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Resistance: All Aboard Part I

OOC Date: October 16, 2019
Location: Dellalt System
Participants: Ektor, Zonk, Zandra naMuriel, Merek, Nova Korell, Kryll Red as Maet Ripper, Tallissan Lintra as Mace Prideheart, Elrych Cometburn as Erak Cree, Yuun, Sera West, The Resistance

The Resistance is going shopping.

A Sienar-Janus Corporation freight convoy is making the run from Bakura to Lianna, which spies have reported includes one vessel carrying a large quantity of military-grade repulsor coils. As this is.. *technically* not a First Order target, a civilian strike force (friendly pirates) has been assembled to deal with the convoy's escort craft and ionize the bulk freighters, leaving the disguised Resistance team aboard the *Ocilu* to scan the bulk freighters, identify which one carries the repulsor coils, board it, subdue the crew, restore flight capability, and hyperjump to the rendezvous point.

The little Broadstar-class ultra light freighter is loaded up with the boarding party and flight crew. Upon emerging in the Dellalt system- a remote stopover point for Sienar convoys- they find the ambush already well underway. An eclectic handful of modified civilian-grade fighters and armed light transports are tangling with a Guardian-class light cruiser and a half dozen TIE/fo fighters, painted a royal blue. Three Mark I Bulk Transports float idle in the void, the last of which has just been struck by ion fire and goes dark, apart from the short-lived play of blue lightning crackling over its surface. Communications fly between the friendly fighters; some of it relates to the ongoing life-and-death struggle, but most is spent insulting their friends and trading profanities.

Bloody amateurs.

"What kinda name is BB-00?"


"Alls I'm sayin' is that a number that low don't exactly inspire confidence, you little vacuum cleaner."


The astromech droid hangs its head and slinks away, wounded by the Shuttle Pilot's excessive meanness. But the Houk is busy fiddling with nobs on the old freighter.

"Hold on tight, squishy humans! This rickety tub don't handle worth a phug!"

The little astromech sidles up beside Zonk, and flips off the Emergency Brake. Immediately, the freighter handles much better.

"'Sokay! Ol' Zonk got it fixed!"

Chief Sera West is seated on the freighter awaiting the boarding party to do their work. She's in a common coverall jumpsuit with her tool belt around her waist, and an engineer kit containing all her tools.

"I am not squishy, nor am I human." Says the tall and pink Faleen; Sergeant Erak Cree. His voice rough and very male. The dutiful and honorable warrior is sitting and waiting for the borading action to start. Otherwise, it was check your weapons, gear, and wait. Straps are tightened down, powerpacks checked more than once. Sights adjusted until perfection. Nothing but seriousness flowing from him, and his pheramones. He makes sure his hair is back in it's tail, tight, and straight.

Zan is seated in the copilot seat by Zonk, just watching the Houk with some bemusement. Someone has to do the copilot duty and it probably beats having her trying to do much other things. She glances at the BB unit, and murmurs, "don't worry, Double O, you're good." She carefully doesn't comment on Zonk's piloting or the emergency brake, just closes her eyes and meditates for a moment or two.

Mr Ripper is also strapped away with the boarding party, secure in his seat, he slowly but methodically goes over his kit again, because, stir crazy people with surnames of Ripper are not good in enclosed spaces. He looks about at the rest of the team, "The waiting is the WORST." he tilts his head back to knock it against the hull a couple of times, then goes back to checking his gear.

"Watch out for the crew," Nova advises, looking over her Tracker carbine and setting it down, then standing and tugging at the bracers and gauntlets of her armor. She's doing a last-minute equipment check, but she's not so busy that she can't spare a chiding glance at Mace. "Some of these freighter personnel tend to panic when they get boarded. They can be more dangerous than trained marines who keep their heads; you never know what they'll do, and neither do they."

She stoops to unlatch and relatch her boots, then stands to unseal and reseal her waist fastenings. "Watch each other's backs in there. These are big enough ships that we could get lost in them."

Back in the jumpsuits with the other grunts, Mace Prideheart can't keep her hand off of her blaster. She's checked it enough times to annoy her seat mate, the tip of an orange headtail flips like the tail of a loth cat back and forth. No not nervous just hyped up for the fight or so she tells herself.'

<<Looks like you're clear, Ocilu, have fun, yeah?>> the lead pirate starfighter broadcasts. The *Ocilu* veers to approach the second of the three Mark I Bulk Transports, before rocking hard with the impact of laser blasts strafing its shields. The readout displays shield strength aat 40 percent as a blue TIE fighter screams past, pursued by a Corellian Interceptor.

