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Jedi Order: Cloak and Saber

OOC Date: June 01, 2020
Location: Druckenwell
Participants: Jedi Order, Rey, Ben Solo, Yuun, Liren Iskender, Ban Iskender, Elrych Cometburn, Vhe Tenara, Aryn Cole

The Jedi Temple on Devaron: A meeting room

Rey is at the center of the circular room that has several rows of seats that surround the central area. Each row of seating sits a little higher than the last, and once upon a time they likely were all filled with members of the old Jedi Order. Now, only a fraction of the seats are occupied.

Sunlight shines down through the skylight above and it illuminates Rey from above, she looks to those who've gathered.

"We've a mission to perform." She tells those who've gathered within the temple. "Republic allies have a need for a starship that will be docking on the planet of Druckenwell soon. We've been asked if we could take control of this ship, peacefully." She motions to a projection display beside her. The sunlight dims from above and the display activates, becoming the primary lighting inside of the room. It glows a bright blue and shows a hovering starship, a civilian transport ship.

"This is the 'Crosswind Cruiser'. It's an entertainment barge. It primarily serves as a transport vessel for the wealthy and elites who are affiliated with the First Order, and have been discovered as directly funneling money to the First Order's causes prior to the Starkiller incident." Rey pauses then as she looks to those gathered.

"The Republic wants to acquire the vessel, and use it to capture some of these individuals for questioning on Chandrila. I'm told some of them may be prosecuted for crimes against the Republic as well. I'm vulunteering our Jedi Order for this mission to show that we can capture such a vessel, peacefully and quietly."

The projection shifts focus, now zooming in to a docking hatch on the side of the civilian Cruise ship. "This will be where we enter. It's a Staff entrance hatch. We've been hired as a traveling entertainment troupe and we're expected here." Rey points to the interior corridors beyond the hatch. "Once we make our contact, we will need to find a chance to separate. I need two volunteers to go to the bridge of the ship, and find a way to gain control. The rest of us... will be entertaining the passengers until we have control of the vessel. We will suit up here, in the crew prep area." She motions to the holo-map. "Dancers, singers, comedians..." Rey glances over at the others "Whatever you're comfortable with. It's likely we will not be the only entertainment team hired for this trip either, as there are many lounges aboard the 'Crosswind'."

With a light nod then, the hologram deactivates. "We'll head to Druckenwell within the hour. So please prepare your ships."

Druckenwell Starport: Busy with traffic, and being bombarded by a heavy rainstorm.

The starport sits on the edge of an ocean, which waves are churning today and slamming into protective SHIELDS that block and deny the waves from crashing into the Starport. Shimmering blue and green energy fields wave in the distance as water collides against them, and falls back into the ocean.

The Jedi, however they choose to arrive, gather with Rey under the awnings of a starship port, waiting for the Crosswinds hatch to open up and whomever is sent to greet them makes an appearance. Rey's hood is up, her eyes are upon her companions, though she's a bit drenched from the rain hammering the tarmac just past the awning.

Vhe is feeling the edge of their mission along the back of her neck, causing the hair along her skin to stand on end. It will be them in a ship with nothing but the void of space to greet them if they fail. This could not possibly go wrong..... The Ysanna holds the nerves that are rattling around at bay and rubs her hands together. "Well I suppose my street performing will be of some assitance here. I hope." She admits. Her wild hair has been drawn back into a stylized braid with handcarved beads, for the moment hidden by the drape of a shawl that helps to keep her somewhat dry.

"Hey..." Elrych says, his own hood up, cloak draped over the rest of him and hiding that Lightsaber of his for the time being. "I'm just the roadie and Tech. You all are the talent... because I can't play drek." Offers the Corellian. A hand comes out to dip out of the awning and catch some of the rain. He grumbles slightly.

Aryn is assembled with the group in relative silence. Her gaze is upon the rain, tracing it back to the dark skies, then back down to the tarmac. She shakes her cloak/cape of the droplets that have drenched her shoulders, and draws back her hood to reveal a head of dry blonde hair. She does not have anything to add to the plan. She knew what was ahead of them, so there was not much else to say on the matter.

"I don't have any sort of acting skills," Ben states bluntly to Rey, pulling his jacket more tightly around himself against the chill wind and frowning deeply at the prospective course of the mission ahead. "I can't entertain these people. I can't sing. I won't sing," he corrects himself, eyes shifting cagily aside as his arms cross over his chest.

He stares at the Crosswind, at the hatch they're meant to enter through, like he's steeling himself for combat. Maybe he is. "If any of you mention this ever again, I'll kill you." He's probably just being dramatic. "...That's a joke. It's stand-up." He isn't smiling.

