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Tornado Diplomacy

OOC Date: January 9, 2016
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Rax Vaelus, Oriana, Jictor Gubyls, Kirk Novastar, Galak Varga, Narsai Ordo

Another day on the smuggler's moon and Narsai is out and about. Supplies are needed for something, something important, but she'd already got a shipment of the most important things. Now the young woman walks with a bag held in her arms, loaded up with an odd combination of fuel cells, high-tensile line and multiple electronic components. Yep, the Ordo mechanic is building something again.

Rax Vaelus lowers his newspad, switching off the Nar Shaddaa evening times as he watches Narsai wander on by. "That's...a lot of equipment, mechanic." Raising an eyebrow, he tilts his head slightly, "...Something up? Something wrong with the 'Heart?" He's wearing a brown leather jacket, black silk shirt, and grey pants with black boots. Standard spacer fare. No huge coat. No armored vest.

Around all the noise and the hustle and bustle is Oriana. She has been busy the past day or so, a lot has happened on Nar in a short amount of time. This timeisn't the more pleasant, since yesterday she had been wondering around asking almost every person she sees. And that's what she is doing now. There is this older couple, human, she is talking to them giving little care about how upset she looks. As the tree talks she seems to be explaining something, points to the index finger on her right hand and awaits a reply, which is a shake of her head. Nodding reluctantly the brunette watches the people go and stands there a second, running a hand through her hair with a bit of a huff.

"No...well actually yes. I had an argument with a turbo-laser battery over a frozen hellhole of a planet and it cut my baby up bad before our guns made it shut up, but the repairs are coming along smooth enough." The redhead mechanic shifts her grip on the bag and looks Rax up and down, noting the difference in attire before she continues. "All this? These are for some more 'close at hand' upgrades. Just a few supplies." The glance sidelong brings Oriana's presence to the Mechanic's green eyes and she blinks. Maybe it's instinct, or perhaps the fact something is wrong is written on her face.

Rax Vaelus nods slowly, eyebrow still raised, "Turbolasers are unkind negotiators... You're lucky you left that debate in one piece." He nods aside, "Sorry I wasn't there. Had unfortunate business of my own elsewhere." He's about to say more when he follows Narsai's gaze to Oriana, and Rax turns in that direction as well. Glancing back to Narsai briefly, Rax shrugs and gestures to Ori, "Hey, what's the matter? You look more troubled than usual."

Hands move to her hips, Oriana drums her fingers a bit and thinks, thinks thinks thinks. She really isn't aware of the others until Rax speaks up, she had rest her eyes on the ground as it in hope that it would open up with some magnificent gift. But it doesn't. Lifting her head and resting her eyes on the two she tries to speak but can't seem to form words. Rubbing the side of her hand and laughing in the most hopeless way she'd then turn, and with light steps and subtle refined movements she heads to them. Normally there is a friendly smile, but this time it has half the energy as normal. "I lost me ring," Her right hand is held up, index finger wiggles. "It was.. important, one of the last tokens of me people, one of the few things I have.." She stops to catch herself, this isn't a part or her life she talks about often. "Have either of you seen a gold and silver inlay band with detailed markings on it anywhere?"

Narsai blinks a little at the answer from the woman, a frown on her features. "Gold and silver...Nar Shaddaa might not be the easiest place to find that. Maybe check the pawn stands and the like. Someone probably sold it for a few credits if they found it laying around." Her eyes looking back to Rax and she tilts her head to the side. "Yes, Strand passed on to me that you and a few others had an...interesting encounter a week ago."

Rax Vaelus smirks at Narsai, folding his arms across his chest. "Did he, now... I'm very interested in learning what he knows...or thinks he knows... If he's talking, he could have just put a lot of people in danger." Glancing back at Ori, he shrugs, "I haven't. I'll keep an eye out. I'd normally say that telling us about it the ring might help us locate it, but... I think you'd sooner find a mythical artifact than a gold and silver ring lost on Nar Shaddaa. It's probably changed hands five times in the last day alone."