<<Uh. Sorry about that one,>> the lead pirate aadds, with an audible grimace. <<Zap, can you- thanks. Okay, NOW you should be in the cleaar. Go on and do the boarding thing. Just, try not to take too long, yeah?>>

"Oh... I bet you got plenty of squishy bits, handsome."

The big purple alien handles the controls pretty well, despite his fingers being way too fat for them. Zonk looks like the kind of guy who would rather headbutt a shuttle than try to pilot it, and who knows? Maybe he still will.

Looking back at the strangely attractive Falleen takes Zonk's attention away from his task, which is not getting everyone killed, but he manages not to do that anyway.


The scream from the astromech droid gets Zonk's head back in the game, though he balls up a fist reflexively to smash the droid if he does that again.

"Alright, Poojos! We're goin' in hot!" He pulls the controls back, and picks up speed, heading right for the freighter.

And spinning frequently, because it's a good trick.

"Preparing for RAMMMING SPEEEED!"

The ship starts accelerating even faster, as Zonk's right eye starts twitching uncontrollably and sweat rivulets start pouring down his overweight, shirtless, leathery body.


"Ha! Just kidding! But this is gonna be a rough dock. Like my prom back at Squilzax Memorial High School."

The ship gets past the lasers, and doesn't quite 'slam' into the docking ring, but it definitely bumps it hard enough to rattle everyone inside the ship.

Both ships, probably.

SGT Cree groans in discomfort and annoyance when the ship shakes from a lazer blast. He glances towards the houk, the other Reptilian in the ship, but can only roll his eyes, his scales turning a more sickly shade of green. He lets out a sigh before checking his carbine once more. As the ship docks, loudly, sending another clatter and shake through the ship. "Listen to Flight Officer Korrell, she's been doing this a while." He says to the two Privates with him, rising and showing off his true bulky and large form. "Let's stack on the hatch." He moves that way.

Zan carefully doesn't reach for the controls, despite the Houk's ... unorthodox ... piloting. She continues to work on that calm, and then there's the smack of their ship docking. Which means the next step will be opening the hatch. Zan's fingers fly over the board, routing information and power to whoever is working on getting the hatch open. It gives her something to do, the purple haired pilot happy to have something to work on. Internal ship comm is used to say, <<That hatch can probably be jimmied open, with a little work. Ship resources are aimed that way.>> Hey, it's not technical, but hopefully there's someone by the hatch to pick up. As per the really good plan they maybe put together? Maybe.

With the final smack, and no exposure to the void of space that means we've docked and not crashed. Victory! Ripper unstraps himself and stands up, "Bout time. Someone open this tin can and lets nab us a larger tin can." he readies his weapon and stretches his limbs, "Or do we just knock again and say we've got cookies to sell."

Nova winces as the hull lurches under her, stumbling and grabbing the rail next to her seat, and holding on tight as the shuttle goes into a spin. "Why can't the ride in ever be smooth?" she wonders aloud, sounding mildly annoyed. Her carbine slides for the edge of the seat and she snatches it up before it can go bouncing around the cabin. "I knew I should've taken the controls myself..."

If anything, the lurch when they dock is worse than the spinning. Nova winces, but straightens and stacks up at the hatch on the Sergeant's order. "We came in quiet... let's keep it that way. They might not know which hatch we're at," she whispers. "Confusion helps our cause."

Headtail jerking like a human's knee, Mace looks sidelong at Nova. "How're you staying so calm? I...mean." She swallows and then looks slightly cross-eyed when a voice comes over her com connection saying she need to get to the docking couple joined up with their target. Swaying hard to the right and then to the left, headtails flying, she makes her way to the airlock to hunker down next to it.

"Open her up," she calls over coms, waiting for the blast of air as the two ships equalize and she can access the other ships lock. "Aw, this things old," she mumbles to herself and opens the satchel that swings from her belt. Fishing out a handy little black box (it pays having pirate connections) she slaps it on the lock and watches it cycle through its crypto routine. Lights flash for what seems like an eternity. A groan and the heavy sound of a mechanism going into motion. The lock handshakes with the back box and they are in. Pressing a finger to the mic bead, "I'm going to need something to keep this open. Nova, got a broom handle?"