Ban Iskender had heard out the mission outline with stoicism. Dread, yes. But it's a stoic dread. Without much skill in regard to using the Force for compulsion, he is rather stranded in the role of entertainer. "Can any of the ladies manage a ballroom dance?" he wonders, dryly. A slow exhale.

Yuun has been on Devaron a lot lately training and exploring out in the wilderness of around the temple. He knew of the meeting and made sure to get back in time to shower and sit in for this. Upon getting their orders and being informed they are an entertainment troupe he chuckles a little bit. He looks around at the others wondering what they would choose to do. Once the briefing was over he quickly went to his ship, which is no longer new but he liked it.

He climbs in and launches after preflight, once they arrive on the planet, he lands and locks his ship and walks over to join the others. "I can do acrobatics, and dance if need be." he says to them. "I really can't sin, like Ben here, though I would love to see you tell some jokes." he grins.

Looking at Elrych, "So I guess you're heading to the bridge, who else will be going to the Bridge?" he asks. He looks to Rey and the others. "No, I cannot ballroom dance, though street dancing I can do, flipping and doing martial arts tricks and such I can do." he grins.

Actors, comedians, dancers are all notorious for being more focused on their roles than the accoutrements necessary for performing them, well, to be fair, some are. Liren has taken on the role of caring for the sequins, feathers and makeup that their little troope will need, giving her the chance to snoop while others perform.

Rey is adjusting her gaze to the others as they speak, she knows there's some amusement in all of this but she knows there's inherent danger in this too. A lot of it. She glances to Ben and speaks to him first. "Maybe you could do magic tricks." She quietly jests, trying to conceal a slight grin before she looks to Yuun and nods once to him. "That likely will come in handy, if they ask any of us to be a main stage performance, if you could do any improv that would be wonderful. Whatever it takes to burn time here. That's what we're after."

To Ban, Rey shows another light expression of amusement. "There weren't a lot of ballrooms on Jakku." She dryly says in a soft tone.

To Elrych though. "Take whomever you so choose to the bridge with you. I suggest finding serving attire, pose as looking to offer the crew ... refreshments?"

It's not but a second later that the 'Crew Hatch' opens with a flare of metal sweeping this way and that, forming a bridge and opening up the interior of the ship. A jade green Protocol droid stands within the hatch, glowing green eyes. "Hello and welcome to the 'Crosswind Cruiser'." The droid says in a pleasing female voice. "Please provide your Performer ID medallion."

Rey glances to the others and then steps to the droid and across the small bridge, the rain still falling in sheets around the whole of the starport, pouring off of the hull of the Cruiser.

She raises her hand and offers the medallion to the droid who takes it and scans it. "Welcome aboard, 'Savage Kittens', we look forward to witnessing your skills." It says these words in a monotone voice, like it doesn't really care at all. "Come with me." The droid waves one stiff jade-hued metal arm and starts to waddle further into the ship.

Rey follows after and glances back to the others once more.

It's not long until they're at the Crew Prep area and the droid motions them inside. "You will find all your needed clothing within here. We provide a number of outfits and accessories for all types of entertainers. Please ring the bell when you are finished suiting up and I will take you ro the lounge you will be assigned to for this voyage."

Vhe listens to the others, giving Ban a shake of her head as if to say he best not to depend on her as a dance partner. The Ysanna glances at the ship once more and only a few seconds later their way is opened and she is falling in step with the others. Her own medallion is pulled free of a deep pocket and flicked about to show the face of to the droid. A nod of her head is given as she passes by but its when the name 'Savage Kittens' is spoken that she falters a step. "Uhhh," she wonders who came up with that and a questioning gaze is offered about.

The drape of her hood is pulled back and she lets it rest upon her shoulders before it dips down her back. Stepping aside when they arrive at the prep area that she starts to move towards the outfits to give them a once over. Lots of sparkle and bright colors. Glitter most likely as well. Sequins or something akin to them. She finds something blue sequined. A jacket with a tie and matching sequined pants. "Ah ahahahaha," she giggles a bit and moves on to pluck something with a little less flash.

"Well that name slaps..." Elrych says lowly in responce to their 'band name' being said outloud. He moves forwards with the others into the prep area. He takes a moment to look over the drab, not sure what to choose. There is a glance towards Vhe as she tosses aside that blue Squined Suit.. "Hey wait... lemme see that." He holds it up to himself and gives a wink. "How you doin'?" A laugh before he moves to put it on. "Liren, who don't you come with me up to the bridge, see what we can do, herm?"

