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Mandalore: Politics by Blasterfire

OOC Date: May 22, 2021 (Optional)
Location: Mandalore
Participants: Sumi Kora, Aubrei, Kirioth Kora and Hadrix Kora as GM Clan Kora Mandalorian

Night on Mandalore - Wazzum and Bitr protected from the Smoke-Crawlers sent fleeing into the desert. A northeastern path from the mountain fortress was directed to find the Saiwali clan - whose air-skiff was brought down by Hahtavi's cannons. Concern for reprisal after recent deaths and damage to the defenses.

It was put to those of the expedition from Concord Dawn to try and resolve matters. Blacken the eye of the can, negotiate or otherwise divert their attention elsewhere. Buy Jate'kar'kyorla time to strengthen their position, before the wasteland cycle of survival and warfare threatens to consume them as it has so many other clans in the long years since the Jedi rendered much of the world to desert. Before the Imperial Purges.

Three figures and two droids were on approach, further behind a single figure in ancient armor, gone forth to relay information, suggestions, and any tactical data that can be mustered. The lot of them illuminated only by the glow of distant Concord Dawn and the debris rings circling the Savage Planet.

Afield and in cover, Aubrei observes and studies all that she can until finally the crackle of her voice comes over the com units with surprising clarity. <<"Aubrei checking back in. I have found our targets. The Saiwali Clan appears to have four air skiffs like the one that was shot down last time but admist them is one large barge, heavily armored and most likely what seems like heavy thrusters for faster movement. It has three decks. Weapons are as follows: broadside cannons, mostly light blaster and repeater turrets and some a little larger for bigger targets. Prow and Aft harpoon launchers.">> She pauses allowing all of that to sink in before the comm lights up again.

<<"We have three possible approaches. There is a high dune not so far that can be used for a glide drop assault, then a valley that will allow us to approach under cover and get beneath one of the skiffs likely allowing for some cover. There are a set of dunes that can be used for cover and potential long range attack. But there is always the option of just marching right up, I am going to position myself hidden beneath one of the skiffs so I can try to drop it out of the air with my gear."

She waits for what they might stay, hunkered down and ready to move or be countermanded. Sand. Its getting into her armor and she rubs, scratching at an uncomfortable spot.

Sumi takes heed of their scout's report, nodding her head each time a new approach is offered. Sumi favors the one from above, landing atop the barge seemed the best option to her because it allowed them higher ground, and an opportunity to work further in if negotiations weren't a possibility.

<<"I want to come at them from above. I have a kink about keeping the high ground.">> This said in a bit of humor as Sumi pulled her helm back on and adjusted her belt so the electrum hilt of a lightsaber was in view; the ultimate trophy of a Mandalorian warrior. <<"Advise on the best time to approach..">>

Roth's here, but much to her MO she's quiet and awaiting to hear how things are going to go. The alabaster armored woman gives a nod to things that are being said and then she looks to the left and right before putting her hand on the hilt of her Beskad, "Hopefully no one gets shot in the ass tonight." she muses to herself.

One below, five to the highground <<"You're jinxing us, Roth - now I know someone is going to take a round to the backside...">> Hadrix's coreworld accented voice still mirthful despite the doom speaking from his end as all but Roth get to the high ridge of sand. Gripper floating close and the B1 Droid scuttling with a fair amount of care than normally viewed in old holo-reels of the Clone Wars.

For them it puts things in almost a majestic point of view, as if the five craft weren't in a camping position and more something reclining at pleasant rest. Figures can be picked out moving across the top decks, where small lights illuminate movement in addition to the moon's bright glow.

Maybe a dozen visible spread between the four skiffs and another half that number on the barge itself.

Below, where Aubrei has picked her way - the skiffs underside is bronzium plated scoured mirror smooth by sand and grit, sign that these skiffs have been modified to fly with minimum repulsor power if the need calls for it. Hovering a dozen feet off the ground and humming like wind in thick tall grass. Climb grips can be seen, seams for possible bottom access or maintenance panels. Prime positioning for demolitions work, or tinkering around if one can get close enough.