Shifting her weight a bit, Oriana appears uneasy and unsure, it's not quite like her. Eyes move to Narsai, her head tilts and there is a slow nod. "Not a bad idea, I guess I figured kindness would be the win but, chances are on this planet it wont be, so I'll need to go that route." Bringing a hand up and rubbing her lightly freckled cheek she'd then look to Rax and frown. "Chances are, huh?" It doesn't help her feel better, in fact the young woman seems crushed all the more and looks all the more hopeless. "I can't believe I lost that."

"Kindness is something that's quick to die under desperation. There's a lot of people hungry on this planet. I'd sell a trinket I found laying around to feed my family if I had no other option." Harsh truths, but reality none the less. Adjusting the bag of gear and explosives the woman tilts her head to the side. "If he's talking, he's only talking to me. I very much doubt he'd be putting other people in danger and I wouldn't have mentioned it to you if you weren't there. Cool you blasters."

Rax Vaelus shrugs, "I've been shot at a lot in the past few days. Puts a person on edge, you know." To Ori, he just offers a sympathetic smile and a helpless shrug, "Sorry, gal. I'd sell it for an egregiously alcoholic milkshake and a game of sabacc. Or less. Probably less." He glances aside, nodding in the direction he looks, "Best to just let it go. As they say..." His voice drops a bit, sounding sad, "The past is just a ghost."

She did sort of step into half of their conversation and the knitting of her brows confesses that she is slightly confused as eyes move between the two. As Narsai makes a good point Oriana gives the woman a reluctant nod. "I would do that to, if my family was starving. I see your point, as much as I don't want to, I do." It being a good point there is no way she can deny it. And that shrug that follows, all the more helpless. Turning her head slightly and looking to Rax there is more confusion and surprise, for many things. "Why have you been shot at?" No comment is made on the whole 'would sell it for less' bit, and there is a sudden soft laugh and disbelieving shake of her head. Her hand comes up in a smooth delicate motion her finger points at the man. "You just told me how I can't run from my past, that it's part of who I am. I just lost one of the few things that I'll ever have of my people and now our past is a shadow?" A pause, eyes slide to Narasi a moment and then return to Rax the three are standing there talking. "Are.. you okay, Rax?"

Narsai, still wrapped in her mechanics overalls (toolbelt and all) rather then her armor is currently holding a bag in her arms of a collection of parts, tensile cord and explosive components, but it seems the conversation has more in her interest then the potential hazards reasting against her chest in a simple carry bag. Rax's words however garner a different reaction from the Mandalorian mechanic. "The past is gone but that doesn't make it dead Rax. Look at my brother, he's come a long way into building something back for our people that's been dead for a lot longer then you or I have been around."

Rax Vaelus waves off the question of why he was being shot at. "For the same reason I'm usually being shot at. ...Because I'm still breathing." He shrugs slowly, the large, lightning-eyed human looking considerably less imposing without his giant greatcoat on. "The First Order didn't appreciate me kicking down their door and disrupting their dinner party." He smiles a bit, the expression slightly pained, when she asks about his last comment, "You can't run from it. It's woven into your very soul. But Narsai--the pretty redhead here--is absolutely right." He regards the Mandalorian a moment before turning his eyes back to Ori, "You're piling on new 'past' all the time, darkening or lightning the mixture. Adding texture..." He gestures to Narsai. "Or seasoning..." He gestures to himself. "Or changing the recipe entirely." He gestures to Oriana. "The past will hound you all the days of your life... But it's your choice whether that hound chases you...or follows at your heel."

He folds his arms across his broad chest, looking out of place in the simply brown leather jacket, black shirt, and gray pants of a spacer. Only the sword on his back adds normalcy to his appearance. "But that ring? It's just a trinket. An echo of days that will never come again. A chain. ...A fetter."

Walking down the street from Trader's Way is the slim figure of Galak Varga. He wears simple clothing in the form of a jacket, shirt, and black pants tucked into his boots which thunk along on the pavement. His eyes examine his surroundings closely, marking the three standing together talking. He moves further to the side of the sidewalk to step around them and continue along on his way, but his pace slows considerably when Rax mentions his kicking in the door of the First Order.

