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Explorer's Guild: Corridors of Insanity

OOC Date: October 31, 2019
Location: Planetoid AX972
Participants: Explorer's Guild: Maireni, Zul Gradnk, and Corr Waldin; with Special Guest Stars Aryn Cole, Veck, Kryll, Lofty, and Chebi

It was a successful hunting expedition to the ice world of Hoth, a simple three-hour tour affair. After the long walk back to the ships hauling the hogs, and a loading period, and a brief moment for reflection, the Explorers and their posse set sail to fairer climes.

All is well for a few shining minutes as Corr calmly charts a rudimentary path through the asteroids that crowd the system, planning to cruise along to the other side before jumping to hyperspace. That is, until a fragment of floating rock impacts against the little Sheathipede's shields, damaging the ship in the process. <<"This is Corr, we gotta set her down,">> the man's voice comes tersely through the comms to the other ships. <<"Plotting a course into that planetoid up ahead, looks like there's some caverns we can take cover from the asteroids while we give ol' Racnoss a once-over. This thing was technically a loaner and uh. She's not exactly appropriate for this. Cheap, though!">>

Psshhheewwww, the little shuttle wings down into the pockmarked surface of Planetoid AX972, pointy legs deploying as the small craft settles down against the cave floor. The hatch in the back opens, and Corr comes hurrying out, with a clear airmask strapped over his face, the tube coming out of it connected to a container on his belt.

Zul Gradnk gulps looking at the asteroid, biting her lip "I have a bad feeling about this." she mutters "I somehow doubt that Sheathipedes were built for, well... asteroids." she admits, shrugging "I have a feeling I may be worrying too much." she muters, reaching for the mask of her spacesuit, following Corr outside "I mean, these things are tough, aren't they? Built to last?"

<Okay then, I'll follow behind and I'll park next to you in mine, took some decent damage to my hull.> Veck's voice coming over the coms,as he mutters something to someone behind him, sounds like get that fire put out quickly. But not that many rocks, or maybe he is a bad pilot, or well who knows with a crazy mando Hutt secuirty chief, but his course is coming down next to them as he lands, there the sound of yelling inside of the ship, and then it is silent inside of it. Before the door is open and there is a ramp coming down, with the bounty hunter running down with a burning basket of something throwing it down and then he sighs with rage in his eyes.

Maireni has been sitting on the floor somewhere, whining quietly about the injury to her arm, which isn't much of an injury right now, but she's still whining about it. "The cuuuuurse," she informs the ship from the place where she's begun a nest that Corr will have fun chasing her and Yoska out of later. "It followed us out here to space. We're DOOMED!" She's being not at all helpful, or informative, but if she spooks a person or two, it's a job well done.

Now that the ship has settled on an asteroid, or at least something with gravity to move about it, Kryll steps down onto the boarding ramp at the back of the ship. Without the furs he needed on Hoth, the Bounty hunter has his armor and some oxygen attached. His rifle is slung over his chest again, his right hand always on the grip even though this appears to be a safe zone for now. Kryll scans the area and then steps down, moving about 10 feet away from the ramp and keeping watch back and forth along the side of the ship so he can see back the way they came, or deeper into the cave itself.

Lofty left his hoth hog with his ship's crew for marinating and hitched a ride on the RACNOSS. He is checking the quarrels in his bowcaster when the vessel lands. "This place don't look safe," he warbles, sliding a breathing mask over his boopsnoot and waddling down the ramp.

Domino steps off the ship in armor with space rated helm and rebreather on, <Safe is relative. If the options are get pulverized or land here and take our chance I reckon landing is safer than the alternative. Also, this bacon better be transcendently good. I want to be spoiled for all other pleasures after a bite of it. That is the only way a bit of ham is worth this insanity.>

No transmission comes from the Rainstorm, a Helix Lt-Interceptor following the rest of the 'convoy'. Her engines leave white contrails in the otherwise black void of space as shields shimmer from light impacts of small debris. The reason for the radio silence isn't because Aryn chooses to ignore it, it's because she's arguing with the overprotective protocol droid currently acting as her co-pilot.