Aryn stays quiet as she accompanies the group past the jade protocol droid to board the vessel. Unassigned, Aryn simply assumed she would be coming with the entertainers despite lacking any skill that would be of assistance, unless it was simply to be at her expense. Her cheeks were already growing red by this point and she so longed to draw her hood back up to stifle it. Quiet still, followed the Savage Kittens and whatever fate must have in store for them.

Ben Solo also raises a brow at Rey's designated troupe name, and as they move along through the interior of the ship, mutters under his breath to her, "Savage Kittens? Really? Did you have /those/ on Jakku?" Arriving in the costume room, he stands with his arms hanging limply at his sides, lips pinched in together as he surveys the options available.

When he moves, it's with confidence, decisively lifting a plastoid helmet from a small pile of them and pulling it over his head. There are holes for eyes and mouth but otherwise his identity is fairly concealed. "This is probably for the best," he mutters hollowly from inside it. The only other addition he makes is a dark purple sash around his belt, carefully winding it in a way that conceals his lightsaber and tying the fabric off. Eyes glance towards Elrych. "Are you sure we only need two for that?"

"Charmed," Ban answers the droid, flatly. A wary pass of his eyes over the crew prep area, beginning a survey of their options by browsing through another rack of props and costumes. He tilts his head and peers at a costume hanging off a hangar, lifting it up to peer from a fresh angle, as though it would give him better insight into, "How is this even meant to be worn?" A breath drawn and let out. "Humility.. is a virtue," he reminds himself with a terse exhale, shedding his outer attire in favor of something tacky and tasteless.

Yuun's eyes go wide when he hears their troupe name, "Awesome!" he says under his breath looking a bit excited. Yes they are on a mission, and things can go bad, still something like this could be really fun and funny to pull the rug from underneath the First Order. He follows in and looks for a costume, and he sees what he wants and he dissappears and comes back with paint on his face, a funny hat with bells on it and flowing clothing with a few blue and dark blue sashes about him and a staff. "Wha'dya think?" he changes up his voice a bit.

Unsmiling, Liren holds up the badge to the droid, pulling her hood back at the same time with the composure of a seasoned trooper. The costumes being provided by the company ostensibly rips away any pretense for Liren being here. Mouth twisted in thought, she contemplates the props and clothing fixedly.

A look passes between Elrych and herself when he speaks. Taking a deep breath, Liren nods gratefully at him. "I'll grab something a server would wear. Stewards uniforms, right? Hope they have one."

She riffles through the rack, pulling out the nearest thing to the liner's uniform: grey jacket and pants. It could be worse, she assures herself, she might have been pushed to sing on stage or dance with Ban. The last thought quirks one side of her mouth up in a smile.

Once inside the Prep Area, Rey starts to look over what's available like the others. She listens tot hem speak and glances over to Elrych when he picks her to go with him. It's a good choice, she knows Liren is one of the newest members of their group, and needs more experience like that.

But it's Ben's muttered comment that draws her gaze again. "I didn't name it!" She says in a calm, but insistent response. The name came from the Republic's side of this infiltration mission. "I would've chosen 'Porgs'." She adds then with another faint and quick grin.

From the clothing racks, Rey gathers up something and slips into a changing area. Everyone has enough time to get suited up in what they choose. When Rey returns she's wearing a light blue dress that leaves her right shoulder, and arm, bare down to the wrist but covers the left. It fades from pale sky blue to darker ocean blue around her ankles that have matching dancers strapped around them and over her feet.

Rey raises a matching mask up to her face and places it there, to conceal her fairly well known visage, at least over her eyes, and it sparkles in the light. "We'll split up from the lounge, once we're taken ther---"

The door that they came in through opens up, and on the other side of it two white armored First Order Stormtroopers stand with the jade green protocol droid behind them. Both of them step in to the room, blasters in their hands - but not aimed forward.

They stare right at the back of Ben who happens to be the closest to them. They stare at everyone within the Crew Prep Area... linger tension. "Come with us." One of the Troopers says. He turns and starts to leave again, while the other glances at Ben. "Nice sash." He says, very sarcastically.

Rey glances over to those with her and moves past them, to take the lead. "Lets go." She says. The droid outside chimes up. "Please do not be unsettled by the trooper presence. We have an increase in security, and they insist on escorting outsiders through the ship now."

The Troupe is lead to their assigned lounge. It's a rather large room, with a seating area, a dance floor, a bar, and a stage with bright lights shining upon it! The Jade Droid speaks again. "Please setup for your performances, the guests will arrive soon as we prepare for departure."

Giving Elrych a look when he holds up the blue sequined bit, Vhe smirks and then shakes her head, "No..no not unless you are singing to me in some high class gin joint," she teases him and is quick to find something in green and black, halter topped and low back. The shoes are what do her in with their heels. This is not her thing but by luck and sheer will she remains on her feet and even finds a fluid gait as the slit skirt dress flares as her feet kick it with each stride.