His head turning toward the side, Galak's eyes examine Rax more closely as he says with a slight grin, "You kicked in a door on the First Order, eh? That sounds like a story worth hearing."

Looking over the items that Narsai has she takes note of them, and in her mind, how they could be used. Because there are a few good uses for those items, not so much ships parts as much as blowing them apart. "Russ has done that?" She asks, a bit surprised and impressed. "Good for him. Let him know too if he needs my help, it's there." And then she looks to Rax, tilts her head and sighs a bit. "Who wouldn't want to kick the First Orders ass." There is something so personal in that comment, a line of hatred and hurt but she masks it after a second, only letting the edges of those emotions out. Though when he mentions that ring she takes a step forward and looks at him, in that bold way of hers with slightly narrowed eyes. She seems about to speak but smirks and shakes her head. "No, maybe you don't need to know the story of the ring." Leaving that out there she steps back and sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "Different people different perspectives." It's a general statement until Galak enters and asks his question, another good one and she looks him and gives an acknowledging nod, falling silent because well it could be a good story.

Adjusting her grip on the gear she's carrying the redhead mechanic shrugs her shoulders a little before looking at Oriana and giving a little smile. "He's trying. Little by little. He did mention you too, since we sort of walked past each other while I was with Kitfox. We'll have to speak again some time when you're looking for work." Turning back to Rax she looks at the man, but whatever more she was going to say about tangling with the first order is cut short by the arrival of the newcomer overhearing.

Rax Vaelus grimaces sharply at Galak's question, looking over at the new person slowly. "Well, that wasn't really supposed to be overheard, but I guess that's on me..." He nods aside, "It was less 'kicking in the door' and more 'performing an orbital drop while tracking a wizard with a lightsaber.'" He glances briefly at Narsai, then Oriana, and then Galak again. "...Whatever. What the hell." He shrugs slowly, "That operation has already gone so far sideways it may as well be in the Unknown Regions by now. Long story short, some girl named Selino Dooku, masquerading as Selino Antilles, sent us a message begging for a rescue, so we went down, butchered a bunch of (surprisingly tough and accurate) stormtroopers, and got our collective asses put to rout by a Force wizard. So we stole his ship and got the hell out of there." He shrugs, "...And that's when everything really started to go to hell."

The pirate smirks at Ori, "You can tell me about the ring if you want...but as someone with a personal history of artifacts holding me back, my advice is to forget about it. Let it go."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Galak listens to Rax's story a soft smirk playing about his features. "That sounds pretty impressive. I suppose you pilot? It sounds like it would have been a fun trip to witness." His eyes move to Oriana and Narsai in turn and he dips his head in acknowledgement to the other two. "Sorry for dropping in on your conversation. That bit just caught my ear." He shrugs his shoulders in a way that says, 'can you blame me?' though he doesn't vocalize it.

"I am not gonna paint the hull metallic blue like my grand father's ship. It's not.... cool." Kirk says as he walks down the street with his cam droid hovering beside him as he moves. "We could always go with hot pink." comes the teasing tone of his ship broadcasting through the cam droid. "No, how about at least red." He says softly before looking over to her, "Red is good. I like red." The droids small glider wings seem to flick back and forth a moment as they moves together. "And I can't beleive you said pink. Like, what self respecting elite engineer flys around in a pink ship. I'll tell you who. Not this guy." He points to himself.

"I have work," Begins Oriana to Narsai upon looking her way, but then stops suddenly and corrects that. "I mean, I get hired for work at odd times. So whenever I'm needed let me know I will do all I can to be there and to help." She looks to Galek and grins to the new face, extending a hand to him. "Oriana." She greets simply after the story they had paid attention to is over. At least it brought a touch of amusement to her rather low mood. Then to Rax again she shrugs. "You still want to know my story, hm?"

