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Mandalorians clash again the in the Bloodfields

OOC Date: September 20, 2022
Location: Mandalore: The Bloodfields
Participants: Sumi Kora, Zevin Daodhri, Valeska Kora, Nix, and Hadrix Kora as GM Mandalorians, Clan Kora, Mandalorian Revivers

The mining droid was falling, gouges rent in the armor belching smoke and thick 'boned' legs collapsing just ahead of the main body of the gigantic Testudines like main body leaning and slamming into the ground with enough force to buckle armor and structural plates. The defenders were scattered or downed, armored bodies littered the area. Smoke and the scent of demolition charges were thick in the air and the arrayed forces were regrouping in the aftermath of the explosions that had felled the automata. Mining laser arrays go off, slagging stone and ripping through one of the battered support craft nearby before their power source breeches and the forward right quarter of the mechanical goes up in a blossom of fire and melting durasteel.

<<"Sensors showing they're right on top of us!">>

The attack wasn't without notice and the clock had been running to this point. Gripper's announcement overs comms heralding the reinforcements that had been reported making their arrival. A pair of quadrupedal walkers from the interior of Tsook's territory, turning about a natural corner made from a brow of igneous rock, with two APCs carrying ground forces.

<<"Mission is technically accomplished, Sumi'Alor. Dustoff sight is updating.">> Hadrix's voice now joining Gripper's on comms. The little handful of the original defense forces are starting to pull themselves together, stumbling through the smoke of destruction, <<"Fighting withdrawal?">> blaster fire is beginning again, golden plasma bolts seeking the forces of Concord Dawn and Mand'Alor.

<<"Cripple our foes so they cannot limp after us. I will join the Mando'ade on the ground to ensure these new technicals are not in a position to pursue.">> Sumi says from the cockpit of the Stompa, her T-70 X-Wing. <"Rain, you have the helm."> And without ceremony, Sumi pops the canopy and launches herself out of the craft to freefall toward the chaos below. The sound of the wind whistling against her beskar'gam, her helm, and the loud cracking whips of her cape behind her dominate what can be heard, but she angles herself toward the heart of the conflict.

Valeska barely gets her celebratoy whoops in before reinforcements are arriving en masse. Hardly any time to breathe. Rude, quite frankly. Latched onto the stomping vehicle she had attached herself to for the inevitable retreat, Valeska's helmet turns towards the enemy fortifying the flank and sighs. <<"I mean, okay. Let's do this some more, yeah?">> She says to the foes who cannot hear her.

She pounds on the shell of the armoured vehicle she's riding on and transmits <<"Intercepting. Don't blow up.">> Then fires on the jetpack and takes off to meet the onslaught. A quick tap on her vambrace as she goes and a slight little hum to herself. <"Let's see how well this thing works.">

Hanging from the back corner of one of their own vehicles, Zevin watches the approach of enemy reinforcements amidst the comm chatter. He eyes the new arrivals, judges their own vehicles- <<"Don't reckon we kin outrun 'em,">> he agrees. "We got grenades for their legs?" That is shouted to those sharing the same ride - among them, Nix.

His jetpack fires for a moment experimentally, and his right hand checks for the tools of his trade: baton, blaster pistol, slugthrower are all where they should be. "I'll go for 'em if we got the ordnance."

The mini-Mando is breathing heavily as she checks over her medpac to make sure, after having gotten everyone healed that she still had resources left in case... Oh backup. In case backup. She sighs quietly and watches Sumi fly over head as she was part of the ground unit. The tiny woman turns to Zevin and pulls out a grenade and puts it in his hand. He did after all ask.

The small silent woman stands up, moving away from the drive controls she's been failing at and she rockets out of the vehicle. She is able to rocket out of the vehicle and land quite a ways away. She jumps a few times from left foot and then to right foot before she takes off running with the T-21. The gun that is as long as she is tall. Her feet carry her pretty quickly along the plains.

<<"Copy.">> a moment before his tone changes, shifting to the sort of tone someone reviewing a newsheet might have while dictating, issuing the order and sending notation HUDs via their connected comms <<"Ddha'haase nari">> screening action.

Allied vehicles are few, a lone BN7 and a pair of AT-STs clunking towards defilade from enemy guns. The arrival of the walkers is met with cheers and renewed battle cries in the same breath as firing orders are being shouted and field commanders, current and newly promoted by circumstance, begin chopping hands in specific directions.

<<"Valeska, with Zevin. Cover eachother and get something in to weaken joints. Nix, with me - fire support. Everyone give Sumi'Alor space - I think she's planning to pull her party favor.">> Hadrix again, tapping a switch on his vambrace, his wookiee cannon held by the barrel in the mean time.