She lifts her chin and refocuses her attention forward as she follows. She puts on airs, not unlike her street performances as a bright smile pulls apart her lips to show off a well practiced look. "Let us hope we have some form of props.." this murmured to the rest while that smile never falters.

Elrych is stuffing his lightsaber inside the shiney shuit jacket that comes with the blue outfit. Then he pulls out a pair of his old sunglasses, opening them and putting them on. A grin comes across his features, hands grabbing the collar of his jacket and adjusts it. "Remind me to sing to you in a high class Gin joint soon." He chuckles, turning to look towards the door just as the Troopers enter. THere's a slight sinking feeling but the Corellian quickly recovers. "Alright, boys... We're coming. Don't loose your helmets." He gives a brow waggles to the others before moving along.

The arrival of the troopers drained the color from Aryn's face, but she did her best to look no paler than usual. Gulping down after a timid look, Aryn followed the others into their lounge area to set up for their entertainment this evening. Dread set in unlike ever before as she looked to their would-be arena with wide eyes. Why had she agreed to come to this?!

Arranged in a dress of her own, green and white, Aryn had to take the time to put on dancing slippers so she could properly dance. She could hear her mother's disapproving tone already as Aryn attempted a spin after putting these on, and wiped out on a table before falling on chairs and spilling those over. Brushing her skirt down, Aryn sat on the floor a moment and blew and errant blonde strand from her face. "I have a good feeling about this.." Red cheeked and all.

"Care to rephrase that?"

It's out before Ben can even think about what he's saying, in a tone seething with indignance and naked hostility, a Supreme Leader disrespected and unwilling to let the slight slide. It is not an appropriate mode of address for a lowly entertainer. Standing stalk still, his eyes widen inside their little holes as his reflexive mistake registers in the thinking part of his brain. "I um." A swallow clogs his throat while his hands gesture lamely in front of him.

"It was a gift. From... someone. Someone close to me." Someone so close, it almost sounds like he made them up on the spot. "I get... /defensive/ about it. Because they- /she/ is very close to me, and it was a gift." He follows along quietly after that, if the troopers don't push the issue, cringing internally and finding a nice spot in the corner to stand there like an awkward black scarecrow.

Ban Iskender's composure holds up admirably through the appearance of troopers at their dressing room door, largely due to the lack of immediate shooting, and the knowledge that their cover must still be at least partially holding up. A steady exhale as they're escorted to the performance lounge. Mentally he begins considering how to present and perform for a room full of rich guests with varying degrees of taste- looking aside as Aryn crashes into a table and chairs. A few deft steps and he approaches to offer her a hand in rising. "I daresay that's not the manner of 'dancing on tables' most would expect." At least he remembered not to call her 'my Lady' in the current setting.

When the Stormtroopers come to escort the troupe, Yuun does has his weapon hidden upon his person and he begins to play his part as he falls in behind the Storm Troopers and begins mimicing them as they walk down the hall until they reach their destination. Thinking of what to setup, he grins, "I think there is enough, I do need a few poles, but the tables are great, this should be pretty fun." he says as he spins about.

Liren's head pokes through the curtains of the changing room at the sound of the Troopers ordering them to get a move on. She jerks it back in; eyes screwed shut she listens to Ben Solo's exchange with them. Reasoning with herself, she takes a calming breath and steps out. Still buttoning her jacket, stun saber stuffed inside it, she is on Elrych's heels with a wide-eyed look back at the others.

Straightening her shoulders, the young diplomat wills herself to look like she belongs and follows him out the door. In a whisper to Elrych, "Know how we're going to manage this?"

The troopers, once inside the large lounge, step off to the side of the main doors and take up post on either end of it. That one that Ben had spoken too keeps a watch on him though, something about that response he gave may have not settled well. Or he really does like that purpley sash. One of them speaks up when Aryn falls, voice filtered. "Savage Kittens. Maybe to the furniture." The other troopers huffs out a little laugh from the other side of the doorway.

The Jade Droid stands roughly in the center of the room and observes the Savage Kittens as they prepare. "If any of you should need to leave the lounge, please come find me." It advises. "I will be departing for just a moment to usher the guests inside as they are gathering in the main entry foyer of the ship. Prepare your welcoming performance now." The droid then shuffles off, moving between the Stormtroopers out into the corridor.

Rey moves toward Liren and Elrych and looks between them, her sea-blue mask sparkling in the light. "I'd suggest gathering a few drinks from the bar, and using them as an excuse. We can say that they were requested while the Droid was out of the room."

