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They Make Everything

OOC Date: October 29, 2020
Location: Karideph
Participants: Aryn Cole, Merek, Jundani Meru, Karys, Kirioth Kora, and Sajin - GM Hadrix Kora

Karideph - Karideph System - Minos Cluster - Rimma and Trition Trade Routes

A Nau'ur class yacht. Hanging in the sky over the minimalist design, and strikingly clean, starport. Operated by droids while the billions and billions of native insectoids work towards the needs of food.

Karideph relies heavily on imported food, so they make themselves useful. They can practically be described as 'they make everything'. Droid parts, ship parts, mechanical components, blaster parts... the list goes on and on. But with the notice of arrival of The Princess of Alderaan and the King of Drik to mediate in regard to Fydol Agro-Industrial's intention to conglomerate the world into their corporate structure - red carpet had been most literally rolled out.

"Welcome to Karideph, intended to soon be the newest acquisition and welcome member of the FAI corporate family." A man with a cybernetic crown greets at the arrival, bald for the U-shaped hunk of electronics wrapping around the back of his head, "I am Sezji, I am the personal assistant to Director Messing - who will be meeting with you! Please follow me."

Hired guards were on site, perhaps a visible show of authority? But the skyscraper like ship rested hovering with it's entry ramp down and all those who were to be entering scanned and noted. Weapons being closely watched while a pair of guards took to walk in front and a pair in back, trying to keep them herded.

Merek does not trust these things. There's no indication that they won't attempt to make an assault on the Princess, perhaps even the King. He looks to be providing security, which is at least the cover he's using anyway. The man wears a full dark set of armor, and looks to walk a bit slow compared to normal. He keeps an F-11 pointed away and towards the sky, which is positioned to be repsectful.

Jundani is harmless. Not a threat to anyone, really. She was a nerd, living in a nerd world. She did not even look comfortable in the clothing she was wearing. She'd been told to dress for company, and she wore the sort of loose clothing most technicians might wear. Clean and tidy, the collar open to show some sort of black fitted undershirt at the collar. Datapad in hand. She was just here to make notes, right? Nothing to see here.

A display of authority through arms of force was not something foreign to Aryn. Alderaan was among many worlds with aristocracy and authority, with Lords who commanded their own armies and retainer. Each served as a piece on the board, measured by its efficiency, effectiveness, and presence. Aryn had no such retainer for which to combat the unspoken posturing. She did not, however, conceal her identity as a Jedi. The fabled laser sword wielding sorcerors who could move things with their minds, and hear thoughts; or so the myths say. She was not alone. Aryn brought up the rear of this entourage, appearing regal in cape, and dignified enough for the pompous reception.

"Well met, Sezji. Please take us to the Director." Aryn had not missed their opening statement. 'Soon-to-be' left little room for choice, as it sounded like the matter was very nearly closed already. Aryn's gloved hands lock at her lower back beneath the confines of a fine cape as she walks to keep up.

A display of authority through arms of force was not something foreign to Aryn. Alderaan was among many worlds with aristocracy and authority, with Lords who commanded their own armies and retainer. Each served as a piece on the board, measured by its efficiency, effectiveness, and presence. Aryn had no such retainer for which to combat the unspoken posturing. She did not, however, conceal her identity as a Jedi. The fabled laser sword wielding sorcerors who could move things with their minds, and hear thoughts; or so the myths say. She was not alone. Aryn brought up the rear of this entourage, appearing regal in cape, and dignified enough for the pompous reception.

"Well met, Sezji. Please take us to the Director." Aryn had not missed their opening statement. 'Soon-to-be' left little room for choice, as it sounded like the matter was very nearly closed already. Aryn's gloved hands lock at her lower back beneath the confines of a fine cape as she walks to keep up.

Along with the group is a heavily armored Karys - who by mandalorian standards is not so. She's got her pistols strapped to each hip and the helmet that covers her face beneath gives nothing to read about the woman. The straight backed stance portrays the attention she is likely giving everything behind the reflective visor that covers her face.