Tsook forces begin unloading from the APC trucks, lifting on jetpacks and shouldering rifles as they descend or hover, seeking targets to begin the counter assault. All the while the two quadra-walkers keep up their steady approach. Nothing of the awe inspiring size of the vaunted AT-AT. But large and with opening roof ports where ring turret mounts are beginning to raise from.

Sumi rotates mid-air, igniting her jetpack a second later to slow her fall until she hit the top of a trukk, making it shift from the sudden weight it absorbed. Activating the lightsaber she held in one hand, the century old soldier began to hack at the defense turret and ring mount atop, but its armor plating proved far more resistant than she anticipated. She shouldn't have doubted their ingenuity, they are Mandalorians after all, but here she is doubting them anyway.

<"Rekking.. thing.. won't melt!"> Sumi laments, hacking and showering sparks everywhere around her, and the violet blade humming in her grasp.

On orders, Valeska banks sharply in the direction where she knows Zevin is. Keeping her distance still but offering a friendly wave. <<"Vod! Ready to make something big explode?">> Her vambrace at the ready if something needs to be shot, she yanks out a frag grenade from her utility belt and pressed down hard to activate it. <<"You go low, I'll go high!">>

And that's exactly what she does. Taking higher into the air, she lobs the grenade at a target that is just too big to miss. The arch is definite if a bit lost in the chaos and she hits the quadraped vehicle with a burst of explosion. It is now that she realize just how tough that armour is as all she manages to do is scuff the chassis. <<"Damn. Was aimin' for the turret.">> Nothing for it now. She's already studying the big hulkin' legs and plotting her next move.

Grenades are popped into his waiting hand with a promptness that evinces a smile - one that can only be heard, not seen. <"Thanks."> Now his jetpack activates for real, a flame of blue haloed by red coming from two nozzles. He releases the grip and rises up into the air, far enough to be out of the immediate vehicle-to-vehicle volley zone, before he leans forward. He makes small adjustments with his hands alter his path, to present a moving target to the flying raiders rising up to meet them.

<<"Let's do some damage, Val. Goin' low.">>

He dives down closer to the ground, hurtling past the front left leg before spinning in the air, back towards the ground and flaring the jetpack hard to kill his momentum. Then he rotates back to a hover, activates the laser on his forearm, and waits. As the tordle takes a long step forward, the leg reveals more of its moving parts inside the joint, and he lines up and fires, a beam of red streaming into the cavity.

Reducing movement speed by exactly zero. <<"No dice, reinforced joints.">> There he hovers, one hand holding onto the 'shoulder.'

Nix nods her head and the mechanical voice that her helmet makes, very Hawkins like except female, <<"Following on your six.">> She moves as quickly as she can. She has long legs but she's still short and Hadrix is a beast so she does the best she can. She lifts her giant gun up and aims down the sight for only a second before the little mando speaks into the comm, <<"Just a healthy reminder from your friendly neighborhood medic, please do not get shot, stabbed, or blown up. Thank you.">>

She tightens the grip on the trigger and lets the kill shot go. She watches one warrior drop but she does look up and sees the other team working away on their mission and then Sumi being Sumi. She quickly does a peek around at the teams to see if anyone's been hit yet. Nice.

One of the quad-walkers turns its head towards the few Mandalorian enemies on the ground, a ad-hoc cannon mounted there swiveling to take aim and lets loose with a blast with such intensity that its brightness practically turns the world around it and the line of attack black and white. Churning ground barely fifty meters distant from where Hadrix and Nix stand, causing the big man to leap for cover, the thick plume of obscuring smoke being issued from his vambrace being sprayed in a wild arc. If he weren't caught in a combat roll, and were looming instead, it might look intimidating - as it stands it's more like a flailing cartoon trying not to be on fire.

"THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING" a sound system on the other walker engaging, two of its ring mount repeaters opening up on Sumi's position, pelting the thick skinned vehicles side with a monsoon downpour of heavy plasma, "SURRENDER NOW AND KNOW THE WARLORD'S MERCY. FAIL TO DO SO AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED." the voice booming over the battlefield.

The warlord's forces don't wait for a response, only for a cease fire order, even more golden energy blasts surging in every direction of their enemies is perceived. Moving in small units, covering flanks. Returning fire and attempting to blow sappers off of their mounts. A unified roar of loathing for Mand'alor's forces given.

Sumi ducks beneath the laser fire intended to harm her, then dances backward as the vehicle causes her to search for balance. The lightsaber in her grasp makes a WMMMPH WMMPH WMMPH noise as her arms extend out by her sides, waving for more control and balance until she manages it. It's comical to see.