With that said, Rey turns and moves to Yuun next. "You're going to be our center stage performer, I think. If you're comfortable with that." To Ben she nods once. "Grab some drinks, take them around to the guests? It should keep you out of trouble... and... stay away from the troopers?" She's well aware of /that/ tension.

At Aryn and Ban, Rey looks Aryn over quickly. "Are you okay?" She asks the New Alderaanian. "Can you two support Yuun on stage?" A quick glance to Vhe. "We'll stay in the crowd, perform amongst them. Try to keep them occupied until we hear from our bridge team."

It's only a few moments later that guests start to filter in through the main doors then and the Jade Droid, outside in the corridor, waves them in and guides them in to the Savage Kitten's performance.

As Aryn crashes, Vhe starts to move towards her but the likelihood of her ending up on her face is high in the heels she is wearing. Suffer and survive! Ban is there and she turns quickly to look about them, noting the position of everything as she tugs and pulls at the dress to try to give the slit some more clearance and less likely to flash anyone. UGH. "I look forward to when this is done," she murmurs though the edge of excitement is there and the nervous energy about her doubles as people start to enter. Her hands lift to brush together as she sucks in a breath - that plastered smile faltering.

Its Rey that gets her to focus and she mmms and nods. "Yes okay.." she says and spots a set of sabacc cards and goes to get them. She begins to shuffle and walk among the tables. The cards ruffle and trill against each other as she does so without a table.

She smile as she passes others. "Care to see a trick?" she remarks and then steps up close when she is bid over. "Choose your card, do not show me and put it back in the deck." She says and then shuffles them together as she fans them out for the whole table. "Do you see your card?" The man who pulled his card pauses. "No..it is not there." She nods and then turns them back around to tap the top and flip the card over. "Is this your card?" He gasps and she smiles, giving a wink.

Elrych leans forwards like he's about to rush towards Aryn as she slips and crashes. THere is a stop as his reflexes arn't fast enough. He winces, "You alright, Doc?" He asks in a sympathetic tone. Rey's suggestion is given a nod. So then he look to Liren and nods towards the bar. Walking over, he grabs a serving tray and some drinks before moving towards what could only be the exit. If the troopers ask, he responds: "Hey man, Pilots need a little lossening up. You know? It's a long flight. That's /our/ job, you know. Why they pay us the big bucks. Why the call me the..." He leans forwards and whispers, "Little Bopper... huh? Huuuuh?" Brows waggle.

Aryn takes Ban's hand and pulls herself to her feet. Annoyed for a moment by the pain of her backside, she keeps from placing her hand there to cradle it, hissing slightly. "Yes, I'm fine," Aryn says gently, in reply to Rey. When Rey gives them their placement, Aryn sighs harder, and turns to Ban, then to Yuun. "Yuun and I could do a martial arts display.. I'm not sure what else we might do that would entertain anyone..." Aryn is on the verge of being a bit too nervous for the show, but she looks to Ban and Yuun, her assigned partners, for this...whatever this is going to be.

Whatever of his father's natural charisma and easy charm Ben inherited, it's gone into hiding after that outburst at the stormtroopers. He watches quietly while the audience members begin to filter in, jumping slightly as if startled out of a reverie when Aryn crashes down in the midst of the furniture. He nods at Rey's suggestion and moves towards the drinks, gathering a few up and sliding them onto a tray that may or may not be for drinks and carrying it towards the nearest table that a few passengers have taken seats at.

"So, how about this cruiser, am I right? I mean... these drinks are technically wet." The smile Ben gives them is almost a grimace. "You folks heard about the-" he starts another line, but interrupts himself to mutter "no, you wouldn't know what that is," to himself inside the helmet.

"Anyway, Druckenwell, you know? That's... weird. What's a drucken and why is it well? Maybe I'm doing Drucken-bad. Nobody's /well/ all the time, really the opposite in this galaxy."

The passengers stare awkwardly at Ben, and he stares back before he finally shoves the tray onto the table, a few of the cups overflowing their rims by the jostle, and he moves back towards his corner, fidgeting with the thin plastoid helmet. He starts to lift it off, looking harried, but reluctantly lowers it back into place after glancing towards the two troopers who remain in the room.

