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Beer, Bacta, and Business

OOC Date: July 29, 2017
Location: Takodana
Participants: Adhar Gann, Ambrosia Greystorm, Jax Greystorm, Stavros, Chewbacca

Maz Kanata's Castle - Wayland Island, Takodana

The castle's first room is a large open foyer that has been used as the primary room for Maz's infamous cantina for many generations. Its a large open room, crafted out of the same old castle stonework as the rest of the entire structure. It has windows that rest high up off of the floor that allow a wealth of natural lighting to flow into the room during the daylight hours.

Day and night, this room is filled with a wild variety of visitors from across the entire galaxy, come to enjoy the casual atmosphere of this popular rest-stop.

Live music is always being performed here, though its generally casual soft-beat music so as to set the mood to be relaxing, rather than over-bearing. Tables and chairs surround the musical performers and are scattered across the floor around cooking stations and drink stations where patrons can purchase anything they desire to satiate their survival needs.

Other hallways and staircases branch off from here to lead patrons to personal rooms that they can rent and reside within from Maz's generosity.


Beverage number two is on its way down the hatch as Greystorm Sr of Greystorm Shipping Co kicks back into her seat with boots propped on the chair across, and her left hand pokes around the remains of a meaty mess on her plate. Partaking in the pleasures of Maz's castle has sadly required her to drop the veil for a lil while, revealing the true depth of her frown lines. Oh well. Shrewd, green eyes monitor the buzz of activity around while they wait. *Clunk* the heavy stein thunks back onto the table and she idly checks her comlink to ensure the damn thing is actually on. Probably it's the fourth time she's checked, but she wouldn't remember.

Following the roles played out for them as Greystorm Shipping Co. The younger Greystorm is sitting next to Amber nursing a glass of something alcoholic and not from Corellia. It was blue. He got a data pad in front of him as he sits hitting buttons on the data pad. "You told me when I was a kid constantly checking your chrono doesn't speed it up."

From his polished durasteel-toed boots and tight black denim pants to his snug and sleekly not-work-appropriate button-up blue collared shirt with the sleeves folded back unbuttoned to reveal his red forearms, Stavros is a Zeltron making a statement with his saunter and attire as he arrives from one of the outer alcoves with a companion. That statement is probably some variation of 'Look, I'm a man of action who enjoys showing off his body'- the man of action part being implied by the DL-44 blaster pistol resting slung low on his left hip from a gunbelt.

"-when I realized the fuel money was gone," he continues. He's smiling, raising his glass to try to catch Maz's eye as they reach the bar area. "No regrets, though. I'll get this round, okay?" He glances around the tables, curiosity rather than wariness. He positively radiates relaxation.

As it happens, Adhar Gann has spent a lot of time at the castle of late - enough so that when he shoulders through the gates of the keep and into the cantina, he doesn't rate much of a glance. This tends to be how these things go: don't mind me, I'm just a guy, don't mind me. Don't mind the enormous blaster on my hip, everbody's got one. It's all good. Just, you know, one of the many liars/killers/thieves(oh my) piled up in here, chest-deep. Don't mind me.

He scans the crowd as he goes, looking for...somebody. But aren't they all?

A large furry Wookiee walks alongside the Zeltron as they enter the main room. He chuffs a laugh at the man's words, though his attention is mostly on the diminutive owner of the establishment; Maz Kanata. Luckily, the little alien's attention is focused elsewhere and Chewie is safe for the moment. "You'll get the next one too if you call her over here!" the Wook whisper-growls while trying to keep low and as inconspicuous as a 7 foot walking carpet can.

"This ain't my chrono, shut yer mouth," Mama Greystorm retorts under breath like the mature woman she is, then shoves the 'link back onto her belt. Something creaks - chair, or leather - as she leans back a few more degrees in a delicate balancing act. She, too, is relaxed. As relaxed as old Ice Queen Aderanne gets, anyway, and content as a muck-wallowing gorg to be away from the odiferous ozone of the Smugglers' Moon. Her lips curl into a cheshire grin around the raised rim of her glass and lets the remainder of her ale hover there, fate uncertain, while her gaze tracks the movements of a freshly entered mop of curly hair. Such a handsome boy, this newly acquired supplier. It'd be a damn shame if the 'space wizard' /did/ enact some revenge upon the lad for meddling in First Order affairs. The ale gets put back down and chair's forelegs crack back down onto stone floor. "He's here," she mutters to her son and gestures with a quirk of her brow to crowd-threading Adhar.