When command of her momentum was once more Sumi's, she drove the violet blade into the top of the control cabin, twisting the blade in place to turn the ceiling into molten metal. When she traced out a hole large enough for her, the ceiling fell in and she stepped inside too. <"Fellas,"> Sumi greets, swinging the blade toward the driver. The co-pilot hooks his arm with hers and prevents the blade from reaching its intended place. Then it becomes a game of dominant position in the limited space of the cabin, as sparks fly from components touched by the violet blade, disabling systems (and the like) in an effort to fight the two warriors controlling the trukk.

This is definitely a situation they are not meant to win, per se. Not unless some major reinforcements of their own are in-bound. But mass destruction is always on Valeska's menu and causing the most of it before time is up sounds absolutely delectable. <<"I can demo the legs if we're looking to just stop this march. They can't all be reinforced, yeah? That's just math.">> It's not math.

She is just about to start heading for the legs to make for a boom when she visably pauses. The gears are turning. <<"Zevin. Change of plans. I hope.">> Valeska raises her right arm and aims, but instead of a burst of laser death screaming forth, a thick cable whips out. In a matter of seconds, it wraps around the gunner's throat and goes taut with a yank: expelling the foe from the walker's turret seat with a successful pull.

<<"Okay! I got him! Now I'm just gonna---WHOA!">> Now suffering the weight of the warlord's henchman dangling at the end of her cord, Valeska fumbles around in the air and is almost dragged down to the ground with him before she quickly disengages the cable. <<"Kriff me.">>

It's harder to maintain a close orbit around a moving object while your jetpack is holding you in the air than you might think, but Zevin is used to it. He clutches one of the ion grenades, presses a sticky bar on it, slides a comlink with an actuator up against the grenade's detonator. Then when the 'knee' opens wide again, he jams it in as far as he can. He snatches his fingers back just in time to avoid losing any.

<<"Watch yer step, Valeska. This fella's 'bout to stumble, maybe even trip.">>

He kicks off the leg, deactivating his jetpack after leaning back. He drops into a roll, finding himself among the elites but upright. <<"Howdy, folks.">> His left hand is already against the detonator-comlink at his belt. <<"Lovely weather, ain't it?">>

She was minding her own business murdering folks when she feels a familiar sting but this time to her right arm. A quick peek to see how bad. Does she duck after being shot? Not at all. She slowly turns towards the Tsook warrior that shot her. The gun slowly lifts up and barely aiming she shoots. The blast removes his head from his shoulders. That will teach him a lesson. She moves over beside Hadrix and quickly checks him over to make sure he's not injured at all. The mini-mando gets to a knee and lifts the giant gun up again.

Though she does lift her eyes up to watch Sumi just use her light weapon to do damage. A small nod and then she turns her eyes to her sister. She sees her pull someone out of the big walker thing and she smiles under the helmet proudly. Then Zevin is going after another one by planting explosives. Her helmet turns back to Hadrix and she nods slowly.

<<"Alliance forces are starting to clear. I have a pick-up en route to our position.">>

Inside the trukk cabin, the driving team haven't time to answer the call of 'Fellas' before one is diving out of the way of the lightsaber, trying to find some distance in the cramped space. The other up, a heavy pistol that is practically a rifle with its stock chopped and barrel truncated coming around. Shots spark against interior walls and muffled shouting within helmets comes, to each other as much as Sumi.

<<"Everyone, when Sumi'Alor gives the signal, or you see blue transport signal, head for the rally point being sent.">> blinking the waypoints and rolling himself up, looking from one target to the next after the targeting whip comes down before his visor. Three figures bracketed then his he kicks up, a trio of rocket-darts firing from his right kneepad, arcing through the air.

<"FIRE!"> a sword wielding raider points towards Nix and Hadrix's position, hosing fire into the pairs position. One rocket dart goes off the moment its nose tinks against a chest plate, hurling a warrior off of their feet in the same moment a blaster bolt burns against the Big Man's leg. Another of the warriors from the Warlord's forces is gut-shot and thrown to their side by the rocket explosive sent their way and a third is caught in the leg - spun on a pivot of one leg and sent to the ground. More fire comes in and the dark armored Al'Verde is forced to shield curve their arm to lock vambrace, rerebrace and pauldron all together, soaking up most of it but finding an angry scorch between the joins.

The trukks halt, hanging back; only one of them doing it by choice, and the Quad Walkers keep moving forward, chin guns firing after the disappearing tank and walkers.

Sumi avoids danger again, leaping toward the co-pilot seat and forcing the other two elite warriors away from her, prompted by fear. She swings her weapon, halving the two chairs with a single pass and catching one warrior across the chest. If it weren't for their armor, the contents of their belly might have spilled out, but regardless, he dies with a fearful cry. The other is beheaded when he tried to slip by Sumi, again. His body hit the deck first, and his head landed in the seat of a chair before rolling beneath the dash.