Her hand lowers to check again and make sure everything is in its place before they enter. She's wordless as she follows the others.

Speaking of authority with a display of force and arms, Sajin was the epitome of that description. Decked out in his CAS designed Formfitter armor, matted with dark greys and blacks, the shadow weave plates shimmers and made him look like an odd entity in the light. A large ebony Ryyk blade rested across his back over his black cape with yellow inseam. He was silent, all 6 feet 2 inches of the hapan. The Jetpack on his back with the k-22 rocket attached was a very big 'don't kriff with me' sign if there ever was one. Not to mention the shock glove, unactivated, that rested perfectly over his armor's gauntlets. A rather big combat knife, an Theed Arms s-5 pistol, and a very large barreld Series III rested on his utility belt. But the most scary part... was of course his fabled fanny pack. Who knows how much destruction was held within that sack. Many died to its contents in missions past.

"Yes, a pleasure..." He said as his hulking form stood just behind and the right of Aryn, acompanying her along on this mission... because well, believe it or not he was just a big softy on the inside who liked to look for other solutions.

Sajin forgot the E-11, slung across his chest in a single point sling. It was old and worn down, like second hand. The actual story behind that was he took it off a corps on Hoth. This thing had seen action in the civil war years ago. He added an adjustable stock, forgrip, larger barrel with better exaust to cut down on recoil, and top of the line sights.

Random run ins happen. That's probably because the galaxy is huge. Roth's not here for guard duty or anything else. She was here in search of...something. And she's not finding it. Which makes the alabaster armored Mandalorian a bit meh, but life prone to disappointments where she was concerned. The figure looks down to the datapad in their hands and then shrugs softly, "Ah well, we'll get it next time." she mutters to herself. Then her head raises and there's a look to the parade of people wandering by. Wait, did she miss something? Probably.

Opulent,, gilded support columns and vibrantly rich crimson carpets are trod, softening footsteps and keeping them from distracting from the ambiance of the corridors with display holos showing the various works of Fydol Agro-Industrial. Images of vast plains of massive food production agriculture turning the horizon into a patchwork quilt of various vegetables and grains.

Though there seem to be more luxury foodstuffs displayed than general necessity.

As the group ascend deeper in there are other corridors opening with yawning hatchways to other small sections that look to hold more displays - but it is to a small rotunda with a quintet of turbolifts, one going into a transparisteel lift tube, that Sezji directs. Larger than some cargo elevators and hung with a chandelier of delicate crystals. The whole affair enough that even Roth could slip in amongst the group moving into the Yacht and to the lift intended to carry them up.

Merek looks to the guards, while he seems to follow along, then nods a bit. He doesn't speak at the moment, he does seem to a few of the things while he protectively keeps to Aryn's side.

Jundani was quite content to follow along with the group, her expression missing only the glasses as she looked owlishly around. Such wonders. So much to see! So many people to keep up with. Hey! Don't leave her behind! She quickened her pace. No geek left behind! What a place. And for every step she took, she scribbled something onto the datapad, her fingers firing away in some shorthand she had likely devised for her very own.

Aryn is quiet for the trip to the lifts. Her hands stay locked at her back, but her mind wanders idly. Being interfaced with the Force and trained to use it afforded her a range of unique senses. There was truth to some of the myths about sorcerors. Aryn picked up on surface thoughts, glancing to each sentient she passed. Nothing seemed to alarm her, thus the neutral expression on her face remained the same.

Karys head turns this way and that but to be sure what she is looking at directly is hard. Something catches her attention and she steps back a bit to make sure she keeps pace with Kirioth and then opens up her comms with the other Kora. -"Roth, older tech is being used here and droids in the columns. Not sure what they are used for. But watch the guards, they appear to be talking to each other. Some of them have synth skin..looks like it can be pulled back quickly. Possible weapons beneath."- she observes as she looks to the others in the group.

Her hand casually lowers to her pistol and prepares to pull it free. She attempts to appear casual in doing so.