A furry blur in her corner vision warrants a second glance, brow furrowing contemplatively for a moment's study of the Wookiee's turned back, but she tags her attention back to present quarry before he can wander out of sight and stands lazily from her seat.

Jax sips at his drink. The Corellian eyes the older woman with him for a moment shaking his head slightly and letting the comment about shutting his yap go. He looks to Stavros and Chewie for a moment with a bit of doubt on his features before Adhar appears. "Alright. I thought you were going to tell me it was the pretty boy hanging out with the Wookiee with the DL-44. I was worried for a moment."

"Oh, right. I forgot," Stavros stage-whispers to the Wookiee. He aims his glass at a Twi'lek who is also behind the bar- who is _not_ Maz Kanata. "Hi there! Another round for me and my friend here, okay? Make 'em strong; tolerances are high." More side-whispering: "What are you so worried about, anyway? She likes you. That's good, right?"

The Zeltron looks around again as he waits, this time catching sight of Adhar- and deliberately turning his back to him, saying quietly, "Chewbacca- human, muscles, shipsuit, black hair, big blaster pistol. Tell me if he gets in trouble, okay? He's got that habit, and I kind of like him." He keeps his back Adhar's direction even when their drinks arrive and he passes the big one to the Wookiee.

Goddamned space wizards. They're always out there, ready to destroy you with their force lightning and their edgelording and their luxurious hairs - and speaking of luxurious hairs, there's a big bloody Wookiee over there wandering around with Stavros? With a frown, Adhar squints at the man for just a moment before he spots Ambrosia and heads otward her table. One foot in front of the other, right?

"Evening," says Adhar as he arrives at Ambrosia's table, looking between Jax and herself. "I'm here. Sound the horns, cue the dancers."

Chewie hefts his glass and takes a drink, then offers a flat look at the Zeltron. "She..ah..really likes me." he rumbles softly. Casting a glance around the room, he gives a casual once-over to the man Stavros points out then moves on to the woman and her male companion. His eyes narrow slightly as he checks her out; there's something familiar there, but he's not sure.

"C'mon, you tellin' me you’re scared of--" And enter in Adhar. Ambrosia cuts short the jeering aimed at her flesh and blood and puts on a different sort of face for the arrived smuggler.

"Yeah..." Ambrosia drawls, sounding less than convinced of Adhar's fanfare-worthiness. "I think a simple hello will do." She leans a butt cheek against the table and hooks thumbs over belt. "Hello." Her left thumb jerks vaguely in Jax's direction. "My pilot of the day. Jax Greystorm." ARE they related? There isn't much physical resemblance, truth be told. Maybe the nose? "This is Adhar," she grunts in turn, from son to man in question. "Purveyor of goods...You got what we discussed?" she murmurs and reaches behind to blindly - and successfully - fish for her beer. There's a slight tremor to that hand though, but after a quick drain, the mug gets deposited beside her hip on table and hand steadies back into the cradle of belt.

Jax shrugs, "Ain't scared. " He replies to the female. "Sorry they were already booked. Some Hutt's hatchday on Nal Hutta." He says taking a drink of his blue drink. It's about halfway gone now. "That's me." He says giving a bit of casual salute.

"Mr. Damn, Mrs. Damn, and the whole Damn Family," Adhar says with a grin as he slides into the seat between Jax and Ambrosia. He props his chin up with a fist, looking between the two of them, and finally says, "Yes. Though you really need to send a bigger freighter, Ambrosia, because I told you I could bring a lot more than what I've got in my holds. I could bring it /all day/. Like...I could get a warehouse, or a tanker, or..."

"Well, let's get you away from the bar, then," Stavros says agreeably. He leads the way towards a table towards the outside of the main room. "He's a businessman; this could just be business." His head is trained firmly on the Wookiee, though his eyes flit towards Amber, Jax, and Adhar on occasion. He's no expert on Wookiee facial expressions, but- "Do you recognize who he's with?"