Yuun is sitting there, not used to this chaotic flying. Yuun yawns, this isn't his first time he's done something like this with the REsistance. Still he keeps quiet, watching everyone as they prepare, he does grip his seat a little so that he isn't jostled too much. As they come in, Yuun gets himself ready.

The freighter's dorsal hatch groans and thuds open with a reluctant *clunk*, revealing a short ladder down onto a catwalk overlooking the vessel's (designation S-JBF 032) upper hold. Though no hail of blaster fire greets the boarders, little else is visible as the interior lights are as powerless as the rest of the big ship. Given that Zonk's view out the coockpit is dominated a frozen and powerless defensive laser turret, the pilot might be forgiven for hoping power is not restored any time soon.

In the darkness, the sounds of raised voices and unseen boots clattering on distant metal grating indicate that the ship's crew- while not present to greet the boarders properly, are not sitting idle.

"Just give it a little bit of Houk Diplomacy. That'll open it up."

Zonk chuckles at his own joke, and looks around to see if anyone else thinks its funny. It's better than the joke about the dead lunch lady, though not by much.

Leaning forward in his chair, Zonk reaches under the seat and fumbles around for something. Eventually, his extremely wide, froglike face brightens into a smile as he pulls out an unopened can of beans.

"Hey! BB-00! Open this up for me, huh?"

The little droid dutifully turns on its arc welder, and begins the extremely dangerous process of melting off the lid of a can that an organic being is currently holding.

Zonk doesn't seem to mind. And bonus! Now the soup will be hot.

Tactical genius.

With the boarding action beginning, Sera unbuckles her straps and moves to the assembly area where the crew will push into the enemy vessel. She is neither a soldier, or combat trained, so she remains at the rear of the group operating as their engineering specialist. She stays quiet as to not interrupt orders of those who have more experience in combat, and should be talking.

Carefully, the Falleen warrior steps with deft quickness, on the balls of his feet. He points his carbine down and through the grate and rails that he walks out onto. He's like a ballerina... A scaly, big, scary looking tattooed ballerina who is going to eat your bones for dinner. "Four down below. One crewmember with a torch (Light). Suggest we take them out from the high ground here." Said quietly to the strike group.

Zan mumbles under her breath, and then says, "Ono, Double O, can you fix our shields?" A glance at Zonk who is using the BB to head up dinner, and Zan says, "When you have a chance." She is on the sensors, from the copilot's chair, ignoring the pilot for the moment, as she concentrates on trying ot be helpful. "No, not that. Not that." Another moment, and she manages to get the sensors focused on the ship they're on, at least for a bit. encrypted comm is used to send << I count 16 life signs, human, but I can't pinpoint their locations aboard the freighter.>>

Nova creeps forward to the hatch, carbine to her shoulder at the ready. "Sounds like a plan, big guy," she says softly. "Let's let them know the guests have arrived, shall we?" Not waiting for an answer, she braces her weapon and opens fire! Her first shot scores the deck plating at the Stormtrooper Sergeant's feet, but the second takes him through the throat! An inert mass of bleeding armor collapses to the floor. The third shot hits the leading left Private low in the body, making him stumble. This party has officially started!

Vibrations through the catwalk in the dark make it feel like it is swaying hard. Headtails out to the side to balance her, Mace follows Nova out behind the dancing Falleen. Figures move through the darkness, headlamps bobbing making targeting...fun. Yeah. She fires at one headlamp and it drops suddenly out of sight, the second bobbles away and most likely hides behind cargo.

Not wanting to show what he really is, Yuun moves out with the engineers. He knows where Sera is and he moves with her using the darkness to his advantage. Using the Force and having it work to assist him as he gathers the information of where people were. Focusing on those he came with and putting them together and using the information of the others who are moving towards them as hostile. For now he quickly puts on his fighting gloves and keeps his body low as Sera begins working.

Ripper follows Yuun and Sera, making sure to cover them both as they move along. He only bumps into things a couple times and refrains from cursing too loudly as he does. He tries to find something to use as cover in case they figure out whats going on, and to protech Sera. If nothing else, he kneels in the way between her and where the trouble will come.

The sudden blaster fire from above slashes into the troopers and crewman of S-JBF 032. One shouts, <Keep going!> through a vocoder, before turning to provide cover fire that strikes the underside of the raised walkway supporting the boarders. It strikes harmlessly near Nova. The remaining trio run for engineering, two of them (a trooper and an unarmored engineer) escaping out of sight, while the third lags behind.