"My lady, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1!" Aryn grumbles, having no delusions of her own flying capability. "That's enough, Threepio.. My nerves are already shot as is.-- It looks like we're going down here.. for repairs."

"Watch out!" Threepio says, throwing his arms up in the air, but Aryn displays the precognitive intuition to draw her ship low, missing the certain doom. "Relax.. "

Landing is a much smoother process and Aryn initiates her breathing aparatus to go out the back. She triggers the ramp. "Stay here, and keep the ship ready." -- "Yes madam," replies the droid who turns back to the console exasperated with Aryn. "You won't catch me outside in this dreadful place!"--

Aryn comes down the ramp holding her spear and triggers her shoulder lamp. <"What seems to be the issue?">

Following after Veck takes a bit longer. No bundled up marshmallow, but Chebi does need to gear up differently to handle being outside. Space gear, armor, jumpsuit. Still a lot of layers, but not as bulky and fluffy. Following Veck out, she grabs her bag with her medpac and some utilitarian items, slinging it onto her shoulders. <"Is everyone alright at least?">

The cavern is dark, dank, and... moldy. The walls are an unsettling shade of brownish-grey that seems oddly out of place the longer one looks at it, and the ground has an almost elastic quality to it. "The ship is gonna run diagnostics, and then we'll see if it's fit to fly out of here," he announces to the others, tightening the strap behind his head. It's nice to have most of his face exposed again, at least, and feel the draft rustling through his hair, even if it does feel a tad sultry.

"Let's take a look around. We're explorers, after all. Can't say I ever been here before, maybe there's something worth finding," he decides, and starts walking deeper into the cavern. Mist crowds the ground, concealing it from view. In the distance, a sort of flapping sound can be heard.

Zul Gradnk blinks, turning to look at Maireni suspiciously "What curse?" she wonders "I mean, a curse just sounds ridiculous, if I may be honest. this is just a regular boring asteroid field... just a few tiny roids hitting us.... nothing weird." she says, nodding as if to reassure herself she looks around, her left hand sneaking it's way towards her DG-29. Not that there is anything bad around there, it is just everyone getting very armed. she smiles at Dom "I hope I will get some of that bacon as well." she adds with a grin "If I won't... I know a friend who miht enjoy hunting here." she wonders, chuckling "That... and I could return for a snowball fight." she adds, trying to lighten the mood. And her growing nerves. She nods at Corr "if we find any stuff from the old republic, I call dibs!" she half-jokes. Sure... it is her hobby but as if they would find such stuff here. "Or the new... you know., The latest." she explains, nodding

<Now then let, us look around and explorers into the avoid and the death.> Veck chuckles slowly, as his arm is around Veck's arm around her waist for a moment, as he squeezes it.<Now then, adventure while repairing very logical.> His voice is cold, is it the tune or the speaker it is hard to till, his hand is unclips his blaster with his right hand.

"Ay you noodle-brained chuck-hucker!," Maireni sounds defensive as she adjusts the mask on her face and squints at Zul. "Don't you go tryin' to tell me that there ain't no curses. You don't know what I seen. YOU DON'T KNOW!" She still has her blaster out, because she was attacked by pigs once already and she's not going to let it happen again. Which is to say, if it were to happen again, she'd probably still get hurt. "Just cuz you don't know about 'em doesn't mean they aint real, and real dangerous. Lucky for you that I do know, so for a real low price I can help you shake off the curse, yah? You'll see, this bad luck ain't gonna let us go. When that happens, you come right on to me," she thumbs into her own chest, and nods, as though it's decided that this is what's going to happen.