Chewie casts another glance at the trio, focusing on the woman again as he follows Stavros. "The woman looks familiar. I think I know her from...somewhere." he muses, taking another drink as he moves. It helps with his nerves. Having Maz this close always makes the Wookiee a little anxious. You never knew when she was going to just pop up. Han was always sending him here because of that. Humans had a strange sense of humour.

"It's hardly the whole damn family..." grumbles the matriarch in warning. She doesn't look entirely pleased, but then again, has she ever? A quick glance around the main room catches a set of eyes pinned their way, but said eyes are distancing, so Amber adds it to the list of potential concerns in brain - one that naaaaags to be addressed personally, and soon - and returns a no nonsense look back to the seated Adhar. "Lessee the quality of what you bring. If it's worth the risk of a more expensive ride...I'll send something with a bigger belly." Pause. "Wiseass." Another stolen glance over to the Wookiee, as she tucks a stray wisp of white back beneath the hood of shawl. No friggin way. Right? Nah. Nah.

Jax takes a sip of the drink, "Yeah but that the thing. Move too much of it you get noticed. That's one thing that will always get noticed. Got to be careful and if you got mass quanities. Got to make sure it's legit." It's not that hard not to notice the incoming Wookiee and Stravose. "We got visitors heading this way."

"Well, then," Stavros says, taking a long pull from his blue-and-pink drink, "Do you want to go say hello? I'm not liking the idea of interrupting, but you're staring pretty openly, so- they probably noticed you." Then his eyes lower, looking at his pants. "Us," he concedes. "And if they leave and we follow them, that's _worse._ So- this is 'speak now or forever hold your peace' time, big guy. Your call. If Adhar's not getting shot, I'm cool with- whatever that is."

"No, it's all, like, engine degreaser and Corellian ale all mixed together. No, really. That's why I came here all these light-years, Ambrosia, to give you crap." Adhar deadpans this across the table at the lady. "You done found me out."

Chewbacca doesn't bother replying. Instead, he just strides over in the direction of Ambrosia and her companions. Maybe he was staring a little, but while he was, a distinct memory of this woman taking a punch of the nose emerged in the Wookiee's mind. Within moments he's at the table, roaring a greeting and reaching out to fondly tussle the woman's hair. "Good to see you again!" he rumbles, motioning for Stavros to come join them.

Jax chuckles, "Funny guy. I like him." Then there a Wookiee at the table hugging Amber. The Corellian's hand moving to drop to his blaster as his mother gets her hair tussled by a Wookiee he doesn't know. Though when he realizes she's not being harmed his hand releases from the blaster pistol.

"You'll wanna watch yer name callin, there, sonny," 'Ambrosia' advises, leaning an elbow down atop the table to speak up close and personal in Adhar's ear. "It's Greystorm, or nuthin at all, out here. You got that?" Straightening out, she takes hold of Jax's glass and helps herself to it. "I oughta shove half a baton up Yavok's arse for giving you my link code." But here they are, delivery boy and buyer, both about to benefit from the transaction. Thanks, Sar.

And then Wookiee happens. She wasn't sure, not super sure, but by the time this shaggy paw is close enough to warrant a slice of her knife, she's definitely sure, and no blood (hers, likely) gets spilled. Yet. Instead, Ambrosia wards off the tussling with an arm overhead and swats less than gently at the offending giant with the other. "Hey!" She growls darkly and pushes off the table to stare meanly up his brown nose. "I /thought/ I recognized your smell, dammit..." Somewhere, in that squinting glare of hers, the crows feet begin to soften. "Chewbacca, is it? It ain't fair, ya know," she gives him a blatant once-over. "Couple decades gone by and looks no more'n a day, on /you/. Can't say the same for your old man..."

Oh good! The carpet has risen and now it will strike us all down in a fury of -- oh wait he's not eating Ambrosia, he's hugging her. Peering at the giant tower of fur, Adhar gives Jax a sort of 'check THEM out' look before reaching down at his belt and producing a golden sphere. No, it's not a thermal detonator, folks, no baradium here. It leaps up into the air, hovering, and a trio of ports iris open to reveal a pair of glowing optical sensors and a vocoder grille. The little droid hovers serenely now as he waits for things to like, you know, happen.