Sumi takes a moment to herself, sighing and looking over the controls. Not wanting to take the time to figure it all out, she cuts the panel with the sword and disables the whole thing. <"That should keep it from functioning.."> She mumbles, then looks up and jetpacks out of the cabin to land outside, joining the fray.

<<"Mando'ade, it is time to advance toward our pick up. Kill those foes eager to fight us, and leave those cowardly enough to withdraw. Let them speak of our battle.">>

<<"Ground Force, Ro'Chur Jung, dropping for pick-up. Doors are open.">> The quad-walker without a friendly on top is forced into an awkward stumble step to avoid the linked heavy cannons churning up the ground where it had just been before it began teetering for balance. Weapons meant to chip through bomber shields and corvette armor actually digging gouges that belch lava in the wake of their explosions.

Several of the remaining reinforcement warriors simply cease to be when the antiquated LAAT dropship hoves into view through the smoke and vapors of the Bloodfields. Slide doors open and in the spherical ball turrets solid green cannons are firing. Lines are being drawn in the ground, driving enemy forces to cover or removing them from memory.

Those who can fire, trying to take pot shots on the withdrawing forces - the tank and walkers clear and there being aught else to do besides risk death for a small philter of glory. Golden blaster fire lights up the ground and surroundings in the distance growing between the two forces.

<<"Alor's Orders, withdraw. On the bounce">> a hand on Nix's shoulder, his rifle left to hang from its strap and his other arm out to put a blaster bolt from his forearm into the stomach of an enemy. Curling them like a dying spider on the ground, <<"Move out! Call if you need assistance!">>

Fire turns towards the dropship, shields shifted to double front, leaving gaps at the back for entry and keeping the small arms fire from chewing into armor or transparisteel. Ready to swallow up the Warriors and get them home.

Sumi is bringing up the tail-end charlie, running with the group and huffing-puffing it out toward the extraction. Each time she stops results in a kill; a surprisingly smooth demonstration of swordsmanship kills three separate elite guards on approach. By the time the Chief reaches the back of the bay, it's only to pause and ensure they get all friendly helmets off the field before stepping back to watch from the ramp. She keeps her weapon held at the ready, intending to eliminate any enemy that tries to board with them. Amidst the stirring dust, Sumi's violet lightsaber blade stands out as a beacon.

<<"Coooomiiiing.">> Valeska lets up on the double triggers and her turret finally goes quiet. She is in the process of disembarking her ill-gotten seat when another shot rips into her leg and causes her to buckle. <<"I /said/ I'm goin', yeah?! Give me a rekkin' minute!">> Kicking off from the walker, Valeska takes to the air floating on the not-so-reliable combustion of her jetpack. Fortunately for her, it has decided not to send her plummeting towards the planet's surface and she streaks across the sky making a B-line for the dropship on Zevin's trail.

<<"Gonna teach you to drive some vehicles,">> she teases the older Mandalorian as they make it to the dropship one after the other. <<"Then you can /really/ blew some drek up, yeah?">>

The mini-Mando feels the hand on her shoulder and she nods her head. <<"Got it.">> The voice is dead panned but the breathing is rather ragged from the helmet. She slowly pushes up and engages her jetpack. Her grip not strong enough for her to actually activate the jetpack and she stumbles and lands on her knees. <<"Al'Verde...">>

Her hands try to push herself up. She's leaning on her gun heavily as her vision goes in and out. She lightly tries to push herself up again, not wanting to give up. A few stumbles forward and a hard land on her knees. <<"Ori'vod.. help me.">>

Scooping Nix up on the run, Hadrix lifts into the air with his jets on full strength, blue fire casting he and the other into the air and headed in the short distance to the Ro'Chur Jung. The pair's positioning putting them on board first. The smallest of their lot set onto a medical plate at the rear with the big man quite literally kneeling over her, set up as a body shield.

Then another boards.

Turret balls swivel and rotate their guns to zero in on the fully functional quad walker as Pheegus's voice and his translator following, is on comms again, <<"Blues boarding, thrusters prepared.">> the throaty vibrato of the engines that Sumi alone here may be long familiar with, beginning to build in intensity.

Another boards.

Mir and Greeza let loose with the turrets and burn holes into and then through the armor plating of a walker, miraculously damaging only armor, structure, and some of the crew within - missing the vital and potentially more reactive internal components. Then Sumi is aboard, holding the line.

<<"Brace, maglock, or grab straps.">>

The only warning in the heartbeat preceding the ship lifting off, side doors slamming shut once everyone is clear and shields equalizing. Wheeling around in a hard terrain following turn to make for defended territory before the rise towards the Kyr'am Ra Kote.