Taking up the rear guard for now, Kryll follows along at the back of everyone, since there are so many, quasi-civilians in the group. He says to himself inside his helmet, "It is like everyone in the galaxy owns three blasters.". His rifle is still pointed down, carried in one hand, but he continues to turn around and walk backwards slowly, keeping an eye out for any issues that may approach from the rear. Every so often, he will press his left hand up to his chest, testing the pain levels of the wound he suffered the previous night, and ensuring the armor has been taken care of properly.

Domino follows behind Kryll unless he insists on leap frogging behind her in which cause she cautiously follows the gang and wrinkles her nose, "It's like a dustbunny dingleberry. Ew." she declares as she makes her way though somehow without having to look, "Stop FUSSING with it, you're gonna make it start bleeding again if you keep that up."

Aryn hears the report, then glances around for a moment. She has the innate sense she's been here before, and recalls, briefly, a memory with Rey and the rest of the Jedi Order. To those who see Aryn, she walks cautiously after the others, her cape pulled around her and armor glimmering in the artificial lights put off by the others. She rotates her spear to the ready as a feeling washes over her, crawling up her spine like a cold chill. Aryn slows slightly. <"I have a /bad/ feeling about this."> One hand rises to tuck a stray blonde strand back behind her ear.

<"What's the damage to the ship look like? And do we have an ETA for getting it fixed up?"> Chebi asks, taking in the ragtag crew and then the place they've set down with a wrinkle of her nose. Grumbling, she digs her vibro dagger out of a side pocket on her pack. Came in handy last time!

The cavern corridor winds and curves as the explorers make their way along it, the ground hidden by the mist almost springy underfoot. "Look, we're explorers in a new place, there's no way I'm just gettin' straight back on the ship without giving the place a once-over," Corr replies to any rumblings of discontent. Still, there's a persistent sensation that something is not quite right here, and Aryn's warning gives a voice to the prickles on the back of the neck that many of them may be experiencing.

"How bad can it be?" Corr asks, a question those who know him well are probably sick of hearing, and reaches out to touch an usual protrubance on the wall.


The shriek would put a banshee to shame as large leathery wings flap free of the wall, the shape solidifying into some nightmarish apparition, a huge sucking ring of a mouth gaping wide as it flies directly towards Veck, intent on sticking its sucker down on his shiiiiny Mandalorian helmet.

Zul Gradnk glares at Maireni failing to look threathening in any reality. Still, she seems angry. And likely doesn't appreciate being called noodle-brained. Even if it is true. And it looks like she won't go to Mai to shake off the curse. And, turning a lighter green, she tries to pretend to have not heard Domino, before shaking her head at Aryn "I mean, this doesn't seem too dangerous." she claims, gulping a bit "There is nothing attacking us, after all..." and there it is.... she jinxed it. she already drew the DG while the other hand is going to the other blaster on her other hip, preparing to draw it.

Veck there is a narrowing of his eyes, but it is going for his helmet as his hand is brings up his blaster, it is dive bombing him with a pulling of the trigger, the beam going wide and then he does it again with another wide shot.<Nerf Herder, your going to pay for touching my suit!> The voice is comes out filled with rage, it seems the mando is losing his mind.

Maireni is too sparkly to be proper threatening either, but she does glare back at Zul and make a low, flute type equivalent of a growl, except she has a mask on so it's a muffled flute. Like a flute in a box. It's strange, but Ryn are strange creatures. Then there's a SQUAAAAA and there's an alarmed chirp that is just as muffled as the not quite musical growl. "CURSED!" she declares, pointing around to everyone with the hand not holding the blaster, then fires the aforementioned blaster at what she thinks is the Mynoch, but ends up just being a shadow cast by it? Maybe? Or a drug induced hallucination. It could go either way. "AY SHOOT IT!" she yells to no one in particular.