As the lid pops off of the can, Zonk tosses it over his shoulder. "Thanks, BB-00. You're the best."

"Ree?" The droid sounds hopeful, but slightly suspicious.

"Best at... bein' a turd! HA HA HA!"

Zonk's humor is definitely improving. He elbows his co-pilot. "Get it?"

The droid hangs its head, and goes back to work fixing the shields.

"I just thought of somethin', you know? BB-00! That spells Boob!"

The sounds of Zonk's guffaws would definitely give away their position if the party wasn't already engaged in combat.

Sera takes a moment to regard her instruments to view the readout on this ship. Judging from what she finds, the Chief decides she must visit the aft of the vessel in order to handle the bringing the subsystems back online. If their engineer gets there before her, that's good too, because he can make some of her job easier. Taking cover once they've breeched, Sera stays out of the way and watches (what she can see anyway) of the team and how they engage those aboard the ship they were attempting to capture. She speaks through the encrypted comm unit they all have. <"All the parts I need to reach are at the ass end, Commander (whoever was taking command). If I can get back there, I'll do my best to bring her back online for us. I'm in no rush though; do what you got to."> The Imperial accented Chief hunkers down for now.

Taking the cue from the platinum blond Flight Officer, the mammilian-reptillian raises his carbine and sent a round of burst fire towards a fleeing trooper. THe scarlet bolts smash into the armor, seering it, and melting it away. Scorching through the enemies body and sending him violently to the ground. "Let's move then." He says roughly, "We need to get Chief to where she needs to be."

Seeing that his friendly troopers are underfire, Ripper lines up a shot towards the source of the hostile intent and puts some supression fire downrange. "Careful folks, still some angry people in this can."

"Funny how everybody's in charge except the officer in charge," Nova observes bemusedly, dropping casually to the deck below and legging it for the Engineering hatch, stacking up beside it with her weapon ready. She peeks around the open hatch, then leans halfway around. "ALL RIGHT IN THERE! IF I DON'T SEE WEAPONS COME FLYING OUT THIS HATCH IN THREE SECONDS, I'M COMING IN THERE AND MAKING /YOU/ COME FLYING OUT THIS HATCH! AND I DON'T CARE HOW SAFELY YOU LAND!"

Zan is still on the Ocilu, and since Double O is busy with Zonk, she goes to help Ono, the two working on repairing the shields. Quietly the two work together, concentrating on giving them a better chance to escape.

It's like shooting in the dark. In fact. It is shooting in the dark. Mace's first shot careens off of someone's cargo, the scorch marks will be visible when the lights come back. A cry rings out telling her the second made a hit. Pelting down the stairs she is behind Nova as she goes into high monster mode scaring the ones behind the door. Yuun wearing an earpiece comm unit, he speaks quietly to everyone on their time. Giving them the direction of enemy troopers, describing to them were people are. <<We have 4 life signatures below us, but two are rapidly fading while running toward the aft. There is one life I sense above us and about 2 feet distant. There are nine lives a long way toward the fore.>> he says keeping his voice quiet as much as he can. He glances to Sera moving ahead of her and sensing her and his group so that he can move with them.

Nova's brusque diplomacy provokes a panicked curse and a frantic straining against the powerless hatch, and that was from the trooper who had mostly kept it together. The engineer raises a distinctly less dignified and high pitched lament of, "She's gonna eat me!" The hatch is closed despite the frantic pleas of the last trooper left in the open to, <Wait! WAIT.> To no avail, the hatch swings shut just as the last trooper is struck with a glancing blaster bolt in the back of the helmet, sending him slumping to the deck, alive but only semi-aware.

"Doo de doo doo dooo..."

Humming contentedly, Zonk shovels beans into his wide, froglike mouth. Occasionally, bits of bean juice drip out of his mouth when he attempts to sing his own theme music.

"Miss Nova, you are the officer in charge...." Says the Falleen in a complete deadpan, any kind of joke goring right over his ridged and pony tailed head. Erak hops over the railing, his hulking body clanking to the ground. Then his boots cleat against the deck plating as he takes up the read of the group, watching their six. He stops just as the skittish troopers seal the hatch to engineering. The big guys hefts a slow and annoyed sight, rolling his eyes to the side. "She might not, but I definitely will..." There is a low growl, "Someone open this damned door."