Sajin walks along with Aryn, turning his head as he takes in the situation in more than just one way. He wsn't the smartest man and his tactics oft involved running head first with guns blazing or sword chopping but he could see the security layout of this place well, his years of experiance as a Mercenary really coming to his aid. He silences his speaker in his helmet and goes to comms only. <<"Karys is right, These guys are modified. Custom work armor... cybernetic implants. Be on your guard, this might be tougher than we thought..." He looks around some more, <<"Those R5's? Sevice or Security units I'm thinking, they don't have the flared heads.">> More looking, oogling. <<"There's a few security cameras... pine holes... but they got blind spots. I'll try to send them to you.">> He'd have to take out his Datapade and type it out. <<"They're packing up food too... I don't get it, these people are starving arn't they?">>

It takes over two minutes of an express turbolift speed, various floors showing office halls, what may be living space entries, a gallery and finally opens into what might have been, or still could be really, a gala hall with transparisteel dome with a spiderweb of supports woven into a mosaic showing the FAI symbol of a planet with crossed sickles below, crossed grain stalks above and hands shaking emblazoned over the surface of the world that looks like a massive planting fields over the continents with golden oceans.

There is the desk at the center, among displays of holographic representation of various agro-combine equipment and actual worker droids, small personal equipment and other trophies of its illustrious past.

Centered behind the wrooshyr wood edifice sits a woman of dark skin and silver hair pulled back in a tight braid that is folded up upon itself and tied off there, the loose ends splaying like a halo about her skull. Dark eyes focus on the lift doors while screens lower and panels close within her workplace and she stands, smiling brilliantly and clad in a kuati-cut suit of rich greens and earth tones.

"Esizi Messing, Director of Karideph Operations. I am so glad you made it safely to the Minos Cluster." said as the group are led closer, several seats raising from the floor, more panels retracting to reveal thick cushions and more to extend glasses with hermetic seals while a small service droid akin to an Astromech in design slides up, with a carafe of water and a bottle of champagne balanced on its tray-head.

"I hate to be rude, but we are working with the Hive Royalties and are intent to finalize interactions to start the process of Karideph's integration. But I was instructed it would be most uncouth not to hear you out. It is a pleasure to meet you both, your majesties." the woman gives a fraction of a bow at the waist. "So I shall hear you out." more signs of the intention that FAI has no intention of being denied their prize.

Merek seems to try and gauge what people are like, the greetings don't all seem more than a front, still he can't determine why it would be that way. All the same he nods a bit to the Princess, while he asks an attendant if there are any, "Do you have any refreshments?" the man asks.

Jundani, stepping in with the rest of the group, was only too happy to find a seat in the back. All this walking. It was just too much. How big did this place need to be? Ugh. She scrunched herself down into her seat, as though being tied to a chair, any chair, even one so fine as this was her preferred mode of being. Who needed feet when you could buy a chair with //wheels//, she asked you. Did these have wheels? She leaned over to check, datapad neatly tucked into her lap. When she came back up, she was still quietly, quickly scrib-scribbling away.

"Director of Karideph Operations," Aryn echoes, "Curious, Director, how long has Fydol Agro-Industrial been conducting operations on the surface of Karideph? I must say that we were under the impression negotiations were still under way and a decision has not yet been made. Though from our approach and interactions with personnel, it sounds like a settlement has already been reached."

Aryn regards the director carefully but slides directly to business. Esizi's urgency to complete these integrations made it seem as if this meeting was an inconvenience. Aryn supposed it was, but they had come to voice the concerns of loyal Republic companies: Incom FreiTek and Cybot Galactica, whose primary exports relied on the products that came from this world.

Normally, Jedi would not get involved in business politics, but it was a curious bit of posturing that had a direct impact on the war effort. They needed to know what was happening.

Having her observations confirmed, Karys turns about and gets a look around the room before setting herself just to the side but central of the room mostly. Her attention shifts this way and that, a constant tick of her eyes beneath the reflective visor. Her hand has never left her pistol, the weapon ready to be drawn as soon as she is able.

She's tensed a little bit but for th emoment she's ready to make sure the interactions go smoothly.