First, Kryll replies to Domino and lets her stay behind him since he's mostly keeping an eye out to the rear. <"It is fine, I just need to know how comfortable I can be moving with it if something goes wrong."> and then, hearing the commotion he turns around and sees the flying hoover head moving in for Veck, he raises his rifle and fires a couple of blasts at it, mostly trying to keep it from reaching Veck, both go wide. <"Ok, that is going to be a problem. Domino, stay close, if the group starts running, stay tight to me and we'll move back towards the ship slowly. Otherwise, hold here.">

Domino issues a startled shriek and drops down in a squat with her arms over her head and COWERS! She doesn't know what that ugly, UGLY creature is, what it wants, all she knows is she is TERRIFIED!

Aryn reaches down to trigger her personal deflector shield the moment Zul jinxes them. An exasperated look finds Zul, before angling up at the sound of the SQEUAAA noise. <"That's just great."> Aryn does her best to try to spot whatever this creature is, retreating slightly and nearly falls over Domino. <"Whoop... THERE YOU ARE!" WHOOSH, PLINK! The spear misses, sparking a bit and Aryn aims it back up. <"Crafty, dodgy little thing.. how.. about.. NOW! AHH!"> Another valiant miss. Aryn's grinning though as she tries to pursue it.

SQUAAAAAA, the mynock shrieks as it dodges blaster fire more by luck than anything else, while the blaster bolts thump into the walls, everyone charging around the corridor like skittish avians themselves until Chebi's wild slashes inadvertently slay the creature, cutting a wide swath through its midsection. Before the group can breathe a sigh of relief, though, the cavern shudders and shifts underfoot. The sensation is similar to an earthquake.

"Everyone /STOP/ SHOOTING," Corr yells from behind his mask, clutching onto the wall even though that was very recently a bad move to keep his footing. "You're gonna- I don't know! Bring the cave down on us!" It's as dark as before, if not a bit darker, and the mist has not abated; if anything, it's thicker, rising higher from the ground, concealing more and more of what might be going on around their feet and legs.

Zul Gradnk screaaaaam, shutting her eyes closed, deciding to open it and squint just as she fires the blaster shot before squinting them shut again. So, she manages to shoot in the vague direction of the bleeder while it flew.... still, being herself she.... misses it, obviously, as she puts the blaster away. No.... rapid fire is definitely what she will need instead, as she blindly reaches for the blaster at her other hip, not yet having quite noticed it is dead... still, her hand stops as she hears the order. Still, no open eyes.... and was the ground so slippery? Zul finds herself going down, wincing as her left rip starts hurting, causing her to cry out in pain

Veck stumbles back as he is watching it all smiling at the girl with her blade skill, but then it is he watches the chaos, with a grunt of amusment.<This is fun, good times, had by all!> His voice is booming out over the coms, and then he is able to keep his feet, and his arm reaching out to check on Chebi, but she is standing too.<By the force, this is nuts, everyone okay?>

Maireni looks all ready to fire at the creature again when it's slashed and killed, and even then she still looks ready to shoot it because now that it's dead, she might have a better chance at hitting it. Except that now Corr is yelling for them to stop, so for the first time in her life, she listens to what someone else suggests and stops firing. "I ain't real fond of caves, not like in cities where you find neat things stashed in the underground," she says in a low, kind of whiny tone, trying to edge closer to Corr like he might protect her from the unseen threats. But then the ground is moving, so rather than gracefully edge over to the man, she staggers to the side, completely loses her footing and falls, bashing her head on the ground to really stick the landing. "Oooooowwwwww," she wails, one still gloved hand clutching her forehead.

Looking down at Domino, Kryll lets her know its ok, <"Everything is fine Domino, the angry knife wielding doctor seems to have gotten it."> then having heard the yelling from Corr up front about no more shooting, he quickly lowers his rifle towards the ground and raises his left hand from the weapon to show he's holding. And then the place starts tumbling, and Kryll gets caught by surprise and goes down, some debris on the ground impacting directly on the wound from yesterday, re-opening the wound. He rolls onto his back and sighs. <"That was not from playing with it.">

Domino yelps, she was already down low but not braced properly and she is flung into a nearby wall with a meaty thud and a girlish grunt. She is up surprisingly quickly, eyes wide and wary "The STARS was that? No way any of the peashooters shoulda made ROCK move!" Right or wrong she looks around for Clues as to their circumstances.