And then.. she hears a familiar robotic voice. Oh no. Her eyes roll a bit as she turns to look over her shoulder. Kirk is given a wave but Shakira, well, a hand slowly slides to her blaster as her eyes narrow, as if ready for a fight.

Narsai looks a little...startled that Rax starts spilling details like a cut hose so quickly, but she doesn't say anything more. Besides, Force wizards was not a part she had mentioned to her. Something to follow up on later." She does however blink at another part. "Wait wait...stole his ship?" The mandalorian repeats before glancing at Oriana. "And he's not coming looking for it to tear you a new one?" Galak's introduction to the discussion earns a nod, but she's in no position to shake hands right this second. "Narsai Ordo. Mechanic and Pilot of the Thunderheart, fastest ship this side of the galaxy and probably the other one too."

Rax Vaelus shrugs, "He found me. He used the Force. Found what he was looking for and left. Didn't give two loads of poodoo for the ship." He smirks, "And that's all you're getting." He frowns slowly after a few moments, "...Sadly, that's where it all started to fall apart." Shaking his head slowly, Rax glances off to the side. "I tried to get a warning off to the right people... But some asshole with a disruptor decided to lose his mind. Again." He sighs, "The life of a pirate never changes. Never should have tried to go legit. Never should have never agreed to the rescue. Never works out well in the end for you."

Taking Oriana's offered hand, Galak gives it a shake and says, "Galak." As Oriana turns to glance toward Kirk, Galak's eyes do drift over toward where he has made his entrance and marks him and the droid that tails him with interest. Turning his attention toward Narsai he says, "Pleasure to meet you, I'm sure." His eyes move back to Rax and he says with a chuckle, "I don't know that it is such a loss. You came away with a ship, yes? And got into a bit of adventure. I haven't managed to make it off of Nar Shaddaa yet. I would trade stories with you, believe me."

Kirk looks over and notices the very popular Oriana. Every time he sees her, she's with others. He offers a light smile and wave towards her. He looks over to Shakira, "We talked about this so be nice." He says to her with a light shake of his finger. "Behave." The droid merely float there and bobs as if saying ok. Kirk then moves towards the others till he joins them, "Greetings and salutations and all that." Kirk seems to smile a little to all before looking back to Oriana, "Getting into trouble?" The young engineer ask her.

Once done with her greeting to Galak she'd go back to paying attention to Rax and his story. There is a frown, her arms move to cross in front of her, clearly she doesn't like what she has heard. "Ah, sweetie," She says falling into an older part of herself there, a person that she use to be, not that she isn't comforting normally but she is trying to be more so now. "Legit isn't easy, if it was everyone would do it. Riches and power and fulfillment don't come from those gains, trust me. I fight every day against the First Order, others fight for the good of their people too," There is a nod to Narsai. "Or It hurts its hard and damningly lonely but, well, I would rather wake up knowing I try to make a different every day then wake up feeling empty inside, the work is worth it giving up after one try, or how it sounds, really isn't trying at all is it?"

And so with a breath after that slightly more passionate speech than she intended eyes move to Kirk and she gives him a small smile, but eyes his little flying bot a bit. "Tell you what, Kirk, I'll behave as long as -it- does," Yeah, no formality there, it's not Shakira but an it. "And what makes you think I've gotten into trouble?" She smirks some. "I'm perfectly innocent and pure in all matters of life."

"Adventure ain't always great, kid." Rax turns his electric gaze toward Galak, and his eyes narrow slowly. "...Who are you, anyway? Galak... Why does that sound familiar?" When Kirk saunters his way up, the towering human narrows his eyes even further, casting a quick, furtive glance at Narsai before returning to Novastar. "...How much for the droid, slick?"

At Oriana's comments, Rax grimaces. It's an annoyed look, and his brow furrows... But he also looks perturbed in another way, as if the huge human were somehow suddenly uncomfortable being there. He glances aside, sending that turbolaser stare off into the distance to rake destructively across buildings in the distance. "...Apparently you weren't listening where I just laid out that truth, justice, and self-sacrifice just lead you to a quick, unmarked grave."