Sajin turns his head slightly to look at Merek, a shake of his helmeted head as the man asks for refreshments. Perhaps a bold tactic he heard once employed by a Jedi General during the clone wars. Feigning surrender and stallign your opponant was something the Hapan Martial Artist knew far too well could work in the right setting.

This wasn't that setting...

<<"Guards look like they're ready for a fight. May look calm but I can feel the tension.".> He commed, his years of experiance lead him to be able to sense the slightest bit of tension. Keying his Helmet speaker back on, he turns his head to look back towards the Director. <<"You want this over with, don't you...">> He calls her on it, plain and simple.

"We haven't begun yet, Your Grace - FAI is, as I said, discussing these matters with the Hive Royalties. It's just a short matter of time before we are to put down our roots, in a manner of speaking. Yes?" Esizi blinks, brow raised when Merek addresses one of the droids that simply beeps and lifts it's tray head higher - carafe of water and bottle of champagne moved closer and its primary optic to one of the guest seats with glasses exposed.

Further comment is stalled by Sajin's interjection and she looks to the Handsome Hapan. Jaw working to one side for a moment, "Your Majesty, we have a fantastic offer for the Kari and everyone benefits from their joining Fydol Agro-Industrial." she takes a flute of champagne from one of the droids and sips, casually - wetting her throat.

"But we are willing to listen to protest if you wish to give it, of course." her smile sickly sweet.

Merek would look to the droid, while he nods a bit. Then he takes up a champagne, while he speaks then to Esizi and to some of the guards, "This looks like a fine make, we had as much back on Coruscant," he would pour it into a wine flute, and takes a sip from it. "The taste, extraordinary." He dips a nod to a few of the guards, even though he wears a helmet which is showing the thick stubble of his face, "It's pleasant to find a wonderful desert oasis."

Jundani was no diplomat. She certainly didn't look the part and to be fair, she didn't seem the part either. Was that a video game she was playing on that thing? Surely, it couldn't possibly be, could it? She did glance up, now and then, but she was happy to leave the talking to all of those people who seemed to like talking. She had more important things to be getting along with.

"Well your arrangement is concerning to many partners and some constiuents of the Republic. It seems, from the outside, that a rather unknown conglomerate like yours is preying on a world dependent upon import foods for survival. We see such things in the corporate sectors and colonies where the only law is about the bottom line."

Aryn takes a seat and crosses her legs, ignoring Merek's champagne tasting and sight-seeing input with a slight shake of her head. "Let's look at the bottom line a moment and analyze what it is FAI stands to gain. I am safe to assume your conglomerate is that of agriculture, likely a combined chain of planets who have agreed to export their food production for a wider market. Karideph, far removed, cannot produce enough of its own food and now finds a deal too good to be true. FAI steps in and offers membership and food in exchange for labor and the opportunity to expand your market. A market in high demand, given the war, one which I foresee might grow with inflation. FAI profits from both sides, employing an entire planet with food.. survival, but you rob them the fruits of their labor."

Aryn sits back in her seat. "You see, Director, these are not my words. These are the concerns of many in the galaxy, much like these are their words, not mine. I am sure you can see the need for concern. So, convince us that is not what FAI is doing."

<<"Why are you shipping food off world?">> He asks again, forgoing any kind of pleasantry. <<"This planet can barely feed its self but you're shipping luxury food stuff offworld? What exactly did you offer the Kari anyways?">> He looks to Aryn and nods, <<"That was it, wasn't it? You do realize they need to import food to feed their population? You'd be condeming many to starve to death, Ma'dam director.">>

Sajin does not take a seat, instead move to stand being the one Aryn took, a single gauntleted hand moving to rest on the back rest just next to the Jedi's blond haired head.

"Mmm... Indeed." a flick of a brow and a slight quirk of the mouth again, though the Director's ire seems momentarily lessened while she observes Merek. The guards look to one another, one half-smirking while Sezji looks that way, shaking his head to guard. A pointed 'eyes open' look given.