When the ground shakes, Aryn is unprepared. She tumbles to the side, landing on a hand and crying out in anguish. Her shoulder lamp goes out (it's just covered) as she lays on her side a moment and grumbles. <"Ahhh... heck!"> The young doctor rises back up cradling her left hand, the wrist damaged. Her spear is slung over her back, and her cape is cast backward to reveal the baldric that is strapped diagonally across her torso.

Her right hand takes hold of the pommel and draws the crystal sword free in a single song of exiting blade. She stands properly then, holding the weapon to her side in an expectant way that suggested she was ready for danger. All goofyness has left her expression. Her wrist /really/ hurt.

Chebi manages to shift her weight and relax her knees and hips to roll with the rumbling of the ground. Others hit the ground and she glances at Veck, nodding her head and lifting her left hand to spin her index finger in a 'keep watch' way, moving to help people get back up and assess injuries. <"Who's hurt?"> Which really means: who's bleeding on everything.

For a long moment, Corr stands there with his hands spread wide in the universal gesture for calm, ears perked as he listens intently for continuing destruction or instability of the cave, then straightens with a sigh of relief, his hands dropping to his sides again. "Alright, I think it's safe." Faded eyes glance back the way they came, towards where the ships are landed. "...Didn't that curve the other direction?" He points towards the corridor running off away from them, squinting in the darkness and mist.

Zul Gradnk Winces, lifting herself off of the ground slowly, wincing "I think I broke a lip." she mutters, reaching into her pocket, only for her right fist to emerge with a faint glint around the knuckles "URgh." she shakes her head "Might be. Or it could be the way home.... let's try it." she mutters, left hand on rubs

<Now then, what the kriff, everyone let's.....can't see....> Veck is mumbles into the helmet, as the things are diffrent maybe, not sure as he looks around with a little sigh.<Come on let's get back to the ship, I think it was that way.> He points but it is a wall, andthen he spins aroujnd confused.<Did it close?>

Maireni sits up with the already bloody, but now even more bloodied glove clutching her forehead. "I don't even remember what the ship looks like," she complains, which may or may not be true. She staggers to her feet again, lowering her hand to reveal a nice not so nice gash in her noggin. "Imma follow you," she informs Corr, once again sliding closer to the lead explorer.

Slowly picking himself up off the ground, he turns his head towards Domino and realizes she's nowhere close to him. Kryll stands up, fidgets a bit then communicates over any shared comm channel, <<"I am fairly certain something just moved past my leg while I was knocked over, I don't think we're alone.>> he looks to Domino, <"Watch your feet, but stay close. I think the tall fuzzy thing from yesterday was easier.">

Domino steps closer to Kryll, <What KIND of something? I don't SEE anything, What do you mean watch my feet?!> her hand rests on his shoulder, his armor protecting him from the feebleness of Dom's white-knuckle grip as her tone goes into high pitched frequencies in her panic.

Aryn is making a fuss about her shoulder lamp not working, and steps a bit further into the darkness. The fuller portion of her sword is tucked between her ribcage and left arm to free up her right hand, which begins jiggling the lamp.

Chebi freezes, looking down. <"Something just ran over my foot."> Adding to the confirmation that there's something afoot! Everyone is already buddying up, Chebi steps closer to Veck, moving with care and feeling to see if anything moves under her boot.

"I don't think it's closed /off/ but didn't that curve to the right?" Corr replies to Veck, a worried expression creasing his brow. Some of the others comment on feeling something moving in the mist, and his frown deepens. "I'm not ready to head back, we don't know what we might find in here yet," he decides stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest as behind him a skittering insectoid creature, only dimly visible from the iridescent sheen of its exoskeleton, creeps up the side of the wall and gathers itself as if to leap.

