this whole needing to read people thing, and when he gets spoken to this time, a little voice in his head goes 'I believe 'em!'. He turns at Tarion's comment, head canting to one side, looking between Old Man and the kid before motioning for the Nikto to head towards the Hub "Get clear, it's likely to get violent soon." He's trained the kill the ever loving hell out of things and people, and sometimes people's things. He's not trained to know if he's being lied to, he's used to being told to just shoot the hell out of them, shoot the bodies, then double tap them. Then kaf and cigarras.

"You're right," Usha concedes to the very tall Ravelyn because you just don't argue with really tall people. "Well then if that's the case, who do we help f-" Her question is answered when the Nikto teen presents himself and practically gives them the answer! God where was this guy when she was still in school? "Right yeah. Convenience store. If anyone should know it's this kid, right? Let's head over. Kid, what's your name?" Usha asks the Nikto boy, walking up to him to put a magenta hand on his shoulder so that he joins the group, and then follows along after Tavers.

Lozen follows along. She looks slightly more mistrustful of the guy pointing them along but shrugs and follows. She is Echani so it goes without saying her skills are not necessarily in stiffing out lies that are expressed in words. She flexes her fingers around the grip of her axe "I hope so, I have been disappointed before. If there is not some blood to shed then I'm doomed to suffer a string of unsatisfying encounters in vain quest to find a challenge." She is as unaware of how embarrassing the ambiguous wording could be as she is the lie she's been fed.

Ravelyn turns to face the Nikto kid as he speaks, but when Hadrix dismisses him one gloved hand lifts to halt that departure. Usha's effort to keep him in place gets a nod. "You, keep an eye on him. And you," she instructs Zul, motioning the Twi'lek toward the Nikto. "Don't let him leave the group, if he tries to get away, make it known." There is a clear expectation that these orders will be obeyed, because Ravelyn doesn't wait for a response before turning to move along with the others.

"Your pun game is weak, old man," Nikto Teen accuses Tarion. He's not mad, he's just disappointed. Usha gets a big wink and double finger guns. "You can have my name if I can have your number, Pinkadink. Ayyyyy." Smoove. "NERF RINDS!" he then confirms for Tarion, "See, it's just there, y'all, lookit n' bookit." Sure enough, like a shining beacon on this disappointing street of misery and poverty, there it lies, the Convenience Store. One fluorescent light has been left on, flickering erratically, casting strange shadows and shapes over dubious snack packages in a variety of alien tastes and languages. Shrimp chips. Clamshell Crisps. Grassbits. Mushroom Boom. Al-Caf. 55 Hour Energy Not Advised For Humanoids. Nerf rinds! This shop has got all the favorites.

The Nikto Teen doesn't make any effort to escape, and happily leads the group into the convenience shop, where KA-4448 immediately charges in, on point! Go, little trooper! Go forth and --- BOOM, blaster fire rings out, and the Stormtrooper cries out as he's hit. Not mortally, but it isn't good. The shadows are crawling with figures now, including one Gran who seems to have a perch in the ceiling, and a view downward. "FREE NAR SHADDAA," a raspy voice shouts, and then all hell breaks loose.

Zul Gradnk finally succumbs to vomiting at the Nikto's feet "Why do I have to watch him." she groans, making the Nikto far worse to look at, before pushing him into cover and covering him. Best not to anger a sith "Shoot at Tarion please!" she requests, being reasonably sure the bounty hunter won't die. Probably. He CAN be useful.

"The only shame is the shame I feel in myself," Tarion agrees with Notko, but he doesn't seem all that ashamed, he's too busy grinning his lopsided grin and bebopping along to the beat of an invisible drummer. When they reach the store, he's already eagerly peering in the windows, looking around for... "Oh hell yeah, let's get that al-caf up in here, and some- wait a second. Are those /shaak rinds/? This place got gentrified," he's starting to whine as KA goes running in through the door. "Hey wait a second I was going first!" the bounty hunter protests loudly, trying to stop the trooper unsuccessfully and nearly falling in through the door behind the other when the shot rings out, immediately scrambling behind the low wall with integral window outside. "Nar Shaddaa IS free, you idiots!" pulling his head low as he readies his blaster rifle, reaching into his purse to rifle around for some lip gloss- oh wait that's a bomb. "What do you think?" he asks Hadrix, holding up not one but two grenades. "Cryoban, or uh.... what one is that. I don't know, it's- you know, MYSTERY flavor!"