Off the Wookiee strides. The Zeltron is a bit behind, though- watching to see if violence erupts before busying his free hand with Chewbacca's drink. It doesn't, and so he does. Like a waiter at a restaurant with one of _those_ uniforms, Stavros makes his swaying to the music all the way over, setting Chewie's drink at the table where someone isn't already sitting. He pulls over a chair, then a second chair, pulling himself up to the table. "That band tonight is killing it, isn't it? Should we make a dance floor?" The sardonic twist to his smile shows he knows that would just make awkwardness more awkward. Adhar would know the difference, certainly. Which doesn't mean he isn't serious.

Chewbacca allows the woman to fend him off. After a moment, he relents and offers a shrug at her words. "You humans do age quickly." he rumbles in agreement. He doesn't seem to notice that a comment like that could offend those sensitive about the subject. "It is good to see you." he says, regardless of her reception. "Stavros, this is an old acquaintance...ah..." he trails off, failing to remember the woman's name in time.

Adhar Gann eyes Stavros, who has appeared with the rug. "Oh good, it's you. Respect." He reaches out and puts his fist out for Stavros to bump. Yeah we're doing it. It's a thing. Old school because we're in the ancient past or whatever. "Hey, I'm all for reunions and whatnot, but do you you all want to see this stuff? You know, the liquid cleaner I mixed with rat droppings and ditchwater to totally rip you off with?"

Jax kinda sits there looking at Chewie and kinda takes a drink of his blue drink. Then looks down at it and then back at Chewie who was hugging his mother. He blinks for a moment. Then goes, "You're Chewbacca?! Hero of the Rebellion, galaxy's greatest smuggler?" There's awe in the man's eyes. Antillies, Ackbar, and even General Organa don't get this much awe from Jax. He's been in the room with them.

"Aderanne," Ambrosia refreshes his fuzzy memory, while failing to resist the urge to glare over shoulder at the hovering translator droid. "For frick's sake, put that away," she grumps and makes a motion to loosen her DY-255 from its holster, glowering at the droid. "Like this isn't conspicuous enough." Jax can testify - it wouldn't be the first time she blew a smoldering hole through a useful, mechanical servant of society. Cept this time she doesn't have coma brain to blame for the outburst. Or does she? And speaking of Jax, his little boy-in-awe expression tugs a small sigh out of her. Yeah, kid. Your ma and pa ain't full of shit, are they? It's back to Chewie now, though, and she pats once on his furry bicep. Aw. "Sorry, look, uh..I gotta get some things outta this kid's basket," she thumbs at Adhar. "You and the 'old man' split terms, or can I find you milling 'round Shaddaa with him....you know. Fer a drink, maybe. Catch up another time...?" There's a /hint/ of nostalgia there, in the old rebel's eyes, but not enough to override present mission. Stavros, in all his tightpants glory, gets mostly ignored. Mostly. Like, from the waist-up.

Stavros doesn't leave a bro hanging: his red fist hits Adhar's promptly. "Yeah, sorry for asking him to watch you," he tilts his head towards Chewbacca, "But you tend to get shot at. It was- healthy caution." Then he cocks his head to the side. "Why'd you go and ruin the ditchwater?" he complains- then finishes his drink and puts the glass on the table. Yes, he chugs it, despite its intensity, red and blue becoming purple as he tips it back. "Anyway, I'll head out, too. Check the ditchwater, you know?" Stavros: worst backup man or best backup man? "Oh, and that guy's right, but maybe storytime is best saved for later." He can pick up what that old chick is laying down: it's skedaddlin' time.

"Some of us were learning to be smugglers when others went to school," Adhar says with a shrug, but he does snag the droid. "Right, so legendary smugglers, heroes of the Rebellion. The people you meet when you drop cargo on a space wizard." Oh good. "Well," he says to Chewbacca, "I'm a fan and all, like, tremendously in awe and whatnot, but I need to get these people their cargo."

Chewie looks to Jax as the young man's eyes go wide. He's used to it from the younger generation. Still makes him uncomfortable, but he's learned how to react. He reaches out to fondly pat Jax on the shoulder. "That's me." he says, turning to Ambrosia as she speaks again. "No, he's still dragging along with me." he says about his partner. "We were just on Nar. We'll probably be back soon." The Wook briefly eyes the translator droid, but doesn't pay it much attention. He was used to those, too. Instead, he turns to its owner and offers a respectful nod. Having spotted the man's gesture to Stavros, Chewie extends his own furry fist to the man. "Always good to meet a fellow pilot."