Meanwhile, a few more of the creatures scale the walls around the group, moving on narrow pointed legs, the front two of which double as wicked-looking pincers. Corr doesn't seem to have noticed them.

Zul Gradnk turns around on her heel as she sees the flying mynocks, turning around on her heel and running off, screaming in the opposite direction, which, to her luck just so happens the direction they came in.... so, at least there will be someone guarding the ship by the time they are back....

Veck watches them and then his eyes are narrow, as his visor is lowered."Now then, it seems like this is going to be, odd. Someone with sense lead us out of here."

Maireni absolutely does not notice that anything is creeping up on anyone, both because she's got a brand new head wound, but also because she really just isn't that good at this whole adventure thing. "But Cooorrrrrr, what do you think we're even gonna find down here?" she asks him, sliding closer still to him. Close enough that the cloud of perfume and Ryn smell is certainly encroching on his space. "We're gonna find cave monsters and curses, and we're gonna get eaten is what, ya feel? Ain't nothin' of value down here." Though her sense of value, and his sense of value are very different.

Kryll lowers his rifle and draws his vibrodagger, <"Ok, so shooting is off the menu, time to act like the new doctor. Stay close, but I need to move."> he starts moving towards one of the creatures, since the others don't see it and makes several slashing attacks with his blade. The little or not so little bugs being very evasive, <"Sit still! Corr, watch your back!">

Domino issues a muffled string of curses in at least two distinct languages-basic and huttese-and activates her shock gloves and tries to shoo the freaky athropods away from Kryll, impotently trying to menace the creatures while trying not to pass out in terror.

Her light comes back on, and Aryn shines it on the wall near her only to find a wicked looking scree. Rather than squeak or scream, she tries to smack the thing with the flat edge of her sword, missing it both times! Hecking thing! Growing a bit frustrated, Aryn slides her weapon back into its scabbard and moves away from the wicked looking thing, deciding it might be for the best to leave it be. Last time, she picked a fight with a Wampa. Let's not get cocky, kid.

Watching the scree being revealed by lights or words, Chebi nudges Veck lightly. "Which way to the ship? We need to get back on it." At a bit of a loss in the wake of things to stab or fix.

The bug-like creatures leap from the walls at their prey, wielding pincers that drip with a corrosive, acidic substance, droplets of it flying through the air as one falls directly on Aryn's head, landing on her shoulder and sort of just chilling out there. Maybe that one's not actually trying to hurt her. Maybe it's a little slow in the head. The other two bounce around like magic beans, flailing their pincers at everything. It's been a while since this much prey was down here.

Corr stands there a moment longer than he should when the insectoid critters are sighted and everyone else starts attacking them with melee weapons or preparing to flee. "Oh, to hell with it," the man sighs, and his hand suddenly drops down to the blaster worn low on his thigh. Barely has the weapon cleared leather before it fires two quick shots at the nearest of the bunch, both of them thudding into the wall of the cave.

The ground rumbles again, and this time the springy floor of the cave actually rolls and undulates underfoot, the walls visibly curving in new directions and seeming to writhe around them.

Veck watches it all, and the then his hand is coming up to fire at the wicked Scree, with a little hit into it with the first blast, the second is going wide as hell.

Maireni has already shoved the blaster she carries into the bag that she carries, rather than a holster which is where it should go. Is the safety on? Probably not. Beware. "Cooorrrrr," she complains again, letting out a little squeal as the ground moves again and the tunnels change. "WHAT IS THIS?" she asks loudly while ripping off the bloody gloves to expose an obscene number of rings beneath them. Honestly, the numbers are more than a dozen in a variety of metals and gem sizes, some of which look like they could do some real damage if she hit you with them. Which is what she tries to do with one scree, but her fists sail right by the thing and hit only air. "This place is definitely cursed! We gotta burn something important so we can find our way out again!"