By all the gods and devils of Corellia... That's the first packet of Nerf Rinds Hadrix has seen since he got to this rock. Mentally noting his priority target. Then the Gran pops up... like all the damned Gran in the Dark Forces games, up high and likely about to start whipping grenades like a pleb, the charging trooper getting gunned down does not surprise him, should have chuck and charged, but the poor kid forgot to chuck. Tarion is ready to chuck though, so that's a benefit. "Throw the mystery then, and hope for the best." grumbling as he moves for cover, attempting to take a potshot at the damned Gran, hoping to keep the herder's head down for the moment.

"Pinkadink? That's me isn't it? It has to be me." Flattered, Usha wraps an arm around the kid's shoulder and her cheeks flush a shade of purple that matches with her jumpsuit/cape combo. And then suddenly, she pauses to narrow her eyes suspiciously at the Nikto boy before asking, "Wait a minute. How old are you again?"

Looks like she'll never know because Zul's taken the boy from her creepy little hands and covered him as soon as the storm trooper goes down. "Uh...Uhhh, kriff!" It's only now she's realized she doesn't have her gun out and that she's bright purple target. So Usha fumbles to pull out her blaster while ducking behind a shelf of snacks. Taking a second for a breath, she peaks back out and takes two careful shots at some aging Squidface.

Lozen lacks blasters and is not about to get stuck behind cover left to sit with her thumbs up her ass so she darts forward, somehow managing to sprint while making herself a smaller target as she works on closing the distance. OF course the Echani brings an axe to the firefight. Typical. Maybe next time she will bring sticks and stones and tribal artwork for protection.

Skeeving and vomiting on weren't exactly what Ravelyn had in mind when leaving the Nikto in the tender care of the Zeltron and Twi'lek, but that's just how things roll when you try and use civilians. Concern for the situation with the alien trio aren't lingered on long, as more pressing issues present themselves in the form of attack. Ravelyn is just barely inside the store before one hand lifts out to reach for one of those moving in the shadows, choosing one at random. An unseen force grabs hold of the Weequay woman and yanks her forward to collide unpleasantly with the counter where one would pay for all of these processed, and according to some, gentrified snacks.

"Aaaaah!" the Nikto Teen protests as Zul throws up on him, and then pushes him into a corner, where a parade of Savory Gummy Steakbites rains down on his head. "Whaaat, whyyyy, I just got these kicks, yo!" he complains. "Nobody has to watch me!" It takes him a moment to extricate himself from the pile of snacks, but eventually he does get back to his feet, and when he does, he has a hold out blaster. He's holding it out. At Zul. "Really didn't think aliens would be throwing in with /these/ blastbrains, but okay," he shrugs, and then attempts to shoot her.

Speaking of shooting, the Grand Gran, handsome specimen of his species, easily ducks behind his ceiling plates and avoids the shot from Hadrix. Usha, meanwhile, ruthlessly guns down Old Man Quarren, who was struggling around a display of Melloruun-ade with a rifle from the Clone Wars days. He gets shot once, flails, twice, collapses with a wheezy groan.

Bringing an axe to a firefight turns out to be an EXCELLENT idea for Lozen, who hits the younger Quarren so hard that his half his body flies wildly, twitchily into Hadrix, spewing gore all over, while the bottom half does a twitchy nerves-severed dance toward the Al-Caf display. The Weequay likewise has a bad time as nothingness grips her and slams her into the counter, but she isn't quite down for the count yet...

"Don't worry, the mystery flavor is /never/ a disappointment," Tarion assures Hadrix, and gives the grenade a heave through the door. The explosive bounces directly off the Grand Gran's little ensconcement and rolls back towards the front door. "That's not good," the bounty hunter observes cheerfully, pointing at the beeping ball rolling in their direction just before a loud, bright flash of energy detonates, momentarily blinding everyone and doing- well, little else, other than shorting out the door and causing it to go absolutely bonkers, opening and closing with no rhyme or reason, not even making it all the way closed every time before opening up again. "Let's all just take a moment to acknowledge that that could have been a lot worse and be thankful," Tarion yells over the sound of all hell continuing to break loose.

Covered in blood, gore, chaos. Hell his suit is registering an ion detonation that a burst of static across his HUD confirms. The smell of blast charred plastboard and expended tibanna being detected by Hadrix. Blaster fire from the Gran sparks off of a shoulder pauldron on his armor, and he feels his body jerk, but registers no pain.

It's hell, and it's exactly where he's wanted to be for weeks. Bracing his carbine and firing into the ceiling where the Gran is, looking to eliminate the bastard's hiding place, Hadrix grabs those Nerf Rinds and tucks them into his belt as his blaster spits fire. His externals click on briefly, "Lozen! The nikto! He's a plant!"