"Miss Nova, you are the officer in charge...." Says the Falleen in a complete deadpan, any kind of joke goring right over his ridged and pony tailed head. Erak hops over the railing, his hulking body clanking to the ground. Then his boots cleat against the deck plating as he takes up the read of the group, watching their six. He stops just as the skittish troopers seal the hatch to engineering. The big guys hefts a slow and annoyed sight, rolling his eyes to the side. "She might not, but I definitely will..." There is a low growl, "Someone open this damned door." He looks around at the small people around him and hefts another large sigh. "This is racist..." He takes a deep breath and then raises his foot. "RARRRRRRRRRRR!" And kicks the door down with all his might. It's very loud.

Zan leaves Ono working on the shields after they together get them partway fixed. Ono happily continues working, getting shields up to 80% at least. Zan moves to check and make sure nobody is headed for their escape vessel, keeping a wary gaze at the entry ramp. Though it should be clear, it's not so sure that some of the others might not be incoming, from the other direction. She takes a breath, scanning out through the lock, but doesn't see anything. "Seems all clear," she reports back to Zonk.

"For all the difference it makes," Nova quips to the Falleen as she swivels back around to stack-up position. There's a windup, a kick, and a blaster shot! Which fortunately misses. "I hate this part..." the blonde soldier says as she darts around the hatch lip and into Engineering, straight at the trooper with the rifle! She catches his weapon with one hand and jerks it back into his helmet, knocking it out of line. While he's trying to clear his vision, she grabs his arm and yanks him into the hatck lip, then grabs him by the collar and belt and slings him roughly out into the corridor! Dusting her hands off, she looks around the room almost casually. "Anybody else want a flying lesson? Please say yes."

"Well, little mercies rain down on us from the fist of Nova," the Togruta, Mace, quips with admiration. "I think she's got the engineer in hand. I'm for the bridge. Good luck, Sera, see you both soon." The private turns and cautiously moves out of cargo and into the corridor leading to the bridge.

Merek has on his black armor which is adjusted about him with the scarf which he wears about his features, making his way into the place with the team. He unsheaths a longsword which he twirls about a bit, then he nods to the others while he makes a motion to others that he is going to flank the entry way when they come to it. The low-light upon the helmet is on.

The earlier warning that the unwary might get lost in a ship this size was well deserved; as Mace and Yuun pick their way cautiously toward the fore, by way of dark corridors and lightless stairwells, followed by Merek. These first three reach the bridge to find the main hatch closed and sealed.

The sensors in the Ocilu light up with a new contact: a Nebulon-K frigate, the *Ascendant* has arrived in system, roughly 10,000 km distant. <<Uh. Hey, so.. not to rush an artist or nothing? But.. we might wanna hurry this up, yeah?>>

<"Understood. On my way."> -- "Come on, 9-Line. We have to fix this ionized piece of drek." The BB-series astromech with Sera makes a confirmation noise and follows after her. Sera gives a look to the soldier with her before grabbing her kit to move into engineering. She switches on her head lamp upon arrival, ignoring the other engineer while she looks over the state of things. "Well.. nothing works. That narrows it down." A quick moment to ponder, and she pops the panel for the life support and crawls inside, almost immediately shocking the 'drek' out of herself. "HUTTSUCKIN' MOTHA REKKIN' DREK!"

SGT Cree kind of just stares at Nova before he turns, heading out and stomping his big old feet towards the bridge. Once he's done that, he check his power pack and continues to advance. <<"We're working on it...">> Grumbles the Falleen in his deep rough voice over the comm. Then he starts to run. Thud thud thud thud towards the bridge. There's a a piece of metal on the ground wich trips him up, stumbling into the finsh line near the door. He needs to colelct himself before he can do anything.

Ono continues working on shields but is having a few issues now. The droid keeps working on it, as Zan moves to the copilot seat. Nerves might be there, but seh's calm so far, taking on the sensors and trying to help. Her attention goes to engineering, as she tries to pinpoint the damaged sections, relaying info to Sera. <<Chief, here, this might help. Reading heavy ionization, but there's a capacitor blown.>> And maybe it's a very good thing Zan's been learning about ships from the line mechanics who work for Sera, for more reasons than just the obvious.

Ripper really needs a better callsign, like chainsaw, which he totally considers while running very fast through the ship making his way to the bridge. "I'm on the way! Don't make more holes in the ship!" he gets to the bridge in a huff, attempting to slide to a stop but loses his footing and falls, feet coming right out from under him to flat on his back with a solid thud. He looks up at everyone else, "Ow. So, we're not on the bridge yet?" the slowly turns himself to be prone on his stomach facing the door, weapon ready to engage once they open it. "Good a place as any."