Kryll replies to Corr, <"What was that about not shooting? We may need to work on your communication."> then one of the things attacks him and he ducks out of the way, but then one goes towards Domino, and he steps into its path with his blade, causing it to dodge away. He tries to cut the one that went for domino, but it is not cooperating and he misses each time.

Domino gasps and her gloves power off, "This whole things living. We've been swallowed. IT'S ALIVE!!" her eyes widen and she strait up hoists herself up by Kryll's shoulders and locks her legs around his waist clinging to him like a fleshy, hysterical backpack. She hiccip-wheezes in panic " I never came up with a retort to insalubrious trampwagon!"

Aryn sees the critter closer than most because it lands on her shoulder! Before she can do anything about it being there, the ground shakes again and Aryn stumbles sideways into a wall then tumbles the other way falling to her knees. She tries to stand back up from her knees and begins to inch away.

Domino is glanced at, Chebi nodding. Not exactly seeing a reason to disagree. <"Look for the ship. If we -are- swallowed, it'd be.. /down/, wouldn't it?">

The cave continues to buck and roll, and it becomes increasingly difficult to combat the scree, though it seems to make matters worse for the little bugs as well too, who all go skittering off back into the mists. "Run!" Corr advises, and for once on this trip it seems like he's leading them in the right direction.

The way the ground continues to shift makes every step an open question, whether the length of stride is correct or whether feet will be cut short, or fall short, or stumble forward, or helter-skelter into a wall. Nevertheless, their leader seems fairly capable of matching the cadence of the unsteady terrain as he takes off back the way they came, or at least... probably, casting a look over his shoulder to be sure the others are following.

<Now then, let's find this damn ship.> Veck watches the world, for a moment and then he is trying to move with Chebui, by his side."Down we go, into the breach, into the belly to fly out?"

Maireni isn't going to try and hit more things, because they're finally running and that means that they might get to leave this definitely cursed place now. "I told the noodle brain it was curse!" she adds again, looking over at Kryll and Domino before she trots along after Corr in what is hopefully the way back to their ship. This is why she likes cities, there are exit signs.

These things are little demon ninjas, they won't sit still and take the blade. Kryll grumbles inside his helmet and then he's being scaled from behind, at first he thinks one of them has gotten onto his back and he reverses the handle on his vibrodagger. But, then the hiccup wheezes are happening and he realizes he's now an armored transport. <"Alright, hold on tight."> he keeps the blade in his hand, trusting Domino to keep her new perch, and calles to the others, <"WE. ARE. LEA-VING."> and then he runs off, after Corr, carrying Domino on his back.

Domino does NOT let go. She lowers a foot as if thinking about it but whimpers and tightens her grip, burying the clear visor of her helm against his shoulder causing it to thunka-thunka-thunka as poor Kryll labors to haul BOTH of their asses to safety. When Kryll falls she springs up and her injured leg gives way and she swan-dives into the fleshy villianous earth with a horrified shriek.

There's no saving Aryn. This place was her tomb. She straightens up only to stumble left, then right, and she's back on the ground again. She cries in frustration when her frame spills forward planting harshly against the ground. Aryn tries to move, and can't.

A moment of desperation leads her to call upon the force, but it provides nothing to which she can cling. Feeling herself sliding, she reaches back for her S5 blaster, drawing it free from beneath her cape and activating its harpoon cable. <"I will not be killed by a cave..">

There's is no running. Only sliding. Chebi tries to control her slide, but a lurch bounces her up. When she hits, she tucks into a tight ball to protect her head and keep limbs from getting broken or caught up on things. It's not as nice of a ball as she'd make in her snow gear, but it's good enough that the writhing of the floor keeps her moving around, getting seasick from tumbling.