<<"Feel free to drop in and say hello whenever you are ready. Just going to try to give them a little surprise while you have their attention. Keep em guessing.">>

True to her word Aubrei adjusts how she stands, positioning herself to best get a grip and rip open the open immediately. She glances back over her shoulder at the rocket and then upwards once more.

One two three...

She mouths it as she hits the ignition, giving herself a short burst upwards towards the panel she can make out.

Her hand slips once clearing the distance but she manages to grab hold and keep herself there, letting out a huff of breath and straining against the pull of gravity. The first attempt to get the panel open is tricky and when it falls away she watches it hit the sand and sticks her hand into the internal mechanical guts. Only to get zapped, causing her to yelp in pain.

<<"Understood, moving now.">>

Sumi doesn't put much effort into the sudden lift off. She kicks off the ground and takes flight, rocketing across the distance to land atop the barge with a practiced grace. She earns their attention, and she steps in a circle to get the lay of the land before angling a haphazard two-fingered salute off the top of her feline-eared helm. <"Evenin'..">

The glare of the Krayt Dragon brand on her pauldron catches the light when she settles from a spin. <"Was wondering if we might talk. Who here has the honor of speaking for your clan?"> Sumi was not an intimidating sight; not on Mandalore at least. Mando'ade armor was common sight. Anywhere else though, she might have earned more inherent respect, but here, she knew she stood amongst fellow warriors alike.

Roth sees that Sumi is going down and the Arkanian moves to follow her Alor. She has a thing for just letting her weight pull her down until she kicks in her rockets and there's a moment taken to adjust for where they are landing. The tall Alabastrine Mandalorian lands behind and to the left of Sumi, much like the super hero landings, but she doesn't slam her fist into the ground or anything. She sweeps her hand up to rest fingers loosely around the hilt of her beskad again while she looks to the people that Sumi is talking to. "Talking would be the preferred outcome." she states in a calm tone.

Clicks and whirrs of weapons raised and readied come on the heels of Sumi's question, drooping right after Roth's appearance. T-visors shadowed by evening or covered by protective mesh screens turned towards one another. The skiff riders all wearing lighter garb, with some armor over clothing designed for light travel and saving off the desert heat by building air pockets between thin, flowing, layers.

Cowed and quiet for a few moments, one makes for a hatchway leading below decks on the barge, slowly and keeping their face towards Sumi and Roth. A button pressed sending a low thrumming tone vibrating through the the hull.

Atop the ridge, wookiee cannon ready and watching through targeting optics, Hadrix grunts to himself, <<"Lot of trouble with those sails getting a good bead, but two meters to your left is good cover if it gets hairy on that deck.">> barrel sweeping from side to side, <<"Aubrei, status?">> checking in while they watch.

A long minute, two, and the hatch opens to allow a figure to stroll out. Barely taller than Sumi with shards of shoulder pauldrons arranged like 'wings' on his shoulders and a shallow bust of a Basiliskan embossed on his cuirass emerges with another at his side.

<"I'm Zatti, I command this party. Answerable to Mofa'Ki Alor'Saiwali."> soft voiced despite the rough wear on his attire. <"Speak, Tra'mando'ad..."> a touch of impatience leaking into his tone.

The first zap still stings a little but she quickly has herself managing to access the basic functions of the skiff. Only then does she consider her options. She pulls out a line from her gauntlet after hooking her elbow into the panel and with her teeth manages to pull it out and engage the board inside.

With a few sequences that she taps out finished she waits for the sound of the thrusters that begin to spool up. The sudden lurch shocks most on board, well all and herself, the young woman gasping as she pulls her connection free and lets go - JUST - in time.

The skiff where she has been holding on slams into the barge, shaking the impressive armored vehicle while she hits the sand below with a few last minute bursts of her rocketpack trying to keep out of sight as she rushes for the next skiff. <<"One down. Should keep them busy while I get the next on coarse.">>

The first zap still stings a little but she quickly has herself managing to access the basic functions of the skiff. Only then does she consider her options. She pulls out a line from her gauntlet after hooking her elbow into the panel and with her teeth manages to pull it out and engage the board inside.

