Vraag Rengh

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"... we think too often in terms of dualism: Jedi or Sith, light or dark, right or wrong. But there are three sides to this blade, not two, opposed and similar at the same time. The third edge is the Mandalorian." -- Unknown Speaker

Mandalorian Heritage - Lost Clan

Vraag Rengh was born into a little known Mandalorian Clan on a jungle planet in wild space. The clan had landed on the world and claimed it as their own in time unknown, and had lived out their days separate from Mandalore and the cultural divisions that caused fissures and infighting between the rest of the clans. Vraag himself suffered from the stigma of being a half-breed at the hands of his own people, persecuted for having both Kiffar and Human heritage, though this only served to further harden the young boy as he grew into a man. Falling into a smithing apprenticeship within his village, Vraag learned the art of the hammer and anvil and how to improve his worth to his people, despite the social prejudices that had plagued him. Volunteering as soon as he came of age, Vraag went out into the galaxy under the pretense of finding other wayward Mandalorians to bring home to his people, though that mission was one that would be abandoned shortly after breaking through the planet atmosphere and leaving his home planet behind.

Nar Shaddaa

Settling in on the Smuggler's Moon, Vraag thought that the hub of trade and crime alike would be an easy enough place for a young Mandalorian to happen across others of his kind. He started out by setting up his own weapons and armor facility in a tent within the Gearhead District. Happenstance would see a particular Zeltron by the name of Stavros crossing Vraag's path, and after a well managed armor repair, a partnership of sorts that landed Vraag in one of the local shops that had been for sale.

The Forging of a Group

It didn't take Vraag long after arriving on the moon to become bored with the lack of action. Gathering together a few wayward Mandalorians, the Armorer formed the Ebon Guard. Initially conceived as a small mercenary band, it has grown since to be quite the formidable civilian military group.