Stumbling, tumbling, and crawling, the explorers continue their mad, panicked dash back to the mouth of the cave where the ships are parked. The Racnoss, tall and narrow, has pitched over to one side, barely upright. The other ships are like, way more suited to this sort of thing and they're totally fine, once again begging the question of 'why does Corr fly in that thing', but that's neither here nor there, just like the group's unity as a cohesive adventuring party.

Alternately tripping, falling, and helping each other up, the stalwart heroes manage to make it back on board and start firing things up. <<"This is Racnoss, uhhhh I don't know if it's good to fly or not but we don't really got a choice," Corr remarks to the others as they likely begin their own preparations to launch. <<"Get outta here while the getting's good, folks, I still see space on the other side.">>

<Oh man, tough to run.....> Veck is stumbles forward, and then he is yanking himself towards the ship, as he struggles to climb up it and then he is opening it with a rough yank after typing in the code.<Get in here Love, let's get out of this kricking place, this is not good.> His eyes are narrow, as he waits for them.

Stumbling, falling, and being partially abandonded by the previously mounted Domino, he picks himself up and then reaches out to pick up Domino as she tumbles as well, lifting her up over his shoulder and then continuing on through the tunnel of spasms and hideous beasts. He gets near the ship and sets Domino down so she can make it inside, and turns back to Aryn. <"Come on Doc! The bus is ready to go!"> he reaches out, seeing her still down behind him.

Maireni runs, she ran like the wind, fast and somehow without falling. One might get the sense that she's really good at getting away from sticky situations with how well it goes, not hesitating to dive onto the ship and settle in her nest to get ready for takeoff. "We still gotta burn something when we get back," she declares, breathless. "So we don't bring the curse back with us."

Domino yelps but doesn't struggle but clings to him as she's hauled unceremonously ass up onto the ship.

The grappling hook sparks upon impact against the exterior plating of the Rainstorm. The tethered line grows taut, and the person at the other end is pulled closer, sliding until she can find her feet and get up. <<"Threepio, get the ship started!">>

The ground shakes more and Aryn dances to the left, then to the right, then bleeding forward and backward. <<"THREEPIO, OPEN THE RAMP!">> More teetering and she cries in anguish over the comms.

Meanwhile, Threepio is pinballing from bulkhead to bulkhead inside, his golden arms held out in front of him with one hand holding the commlink. "Oh maker, she's dying.. stop this blasted rocking... I can't.." He falls into the console opening the ramp by accident. Aryn clikbs inside just as he clatters onto his back near the rear hatch. "Oh thank the maker, Lady Aryn, I was just--"

"Not now, Threepio, we have to leave! Start the bloody ship!"

Threepio manages to get up and looks out the ramp for the span of a moment until a mynock screech sends the golden droid running back to the front "OH NOO!"

"Threepio..START THE --Oh blessed Mother save me, I'm going to leave you behind!"

The ramp begins to close as repulsors queue up with bright blue flames and waves of heat. The ship lifts up and Aryn draws the skids up. <<"Rainstorm, punching out!">> Impulse engines glow a bright white and the Helix interceptor displays the speed of illegally modified outputs! VROOOOOOM! Threepio falls back into the personnel hold!

With the little handful of ships powered up and launching up out of the cave, the reality of their situation becomes monstrously clear as a row of teeth appear at the literal mouth of the exit. <<"AAAHHH,">> comes loud over the comms in Corr's voice. <<"HIT IT!">>

After some frantic scrambling in the Racnoss's cockpit, the ship lurches forward with significantly less than blazing speed, and the low sound of Corr producing a long, drawn-out <<"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh">> syllable fills the comm channel while the other ships go rocketing out into space ahead of them and the teeth get lower.

<<"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OKAY,">> is the triumphant cry as the little Sheathipede's ventral fin scrapes past a tooth and out into the free vacuum. <<"Talk about a nice little detour, am I right folks? Let's get these hogs back home.">>