Hadrix then switches to his comms, speaking only to the Knight of Ren **"Lord Ravelyn, can you assist with this?"** hoping that he can make the ceiling a pinata, but this one is filled with murder candy. Delicious murder candy. And them weird sith Knights of Ren have some amazing billy bats for this sort of situation. Psychokinetic billy bats... And MIIIIIIIND BULLETS! That's Telekenisis Tarion! They even have the power, to move you.

Wuh-uh-nder Siiiiiiith!

Lozen has a system to keep momentum with a weapon nearly as big as she is and that system even includes being able to lift a foot and to push while she pivots on the balls of her planted foot so momentum and added oomph forom her foot dislodges her weapon-she seems wholly uncaring that it sends gore everywhere around her. She transitions instantly into a long stride and nother pivot bringing her axe down at an angle at the target Hadrix has identified- Nikto Teen.

All the while, Usha has taken a little break to do some math. Blaster shots are going haywire she she counts on her fingers, "Four ... five ... six ... no." Something is not quite adding up here and it's driving her crazy. Her calculations are disrupted when the Weequay lady gets slammed into the counter by seemingly nothing at all. Usha looks around frantically for the controlling sources but then BANG - a flash of light blinds her eyes and the Zeltron GAAAHHHHHHs pulls her blaster back out blindly shooting at the Weequay lady and horribly missing every time. "TAVERS!" Usha starts yelling angrily over all the chaos. "REAL QUICK, WHAT'S 25 DIVIDED BY 2 THEN ADD 7?"

There's an unseen grimace as the grenade goes off, though luckily for everyone it wasn't the actual exploding kind, though it does mess with the systems in Ravelyn's helmet too. Flickering, funky comms, though they function enough to hear the request from Hadrix. A nod follows as one hand goes up, hovers there, and absolutely nothing happens. The hand flexes and drops, then lifts again in a shrug and a sad shake of the head. **Just keep shooting, eventually you'll hit it enough to do something.** comes the response over comms to Hadrix.

"Yooooou're so dumb right now, pa-dumb-a-dumb dumb.... You full on took the bait, pa-dumb a dumb dumb.... Our finest plans we laid, pa-DUMBADUMB DUMB...." That's the Nikto kid, distracted from trying to shoot Zul by his sudden, excellent song version of the Villain's Speech. He doesn't get to finish it, however, because the Weequay lady rasps out, "Juka, SHUT UP," and then Lozen enforces the shutting up by CLEAVING HIM IN TWAIN. Vertically. It's a hell of a thing, and it's so messy, there's just mess everywhere, luckily all the snacks are in protective packaging. He's dead. He's real dead. Meanwhile, Tarion didn't raise the roof, he broke the door, Hadrix didn't break the roof, but he did weaken it a little and prove that the First Order troopers really can aim better than their imperial predecessors. It's all up to Ravelyn, who summons the dark Forces of the universe.... anger, fear, hatred.... to reach out and with only the POWER OF HER MIND..... do nothing. Welp. She still looks cool though, and that's the point of the dark side. There is no peace, there is only fashion.

"It's nineteen and a half!" Tarion yells instinctively at Usha, not even waiting a beat to solve the equation. Wait, what? Is this the same person? Don't think about it too hard, guys. "Now the real question is, how long has it been since Winn worked here?!" He puts his bag down, leaning out around the corner to peek in the rapidly oscillating doors. "HEY. Anyone still alive in there. DO YOU KNOW WINN?!" The response is blaster fire that sails over his head, singing a plastic wrapper still caught in the man's hair. "Rude," he mutters to himself, powering up the blaster rifle he carries and leaning back around the corner to take a shot, the zip of hot plasma smashing into a display of nerf rinds. "Krif. Oh, kriffing hell. This is /the/ worst store. Now we have to settle for shaak rinds!" The horror. His eyes are wide with it as he pulls his head back from the line of fire once more.

Hadrix keeps firing into the ceiling, obeying the commands of the Knight. If he can get that damned Gran to come down, since the bastard won't be obliging and do it himself, trying to take out any place that looks like a support underneath where the three eyed camel-toad thing is hiding. Sometimes battle is less glamorous, but it does feel like he's playing Quarry Construct back on base - and he's not punching trees.