Galak shrugs his shoulders in reply to Rax's narrow eyed gaze, a small smile playing about his features as he says off-handedly, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe you've seen me around the Guild a time or two. And I'll give you a bit more of an opinion on adventure once I manage to get off this rock. Maybe next time you go out hunting a Force wizard you'll slide me an invite, eh?" His eyes shift back toward Kirk as the collective attention shifts his way, though he doesn't say anything. Rather, he just lifts his hand and waves it about in a circular flourish of a salute toward Kirk.

"That cam droid you can find anywhere. Mines modified and not for sale." He says to Rax as he watches NArsai wonder off. He looks over to the rest, "I'm Kirk, droid maker and engineer elite." His focus looks back to Ori and then a light laugh, "She's gonna behave." He tells her, "So what's the topic of discussion?" He wonders before his arms fold over his chest, looking between them all. Shakira seems to remains eriee quiet.

Oriana doesn't have much reply to Kirk because the last words from Rax truly pull at her attention. Her gaze slowly moves from the engineer, and it's clear as day with the way those big brow eyes narrow that she is recalling pain and horror, hurt and loss, something she buried deep inside. Still the woman does have that bold streak and like the way she used it before she'll use it again, but well to her that comment needs a rebuttal. "I found that grave years ago and died in it." That tone is flat and hard, not much like her but also a crack into part of that story she just doesn't tell. That done she looks down and reaches into her pocket, she can feel the need flowing through her blood as fingers grasp onto that flask, one hand pops the top of and she takes a shot.

The glare of Rax Vaelus sweeps down upon Oriana like the gaze of a Super Star Destroyer, just out of hyperspace. His turn toward her is both swift in action and terrible to behold as the huge shoulders shift, and one foot comes forward. Snatching the flask from her hand like the flashing attack of a vornskr, Rax -glowers- down at the little woman. "Then you are -remarkably- animate for a corpse, young Oriana."

Another, vast step forward, into her personal space. "You will listen to me, little Oriana... You have suffered conflict. And you have suffered pain. But -this-." He holds up the flask in his iron grip, "-This- will not heal the fissures upon your soul." A single finger from his other hand stabs forward, planting just above her breasts, "YOU have to confront the horrors of your past, and YOU have to make peace with him."

He tightens his grip, as though he means to crush the flask, but isn't doing so yet. "Your pain follows you like a tail. You've made it a part of yourself, sewn it to your flesh. And until you tear it free or mend the wounds, you will never be anything, -ANYTHING- more than what you were. You are an amalgation, a conglomerate of suffering." His eyes narrow into slits and he shows teeth as he leans his head down, "Burn it away with fire of your own...or drown under the rising tide."

The glare of Rax Vaelus sweeps down upon Oriana like the gaze of a Super Star Destroyer, just out of hyperspace. His turn toward her is both swift in action and terrible to behold as the huge shoulders shift, and one foot comes forward. Snatching the flask from her hand like the flashing attack of a vornskr, Rax -glowers- down at the little woman. "Then you are -remarkably- animate for a corpse, young Oriana."

Another, vast step forward, into her personal space. "You will listen to me, little Oriana... You have suffered conflict. And you have suffered pain. But -this-." He holds up the flask in his iron grip, "-This- will not heal the fissures upon your soul." A single finger from his other hand stabs forward, planting just above her breasts, "YOU have to confront the horrors of your past, and YOU have to make peace with him."

He tightens his grip, as though he means to crush the flask, but isn't doing so yet. "Your pain follows you like a tail. You've made it a part of yourself, sewn it to your flesh. And until you tear it free or mend the wounds, you will never be anything, -ANYTHING- more than what you were. You are an amalgation, a conglomerate of suffering." His eyes narrow into slits and he shows teeth as he leans his head down, "Burn it away with fire of your own...or drown under the rising tide."

