Log:Hutts and Bolts

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A RolePlay Log by
David Ironside


Hutts and Bolts


Friday 02/Feb/2018

IC Date

Atunda 31/Kelona/1158


Nar Shaddaa


Rear Admiral Gren Delede
1st Lt Zetes
Flight Officer 2nd David Ironside
Sergeant Hazar Jast
& members of The_Resistance

It was a quick mission call-up, shortly after some of the Resistance folks ran into each other at the Blue Light. Gren was called away, and shortly thereafter, he contacted a small team. The mission outline was simple. Loofa the Hutt had been dispatching teams of scouts to hunt down the faction that attacked his slave convoy. As they've gotten closer to the true location of Hound Base, these forces have been forced to grow in size, moving through the depths of Nar Shadda's Undercity in armoured vehicles and troop movers. They stop frequently to search surrounding blocks, often displacing the inhabitants and being a pain in the ass.

          In the path of one of these forces, Delede sent Jast and his fireteam to set up a nasty suprise. Nearby, parked hidden from prying eyes, a pair of T-47 Rebel Airspeeders sit, lying in wait to pounce on the Hutt mercenaries. <<They'll be on us in a few moments. Is everything prepared, Sergeant?>> Gren left the details of the ground ambush to the experienced NCO.

          In the second airspeeder, Dave waits idly, the craft hovering a few feet and then some off the ground. He glances over at Gren in the other one, nodding. His hands hover over the controls, ready to pursue at a moment's notice. His eyes close as he steadies his breathing. <<No readings yet.>> he announces after a glance to his scanners.

          Zetes was in her old armor given if she somehow died out here she didn't want to be pointed back to the Resistance. Some people had old habits that died hard. The 1st Lieutenant had taken one of the speeders and was setting up a crossfire position. <<Nothing here yet.>> she states over the comms as she waits in her spot with her rifle resting gently against her knee.

          The high whine of repulsors and speeder engines indicate that the scout convoy is approaching, and sure enough...here it is. Six speeders make up the bulk of the ground force, with three of them packed with hired Hutt guns. A mix of varied species, with no standarized kit. It's cannon fodder for the lowest possible price. The other three are armored slabs....combat fortressess of the same vintage as Gren and Zetes...that is, Galactic Civil War vets. They look oft-repaired, but in good working order. They bristle with blaster cannons, and even a missile launcher. They'll be tough nuts to crack. And they're headed straight for Hazar's kill box. A whine in distance, and from above, indicates that there is some sort of high cover for the convoy, though it is not known, yet.

          <<Copy, Sergeant. Here they come. Make them die.>> Gren's clipped Imperial tones come across the crackling radio, and he reaches up to flip on his engines. He gives them a feathering, causing his airspeeder to shudder on its repulsors, but he doesn't give the greenlight, yet. <<Once they're engaged, we'll hit what survives, Flare 2.>> A glance over to David's cockpit, as he speaks.

          As the vehicles enter the kill zone Hazar gives the command, "Hit them!" And then the explosives go off. The street around the vehicles explodes, filling the air with dirt and dust and Hazar's men rise up to begin engaging the enemy with small arms fire. Down on the street one of the troop carriers is vaporized by the only explosion to actually do anything. Popping out of cover Jast engages the enemy, directing his weapon's fire towards one of the mercs that looks like he knows what he's doing. The E-11 in his hands produces three bolts, the first two striking the target's cover while the third one hits the man himself, knocking him down and hopefully out. As the mercenary writhes around on the ground he burns, thanks to the special ammo used by Sergeant Jast's rifle.

          Zetes rolls her shoulders when targets appear and the Chiss lets out her own war cry as she brings up her rifle. She goes from calm to war minded in about six seconds. The blaster rifle is fired two times quickly, two shots and two separate targets, both dead before they hit the ground. <<A little less than two dozen ragged soldiers and a group of well trained from the looks of them air team.>> she states as she starts to jog to get to her next target.

          The Hutt troops aren't slow in returning fire, and as they take cover behind vehicles, they pour blaster fire into the Resistance positions. Much of it is ill-aimed, but at least one trooper is downed in the lightfight. From above, the sound of whining engines becomes louder. A pair of custom high performance air speeders drop into view, already setting up a strafing run on the Resistance troops. Their laser cannons begin to speak, and they walk up the street toward Jasts' position.

          <<Dave, go go go.>> Gren says calmly into the comms, and punches his throttle forward. The T47 Airspeeder rockets out from the alley in which they sat, and immediately banks hard in the direction of the attacking airspeeders. He yaws hard, avoiding a billboard, before dropping onto the tail of the hot-rod ground support vehicle. His first burst is extremely accurate, tearing into the target's cockpit....the pilot is vaporized. The follow-up burst is on-target, but pointless. The wreck slams into the side of an old warehouse.

          Zetes realizes that one of her men go down when her squad is targetted by the more advanced Hutt soldiers. "Focus, don't let another person drop!" she shouts over her shoulder. Then she's back to firing her rifle, killing another and taking another out of the fight quickly. She was also trying to make sure she didn't lose another man so easily again.

          Another handful of cannon fodder falls to Resistance troopers, dying and falling wounded where they stood. But, those fortress speeders? Their missile launchers have achieved targeting locks on the attacking T47s, and they launch missiles at both Flare 1 and Flare 2. Their blaster cannons continue to rip up cover, and make life difficult for the Rebels, as well.

