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Personality and Quirks

Karys can be introspective - when she wants to be of course. But why? She's curious about most anything and willing to try something at least once. She is a conservative thrill seeker meaning she does think before she leaps but often the results lead to leaping no matter what. All that thrill seeking is needed for when she's got work to do she is focused, dedicated and perhaps out to prove something with a bite of a spiky attitude should anyone question her abilities.


When Karys was thirteen the First Order managed to secure both herself and her sister from their homeworld - sadly in the starport where her family was set to leave from in the year 16 ABY. The girls were transported together and were placed in the same training division because Pamarthen's were famed to be some of the most prolific starfighter pilots.

First Order Training

Both Karys and her elder sister were run through basic training and then placed in pilot school to begin working towards the placement in the TIE Fighter squads. Karys did not fair as well as her sister and being Pamarthen they are expected to rise to the occasion and take up the mantle of expert pilots. Karys failed out, her sister passed and the younger of the two was sent into Trooper training with an intent to round out her skills. With the fire under her to perform and perfect herself, Karys developed a need to prove herself capable.

From Pilot to Gunsmith

By all rights Karys was an average soldier, an average trainee save that her drive was long set into motion due to her failing in pilot training and subsequently her sister's expected perfection. It was the fact she threw herself into dangerous situations, survived and continued to do so that got her recognized. The capability came later with continued training. The young trooper began to take on the stole of a gunsmith and soon found her niche among her peers. This was how she was noticed and soon moved into the Vanguard.