B'haav Adasta

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B'haav Adasta

Title: Doctor
Race: Balosar
Sex: Male
Occupation: Dealmaker
Profession: Trader Master
Homeworld: Balosar
Organization: The Shadowport
Ship: Steadfast Pharple


Not That Kind Of Doctor

Owner of the Adasta Clinic, not much is known about B'haav Adasta before he set foot on Nar Shaddaa some time ago. A notorious lush, he managed to sober enough to treat clients and make enough to buy the next round. At some point, he sobered up, built a clinic, and covertly joined The Shadowport (not in that order). More recently, he has scaled back his practice and rose through the ranks of the Traders' Guild, though he does still take clients on an as-needed basis.


Balosar are not known for their towering stature, so his above-average frame is still generally dwarfed by most of the bigger, fleshier, sturdier races. Slightly-hunched shoulders help minimize his footprint in the world, and the brimmed hats he always wears tend to hide flashing gray eyes - even when they aren't further hidden by the whirring Tetan goggles - and mussed black hair, which extends down his jawline in a well-manicured beard; the aforementioned hats are always pulled tight down on top of his head, covering his antennapalps and keeping them obscured. Tan-skinned and underfed, he looks as though he hasn't been well for some time.

He speaks with a voice made rough by the toxic air of his homeworld, yet still highly animated when excited, with volume soft and words sharp with wit and sarcasm.

Known Haunts

Adasta Clinic - His name's on the door, and signage. While, as one might expect, there's not much business for therapists on Nar Shaddaa, he's found here as often as not.

The Blue Light - A local and convenient place to grab a bite to eat and run into some friends, associates, and those who tolerate his talkative tendencies.

Refined Aesthetics - The premier boutique for Hapan fashion is a frequent hangout for the dapper Balosar - much to ownership's chagrin.

RP Hooks

Hats - Yes, believe it or not, he is known for his thing about hats. Maybe you have hat envy. Maybe you want to find the right one. Maybe you're planning to hold one of his hat's ransom?

Refined Aesthetics - The Balosar rocks Hapan clothes more often than any other kind, and they are always a cut above. If you want sensible fashion advice that you could wear to a board meeting or a club, he may be your guy.

Therapy - If your character's in need of someone to speak to confidentially, is haunted by the ghosts of their past, fighting anxiety, or you want to schedule a consultation, speak to J4N-1C3 to make an appointment today.

Balosar - If you're from the bad part of Balosar, you may have known him as a kid, or... Not a kid. If you're from the nice part... He may have scammed you out of something as a kid. Or, not a kid.

Shady Things - Before B'haav left Balosar, he did... Things, for an organization. If you're from Balosar, or you work for that organization, you may have a dynamic of a different kind with him. (Kept vague due to not-freely-available-IC-information.)