          <<Nice work, kid, Let's hit those tanks.>> Delede's in the process of coming around to line up a stafing pass, when alarms start to go off in his cockpit. He's cocky though. He keeps the throttle pressed to the firewall, and lines up his laser cannons. A pair of solid bursts tear armour off of the lead fortress speeder, and and cause it's repulsors to spark and burn until they explode. It careens crazily, and comes to rest against a building. The front crumbles, and its crew starts to bail out.

          That's well and good. But a missile explodes just starboard of Flare 1, and tears gaping holes in the airspeeder's hull, and rips up flight surfaces. He keeps it in the air, but it's smoking and shaking as he fights to maintain control.

          After being forced into cover by heavy fire coming in his direction, Hazar glances over his men to make sure they're still okay. "Hanging in there, guys?" he asks as he looks for a lull in the shooting. Not seeing any he takes his chances regardless, rising up over his cover and popping off a trio of rounds, "Keep it up! They're dropping fast!" Two are useful only for making the enemy duck but a third one strikes one of the well equipped mercs center mass and immolates his heart. The corpse is engulfed in flames by the time it hits the ground.

          Zetes hasn't lost anymore of her squad. This pleases the Chiss. But when she pops up from cover she takes a blaster bolt and there's a growl that cover up the cry of pain that might have came out. No time to be in pain in front of her men. She lets the anger and the pain focus her and aims the rifle, taking two shots and dropping two more of the ratty soldiers that the Hutts had hired. "Keep it up! They're going to be gone soon enough!" she calls to her group.

          Keeping on Gren's wing, Dave watches the first air fortress go down. <<Nice shot, Leader.>> he calls. <<But check this out.>> Then Gren gets blasted. Oh. Dave squints his eyes, aiming for the other air fortress. His laser blasts rip through the hull, exposing the vulnerable insides for another round of laser fire. This time it causes a fire on the back area, and the repulsors are smoking and apparently malfunctioning, judging by the jerky way the fortress is sinking and ascending to adjust. A single laser volley is fired from the craft, but only one of the bolts ends up glancing Dave's airspeeder.

          With a deft touch, Gren uses his rudder pedal to sideslip, causing the second missile on his tail to overshoot, and slam into someone's living room window. Whoops. He banks hard right, skimming along the surface of the now damaged building, and drops altitude. He skims across the surface of the path, taking ground fire as he lines up a strafing run on the final fortress. A pair of trigger pulls, and he's walking fire up it's spine. The armoured vehicle begins to burn, and finally explodes with a loud *KRUMP* across the makeshift battlefield. His smoking T47 continues onward, toward the Hutt soldiers. <<Let's clean up this fodder, 2.>>

          On the ground, the light fight continues, though the volume of fire headed toward the Resistance positions might be overwhelming for a moment, with pourly aimed fire roaring over the rebel soldiers' heads.

          Despite utilizing his cover as much as possible Hazar takes a stray bolt that grazes the side of his body and causes him to use his harsh language, "Darn mother lovin' son of a gundark!" He's not the only guy to take a round, another of his men hits the ground holding his upper arm as it's penetrated by enemy fire. "Somebody tend to him," Hazar calls out before he goes back over his cover to pop off more fire at the enemy. Three rounds are fired, the first heading for the guy that shot him and the next two at the mercs to that one's sides. All three of his rounds hit, each one taking a life and leaving smoldering corpses on the ground.

          "Man down!" The red eyed Chiss shouts as she manages to catch the sight of one of her men falling out of the corner of her eye. Zetes gets blasted again and this time it's not so easy to hide. She drops down to one knee and steadies her rifle as she starts taking shots again. She downs another and then completely misses another, "Son of a Rancor..." she mutters as she tries to steady herself through the pain.

          David banks into an approach on the Hutt soldiers, the craft's repulsors rumbling some windows and furniture next to the windows on the other side. He dips the nose of the craft and lets loose with a laser volley on the soldiers who rush into cover as he approaches. Some of them are lucky. Some of them get instantly vaporized. Dave flies the speeder low over them as he passes, causing the soldiers to lose their footing as the repulsors push them down.

          The combination of the Troopers' accurate fire, and lots of dead comrades, combined with the low-attack pass from David has the surviving hutt fodder running for the last two unarmed trucks, and hoping to somehow make a getaway while under fire. Killng them is not going to be hard. <<Kill the rest, and then make for home.>> Gren gives his final orders out, and hauls his damaged T47 around for a pass on the trucks, hoping to put them up in smoke before the fleeing mercs can get aboard.

          Banking around again, Dave watches the trucks load up and make a break for it. <<They're fleeing, but I'm on them.>> Merc discipline is a joke, he muses to himself. Dave lets loose with a strafing volley of laser fire, hitting one truck as it spins out and explodes with the second hit in the volley. <<One truck remaining, Lead. Do the honors?>>

          <<Good showing, people. Beers are on Ironside.>> Gren says after a quick pass across the battlefield. It's smoking, and full of bodies. But they slaughtered some mercs, didn't they? <<I'll expect full reports on what happened down there before you get too drunk. Flare One out.>> His comms click off, and the smoking T47 heads for Hound, though not directly.