Suddenly, a low voice calls out from across the room, "Chewbacca!". Silence follows and the Wookiee finds himself standing there, half-crouched and feeling like every eye in the place is locked on him. His mouth works slowly, but no sound comes out for a long moment. Finally, a choked bark issues from the Wookiee's maw and he quickly begins to scurry toward the exit and very obviously not looking in Maz's direction.

School? What's that? Adhar's comment gets a little smirk from Ambro, but she says nothing, choosing to watch Chewbacca scurry away from the attention afforded his way by the minute owner of this archaic establishment...

She narrows an eye at the Zeltron's color changing drink. "The hell is /that/?" then she's tossing a belated payment on the table - more than enough to cover their booze - and motioning for Adhar to follow. "C'mon, antsy pants. Show me what you've got."

Jax blinks a few times. "Sorry. Ruined my damn professionalism. Sorry don't get to see a living legend often." He says then gets up, "I handle the next round." He waits just long enough to get drinks requests before moving to get drinks.

"Yeah, yeah, come on Commandant," says Adhar, getting to his feet and leading Ambrosia out onto the landing field.

"The Limber-Shiver-Liver-Killer," Stavros tells Ambrosia. "It takes a lot to keep up with you lightweights," he says drily. "Not recommended for humans, and very pretty." What are we talking about again? He follows Adhar out.

Out on the landing field, the fluid lines of a landed Mon Cal freighter, the sort that looks like it's some kind of horrible nightmare whale that came to hit on your sister in your dreams after you've had too much rich food. "Here we are," Adhar said, gesturing at the landed vessel, hull still gleaming with fresh gray thermospray. "Hold a tick, I'll roll a barrel out for you to poke at."

"Not sure I could classify my liver as human, anymore," Ambrosia informs Stavros as they weave a path out of Maz's hospitable palace and into the wildenrness so green. "But all right." She follows Adhar out into the clearing and lifts a hand to shade her view of the vessel. Mmkay. Ticks holding, she looks to Jax. "Go get the loader."

The Zeltron follows Adhar to his ship. "Is this the sort of cargo that they need to test on someone?" Stavros asks. "I'm not volunteering, but I could help!" Yes, he is here to fire weapons, once he knows there might be weapons. Just say the word!

The ship's hatch unseals as Adhar approaches, suggesting horror-spirits dwelling within or maybe just a droid. Up into the belly of the beast, and then after a few minutes he returns with a sealed armorplast cask the size of a beer keg, still emblazoned with medical seals and Thyferran factory stickers. "Here," he calls, carrying the thing down the deck by way of a small repulsor-dolly. "Come taste the magic."

Jax walks down the ramp with the cargo hauler in front of him a few moments after Amber requests that he do this. The hauler stopping a few feet in front of cargo. "Just exactly where did you find this Bacta?" He asks Adhar. He looks over at Stravos. He not sure what he's doing here

"Yeah, we're not opening this here," Ambrosia NOPES as her son approaches with an official /Res/ cargo sled and motions for the boys to do their transfer thing. She's just the supervisor. "Dun worry 'bout it. If I smell something fishier than usual when it's inspected properly, you'll be in the know, soon enough." She reaches an arm overhead and tugs her hand down behind her head for a streeetch. Then a one-handed knead to her spine. It's a fickle thing. Then, as a belated aside to Jax, "...fell off a speeder. So you know it's good."

"Fell off a speeder," Adhar replies to Jax, with the kind of smooth, automatic action of a line used both in jest and about a billion times before. "But it's Thyferran. No contaminants of any kind. You didn't bring a purity tester, you can borrow mine." He offers Ambrosia a metallic wand, one end having a small meter while the other has a kind of plug at its presumed business end. "Or not. All right, I brought an extra ten liquid tons, if you want, or I can just offload them here to someone else. As for the foodstuffs, they're actually really nice. Got them from a bulk bakery on Taanab that deals with luxury spacelines. At least somebody's going to be eating well on the front lines."

Jax looks at Amber, "Of course. Sorry, I forgot for a moment. I'm out of practice." He shrugs, " Extra 10 tons? We can't take it on without flooding the crew quarters. That'd only get you an extra four. The owner of the ship complains about the smell of the stuff. Go figure with the line of work, the owner is in." He says moving to haul the cargo up the ramp. "Luxury food too? Yeah you’re not trying to lure Hex into a trap for failing to run those laps are you?"