"Nineteen and a ... " Usha's rubbing at her eyes still to get the lingering glare out of them. Her eyes squint about the convenience store to get a glimpse at Nikto boy and gather an estimate. Alas, it is far too late, for the adolescent alien now lies in something like pieces on the floor. "Damn. Oh well." The Zeltron's eyes shut again and she gives it another blind shot at the Weequay lady. To no ones surprise, her shots hit a bloody bag of rinds instead.

Lozen issued a pain cry as she's pegged, stumbling off kilter and rocking back on a heel to keep herself from continuing to wobble. She recovers quickly and returns her weight to the balls of her feet, shifting hands on the axe but holding it no less comfortably. She looks up as if she'd REALLY like to get a peice of Gran but there are still combatants closer and this time her thin, pale lips peel from her too-perfect Echani teeth in a bestial snarl as she leaps over bodies and other obstacles to close the distance enough to swing at Weequay.

With the ceiling being fired at, Ravelyn takes aim at what is assumed to be the easier target. The already injured target that surely won't take much to finish off. Once again a hand reaches out to try and attack with that invisible force, but it goes wrong, and all that happens is what remains of those nerf rinds that Tarion was so keen on are knocked onto the floor, so he can't even scrounge for good rinds among the debris.

"WINN WAS A WEEQUAY MAYBE THAT'S HIS MOTHER," Tarion abruptly shouts, like the realization has just hit him, and springs to his feet with a wild light in his eyes, taking aim at the lucky lady and drawing a careful bead on her. "I never liked that old hag. Her face was all... wrinkly. Like dried zoochberries. You know who likes dried zoochberries? NOBODY." BZHOOM, the rifle fires a shot at the wrinkly head. "YOU BIRTHED A TERRORIST!" the bounty hunter cries at her instead when the shot goes wide, hoping to injure her spirit if not her body.

There's a very special move they teach troopers in basic. Some say the the infants in the creche learn to do it before they can crawl. Combat roll. Seeing the blaster pointed at him in his peripheral vision, Hadrix leaps forward, tucking and landing on the meat of his shoulders, and follows through to a standing position. Half-hopping forward and twisting out of the way of larger pieces of debris, while letting smaller harmless pieces plink off his armor the trooper advances, firing at the Gran.

"You are under arrest by the First Order, under the Authority of the Supreme Leader!" the Gran, recovering from his fall, is punched backwards over the delicious spongy treats by the blaster bolts, and Hadrix keeps coming, preparing to fire on the Weequay if she doesn't give up at that point.

As the ceiling caves in, Usha keeps her head under praying to the stars that nothing falls on her. Lo and behold, she makes it, the sick sorry son of a bitch that she is! A couple more blinks and both the dust and the lingering flash makes its way out of Usha's eyes and she gains back full sight again. Excited by this, she quickly throws a shot out at Weequay lady and she's about to send out another until Hadrix starts speaking. "Oh are we not shooting anymore? Sorry!" Usha apologizes as the Weequay lady falls back dead on the floor.

Lozen growls as she sees how nimble Weequay is. She growls and shoves her axe into it's sling and snaps the closure shut and then draws a knife. She blinks as Weequay is killed and huffs slightly swiftly redirecting her attention to Gran Who is not a threat. She grunts softly and turns to slip off perhaps to look for other threats or perhaps to lick her wounds.

With no targets left, Ravelyn ceases ineffectively trying to destroy people and things with nothing, and instead turns to Hadrix. "Take the ceiling dweller in for interrogation to see if there are more of them." A retreating step is taken to survey the mess that was made. "This could have gone worse."

The Grand Gran, Ceiling Man, doesn't request his space Miranda rights or protest being under arrest. He's out cold, and that's the way of it... he's got nothing in his future except some pointed questions from the First Order regarding what these people think they're freeing Nar Shaddaa /from/. It's a job well done! Sure the convenience store is covered in blood, the door is never going to be the same, the Bostess Snofalls and the Nerf Rinds both suffered a terrible fate, and the ceiling is collapsed, but otherwise, it was a highly tactical, surgical strike carried out with complete professionalism. Everything is done! Good job! But wasn't that Nikto kid talking about something... something else, a plan, a plot, a trap?

That's when they spot it. The bomb. There is a bomb in here. Unmistakeable, amongst the Krikyt Krackers racks, even though they're tipped over now. There it is, sitting there, waiting to...

Nothing. It's badly made, and all eyes present can spot that. There's always the off chance it could go off by accident, but it doesn't seem to be live and ticking down now. It's evidence for the lawful prosecution.

Or it's a free bomb. Maybe that makes up for the nerf rinds.

Who says good deeds have no reward? Free bomb!