Kirk leans over and whispers to Shakira, "Did you get all that. That's some good shit right there." "Got it!" says the little cam droid. Kirk stands there a moment as Rax's words seem to be in good positive form, "The mans right. I think you are stronger then you are letting yourself be." He adds with a light comment. Kirk nods softly to what's going on here. "I enjoy drinking but only for fun, not to forget about a past, not that I have had a troubled one. Jut one full of adventure." He had a good life. "Things get better when you have a clear head to face it and plan it. I should make a droid that shocks a person when they have had too much and can't stop.... hrmmm." A hand raises to his chin as he thinks about that.

Galak widens his eyes in surprise at the shifting of the tides before him as Rax gets into Oriana's face a bit. He listens to what is said, though his eyes follow that flask as it is waved about in the large man's grip. Nodding along with Rax's words he clears his throat and says, "I agree with what you are saying... if you want, I will get rid of that flask there for you. It really is a disgusting habit..." He trails away nonchalantly, as if it hardly matters to him whether the flask is passed away to him or not. Whether his comment is meant as a means of lightening the suddenly thick mood or in genuine offer to dispose of the flask, it possibly unclear.

That delicate hand was wrapped around the flask tightly, because Oriana needed what was inside, to stall her mind and the pain inside of her. That moment of freedom is ripped from her with the tornado that is Rax heading her way. It's gone, jarred from her hand. There is no time to respond no time to think because just as quick as that flask was taken from her he is there in her personal space. Slowly her head would life, chin leading it and eyes would move to fix on his as his rant went on and on. For the first time, she has stepped back - both figuratively and literally, there had been a small shuffle of a foot back and that bolder nature of hers evaporated away into nothing. No hand is risen to stop his poking at her chest.

Eyes line with a hint with the faintest bit of water, she knows deep down he is right but.. she never wanted this life, never truly knew how to cope with it, but will give herself to it too. It's seen within those brown orbs that her soul cracks a bit more with the admittance, yes admittance, of a faint nod. With the pressing together of her lips she takes in a deep breath through her nose as Kirk and Galak chime in. The tornado came with a storm to follow him. "Don't give up on yourself either, then." Comes her reply, in the softest of ways.

The Pirate Lord's eyes narrow at her demand. Even more than they were before. For a moment, it seems the tornado will rage on... But, instead, Rax simply nods. "...That is a fair trade." He steps back, rising back up to his full height. "I accept your bargain." The words are spoken with enough gravitas to crack tectonic plates, and the grim words are spoken as one speaks the sealing of a blood treaty.

Inclining his head, his eyes remain locked on Oriana's as he tucks the flask into his brown leather jacket's inside pocket. Another span of silence stretches as he stares down at her... And then he turns away. Toward Kirk. The turbolaser stare falling upon him, the Pirate Lord speaks with that same grim intensity, though his words are soft and measured. "You will delete what you have recorded. There will be no negotiation in this matter." Rax rises up some, moving into a more monolithic stance, slightly arched, with his fists clenched at his sides. The sword on his back shifts some as he leans his head back an inch. "Do you understand?"

A small frown turns down the corners of Galak's mouth as Rex turns his attention onto Kirk and doesn't so much as slide the flask his way. He crosses his arms over his chest once more and rocks up onto the balls of his feet and then back onto his heels. His brown eyes watch the interaction between Rex and Kirk, curious to see if the engineer will consent. After a moment, his eyes do shift toward Oriana and he regards her with a bit of curiosity, though he doesn't ask anything at present upon seeing the moisture rimming her eyes.

Jictor Gubyls emerges onto the street from the west, having just finished a visit to the Galactic Banking Network. His cloak is on, but for once his face is visible, as his hood lies dormant against his neck. He's moving with a purpose, striding quickly towards one of the AirTaxi stands in the area.