Now that things are secure at the aft of the ship, everyone's needed at the front. Typical military operation: Start in the middle and run to both ends, one at a time. Nova nods to Sera and whirls, dashing for the bridge.

Finding that she's the first one there with a rank, she sets about getting the team ready. "Stack up... we're in for a hot time once that hatch opens! They've had plenty of time to prepare! Set for Stun! There's a lot of sensitive equipment in there that we absolutely need to have working when we're done!"

She spares a glance for Merek. "Charge /after/ our first shots, not before, and stay to the right if you can."

She nods to Mace. "Work your magic. We need this door open /now/, and sooner if possible."

It's more feeling her way forward and familiarity with freighters that gets Mace forward. Muttering under her breath and once nearly going head over heels on something left at the base of the last steps going up towards the bridge, headtails whirling as she unbalances.

They arrive and the Togruta gets down on her knees to use the magic little black box that worked on the lock door. Breathing hard, she watches the lights flash waiting to punch the button that will complete the sequence. She punches it, the door opens and she is staring straight into a white faced crewman's blaster. Not moving fast enough she takes a shot right in her torso, "Mother drekking..." The rest of her words are drowned out in the blaster fire of her comrades as she sprawls to the side of the door.

Having moved up beside Mace and as the door opens, he sees teh flash of a blaster and with teh darkness, he quickly moves and grabs Mace and moves away form the door. Getting her out of line of fire. He leans in close to the Torgutas ear, "Keep quiet, I know it hurts, let us try to get them clear so you can go in. If not stay here and be safe." he says to her and with that Yuun moves off to where Merek was not going in just yet.

Merek offers a nod to Nova while he shifts the weapon upwards, then he waits. When the blasters all charge the first blast into the foe, he then moves along the right wall while he comes around to one of the troopers that was shot, swinging his songsteel which strikes them, taking them from the feet to floor with a nod, shifting back away from the firing.

Storming an entrenched enemy position through a bottleneck is bloody business in the best of times, and aboard a dead, dark freighter is hardly the best of times. Nearly every soldier who fires through the breach comes away with a wound, and though two of the enemy troopers have fallen unconscious, three remain in the desperate fight.

"Jeez. Ya know, I never thought of it that way before."

Zonk strokes his chin, setting his empty bean can beside him on the armrest.

B00b is quick to pick it up. A clean workspace is a safe workspace.

"You know, for a human, you ain't so dumb. I'm kind of surprised you ended up with these turds, to be honest."

Leaning over, Zonk whispers confidentially to the co-pilot.

"You do know that we're on the losin' side... right?"

A hammering noise comes from the life support paneling followed by another spark, and the sudden humming of capacitors. <<"Copy that. Much appreciated. Break Break:">> She pauses. <<"Life support and engines are back online. We'll get the hyperdrive and shields next.">> Sera crawls out of the paneling and replaces it. A moment is taken to tuck her dark hair back as she searches for the Hyperdrive. "Over there, 9-Line.." She points. Sera and the droid move over after Sera grabs her kit.

Ripper opens fire as soon as the door opens, and it seems like everyone else does as well, the doorway to the bridge becomes a hellstorm of fire and chaos. His shots go in, shots come out, and he takes one square in the shoulder. "Eaagghhghhh!" he rolls over towards the wall trying to become a harder target to hit and returns fire. Spotting their LT, he puts some shots towards him, at the very least trying to keep him from organizing his defense any better, the only good thing about this fight is that it isn't a basement.

Ono finishes up with the shields of the Ocilu, bringing them up to full. Zan continues to work with Sera remotely, linked in and helping her to figure out how to fix the systems. She glances up at Zonk at his comments. "Thanks," she says first, and then she adds, "Is that why you're here too? I mean, whether we win or lose, that's not written in stone yet, is it?" A little shrug from the purple haired woman, and she adds, "You fly better than I was expecting, Zonk. Not bad." That is a compliment from the much smaller one, pilot being something she has respect for, by far. "C'mon, Sera, you can do it." Zan does a quick check over the sensors, and she adds, <<Right, I'll continue to help from here, as I can. That's great work down there, Chief.>>

As the Falleen rounds the corner to breach into the Bridge, a blaster bolts rings out and slams into Erak's right leg, just bellow the knee. The bottom part of his leg goes in one direction, clinging onto the upper half by... well... nothing more than burnt flesh and muscle. The Warrior, grievously wounded falls to the ground in a roar of pain. The Leg givith them access to engineering and so revenge was taken by those on the bridge against the large Mammilian-Reptillian. "YOU BASTARDS!" From his prone position, the shock settling in, the pain not quick reaching his brain yet, he pulls down hard on the trigger of his carbine, sending scarlet death in all directions, no care for where and who they hit.