With a few sequences that she taps out finished she waits for the sound of the thrusters that begin to spool up. The sudden lurch shocks most on board, well all and herself, the young woman gasping as she pulls her connection free and lets go - JUST - in time.

The skiff where she has been holding on slams into the barge, shaking the impressive armored vehicle while she hits the sand below with a few last minute bursts of her rocketpack trying to keep out of sight as she rushes for the next skiff. <<"One down. Should keep them busy while I get the next on coarse.">>

<"I am called Sumi Kora, Alor of clan Kora. We have come to claim the kill on the air skiff deployed outside the mountain fortress just the other day. Denizens of the fortress made us aware that the skiff was property commanded by Alor'Saiwali, and there were concerns of reprisal for the actions my kin took to destroy it. While it goes against my character to do so, I offer my arm in peace to avoid future hostilities, but I understand that blood calls for blood and I ask you present a champion to represent those killed to fight me for the honor of justice. I win, we cultivate peace. I lose, our negotiations fail.">

Sumi extends her arm, <"What say you?">

No sooner had this happened, the skiff comes to a sudden stop and Sumi has to brace by adjusting her footing and looking about confused. Well, that may have crushed their attempt at negotiating? Sumi looks to Zatti to determine that.

Roth is as relaxed as she's getting for the moment. She lets Sumi do the talking as she stands tall in the back. She didn't want to make anything harder for talks and she sure wasn't good with her own half of the time. So she's going to stand there like the statue that most people think she is when she stands really still.

When the skiff smashes into the side of the Barge, the clattering rumble matched to the screech of metal scraping metal fills the air. Zatti and other the other Saiwali on deck are stumbled into fixtures of the deck and one simply goes over onto their face with the violent shaking.

<"What is going on!?"> the barge commanding Mandalorian going down on one knee as voices call back and forth between the ships while the barge is pushed towards the other skiff, with repair crews scrambling and tool kits are hauled. Indignant and snarling to the aid that attempts to help him to his feet.

Rough chuckling comes over comms when the barge is pushed into the skiff on the opposite side, furthering the damage being done. Moments before the first meddled with by Aubrei is brought back under command, the overcharged repulsors brought back to idling intensity. <"Am I to assume this is your intention to show a wish to negotiate?"> Zatti's scowl audible as he makes his way to stand at last. <"Or do we hope my people find only a malfunction in power controls?"> shoving away the aid and brushing a hand over the reptilian face on his cuirass.

<"Blood for blood is fine when we are not now tallying a sundered craft and six warriors killed with it, precious resources in the Ragelands, Sumi Alor'Kora. With your fine Concordian armor and your offworlder means and method. A blood duel would not do, what other offer can you give to prove the wish for peace to be made? Now that we know it was Outsiders who attacked?"> fists clenched at his sides.

To be fair Aubrei was never told NOT to do anything. So she did something. She gives a look back at the skiff she had just handled and noticing it as it gets back into position she hmmmphs and is already gazing at the others, sticking to the underbellies so that she is not going to be seen. This time her aim is a little better as she gives a quick jet of her pack to send her upwards. She manages a better hand hold this time.

What does make her pause when she spider monkeys her way there is that there is no shots fired yet. Surely it should be chaos. SHe pauses a moment, holding her breath so she can listen out for sounds of conflict. Was her sabotage THAT good?! Preen.

<"This is my doing, too. We draw a line in the sand. I offer you the chance for justice, but you have declined it. Now you ask for more. What more would you long for? A Concordian alliance, perhaps. The chance to bring an end to the great tribal wars and return to a modern age.. one with honor and purpose. A future where your legacy has a chance to live longer than you stand."> Sumi took her arm back and propped her hands to her hips. Her tone is cold, but there's sincerity in it some how. Sumi was no diplomat, but she knew that each warrior stood in front of their family, a legacy they all hoped will outlive them.

When the skiff goes a bit askew, Roth doesn't really flinch. Mainly because she's used to things going like that. She doesn't interject anything into Sumi's talks. There wasn't anything for her to add really. So she listens with her hands lightly resting on her sword hilts. Just waiting to see what happens.