As things are directed towards him, Kirk merely smiles a moment then speaks, "Shakira, delete the recording from the droids internal memory." He says but that is it. No fuss, no complaints at all, just the engineer standing there smiling. Shakira seems to bob in place behind him, "Done!" His arms remain folded over his chest, "Now, next time, try asking. You will find that people are more intune to politeness then rude, 'You will delete it now'. You should try it. It goes a little something like this. Kirk, you will please respect the boundries of what was said and delete the last few minutes. Then all is well! People can move on, shake hands, laugh, smile, drink, fuck, whatever makes you jolly on the inside. Me? Working on droids makes me jolly. You?" He wonders before looking back to Oriana, "It's ok to play it safe sometimes." He looks to Galak a moment to watch his reaction as well.

Demand or not, Oriana truly meant it. If he is going to ask of her to face her pains and horrors, strip from her the crutch she held onto for so long and leave her standing there all raw and open wounded and to be thrust before a speeding train there is no way she wont believe he doesn't have the ability to swim instead of sink either and that he doesn't deserve too. Having kept her chin lifted there is something regal about her, even if Rax did come down on her there is no more faltering from her ground. Giving no verbal response, it's the softening of her big brown eyes and the slight raise of her lips into a faint smile that makes the measure of peace on this deal solid.

When he turns on Kirk eyes flicker to him, with the hints of confusion in them. Why can this not be recorded? They are in a public space, people saw this interaction. At the engineers remark lips press together again to refrain from an outright laugh, her hand comes up and balls into a fist, pressing against her lips to retain it further. There is a second where that glance moves to Galak as she notices him looking her way too, but nothing is said and Jictor isn't seen as of yet.

The pirate simply smiles, waiting until the final question Kirk directs his way. "Piracy." The simple smile widens into a wicked, toothy grin, before he turns back to Oriana with that more gentle smirk. "Good luck." Rax turns a third time, pointing at Galak. "You. ...I like the cut of your jib." He nods, eyes narrowing. "We may be able to work together in the future. Try not to die."

And apparently Rax is done here, as he abruptly turns away, in that way he does. Without the long gray coat, it's less impressive, but it's cut short regardless as Rax freezes in place. He seems to be staring at the man in the hooded cloak, with the hood down. Muttering to himself, Rax looks around and attempts to dive into the crowd to blend in... Not an easy task for a human of his height.

Glancing back toward Rax as he speaks toward him, Galak seems a bit surprised and then offers him the same flourishing salute that Kirk received earlier. He continues to watch as Rax turns on his heel and begins to head off. Galak notes Rax's reaction toward the cloaked fellow and he frowns thoughtfully before looking back toward Kirk and Oriana. "Well that took a turn I wasn't expecting. What a night this has turned out to be." To Kirk he says, "I don't think you were here when I introduced myself earlier. Name is Galak."

Kirk Novastar watches Rax start to walk off. He moves over closer to Ori and then leans over to whisper something in her ear beofre addressing Galak, "Pleasure to meet you good sir. NAmes Kirk if you didn't hear that earlier." He unfolds his arms over his chest and then says, "Come Shak, time to go overhaul something." He says and places his hands behind his head, walking with his elbows extended. "I must be off."

Feeling eyes on him, Jictor slows and turns his head, surveying the street. He frowns a little, but doesn't see anything out of the ordinary -- or anyone looking at him at all. He shakes his head slightly and continues towards the AirTaxis.

"Same to you." Oriana would of said to Rax before he left, watching him go for a second. That regal air about her fades off, her shoulders slump the woman is exhausted suddenly and as if on instinct her hand moves to her pocket, but nothing is there. "Fu -" The curse is cut short and eyes move up to rest on Galak and Kirk. To the man she had just met there is a small nod. "Yes, unexpected." And then to Kirk she leans in a touch as he whispers and closes her eyes and shakes her head with a bit of a laugh. "You're playing with fire." Is the reply given to him.

"If you will both excuse me, I need to.. just.. go, just go. Have a good day, okay?" As her head calms from the storm that was here the reality of it all is settling in. She can't drink, she has no flask it's.. all gone, the growing pain in her eyes takes a lot of deep breaths to keep at bay, it's damn hard! Managing a small smile to them both and turning on a heel this woman would aim to disappear into the crowd, determined steps being left behind as she embarks upon this unexpected new adventure of her life.