Aryn's commentary and questions bring it all back to the present. Dark eyes growing flinty and her smile like glass cracking, but not yet grown to razor shards. One might wonder if she's bitten off a bit of the inside of her cheek at that and the small blonde is given a look that moves beyond reproach and dangerously close to pure, but smilingly masked, ire.

Any words are again halted when Sajin adds his accusations. Nostrils flare with a long, but silent, inhalation that sets Sezji pale, throat bobbing and a chorus of creaking comes from around the room as guards tense.

"Your Majesties Incom... Cybot... the others you've mentioned; they purchase parts from Karideph. Sonn-Blast too. Sienar. FAI stands to become a major part of the Corporate Councils of our sector by this acquisition. Foodstuffs that will profit this planet and allow purchase of high density, high nutrition, supplement to provide the workforce here what they want. Food. The foodstuffs that could be acquired counter-balance the territory used for such as Barq or Kushayan. We give what the Kari need... and those in need of Kari genius in production purchase what they need. Symbiotic, isn't it?" and oh so profitable.

Merek seems to debate it, while he thinks a moment. Then he begins to take the helmet off, "Merek Black, House Black from Coruscant," he notes, then he begins to speak. "You will provide nutritional food stuff, though to note, you wouldn't even profit, unless the population were to reduce itself. This seems to be a curious logistic oversight, in what way would you fix that?" he asks, looking between everyone.

Outside Jundani was still hunched over, fingers tap taping away as she working on terreforming whatever little worldbuilding game she was working on. Oh! A villager to talk to. That was fun. Inner Jundani was too skilled a slicer to push her luck. She might be able to brute force her way into the systems to get what she needed, but not without endangering the operation. Or whatever this was. For her, it was a fact finding mission. And she had found enough facts to be getting on with. Now was the time to sweep the floor and clear away any tracks she might have left behind.

"Director," Aryn says, leaning forward just slightly and looking unconvinced. She raises gloved hands gesturing politely toward Sezji. While Merek arrived at a good point, Aryn adds on. "I believe we are coming to a full understanding here." Marshalling her power through the force, Aryn gestures kindly, imparting her influence over Sezji. "I believe /you want to tell us how you truly stand to profit./" Her hand settles on her leg then casually. "The points my companions raise offset any true illusion you are trying to weave here. Speak truths and let us be honest with each other. If you truly strive for what is good for the people of Karideph, then this is a team effort.. not a competition."

Sajin turns his head towards Merek, sparring the dark haired man a glance before his helmeted gaze returns once more to the Director. <<"He's got a point...">> Mentioned in that deep vocorder distorted voice. As Aryn speaks he pushes back from leaning forward, hand now off the chair. Instead it moves to rest on the pistol like grip near the trigger housing of his E-11. It's a warning, a soft one. Speak the truth or face the consequences. Maybe not now but certainly later. His gloved finger taps the trigger guard as it rests stuck out against it, thumb right up against the select fire switch. He laughs, <<"She doesn't give a crap about these people and neither does the company.">>

Right to her face.

"The deposed house Black. Yes we heard of the Order's actions. Removed from estate and now taken up on Naboo." Esizi sniffs at the man who draws off his helmet. "The Kari will persist as they have, gobbling up their grains, fruit, fungus, and greens... They'll enjoy new foods as well, won't they?" She looks pointedly towards Aryn now, "We seem to be getting quite a few visitors from destroyed and displaced no-"

She pauses, blinks and begins to speak, "Why when we re-develop their subterranean cities into efficiency worker cells with transit points into manufacture - they won't need to waste their time making food and tending their factories when they can simply work in shifts, increasing production at least three fold while accepting their daily rations in measure of importance to their caste." she has a dreamy look while she continues, "It's simple eugenics - those who are able to produce more get what they need to continue and the chaff goes away - thus allowing for proactive selection of breeding drones for the Queens to produce better stock of workers and requiring less popu-" Sajin touching the gun and his aggressive interjection cuts her off.

Sezji looks like he's going to soil himself, the guards are all standing with eyes locked on Sajin, guns raising from some while others have their hands at their sides. A dozen of them, easy. All watching waiting.