<<"Aubrei, hold. Wait for Sumi or my signal.">> Hadrix grumbles, watching her IFF bounding beneath the airships, though there is still a grin in his voice.

Zatti's tone remains imperious, even derisive, in spite of all this. Reaching to point at Sumi and Roth as one, <"Concordian alliance. What can those who huddle on that moon offer us? Will you say they grant us food, weapons, metal for our beskar'gam. Parts for our ships? They guard their Vroxx Canyon so vehemently and even when trade is brought it is rare they let any but a small few in. Will we be made to lick the boots of Concord Dawn and be thrown scraps like good puppets?">

Heads around the group turn to look between each other before they gaze back to Sumi and Roth in their midst. <"If the fortress at Jate'kar'kyorla stands, we assume your claim is to have driven off the Smoke-Crawlers we witnessed travelling that way."> the Saiwali Ruus'alor's glare burning like mid-day sun.

<"I want to survive as much as the vode at my sides. Go to the Manda fighting if I must... what do you offer to show proof you speak for the Concordians and can offer this peace?">

Aubrei is all over her next deal and she peels away that panel, letting it drop down to the dusty ground as she prepares to secure herself in place to hack the skiff. She starts to hum while she does it when Hadrix thick voice halts her. She blinks a few times and then tilts her head. <<Understood. But just let me know if I should abandon this...my arms will start cramping otherwise.">>

She quiets down, completely clueless as to what is being said while trying to anchor herself in place.

<"It is the mission of the Concordians to cultivate a society on Mandalore. To do so, the clans must stop killing each other and begin to work together. The bigger the alliance, the more chance of success. The Concordians have already begun to show their good will by providing much needed supplies to the fortress dwellers, who have agreed to begin practicing this friendship. The goal is to have more than one safe haven, but the Journeyman Protectors cannot be everywhere at once. So if Mando'ade are to survive, they will be given the tools to do so on the accord that they uphold the peace, and re-establish some sense of honor among our people.">

Sumi gently motions toward the Ruus'alor, <"Have your people extend their long range sensors. They will find a Corvette in low orbit. I can have it filled to the brim with your most needed supplies.. given we establish a peace between us, and a chance to hang our banners together."> Sumi steps forward offering her arm again. Her talk has been broadcasted to the team, so they're appraised of what is transpiring.

<"Long range sensors, here, are eyes and what limited systems we can maintain, Sumi Alor'Kora..."> a reminder of the simple things that are luxury on the homeworld. <"At least for this clan. Maybe others have such niceties."> Zatti admits. <"I will advise Mofa'Ki of your offer. We will meet you in this place. Food, water, supplies. Bring your show of Concord Dawn's honesty and there could be alliances forged...">

The other mandalorians watch and wait with narrowly contained aggression. Dander still up for the chaos that has come with this meeting. Weapons are pointed to the deck but are still yet powered on.

<<"Hows it down below, Aubrei?">> Hadrix's voice again, listening to Sumi's broadcasted commentary with Zatti's head in his crosshairs. Below, for the Zelosian Mandalorian? It's at least quiet, none coming below, yet, with all attention on Sumi and Roth at her flank.

Man people talk forever. Seconds draw on like minutes and the zelosian tries to anchor herself more firmly as she starts to feel her arm go numb. She grumbles to herself, letting out wafts of hot breath as she continues in the suspending position.

<<"Oh you know...just hanging out. Sand gets everywhere, just so you know.">> THere is some uncomfortable shifting as she tries to get comfortable. <"Note to self, skip the beach for a little while."> Distracting herself helps just in case the rest of the crew still needs her to create another diversion.

<"Then we will meet,"> Sumi comments, leaving off the edge of a threat should the Ruus'alor, or by extension their Alor, conceive of betraying the Koras for the supplies. It was something they would have to factor into their plans on defense. <"Deploy a flare when the time comes you wish to meet. My scouts will see it. Until then, Zatti."> Sumi's jetpack came to life then and she was lifted into the air by the hot propulsion. Issuing another salute, this one more cultured and Mando in fashion (a fist over her heart), Sumi turns afterward to reach the skies.