Ban Iskender answers Aryn, with a look to include Yuun, "I've an idea: Yuun is clearly the superior dancer, he goes on last, alone. I'll go on next, to try and win them back after.." he can't describe Ben's efforts at comedy a d doesn't try. "I'll select someone out of the audience to lead through a dance, and once it ends or starts to go badly, Aryn: pretend to storm up and slap me. It'll end on a laugh, if we're fortunate, and then Yuun can perform properly and end us on a high note." Ban has certain skills and among them are looking charming and acting dignified. When it's his turn, the gentleman in the tacky dancer's costume walks out with enough courtly grace to *almost* pass for a real nobleman. He gives the assembly a bow and offers in a polished baritone, "Ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment: the courtly dance of Tataboo Two," a ridiculous sounding and clearly fictional planet.A "Might I have a volunteer from among our esteemed guests?" It's a performer's trope that kills a bit of time: finding someone who'd be amused by being brought on stage and led through basic waltzing dance steps by a conventionally attractive young man.

Looking to Rey, he shrugs, "Sure!" he grins and gives a flourish of a bow, "HUH HUH HAAA!" he laughs as eh rocks back and forth on the heels of his feet to the balls of his feet. He seems to be enjoying himself, though a moment is given as he does scan the room taking note of the storm troopers and where the exits are, though to anyone else, he's probably getting into character and taking the time he needs to.

When Rey speak with Ban and Aryn asking them to support him, he quirks a brow up at Aryn, then he looks to Ban. He looks at his clothing and grins, "I could change up my look a bit, I like the idea you have Ban, we can go with that." he says. "Give me a bit in the back and I will be ready when you all are." he says.

"Drinks, drinks," Liren says under her breath as she heads for the bar and stops as Aryn crashes to the floor, and the others rush to her aid. It can only get better, she tells herself, grabbing a tray off the bar with aplomb.

"Like he said," Liren exclaims, with all the assurance she doesn't feel. A bright smile plastered to her face; she tries not to wince as jokes fall flat behind her. Tray stacked with glasses and a bottle of spirits, she joins the drinks train to the pilots with Elrych.

There's a lot of pressure here, Rey is trying to keep her adrenaline from spiking. She knows the skill level of the Jedi are varied, but still relatively low in the grand scheme of what they're all capable of. They're a young Order yet still... but they're all capable of great things even thus far into the new Jedi Order's existence.

At Ben's comedy, Rey tries to keep the muscles in her cheeks from reflexively going to the 'cringe' position, and after he tells his jokes she sweeps herself over to him and lean against him. "He's much funnier after you get some free drinks into yourself!" She says with a big smile to the guests, and then one up to Ben before she pushes off of him (lightly of course) and moves back toward Ban. She nods to him, to Yuun, to Aryn. "Perfect, yes! That'll be great!"

Her eyes glance over to Elrych and Liren as they move to the doors, but she has to move to Vhe. To Vhe she speaks softly. "I'll sweep around the tables on this side of the room, you offer the others something to keep them busy. We'll do our best, it's all we ever can do." She shows the other a slight grin.

At the doors the Troopers look to Liren and Elrycn, then to each other. The one in charge shakes his head. "Go with them. Don't get the pilot's drunk." The second of the two troopers starts to go out into the corridor. "Come on." He says, then starts to head Fore within the ship, escorting them to the bridge.

Overall, the audience is settling in and the Bartender droids are starting to serve drinks. The crowd still filters in and around, waiting for the show to start. Their entertainment level: UNIMPRESSED SO FAR!

The dress suddenly tarts to feel itchy or maybe those are the sparkling tights she has on. Either way she smiles and tries her best not to scratch. One table down she moves on to the next but is intercepted by another of the Savage Kittens. Rey gets a nod and she is on to her next group but this one is a bit more stalwart and not exactly won over by her ready smile. Street performing certainly feels different and its done without heels! She wobbles a moment but keeps her feet as she tries to entertain them. "They made them an inch too high," she remarks in jest and gets bland stares.

Clearing her throat she holds out the cards but instead of being able to move the card where she wants when she needs it she loses half the cards to the floor and the table. Her tanned skin starts to flush red. "First day, forgive me," she says to the others, trying to smile as she is getting blank stares and some of the women are leaning to whisper to each other. She gets a once over by one of the ladies and that has her tugging at her dress to keep it from riding up when she squats to pick up the cards.

Elrych clicks his tongue against his teeth, stepping into the corridor. He lets them get a little space away from the room and down the corridor before he looks to Liren. "Watch this..." He offers with a coy smile. Walking backwards, he turns to face the trooper. "Why don't you go lock yourself in the refresher and stay there until I come get you, yeah?" He says this by putting a bit of umph on the force.

THe Stormtrooper just stands there, confused. "Uh.. what?"

Elrych takes a breath, lips thinning into a line... This time The force increases it's flow from him, a bit more overwhelming and less of a nudge. "Lock yourseld in the refresher and don't even think about coming out."

According to Ban's plan, Aryn was to storm up after the dance goes poorly. So for now, she resides within the crowd, taking a seat to watch. Ban was to take a volunteer to the stage, and he's just asked for one! Aryn's nerves begin to calm a bit as she watches, glancing from their guests to the 'performers' with anticipation written on her face.