Stavros observes, like a fly on the wall wearing tight pants and buffing its nails with his other hand. "Nice running into you," he tells Adhar. "Glad I didn't ruin a deal." He tilts his head towards Amber and Jax. "Should I know you, or are we passing like ships in shadow?" he calls over. He asks Adhar, for good measure, "Should I know them?"

"Who?" Adhar looks at Jax for a moment before saying "Oh, I'm not in that group. I'm my own guy." Then he looks back to Amber. "I really think that we just need to set up a transfer point for you people. Maybe a docking point in space, where you can link up and transfer this stuff away from prying eyes. One of these days, the Order's not going to let a little thing like a freehold castle keep them from trying to tag you people in the face."

Then he looks to Stavros. "No, Stavros," he says simply. "You only know them if they say you do."

"Well, that's the beauty of /this/ war," says the murderous 'hero' sent to collect supplies to support their good deeds. "There's sidelines, backlines, blindsidinglines....but no frontline." Amber nods about the smell - it isn't pleasant and it's an unpleasantry that's been burned into her olfactory bulb more'n enough times to leave her hesitant to refresh her memory. "Those failed laps have caught up to the poor bastard, I'm sorry to say," she scoffs aside to her kid and gives a solitary headshake. "He's not starving, by any means." And yet, despite her poor appreciation for bacta's aroma, Amber takes the wand and follows after Jax to test it anyway....just in case.

One hand points at Stavros. "No." Then back to Adhar. "This is away from prying eyes. Today. Next time, it'll be different. And the time after that...and the time after that....some buckethead-licker gets the notion to tag me in the face, I'll tag them in the balls. We're fine."

"Well, I suppose I'll have to be there to help you should it come to that." Adhar gives Ambrosia a thin smile. "Right, so. About pay. There's...kind of a hitch." Uh-oh.

Jax stops to let his mother test the bacta. "What group?" He stands there letting his mother operate the test kit. He keeps an eye on her to make sure she's using it correctly.

The old L.C. slows her steps to a gradual halt and twists her head around to eye Adhar like he's been the prickly bur working its way painstakingly through the seam in her pants this whole time and has just now broken through to her ungrateful ass. "What kind of hitch?" One hand hovers the probably pricey instrument over the bacta. Like she knows what she's doing. Pfft.

"Arvillar Farms Cruise Group," Adhar says, not looking up. He just watches as she tests. "Hex Arvillar runs a chain of cruise ships moving up and down the Perlemian Way."

To Ambrosia he calls out, "Yeah, turns out I have plenty enough money as it is. Wallet's weighing me down, setting this ship off balance on the way out here. You all take this stuff with you, gratis, and if you want more then we can talk money."

"Wait there's somebody useful in the galaxy named Hex?" Jax looks the most dumbfound from this revelation than to anything else. "I... uhm... We're not telling his wife. She'll probably develop expectations for Hex or something. He doesn't need that type of pressure." He looks from Adhar to Amber letting her make final call.

"Weighing you down..." Ambrosia snorts under her breath and dunks the tester for the precise count that Sesti taught her to, then waits for it to do its thing. "Not half as much as your ego. Market's good for a spell, then it's not. Could come a day when you'd wish you'd spent less on charitable deeds." She's married to the founder of Greystorm Shipping Co. She's allowed to talk shop, yeah? As for Hex, well, she casts Jax half an eye roll and shrug. Corporal Heksash'kuri ain't her problem, anymore. Bless you, Kasia. The device beeps cheerily, in support of Adhar's claim that he's got the good goods, and she walks it back to him with a tight nod.

"Checks out. Here." One hand travels north to unzip her high-necked vest a daring five inches so she can even access the upper swell of hidden cleavage, and pull forth a preloaded credit chip. "For a rainy day." As a 'grey storm', she's become an expert on those. Usually, she's delivering the rain, not the reprieve, but this feels delightfully legit.

At the words 'hitch,' Stavros takes a few steps backwards. Not getting in the middle of this. No, being a bit to the side, so he can shoot people without getting shot first! But that turns out to be unnecessary.