Nova hisses in pain as a bolt scores her across the thigh. Evidently the hatch lip she's half behind might as well not be there; it doesn't seem to be impairing the Stormtroopers' aim any. "So much for the indirect approach," she growls, and launches herself forward, heading for the Sergeant!

She slams into him shoulder-first, knocking him back a step but not taking him down. To keep that gun away, she grabs it with both hands and jerks it out of line with herself, slamming it into his throat in the meantime. She hears his breathing grow noticeably ragged. "Give up now and we'll shove you into a life pod when we leave! You're /not/ going to win this!"

The pistol dropped and skittered away when Mace went down. It takes her a dazed moment to realize the pain under her unwounded side is her gun. With a lurch and several choice words that would leave many dead were they blaster shots she wrenches the gun from under herself, looks at it then pushes herself upright.

"Life is hard," she mutters and takes aim at one of the non-coms firing on her party. First shot may as well have been in the opposite direction for all it was worth, the second knocks the man down.

With the commotion of the fire fight and the darkness around them, Yuun focuses his senses goign back to when he was trained in Teras Kasi. The dark skinned fighter bows his head as he centers himself. Even with the fighting around him going on, he has been working on this. Lifting his head, Yuun channels the force and rushes into the door way after seeing a flash of a blaster shot showing a gap. If it's the force or his own intution, Yuun dashes through and as he does he comes up along side a stormtrooper, Yuun delivers an elbow strike under the helmet knocking the stormtroopers head upwards, and in a smooth fluid motion, he steps to the troopers left delivering a back spin kick to the back of hte troopers head sending him sprawling and out of the fight. He quickly moves further onto the bridge so to keep them from seeing him, but than again if they see him, the less they are inclined too shoot at the others.

With the firing perimeter broken, the enemy upon them, four of the six troopers down, and with a lunatic Nova wrestling with his blaster while punching him in the helmet, the lead trooper gives in and orders blasters dropped. The short, furious fight for the bridge is over.

"Don't worry about the shields, 9-Line.. I need help with this. I don't know this model.." Sera moves aside to allow the droid to take a look. With a few motions, and sparks, the hyperdrive lights back up and powers on with a loud whine. <<"This is the Chief. Hyperdrive is online. We'll work on weapons and shields next. Chief out.">> "Good work, 9-Line. Let's look over the other stuff now.." Sera grabs her box and moves to the next section.

THe Falleen and his crippled blaster ridden mauled leg crawl their way against the bulkhead where he can rest until med-evac can be done. Either he's in for a long bacta-bath or he's going to get some cybernetic parts. Reguardless, the chicks'll dig him now.

Zan continues to try to help Sera, but the hyperdrive is perhaps a bit beyond her skills at this moment. She lets out a small cheer as it seems that the hyper is fixed. <<Should we be decoupling now?>> is her question, because there's not so many folks left on the Ocilu, right? <<Waiting for your go-ahead, team lead. >>

Nova corrals the surviving Stormtroopers, making sure they're truly disarmed and herding them aft, towards the escape pods. "We'll just collect your friends from the rest of the ship, and make sure you get put off without complaint. You made the right decision, even if it doesn't seem like it now."

She pauses at the entryway for one of the escape pods. "You're still alive. I doubt your commanders would've afforded the same courtesty to anyone they sent you against. You might want to give that some thought while you're waiting for pickup."

Staggering to her feet, the Togruta, orange striped headtails noticeably pale, begins the trek back towards the cargo. Three steps into her trip and she leans against a corridor wall to fish a med pac out of her kit. She only takes her hand away from her side once to look at her bloodied hand, then claps the med pac in place. After a few deep breathes, she resumes the trip back towards the Ocilu.

Merek looks between the troopers on the bridge, while he sheaths the black songsteel weapon, then he nods to them. "Listen to her, you could find meaning in another way," he says, while he takes a moment to adjust the beltcape about his waist with a shift to back up with the team to the Ocilu.