For NOW.. she waits.

The fidgeting in the corner grows more agitated, as Ben fusses with the helmet, clearly not wanting to keep the thing on any longer but not really having any other options with the face that he has underneath it. His attempts at comedy left much to be desired, and the longer he secludes himself in the corner to avoid drawing more negative attention, the more eager he seems to become to be rid of the thing on his head. Most of this tension plays out through his hands, which remain at his sides for the most part, squeezing and flexing alternately and occasionally lifting before he returns them deliberately to waist-level. "I hate this plan."

Yuun is in the back changing his clothes, well not changing them but altering them a little bit. He's watching the comedy skit which even makes him cringe. He shakes his head, 'At least he's trying right?

Ban Iskender ends up selecting a lady from among the audience, requesting a round of applause for the brave volunteer, before coming to three difficult realizations in swift succession: first, that waltzing without music prepared is nigh impossible. Second, that his volunteer had more enthusiasm in being chosen than any talent or experience in being led through a dance. And third: that the lady's aging husband would be returning from the refresher after having imbibed heavily and take exception to some common entertainer dancing with HIS wife. Yep. That's Ban's face as he realizes he's about to be punched and that in order not to have anything look funny, he has to watch it it coming in and just... get punched.

Whether or not Aryn plays her part anyway and slaps him after remains to be seen.

Yuun is in the back changing his clothes, well not changing them but altering them a little bit. He's watching the comedy skit which even makes him cringe. He shakes his head, 'At least he's trying right?' Yuun is making sure he isn't being seen by the crowds so that they can pull off the last act right, and as he waits he enjoys seeing what he is seeing.

When Ban picks a volunteer and they begin their dance, oh he really hopes he isn't that bad of a dancer, granted not everyone can dance. Looking out into the crowd he spies Aryn and grins waiting to see how she will play her part and then there may be a fist coming to meet with Ban's face, oh this is going to be funny.

The Trooper's comment about the pilots sends a thrill of anxiety up Liren's spine. The force tingles with Elrych's suggestion. She almost walks into the back of the other Trooper as she half-turns her head to listen to him. Tense as the first attempt fails, she exhales noisily as the second seems to penetrate. Righting her tray which had wobbled, she heads for the ship's bridge, overly conscious of her heart trip hammering.

In the main corridor, the Stormtrooper that is escorting LIren and Elrycn does indeed look put-out by Elrych's initial mind trick. "Listen here, Little Bopper--" He's in the process of saying when the second attempt comes from the young Jedi. "--I'm going to go into that refresher down the corridor, and I'm staying in there until you and your friends pathetic show is over." And with that said the trooper turns and starts to waltz off, leaving Liren and El alone in the corridor aside from the sounds of the various parties going on in the other lounges also accessed from this main hallway.

Up ahead, the corridor splits around a power junction pylon and eventually leads to the bridge where there are no armed guards, but there are three crewmen. Two of them are at the controls and the third, the captain, is standing in the center of the bridge holding a datapad that his eyes are down on. They're preparing for departure...

...Back in the Savage Kittens lounge.

The audience doesn't seem terribly impressed by the performances going on, but there's free drinks. Free drinks help any party work a lot better than a dry room!

A large portly man walks past Ben in the corner and he claps him on the shoulder. "You got moxy, even if that help is stupid. Your humor is classic, don't see that kind of thing too often outside of dives on Outer Rim worlds. I appreciate it! Reminds me of home!" He downs an entire glass of amber alcohol then and burps really loudly!

Vhe's entertaining draws a few claps though and some smiles from the nicer folks who've settled in at the tables near her. Though some are still staring with confusion or a lack of satisfaction.

The bulk of the crowd though has their eyes up on the stage. Someone shouts "Take it off!" To Ban? High society types are weird!

Rey moves past Aryn and glances at her, with huge eyes! She then raises her hands up and twirls around a group of people, dancing up close to them but spinning around them which draws a few eyes her way to her flowing blue garments.

Crowd Entertainment Level: Getting Impatient!

Cards collected once more, Vhe rises up and bows to the table before she starts to move around to spread the trick about. She smiles and puts on her face but she really is not used to performing for this level of rich. She clears her throat and quickly shuffles the cards, flipping a few to her other hand before she arches them into a successful fanning. Up they come and as they are displayed to show them all off she turns her head and repeats her trick of having someone take a card but this time she reaches past him and flips the card into being between her fingers.

"And here it is...seems the card got just as attached to you, as you are of it." She says with a smirk and brow waggle. NOPE! don't do that. She gets a look from a few of the women and tugs on her dress again. Damned thing. Heels though. Vhe still winning.