"I... Wha... What was...?" the director looks confused.

Merek looks between everyone while he waits, the weapon which he wields quite prepared in case of the fight. All the same, he will watch for a bit.

//Always// when she was working. Jundani looked up, at the sound of weapons being raised. That was too distinct a sound to miss. So was the changing look of the guards. It really was too bad this chair didn't have wheels, she could just roll herself out of the line of fire. //Finally// she tucked away her datapad, brushing off her hand as though that was a job well done. Now it was time to see how this would play out and how she could get out.

"Surely you realize the implications of what was said here, right? Your company has no right to subjugate these people through food. With the show of force and weapons around this place, it hardly looks to be a mutual arrangement of business. I would like to arrange a meeting with the Royal hive and discuss what it is FAI plans to do with their kin." Aryn rises up then after uncrossing her legs first to shift to her booted feet. That is a big IF, considering there's a dozen men and only a few people to oppose them. Aryn did not want to be the aggressor, and she was curious what the Director might decide now that they reached the apotheosis of their discussion.

Sajin steps back as Aryn rises, not having anything more to say. His body language took care of that for him. Not the agressor indeed, but make no mistake he was putting on a show. One that said: come at me bro.

Helmeted visor looked darkly around at every single guard in that room, his body ready to move the instant they made the wrong move. If they did that is.

There was no explanation she could give herself for everything said. None at all. Only a look of the knowledge dawning. The implications indeed. "Of... course - it could be made possible to have the Hive Royalty be informed of your need to speak with them... Your Highness." Esizi's lips pressed tight, a hard line and a thunderous look to her expression.

"Granted we are outside of both Republic and First Order dominion here... so far be it for me to interpose your wish to state case to these people." looking to Sezji, the guards and then back to the gathered assembly of sentients.

"If you will return to your ships for now, or utilize the starport's accommodations we can be certain that you will be provided your meeting with them today." Sezji's eyes narrow slightly and he nods after several flicks of his eyes.

"Please do not let us hold you any further." sitting down at her desk, hands folding and teeth grinding.

Merek nods a bit, while he places the helmet back on, no comment about the House Black seems to make him say anything, then he notes to follow along with the Princess if she's finished. If not, he will wait if she still has things to offer.

Were they going? It was time to go. Jundani shifted in her seat, fidgeting in that way of someone who was simply not accustomed to being this close to all this aggression. Her eyes scanned the room looking from guard to guard from group mate to group mate, to the person they had come to meet and her lackey. She rocked, side to side. She'd been sitting so long, her butt has surely fallen asleep.

"You are correct. The New Republic and First Order have no presence here. It is not our world, but it is not yours /yet/ either. The Royal Hive will quickly discover the truth of all this, and we will allow them to decide for themselves. Good day, Director."

Aryn turned and nodded to Sajin. At the turn of heel, Aryn cast her cape back enough to reveal the curved hilt of her lightsaber. She only revealed this when she felt in danger, and her senses told her there was nothing but murderous intent afoot.

Aryn uses her off hand to motion to Jundani, as if to say, stay close to me.

Sajin looks over his shoulder, giving one last steamy stare towards the director. Specifically aimed at her. His own malicious intent radiating like the heat waves off the durocrete of a city street. At Aryn's order, he turns and starts to walk out slowly, hand still on the grip of his E-11. The thunk of his power armored boots loud, servos and gears whining lightly as he moves.

Director Esizi Messing settles back in her seat as the delegates remove themselves and the lift begins it's descent. Hoth-Cold glare visible until the lift has drifted too far down with too much blocking sight.

Passage is swift, decadence surrounds and guard numbers are more prevalent. A looming oppression grows the closer to the ramps they come until they are all out in the sun again. A pair of speeders having pulled up, open topped. But the pleasantry of the luxury vehicles and the optimism of victory - there is a darkness that hangs over it all.

In the executive suite - Esizi watches camera displays, looking at the lot of them before she turns to Sezji, "Kill them."