He takes the credit chip without arguing, but shrugs. "Just trying to do my part," says Adhar. "But it's appreciated. There is...one thing I'd like to talk to you about, while your fellow here is offloading the cargo. It's important to me."

Don't mind the hired help, Jax does what he was here for loading cargo and keeping an eye on Stavros. He doesn't seem to pay Adhar much attention as he request that he be ignored.

Her /fellow/? Ambrosia raises one brow aside to Jax, but opts to humor Adhar with a little motioning of her hand. "Yeah, shoot."

Well, just because the guy /looks/ like he might be her kid doesn't mean Adhar's interested in making assumptions. "So, um..." He pauses to look up at his ship, in whose shadow the two of you stand. "I'm working on something. Project. Founding a settlement on Kalarba. It was /going/ to be a colony where free slaves could live and rehabilitate, maybe find a new life, but I've been having some trouble securing connections with the organizations that I'm trying to work with." He shrugs. "I was wondering if you lot could give me a line on any slave operations you might have heard of. Might be able to break up some things, direct anyone who wants to fight for the Resistance your way."

Jax is still moving the cargo and toting that load. So he's not really paying attention to Adhar's question. The Corellian for once working quietly and not making noise.

"Yeah, you're better off asking Hex 'Arvillar' about the forced labor department. We catch wind of it, sure, we'll throw a wrench in the works if it doesn't conflict with primary objectives...don't much like the sight of it. But 'fraid I haven't got intel on the subject to offer ya. Safe bet'd be follow the slime trail. Aren't many big time peddlers of enslaved goods that haven't got /some/ degree of connection to the Hutt regime, I imagine." Ambrosia spits a little to the side, finally having worked loose that pestering piece of steak from between molars.

"I don't know Hex," Adhar says. "And his wife isn't interested. Maybe I should just let them worry about it and find some other way to help make things better for people." No, he's not disappointed. Not a bit. "Anyway, I'm serious about the bacta. I still have access to that bulk supply, and I'd rather get it to you sooner than later. Let me know if that batch works for you, and I can get another hundred fifty, three hundred liquid tons to you on a moment's notice."

Jax stops at the top of the ramp, "Hey Good Deeds. If you follow through with your plans. Be twice as crafty as a hutt and four times as slippery. Everybody and every org that tries to fight them over this gets battered hard core." He chews his lip for a moment, "I suggest being a facilitator over an agitator. Galaxy needs both to stand up to the wrong in it." He looks to Amber, "Oh and talk to Hex not Kasia. She's the one with sense. He's the one with heart."

Ambrosia wags her head, trying not to waste too many too-fried brain cells on pondering the reasons behind Kasia's hesitancy. "We'll be in touch, relax. In the meantime...maybe offer a lil ton or ten to his wife as a show of good faith in your common interests. Bargain yourself a chat with the green man behind the operation. I know Hex. He's been through some shit. Can't handle the pressure of the Order on his back anymore, but he has done some decent things with his new calling...and I'll respect his cloak of privacy." Her head tilts aside at Jax and his addition to the convo. "Yup. Offer her the bacta and him the food. Might get a word in, that way." And then she puts her feet in gear to assist Jax with the remainder of the haul.

"I don't get between married people." This from Adhar, his words heavy as stone. He looks back to Ambrosia then and shrugs. "I already donate food and clothes and such to another of their order. Really, I'll just bury people in charity. They'll come talk to me if they want to work with me. Hate to think I have to crush a few more platoons of soldiers with cargo boxes to convince people."

Jax Greystorm laughs, "Oh and he likes a good tale." He considers for a moment and looks back to Amber, "That gives me an idea for a cargo create."

"Eh, well. There ya go. Next card's in their hand," Amber dismisses his cause for worry with a flap of her hand. "No sense in fussing over it." Jax gets a half-lidded stare of 'oh no you don't' and she raps him on the elbow with a backhand. "Let's wrap this up. All this talk makes me thirsty."

"Go ahead," he says, waving at the two of you to keep at it. "I have to go settle some business. Wiz'll close up after you're done." Adhar looks to Amber and shrugs. "Well, take care of yourself, Greystorm. Call me up if you need anything."

"Will do, Good Deeds," Ambrosia huskily croons from behind the re-raised veil of shawl. hah, Jax's nickname stuck.