Elrych snickers as the Trooper saunters off to lock himself in the refresher. He drops the tray of drinks on a table in the corridor before forking around the power core to the bridge. He doesn't hesitates as he moves on the bridge. "Hey, hey... you guys. I think there's some trouble back there. You should check it out... I think one of those First Order guys is stuck in a refresher.... armor's too big for the door!"

THAT is Aryn's cue, and so begins the next phase of their entertainment! Storm, storm, storm! Stomp, stomp, stomp.. that kind of hurts. Aryn makes her way to the stage looking as angry as she can possibly be. "How.. DARE YOU make a mockery of our RAIN dance, sir!" Aryn pulls her glove off and goes to smack Ban, MISSING and slipping because of those DAMNABLE shoes.

Confounded on the floor, Aryn landed hard and with a huff. Rather than bear the shame of failing one task, she swept her leg beneath the soldier's robbing him his stance and denying him further mockery of their dance.

Aryn rises again, brushing her dress down. "HMPH!" And storms off stage. Laughter? Aryn isn't sure, her ears are ringing.

"You too," Ben replies flatly to the belching man, shrinking away as much as someone his size can from the clap on the shoulder. It's close enough to an appropriate response. Stepping away, he scans the room, noting with some small satisfaction that he is hardly the only one failing to tickle the crowd's satisfaction. Wait no, they have to keep them happy or the mission is jeopardized. He blinks and frowns behind the helmet.

Stepping into the aftermath of Ban's decking, he clears his throat loudly and stands for a moment on the edge of the stage, adjusting his thin plastoid party helmet. "Excuse me. Yes, may I have your attention. For my next trick," the frown is visible as that small cutout allows it to be seen, "I will levitate. Before your eyes." Adjacent to him, Aryn sweeps Ban's feet out from under him and sends the poor fellow tumbling to the floor, drawing gasps and cheers alike. It's show business, baby.

"I can't always do it," he warns the crowd, but it's showmanship 101, you build a little suspense. "But uh. Let's see if I can tonight." Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes, focusing himself.

With his back turned to the crowd, his hands turn subtly palm-upward but remain at his sides as he concentrates, and with most eyes on him, his boots rise and then return to the stage. Then abruptly, it's not Ben that levitates, but Ban, the fallen Jedi rising in the air a few feet off the stage for a few moments, turning upright before setting down on his feet while Ben turns almost sheepishly back around. "Looks like it worked, that's- magic doesn't always work how you planned, uh, tip your servers."

That is his que and he calls for a change of music as the lights dim, it's slow at first and Yuun steps out with a flourish and he spins on the balls of his feet. He slows the spin and steps out of it. Yuun leaps across a small distance and as he does he moves into a low sweep, and as he comes up, he bows to everyone. As the music plays louder and faster, so does his dancing change into a more fast paced dance and he's always on beat, adding flips and well timed splits, Yuun moves with a ease of grace.

Ditching the tray when Elrych does, Liren is ready to revise every estimate of danger she has ever made, lowering them to near nil when she spots the ship's Captain up ahead of them. With a reach for the calming exercises she has learned, she squares her shoulders and clears her mind.

But! Elrych's Corellian street smarts might get them into the Bridge, yet. Emanating her perfect right to be there, the young diplomat readies herself to breeze past them.

Inside of the Savage Kittens lounge the antics on stage get a mixed measure of results, up until the punch is thrown and the levitation display takes place! This is when the applause start to come much greater and rise in level.

"I don't know what the heck is going on, but I'm enjoying this!" Someone can be heard from their table. "Tell the magic robot man to lift me up next!" Another person shouts while that same belching portly fellow can be heard saying. "I'd let that blonde woman punch me any day."

The stormtrooper by the door just tilts his helmeted head as he watches the 'magic' show ... something about that doesn't sit well with him, but it could indeed just be part of this strange act.

And when Yuun's dancing start, the Trooper just glances around and shifts his weight while the room seems to be having a good time none the less.

Back on the bridge. The captain doesn't seem to fully like what Elrych is selling, but he does look back down the corridor and sees a Trooper just going in to the Refresher hatch. "What the bloody madness is this?" He says as he glances toward the pilots. "Take us up and in to orbit. I'll be right back."

He looks to Elrych and Liren. "You two, get back to the parties." He passes them by and starts down toward athe Refreshers to check on the Trooper.

This leaves the bridge, and it's two pilots, alone for Elrych and Liren to deal with. They'll likely be no match for the Jedi, hopefully in a non-combative way...

The crowd in the lounge? They're having a good time, even if the show is quite unconventional!